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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY QUESTIONS Case 10-3: Galvor Company Answer ALL of the following questions: 1.

In your opinion, what was UE trying to accomplish through applying its planning and control system to Galvor? What is your overall assessment of the effectiveness of Universal Electric's (UE's) planning and control system as it is applied to Galvor? 2. Look at the system from Galvor's viewpoint. Suppose Galvor were an independent company (i.e., were not part of UE). If you were a consultant to Galvor, how would the management planning and control system you would recommend for the company differ from that imposed by UE? 3. Look at the system from UE's viewpoint. How (if at all) can UE's imposing planning and control practices different from those required by an independent Galvor be justified? 4. What specific changes, if any, would you make in UE's planning and control system?

Case 11-3: CUP Corporation The CUP Corporation has established a Customer Care Center (CCC). Please answer the following questions: 1. Why was the Customer Care Center (CCC) necessary? 2. Why is the CCC set-up as a profit center? 3. What are 4 key success factors for the CCC? 4. For the 4 key success factors you have identified, indicate one measure for each.