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Internship Report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements For the degree of Master of Business Administration


National University of Modern Languages Islamabad, Pakistan March 2010

© Copyright by Muhammad Waqas, 2010


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Dedication «««««««««««««««««««««««««««««« 5 Acknowledgement «««««««««««««««««««««««««««6 Executive Summary««««««««««««««««««««««««««. 7

Chapter: 1 Introduction & its background Introduction««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««. 8 Vision««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.. 11 Analysis of Vision«««««««««««««««««««««««««««.. 11 Mission Statement«««««««««««««««««««««««««««... 11 Analysis of mission Statement««««««««««««««««««««««« 12 Target Market «««««««««««««««««««««««««««««. 12 Analysis of Target Market ««««««««««««««««««««««««. 14 Product Line ..«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««. 14 Analysis of Product Line««««««««««««««««««««««««« 15 Chapter: 2 Structure Analysis««««««««««««««««« SOWT Analysis««««««««««««««««««««««««««««« 17 Organizational Structure««««««««««««««««««««««««««17 Analysis of Organizational Structure«««««««««««««««««««« ... 17

Chapter: 3 Working Division««««««««««««««««« Divisions (Departments)««««««««««««««««««««««««««.19 Function of Departments ««««««««««««««««««««««««««21 Chapter: 4 Hand on Experience Hand Experience«««««««««««««««««««««««««««.........24 Personal Experience ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««29 Chapter: 5 Recommendations & Conclusion Recommendations«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««30 Conclusion««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.. .....30


Chapter: 5 Bibliography Reference«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««.33 4 .

5 .DEDICATION Dedicated to my beloved parents. fiance and my friends whose prayers always pave the way to success for me.

Asad of National Construction limited who provided me a lot of information about NCL. Faraz and Mr. Fahad Muqaddas Supervisor of the institute for his patronage and providing a conducive atmosphere during the program.ACKNOWLEGMENT In understanding the role of National Construction Limited in the filed of construction sector. I am also thankful to Mr. MUHAMMAD WAQAS MBA (MARKETING) 6 . I am responding to the requirement of the Master in Business Administration Program at NUML Islamabad. MR. My thanks are due first and foremost to Mr.

chapter 5 includes recommendation and conclusion and chapter 6 includes bibliography. 7 . chapter 3 includes working divisions of the company. nuclear power facilities. Its share is also very remarkable in the open market.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY NCL plays a very important role in the field of construction sectors. Summarizingly. But I recommend that NCL needs strong media projection to serve the nation of the country. Construction of Faisal Mosque. housing and other high rise and specialized buildings. a structural monument. in addition. In the market its name is also much known. It has successfully completed diverse and complex projects such as petrochemical and industrial plant. which is a multidiscipline company. is the pride of NCL. and bridges with the help of indigenous technical personnel. chapter 2 covers structure analysis. chapter 1 contain information about introduction and background of the company. it has also taken on and completed successfully heavy earth work tasks. it is stated that National Construction Limited has been playing a very important role in the field of construction sectors. National Construction Limited. because of its well reputations it has been awarded outstanding projects in the open bidding. has in its fold the experience and background of sophisticated construction technology. chapter 4 includes the experience learned from that internship. This internship report consist of six chapters. roads.

which is a multidiscipline company. (NCCP) under the Companies Ordinance 1984. in addition.e. has in its fold the experience and background of sophisticated construction technology. nuclear power facilities. It has successfully completed diverse and complex projects such as petrochemical and industrial plant. NCL. a structural monument. Construction of Faisal Mosque. NCL is a public limited company wholly owned by the Government of Pakistan and is working under the administrative control of Ministry of Housing & Works. it has successfully established itself in the field of construction as a leading organization with vast technical and human resources backed by a team of highly dedicated professional executives and engineering staff. is the pride of NCL. Thus. 8000 Million while 20 projects valued at Rs. The company has to its credit over 210 major projects completed and approximately 20 projects of various dimensions in hand. It was established in 1974 as National Construction Company Pakistan i. since its inception in 1978. National Construction Limited. roads. and bridges with the help of indigenous technical personnel.2287 Million are in-hand. 8 . it has also taken on and completed successfully heavy earth work tasks. housing and other high rise and specialized buildings.Chapter 1 1.1 INTRODUCTION & ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION With respect to my study I selected National Construction Limited. has completed 210 projects of diversified nature valued at Rs.

The Company is proud of the job potential that it has created for Pakistani technical manpower. contributing to make Pakistan self reliant in sophisticated construction technology. but to supplement their effort in carrying out highly sophisticated national development projects. but has also established an institutional platform for training technical manpower in Pakistan. 9 . that. It has also during the last 26 years successfully functioned as a receptacle to hold residual technology. Pakistanµs dependence of foreign construction cartels. This has been amply demonstrated over. in its own humble way.National Construction Limited has endeavored not only to provide the most complete and competitive service in the Construction field. we have been able to undertake multi dimensional projects. the Government of Pakistan holds major financial institutions in Pakistan hold majority of its shares while the balance. In this way it has eliminated. thereby saving precious foreign exchange and. National Construction Limited has not only served to reverse the effect of the exodus to technical and skilled personnel. the establishment of National Construction Limited has given a tremendous boost to the private sector construction agencies and jointly. National Construction Limited is a corporate body governed by its Board of Directors and to give it a commercial outlook and financial stability. the past few years. It will be significant to point out that National Construction Limited was not raised to replace the private sector engineering firms. The Company has spared no efforts to sustain a nation-wide movement on healthy lines recognizing the rights and privileges of the workers on the one hand and showing its awareness in sharing the responsibility in the field of national development on the other. to a great extent. therefore.

With a view to take advantage of the oil boom in the Gulf countries NCC was utilized to provide employment opportunities to the engineers. and 04 were glass manufacturing unit On one hand there was a lack of industrial unit in the country but on the other hand there was no construction unit in the public sector of the country. PEPAC and MCP in the public sector in 1973. One of the initiatives was the establishment of National Construction Company (NCC) and other sister concerns like NESPAK. 1. 05 were cement. But unfortunately Pakistan inherited only 34 big industries in out of total. The establishment of these Organizations gave a sense of respectability to the Engineering profession in the Country. roads.We know that British and Hindus were strongly against the creation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. which was so important for the building and development of this new born country. In these problems the most important problem was the backwardness of our Industrial sector.2 HISTORY OF THE COMPANY In the early Seventies. At the time of partition there were 887 big industrial units in Indo-Pak. the Government initiated a number of development programs for the socio-economic uplift of the people. skilled and un-skilled workers in the Middle East and at the same time to improve the quality of construction and labour utilization opportunities within the country. In which 16 were Cotton. mosques highways and bridges etc making its contribution in the development of Pakistan. building. So I selected this public sector organization to understand how this company took part in the development and construction of houses. 09 were sugar. By 10 . So they created a lot of problems and difficulties for the new Islamic country.

4 Mission Statement of the Company 1.3.1978 the company had completed various projects of national importance and was successful in acquiring a number of sizeable projects in the Middle East market. 2. 11 . Providing quality housing to our people at competitive prices.3 Vision To Remain market leader and technology pace setter in the Engineering and Construction Industry by utilizing the high-tech Engineering expertise of the National Construction Limited Nation-wide. In order to manage the expanding workload domestically and internationally it was decided in 1978 to bifurcate the Company into National Construction Company (Pak) Limited (NCCP) for Overseas and National Construction Limited (NCL) for Domestic operations. 1. to their complete satisfaction. Provide Professional Services & Satisfaction to our Clients Stay Profitable Growth. Remain undisputable leader in engineering & Project Management. 1. 1. 4. To maintain our strong and prominent local presence. due its quality standard NCL consider big construction company in Pakistan and its Major Clients are. 3.1 Vision Analysis NCL has completed major projects in Pakistan with highest quality standard.

To contribute to the national economy. 7. 1. To enhance creativity and job satisfaction of our employees by providing opportunities for personal development.4. 6.5. To enhance the investment of customers through Human Excellence. Generating earnings sufficient to ensure a secure future for the company and to protect and increase our shareholders¶ investment. our processes. our high standards of quality and financial strength. limited only by their own ability and drive. whilst realizing a strong sense of responsibility to society and the environment.4. our technology. 1. 8. Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) COMSAT National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) WASA (Balochistan) Pakistan Planning Commission (PPC) Ministry of Commerce 12 .1a Major Clients / Customers y y y y y y y y y y Capital Development Authority (CDA) National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd (NESPAK) Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA) Federal Govt.1 Mission Analysis NCL has executed the projects with the High quality standard / specification under the guideline of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

4. Showel Loader etc.1d Technology NCL has utilize the latest technology in surveying & pouring of Reinforced concrete i.1c Market Purchasing the materials from markets as approved by Consultant / Client as mentioned in Specifications.1f Philosophy NCL has shown to its Client that the High Management has emphasize to his execution staff to worked / executed the projects with the great zeal / devotion. Tehdolite Machine. Concrete Pumps.4. 1. 13 .e.4. Total Stations & Concrete Batching Plants. Tower Cranes. to achieve the targets / goals as promised with Client. and introducing the new technologies as coming in the markets. 1. 1.4.1b Product / Services NCL provide best quality services to his Consultant / Client.4.y Lahore Development Authority (LDA) 1. 1.1e Concern of Survivor / Growth of Profitability NCL has growth its profitability with timely completion of the projects and save the time as well as funds from there.

1. NCL provide them practical / technical field experience. when they join the NCL were unskilled and have no practical experience.1 Analysis of Target Market NCL Management targeted the main clients / Market to get the jobs/works worth Rs. 1.1g Self Concept After my two year experience with the organization. 1. So that take profit and given bonus to his employee/shareholder.4.1h Concern of Public Image NCL has good image in public. 1. 14 . infrastructure & Dams. Employees appreciated the Management of NCL to enhance the employment in the organization. Most of the employees. 1. 100 Millions over and above. due to growth opportunities for employment in the country as well as secure the future of the employees.6 Product line NCL main product lines are Buildings.1.1i Concern of Employees The employees of NCL gain more knowledge as working in the organization.4.4.5. I have observed that any newcomers have gained much experience during the tenure with NCL.5 Target Market NCL make targets to get / construct huge mega projects in Government and Private Sector and enhance the credibility of NCL.

y y y y y y y y y y y Faisal Masjid Phase-I&II. Dargah Sehwan Sharif. Pakistan Housing Authority Project. Rawalpindi. Islamabad. National Refinery Karachi. Lahore. Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology building. Steel Mills Karachi (70% Civil works). PIA Town Terminal. Parliament Lodges.1 Analysis of Product Line NCL has completed mage projects. Islamabad. Islamabad. Islamabad. Kundian Nuclear Power Complex Phase I & II at Kundian. 15 . Islamabad. System Built Housing CAT-V flats. COMSATS Head Office building.6.1.

1. D(F&A).1 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE & SWAT ANALYSIS Organizational Structure of NCL Managing Director Deputy Managing Director Director Engineering Director Finance & Account Director Contracts & Claims Director Commercial Operations General Manager Commercial Operations Director Personnel & Administration General Manager Personnel & Administration Director Legal & Insurance General Manager (Engineering) General Manager (Finance & Accounts) General Manager (Contracts & Claims) General Manager Legal & Insurance 2.Chapter 2 2. Selection committee of NCL take interviews / test from the individuals. Team work and team Management Good relation of Union and Management 16 .2 Strength of Company y y y y Diversified professional personnel are working in NCL Proper grievance handling procedures are adapted. when hire/appointed a new employee to give add in newspaper. D(P&A) 2. which constitute on that members DMD. D(C&C).1.1 Analysis of Organizational Structure NCL has a powerful organization structure. DE.

y y No research and development training center Late salary 17 . 2. Government intervene is very high. Employees¶ promotions take place after long time of period. advertisement and banners. I have observed that there are many week points to be highlighted in the analysis are.1.4 SWOT Analysis of Company During my tenure of 2 years. Self budgeting Bonus facilities are for all employees 2. Non time completion of project timely. Future growth is not based on performance but it based on time in similar post. Management is sincere with the Company.y y y y y y Officers and Staff are cooperative Only one organization Public sector Outstanding salary structure Conducive working environment.3 Weakness of Company y y y y y y y y y y Lack of training of Staff and Officers Lack of Finance Lack of communication system No accommodation hiring facilities are available for employees No publicity.1.

I have observed these five scales have low salary as compare to present country situation. and do all that at a time they want to buy. or publishing a textbook after the start of the new school year. a lot of hard work needs to go into finding out what customers want. and get it all to come together at the critical time. at the right price. at the right time. 2. and it helps you avoid these kinds of mistake. The marketing mix is a good place to start when you are thinking through your plans for a product or service.5 BY USING SCALES Step SCALE-1 1 2 3 4 5 Basic Pay House Rent Conveyance allowance 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 Utility allowance 322 334 345 357 368 Gross Salary 3220 3335 3450 3565 3680 1932 2001 2070 2139 2208 6674 6870 7065 7261 7456 During my services. and identifying where they do their shopping. 18 . It's simple! You just need to create a product that a particularly group of people want. and price it at a level which matches the value they feel they get out of it. it can spell disaster. You could be left promoting a car with amazing fuel-economy in a country where fuel is very cheap.1. But if you get just one element wrong. or selling an item at a price that's too high ± or too low ± to attract the people you're targeting.y No job security. However. put it on sale some place that those same people visit regularly. Then you need to figure out how to produce the item at a price that represents value to them. The Marketing Mix and 4 Ps What is marketing? The definition that many marketers learn as they start out in the industry is: Putting the right product in the right place. Then you've got it made! There's a lot of truth in this idea.

In fact. and still be sold sufficiently profitably? (See also Price.of defining the marketing mix. and so on. what kind? A specialist boutique or in a supermarket. The 4Ps are: y y y y Product (or Service) Place Price Promotion A good way to understand the 4 Ps is by the questions that you need to ask to define you marketing mix. Here are some questions that will help you understand and define each of the four elements: Product/Service y y y y y y y y y What does the customer want from the product/service? What needs does it satisfy? What features does it have to meet these needs? y Are there any features you've missed out? y Are you including costly features that the customer won't actually use? How and where will the customer use it? What does it look like? How will customers experience it? What size(s). color(s). The 4 Ps is one way . they are not necessarily the same thing. should it be? What is it to be called? How is it branded? How is it differentiated versus your competitors? What is the most it can cost to provide. and was first expressed in 1960 by E J McCarthy. via a catalogue? How can you access the right distribution channels? Do you need to use a sales force? Or attend trade fairs? Or make online submissions? Or send samples to catalogue companies? What do you competitors do. below).The marketing mix and the 4 Ps of marketing are often used as synonyms for each other. or both? Or online? Or direct. Place y y y y y Where do buyers look for your product or service? If they look in a store. and how can you learn from that and/or differentiate? 19 .probably the best-known way . "Marketing mix" is a general phrase used to describe the different kinds of choices organizations have to make in the whole process of bringing a product or service to market.

or on TV. plus people. or the timing of subsequent promotions? How do your competitors do their promotions? And how does that influence your choice of promotional activity? The 4Ps model is just one of many marketing mix lists that have been developed over the years. they are just a subset of the detailed probing that may be required to optimize your marketing mix. It is made up of Customer needs and wants (the equivalent of product). or to other specific segments of your market? How will your price compare with your competitors? Promotion y y y y Where and when can you get across your marketing messages to your target market? Will you reach your audience by advertising in the press. and contains the core elements of a good marketing mix. we focus on the 4Ps model as it is the most wellrecognized. processes and physical layout decisions. sometimes called the extended marketing mix. whilst the questions we have listed above are key. And. which presents the elements of the marketing mix from the buyer's.Price y y y y y What is the value of the product or service to the buyer? Are there established price points for products or services in this area? Is the customer price sensitive? Will a small decrease in price gain you extra market share? Or will a small increase be indiscernible. or radio. Convenience (place) and Communication (promotion). Another marketing mix approach is Lauterborn's 4Cs. which include the first 4 Ps. 20 . In this article. Amongst the other marketing mix models have been developed over the years is Boom and Bitner's 7Ps. perspective. rather than the seller's. Cost (price). or on billboards? By using direct marketing mailshot? Through PR? On the Internet? When is the best time to promote? Is there seasonality in the market? Are there any wider environmental issues that suggest or dictate the timing of your market launch. and so gain you extra profit margin? What discounts should be offered to trade customers.

21 .

Project Incharge. Monitors project performs. Project Manager. Quantity Surveying Officer and Junior Engineer.1. FUNCTIONS: Advise Managing Director through Dy. Manager Planning. which manage and control the whole activities the 3. WORKING DIVISIONS Departments in the Company The following are the main departments.Chapter 3 3. Managing Director on all technical matters. It is head by Director Engineering. To give brief to the Managing Director about the Project performance.1 Engineering Department The most important department of National Construction limited is Engineering Department. Director Engineering is assist by General Manager Engineering. 22 . The Engineering departments control the whole engineering works and activities.1 National Construction Limited. Recommend and identify plant and equipment for projects Prepare initial cash flow statements Prepare and establish methodology of work Establish contact with consultant and clients for submitting tenders He signs agreements with clients. y y y y y y y y Make initial planning and schedule of work. Manager Monitoring. Engineering Department performs the following functions. Chief Draughtsman.

Dy. Making arrangements with the financial institutions for short term and long term financing of the Company. Managing Director on all financial matters will also act as the financial advisor to all Director Projects of the Company. 3. Sr. General Manager (Finance &Accounts). y y y y y y y 23 .2 Accounts & Finance Department Director Finance and accounts head this department. Accounts Officer. Ensure that the Company uses correct accounting principles and practices. Will co-ordinate with the external auditors in the finalization of the Company final Accounts. Presentation of the final Accounts in the Company¶s Board of Directors. Will exercise and maintain financial control of all projects of The Company. Accounts officer. Will be responsible for keeping tract and control of all financial conditions and considerations with regard of bidding. and Junior Accountant. The Director Finance and Accounts delegates his authority to General Manager Finance and Accounts. FUNCTIONS: y Advice Managing Director and Dy. Manager (Fiancé). Manager (Accounts). Will be responsible for allocating funds to all projects of the Company.y Realization of claims after the completion of project. and as well as accounts Assistant.

The Director (P&A) performs the following duties and responsibilities. The Director (Personnel and Administration) is assisted by Manager Personnel. He will also assist in the formulation and implementation of policies and procedures. Coordinate the activities of various departments in the Head Office and as well as in Regional Offices. posting. procurement policy.3 Personal & Administration Department Director (Personnel and Administration) head this department. such as inductions.y Will be responsible for dealing with all Ministries. Ministry of Housing and Works Collection and dispersion of payments. terminations and as well as retirements. Develop organization manuals covering functions of all departments in the company. y 3. Manager Administration. Control over personnel activities. transfer conformation. y y y 24 . increments. Personnel Officer. promotions. resignations. Managing Director in the development and maintenance of sound organizational structure. i. Admin Officer.e. Manager Security. FUNCTIONS: y Advise Managing Director and Dy. Ministry of finance. and Security Officer and related staff. He will develop job description.

y Supervise the Security measure at the Head office and Regional Offices in order to guard against possible sabotage or breach of security. Study tenders documents in detail 25 . This department plays very important role in National Construction Limited. Procurement Officer and Supervisor. Dealing with all incoming and outgoing corresponding with the ministry of Housing and Works. Establish contact with consultant and prospective clients for submitting tenders and subsequent negotiations. Manager Contract. Manager Procurement.4 Contract & Procurement Department Director Contract and Procurement heads this Department. Director Contract and Procurement is assisting by General Manager Contract &Procurement. y y y 3. y Apply for prequalification of on coming projects with reference to advisement in newspapers. Advise Managing Director on all matters pertaining to Industrial Relation in the Company and assist project Directors Project managers. FUNCTIONS: y y Preparation of Pre qualification documents. Clients and other outside agencies. Manager Executions in this regard whenever required. y y Arrange for qualification of tenders documents. To ensure that proper stock is available with the Company stock. evaluation of tenders and their submission.

autonomous/semi-autonomous bodies.5 Commercial Operation Department This department is also heads by Director Commercial Operations.y y y Arrange collection of market rates. The Director (L&I) performs the following functions in National construction Limited. 26 . agencies. keep the Managing Director informed of his activities and advise him on the quantum of backup support required to secure business. Should utilize maximum talent of the Company for the promotions of the Business. Negotiation with the clients Check rate analysis of items.6 Legal and Insurance Department The legal and Insurance Department heads by Director Legal and Insurance. corporations. etc in the country with a view to secure the business for the Company. 3. authorities. To collect business intelligence. and Manger Operations. FUNCTIONS: y Will maintain liaison with Government officials. Director (L&I) is assist by Manager Legal and Manager Insurance. y y 3. Director Commercial is assist by General Manager Commercial Operations.

y y To fruitfully liaison with the Government Organization dealing in labour laws. Contract. Workmen¶s Compensation. y y y Arrange Group Insurance of the employees of the Company. and Motor Vehicles Insurance on most competitive rates. Pursue Legal cases of the Company and representation on behalf of the Company in the court of law. Performance Mobilization and other Bonds. Engineering Departments. Chapter 4 27 . Negations with the Insurance Companies in respect of Insurance coverage and bonds on competitive rates y Negations and settlement of the loss with the insurance companies.FUNCTIONS y y Advise Managing Director on all matters pertaining to legal cases and Insurance Claims. Preparation of various policies regarding compensations and as well as insurance according to the requirement of the Company. Arrange Tenders. Retention Money. MAIN KEY DEPARTMENTS Accounts & Finance. y Arrange issuance of various insurance binders such as Contractor All Risks.

I have do work in following heads. 28 .V (Journal Voucher) MRA (Material Received Advice) MIN (Material Issue Note) MTR (Material Transfer Register) MRR (Material Received Register) OGP (Outward Gate pass) IGP (Inward Gate Pass) Preparation of Annual Inventory Sheets Preparation of Income Tax Challan Preparation of Salary Cheques / Vouchers Checking of causal labour master roll Subcontractor Vouchers Maintaining / Checking Vehicles log books Dealing with different Banks regarding receiving of Cash & Bank Statements. y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Preparation of APV (Accounts Payable Voucher) J.HAND OWN EXPERIENCE 4.1 Hand Experience Working as Accounts Assistant.

2. 4. 3. when we purchase material MRA tells us whether it as on credit or cash. cement etc. bricks. MRA Material Receive Advice is a voucher. crush.V from tells how much material we have purchase and how many material we have debit to store.1. 7. In NCL Ledger where general entries are post also has a column for MTR so at the end of month this ledger tells us how much material came. In this way every project has a special code. MTR MTR tells us how much material is transfer to the other projects. APV (ACCOUNT PAYABLE VOUCHER) We mention the names of suppliers who provide material to NCL for Ex. J. MRA tells us the supplier name and purchase amount. OGP 29 . we check that whether these materials are on cash or credit. 5. JOURNAL VOUCHER In J. If material is purchase on credit then in APV we mention it in credit column so APV tells us about the material that whether it is purchase on cash or on credit.V we can write the name of the supplier in credit column and debit these materials to store. Sand. 6. MRR MRR tells us how much material we have received from other project. how much used and how much material is transfer to other projects. How much material come and how much material is used so MIN tell us the actual position of the store. MIN At the end of every month we tell the actual position of the material. In this way.

Out ward gate pass when any material is transfer to other project. 12. My job is to bring the cash from different banks. Every day when a huge project is under construction this is need of cash. G. So we should pay cash for every supplier. petty contractor and for site purchase. 8. 11. PREPARATION OF SALARY CHEQUES / VOUCHERS Every month we have to pay workers salary and wages so my job is check the amount for wash position. 10. In this way. 13. IGP Inward gate pass when any material comes to on project then we make IGP. Rules regulation. INCOME TAX CHALLAN When supplier provides material then tax should be imposed on this supplier. HANDLING OF CASH Cash can play major role. 9. CHECKING OF CAUSAL LABOUR MASTER ROLL 30 . Auditors visit on the project site and they check every item and can guess about company¶s assets. IGP tells us that material is comes from other project. then 1st make its OGP Project Manager signed on OGP then material is transfer. Prepare inventory sheets every year. In this way tax imposed on different items. In which we show our real assets and their cost value. PETTY CASH VOUCHERS When we make any payment we have to prepare petty cash vouchers with out voucher there is no such cash payment is made to any supplier. INVENTORIES At the end of every year for audit of the company we prepare the inventory sheets. we follow the Govt.M is the signing authority on checks. 14.

So it is a record that we prepare subcontractor voucher. Company¶s policy we can not leave above Rs. we have made a labour master roll. In this way. In this way any party we can see the subcontractor voucher. we prepare the final closing of the month then these statements needed. Similarly at the end of every month we need the bank statement of different opened Accounts.2 Personal Experience 31 . When ever we feel any problem we can see the subcontractor voucher. 15. So every day we have to bring the money from bank. rank work field rate. 17. Subcontractors vouchers Subcontractor voucher tells us how many material we have receive and how much we have to pay him. When driver go any where he has to sign it from Project Incharge so every day we check the log book and then made the safe. In Master roll we keep the record of worker attendance and its overtime.Every month after 15 days we have to pay the wages of workers. 4. During payments we check this card compared it with master roll made payment to him.000/. So we issue him a card which match with master roll. So anytime cash is very necessary for company some times we have to make quick payments to any subcontractor or petty contractor so go on to bank and receive it. Dealing with different banks Every day when a huge construction project is working we need cash. Company has issue a log book for log book. In Master role every worker has its name. 16. Maintain / Checking vehicles log books Every day we have paid payments to drivers for different vehicles Fuel. 20. Similarly any accident can play in working site then cash is needed. When.

and satisfy my seniors as well.When. I joined NCL. Chapter 5 5. I was totally rough hand & no experience to handle / work on above motioned activities.1 RECOMMENDATION & CONCLUSION Recommendation 32 . After having 3 months experience. I gain much experience / confidence to done the above said works perfectly on time.

2 Check & balance system There is no check & balance system. I have see many times that most of peoples during same job that is not correct.4 Corruption Corruption is common in NCL.1. 5. Major departments are involve in corruption.5.1. we Bring new methods. when prepared the store documents most of the materials shall be show wastage in the documents.5 Wastage of material Every month. 5.1.1 Research Department There is no any research department in NCL. through research department. 5. Mostly subcontractors use it to get any work. Mostly Project Incharge. They take bribe from suppliers and approve their material. Most of one is cement one of the major issue. 5. Similarly most the parties claims about their dues.1. 5. We can reduce our cast. I think research department is most necessary.3 No Security of Job There is no permanent security of job. QS and Store employee involve in corruption.1.1.6 Lack of HRM Department 33 . when management see that this employee enhance their ability and he demanded for regular job.

In NCL paper work is more then other construction firm. Two year earlier I was totally rough hand now after two years I have gain knowledge and try to overcome my weaknesses.8 No Procurement Department Mostly purchases have been made on cash. where peoples comes and take experience according to abilities. construction firm. 5. NCL is a semi-Govt. 34 . and other is also going here & there. More everything is in a through proper channel with out any approval we can not do any thing. 5. 5. They train them and also polish their skills. rules & regulation can be followed.There is no such HRM Department in NCL.1. I have learn that always teaches from your seniors. Whole the staff is have observe is technical and skilled and they fully corporate with the new comers.M 1st approve it then purchase this material. We have to make decisions in the Govt. NCL atmosphere is very good for young learning workers. In we purchase anything and the item amount is above 30. So in every matter Govt. that is a great weakness.1. NCL is trainee center. when a vehicle is going Bank. take is strong relation with management learn more and more. So purchasers. I have observed that if any body known the work he will stay in NCL. Mostly I have been seen most of the vehicles waste fuel.000 thousand then G. purchase the materials on his well rate not than market rates. Policies.2 Conclusion During my 2 year experience. In my view.7 Poor Management NCL Management is poor.

Chapter 6 Reference BIBBLOGRAPHY 35 . 36 .Information gets from Company Profile.