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Contents of this readme: 1. Quick Start 2. Quiet Mode 3. Presets 4. History 5. Bugs and feedback 6.

Disclaimer Please also read any readme provided with the plug-ins. 1. Quick Start Start Disk Cleaner. Check all items you want to have cleaned. Press 'Clean'. Disk Cleaner will start cleaning and report the results. Press exit when you've read the report. 2. Quiet Mode Disk Cleaner can be run in so called 'Quiet Mode'. This means that Disk Cleaner will run, clean and exit automatically without ever showing a dialog or whatsoever (except when something unusual happens). To specify quiet mode run Disk Cleaner with an extra parameter: '-q' or '/q' (without the quotes). Disk Cleaner will clean all the items you specified the last time in interactive mode (no parameters). Tip: Create a shortcut in the Start-up Folder of the start menu pointing to Disk Cleaner, with as extra parameter '-q'. This will clean all the items selected last time every time the computer starts! Also see the preset part. Disk Cleaner can, at your request, add a shortcut itself at the correct location. Press the configure button in the main window (the 'C') to do so. 3. Presets New in Disk Cleaner 1.4.0a is the possibilty to use presets, in interactive as well as in quiet mode. To create a preset, check all boxes of the items you want to have cleaned. Then press the Save as... button. You will be prompted for a name. Enter a new name for the preset. The preset is saved. To remove a preset select it first and press Remove. You will NOT be asked if you're sure, it is immediately removed. A preset can also be used in quiet mode. Instead of just supplying '/q' as a parameter, use the following syntax: '/q:presetname' (again without the quotes and note the colon). If your preset name contains spaces, pass the parameter enclosed in

dct spybotsnd.dct in About box.dct spybotsnd.5.dct diskeeper5.7 build 329 Changed and added plug-ins: Made the firefox plug-in to work with 1.dct googleearth.dct acroread45.dct winamp. you can use the configure dialog box (press the 'C' button in the main screen) to do this and run Disk Cleaner automatically at log-on. History v1.dct v1. Disk Cleaner exits.dct software602.dct regcleaner.2.dct sunsjava.dct msntoolbar. If it doesn't. like this: "/q:preset name" (WITH double quotes).dct pakscape.dct setupfactory.dct msfrontpage.5.5.5RC2 and 1.dct spysweeper. added added updated updated added added added added added added added added updated added added added updated added added added added added added added added abilityoffice. 4. not the preset but the last setting in interactive mode is used.dct openoffice.dct foxitreader.dct lotussmartsuite.dct alcohol120.dct msworks.5 now also supported modified added added added modified added added added 7zip. cleaning nothing. If the colon is forgotten.dct popthis. it is used.dct netzero.dct adaware.dct .dct serifphotoplus.dct aoltoolbar. If the preset exists. Since version 1.double quotes.dct msantispy.6 build 326 Changed link to www.dct spywaredoctor.dct netscapetoolbar.dct juno.dct avg7.5RC3 Opera 8.diskcleaner.dct musicmatch.

dct microangelo. however.dct v1. New plug-in for Quick Time Player.dct swiffplayer.dct CutePDFWriter.dct editPlus2.dct winAce.5 and WordPerfect.dct openoffice.5 build 320 Fixed small bug with active control (should be 'Clean' button.dct metapad.dct goldWave.4 build 315 New feature: added the option to hide entries with zero items .dct WinImp.dct officexp2000.dct adopagemill2. This plug-in clears that folder (or more exactly.5. Microsoft Works 4.) for IZArc.dct zonealarm.dct editPad. Then check the box for 'Hide entries when empty'.dct nero. . was the 'C'(onfiguration) button. but insist on using '\windows\Temp'. The setting will take effect the next time Disk Cleaner is run. which means less clutter on screen since any items meant for software you haven't installed are hidden.dct adaware. Some applications do not use this folder.dct drive Image 6. 2000 and XP.dct msworks.) Further changes: added added added added modified modified added modified modified modified modified added added modified modified added added added added added added added added added added 7zip. New plug-ins (thanks to bill9mm@. On NT.dct inno Setup.v1..dct winlog. Turn it on by pressing the 'C' button. the default temp folder is in the 'Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp' folder.. New plug-in (thanks to Leonardo Lanese Cavalieri) for a forced \Windows\Temp cleaner. Added Office 2003 to the office plug-in.dct flashget. This is OFF by default.dct netcaptor.dct regedit Recent Key.dct massdown.5. it clears '%windir%\Temp').dct quicktime.

This should be fixed.This is I believe a huge step forward in user-friendlyness: Disk Cleaner can now install a shortcut in the startup folder itself. Bugfix: The feature of removing files on reboot.e.5.5. Added /si option to cleaning possibilities.added a 'Back' button to get back to the main window after cleaning .5. .3 build 243 Locked files that cannot be deleted when Disk Cleaner was trying are now scheduled to be removed on reboot. Bugfix: When using the right mouse button menu to 'Select All' or to 'Invert selection'.2 build 232 Did some small stuff: . a read-only drive). v1. v1. Also the ability to change the colors used in . using INI-style text files.5. Win 9x machines do not show this problem.Added Paint Shop Pro 8 and 9 to the Paint Shop Pro plug-in. nothing would be cleaned. Most. Disk Cleaner would not remember this setting permanently and turned it on again on the next run. See the plug-in folder for examples.ini file (i. if they are locked by Windows. to start cleaning when logging in. Enhanced the cleaning for Real Player Bugfix: On Windows XP (and perhaps 2000). but not all. v1. should be fixed. Should be fixed. The right-click pop-up menu for the plug-ins has been extended with a 'Select All' and 'Invert Selection' item. Disk Cleaner shows an error if it is unable to write to the .1 build 186 Fixed bug in preset handling v1.1 build 185 Added new type of plug-in. This will remove also the base folder (if empty). v1.1 build 190 Added new plug-ins to installer. the number of bytes selected to clean was not updated. Bugfix: the start-on-login shortcut link that Disk Cleaner can create automatically did not enclose preset names in quotes (""). Should be fixed. items now show their text with the same font as the rest of windows. Again. could only be turned of temporarily.Disk Cleaner now adapts more to the current screen font.5. When a preset name contains a space. If you do not like this behaviour. Disk Cleaner will take care of adding the '/q' at the correct location. it can be turned off in the configuration screen (the 'C' button). Press the new 'C' button to install and remove the shortcut.

1 build 61 Got rid of the scrollbars that showed up when using Disk Cleaner under Windows XP.exe file version 1. registry entries aren't files).0 build 6 (1. They will even remember were you left 'm.0 build 41 Disk Cleaner now does not allow saving presets with the names 'dclean' or 'plugins'. Fixed bug causing access violations when there were no plug-ins installed. Also.1 build 47 Changed copyright info to (c)2003 (was 2001). *********************************************** v1. if the size of the items . dclean.e.2 b version): Upgraded to newer application developing environment. as i. This prevents possible errors (see section 'bugs'). v1. build 2 Just some cosmetics: changed the border style around cleaning items from 'bump' to 'etched'.4. Changed some cosmetics in the about window.4.4. as it more accurately describes them thingies (to my opinion. including URL of website. Changed look to something more modern.3.0a: dclean. Updated links to new website. Changed the term 'files' to 'items' in the checklist.4.4..2: DClean file version 1. v1. DClean.1 build 43 Changed the windows to resizable ones. Apparently Windows 9x/ME/2k/NT behave different from XP regarding these scrollbars.1.Disk Cleaner has been added.0. updated web link in About dialog.exe file version 1.. Details will follow. Improved help system a bit.2.4.0 build 39: Added preset support. v1.3. Changed 'no plugins found' message to something somewhat more friendly.4.exe file version 1. Saves 30 kB on uncompressed size. dclean. *********************************************** v1.0 build 40: Changed bitmap in about box to 256 color version.exe file version 1.

*********************************************** v1.0 build 1: Total re-write of Disk Cleaner. the size is shown in MB instead of kB. *********************************************** v1.of the same kind is less than 1024 bytes..0. Bugs and feedback One should not name a preset 'dclean' or 'plugins' as these names are used by Disk Cleaner itself. Also.0. Doesn't look like its predecessors at all. instead of '0 kB'. if it should happen that the checklist is too small to show the complete text. by the standard plugin).3 : * DClean. 5. the total no. Disclaimer This software and the accompanying files are presented "AS IS" and without warranties as to performance or merchantability or any other warranties wether expressed or implied. When the user now clicks 'Clean'. This has been fixed.exe v1. to facilitate updating. when the size > 10 MB.0. due to the lack of some functions used by Disk Cleaner (or better.exe file version 1.2 and lower: you really shouldn't care.3. Border around check list was drawn incorrectly on machines with non-standard scale screen font.70).0. build 22 Looks like the program didn't run at all under Win95 with the standard shell (v4. *********************************************** v1. Using these names may prevent the proper operation of Disk Cleaner (and besides. the cursor will change to an hourglass to indicate that Disk Cleaner is busy. First release of the program in its current form. .1: This is the first time the executables and the plug-ins are separated..0 build 17: Small bug fixed. Finally. * DClean v1. an explorer style hint box (those yellow text boxes) appears to tell you what the complete text is. of bytes is shown. you should be able to think of something more imaginative) Send your feedback to: disk_cleaner(at)xs4all(dot)nl 6. DClean.