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Section 1 Description of Our Business DDR (Digital Device Repository) Computer Parts and Accessories is a computer store specialising

in selling computers, computer parts and accessories, components, peripherals and other quality electronic products in a wide range. We are accustomed to first-class service and we are experts on delivering the freshest technologies available because we are in tune to what's hot and what's not. Targeted Market and Customers Our targeted customers will be the owners of computer shop, students, instructors, technicians and other individual that need computer unit, computer parts and accessories, peripherals and other quality devices at very affordable price. Growth Trends in this Business The market for our products is growing at an unprecedented rate since computer in today’s trends is extremely useful not only for students but also for most of the individuals in their daily transactions. Pricing Power All products of Digital Device Repository (DDR) Computer Parts and Accessories are created in highly quality yet affordable price for every customer to gain the latest technology. DDR can produce a quality product to trust their customers to every product that can produce. DDR continuously create a quality product to excel beyond its competitors and to be more competitive among other computer store. More advantageous can be obtained if we maintain a highly quality product and affordable price for our customers. Section 2 The Vision Our vision is to empower every Filipino and organizations with a varied range of high quality computer parts and accessories, computer hardware, networking products, and other electronic products at very affordable prices. Through our work experience, we possess unique skills to provide specialized electronic products. Also, we have had a long-term desire to be in business full time for ourselves and to utilize this knowledge. We have worked with many hardware and software vendors and website designers. Our rich knowledge based expertise in this field will help to achieve our vision. The People Work Experience Related to our intended Business RAYMARK D. DULCE

JAY D.Position Employer Address Duration : ICT Manager : Bangko Mabuhay (Rural Bank of Tanza [Cavite] Inc. Calamba Road. He is twenty eight years old and he presently resides at 337 Hospital Road. Of course to entertain other clients and customers in there needs in the office and other problem according in their SSS memberships. Personal Background and Education Credentials RAYMARK D. reformatting computer and laptops. ROSINE SANTOS III Position Employer Address Duration : Database Administrator : Microsoft : Manila : February 2001 – March 2005 Basic functions: As the manager of Rural Bank. Soriano St. He is the eldest son of Mr. San Jose. hardware and software troubleshooting and managing the databases and the servers. removing viruses and malwares. Pinagtipunan General Trias. I assist my employee to do there assign task everyday and observe my employee during their office work. Cavite. Brgy.August 2007 Basic functions: As the branch Manager of SSS. DULCE Raymark Descalso Dulce was born on July 26. He does also other office works like encoding and more. Amaya Tanza. 1981 at Pinagtipunan General Trias. upgrading of the system unit. Tagaytay City : April 2004 . MARAAN Position Employer Address Duration : Branch Manager : Social Security System : JDP Building. And also I entertain other customers to meet there needs in the office. first his responsibility is to handle my employee in their every assign task during the office hour. Brgy.) : A. Cavite. Reynaldo . Cavite : March 2005 – October 2007 Basic Function : Responsible for the maintenance of the system. He also observes his employee during their office work to see if my employee is doing their assigned tasks.

He was recognized as he became the treasurer of Student Supreme Government (SSG). Maraan. June 1997. Abstanancia Descalso Dulce. JAY D. He is became the senior council of College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT). Maraan Ph. auditor of Children’s Museum and Library Incorporated (CMLI). commander of Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT). Now Dr. after finishing his degree bachelor he take his Masteral Degree in Information Technology at De La Salle University. Jay D. In the same year. Yolanda . In 4th year level of his secondary education he was privileged to be the chosen delegate to attend the 1996 Intel Computer Clubhouse Network Teen Summit held at Boston Massachusetts. He is the youngest among the two children of Mr. He completed his tertiary education on March 2001. After pursue his Masteral Degree he took up his Doctorate in Information Technology at Korea. Mendez. he enrolled his masteral degree at University of the Philippines Diliman Quezon City. he enrolled his tertiary/college education at Cavite State University – Main Campus Indang. he enrolled his secondary education in Governor Ferrer Memorial National High School at Pinagtipunan General Trias. In the same year. and continued his Secondary Education at Constancio E. He completed his secondary education with honorable mention and awarded best in computer on March 1997. The Teen Summit enables to enhance his technological skills as well as his interpersonal skills. National High School and finish at year 1997. He completed his elementary education in Luis Ferrer III Memorial Elementary School on April 1993. creating games through scratch software and creating websites via coding and designing. Gregorio P.Francia Dulce and Mrs. He is the youngest among the four children of Mr. He turned his Tertiary Education at University of Santo Tomas at Bachelor Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Boston Massachusetts) being transferred to the Municipal trust Fund of General Trias. member of Student Technologist and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (STEP). USA. Maraan Jr. Cavite. ROSINE SANTOS III Rosine Santos III was born on January 5. 1980 in Aisis1. In January 1996 he was fortunate to won the C2C (Clubhouse to College) Scholarship. His height is 5’4 and weight is 95 lbs. Maraan was born on April 1.D is one of the owner and managing the famous computer parts and accessories in the Philippines namely DDR Computer Parts and Accessories. Aure Sr. and the president of Local Student Organization (LSO). Cavite. Cavite. He completed his masteral degree on March 2003. his religion is Father SQOPQUZ Holy Catholic. the president of Elite League of Information Technology Student (ELITS). MARAAN Jay D. He is 30 years and he is a Filipino citizen. Rosine Santos II and Mrs. Layout Artist of The Ferrerian School Paper and council of Ayala Intel Computer Clubhouse Network. He undergoes different tracks and tutorials such as flash animation. A scholarship of $2000 (US Dollar paid by the Museum of Science. 1978 in Trece Martirez Hospital. He finished his Elementary Education at Asis Elementary School in 1993. Julia D. and Mrs.

Scanner) Php. He finished his Elementary education at Trece Elementary School in 1991.00 Computers HP Pavilion p6040d Home PC Compaq Presario C700 Notebook PC HP Pavilion p6040d Home PC Php. He is 32 years old and he is a Filipino citizen. Printer. 4. Resource Requirements: Telephones Globe Telephone Php. Section 3 Computer and Communications Tools We plan to take advantage of all the computer and communications tools presently available to establish ourselves on the same level playing field as our large competitors. at Bachelor Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.000. His religion is Christian. 110. He turned his Tertiary Education at Lyceum of the Phil.00 Internet Globe Broadband .3” Colour LCD Php.00 Facsimile Canon MX328 (Photocopier. after finishing his degree bachelor he takes a unit from Economics major in Marketing at Adamson University.000. and continued his Secondary Education at Trece National High School and finish at year 1995.Santos.995. His height is 5’7 and weight of 110 lbs.00 Printer Brother DCP-385C Compact Colour Inkjet Multifunction Centre with 3. Fax. 999. After finishing his Economics degree Rosine Santos III are prepared ot manage the DDR Computer Parts and Accessories. Following are the tentative specifications and budget for this equipment. 5.

who has been recommended by our accountant named Ms.00 Section 4 Business Organization We will be starting up the operation of DDR (Digital Device Repository) Computer Parts and Accessories as a corporation to provide a measure of legal and financial protection for the shareholders. Charles Rommel Lamigo Atty. Our insurance coverage will maintain in a "package" type insurance policy tailored for small service business Section 6 Location Criteria Digital Device Repository (DDR) Computer Parts and Accessories will be located inside the SM Dasmariñas at the second floor. Dolores Aguilar. . Almarez Technician Mr. Ivan de Castro Mr. 995.Php. Anabelle L. The shareholders of corporations have limited liability protection. and corporations have full discretion over the amount of profits they can distribute or retain. It is a home-based business. Kevin Macabale Accountant Ms. Professional Consultants Lawyers Atty. Dolores Aguilar Insurance Agent Ms. Ian Christopher Roa Licenses Municipal Business License from City Hall Section 5 Insurance We plan to consult with insurance agent Anabelle Almarez.

000. installing and continually upgrading our Internet marketing of goods and services in order to excel beyond our competitors and to achieve our vision.00 worth of purchase a customer will receive a 512 MB USB Flash Drive. printing of tarpaulin & banners. Section 9 E-Commerce Plans Since our business will be to deliver over the internet. In DDR Computer Parts and Accessories. we plan to build a team of professionals including programmers. Section 8 Financing Strategy The major part of our start-up costs will come from our savings. We have saved money since we have worked as ICT Manager of Bangko Mabuhay. Section 11 Marketing Plan At the start-up of the business. providing leaflets & . website designers and security experts in designing. Brach Manager of SSS Tagaytay and Database Administrator of Microsoft. It will be our major source of initial working capital and equipment.150 square-meters. Customers and clients can entertain very well to maintain the good relationship between the customer and the seller. and also the seller gives their best for its customers. We also offer the DDR cards to avail 10% discount for every product. The company will maintain a high degree of professionalism to maintain the good background of the company and to meets the goods rates from the critics. 1. we have provided various promotions to catch up the attention of our dear customers wherein in every Php. Advertising and Promotion Plans Our advertising budget will be limited to expenses connected with local newspaper advertisement. We plan to use the internet in advertising and providing information concerning our products 24/7 and to sell our computer parts and accessories online. it will be important for to have outstanding website functions. furnishing valuable information and userfriendly navigation. E-Commerce Competition Our best competitors utilize e-commerce in advertising their products and services.

The Competition Our principal competitors will be either cd-r king or electroworld. We will compete by provide our customers an efficient and fast service for computer shopping at their doorstep since we strongly believe that a customer is a partner for life and we are willing to listen and act appropriately on any issues.000. After that he/she will undergo orientation and trainings/seminars to broaden his/her knowledge with relation to his/her position. and other electronic products at relatively competitive prices. The expenses connected with seminar will be shouldered by the DDR Computer Parts and Accessories. We plan to hire employee with good educational attainment and a quality work experiences.brochures and online advertisement as well. networking products. We pride ourselves on having a knowledge based sales interaction with our customers along with prompt and satisfactory after-sales support. Purchasing and Inventory Control Training Policies Before we hire an employee. we will compete by providing Filipino’s with a varied range of high quality computer parts and accessories. Moreover. Our allocated advertising and promotion budget is Php. computer accessories. 50. We will provide assessments to test the skills and ability of the applicant and an interview awaits as he/she passed the written evaluation. . We deliver our products to online users and customer. we will prepare a job description for each responsibility and qualifications for a particular job.