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The Moorish Star

“Uplifting The Fallen Humanity”


The Inaugural Issue

Volume 1, Issue 1 December 16, 2009 – January 16, 2010 A Califia Territory Publication

Providing A Beacon Of Light From The West Coast

misnomers has separated our people from a birthright endowed and promised by the hand of the Almighty. The legacy of the Moorish Empire remains only partially unveiled. The reference to Moors has been relegated to a mere footnote in textbooks, a cursory historical factoid, briefly mentioned (if at all), or labeled an ethnological disappearing act. Only a small percentage of our

Despite our people’s lack of knowledge about their Moorish history, it is not subject to erasure nor is it sentenced to forfeiture of ancestry. It awaits you to proclaim it and stand in the footprints of your forefathers and mothers. The Moorish Star recognizes the need for denationalized Moors to have their own media forum and outlet, for which information can be disseminated about the various initiatives from several Moorish groups within movement. the Moorish

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he Moorish Star is produced with the intention of informing its Moorish people about their nationality and events which effect their communities locally, nation-wide and internationally. Standing on the principles of truth, peace, justice and freedom, this newsletter is a product of an upright and pure nation finding its way back to their rightful place at the helm of humanity. To uplift humanity is a charge mandated by supreme authority of the great Creator. This mandate is thereby inherited and carried out as a life-long purpose. Thus, to uplift humanity is a charge welcomed. To uplift our brothers and sisters ignorant of their ancestry is a challenge faced with the utmost divine love. This task is done in the face of adversity and with diligence. This newspaper is a manifestation of our will to assist those unaware of their Moorish roots. Acceptance of the misnomer/ classification of African-American, Black, Negro or Colored has allowed our people to be subject to obscene abuses, and gross violations against inalienable natural rights. The use of such


The Moorish Star is one of many initiatives created by the Moorish Nationals of the Califia Territory to liberate those unaware, unify other Consulates and Moorish groups nationally and internationally thus bringing us together on one accord. We ascertain that all knowledge included in this newspaper is accurate, provides valid sources and addresses any discrepancies. We do not participate in slander, libel or perjury. The Moorish Star’s sole purpose is to provide a beacon of light in the darkness.

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people have knowledge of our antiquity through the conquests of Spain, Portugal, and Italy etc., however, this still is not the full scope of the Moorish legacy. Shrouded in secrecy, the heritage of the Moors here in North America, Central America, South America and all adjoining islands has been withheld from the indigenous inhabitants of these continents. In this omission of history, they have accepted misnomers to their own unknowing detriment.

U.N. General Assembly Considers Restitution of Cultural Property


Bahian Brazilians Face Discrimination ....4 Bolivia Urges Slavery Of Indigenous People In Chaco Region To End ...5 VOICE OF WISDOM “Our Nation’s Unification” ...5

Sis. Dhiya Khephra Ptah El Minister of Information The Moorish Star, EIC

We are NOT a religion. Goods. We ARE a national indigenous group. Nationality. . the most important information to know and apply is The Declaration of Human Rights For Indigenous Peoples. Inalienable rights. Jurisdiction. It’s best to distinguish this sovereign collective by perhaps first defining what we are not. nor. For ‘black’ is defined as ‘death’ and our divine movement is one of The Moorish Star S • • LIFE. according to the United Nations. and promoting life—to be lived freely and abundantly for our people.Sovereign. • These few important distinctions serve to eliminate a degree of confusion attributed to our obscurity (yet fully known in the proper channels).G. The M. Citizen. • We ARE a body of Moors.94) Uniform Commercial Codes (UCCs) “The Exhuming Of A • Nation” by Sheik Elihu N. We. who address the affairs and concerns • • Know Thyself: 5 Documents Every Moor Should Know About Every denationalized Moor (formerly classified as Negro. Land. Sui Juris. Peace. Colored or African American) should know exactly what makes them a free national. religious organization or a non-profit organization. Creed and Nationality. Hence we assume our original role of creators. We are NOT a radical ‘black’ identity movement. Negro. Debtor. • We are NOT a Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA).N. Refugee.). as provided in the Black’s Law Dictionary (3rd & 4th editions): Indigenous. Free White Person.Page 2 What Is The Moorish National Group? everal brothers and sisters who want to join “The Divine National Movement of North America” want to know in certain terms what is the Moorish National Group (M. Chattle. the following documents listed are the cornerstone to comprehending status nationality. is then solely defined within this simple yet all the more complex goal. Truth.G. Wall Street. You should know these follwing words and their definitions. Freedom and Justice. and all the more challenging without knowing the meaning of certain words used in the language of those documents. Property. harmonizers. Religion. We ARE an ally to all our Moorish family – nationally and internationally. Lastly. Collateral. • We are NOT a cult. Instrument. We are NOT affiliated with any groups who would seek to destroy. murder or promote violence. Moorish American Nationals are a legally valid and operational movement based on the natural right to have a nationality. Initially being able to grasp the content of these documents can be a difficult task. Statelessness. KNOW THYSELF • • • • • • • • • • The Treaty Of Peace & Friendship Preamble & Constitution Articles Of Confederation 1790 Sundry Free Moors Act 1857 Dred Scott Decision 13th & 14th Amendments 3/5 Clause Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori: ‘Prince Among Slaves’ (PBS DVD/Video $36.N. Black. In addition you must know these five requirements which make you a “whole person:” Principles. We ARE honoring our “mothers and fathers” (ancestors) in reestablishing the spiritual tenets/ principles of Love. Colorable/ Color of Law. In Propria persona. work in the unifying goal to unveil this vital fact to those unaware of such a right. Stock & Bonds and Driver. Blacks & Colored (now called African-Americans and referred to as NBCs) have never acquired nor proclaimed a nationality or true identity. along with other select national groups. • • of our Moorish people. commerce and natural rights. Black. Pro Se. a ‘black’ supremacy group. Pleasant-Bey The Holy Covenant of the Asiatic Nations Listed below are a few basic terms that accompany learing and studying law and commerce in order to proclaim your Moorish heritage. Expatriation. We ARE committed to fulfilling the prophesies of our forefathers and foremothers.

“The newspaper and the website are both designed to compliment one another to reach Moors. “With a Moorish Co-op we don’t have to operate outside of ourselves. Moorish business should be in a venue that permits the exchange of our own culture and not under the auspices of an illusion. We protect Page 3 Moorish American Nationals Launch New Website our nationhood by being a self-sufficient nation. For more information about the website. video streaming and music from Moorish artists. The idea behind the bazaar is to stimulate our own economics and commerce among the Moorish national community. available services and products. Cooperative economics in the Moorish community is a necessity for nation building and sustaining our consulates from coast-to-coast. This site is also equiped with private account access for subscribers and distributors of the newspaper . “The online media site serves as an enhanced version of The Moorish Star that provides access to other venues news in print cannot cover. such as. Even more impressive is the business directory called the “Moorish Bazaar”—a virtual marketplace for entrepreneurs. (MAP) The Importance Of Proclaiming Your Nationality . as it is one of the greatest tools to unify.” added Noble Salaam El. Dhiya Khepra Ptah El. Our people have a wealth of creativity. Minister of Education. blogtalk radio. The new gorup has launched a website to provide community resources and updated national and international news for” stated Noble Salaam El. Ptah El.The Moorish Star Volume 1.” stated Sis. organize and inform our lecture series. visit www. The website features various forms of media. “The website is designed to give Moorish Nationals access to information and community services that are readily available and to assist them. Issue1 SACRAMENTO — The Moorish American Nationals of the Califia Territory recognize the importance of utilizing technology.” added Sis.

When the Assembly turned to other issues. The resolution also . “Culture is the soul of a nation. In a morning debate that covered topics ranging from the security implications of climate change to encouraging development by curbing armed violence. It also welcomed the creation of a committee of interested States to oversee the memorial project in collaboration with United Nations Educational.” he said. and civil society. he said Greece was confident that the international community would keep United Nations – Mirroring the international community’s growing awareness of the trauma that people and their Governments suffered when their cultural properties were stolen or trafficked. Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). which was recognized by the United Nations system as the International Day of Tolerance. the Assembly also adopted a consensus resolution on follow-up to the commemoration of the two-hundredth anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. the General Assembly today considered a draft resolution that asked Member States to actively cooperate in returning displaced cultural artefacts to their rightful home countries. The illicit removal or destruction of such property deprives people of their history and tradition. which would be called the United Nations Trust Fund for Partnerships – Permanent Memorial. saying the removal of cultural property from countries of origin was against all principals that culture represented. The resolution welcomed the initiative of the member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to place a permanent memorial at United Nations Headquarters in acknowledgement of the centuries-long tragedy of the transatlantic slave trade and in consideration of the legacy left by the transatlantic slave trade. representatives of the Secretariat.Page 4 The Moorish Star endorsed the creation of a trust fund for the permanent memorial. the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture of the New York Public Library. Restitution is the only means that can restore damage and reinstate a sense of dignity. the representative of Greece introduced the draft resolution on the return or restitution of cultural property to the countries of origin. Introducing a revised version of a text first put before the Assembly on November 2. Jamaica’s representative said it was fitting that delegations were taking action today. Praising UNESCO’s work in this area.

and allegations of widespread torture and inhumane conditions are alarming and unacceptable. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay noted that millions of AfroBrazilians and indigenous people are “mired in poverty” and lack access to basic services and employment opportunities. Urges End To ‘Slavery’ Of Guarani Subscribe To The Moorish Star www. there are very few Afro-Brazilians in positions of authority. and this was particularly striking in the country’s northern Bahia state. and one of Rio de Janeiro’s povertystricken favelas. the High Commissioner acknowledged that Brazil’s police had a tough task in trying to maintain law and order.” she told a news conference before departing the country. Issue1 Page 5 Bahian-Brazilians and Indigenous Groups Face Serious Bias. and a truly universal secondary education system is essential if there is to be major improvement in these areas. injustice and violence. the High Commissioner also attended the annual national conference on human rights defenders and also visited an isolated community of Afro-Brazilian descendants of slaves in Bahia state.moorishstarnews.” she added. “where three-quarters of the population are AfroBrazilian. Bolivia. plans and policies to address discrimination.” she stated.” she said. “Until that changes. urging officials to focus on fully implementing existing laws. At the same time. While in Brazil. “Equally disturbing is the fact that the vast majority of those incarcerated are Afro-Brazilians. In addition. the United Nations human rights chief said today. Paraguay. “Many of Brazil’s biggest problems are rooted in poverty and discrimination.” Turning to the issue of violence. The fact that she had not seen a single indigenous person among all the many officials she had met during the visit was “very indicative of their continued marginalization. she noted a number of issues of concern. it will hamper Brazil’s progress on many other fronts. but hardly any of the top . “The astonishingly high rate of homicides in Brazil’s overcrowded prisons. says UN Rights Chief While Brazil has an “impressive” set of laws and policies to promote human rights and improve socio-economic well-being. including the situation of the country’s indigenous people. indigenous groups and Afro-Brazilians face serious discrimination.The Moorish Star Volume 1. Wrapping up her week-long visit to the South American nation.

to be acted on at a later date. efforts taken. in cooperation with the UNESCO. The Assembly adopted the resolution. It embodies an inalienble attribute of every people’s sovereignty that they should have access to and enjoy irreplaceable symbols of their heritage. China’s representative. Peru was recovering cultural property and. For its part. seized from international traffickers.Page 6 The Moorish Star returning cultural properties was a matter of ethics and fundamental moral principles. By that text. which suffered from repeated lootings and systematic smuggling of its cultural heritage dating back to the religious wars of the sixteenth century. he underscored Peru’s efforts to recover pieces from Machu Pichu. In addition. Liu Zhenmin. moving together towards greater action to safeguard the return and restitution of cultural property to the countries of origin. as well as work towards the creation of a database of their national cultural legislation. had recovered pieces of invaluable importance. He urged redoubling efforts to resolve such disputes through friendly negotiations. in particular in electronic format. Efforts in preventing the removal of and trafficking in cultural property needed the help. a task that could not be undertaken in isolation. Illegal approriation runs counter to the spirit of international treaties and infringes on cultural rights. introduced on November 2. Ethiopia. the Assembly would urge Member States to introduce effective national and international measures to prevent and combat illicit trafficking in cultural property. called the illicit appropriation and trafficking of cultural property “a sacrilege” and said the global community had to prevent all aspects. 2009. to continue to draw up systematic inventories of their cultural property. customs and border services. which remained illlegally at Yale University. It would also invite Member States. Kenea Kuma. He lamented that dialogue had not born fruit and it was necessary to take legal action. In that context. ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ . thanks to cooperation with other countries. “The return of displaced cultural properties is a fundamental means of restoring and reconstructing people’s heritage and and identity. States had the right to protect such property. not only to comply with international agreements. Peru was pleased to return three clay tablets to Iraq. which “punished” those nations that had the least resources. strongly believed that cooperation in Russell Simmons. including publicizing legislation and offering special training for police. “Such symbols of identity of a nation or people or cultural property represent a valuable asset of human civilization.” stated Kuma. by consensus without a vote.” Zhenmin said. since only part of cultural property was in State hands. Peru’s Luis Enrique Chavez said cultural property allowed nations to forge an identity. of such trafficking. Ethiopia’s delegate. Such efforts were made more difficult when cultural property was not under the jurisdiction of the country of origin. was also optimistic about the international community’s progress in that area and pointed to Italy’s return of the Axum Obelisk as a new chapter in its relations with Italy. and peoples to develop as individuals in a society. whether through auctions or other activities. but with understanding they were a moral imperative.

teach canning techniques and make wholesale purchases to pull in finance together. we understand the stakes in ensuring that something as devastating GARDEN: Initiative Takes Root. . celery and kalarabe greens (deep purple collards).000 of the projected $3. fruit trees or herbs to be placed in the garden.The Moorish Star Volume 1. “I want to teach our people how to be self-sufficient and for our community to be selfproducing. and is involved in numerous cause initiatives to empower individuals in struggle. Napue. Mr. pearlite. the transatlantic slave trade and its legacy of discrimination. “I knew it was important for the consulate to acquire land because with this garden we can provide food for our community. Napue. “We feel Mr. metal hard rakes. including Petra Nemcova’s Happy Hearts Fund. A devoted yogi. pitch forks.” she added.” She shared that the garden initiative is ideal for the Western region as the climate is suited to yield several different kinds of organic fruits. is also Chairman of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding. picks.” said Mr. as well as the face of modern philanthropy. manure. a native New Yorker and proud father of two daughters. jewellery. vegetables and herbs.” said Raymond Wolfe. Simmons. Here we can learn how to make dehydrated foods for storage and emergency survival. Issue1 Page 7 SIMMONS: ‘Goodwill Ambassador (CARICOM) and the African Union. television and film. For those who want to be a apart of the garden they can donate compost. work gloves. Simmons. Simmons. and its ongoing efforts to empower at-risk youth through the arts (Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation). I look to the future with inspiration and faith as we work every day to bring freedom and equality to all young people around the world. highlighted the commitment of African countries to the initiative. referring to a decision taken at the regional body’s Twelfth Assembly of Heads of State and Government. SIMMONS “It’s humbling to be invited to join the UN community in this role as Goodwill Ambassador. and the Consulate shares the garden’s location with Hmong and Mien communities. “was an easy choice”.” The Permanent Memorial will be administered through the Permanent Memorial Fund by the United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP). Mr. fashion. “It’s up to us to begin planting. Mr. Its completion date is set for 2012. All we need is volunteers for physical labor. “I want everyone to know that there are four seasons to grow here. “I want to show our people plant and seed identification and teach them how to cook what we are growing in the garden. This will make our families more stable— it pulls family together…it unifies them. We can plant vegetables that grow year round.” stated the Elder. Mr. social engagement (Hip-Hop Summit Action Network) and higher education for Africa (Diamond Empowerment Fund). water hoses and a rotor till. For more information call (916) 491-9090. Permanent Observer of the African Union to the United Nations. As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Rush Communications. The Moorish Cypress Garden groundbreaking is expected to take place in the Spring of 2010. It is anticipated that this garden will enable Moors to develop a crosscultural exchange and establish trade with South East Asians (Asiatics) to stimulate economics in both our communities. such as collard greens. “My life’s commitment is to be of service to the empowerment of young people living in struggle. Rush Community Affairs. who undoubtedly have been effected by this legacy. In recognizing the past.5 million cost so far from 25 of the 122 Member States that co-sponsored General Assembly resolution 63/5. seeds. finance. Best known as a leading entrepreneur and hip-hop pioneer. Jamaica’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Chairman of the Permanent Memorial Committee. Simmons’ groundbreaking vision has influenced music and the recording industry.” “People can also donate tools such as shovels. There are 38 plots total on the site. Simmons is an ideal candidate to espouse the broader concept and objectives of the initiative to erect this permanent memorial. The Fund has received $250. the event aims to re-engage the attention of the international community with the horrific nature of slavery. he added.” added Sis. plants. he has consistently leveraged his influence in the media and popular culture to give back. Lila Ratsifandrihamanana. We can plant summer vegetables during our winter months..” said Sis. which “recognizes the enduring and tragic impact of the slave trade as a crime against humanity on the African people and its generations”. voted among USA Today’s “Top 25 Most Influential People of the Past 25 years”. dedicated to bringing all religions and ethnicities together. to the human condition as the TransAtlantic Slave Trade will never happen again. Simmons also leads the nonprofit division of his organization. He also serves on the Board of Directors of several organizations.. live vegetable plants or flats. peat moss.

These Pan American Conferences were the designer of today’s world-renowned United Nations and Declaration of Human Rights. such as inequality. African Americans must realize they have a Moorish heritage to proclaim.” he stated. but a clean and pure nation of people bearing one name of freedom. noble and the natural leaders of humanity. NBC and all unproclaimed Moorish Americans (unprotected by their free national government and unrecognized by the nations of the Earth) need to seek refuge in the International community to protect themselves and loved ones. “The conference was not about any religious concerns [as that is pertinent to Non-governmental organizations. with a Free National Constitution de jure. Furthermore. these actions are considered legal to property. in which the United States had been occupying illegally since 1871. or racial profiling are highly illegal offenses and practices against an Indigenous/ Natural being? Yet. maiming. because we were buried so deep in the shallow grave of the constitutional laws of the USA. civil rights (as distinctly different from unalienable rights). all you had to do was declare that you are NOT a fictitious label engineered for enslavement? And doing this one act could ultimately remove you from all such previous ill treatment… Noble Drew Ali knew the secret to drastically improving the status and treatment of his people. beating. For those who call themselves African Americans. Pleasant-Bey. “I knew then he had to be sent from God. Switzerland awaiting to be proclaimed by the Moorish Nation. Coloreds. Drew Ali registered the Moorish Americans as a Nation. 7 . Pleasant-Bey. provide protection against violations on a natural being. until nobody could hear us pray. The Declaration of Human Rights For Indigenous Peoples. economic stratification and poverty levels are eliminated or become obsolete when you proclaim your nationality? What if.” Generations of Moorish Americans honor the foresight and actions of Noble Drew Ali. otherwise known as NGOs] but certain unalienable rights guaranteed to the Human Family of Nations. “While attending this Conference for Indigenous Nations. This mandate is now in Geneva.. and sovereign. He prepared for our people. It is a violation of the Universal Order to be the only people not attached by nationality to the human family. cattle (chattel) or animals—items that are NOT considered human. Noble Drew Ali did attach the Moorish Americans to the free national powers of the Earth.Page 8 The Moorish Star Proclaiming Your Nationality. However. “It was during the Pan American Conference in 1928 when Noble Drew Ali was given the Mandate for the Land of North America. It is time for you to return to your rightful station among the human family of nations. It was his ability to awaken our people with the truth of their identity and begin the foundation and framework for our nation that we give him our deepest respect. During his appearance in Havana. you must know your ancestors — the Moors — were regal. The United States has a recorded history of innumerable abuses experienced with NBCs.” recalled Dr. Cuba. Did you know that lynching. an exit from this system through providing us with our true. Ali made a difference for the better in the West. These Pan American Conferences were the forerunner to the United Nations.” he added. are you aware that the issues NBCs have fought. Noble Drew Ali and many others have laid the groundwork for you to obtain your nationality.” stated Dr. specifically Articles 15 and 16.. All that remains is for you to proclaim it. indigenous. ancient name of Moor. bled and died for. in order to fully receive the protections that accompany the Declaration of Human Rights For Indigenous Peoples.

and refusal of access/membership to this publication. why was there so much confusion about the whole process of proclaiming one’s nationality. and “seat the older Moors to the back. LABOR AND ORIGINAL DESIGN of this publication. I had often wondered when I began this journey. we all must agree that adherence to a universal path of proclaiming one’s nationality must be established. I A foundation must be set among all Moorish groups! Although this is a daunting task. (No. Various Moorish groups longstanding disagreements with one another on what to teach has left our nation—and its subsequent generations of young Moors— fragmented. however. she did not exactly know how to go about doing it. The Moorish Star reserves All Rights to CREATION. RR945163652US) (UCC-207) . ANY attempt will result in economic compensation due the Moorish American Nationals. Yet a legitimate issue may be tackled through acknowledging those stubborn elders who know that the young will arrive as prophesized by Noble Drew Ali. is a start to mending these detrimental gaps in our nations unification. Some groups told her contradictory instructions and she found herself lost…yet again. Issue1 Page 9 VOICE OF WISDOM Bro. young Moorish Nationals have come with their eyes open and with willingness in their hearts to finish the work Nobel Drew Ali began but they have been left directionless. Mobilization rests in the ability to effectively communicate with each other. We must also agree to that foundation and do so without a central spokesperson or figurehead. she posed this question to me.The Moorish Star Volume 1. Tehuti Al Ma’at Taharqa El Columnist of The Moorish Star n a recent conversation with a young Moorish Sister. the woman knew that proclaiming her nationality was of vital importance. Perhaps. It is these young Moors that often are discouraged in the journey to become their upright selves. In the aforementioned example. disjointed and in disarray. MANIFESTATION.” In knowing this prophesy many elders refuse to listen to the young. violates the highest principles we hold sacred. It is time to leave behind the days of looking for one great leader—as the Negroes do—and surpass the methods that brought us to the present dilemma plaguing our Moorish people. confronting issues that would rather be railroaded. More often. ALL attempts to duplicate or profit from this publication without the expressed written consent of the Moorish American Nationals. All of her sources said different things. The Moorish nation’s lack of cohesion and inability to distinguish ‘what is what’ leaves our people seeking the knowledge of history and nationality without a foothold of solid comprehension or clarity.