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com Thu, 02 Dec 2010 San Mateo, CA—The search for the next Manny Pacquiao opponent has already begun for an anticipated April 2011 fight in Las Vegas. Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum has been beating the drums heavily for 3-division former world champion, Shane Mosley. A Pacquiao-Mosley bout would be extremely appealing to the casual sports fan because Shane Mosley is a recognizable name to the people who are willing to buy the Pay-Per-View. Those who follow the sports (i.e. hardcore boxing fans) don’t want Mosley to go anywhere near Pacquiao. The diehard fans seem to have already spoken and want Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez to fight one more time to settle the score once and for all. Pacquiao and Marquez fought twice already—the first fight being a controversial draw where one judge mistakenly scored the first round 10-7 instead of 10-6 as he intended to, and Pacquiao winning a close disputed decision in the second fight. Marquez still parades around any public event proclaiming he beat Pacquiao twice. After an exciting performance last weekend against a tough lightweight challenger, Michael Katsidis, Marquez unveiled a t-shirt that said “I beat Pacquiao twice” on the front and “Pacquiao’s Next” on the back. That statement riled up many Pacquiao fans and brought a new wave of hype in a potential third fight. However, to Pacquiao that statement is just one of many disrespectful comments and actions Marquez has made towards Pacquiao over the past several years. During the post fight press conference for the second Pacquiao-Marquez fight in March of 2008, tensions were high when Marquez’s trainer Nacho Beristain claimed that the decision is the worst thing to ever happen in boxing. That provoked Bob Arum to lash back at Beristain. It was one the most eventful post-fight press conference in the past couple of years, but clearly Marquez’s attitude about the decision rubbed Manny Pacquiao the wrong way. The day after the fight, numerous members of the Philippines media interviewed Pacquiao in his suite. Pacquiao had no problems fighting Marquez for a third time stating that he’s fought opponents he knew nothing about so what more fighting an opponent he’s seen in the ring twice already. However, he did go on to say that in his mind Marquez was “Finished Business.” Several weeks after the second fight, and in the Philippines of all places, Marquez appeared at a local fight promotion, where Pacquiao was also in attendance. Marquez confronted Pacquiao during the promotion (though most of it was set up by the media) and challenged Pacquiao to a fight, telling Manny that Manny knows he lost that second fight. Pacquiao smiled and said it wouldn’t be a problem. Marquez responded, likely in jest, by calling to his team member to get a piece of paper and have Manny sign it on the spot. The entire confrontation took place in front of the cameras. Manny was likely irritated about the incident as the lat thing on Manny’s mind at that time was a third fight with Marquez. Throughout the next couple of years, Marquez continued to make comments that he clearly beat Pacquiao in both fights. This didn’t go over too well with Pacquiao, who felt disrespected by Marquez’s continuous remarks about Pacquiao. So maybe that’s the reason Pacquiao isn’t too keen on giving Marquez another multi-million dollar pay-day for a third fight. Not because he’s scared of losing to Marquez (though other than Erik Morales in the first fight against Pacquiao, Marquez has been the closest person to beat Pacquiao), but

Marquez’s remarks pale in comparison to Mayweather’s illogical rant against Pacquiao several months ago. Freddie Roach. Even if that should be the case. Marquez did give Pacquiao two of his toughest fights of his career. Clearly. the argument against Marquez is somewhat a moot point seeing that the alternative to Marquez right now is Shane Mosley—an even older fighter. then the choice should already be made in favor of Marquez no matter how “known” Mosley is to the general public. go out of his way to make the fight with Marquez happen.rather he did not want to reward a disrespectful person with another fight. Marquez only fought once at 147lbs and that was against Floyd Mayweather Jr. though he helped Mayweather generate 1 million PPV’s buys. Sure. in the fans’ mind at least. not only was Marquez dominated but he looked old and slow. As it stands right now. rivalries. Pretty much every Pacquiao fan would like to see that happen. nor should he. whereas Mosley is a promotional free agent. Pacquiao was quoted on Philippine Television that no one would want to watch a third fight between himself and Marquez. Marquez will likely ask Manny to come down to a catch weight or even at 140lbs. You cannot count out the business side of potential opponents for Pacquiao. Don’t expect that to happen as the fight would have to take place at 147lbs. unless Mayweather is done with his vacation and decides to work again. However. Pacquiao’s trainer. Pacquiao is the king of the sport and he gets to pick who he wants to fight and when. A factor to consider is the fact Marquez is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. Of course. Plus. many of Marquez’s antics are old fashion boxing trash talk. has stated many times that he would like to set the record straight with Marquez. Marquez drew less than 5. There have been comments and blogs in the internet pleading for Pacquiao to knock Marquez head off as a response to Marquez. Marquez also has no track record fighting above 147lbs. Marquez is clearly the best lightweight in the world and one of the top five pound for pound fighters. but he is not the same fighter at 147lbs than he is at 135lbs. Pacquiao has stated that he could care less about fighting Mayweather. to get another crack at Pacquiao.4 million PPV buys and helped set an attendance record in Staples Center in Los Angeles. who does not look like a shot and faded fighter but is in fact a shot and faded fighter. and bad blood—clearly all elements that apply to Marquez and Pacquiao. Marquez is the frontrunner. At the same time. Marquez is a hall of fame fighter and still one of the best fighters in the world today. Clearly both Mosley and Marquez lack any reasonable negotiation leverage to demand anything from Pacquiao. In fact. If the alternative to Marquez is Mosley. However. However. Top Rank and Pacquiao can retain more profits from a fight not involving Golden boy Promotions.000 people in his last fight. And there are obvious reasons why Marquez should not fight Pacquiao again. Mosley helped Floyd Mayweather generate 1. boxing is all about history. Marquez is even smaller than Manny and isn’t the hardest puncher in the world. don’t expect Pacquiao. In that fight. it’s not like Pacquiao is going on Youtube making nursery rhymes about how he’ll destroy Mayweather next. And wouldn’t the best way to torment Marquez is to never give him the fight he’s been dreaming about since 2008? . especially since Pacquiao won the second fight.