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SIMRAN GILL (ENROLMENT NO. 04524002409) SESSION : 2009-2012






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With immense pleasure, I would like to thank Mr. sushil It has been an enriching experience for me to undergo my summer training at web varta, which would not have possible without the goodwill and support of the people around. As a student of tips I would like to express mysincere thanks too all those who helped me during my practical training programme. Words are insufficient to express my gratitude toward Mr. sushil Kumar, the chief reporter. I would like to give myheartily thanks to Mr. rohit,reporter, who permitted me to get training at web varta news agency,who helped me at every step whenever neededand who arranged all possible visits for me However, I accept the sole responsibility for any possible error ofomission and would be extremely grateful to the readers of thisproject report if they bring such mistakes to my notice.

The bjmcprogramme is well structured and integrated course of proffesional studies. The main objective of practical training at high level is to develop skill in student by supplement to the theoretical study in general. training helps to gain real life knowledge about the environment and business practices. The bjmcprogramme provides student with a fundamental knowledge of journalism and organizational functions and activities, as well as an exposure to strategic thinking of management. In every professional course, training is an important factor. Professors give us theoretical knowledge of various subjects in the college but we are practically exposed of such subjects when we get the training in the organization. It is only the training through which I come to know that what an journalism is and how it works. I can learn about various departmental operations being performed in the offices, which would, in return, help me in the future when I will enter the practical field. Training is an integral part of bjmc and each and every studenthas to undergo the training for 2 months in a company and thenprepare a project report on the same after the completion oftraining. During this whole training I got a lot of experience and came toknow about the management practices in real that how it differsfrom those of theoretical knowledge and the practically in the reallife. In today¶s globalize world, where cutthroat competition is prevailingin the market, theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. Beside thisone need to have practical knowledge, which would help anindividual in his/her carrier activities and it is true that

About the organisation (web varta)

webvarta works as a multidimensional organization, the reporters at web varta provide regular updated news which is featured on and will be provided to many other news organizations, hence eliminating burden over many other news organizations. Web varta has many countrywide reporters,working for the organization and providing up to date news.over the years web varta has been working with full varta an online zeal & enthusiasm, for its users and other news organizations.webvarta an online news portal is one of the preferred companies for imp the organization must also be caring and creative & must run their operations as fair businesses. lementing and maintaining news portals or e magazines.


Print Media

Print media refers to publications that are distributed in a printed form on paper, such
as newspapers, which must be delivered to customers in physical form either through hand delivery or physical purchase.

These newspapers have their news correspondents at the District, Sub- Division headquarters and also in small towns to get latest news. National newspapers like Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Tribune, and Indian Express have posted their reporters here for collecting all local news. These newspapers are disseminating news and information to the people and are a great source of media to educate the people in the method of performing their civic duty. They are also playing a very positive role in strengthening the bonds of communal harmony and adopt an attitude of restraint in projecting views involving communal tension and disturbance.

Purpose Print media is one of the most common ways for people to stay informed about current events, technology and other special interests. Features Print media is extremely varied in terms of what sorts of topics are covered; normal newspapers typically report relevant current events, but other periodicals may be printed purely for entertainment or made for a specific interest, such as fashion, fitness or a certain sport. Benefits Print media is relatively cheap and does not require access to technology, such as a computer, to use. Periodicals and magazines are also extremely portable. Considerations Digital media, such as Internet news and video websites, present a stiff source of competition to print media. Significance

The importance of print media may decline in the future due to the rise of mobile technology and the Internet which allow users to access news and other information from remote locations on demand.


WHAT IS EDITING? Editing is the process of preparing language, images, sound, video, or film through correction, condensation, organization, and other modifications in various media. A person who edits is called an editor. In a sense, the editing process originates with the idea for the work itself and continues in the relationship between the author and the editor. Editing is, therefore, also a practice that includes creative skills, human relations, and a precise set of methods. EDITING FOR PRINT MEDIA Editors at newspapers supervise journalists and improve their work. Newspapers editing encompasses a variety of titles and functions. These includes: copy, editor, department, editor, managing editors, and assistants or deputy managing editors, news editors, photo or picture editors, section editors and their assistants , editorial page editor, this includes chairing the editorial board and assigning editorial writing.

Newsprints and means of production cost a lot of money. Ultimately, a newspaper s success largely depends on the space and it is most efficient, judicious and economic use. Hence, within the space set aside for news, as much as possible need to be packed to serve a divergent readership. Considering these factors editing of news copy becomes essential.

Journalism s activities includes stating who, what, when, where, why and how, and stating the significance and effects of certain events or trends. Journalism exists in a number of media: newspapers, television, radio, magazines and most recently the World Wide Web through the internet. Journalists report and write on a wide variety of subjects like politics on the international, national, provincial, and local levels, economics and business on the same four levels, health and medicine, education, sports, hobbies, and recreation, lifestyles, clothing, food, pets, and relationship; journalists report on anything that news organization think consumers will read. Journalists can report for general interest news outlets like newspapers, newsmagazines and broadcast sources; general circulation specialty publication like trade and hobby magazines or for news publications and outlets with a select group of subscribers. Journalists are usually expected and required to go out to the scene of a story to gather information for their reports, and often may compose their reports in field. They are also use telephone, the computer and the internet to gather information. However, more often those reports are written, and they are usually edited in newsrooms, the offices where journalist and editors work together to prepare news content.

Journalists, especially if they cover a specific subject or area (a beat) are expected to cultivate sources, people in the subject or area that they can communicate with to explain the details of a story or to provide leads to other subjects of stories yet to be reported. They are also expected to develop their investigative skills to better research and report stories.

I¶ve done my internship under the guidance of Mr. Sushil Kumar (Chief Editor).
I got my training at SwatantraDishaPatra , which is a bi monthly newspaper. That was not only trained me but also give me a great experience gaining for me. Hence, I learned many skills of writing and editing that I cannot get by reading textbooks.

During the course of training duties were concerns with reporting news desk and editing section. The editor gave responsibilities to report the news stories with confidence courage and competence not individually but attached to the senior reporters.

Responsibilities of editing the news were allotted by the organization. However, during the course of the training certain limitation was also faced. The training was only for month so being a trainee all responsibilities and authorities were not given. However, important thing that I get to know is that in spite of the facts a lot is common between the print and the electronic media the two are distinctively different from each other

During thecourse of four week training, I was given many assignments by my trainer and I¶ve successfully completed them.

WEEK-1 I was new to the organization as a trainee and a bit nervous. My trainer taught me about the policies and strategies of the organization and also taught me how to write a report.
For writing, a report I had to search and collect the various news data from the newspapers. Then I used to write news and get it checked by the senior correspondent. If there were mistakes, I get them corrected. By learning all these things, I completed my first week of training. WEEK-2 After learning all these, I started learning of editing the news story. The stories that I edited was checked by the chief editor Mr. PawanSinghal and he explained that how editing is done and how can we edit a story when I learnt how to edit the copy of newspaper I was provided with the fresh copies of the newspaper and my second week of training is over.

WEEK-3 By the third week of training, I learnt how to report for media and how to prepare that report for newspaper. I learn the main or the key concepts that should kept in mind while reporting. I was given an assignment to cover stories told by Mr. sushil. Hence, in this week I learnt how to report or cover any event and how to write a report on event. WEEK-4 By the end of fourth week, I was skilled in reporting and also I attended many Press Conferences and accordingly submitted to Mr. Sushil to which he appreciated it. By learning all these things reporting and editing and the guidelines of journalism, I completed my fourth and last week of my training.

It is very important for a student to know work practically to gain through theoretical knowledge from institute the basic difference between an institution and an industry lies in the fact that people in the industry are more professional in their attitude. The outlook of the person doing the job in the industry varies fastly from that of today. The simple great thing to watch and enjoy is teamwork involved. This is one of the areas where institution lacks unknowingly as even the institution stress the point of teamwork in any field in which a student can try and gain during his duration in the industry. Earlier the student makes a big leap when he jumped from an institution to an industry. Now with the help of this training method a student feels that the earlier big jump is now a small step.

While training there, I came to know that it has its own value. For every industry it is important to have a good teamwork and a good atmosphere this organization has both the qualities.

During my internship tenure I have learn a lot and I have tried to put as much of it as I can. I was undergone one month summer training i.e. from 1 July 2010 to 30july 2010 at webvarta under the supervision of Mr. Sushil Kumar. I had learn about the reporting, editing skills, and writing news reports I had divided my entire training period into segments of 6 days reporting and 4 days of editing and filling news and the work done was checked by Mr. Sushil (chief editor editor). During the training process the main emphasis was given on both reporting and writing news reports for the newspaper.