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Post-Tensioned Industrial Floors

Joint-less No Cracks No waving Engineered Controlled


With a posthumous 10 Years Insurance Policy covering replacement of the job

Innovative technologies for flooring

then Post-tensioned with hydraulic stressing jacks. punctually checked and guaranteed with a 10 Years Posthumous Policy Insurance covering replacement of partial or total work. called TENSIOPAV. as well as the specific characteristics of the concrete. everything is engineered and designed. both static and dynamic. the pre-qualified recipe verifying the characteristics of the mix in the concrete trucks. greased and sheathed. a leader Firm in planning and application of the Post-tension System on major building jobs such as bridges. with SLM . a new concept of quality and professional approach. to the final tensioning phases.) with unbounded. electronics. from the thickness of the plate. Interports. TTM provides complete consultancy support. etc. to the typical techniques of the foundation. to the strand disposition and the additional armor. developed within an International partnership with ORI Martin Group. Techinfloor is the exclusive Distributor in Europe of the Posttension System. and with TTM. The advantages • No more Joints • No more cracks • No more waving effects • No more gradient differences among the edges of the plates • Thickness reduction of the plate • Flatness and improved link among the plates • Maintenance costs dramatically reduced • Better comfort of use • Better image and aesthetical effect • Control of the whole building process (from the steel strand production to the final floor finalization) • Posthumous 10 Years Insurance Policy .l. and the constant control techniques applied directly on the job site. etc. A floor finalized with the TENSIOPAV System will therefore result scientifically projected.r. TENSIOPAV System is guaranteed: from the initial engineered planning which influences the effects of all operation.Siderurgica Latina Martin -. TTM tension technology Post tension anchor system s. manufacturing Company of steel unbounded strands and cables. Such innovative Technology consists on replacing the traditional armor (electro-sealed nest. drowned in the concrete steel strands. applied to industrial floors represents a revolution in the Market. synthetic fibers. up to resistance against the loads. aqueducts. metallic fibers. The concrete mix design.Post-tension: from major buildings P ost-tension. from the planning phase to supply of the Post-tension Hard ware (accessories. glass fibers. stressing jacks). will create a mapping of the constructive whole process.

etc. floors with resin coverings. in fact. wide monolithic surfaces. TENSIOPAV can provide absolute application flexibility versus any traditional system: irregular geometric shapes (triangles. systematic circulation of vehicles with low wheels. and in general for all the highly functional and industrial surfaces. so a perfect efficiency of the whole structure in terms of global resistance and performance is actually provided. . narrow rectangles. with reduced thickness. TENSIOPAV proves to be perfect for all implants which are build to have high shelves.) and/or outdoor floors with complex constructive parameters can be built at ease. > Post-tensioning applied to radiant surfaces TENSIOPAV System is the perfect solution where a heated floor is planned: the post-compression of the concrete. without cracks. The linear expansions inducted by the thermal variations are limited. trapezes. highly concentrated and dynamic loads. which provide high flatness and drastic reduction of maintenance concrete industrial surfaces TENSIOPAV is the solution to the traditional problems of each industrial floor: it is now possible to create floors without joints. creates a resistance to revealed cracks created by the continuous cycle of cooling and heating of the radiant floor. without waving.

please consult the site www. when it comes to realization of concrete floors.tensiopav.Techinfloor The revolutionary TENSIOPAV System conjugates therefore Special steel Technology with a total process control. that assures the Customer for an exceptional State-of-the-Art realization. Techinfloor has selected some of the most important Companies of the industrial floorings on the European market. a 10 Years Posthumous Insurance Policy covering partial or total replacement of the Post-Tensioned job. and represents a valid partner within the Group and a reference point for Engineers and Buyers of their related area. resistance and durability are the major highlights of this new technology. that represents the top of what the market of the Industrial floorings offers on a World Wide Base today. no control and expansion joint. and a State-of-the-Art execution of any job. after a following audit from one of the most important Insurance Groups. a constant assistance. Techinfloor provides. reduced thickness. this being a formal result of the punctual control of the whole productive process. TENSIOPAV Group is distinguished for: • qualified technical support • certified and Tested overall Quality • specific and reliable Know-how • consolidated business references • constant assistance to the Customer • serious and professional approach • peculiar competences In order to know details of each different associated Company member of Tensiopav Group. in the industrial floorings . Engineered planning. gathering all of them in the ”TENSIOPAV Group”: every member Company is active since many years. no crack. punctual control. dramatic maintenance costs reduction. To assure the overall coverage. with high skills and professionalism.

and chemical surface hardening finishes will be applied. the planarity. the degree of compact resistance and homogeneity of the foundation. Partial and final Tensioning The first stressing. and the construction joints will be compressing one against the other the linked lots. Custom cut and position of the steel strands Predisposition of the closing procedure with the easy-system. a double layer of polyethylene is put on ground in order to create a layer that isolates the concrete plate from the ground. a free band is set up two sides of the perimeter of the structure. As soon as the fit resistance of concrete will be reached (usually after 72 hours). In order to enable the correct access of the stressing jacks for the following tensioning phases. beginning from the position of the steel strands. During the concrete placement. Superficial finish and closing of the perimeter band As soon as Post-tension System is applied.The building process Engineered Planning Punctual control of the whole productive process The concrete Post-Tensioned plate is dimensioned with an accurate engineered planning of each single detail. Throw and punctual control of the building process During the distribution on ground. will be applied usually after 24 hours with a special hydraulic stressing jack. so that this will confer the plate the carrying ability required by the project. the position of a low armor at the bottom of the punctual and distributed loads. when the use of the Post-tension System is planned: it is mandatory to verify the carrying ability. an integrated control of the concrete and its technical characteristics is set in place by collecting the samples on which a certified Laboratory will do the proper tests. up to the organization and the sequence of the concrete placements with respect to the specific requirements. position of the slow armors around the pillarsand to the fixed points of the structure. . Verification and preparation of the foundation The careful and accurate preparation of the foundation is a fundamental must. and to reduce attrition during Post-Tensioning operations. concrete will be finally post-tensioned. this perimeter will be armed and subsequently covered with concrete. in order to oppose the plastic micro-cracks of the concrete. carrying out strand distribution. and from which it will extrapolate the minimum tensioning values. cut of the strands and their position according to the original planning. the strand nest is set on distance chairs to the appropriate level comparing to the thickness of the plate. the evaluation of the distance between nest strands. or partial tension. the free perimeter band will be covered with concrete.

allows to develop the calculations in perfect relationship to the loads that the floor will have to bear.Engineered Planning > Floor Engineering The planning of the steel strand nest. and to where the structural loads may be distributed in particular points of the structure. TTM always will guarantee an immediate answer to the application requirements of the Customer. The project comprehends constructive details. assuring a flexible and reliable approach during calculation. “The State-of-the-Art engineering of industrial floorings” . passive armors location and slow armors placement along and around the pillars. with the evaluation of the relative distance. based on the use destination of the property. It assures the correct evaluation of all the constructive parameters and it guarantees that the work is finalized according to the engineering criteria related to the Post-tension Technology. is a mandatory step into the realization of the work. Last generation software application. sizing and planning of the TENSIOPAV system.

to perform technical surveys focusing on the Deformation Degree of the foundation. The 300 mms diameter and 20 mms thick galvanized steel plate.Preparation of the foundation P reparation of the foundation represents the first operational and fundamental step into the construction of a Post-Tensioned surface using the TENSIOPAV System. and of layer of slide that allows the Post-Tensioned plate to stir without rigid ties in the tensioning phase or during longitudinal movements. is put above the compacted foundation material. the sheet of polyethylene in double layer introduces the lowest attrition coefficient among the plate and the foundation and it results ideal for the post-tensioned applications. rapid and representative. In fact. is necessary to verify that the foundation will support performance requirements imposed by the specification of the engineered plan. The resistance control Test on the job site. > Verifications of the foundation material characteristics and of ground conditions. are the ones related to the followings essential requirements: • Compact pressure in order to avoid yeldings when the floor is in exercise phase. To verify then the homogeneity degree of the ground foundation. > Barrier to Moist and double slide layer The sheet of polyethylene. can be considered stiff as per the calculation targets of the plan submitted to the test: the load assumes form of a damped hit. It results therefore fundamental. in order to allow the free slide of the plate. It will be necessary to compare results of the deformation form versus the dynamic Evd values. as quoted by the norm UNI 11146. and with the middle values Md of the test of load statics. the device LIGHT FALLING will be used. both static and dynamic. in double layer. and it develops the double function of barrier to the moist. in correspondence of the foundation. The test LFWD is a functional beta methodology: efficient. . is in fact of fundamental importance in order to be able to guarantee the minimum requirements of ground mechanical resistance and stability against the loads that will cover it. and then the WEIGHT DEFLECTOMETER as below specified. • Leveling. through plate tests The Load Test on static plate with consequent calculation of the Deformation Degree. The interventions particularly to be taken care of. and the test is said to be dynamic. applying tests on the plate.

and is constituted of two symmetrical metal stirrup and by one closing wooden band. On the wooden band are subsequently fixed the active heads. . > Assemblage of the perimetral closing bends The easy-system is projected for this particular job. The upper stirrup closes on the wooden band and fixes the closing in a rigid way so that it is possible to regulate the plate thickness determined by the project requirements.Easy-system Closing Procedure T he closing procedure of the assembly plates has been optimized with the definition of the Easy-system Closing Procedure. that guarantees rapidity and precision while in the phase of concrete placement preparation: the following phases result rapid and secure and the construction joints are properly sealed and proteceted. or the heads from which the entrance stressing jacks are set up for the following phases of partial and total tensioning.

the strand is cut to measure coherent with the project. . our Partner in Post-tensioning: the spool is loaded on a base with a particular cone connected to a pushing system controlled by an hydraulic device. that can result dangerous even if engaged into the conic base.Strands > Carrying out on the job site the strand placement The carrying out of the steel strands takes place on the job site thanks to a system patented by TTM. paying particular attention to the free end of the spool. which controls the carrying out process and allows the correct placement of the long strands all over the floor. The spool is pushed out beginning from the cone. and once fixed the desired length. > Cut of the strands The strand goes out from the wheel along a metallic line. The repeated operation creates the set of strand necessary to the job in an easy. The particular mechanism allows to develop the spool in simple way and in full safety. safe and fast way.

from the end of the strand. • positioning of the heads on the strand and insertion of the wedge in order to assure its fixing. through the following operations: • cut of PVC cover. drowned into the concrete. in a total safe environment. will be highly solicited during the Post-tension action. the passive head which. this operation is necessary in order to fix. .Strand nest Placement and Heads fixing > Installation of the wedges in the headings and binding of the intersections of the strand nest The heads anchorage is done fixing the wedges in the heads at the end of the strand. and sealing each single intersection in a way that can guarantee the correct positioning after the concrete trucks have delivered the cements. distancing them correctly in both directions. approximately for 5 cms. The consequent consists of putting to strands on a network design.

additional armors are positioned as per engineered planning. .etc) will become isolated with compressed but thick materialproven to to guarantee the slide of the plates while in posttensioning phase. additional metal bars are put along the closing ends. The vertical structures englobed in the concrete placement throws (pillars. To absorb tensions in elevation and close to the pillars. walls. so active heads will not mode while concrete will be stressed. grits.Additional passive armors > Installation of passive additional non pre-tensioned armors In order to better distribute loads along the perimeter dedicated to the heads.

Contextually to the concrete placement. allows to compact surfaces much better than with the traditional manual placement. following project specifications. together with a flatness degree: the vibro-placement of the upper part of the concrete allows air molecules to evaporate. the laser controlled Machine with vibrating control that guarantees highly compact pressure of the concrete. . while the distance chairs are set up on the crossing.Laser Screed-based concrete Placement > Concrete Placement on the job site The Concrete Placement is usually done with Laser Screed technology. Besides that. the needle vibrating operations take place. the Laser-Screed sensitively reduces execution times. so the floor will be free of micro-cracks and nests.

The samples collected in square dice are submitted to crushing in certified laboratories so that the resistance matured from the concrete after 24 and 72 hours are defined and inspected and therefore. . in order to make sure that the optimal prescriptions of the mix-design and the punctual control of the mixture of furnished concrete are guaranteed: on the job site specific tests are performed according to normative.Punctual control of the concrete > Punctual control of the concrete The technological building process of the TENSIOPAV System includes also a pre-qualification of the concrete implant. the relative pressure levels will be applied from the stressing jacks during post-tensioning operations. and according to the Pavical requirements to comply to the project applications in terms of resistance and composition that the concrete must guarantee for a proper application of the Post-tension System. once extrapolated. both partial and final.

Introducing a small pressure on the jack. and verifying the perfect equipment efficiency. A specialized operator of TTM is there to properly apply the Post-tension procedures. coherent with the recommendations on safety operations defined by the same TTM. A deep check is dedicated that strands are perpendicular to the anchorages and that the anchorages parallel to the face of concrete. both along vertical and the longitudinal parts of the surface. actual extensions of the strands are noticed. Cleaning of the anchorage hollow takes place. then it is important that the stressing jack does not have any obstacle. or nest effects.Partial and final Tensioning operations > First partial tensioning The wooden band is removed the following day after the concrete placement. comparing them with the theorical ones expected by the project requirements. After the Tensioning operations. and that the wedges are perfectly installed in the headings. The stressing jack has a designed device that exactly covers the taking of the strand in the exact end point of the concrete placement. and that there are not cracks. Integrity of the concrete is checked. partially or totally. then the stressing jack is set for operation. only if concrete has reached the correct strength in order not to be damaged. or micro-caves. it is able to compensate. the traction stress nduced by the spontaneous withdrawal of the concrete. Piston excursion > Final Tensioning Fixing wedges are perfectly positioned to avoid their separation during the positioning of the stressing jack. Strand Extension .

. TENSIOPAV System is the absolutely best solution for Firms that need extremely high cleaning standard. the primary cause of dust and degrade of any kind is simply eliminated. TENSIOPAV: the beginning of a new Era. proving to be the ideal investment for sensitive Buyers who focus on high qualitative standard. chemical hardeners. TENSIOPAV System offers ideal support for potential superficial treatments.Post-tensioned Floor > The Concrete Industrial Flooring revolution Having a monolithic continuous Post-Tensioned surface is of paramount importance for a Logistics and Great Distribution Company. with electronic management systems of automated carts. which won’t suffer anymore the problems caused by waving floor plates or by broken joints. therefore. the most demanding requirements. because by eliminating the joints. TENSIOPAV System satisfies. resin finishes based on the specific techniques might come out from the Customers’ requirements. polishings.

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