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Louis de Jong Block H 12/3/10 Aspect 1: Q.

³How does the weight applied on the spiral spring affect the distance of its stretch?´ Dependent Variable: The distance the spiral spring stretches. This is the dependent variable, as it will constantly be changing due to the controlled variable. Independent Variable: The weights applied on each spiral spring, this is so because weights are the only variables that may not change. Controlled Variable: The number of spiral springs used. Constant Variables: Room temperature, height the springs are being hung from, and the type of springs used for/in the experiment. Aspect 2: Methods: M1. ³The method used to get an accurate reading on each of the stretched distancesof the spiral springs, is to hang all the springs at the same spot (with the use of a retort stand for example). However it is just as important to take one reading at the time so the chance of error will be reduced´. M2. ³There is no specific method or way to apply the weights on the spring as long as there is sufficient data´. Standardized: The weights must be located at the bottom of the spring (preferably at the very end). Controlling the independent/dependant variables: Independent Variable: The reason for the change in weights is due to the purpose of this experiment, which is to find out how the weight applied on the spiral springaffects the distance of its stretch. In order to find this, the experimenter will have to use different weights, which will help him or her obtain the distance the spiral springs travel. However to be able to keep the experimenter from using random weight, specified masses will be given to him or her. Dependent Variable: The distance stretched by the spiral spring will obviously be affected by the independent variable, which in this case is the independent variable. The way the distance will be controlled depends on the weight used. List of Materials: Spiral Spring Ruler Retort Stand (Or any other stand)

as the higher the weights used in this experiment the bigger the scope. Data Table: Measurement 1 Measurement 2 Measurement 3 Measurement 4 Weight (g) Distance (cm) Di Distance m: Spring Retort Stand Weight .Loui ong Block H 12/ /10 Aspect 3: Repeated Measurements: In order to keep t e measurements as precise as possi le. This is a good way to reduce the possibility of error and will make sure that the data readings will stay accurate. the scope will not be as wide as for example the range of a supersonic jet. However judging from the data the materials used in this experiment. Scope: The scope will again depend from the independent variable. t e experimenter will have to repeat each weight about two times.