There is an interesting topic that I want you to read and to evaluate: This is what we were studying on Friday night

(I told you about the meeting): In Isaiah God speaks about judging Jerusalem and Judah..... He talks about what He will do to them, to destroy their wickedness and all that. And then there is a text that says the following: “In that day seven women will take hold of one man and say, "We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes; only let us be called by your name. Take away our disgrace!" What does food mean in the Bible? What is the BREAD given by God? o Food is often BREAD in the Bible, since bread was the basic item of everyone's – Therefore food/bread

diet. In our prayers, the word ‘bread’ stands for food in general. And Jesus called himself "the Bread of Life" meaning "the Food of Life". stands in its illustrative meaning for JESUS! so when they say “we will eat our own food” it is nothing else than saying: “we will provide for ourselves – we decide what we believe, what’s right or wrong depending on WHAT WE like!! We have our own ideas of what to ‘eat’ …” What are clothes in the Bible? What does a garment provided by God mean? o o o (White) of righteousness Matthew 28:3; Revelation 3:18 (I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you

may become rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed; and eye salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see.) o GOD wants to provide clothing for us.

And saying “we will provide our own clothes” is like saying: “we don’t need your righteousness – we know better. We want to provide our own clothes for ourselves….” What does the word ‘woman’ mean in the Bible? o o The woman (or bride) stands for the church There is a pure woman that stands for the true church of God (for those who

truly follow Him) and the other woman that stands for all the fallen churches (that serve another ‘god’)

The true church o Efesios 5:22-24 o Isaías 54:5,6 o 2 Corintios 11:2

the whore (prostitute) o Revelation 14:4 o Revelation 17 o And so on……

The text speaks of seven women (different churches and believes) that come to one man(Jesus) and tell him to not worry about clothing them and giving them food – it is “their own business” … the only thing they want from him is to be called by his name: Christ – Christians(!) in order to cover all their iniquity. Sadly nowadays many things that do not have anything to do with Christianity are being pushed under the name “Christianity/Christians” and people think that the simple fact that it is actually “Christian” it must be GOOD and HOLY! … They are being blinded… very blinded by the enemy, the king of the darkness!

they will not look at how Jesus was anymore! The only thing they will want to do is what pleases THEM and what they think is right! And in order to justify it. we don’t think of its origin and besides we LIKE it – so it is ‘good’ – it is accepted!” o Nowadays many things are being accepted into the Christian world. You yourself do NOT keep the Sunday because you know its ORIGIN. I have to study so much. And to make it FIT into the church people only have to link it to Christ’s name y ya está – ya es Cristiano! But …. Don’t believe them NiKo. they will simply adapt the name of Christ (to whatever!) like the women in the text: “We will eat our own food and provide our own clothes. And even if they know that the Bible says “keep the Sabbath holy” – a muchos les da igual – they don’t think to change their life style.…. :$ they call themselves Christians and make “Christian” music. because I know you KNOW exactly! …. You said that you have downloaded new –supposedly“Christian” music. NiKo. No matter what origin??? If the people will go on like this.. only let us be called by your name”…Alaa!!! El problema está solucionado! Now: Why am I thinking about all that!? Why am I writing to you!? Because last night. because it might bring problems into their lives (especially later)! o Feast like “Halloween” are being celebrated because the people LIKE it! And the ORIGIN of it has already been pushed aside under the motto: “well NOW it is Christian.. but it is all a lie of the Devil to lead astray God’s children. It was very late… but I had to do it. I love you with all my heart and with all my soul. and just because they are called Christians?! Does that mean it justifies everything? Is there no other aspect that has to be taken into account? Is there any model/standard by which it should be evaluated? We should be careful with the people who do those things. AHORA me voy a poner a estudiar!    por fin…  .Maybe you will understand….. estilo “Doom metal” … from “seventh angel” … I must admit. that I could not concentrate and I couldn’t either sleep well. I better fail the exam but write it to you and have peace with it then.. I don’t think you have any reason to laugh about me now. I am just trying to show you what’s going on behind the scene… which is actually not necessary.o The Sunday is being kept holy instead of the Sabbath: why? Because people think they can change laws of God and do what THEY think is better for them. this is serious stuff! This can not and must not be taken as a joke or as something funny. I am not heaping reproaches on you! – NOT AT ALL!!! Please do not tell me again “me has echado la bronca” NO!!! No lo estoy haciendo! I am only trying to tell you what I feel about it. And so I decided to write it all to you! You are much more important to me than everything else (studies and exams). I went on Wikipedia and I read about the origin of the music and it is dreadful. and about all that I said: You have uploaded so many articles that show the Christians and non-Christians the origins of several wrong things that have been accepted into the Christian world. How can it even be called good and Christian!??? …it really scares me off to death… what is going on in among the so called Christian churches!? Where is the pureness of Christ? Why does Satan mix the idolatry and wrong teachings into the church and we think it is all right? … Have you read about its origin – the origin of this doom metal music style? Please do so! I don’t know whether you understand me or not… you might not. It concerned me so much. and I have to write reports and stuff… but I could not. why would you even support groups like that by listening to them!? Just because you like the music. because it has become so appealing and so normal. which is the reason why I’m telling you all that!!! Now it’s up to you to decide whether you take it seriously or not. This is like: “black Sabbath” and all the other groups… estilo “doom metal” a lo cristiano!!! WOW! …That is NOT possible! There is no such thing as “Christian doom metal” … NiKo. there was something you said that did not leave my mind and couldn’t give me peace… and then I looked it up. Then why would you listen to music that is CALLED “Christian” but that has its roots in the very mind of Satan? That comes out of HIS hands!!? …ts…“Seventh angel” they are called!? … what a blasphemy…. than “study” for the exams and keep feeling this caution within my heart. because you know its origin – EVEN if it is under the name of “Christianity” now. my dear friend. Cause you said: “no te entiendo”…. You do not celebrate heathen feast.