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February 6, 2020 ‘Suzanne Roberts, General Manager .nne roberts Tartine Partners LLC (DBA) Tartine Manufactory 595 Alabama St. ‘San Francisco, CA 94110 Zach Taylor, General Manager Zach.taylor®@ Tartine Partners LLC, Tartine Bakery 600 Guerrero St. ‘San Francisco, CA 94110 Scott Mosier, General Manager ‘Scott, mosior @ Tartine Holdings JV LLC (DBA) Tartine All Day 1226 9" Ave San Francisco, CA 94122 ‘Ariel Mahon, General Manager ‘Arial.mahon Tartine Berkeley LLC £2600 Durant Ave Berkeley, CA 94704 Chis Jordan, CEO (Chris. jordan @ Dear, Suzanne, Zach, Scott, Arielle and Chris; ‘We represent the Organizing Committee of our union at Tartine. We are writing to request that you formally recognize our union, ILWU. |We're proud to work at Tartine, and want Tartine to be the bestit possibly can be. ‘Tartine is renowned for the quality of its products and service. We want ito also be renowned for being one of the best places to work in the Bay Area. ‘Tartine workers believe in openness, balance, and excellence. We believe Tartine management should be open to the voices, input, and experience of the workers that allow itto be successful. We believe in a fair balance of power between the workers and ‘management - that we deserve a seat at the table, We believe in making this company ‘excel - and that means investing in the workers who make it excel. Tartine management should remain neutral and not interfere with our right to form a union. San Francisco and Berkeley are union friendly cities, and Bay Area residents, businesses, political and community leaders all support working families ~ not union busters. With our union we will work to create a workplace that is collaborative and supportive While setting high standards for quality product, quality benefits, high morale and good wages. We hope and trust that Tartine will respect our decision to form our union and recognize Us. If Tartine refuses to recognize our union and collectively bargain with us we will fle for an election with the National Labor Relations Board. If Tartine insists on this process, then we call on Tartine to be a lawful and respectful employer without resorting 10 intimidation or coercion, This includes: + Threatening to close our facilities, mit our shifts; ‘+ Promise promotions, raises or other benefits as a means to bargain, individually; + Have corporate or local management - including supervisors/managers- ‘question us about our union support, activities or any other behavior that attempts to discourage us from participating in our organization; ‘+ Bring in outside management or consultants to “educate” us or intimidate tus about our decision to participate in our union. We thank you for your time and attention and look forward to working with Tartine’s ‘management team in creating a more robust, collaborative and quality workplace. Sincerely, Magdalena (Lupe) Acros Hector Gonzalez Perez _Jonina Ortiz Moreno Joseline (Yoshi) Granados _Lisbel (Giselle) Ortiz Paz Erick Adaly Quintanilla Marisela Guizar Isaias Oriz-Morales Will Adams Emily Haddad Juan Carlos Paz Alejandro Aguilar Tika Hall Aldina Perez Cody Alias Kanlayarale (Gan) Hava Natasha Peters Michael Arter Femando Hernandez Mel Porter Keidly Bacama Zenon Hemandez Nichole Porter Marguerite Bailey Clemente Hemandez Krishna Pun Sarah Balagot Alexander Herrera Enrique Reyes Elizabeth Balmer Jacqueline Hofmann Rigoberto Reyes Pepper Barfield Stephen Houghton ‘Nelson Roberto Reyes ‘Andrea Bartios Rodriguez Rony Jeronimo Acosta ‘Tammy Basso Brigitte Johnson ‘Samuel Rizo Rosa Maria Bermudez Raquel Juarez Gonzalez Elmer Romero Rosa Bermudez Joseph Bemal ‘Adam Bowless Katelyn Bruce Roldaineir (Roli) Caamal ‘Angel Castellon Kalin Cavello Jose Cital Norberto Coh Liberty Concepcion Flor Esmeralda Conde ‘reli (Maria) Contreras Tyler Cross Ning Dahl Cynthia Deweert Alberto Diaz Cecilia (Claire) Doyle Meghan Eason Diana Echeverria Sarah Elsner Carmen Estrada Juan Farfan Jamie Fassio ‘Amber Fitzgerald Odessa Fryxell ‘Sarah Gagnon ‘Alexander Garcia 42, Jose Noel Garcia Stephanie Garcia Hannah Gerard ‘Abby Glass DaMon Golatt Wendy Gonzalez Yesenia Justiniano Jared Kahlenberg Layla Kaufman Lindsey Keen Jose Kim ‘Sam Kotansky John Lapp Desiree Latorre Megan Launer Rosalyn Lenmo Bella LePorte ‘Oswaldo Lopez Alexander Lopez Engracia Lopez Elida Lopez Rene Lopez ‘Sandra Lopez Mason Lopez ‘Alex Lopez, Crystal-Gail Lota ‘Sonny Ly Kyle Lypka Blanca Maciel Alfredo Mairel ‘John Maniquis Elder Mata Evan MeLaughiin Ester Mejia Agustin Mejia Jessica Menjivar ‘Anna Moguel ‘Angela Newsham Max Oginz Joseph Romero ‘Jil Rosscup Eduardo Salos Kaela Sanbom Holly Sanderson Vladimir Shapovalov Mala Sinalko vane Soyombo Channelt Stone Evan Suhayada ikki Tang Catherine (Katie) Taylor Maria Raquel Tezen Lena Thaler Pat Thomas Rachael Thomton Kelly Toomey Matthow Torres Ezith Urrutia River Van Den Berghe Brandon Vasquez ‘Osvin Velasquez Flori Velasquez Gonzales liana (Nahomy) Villatoro Gonzalez Luis Villegas. Andre Vintero Sean Wilkinson Regen Wiliam Katie Wilson Lilly Woo. Jessica Chase Woolbright Katarina (Kat) Yorkunas ‘Syam Zapalowski ‘Sophie Zotnick!