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our ancestry as manifested in buildings and landscapes. as well as management and institutional programming. ecological environments. and the biosphere. Because these methods approach nature directly. but they also provide a psychological and spiritual context within which to explore them. T -Alex Stark. natural phenomena. and health. as such knowledge is quickly becoming standard practice on many building programs. Through them we can help our clients achieve prosperity. My hope is that together we will be able to create not only much better buildings. Developed as ways with which to maximize human and natural potential. I invite you to consider these ideas as you explore some of the projects I have been involved with in which my expertise on geomancy and feng shui played a central role. these techniques have direct application to architecture. M. Contemporary building professionals are concerned with sustainability and ecological accountability.building with harmony: architecture at the service of wholeness he last few years have seen a dramatic expansion in the burgeoning fields of sustainable design. expertise in more traditional building practices such as feng shui and geomancy (earth energy studies) has also experienced increasing demand. that are admirably suited to help us re-establish our relationships to the land. and to the spiritual forces contained in the earth. the built environment. planning and interior design. but a richer experience for all. and human nature. and green building. cosmological forces. satisfaction. The importance of these traditional practices resides in their ability to translate into simple terms a very complex understanding of the interrelationships between the natural world. Simultaneously. Arch . Geomancy and feng shui not only recognize the need for such practices.

and colors. material. NY Architecture: Hariri & Hariri Interiors: Larry Miller The proprietors of these beautiful homes in Manhattan and Sagaponak. In such projects. fame. prosperity. both in the physical form of the space as well as its decor and furnishings. NY. ur services include techniques and guidelines that can promote success and well-being through the design and construction of residential environments. we often are called to correct deficiencies caused by improper architectural configurations in previous building campaigns. decor. and symbolic content. and specifications that reflect green building concerns. rituals and ceremonies were carried out in order to promote well-being. it was possible to create environments that not only reflect the hopes and aspirations of its users. Finally. and to protect its occupants from any unwanted developments. We have also collaborated on a number of large-scale residential development projects. When used in conjunction with improvements to the family's business or home office. of combined residential and commercial space. marriage. sagaponak. ft. These techniques have been successful in conceiving environments that enhance family life. materials specifications. architectural design. and family harmony. By working in tandem with the design profession. but which are fully conscious of their role in promoting health and harmony.000. encourage success.000 sq. and business success. This includes materials. there is a synergetic relationship between the outer envelope of the structure and its internal qualities. For existing construction this is a very important tool that allows the client to correct for problems that would be otherwise too expensive to address. with planned residential occupancies that exceed 1.Residential Environments Lazar-Banks Residence. electromagnetic safety. O . materials. and the education and future of children. we have also provided specialized techniques for the analysis and development of interior form and its corresponding conceptual. our services contributed feng shui and geomancy assessments to site planning. interior layout. We are currently involved in the redevelopment of the Brooklyn waterfront in New York City. these guidelines can also help to promote career. In addition. and colors. both in high-rise buildings as well as in subdivisions and new neighborhoods. This can be achieved through the analysis of textures. Hence. finance. health. requested full use of feng shui and geomancy techniques in the design and furbishing of their city and country homes. In addition to these contributions to the architectural program. success. shapes. as well as building rituals and ceremonies. Our contributions included strategies intended to promote health. and sustainability.

NY Design: Fox & Fowle. vulnerability. They can also create synergies between business. Prudential Douglas Elliman. corridors. and the authority and leadership of its management. including Vanity Fair. its architecture and layout. House & Garden. In situations where business success is compromised. client dissatisfaction. Hyatt Hotels. and interiors all follow feng shui criteria. compromised communication. . and its competitiveness and influence. and prosperity is enhanced. Conde Nast Publishing. the disposition and orientation of the structure. By promoting proper flow and alignment. potential is maximized. we have specialized techniques for promoting new business. was one of the first ecologically conscious corporate office structures in the US. These methods can contribute to the fame and recognition of the enterprise. and the environment. The structure. In addition. It is also part of a revitalization and redevelopment project undertaken by the city of New York in the historical Times Square. Specialized techniques can also be used to address situations in which key individuals may be facing competition. and includes energy efficiencies as well as many green building parameters. Whole Foods Markets.Office & Commercial Environments Conde Nast Publishing. our services can provide cures for diminishing financial returns. Individual spaces can be tailored to help its user maximize personal and institutional potential. community. institutional vulnerability. Manhattan. and Vogue. The building's orientation and massing. as well as the home base for the magazines under its masthead. and the flow of vital energy that nourishes the various activities contained therein. its financial and monetary prowess. we look at the configuration of streets and roads leading to the site. In order to do this. and failing productivity. as well as the layout and disposition of the main lobbies. enhancing client satisfaction. and increasing staff efficiency. AIA The Conde Nast building is the headquarters of the Conde Nast Publishing empire in New York City. designed by the architectural firm of Fox & Fowle. Feng shui was an integral part of the building's design. F eng shui and geomancy can create powerful opportunities for the promotion of business and commercial success. excessive staff turnover. opportunities are encouraged. Our techniques have been successful in creating success and recognition for client such as Morgan Stanley. This is achieved through a combination of techniques that address the potential of the business site. or stress. and many others.

which attracts heads of state. superb views. road and traffic influences. Geomancy in particular is an effective tool that can help to make institutions. success and health. The project was conceived with full geomantic consideration.Institutions & Government Aspen Institute. The latter include evaluations of earth forces. and influence. Aspen. geomagnetic influences. in turn. and the flow of vital energy throughout the site and its buildings. In addition. These can then be correlated with analyses of the patterns of energy flow in the land and buildings in order to determine the most effective configuration for all components of a site. Doerr-Hosier Conference Center.. These. and influence of major institutions at the regional. researchers. national or international levels. can shed light on the site’s potential to generate prosperity. In addition. and scholars from around the world. or individuals. To achieve this requires an understanding of the impacts of land form. or intellectual reach within a site or portion of a site at different points in time. and alignments for the new facility. reach. activities. F eng shui and geomancy encompass many techniques used to evaluate the political and economical potential of a site and structure. organizations. meandering creeks. . Colorado will provide administrative and conferencing space for this prestigious think tank. and groves of Aspens. influential and responsible bodies. for example. including alignments to significant mountains as well as rituals to promote prosperity. political influence. orientation. When used with a high level of sophistication. Using these techniques. The site includes a magnificent meadow. and geopathic stresses (underground energies that are harmful to humans). AIA The Doerr-Hosier Center at the Aspen Institute in Aspen. it is possible to determine the likelihood of success or failure for issues concerning wealth. special feng shui techniques can be used to evaluate the relative potential of different sectors within a site for specific functions. these techniques and methods can help to enhance the power. other techniques can evaluate the relative potential of the site at specific moments in time. CO Design: Jeff Berkus. This will also be the last structure to be built in this historically important campus that includes buildings by Fritz Benedict and Herbert Bayer. and location on the performance of a structure. orientation. Feng Shui criteria was used to evaluate the site and to propose optimal location. success. NGOs and governmental organizations into more effective. They include assessments of land and water patterns.

Finally. evaluations of energy flow. Minneapolis Design: Frank Ghery. recommendation for interior design. It's main campus is located along the banks of the Mississippi River and boasts of several buildings by renowned architects. we have also produced instructional booklets that highlight the fundamental role of imagery and symbolism in the classroom. O . environmental consciousness. and the Waterside School–a top-notch preparatory school for disadvantaged kids. Our contributions included assessments of these two buildings and a proposed addition to the School of Medicine. stephen Holl The University of Minnesota is the fourth largest university in the country. We have also collaborated with specialized learning facilities such as the Center for Discovery–an institute that specializes in the education of the severely frail child. We have been involved in a wide range of projects. Our contributions include site assessments. and have helped develop guidelines for improved materials. Among others. education is perhaps the most rewarding. Skyshapers–a motivational program for gifted teens. We have also participated in focus groups and visioning sessions. By helping to design and build educational environments we have been able to contribute to the growth and cultivation of student populations. f all the areas in which we are involved. recreational facilities. lighting and decor. and educational offices. In addition. we have collaborated with the Board of Education of the City of New York in the creation of improved classrooms and management offices. as well as to the dissemination of new ideas and models of thinking that include holism. which caused significant controversy in the architectural field after its opening in 2002.Education The University of Minnesota. and more personalized adjustments for individual classrooms. In all of these cases our fundamental objective has been to improve the educational environment through the use of a more holistic approach to learning. We have also lectured in their medical and architectural departments on the role of feng shui and geomancy in health care design and participated on research on the role of geomancy in the architectural profession. we have also participated in the creation of special rituals for the classroom and instructed educational personnel on the use of ritual tools. by Stephen Holl (above). including the Weisman Art Museum by internationally acclaimed architect Frank Gehry. from early education to institutions of higher learning such as colleges and universities. and respect for the land and the web of nature. and with the University of Minnesota's Medical School and its College of Architecture. (pictured at right) and the College of Architecture.

The creation of a healing facility requires an approach that is both technological and spiritual. and therefore capable of promoting health as well as disease. and by opening views along windows that overlook the East River. Through the use of holistic techniques which combine traditional feng shui. vital. which we see as extensions of the human body. Based on an intensivisit medical model. we sought ways to cue the patient to the rhythms of nature through a variety of approaches: fluctuations of light and sound. Bellevue Hospital (NY). promoting not only the vision of holistic healing. but also advocating for a paradigm shift towards greater prevention and sustainability. Sutter Health Partners (CA). Through these devices we also hoped to reduce ICU dementia. this unit brings together all units previously under departmental control. healing centers. Continuum Health Partners (NY). Mary's Duluth Medical Center (MN). In addition. Our work in this field includes collaborations with Beth Israel Hospital (NY). Design: G5 Architects AIA This state-of-the-art facility represents the consolidation of all intensive care units at Bellevue Hospital. Our contribution consisted in assessments of the holistic qualities of space in relation to high technology. Denver Cardiology Associates (CO) and many others.Health Care Facilities Bellevue Hospital. ur firm has been deeply involved in the health care field. we have also tried to educate health care personnel in the performance of necessary clearing processes and maintenance rituals. and health care professionals to develop a greater understanding of the role of nature. Our efforts are based on a keen desire to transform the quality of health care and its delivery toward a more holistic model that is conscious of the role played by the environment in the healing process. designers. we have sought to contribute to the creation of spaces that are vibrant. use of horizon lines. helping to create hospitals. rituals of healing. O . This concern extends well beyond the curative space and into the home and office. In all of these cases we provided feng shui and geomancy input that helped architects. We have also lectured extensively. and medical spas. the premier trauma center for the city of New York. This project included water fountains whose emanating sound can reach sterile units (photo above). NYC Intensive Care Unit. By manipulating the internal environment. and the energetic environment on the healing process. and green building techniques. a condition caused in part by the sterility and monotony of the ICU environment. St. the land. and fully capable of promoting health and recuperation.

Focused around a lake with fully developed recreational facilities. NC Developer: Kerry Lindsey Planning: Ed Lastein AIA The developer of this complex community near Asheville. gardens and landscaping. an organic farm. We first assess the quality of the land and its topography in order to determine the relative potential of the site. service facilities. including residential subdivisions. and a conservation area with pristine wetlands. we have been requested to contribute spiritual and geomantic recommendations in a variety of land development projects. Asheville. Mill Valley (CA). Ideal location of functions and optimal building orientations are also proposed. economically sound. as these can pose significant risks to both health and fortune. T he New Urbanism movement has created a whole new way of looking at land development. . civic institutions. and fully capable of creating wholesome communities. commercial. resort developments. cultural. mixeduse commercial development. it shares our concern for a more ecologically and socially conscious approach to urbanization. and agricultural amenities. NC wanted to create a traditional setting that would provide ease of access to residential. improper water patterns. Highland Lake (NC). Recommendations are then made for ideal land use patterns which respect both town planning concerns as well as cosmic and spiritual forces. and for a closer relationship between nature. suggestions are made to maximize opportunity and to minimize drawbacks due to poor land massing. and the urban fabric. Edgewater (NJ). individual buildings. As part of our work in this field. a lodge and restaurant. Rockford (IL). In addition. technology. and Valle de Bravo (Mexico). Predicated on a more sustainable relationship between buildings and human activity. a retreat center. In all of these cases our work has been motivated by a desire to create environments that are sustainable. and intentional communities. or insufficient earth energy. Geological and geopathic stresses (earth energies that are detrimental to life) are also diagnosed. all within walking distance from each other. this traditional community includes town houses. detached homes. Our contributions to urbanism and land development have included analyzes of the land patterns in the towns of Aspen (CO). This combination of uses has created a synergy between its various components that respects both the agricultural history and traditions of the area while providing modern development possibilities for a rapidly expanding population. mixed use neighborhoods.Urbanism & Land Development Highland Lake Traditional Community Development. Finally. guidelines are provided for optimal design of street patterns.

prepared foods. idiosyncrasies. the retail sector is undergoing rapid transformation. Created as a way to bring healthy eating to a wider population. materials specifications. Increasingly.Retail & Sales Whole Foods Markets Design: Bottino Grund Architects AIA Whole Food Markets is the fastest growing chain of specialty food markets in the country with shops now opening in London. Based on a holistic model. our efforts have also focused on the creation of transformational experiences for shoppers and staff alike. Customers are demanding that products perform not only as functional objects but also as part of the their personal journey of discovery. recognition and success. and spiritual needs of the producer. Part of this trend has focused on the need to enhance a business's edge against increasingly competitive markets. From the design of the product to its manufacture and display. are part and parcel of the needs our services can address. and success. and the sales staff. recognition. R etail and sales present exciting opportunities for the application of feng shui and geomancy. but this has to be done against the background of changing trends. the business model is based on a recognition of the critical role played by staff as part of the overall sales effort. Feng shui services have included all phases of design and construction. national supermarket chains. and local produce. our techniques are very well suited to this area of business. and body care items. In all cases our objective has been to increase sales. These. home decor. Whole Foods Markets offers a rare combination of organic and conventional produce. Staff recruitment. a new market consciousness now pays a great deal of attention to the inter-relationships between consumer and ethics. customers are also take care of. Despite this unpredictability. . fashions. health and beauty products. the consumer. and the vagaries of the marketplace. products. In addition. and sales are booming. from early design concepts to floor layout. development. each shop is conceived both regionally as well as locally. and we have successfully advised sales establishments of all types and sizes. As a consequence. Not only is it necessary in these cases to promote the prerequisite prosperity. and to the communal imperative to perform in an ethical and sustainable manner. By providing staff with a rewarding environment. between dollar spent and its impact on the biosphere. to regional realty concerns. and multinational traders. as well as the more traditional concerns for profitability. and traditions are included in every store. psychological. and ritual processes. retail and sales efforts now present a coordinated effort that is aware of the economic. from mom and pop corner shops. expand market share. and satisfaction are also part of this trend. In addition. and add to the recognition of the brand or product.

overages. Traditional feng shui considerations can greatly enhance an industry's prospects for financial rewards. In addition. good management. productive. In addition. On one hand there is the need to promote prosperity and to create value from business activity. Lynmar has specialized in the production of premium pinot noir grapes and wines for boutique markets. a metals producer. . and recommendations were made to correct problems in the distribution of earth energies. many of them are also exploring the possibility of working with new systems and technologies that allow for more ecologically conscious use of resources. Our contribution to this client included feng shui recommendations for a new tasting facility. and conscious business practices. communication. sonoma. our clients have sought our advice in order to create environments that are efficient. inefficiency. the global reach of transnational industries can also be enhanced through judicious management of energies internal to the business structure as well as by assessments and adjustments to the environment of both factory space and corporate headquarters. Considerations were also taken to promote corporate and financial success through the enhancement of the organization's corporate headquarters in San Francisco. Accidents. and lodging facilities for visitors and dignitaries. and waste are some of the many concerns that can be minimized through the use of these techniques. On the other hand. In addition. there is a need to minimize industry's impact on the earth and the biological web. Furthermore. and which are as green and sustainable as possible. The overall layout of the vineyards was also studied. many of our clients are actively involved in creating new paradigms in which industry itself becomes an agent of healing and regeneration. a state-of-the-art production unit.Industry & Manufacturing Lynmar Winery. and time. staff and client satisfaction. I ndustry presents special problems to the feng shui consultant. and management are other areas in which specialized geomantic techniques can be of help. energy. Whether it is a wine manufacturer. In fact. caves for the storage and fermentation of wine. California Design: Baum Thornley Architects. or a printing plant. supportive of staff and management. AIA Considered one of the most promising new wineries in the Sonoma region. certain rituals are very effective at promoting success and minimizing risks. Worker productivity.

Whereas the interior of a structure is conceived in terms of the movement of vital energy (chi) and the disposition of objects in space. The waters drawn from the well are renowned for their healing qualities and for their ability to awaken spiritual powers. regeneration. In addition. meadows. no matter how small. underground water. healing power can be harnessed. the placement of water. the global geomagnetic grids. rock outcroppings. the seasons. Glastonbury. outdoor meeting spaces. ardens and landscaping have the power to connect us to larger cosmic forces and to make these available for our delight. can be a representation of the larger Cosmos. and connections can be made to our ancestry. a healing garden. our senses are stimulated and our appreciation for beauty is enhanced. The well is part of the imposing complex that includes Glastonbury Tor. ablution ponds. sculpture. and mineral deposits. groves. By connecting directly with the forces of nature. Hence. and weather. the theoretical constructs and practical tools used for landscaping are substantially different from those used indoors. G . with quiet areas for contemplation. The entire garden has been conceived as a journey into the self. landscaping considerations need to be correlated against other factors such as geopathic stresses. and outdoor pavilions can all be used to enhance the spiritual power of the land. All of nature can be understood as a repository for the sacred. and always yearn to return. and buildings is intended as an exercise in global harmony. sculptures.Gardens & Landscaping Chalice Well Healing Garden. I often return to introduce students and pilgrims to its delights. As with all healing gardens. and to study its hidden secrets. and our history. each outdoor space. the seasons should be respected and can be used for their symbolic and regenerative power. so in a sense all gardens are healing places. England Chalice Well and its healing garden are among the most beloved spiritual places in all of Europe. In all cases landscaping should be seen organically. vegetation. Because this is one of my favorites places. Our work has focused on the creation of gardens for hospitals. Labyrinths. I never tire of its magic. and steeped in the Arthurian myths. Chalice Well has seen continuous activity since Neolithic times. our spirituality. In addition. and a public fountain for taking the waters. or a tiny urban plot. Whether it is in a large conservation area. the land should be allowed to inform us and direct our efforts. educational facilities. and healing. the Healing Garden. Part of the pilgrimage route of Avalon. outdoor environments are more directly correlated to the forces of nature. institutions. and the White Spring. and private residences.

our rituals and ceremonies are both celebrations and initiations. Spas. or health problems. as well as contemporary energetic clearings based on European models. and the world of spirit. They can be used to promote success. aging. Jordan. from traditional feng shui rituals. Hollyhock (British Columbia). Esalen (CA). We offer a variety of space clearing modalities. have taken on more complex characteristics. to more elaborate shamanic ceremonies. Add into this mix a wholehearted advocacy for sustainability and social responsibility. T he vertiginous rise of spas and retreat centers over the last decades has reflected a changing consciousness about lifestyles. Grounded in millenary traditional practices.Spas & Retreat Centers Rancho La Puerta Tecate. preparing the site. and to include components of each other's programming: retreat centers now offer massage. as well hybrids of these two trends. and efficiency. on the other hand. shiatsu. enfolding within their programs and offerings a wide array of alternative modes of therapy. have had to adjust to an ever widening demand for education and information about the self and its relationships to nature. Based on the idea that humans are both body and spirit. What began as an alternative consciousness in the 1960's and 70's has become part of the mainstream. education. Our clients in this area have included conventional spas in urban settings. health. Our contributions to retreat centers have included the Omega Institute (NY). retreat centers in remote areas. and now offer learning programs on everything from classical meditation to business planning. nutrition. . Retreat centers. prosperity. often these organizations have had to adjust to the consumer market. Hong Kong. What is common for both these industries has been the need to expand the scope of their vision. and yoga. They can also be used to address situations in which there has been misfortune. and Japan. lifestyle management. family. and substance abuse counseling. in particular. Los Angeles. spas now invite visiting gurus and spiritual teachers. emotional. We have worked on spas in New York. spas have been experimenting with alternative modalities that can nourish the physical. and the relationships between work and leisure. Honoring the earth. and the spa and retreat movement ranks among the more interesting social developments of recent times. a loss. Mexico Design: sarah Brightwood Space clearing ceremonies are important components of every building project. and Boisbouchet (France). intellectual and spiritual components of the self. and blessing the structure are some of the most effective ways to promote well-being and to encourage a harmonious and balanced life. Space clearings are particularly effective at opening up new opportunities and creating more abundance in everyday life. Mexico. and healing.

Indian Vastu design principles. Through active use. NYC Art: Alex & Allyson Grey Design: Keith Critchlow The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is the brainchild of Alex and Allyson Grey. and which encourages an ecumenical approach to spirituality. sacred artists. partly because feng shui and geomancy are ideally suited to this task. blessings. hospitals and spas.Spirituality & Healing The Chapel of sacred Mirrors. it could be said that this task supersedes all others. Sacred space affords humanity an opportunity to find ourselves again and again. a sacred space becomes alive. it holds a very special relationship with the earth and its manifestations in nature. In fact. are contemporary challenges of unparalleled importance. Dedicated to the cultivation of spiritual life in all is manifestations. and allowing this to manifest with grace and natural beauty in the built environment. the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is also an event space that promotes lectures. . and many individuals intent on creating a more sacred container for their lives. and takes on an identity not possible in other types of locations or structures. there is no possibility for conscious life. urban sprawl. or gardens. offices. Our clients in this field have included organized religious groups. to return to the sacred origins where we can discover our higher purpose. shamanic healing rituals. healers. and European geomancy. because without a sense of the sacred in everyday life. Recovering a respect for the holy. but also because the landscape is being de-sacralized at an alarming rate. desecration through war and conflict. and guidelines for site selection and building design. Designs for the final structure have been proposed by the internationally acclaimed architect and sacred geometrician Keith Critchlow. Industry. the Chapel will ultimately be constructed on sacred ground. no real possibility for sustainability in the long term. and time. Our contributions included rituals. Currently housed in a loft space in Manhattan. The tools which we use for this purpose include classical feng shui. Because sacred space is created on hollowed ground. sacred geometry. and the radicalization of ideological concepts are all threatening to destroy the web of sacredness that Nature and the Divine have placed at our disposal here on Earth. or through sacred areas in homes. C reating sacred space is one of my top priorities. spiritual teachings. either through intentionally holy spaces. It is meant to house a collection of religious paintings created by these two artists in a setting that will help its visitors to experience states of transcendence and revelation. the cosmos. and therefore.

and efficiency. Feng shui. Grounded in millenary traditional practices. Honoring the earth. or health problems.Rituals & Ceremonies space Clearing Ceremonies Space clearing ceremonies are important components of every building project. Because of this. to more elaborate shamanic ceremonies. rituals are keyed to the cycles of nature. and even to help with serious problems such as illness or misfortune. Space clearings are particularly effective at opening up new opportunities and creating more abundance in everyday life. Use of these parameters provides a safe way to forestall any potentially negative consequences and to promote long-term success for the individuals or institutions involved. B . before occupancy in new spaces. bad neighborhood energy. the rotations of the sun and moon. for example. unwanted legacies in existing buildings (negative predecessor energy). In general. and so on. and the press. In all cases rituals can be joyful events and are often accompanied by great beauty and lavish offerings. health. to clear out unwanted energies in existing buildings. grand openings. They can be used to prepare the land for use. has an array of tools which are used to determine ideal times for ground-breaking ceremonies. and periodically as part of regular maintenance. preparing the site. our rituals and ceremonies are both celebrations and initiations. are important rituals that should be carried out during and after construction. as well as contemporary energetic clearings based on European models. or other celestial events. We offer a wide variety of rituals that can be tailored to the specific circumstances encountered by the client. Space clearings. as they can make excellent public relations events. prosperity. They can also be used to address situations in which there has been misfortune. uilding rituals and ceremonies are among the more interesting contributions of feng shui and geomancy to our building practices. in particular. many clients choose to open them up to their clients. and blessing the structure are some of the most effective ways to promote well-being and to encourage a harmonious and balanced life. to bless or consecrate land or buildings for a particular purpose. Rituals and ceremonies can also be used to correct more serious problems such as geopathic stresses (negative energies in the land). initiation of construction. Timing is often a significant factor which can contribute to the desired outcome. a loss. friends. financial misfortune. They can be used to promote success. We offer a variety of space clearing modalities. Preparations for rituals can be extensive. and even ghosts and hauntings. from traditional feng shui rituals. the seasons. poor health.

commercial. and Native American Earth Healing. . Alex is married and has one daughter.com Alex StArk is an internationally recognized consultant.alexstark. the University of Minnesota Medical School. and industrial facilities. Regents College in London. Conde Nast Publishing. the American Holistic Medical Association. the Center for Health Care Design. and the French School of Geomancy in Paris. Sutter Health. The Aspen Institute. the Arts & Entertainment Channel. the Long Island Feng Shui Institute (NY). CNN. Alex’s work has been featured on NBC. and others. The New York Times.. Yale University. health care facilities. European Geomancy. and design. the Feng Shui International Network in London. PBS. the American Institute of Architects. Harper’s. Town & Country. ID Magazine. Alex has lectured at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Spirituality and Health. the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui (CA). Interiors. He has been a consultant to the United Nations Development Program in public health and regional planning. urban settlements. Beth Israel Hospital (NYC). efficiency. Residential Architecture. Corcoran Realty Group. Hollyhock. the European School of Feng Shui in Amsterdam. Crain’s. Whole Foods Markets. His clients include: Hyatt Corporation. and on issues of personal and institutional transformation. he advises on issues of design and placement for residential. the Symposium for Health Care Design. Hyatt Retirement Residences. and the Feng Shui Alliance (NJ). institutional. and teacher on issues of creativity. He has received a design citation for his feng shui work by the Boston Society of Architects. Bellevue Hospital (NYC). Prudential Douglas Elliman. Inc. Morgan Stanley. Esalen. Alex is a recipient of a Ford Foundation scholarship for cross-cultural studies and was named Scholar of the House by Yale University. Oriental astrology. The University of California at Berkeley. Interior Design. Continuum Center for Health & Healing (NYC). and many others. the University of Minnesota College of Architecture. The University of Minnesota. He is in the faculty of the the Omega Institute.c o n ta c t u s 917-306-1089 www. As such. The Wall Street Journal. the International Academy for Design & Health. he is a practitioner of Feng Shui. A graduate of the Yale University School of Architecture. Metropolis. educational. advisor.