Danger 7: Cats think life is supposed to be fair


Is it?

¹ From 1 Chronicles 4:10, now the famous book The Prayer of Jabez ¹ He prayed: o Bless me o Enlarge my territory o May Your hand be with me o Keep me from harm o I want zero pain ¹ Just looking at this couple of verses, it would totally seem that Jabez was just a selfish man, a cat Christian on its prime. ¹ But looking at it, we see that God grants his prayer. Nameless young servant girl ¹ From 2 Kings 5:1-15 ¹ She was a Jew who was captured during a war and became a slave to the wife of Naaman, the second in command in the enemy s army. ¹ Let s understand the predicament of this young girl base on the traditions gathered from that time. Naaman or his men probably: o Raped her mother o Killed her father o Killed her older brothers o Raped her and took her away to be a slave o Think about the burden this young girl was probably carrying. ¹ Then suddenly Naaman had leprosy. The most abhorred sickness of that time. That might have cost him to lose his job and give chance for the servant girl to escape. What did the girl do? She told him about Elijah and how he could heal her. ¹ Do you think what happened to her was fair? I think not. But see how she responded, with concern and forgiveness. Stephen ¹ From Acts 6 & 7, the Bible says Stephen is full of grace and power. He did many good works. ¹ But the Sanhedrin was opposed him. They got others to lie about him so he was arrested and taken to court. ¹ Eventually he was stoned to death. He was the very first considered martyr of the Christian faith.

Now let s review One was completely blessed (Jabez), one lived through a hell on earth experience to touch a Gentile s life (servant girl), one was full of God s grace and power yet was stoned to death (Stephen). So, which life was God fair to? While that is a question most people would accept, it s really the wrong question to ask. Life wasn t designed to be fair. Where did we ever get that idea? Remember 1 Corinthians 10:31? R.C. Sproul once said, For the Christian, every tragedy is ultimately a blessing, or God is a liar. Anything that brings you to your knees is a blessing because life is designed to help us come to a one-on-one encounter with the living God. Every situation, good or bad, is an opportunity to know God and radiate His glory. While cats only expect blessing, dogs know that the Christian life isn t always easy.