Dhulian. The Company aims to achieve optimal alignment and streamlining of day to day operations with a view of meeting objectives. The major products that are natural gas. POL has gas processing plants at Khaur. The Company is trying to increase assets of Pakistan in the field of Oil and Gas. Balkassar. The Company has recognized that employees are its core strength. They have their own health & safety Departments. The first and foremost focus is to deliver performance through excellence in the field of exploration. Company remains committed to ensure that all employees are treated with dignity & respect. The Company plans to maintain and enhance production levels in nature fields through work areas and drilling of development wells and through application of innovative technology to obtain minimum productivity. LPG. Health and safety of employees are ensured so that they could come up with better output.INTRODUCTION OF PAKISTAN OIL FIELDS LTD Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL) is a growth oriented leading exploration and production company of Pakistan. 2 . It has also network for transportation of crude oil from fields to Attock Refinery Limited at Rawalpindi. POL is trying to find out the natural resources which could be able to overcome the shortages of oil and gas in Pakistan. Sulphur and Solvent oil. Meyal. Pariwali and Pindori fields.

Company has mission to expand their existing plants at Meyal. The company aims to comply all applicable legal requirements and it is trying to reduce emissions and waste from its products and processes. The company is focusing to increase the current level of oil and gas production through application of innovation technology to obtain maximum productivity. Pariwali.POL is trying ton achieve highest standards in all aspects of environmental management. protect the environment. To be an optimum manufacture dominant vision of company. The mission of company is to increase their reserves. The long term goals are to increase production by adding new reserves. Training of employees is given special emphasis to equip them with the latest techniques. water supply schemes and infrastructural and educational department. It is necessary to retain their interest and attention towards the company. STRATEGY It is the main exploration and production company of Pakistan. 3 . Balkassur and Pindori fields. skills and information to enhance their productivity. Another important goal is to return maximum to shareholders. POL is the producer of oil in Pakistan third largest. The main focus is to work through excellence and best performance in the field of exploration and its usage. enhance the well-being of our employees and contribute to national economy. VISION The company is contemplating to be the leading oil and gas company in production and exploration. Apart from the expansion the company is also planning to inaugurate the new plants in order to increase the reserve of the country. MISSION The mission of company is to discover new reserves of oil and gas and enhance production from the existing reserves through the application of the best available technologies and expertise. POL is focusing on a visionary program of health services. The company strongly believes in the creation of working environment focused on encouraging and empowering employees to contribute to the company’s successes through personal growth and development.

HISTORY OF PAKISTAN OIL FIELDS LTD Pakistan Oilfields Limited initiated by Attock Oil company (AOC) was incorporated on November 25. in the Potwar region. POL discovered oil at Karsal (1960) and Meyal (1968) in the Potwar Plateau of the upper Indus Basin. Suphur Recovery Units. workshops and central warehouse.8 Million barrels. In 1936 Attock Oil Company discovered oil at Dhulain. It has been engaged in production and exploration since the early part of the last century and had discovered oil at Khaur (1915). Dhulain oil field has produced oil 41.9 Billion Cubic Feet of Gas and 164. In 1968 POL discovered oil from Meyal. Jaya Mair (1944). Meyal Oil Field consists of Gas Purification Plant. LPG Plant. 208. Balkassar (1946). Khaur is the only field which has produced oil in commercial quantities from the Miocene age. LPG 4 . Dhulain (1936).7 Thousand Metric Tons of LPG. POL has constructed facilities which include oilfields offices. The crude oil has been transported to Attock Refinery Limited.1950 as a Pakistani oil exploration and production company. Khaur field has produced a total of 4. POL has drilled 17 wells in Meyal Field. Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL) has 100% working interest over the Meyal.2 million barrels of 27-37 oil. A total of 397 wells were drilled. In 1915 Attock Oil Company discovered Khaur Oilfield.

It is progressing by leaps and bounds. POL is trying to maintain and enhance production levels in mature fields through walkovers and development in drilling wells and through application of innovative technology to obtain maximum productivity. POL has exploration and production joint ventures with OGDCL. Solvent Oil Recovery Unit. The well was successfully completed as an oil and gas producer from lockhart formation. sulphur and solvent oil.3 million barrels of oil. A total of 6 wells have been drilled in Pariwali Oil Field. POL is the third largest producer of oil in Pakistan. and increasing the economy and reserves of oil and gas of Pakistan. The field has produced so far 40. Turkwal and Pindori Oil Fields which are highly complex tectonic are of Potwar plateau. 5 . The Company has pioneered 3-D seismic acquisition and its interpretation on stale of art technology.5 billion cubic feet of gas and 473. POL has gas processing plants at Meyal. POL holds marketing license for LPG under the brand name of POL Gas. In addition to exploration and production for hydro carbons the company also produces and markets liquefied petroleum gas.2 million barrels of oil. Turkwal Oil Field comprises of three wells that have been drilled in Turkwal Oil Field.9 (billion cubic feet) of gas and 99. Crude Oil Shortage/Pumping and Gas Compression Facilities. The field has produced 34. 269. This field has produced 4.3 (million barrels) of oil.Bottling Facility. The long term goal of POL is to sustain production by regularly adding new reserves. Pindori Oil Field has drilled 3 wells. Pariwali Oil Field has started operating during 1993 and after reinterpretation of the structure.8 (thousand metric tons) of LPG. The future prospects of Company is to increase the current level oil and gas in exploration and production. 40. The Attock Oil Company discovered oil at Balkassar in July 1945. POL took over the oil and gas exploration production gas processing and transmission activities of AOC. POL has successfully drilled horizontal wells in Meyal. Pariwali well # 1 was re-entered during 1994 for testing of oil and gas. POL continues to pursue an aggressive oil and gas exploration program in Pakistan and acquires reserves as well as participates in low to medium risk prospects in joint venture with reputed oil companies.6 thousand metric tons of LPG. POL also operates an extensive pipeline network for transportation of crude oil from fields to Attock Refinery Limited at Rawalpindi.

6 . Balkassur. POL is the 3rd largest producer of oil in Pakistan. Seven Companies are working under AOC that are as follows: 1234567Pakistan Oilfields Limited. Sulphur and Solvent Oil. 1950. The main products that are formed through crude oil dwelled by POL are natural gas.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY POL is the renowned and progressive company of Pakistan. water supply schemes. It is progressing and expanding its exploration and production. Dhulian. POL is focusing on the visionary program of health service. The major plants of POL are processing in Khaur. The Company is trying to increase its assets in the field of oil and gas. infrastructural and educational development. Attock Refinery Limited National Refinery Limited Attock Petroleum Limited Attock Cement Limited Attock Gen Limited Attock Information Technologies Services (Pvt) Ltd. LPG. Pariwali and Pindori fields. Attock Oil Company is the major Company that has promoted POL on November 25. The Company aims to achieve optimal alignment and streamlining of day to day operation with the view of meeting objectives.

Low rent home allowance. The resemblance 7 . Manpower is required in manufacturing and administrative department. The Company is deeply committed to respect and protect the environment. In Head Office there is no discrimination of females. rewards and bonuses. ethical behaviour and integrity combined with the highest and personal standards from the cornerstone of all activities. The main objective of Company is to discover and develop new hydrocarbon reserves and enhance production from existing reserves through the application of the best available technologies and expertise. The Company is trying to maximize the return to share holder in order to maintain their trust and long term relationship with the Company. The category ranges from 1-4. Reinforcement Theory and Expectancy Theory are implemented and followed in POL organization.POL is growth oriented exploration and production Company of Pakistan. The main objective of POL is leadership quality improvement. educational entertainment. All the employees are specialist in their fields as well as they are trained about every Department. The Company has actively believe in involving the communities in which we operate for the advancement of their cultural and social life. The Company believe in creation of environment focused on encouraging and empowering employees to contribute to the Company’s success through personal growth and development. They are provided leave fund assistance. medical and field allowance is give to employees. home facility. All the workers are given honor and respect so that they could work with self satisfaction. Category one for excellent performance and 4 for moderate performance. Management committee of POL is influential and they could tackle the emergency problem through discussion and they find solution of the problem. The Company has rules to assign goals for workers. The interview conducted with Manager of POL has revealed certain important things. Theory X and Theory Y. Proper categories system is established to distribute bonus. self efficacy Theory. Most of the motivational theories including Hierarchy Theory. Most of the departments of POL require strength and energy. For good performance incentive and rewards are given. POL is trying to enhance the well being of employees to contribute to the national economy. health and environment. Highly educated women are working in medical and educational fields. energy and drive to challenge the status. safety. The Company cares about health and safety of employees and in which they conduct the business activities. Cognitive Theory. There is no discrimination between workers. POL values leadership qualities with the necessary managerial and professionals competence coupled with integrity. POL strongly believe that quality and unyielding commitment is continuous improvement are indispensable ingredient to achieving success. McClelland’s Theory. The low level workers could easily conveyed their message to top management. employees growth and development community involvement. The profitability could be achieved through the usage of technology. POL is producing tremendous facilities to its employees including medical. POL promote and encourage environment conducive to development of break through ideas leading to innovative solutions honesty. ethics and integrity profitability. POL has maintained the good environment and good communication system with employees.

Reinforcement is an essential manner. education. The working conditions of POL in certain Departments are tough and hard for employees. health and in Head Department women are working but in a fewer numbers as compared to men. men are selected for this type of work. Every worker demands good and friendly relationship in the organization. Another reinforcement force is emotional caring of employees in time of dejection and sorrow. Motivation and attention is the main reinforcement force for employees. 8 . McClelland’s theory of motivation also resembles POL. The benefits include medical. POL always reinforced its workers through external reward system. Confident workers are more liable to perform the task in a better manner. but they are doing a lot about the infrastructure and the better environment of the country. Fresh and experienced candidates are selected according to the recruitment procedure and expectation of Organization. Some of the theories that are not applicable are Two Factor Theory. Both lazy and quick workers exist everywhere. Organization has also some expectations from workers. Self-efficacy theory is also applicable to POL. Good workers are definitely rewarded but lazy workers or type X is not ignored in POL. therefore. goals are set for employees but in POL there are no set goals for employees but organization has set goals. According to Goal Setting Theory. physiological benefits to its workers. POL has maintained all the major disciplines and ethics that are the major source of motivation for employees. Expectancy theory is also applicable because employees usually expected the major benefits of life including physical. educational and many facilities which an employee could dream of. Equity theory is also not suited according to the working environment. It is not suitable in POL because extrinsic rewards are definitely present but employees must have put their efforts.between Hierarchy Theory and POL is producing all physical. medical. Theory X and Y is also suitable for POL because both type X and Y are present in every organization. POL is also one of the Organizations that is trying every best effort in utilizing the innovative technology and expanding the resources of oil and gas in Pakistan. Because good atmosphere is the basic source of motivation for employees to excel. They are given special attention and the top Management resolve their problems. POL is trying to come up to the expectation of workers. Two Factory Theory is not applicable in POL because the theory states that intrinsic depends on extrinsic. health. All the workers in POL are efficient and efficiency leads to confidence. Goal Setting Theory and Equity Theory. social. In some Departments e. Good communication system and good relationship is the desire of every employee. social and personal when they expected from organization. Cognitive evaluation theory is also applicable in POL. This organization is not only concerned with their task of dwelling and production. There are some reasons which shows that these theories are not suitable for this Organization.g.

2) Quality Improvement: POL strongly believes that quality and unyielding commitment to continuous improvement and ingredients to achieve success. POL is promoting on environment conducive to the development of breakthrough ideas leading to innovative solutions. 9 .OBJECTIVES Being a leading Organization of country POL has set objectives and care values for work and employees. Honesty ethical behaviour and integrity combined with highest professional and personal standards from the corner stone of all activities. POL is striving for quality. 4) Profitability: POL believes in maximizing the return to share holders and enhancing the long term profitability of the company the application of available technology. 3) Ethics and Integrity: POL never ignores the core values of ethics and integrity. The main objectives are as follows: 1) Leadership: POL values leadership qualities with the necessary managerial and professional competence coupled with integrity and the Company is striving to meet the challenge through leadership. all the products are based on quality and their production is also quality based.

Petroleum is considered to be remain of dead plants and animals. it also occurs separately in sand. butane and other hydrocarbon compounds. 7) Safety. sandstone. The composition of natural gas varies in different localities. produced commercially from petroleum and stored under pressure to keep it in a liquid state. usually makes up from 70% to 95%. Common uses are for cooking and heating and lighting. chiefly propane and butane. It consists principally of a mixture of hydrocarbons. flammable liquid that occurs naturally in deposits. We remain deeply committed to respect and protect the environment. and limestone deposits. usually beneath the service of earth. The boiling point of liquefied petroleum gas varies from about -44 C to 0 C. PRODUCTS Crude Oil An oily. methane. Its chief component. propane. Health and Environment: We care about the health and safety of our employees and of the communities in which we conduct our business. Natural Gas Natural mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons found issuing from the ground or obtained from specially driven wells. so that the pressure required to liquefy it is considerable and the containers for it must be of heavy steel. Although commonly associated with deposits. Through motivation employees are able to perform in a better way.5) Employee’s Growth and Development: POL believes in creation of environment focused on encouraging and empowering employees to contribute 6) Community Involvement: We strongly believe actively involving the communities in which we operate for the advancement of their cultural and social life. with traces of various nitrogenous and sulphurous compounds. It is also used for powering automotive 10 . 8) Motivational Empowerment: One of the core objective of company is to empower employees with motivation. LPG LPG is mixture of gases. and the balance is composed of varying amounts of ethane.

social.vehicles. There are also extensive uses in rubber. yellow in color. McClelland’s Theory of Needs 11 . Two Factor Theory Psychologist Frederick Hertzberg proposed the Two Factor Theory. company policies and working conditions. It is part of many organic compounds. Theory X and Theory Y Douglas Mc Gregor proposed two distinct views of human beings. both by itself (sulfides) and in combination with other elements. The needs are distributed as higher order needs and lower order needs. He said that there are certain characteristics that tend to job satisfaction and certain factors tend to job dissatisfaction intrinsic factors such as advancement. Its application sectors also have a constant expansion. It is a chemically active element and forms many compounds. Sulphur is used in black gunpowder. This theory is widely accepted by Managers because it has focused and cover all the basic things that every employee demands. in the vulcanization of rubber. esteem and self actualization. one basically negative labeled Theory X and the other basically positive labeled Theory Y. leather and adhesive sectors. The most important Sulphur compound is Sulphuric acid. and in the treatment of certain skin diseases. LPG is an attractive fuel for internal-combustion engines because it burns with little air pollution and little solid residue. Sulphur Solid Sulphur occurs principally in three forms. all of which are brittle. safety. responsibility and achievement seem to be related job satisfaction. Most of the Managers believe that some employees dislike work are known as type X and some employees are motivated to work known as type Y. tasteless. odoriess. and insoluble in water. Extrinsic factors include pay. recognition. and fireworks. as a fungicide and insecticide. MOTIVATIONAL THEORIES Hierarchy Theory of Need Maslow the pioneer of Hierarchy theory has said that five needs (Physiological. matches. Solvent Oil Solvent oil is one of the five major oil products closely related to people’s daily life. The principal use of Sulphur is in the preparation of its compounds.

g. Reinforcement theory ignores the inner state of individual and concentrates solely on what happens to a person when he or she takes some action because it does not concern itself with what initiates behaviour. Goal Setting Theory A theory that says that specific and difficult goals with a feed back. Goal setting theory states that goals must have substantial affects on performance when tasks are simpler rather than complex. Reinforcement theory ignores feeling. The comparison of employees are self inside. arousal. Expectancy Theory This Theory states that the strength of a tendency to act in a certain way depends on the strength of an expectation that the act will be followed by a given outcome and on the 12 . People with low efficacy are more likely to lesson their effort through four way self efficacy could be increased these ways are enactive mastery. Cognitive Evaluation Theory A theory that states the allocating extrinsic rewards for behaviour that had been previously intrinsically rewarding tends to decrease the overall level of motivation. Most of the researchers shows that equity plays an important role in motivation. Verbal reward increase intrinsic motivation. money can actually have different affects on individual intrinsic motivation. verbal persuasion. power and affiliation are three important needs that help to explain motivation the need for achievement and power is closely related to managerial success. Managers need to make work interesting. Self efficacy will lead a person to attain higher goals. provide recognition and support. the more he is confidence and able to do a task. Research shows that both men and women prefer sex comparisons. self outside. Reinforcement Theory This theory states that behaviour is a function of its consequences. vicarious modeling. In Organization. Self Efficacy Theory Self efficacy theory refers to an individual belief that he or she is capable of performing a task. receiving praise from a Supervisor or co-workers) or tangible for e. Extrinsic regards are verbal (e. An overall perception of what is fair in the workplace composed of distributive and interact ional justice. attitudes and expectations. He said best Managers are high in the need for power and lower in affiliation. Equity Theory A theory states that individuals compare their job inputs and outcomes with those of others and then respond to eliminate any inequities. The more an employee is self efficient.g.This theory states that achievement. This theory presupposes that an individual is committed to the goal. lead to higher performance. Women are typically less paid than men.

performance reward relationship and reward personal goal relationship. POL is providing a bounteous facilities to their employees. Another benefit that is 13 . Apart from all these facilities reward is given to employees in terms of house as well as low house rent is applicable for employees on monetary reward.1 – What kinds of benefits you are giving to your employees? Ans. watching movies and playing games. Home allowance is also given. Intermediate are selected for junior category and Graduates and Masters are selected for middle category. Messing facility is available to employees at subsidized rate. If any employees want to buy oil from Company. education facility and entertainment to our employees. The theory focus on three relationship effort performance relationship. Grade 1 for lowest category and Grade 8 for General Manager. QUESTIONS Following are the Questions which are interviewed by the low and middle level Managers: HIERARCHY THEORY Q. If they take half month leave.attractiveness of that outcome to the individual. they could also get at low rate. so they will be given leave encashment and the pay is imbrues to them. Membership is given to employees through which they could be able to utilize the facility of Mess. There are 3 types of employees: (1) Regular (2) Contractual (3) Trainees. We are providing medical facility. Bonus is given to employees and leave fund assistance. One month leave is allowed during their job period. Candidates are selected for different department according to qualification. Pay is given to them during this period. POL has grade system of 1-8.

5 . hospitals they are given allowance for it. Sometime employees are transferred to some other section of Org. need and demand. Rewards are given according to effort.6 . Q. Type Y are such workers who work with motivation and dedication. In our Org. If they work with motivation. THEORY X & THEORY Y Q.How come workers satisfied with their job? 14 . What people want from the job our Organization is providing all the basic facilities to them. Workers usually want good relationship in Organization. The external effort is the outcome of internal desire of worker to be successful. Effort depends on skill. health and educational facilities are given to them. Their closeness with employees is also source of motivation for employees. Type X are such kind of workers who are not motivated to work. It varies from person to person. TWO FACTOR THEORY Q. Job security is given to them. It is also necessary to maintain classes of worker in Organization.3 – What is your criteria for giving reward (Effort.4 . But it is not necessary that promotion is done in terms of incentive. they will be given better reward and bonus. Intrinsic depends on extrinsic when worker performs well. Top level management are acknowledge of their employees. seniority. If they want to get treated from outside org. skill)? Ans. workers and Managers have good kind of relationship. all medical. Motivational forces are outcome of good performance. If employees perform well incentives and bonuses are given to employees. If every year promotion is carried on then it will become a problem for Organization. McClelland’s THEORY Q. Every person is different from other in term of psychology. Two types of employees are working in Organization.given to employees is fuel allowance and medical allowance.What do people want from their job? Ans.What kind of motivation is beneficial intrinsic or extrinsic? Ans. Q. 2 – What are the main motivational forces given to employees? Ans. They can easily communicate with each other. It also means promotion. It depends on the effort of person. The more he is skillful more effort he put in the work. Annual performance is checked and promotion is given to them. If they perform well performance appraisal is given to employees.

they are not asked to stay overtime.Ans. interesting or task related? Ans. This is a proper category for distributing bonus. They know about every department. Our organization employees are mostly specialized in every field. Through the virtue of good environment employees are able to share their ideas and knowledge to top level. It means those workers who have done work with excellence they are given more bonus. The communication system is well balanced. Most of the time task is done in a serious environment. There is no burdening of work and no discrimination exist in our organization. we are now thinking to make cards of Organization for special occasion so that all employees could equally participate equally. Workers usually satisfy with the benefits and incentives and they are all getting in this organization. Good environment is the first and foremost requirement to develop a good relationship in organization. It is necessary that every worker should know about all the departments. Project task is definitely an intellectual task we are now trying to make task interesting for e.Can we say that work environment act as catalyst for workers? Ans.10 – What kind of atmosphere you prefer. lower employees could easily convey their message to top level authority. Definitely work environment act as catalyst for workers. Every one is respected as a superior human being. 8 . All the essentials that can satisfy employees are provided in our organization. friendly and co-operative then workers could be able to perform their task effectively. If work environment is good.9 .What kind of relationship is necessary for good environment of Organization? Ans. Proper salary with all the benefits is an essential source of satisfaction. Top level people are specialist in all fields. Good environment is establish in order to encourage workers so that they could not feel stressed while working. It means those workers who have not put excellent efforts. One is for top level. Q. Category 4 is for low bonus. They are given bonus for good effort that is also a source of satisfaction for workers.g.Do you prefer specialist in business field or a man who is Jack of all Trades? Ans.7 . 15 . Bonus is given according to the performance. GOAL SETTING THEORY Q. 2-3 are moderate employees who are given mediatory bonus. The category ranges from 1-4. COGNITIVE EVALUATION THEORY Q. Timing hours is also a source of satisfaction for them. Q. In a good atmosphere workers could easily communicate and share their problems and hindrance to top level when there is communication gap between workers and employees the problems could never resolved.

12 . SELF-EFFICACY THEORY Q.11 . Company has no objective for employees but Org.An important meeting and important gathering at home what is your choice? Ans. Every person has right to give suggestion for improvement. Q.? Ans. If meeting is extremely important therefore employee has to attend it. This communication helps in team building. They are definitely given reward for their commitment. Top order Management helps the new comer. frank) give reasons? Ans. According to resources they go for expansion. 16 .15 . The person who is self motivated is also committed. We have two way communication level lower employees could easily convey their message to top level.14 . We have no competitor.13 – What is the future of your Organization. Commitment is dedication to work. If employees are not interested Manager could easily monitor the case and divide the work into parts for the ease of employees. Therefore we are working according to our rules and objectives.Q. It depends upon the situation. If Government assign project then expansion is possible. Every person knows his objective and task. Q.How would you define commitment (dedication) to work? Ans.What is your communication level with workers (reserve. has set objective. If suggestions are good then they could be implemented. Future expansion depends on Government. It helps in improvement of work.Do you set goals for workers yourself or allow them freely to choose? Ans.16 . Q. The targets are task oriented we have given them free choice task is place before employees and they can set objective for themselves. REINFORCEMENT THEORY Q.Do you favor competition or believe in slow and steady race? Ans. Good environment helps in solving major issues.

EQUITY THEORY Q. Management committee discuss how to handle an emergency problem. with peace & calm)? Ans. Highly educated women are working in their own specific fields.Do you believe in gender difference? Ans. If all the employees resists the situation then mutual discussion is taken and we make policy.Q. In Dwelling Department men are working.17 . Personality.18 . Fresh candidate has to pass through written test.If you say ‘true is true’ and your workers say it is ‘false’ what is your reaction? Ans. But duty work has to be done after coming back.Do you agree with this statement that “women are motivated to get along and men are motivated to go ahead”? Ans. But there is no discrimination in Head Office.21 . 17 . Intelligence & Confidence? Ans.20 . They take steps to tackle a problem.While selecting a candidate where you look for. Physical task oriented department requires strength & power. It depends on situation of work in Manufacturing and Administrative departments there is no female. In Manufacturing and Administration men are working. We look for the previous experience.What is your method of communicating bad news? Ans. Q.23 . schools and colleges females are working. All the members of organization are allowed to attend the funeral. If agreement is taken then the work is done accordingly. In medical fields. task is given to him in order to check whether he is able for job or not.If women are highly educated and men educated and energetic? What is your selection? Ans.22 . EXPECTANCY THEORY Q.19 . Experienced candidate is observed through previous experience and questions are asked according to knowledge. Q.How you tackle an emergency problems (emotionally. In case of demise of an employee of some relative we pout a notice on Notice Board. Q. Q. In our organization both men and women are working with motivation in their specific fields.

Through job description we justify our jobs. mess. health. Q.e. We are giving all important facilities i.Q.As a Manager what do you feel is lacking in Organization system? Ans.24 – How would you justify your job? Ans. sports. knowledge. attitude are essential to justify our jobs.25 . 18 . Personal skills. school. transportation and membership in all kinds of facilities to all employees.