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Nursing Service - is a separate and distinct unit of  the local health agency/unit which  is composed of nurses, midwives

, and auxiliaries such as barangay health workers, nursing aides and volunteers.  - there is a separate & distinct nursing service that is in charge of all issues/concerns/problems that impact on nurses & the delivery of nursing services/care ORGANIZATION & MANAGEMENT  A Nursing service is organized in a local health agency to ensure the effective delivery of nursing services & nursing component of public health programs  -the nursing service is reflected in the agency’s organizational structure as a major service  - Nursing service’s structure reflects the lines of authority & communication among its member & other services & other health worker The Nursing Service is Headed by qualified Chief Nurse (RA 9173)  Qualification:  1.has a bachelor’s degree in Nursing & a registered nurse in the Philippines  2. has a least a master’s degree in nursing, preferably in public health or community health nursing  3. has at least 5 years experience in general nursing service administration  4. is a member of good standing of the accredited professional organization of nurses Nursing Services Duties / Responsibility  1. The nursing service systematically collects data  /information on clients, resources, program implementation , service delivery & other that are needed in formulating nursing service plan, policies & standards  2. Nursing service plan is based on priorities that were identified from a comprehensive & systematic assessment of the needs of clients & nursing personnel within the context of the specific health agency  3. Nursing service plan contains provisions on the delivery of nursing service & nursing component of the public health programs, staffing ( such as recruitment, promotion, supervision, & staff development), quality assurance & research  4. Nursing service plan is implemented, monitored & evaluated. 4. Nursing service plan is implemented, monitored & evaluated 5. Nursing service plan is coordinated with other services/units of the agency & other sectors concerned with community health & development  6. Nursing service initiates measures to improve quality of delivery of nursing services.  7. The Nursing service keeps an updated manual of policies & nursing standards & makes these available to all nursing personnel Family Health Services 1. Maternal Health 2. Family planning 3. Child Health B. Expanded Program on immunization A. Infant & young child feeding C. Integrated Management of Childhood Illness     4. Nutritional Program 5. Oral Health Program 6. Essential Health Packages for Adolescent, adult men & women, and Older Persons

health and well being of mothers & unborn through a package of service for the pre-pregnancy. Tetanus Toxoid Immuni protected against tetanus & neon tetanus Toxoid vaccination must before delivery to protect baby fr dose shots to complete the five d provides full protection for both mother. Treatment of Diseases & Other Conditions – There are conditions that might occur among pregnant women.maternal deaths in the Philippines and main causes to support need for Family Planning  B. natal & post natal stages Essential Health Service Package Available in the Health Care Facilities Essential Health Service P Care A. when the mother is not sick) 䦋 It enable her to: 䦋 . . These conditions may endanger her health & th complication could occur FAMILY PLANNING 䦋 . 䦋 .Maternal Health program The Philippines is tasked to reduce the maternal mortality ratio(MMR) by three quarters by 2015 to achieve its millennium development goal. pre-natal.Family Planning as spacing pregnancy (for 2-3 years) for maternal and child health 䦋 . A deficiency & other nutritional disorders. It might 60mg/400ug Daily 䦋㌌㏒䦋좈໱琰茞 ᓀ rd tablets As early in preg during the first During the 2nd t During the 3rd t  D. Antenatal Registration Prenatal Visits 1 visit 10. Micronutrient supplementation st  Micronutrient supplementation is vital to pregnant women.Family planning as being pregnant at the right time (above age 20 and below age 35. Vitamins Dose Schedule of given Remarks Vitamin A in pregnancy care to make he Period of Preg 2 visit Iron 3 visit Twice a week Do not give Vit. A starting on the 4th supplementation before nd month of pregnancy 4th mos.regain health and strength lost in last pregnancy 䦋 .avoid-risk pregnancies (explain how unplanned pregnancies can be risky). The overall goal of the program is to improve the survival.Family planning as having the right number of children Every 2 weeks After 8 month 䦋 . These are necessary to prevent anemia. Of pregnancy .000IU . Vit.

7. Pills  .Is a simple fertility awareness based method of FP that involves cervical secretions as an indicator of fertility. Sympto-thermal Method . STRATEGIES ADOPTED TO ACHIEVE GOAL AND OBJECTIVES 䦋 . Mucus/ Billings/Ovulation -Abstaining from sexual intercourse during fertile days prevents pregnancy 䦋 8.䦋 Family Planning helps a family attain basic needs (compare budget of a 4 member family as against an 8 member) 䦋 Family Planning as it allows both parents to devote quality time to their children. Basal Body Temperature  . Female Sterilization 䦋 . 䦋 Family Planning as it allows the couple more time for each other 䦋 Family Planning as it allows the family members to relate with people in their community.Contain synthetic hormone.Temporary introductory postpartum method of postponing pregnancy based on physiological infertility experienced by Breast feeding & simple surgical procedure which provide permanent contraception for women who do not want more children. Male Sterilization -Permanent method wherein the vas deference (passage of the sperm) is tied & cut or blocked through a small opening on the scrotal skin. making it difficult for the sperm to pass through & changes uterine lining 6. progestin which suppresses ovulation.Thin sheaths of latex rubber made to fit on a man’s erect penis to prevent the passage of sperm cells & sexually transmitted disease organisms into the vagina. Male Condoms . It provides dual protection from STIs including HIV preventing transmission of disease microorganism during intercourse.Reestablish the FP outreach program 䦋 .Focus service delivery to the urban & rural 䦋 poor 䦋 .Mainstream modern natural family planning 䦋 . It is also known as vasectomy. Two Day Method  . 䦋 3. Also known as bilateral tubal ligation the involves cutting or blocking the two fallopian tubes.BBT method is identifying the fertile & infertile period of a woman’s cycle by daily taking & recording of the rise in body temperature during & after ovulation 9.Promote frontline participation of hospitals 䦋 . 5.Strengthen FP provision in regions with 䦋 high unmet needs 䦋 . 2. thickens cervical mucus. basal body temp recording & other signs of ovulation 10. Women checking the presence of secretions everyday 11.Promote & implement CSR strategy FAMILY PLANNING METHOD 䦋 1. Standard Days Method .Contains hormones –estrogen & progesteron taken daily to prevent contraceptions. 4. Lactating Amenorhea Method or LAM .STH method is identifying the fertile & infertile days of the menstrual cycle as determined through combination of observations made on the cervical mucus. Injectables  .

Surveillance. Poliomyelitis. Tetanus. For parents. 3. it is integrated into the health services provided for by Rural Health Unit.05ml 0. Pertusis. Cold chain Management (for vaccine life span and utilization) 3. education and communication 3 Reasons: a. before infectious sets in. Measles. thus. Immunization is a basic health service and as such.. Assessment and evaluation of the programs over all performance 5. and Hepatitis B. schedules are drawn on the basis of the occurrences and characteristics features of the said diseases. and remote area q Quarterly) 4. BCG TARGET Anytime at Birth School Entrance DOSAGE 0. To provide health teachings on benefits and importance of immunization c. Information. EPI ROUTINE IMMUNIZATION SCHEDULE FOR INFANTS VACCINE 1. BHS q once a month. 1976 PRINCIPLES: 1. to be motivated to submit their child to immunization b. mass approach is applied. 2. Immunization – is a process by which vaccines are introduce to the Body.) Established here at Philippines by Pres. To inform the public about its availability and schedule (RHU q Weds. Target Setting – (0 – 12 mos.) 2.” (Tuberculosis. Diptheria. ELEMENTS : 1. Marcos on the month of July.1ml INTERVAL Once ROUTE Intradermal (ID) Assess for Wheal formation SITE Right Deltoid Left Deltoid .A new method of natural family planning in which all users with menstrual cycle between 26 & 32 days are counseled to abstain from sexual intercourse on days 819 to avoid pregnancy EXPANDED PROGRAM FOR IMMUNIZATION OBJECTIVES: “To Reduce morbidity and Mortality against 7 childhood Immunizable diseases. studies and research. The program is based on epidemiological situation. The whole community rather than just an individual is to be protected.

the vaccine might be injected under the skin layer. . C. 2nd week – 11th week healing of abscess and ulceration. 2. DPT 6 wks. 0. Up to 11 mos.5ml Once Subcutaneous (SQ) Outer Part of the upper arm Side Effects of BCG: 1. too much vaccine was injected. 4.) Mouth (side of the cheek) 5. Koch’s Phenomenon – acute inflammatory process starting with in 24 hrs. wrong technique.) 0. or Isoniazid. Teach mother to do cold compress first before hot compress 1 – 3 times after injection then every 6 hours. Interval from 1st dose to 2nd dose. Wheal must disappear in about 30 mins – 1hr. Up to 11 mos.a.5ml 6 wks. then 8 weeks interval From 2nd to 3rd dose Intramuscular (IM) Upper outer Portion of the thigh 3. Fever more than 4 days. OPV 6 wks. exposure of infant to Pt. Abscess formation – 1st week – soreness and inflammation. If there is no scar developed. c active TB. swell and redness. 2 drops 4 weeks x 3 doses Oral (Child must be PO for 30 mins. advice mother that she may give Paracetamol every 4 hours if fever not relapse. Teach mother perform TSB b. b. . unsterile syringe or needle was used. Hepa B Anytime at Birth 0. Glandular Enlargement – a. indolent ulceration – a. 6 mos. Mild Pain. 2. Side Effects of Hepa B: 1. Measles 9 months (if epidemic crisis. Mild fever 1 -2 days. refer to the Physician.2. and may last for 2 – 4 days. b. Repeat the procedure 3.5ml 4 weeks x 3 doses Intramuscular (IM) Upper outer portion of the thigh 4. – a. I and D. and not instead in its superficial layer. Management: Physician may order.

but may occur more in children above 3 months of age. prior administration. Fever within 24 hours local soreness pain and swelling Abscess appears after a week or more due to wrong technique. Side effects for OPV: NONE: But be aware of possible risk for aspiration once wrong site is used. This is due to the Pertussis virus component of the vaccine. 2.Side Effects of DPT: 1. (Deltoid) TT4 At least 1 year later 99% IM . Fever and Rashes – for rashes mother mjay give ANTIHISTAMINES (Benadryl) and for itchiness (Calamine Lotion). (Deltoid) TT3 At least 6 months later 95% Infant born from mother will be protected from neonatal tetanus. (Deltoid) TT2 At least 4 weeks later 80% Infant born from mother will be protected from neonatal tetanus. Gives 3 years protection for the mother IM . Make sure also that the baby was NPO 30 mins. 3. Gives 5 years protection for the mother Infant born from mother will be protected from neonatal tetanus. TETANUS TOXIOD IMMUNIZATION SCHEDULE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN VACCINE SCHEDULE % OF PROTECTION DURATION OF PROTECTION ROUTE AND SITE TT1 As early as possible during pregnancy Not yet protected none IM . Gives 10 years protection for the mother IM . Side Effects of Measles Vaccine: 1. – there are now available D and T only vaccines that may avoid convulsions of DPT. 4. (Deltoid) . for him not to vomit once drops were administered. Convulsions is very rare.

Malnutrition. Old. They go hand in hand with good hygiene and other measures for disease prevention. 10. No vaccine gives 100% protection. No extra doses must be given to child/mother who missed a dose. 7. Vaccines are safe and effective with mild side effects after vaccination. 2. DPT2 or DPT3 to a child who has had convulsion or shock with in 3 days the previous dose. the absolute contraindications to immunization are : a. improved  health and increased productivity  OBJECTIVES:  1. reduction in the prevalence of low birth weight .TT5 At least 1 year later 99% Gives Lifetime protection for the mother.” NUTRITION PROGRAM  .. 9. b. Live weakened vaccine like BCG must not be given to individual who are immunocompromised due to malignant disease. 3 doses of DPT.%  2. obesity & non-communicable disease  f. To 5 yrs. and 1 dose of Measles before his/her 1st Birthday. 5. 4.  e. 3. moderate fever. Booster doses are important to maintain continuous protection against the diseases. reduction in the proportion of Filipino households with intake below 100% of the dietary energy requirements from 53. They must be strictly maintained at -15 – 20 C. minor respiratory infections.2 % to 44. and 1 syringe one needle one child policy must strictly implemented. Every child deserves to be given the benefits of immunization protection based on PD 996 immunization law. Recommended series of immunization must be completed for adequate protection. elimination of moderate & severe IDD among school children & pregnant women  h. 11. Measles and OPV vaccines are most sensitive to heat. reduction in:  a. 6. reduction in the prevalence of iron deficiency disorder among lactating mothers  g. underweight among pre-school children  b. Lengthening the interval leads to higher antibody levels.. (Deltoid) POINTERS ON IMMUNIZATION: 1. Practice FEFO first expiry first out rule. Interruption of schedule does not interfere with final immunity nor does it necessitate contraindication to vaccination. 1976 – Basic compulsory immunization of children below 8 years old is implemented. September 16. prevalence of overweight. stunting among pre-school children  c. All infants born to that mother will be protected IM . 12. chronic energy deficiency among pregnant women  d. Giving doses of a vaccine at less than 4 weeks interval may lessen the anti body response. iron deficiency among children 6 improve quality of life of Filipinos  through better nutrition. 8. pregnant & lactating mothers. “ A child is said to be Fully Immunized Child when he/she receives 1 dose of BCG. cough and diarrhea do not constitute contraindications to vaccinations. 3 doses of Hepa B. 3 doses of OPV.

done by provision of credit & livelihood opportunities to poor households specially those with malnourished children through linkage with lending & financial institutions. adolescent females. development. Food based interventions for sustained improvements in nutritional status 2. w/ iron & Vit. A capsules through the “Araw ng Sangkap Pinoy” known as Garantisadong Pambata or Child Health Week is the approach adopted to provide micronutrient supplements to 6-71 mos. Livelihood Assistance .    STRATEGIES 1.old children. Nutrition Information.While the giving of Iron supplements depend on the capability of LGUs to procure the drugs. school and in communities in urban & rural areas to serve as source of additional food for the home and establishment of demonstration centers & nurseries & distribution of planting materials. Micronutrient supplementation  . The twice –a-year distribution of Vit. Old pre-schoolers on a nationwide scale. Food discount were provided through Tindahan Natin Program 7. effective complementation of nutrition interventions with other services 4. gardens in homes. A and rice w/ iron & the voluntary fortification of processed foods through “Sangkap Pinoy Seal”. development.It is also pushed to improve the nutritional status of the populace to include the children. This maybe done in one of the intervention to address  The health & nutritional needs of infants & children 7 improve their growth & survival.these includes the promotion for nutritional guidelines for Filipinos and other nutrition key messages and training of health workers 5. The prevalence of Iodine Deficiency Disorder(IDD) has decreased among school children 3. Communication  & Education  . 6. and pregnant /lactating women. The Food Fortification Act 2000 provides for the mandatory fortification of staples namely: flour. 2.SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY FOOD PRODUCTION  . Life-cycle approach with strategic attention to 0-3 yrs. Rice distribution is done in school through the efforts of local units. FOOD FORTIFICATION  . A. It includes the delivery of essential maternal & child health & nutrition package of service that will ensure the right to survival. protection & participations. MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH SERVICES  This ensures the right of the child to survival. protection. Functional literacy training helps in this endeavor . 3.includes center based complementary feeding for wasted/stunted children and pregnant women with delivering low birthweight. and participation as follows:  Breast feeding  Complementary feeding  Micro nutrient supplementation 4.It includes establishment of kitchens. Geographical focus to needier areas PROGRAMS  1. The household utilization of iodized salt is at 56%. Food Assistance . cooking oil & refined sugar w/ Vit. HOME . The addition of essential nutrients to a widely consumed food product at levels above its natural state is a cost effective & sustainable intervention to address micronutrient deficiencies.