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God is NOWHERE 1000+40+1000+30+1000+20+1000+10=5000?

Suggestive power of mindset Wrong thinking wrong belief wrong priorities wrong actions 4100

Danger 6:

Cats Develop Wrong Priorities
1. Cats want to be alive and be healthy, for themselves and their love ones. y Prayers hardly include God s glory y If the situation is good, claims God is faithful. Faithful to THEIR expectations of HIM. y If the situation is bad, just claims Rom 8:28, If God is for us, who can be against us? y Paul, To live is Christ, to die is gain. Phil 1:21 2. Cats desire to be safe and secure y With regards to finance, disasters, good job, good house y Serve God only when they feel they are secure 3. Cats want more than anything else to be blessed y Want CESA: comfortable, easy, safe, always on top. y Cats goal is for a CESA lifestyle that honors God. y But focus is more on the CESA, less on honouring God. y There is nothing wrong with a CESA lifestyle and enjoying the fruits of thy labor, UNLESS it becomes a higher priority than the glory of God. y [Havaianas example] 4. Cats believe that the local church is their only to meet their needs. y In simple words, they subconsciously think that the church exists for them. y They don t want a judgemental church. Only one that which has the Feel-Good theology. y They see tithing as payment for services offered. y Missions are often refused. Why? It requires too much personal involvement and sacrifice.

Dogs only has but One Priority to glorify God ¹ A real, Dog Christian can see that sacrifice is nothing for God s glory. ¹ They are no more attached to worldly things and could easily give up a comfortable lifestyle to answer His calling. ¹ This is a sad prayer, but they do it with conviction. ¹ But they are not masochists. They also pray for blessings, only if it brings God glory.