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I bow down to Goddess Bhagwati and Jagadguru Shriram Again and again I bow down at your lotus feet.

Like a mother you rear us and like a father you show us the path.

I bow down to you O preceptor. Like God is the mother of the world and Shriram is the Preceptor of the world. who is a representative of Gayatri. . they have the power to ward off intense obstacles. I bow down to the hallowed feet of both since they are full of faith and divine wisdom. Both of them can make the impossible possible. His nectarine words destroy the poison of the material world. I bow down to you who is Mahakal manifest and who is the one who will transform this era. with faith and divine wisdom. I bow down to you O preceptor.

God is one and that to experience him there is only one path which involves understanding God’s teachings and imbibing them in one’s daily life. Thus the Gayatri Mantra too gives us this divine inspiration and along with this those who truly make efforts in this direction are given divine powers just like those possessed by a preceptor.e. What is our relationship with him? (Tat Dheemahi) Imbibe him as divine radiance in your psyche. Bhargo Devasya Dhimahee). It could further mean that if we have not met a preceptor in this material world we can attain our god via Gayatri Mahamantra which is the GuruMantra manifest. We all are aware of this. He is divine light and is easily attainable. ANOTHER POINT TO NOTE . We see differences as far as various names and forms of this world are concerned. sky and cosmic space. What do you call him? He is beyond the difference of sexes i. PRECEPTOR AND GAYATRI All experienced people proclaim one truth only viz. What is its use – prayer? (Dheeyo Yona Prachodayat). Yet in the gross. According to the Gayatri Mahamantra : Where is God? The answer is “Om Bhur Bhuva Sva” meaning God pervades the earth. May God induce our intellects to walk on the path of greatness. Definitely we will have to accept that those who fight are totally ignorant of the true nature of God. He is beyond all names and forms. Any capable Guru can endeavour to lead us towards divinity (God) with the help of this lucid aphorism. This helps a spiritual seeker to overcome differences based on names.OUR HUMBLE OBESIANCES TO OUR REVERED PRECEPTOR YUGA RISHI SHRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA WHO IS ETERNAL GAYATRI. form. Else it could also mean that these quarrelsome people have not found a true preceptor (Guru) who will help one overcome this differential viewpoint and reinstate us in that absolute principle of truth that is God wherein there is only oneness and no differences. material world one sees something entirely different.MANIFEST AND WHOSE NECTARINE WORDS DESTROY THE VENOM OF THIS WORLD. As a result right since ancient times it goes beyond all sectarian differences and is hence established as a Guru-Mantra. he is neither a male nor a female. Because of this visual difference different opinions are put forth which ultimately lead to bitter fights and strifes. What is his nature and how do you attain him? (Tat Savitur Varenyam. various methods of worship so as to attain the divine wisdom of one soul (God) pervading the entire cosmos.

Gayatri is that which protects our vital force.Gayatri is made up of 2 parts viz. But in this era it is only our revered Gurudeva i. Prahlad. Shankaracharya humbly bows down to the preceptor. What are those problems that one is forced to seek protection? When does one seek protection from Gayatri which is the primordial energy of divine consciousness? When consciousness flows in the sense organs made of the 5 elements it gets the power of mobility. OUR GOOD FATE If we witness it in the light of truth then we will realize that we are those extraordinarily fortunate people who have attained the Guru (Preceptor) as Gayatri and Gayatri as a Guru Mantra. Because the sense organs are inert in nature. they tend to stray in all directions.e. Thus it is our good fortune that we have got the Guru Mantra in the form of the Gayatri Mantra. The preceptor gave a proper direction to these souls who were otherwise straying in a wrong direction or it can also be said that from the beginning itself their delusion was warded off. Gayatri science protects us from this illusion. Ratnakar. And hence by calling such a preceptor “Always as Gayatri manifest”. This is that very problem as a result of which our vital force gets agitated while seeking protection. Gay (vital force) + Tri (protection). Adi Shankaracharya always visualizes the preceptor in this manner. Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who has made it easy for us to relate to God via an allencompassing precept. Dhruv. The soul in our body forgets that true joy is present in the life force itself. No doubt the conscious flow of energy in our sense organs induces mobility in them yet one prays that the sense organs instead of moving in the direction of vileness should flow on the path of sacredness. By itself spiritual seekers could avail of the Gayatri Mantra just like any other Mantra. The question arises as to when does one seek protection? It is very clear that when a devotee is involved in a major problem he seeks protection via prayers. . it itself gets controlled by it. Angulimal radiated intense vital force. This joy tends to believe that the sense organs are its servants and instead of controlling what it had set out to control.

He was a master of Tantra Science. In fact for his entire life he worked according to the precepts of Gayatri and when he gave up his mortal coil on the day of Gayatri Jayanti he merged into Gayatri. Meaning both Gayatri and our preceptor are one both within and without. If one’s destiny is very dire. We have the examples of innumerable individuals wherein more than 1 lakh people have . yet he had told one of the Gayatri Parivar members that Shriram Sharma Acharya is the father of Gayatri in this era.In the same way Gayatri who is our preceptor too. The members of the Gayatri Parivar know fully well that the great devotee of Gayatri viz. Our revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Acharya was Gayatri incarnate. Swami Anand was senior to our Gurudeva by 25 years. Adi Shankaracharya who looked upon Gayatri as an eternal preceptor always bowed down to Her. divine intellect. Yet he never had faith in exhibiting miraculous powers for name and fame. Eternal means that which cannot be limited by body. Even our revered Gurudeva spoke about himself thus. He further proclaimed that no one shall take up the position of a Guru (Preceptor) in the Gayatri Parivar after I give up my mortal coil. a Guru definitely helps such a person to lighten his burden and by inducing the devotee to undergo minor pain. Our revered Gurudeva has taken many physical forms at various places with the help of his divine subtle body so as to be of help to his beloved devotees. All this proves that he wished to re-instate Gayatri as divine energy and not as a limited image of name and form. Hence it is indeed our great fortune to be associated with such a great exponent of Gayatri. He was highly revered in the Arya Samaj. Hence he also said do not make a statue of my body. Yet he would always bow down to our Gurudeva (Shriram Sharma Acharya) who was not only younger in age but was also a householder and not a Sanyasi (mendicant). he is helped to attain salvation. He opined that those who look upon me as divine energy and not a limited human body will attain the proximity of my true nature. place and time. All his life he helped innumerable devotees to walk on the path of greatness. No doubt Swami Karpatri a revered figure of Sanatana Dharma disapproved of the Gayatri Mantra being given to one and all. Mother Gayatri who is Savita God’s divine energy pervaded every pore of his being. A devotee attained his protection as per his individual destiny. is easily attainable by one and all. Swami Anand was a member of the Arya Samaj. In fact as far as a true saint is concerned these miracles take place via his body as per God’s wish and whoever experiences it truly feels blessed. Instead re-instate a flame torch which represents intense faith in God and a radiant. Those who will initiate others into the Gayatri Mantra and those who will perform those rites will only do so as my representatives. Mahatma Anand Swami would always stress that our revered preceptor is inseparable from Gayatri.

Hence even if death approaches you suddenly. The sacred voice says – I am always with you. Imbibe those holy teachings in your daily life. who knows this moment? Hence always visualize your goal. THE SACRED SPEECH OF REVERED YUGA RISHI SHRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA In the silent cave of our minds echoes the divine speech of our Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya. Time is fast running away. Whatever is done by you is possible only in my hallowed presence. You can only be my true disciple if you are alert. Fill your entire psyche with my way of thinking. Go beyond all these dualities. You are the soul and not the body and hence an inseparable part of my very being. The body can vanish any moment. always remember that the sense organs always work against the direction of the soul. Only then can you live a true life. It is more powerful than death too. While experiencing this truth O child. steadfast and devoted to my way of thinking. You may go anywhere.challenged that in those days when the Guru did not meet anyone. . you are ready for it with calmness. only then can you convert running time into eternity. Hence live your life as though this very moment death is about to engulf you. Between us all lies an infinite ocean of love. Truly. We are all one (merged) in God. I live only for you. Hence always remain alert. I never fear forcing you to enter the blazing fire of harsh struggles. The bond between a Guru and his disciple is more firm than a thunderbolt. For the lay public he was unavailable yet for his unswerving followers he made himself available. Visualize only that which is One. because they were first given to me by my preceptor which I am faithfully passing on to you all. Because they always get agitated when faced with joy and sorrow. This is because I am fully aware of your inner strength. You are the stars of my eyes. You are the wealth of my heart. I shall give you the fruits of my divine experiences. liberate and purify your mind. Never trust your wayward sense organs. they have met the Guru and for about 1-2 hours they sat in the presence of our revered Guru. I help you to experience one situation after another and yet my inner eyes are always watching you. Not at the time of death but in your moments of living. yet I will appear in your midst. Only then will you experience that oneness in greater measure which can be experienced with infinite bodies of mine. Look intently for my wishes in my thoughts and in my literature. I always experience oneness of soul with all of you. These experiences could be true but if we try to find proof of it in the gross world we would fail miserably. If you immerse your mind in the thoughts of eternity and immortality.

You all are my children. Hence you too should bravely face all tests and calamities. Hence why do you fear anything? Be brave and fearless.Everyone has to face a lot of struggle while walking on the path of ideals. If you truly depend on God. I love all of you because I am bound to you by your devotion. all your fears will vanish. . joy or sorrow. In this era all these situations have manifested at one and the same time hence via a comparative study we can understand easily how a Prajnavatar is the unified form of all incarnations of God. Until now all the incarnations of God that have manifested have been for establishment of righteousness and transformation of this era based on various situations.PRAJNAVATAR IS THE UNIFIED FORM OF THE PAST NINE INCARNATIONS OF GOD. INTRODUCTION INTRODUCING YUGA RISHI SHRIRAM SHARMA ACHARYA AS PRAJNAVATAR AND AUTHOR OF THIS BOOK ---. good or bad I shall always remain by your side. Live a life of protection of God. I always protect all of you. My love for God makes me one with you. I am your very soul. be it life or death. Wherever you go. child! Your heart us my true residence.

Look at Me. Hence help me reach the ocean. Einstein’s theory is merely E=mc2 but yet it has been commented upon in a very enlarged manner. My size is increasing. According to astrological calculations this is the time for Kalki incarnation to manifest and hence certain individuals. Manu said. Manu. Suddenly there was Jala-Pralaya (destruction of the world by a deluge). The divine fish said. Manu means one who is attached to .the story of transformation of this era. how can I serve You? The fish said. Indian culture too has been presented thus. Egoistic people full of mental cravings should not themselves put on such facades as is being seen today. Manu obliged and took the fish to the ocean. The fish took the seven Rishis to the Himalayan valley from where the Rishis spread the message of the Vedas (spiritual knowledge) to the entire world. Maybe as a result of this. Thus do take me to the river Ganges. According to the Puranas (Indian mythology) this is the story of the Matsyavatar. This very principle has manifested in our initial five incarnations so that it can be understood by wise men. In that destruction everything was getting destroyed and hence the fish asked the seven Rishis (Saptarshis) to sit on its back. At that time he heard a subtle voice.1) MATSYAVATAR (Fish incarnation) -. And it is more amazing that that this all powerful extrasensory power behaves like a human being. You seem to be a divine personality. Tell me. They just put on superficial facades. this description was depicted symbolically in ancient times. One day Lord Manu after his worship routine was offering water in his palms (called Arghya) to sun-god. Manu saw a small fish in his palms and the voice manifested from the fish. Lord Manu’s heart overflowed with love when he heard the voice of this divine fish. The binomial theorem is a one line equation but it has been enlarged upon greatly. reality stares at us and this is the laughable ridiculous situation today. This is the principle of science too. I need your help. Hence he took the divine fish in his water-pot and took it to a large river. as soon as the artificial black colour is removed. It can be either very small or very large in size. I wish to execute a gigantic task and hence this pond is very small for it. On another auspicious occasion Lord Manu again visited that place and he again beheld that divine fish. A fish is that creature who moves in the opposite direction of the flow of water. In the ancient times there has been a tradition of writing and talking about definite cosmic laws in hymn form (Guru-preceptor). It seems strange that God incarnates as a fish. saints introduce themselves as the Nishkalank avatar (taintless incarnation) but in reality they are not fit enough to be even the tail of this Kalki (horse) incarnation.

Under precarious conditions of the possibility of destruction of spiritual sciences. He wrote the great Gayatri science in 3 parts. it is not meant for ladies. then he gave them Gayatri meditation.e. THE TURTLE INCARNATION MEANING A SUPERB COMBINATION OF MATERIAL COMFORTS AND SPIRITUAL UPLIFTMENT : Both the demi-gods and demons are sons of Brahmaji. The problem was that due to the churning of the ocean the entire surface of the earth could get shattered. perform Gayatri worship. Brahmaji asked them to churn the ocean i. Hence out of anguish both of them approached Brahmaji and requested the latter to show them the path of peace. Everyone is accepting its principles. By warding off vain traditional beliefs he gave the world the spiritual wisdom of Vedic religion i. yajna can only be performed by Brahmins. he gave a spiritual understanding of the Rishi tradition that was of a high order. his self. so as to churn the ocean. At one end were the demi-gods and at the other the demons. this divine wisdom would have drowned and there would not remain even a trace of true spirituality if he had not achieved all this. it is being spread everywhere.e. elders. The fish incarnation can be seen to pervade every particle of the Prajnavatar. The opposing elements tried their level best to obstruct him. Everyone is partaking the bliss of its manifestation. like the Ganges river emanating from Shiva’s hair locks. The Mandarachal mountain was made the churning rod. Hence who would shoulder . spirituality means only flowers. it is uttered in the ear. The Gayatri belongs to Brahmins. They are marching ahead on the path of self-realisation. Brahmins are those from birth only. The activity and style of working of this mission (Gayatri Parivar) and its founder is of this type. he gave public programs.the world and compassionately wishes to stop it getting destroyed. All this he accomplished by remaining small in stature and today he is its cosmic protector. Today all small/big children. then teaching others. he opposed all this and yet on the other hand rejuvenated all this. garlands. then he gave his time. males. Both parties experienced destruction. spiritual Indian culture. Lord Shesha (serpent) was converted into a rope. he successfully established the parents of Indian culture (Gayatri yajna) and the Rishi tradition in the Himalayas (Shantikunj--Haridwar). he saved everyone else along with today’s business type hermitages. They keep fighting and battling with each other. its heads etc. From here. he established Shaktipeethas. First he entered the water-pot (heart) of spiritually sensitive people. Samudra-Manthan. females etc. he established other branches. tilak.

undesirable elements. social science and spiritual science.e. robbery. A society becomes inert. It seems impossible that a mere turtle can shoulder the burden of a gigantic mountain. The Lord complied by taking the turtle incarnation or the Kacchap Avatar and on his back shouldered the weight of the Mandarachal mountain. crime. Due to those materialistic beliefs there is so much oppression. rape etc. The Prajnavatar opens up the mystery of the turtle incarnation as to how both nectar and poison are useful in our lives. And all this manifests because man is looked upon as a mere body and not as the soul. distrust etc. this inertia is seen everywhere and in all walks of life. This materialistic way of life can be looked upon as the ideal of intellectual principles and those of material science. today religion has taken the ugly form of blind faith. The stream of sensitivity has dried up to such an extent that today husband-wife do not trust one another. Everyone faces situations of destruction like environmental pollution. Meaning life should be churned under the test of spiritual practices.the burden? They all hence prayed to the Lord. Amongst the 14 jewels there is nectar as well as poison. After the ocean was churned. In today’s world this Tripurasura demon is seen manifested everywhere. Hence churning of the ocean means how to bring both these aspects at one single focal point. For this they are willing to even harass other beings. devoid of sensitivity when there is lack of faith and trust i. out came 14 jewels which were joyous for both the demi-gods and the demons. prevailing in this world. On the other hand because one forgets human values as a result of looking upon spirituality only as the be all and end all of life. The demons are those who look upon sense merriments as the ultimate goal of life. As a result wisdom dawns regarding worldly duties and can help us attain our spiritual goals. How can the mighty ocean be churned and that too with the terrible serpent god (Lord Shesha) as the rope. One may pardon political corruption but the direct result of this façade of spirituality can only be destruction. This is based on selfishness oriented materialism. But the divine sports of turtle incarnation has proved this incident to be true. there is bitterness between father and son. This means that divinity is one sided. two brothers become enemies and one reads all this in newspapers. Today market places in the form of pilgrim spots. harassment. This is the story of the turtle incarnation. The story of the turtle incarnation is an incomparable sequence of bodily science. hermitages. Mathas and temples which are again like business houses have become synonymous with ugly corruption. This is the pain of being a demon. .

He was a great realized saint and a master of worldly material achievements too. Ida meaning the Chandranaadi (left Svar) is a symbol of serenity. Our preceptor writes that that the Merudand (spinal cord) is itself the Mandarachal mountain. Because it has the shape of a turtle. Our revered preceptor did exactly this and gave us humans these 14 jewels or the path of spirituality wherein despite leading a materialistic life one can attain one’s spiritual goal. IN THIS MANNER LORD VARAH WASHED OFF THE ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION ON EARTH : There was a demon called Hiranyaksha. India. Symbolically this very black 6-sided molecule is called Kurma or turtle. Under these circumstances who would ward off the veil of dirt on planet earth? Hence the Lord . divinity and Pingala or Suryanaadi (right Svar) is a symbol of heat and material desires.e. The Brahmanaadi too has been tied up by this 6-sided molecule (Shata-Kona).Thus it is clear that the revered preceptor’s main aim and endeavour was to bring both these ideals on one single platform. Both are in opposite directions but how both can be brought on one platform can be understood from his writings i. In order to unite both the intellectual class and followers of Brahman he established the Brahmavarchas Research Institution in Haridwar. There was utter chaos in the world when he covered the earth with dirt and took it from the route of the ocean. By churning both these Naadis (subtle nerves) via Pranayaam (breathing exercises) and other spiritual practices the Mooladhar is activated. Thus the vital force is conjoined to the body. This wisdom dawns only in the psyche of one who undergoes intense spiritual practices.e. In order to make the roof firm. He craved so much for wealth that he ran away with the entire planet earth. It is from here that the Brahmanaadi i. Here both the results of faith oriented meditation of God with form and yoga practice oriented formless meditation are depicted in a scientific manner. in Gayatri Mahavigyan (Part 1) page nos. the path of wisdom of the cosmos commences. Today both the atheistic intellectual class and theistic class of faith oriented people have joined our mission so as to successfully depict Lord Kurma’s precepts. The symbolic meaning of earth depending on Lord Kurma (turtle) is that the house of our life too is dependent on the turtle. This is the manifested form of Kundalini Shakti worship undergone by our revered preceptor. 240-248. The Mooladhar or the base of the Merudand is established when the embryo is in the mother’s womb in the form of a black 6-sided molecule getting attached to the base of the Merudand. very strong tent pins are dug into the ground and are then tied by ropes.

One does not know whether these observations are true of false but the increase in pollution on earth will definitely lead us to such a dire situation. People left this planet for other safer planets when there was a rain of acid. But he himself drank this poison so as to save the world from this peril and thus establish its well being. At the time of Gorakhpur Ashwamedha Yagna scientists systematically proclaimed this fact. smoke of cars. Just like on earth even on Venus there was chaos. the author of the book “Charities of God” writes that once upon a time human beings dwelt on the planet Venus. It can only be satisfied through mills. factories etc. Only then will the earth be saved. Our preceptor by becoming Lord Varah tried to overcome this pollution. The craving cannot be satisfied either by tilling land or making handicrafts. the problem of atomic waste. Our Rishis were super scientists but they never used materials that went against nature’s laws which in turn destroyed nature. For this it is enough that there is dirt and increase in automobile smoke pollution one earth. The Prajna Purusha (our preceptor) had not even an iota of attachment to the material world. carbon dioxide. based on advanced technology. He inspired us to live life in tandem with Mother Nature and researched into gigantic Yajnas. In the coming days this endeavour will get worldwide acceptance. The Lord removed the dirt covering and gave back the cleansed earth to the human beings to dwell on it again. By becoming Lord Varah he resolved to save the earth’s environment from the peril of pollution. INCARNATION OF LORD NRISHINHA MEANS REJUVENATION OF FAITH : . To study all this 2 artificial satellites were sent there. The fact that our earth needs to be washed off of all dirt can be gauged by the dirt of our cities. carbon monoxide etc. Daniel Wanken. new types of diseases etc. This is the gist of Lord Varah’s incarnation. Everyone today is aware of how Allopathy medicines have destroyed so many creatures on earth and that how the earth is being milked to dryness. Wanken thinks that the 2 moons of Venus called Phovos and Lovos are artificial satellites.took the form of Varah (boar) and by killing Hiranyaksha he saved the planet earth. Until now he not only organized Yajnas but this mission is washing off this pollution by sowing countless trees and reactivating the Ayurveda form of medicinal therapy. Hiranyaksha means he whose eyes are full of craving for gold or material wealth only. Today this fact has been proved by modern science.

He would neither die in daytime nor at night. The 21st century is manifesting with speed for that very potential of a bright future whose child like faith he had protected. In the flash of a moment our Prajnavatar(Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) easily achieved all this in such a way as though like Lord Nrisinha he came out of a pillar by shattering it open. A small trailer of this in the form of Yuga Sandhi Mahapurashcharan is being enacted in revered Gurudeva’s birthplace. Anvalkheda on 3. By amassing a great deal of wealth he proclaimed that man himself is God. Under such circumstances the Lord utilized all forms of peace so as to establish faith in the heart of man and thus destroy all vile desires.7 November 1995 A. He desires only one thing that God’s name should not be taken and all this is broadcasted in magazines like Sarita etc. Under such circumstances Lord Nrisinha (Nri=man + Sinha=lion) of dual species by sitting on the patio and tearing up Hiranyakasyap’s torso with his long lion’s nails saved devotee Prahlad and thus established faith everywhere.5. It was as though he had a protective life insurance in all places. WISDOM AND ACTION: . He would neither die inside his house nor outside. DEVOTION. He invented so many things that he was under the delusion that neither man nor any other creature could kill him. He hated to hear about the real God. He protected the Prahlad of righteousness and after leaving behind his devotees who were eulogizing him.6.e. Another Sandhi is era Sandhi (junction) in which worldly joy is the sole aim of life. This craving made him go against his very soul. this is one Sandhi (peace). He felt he could neither die due to weapon attacks nor due to any disease.The other brother of Hiryanksha was Hiranyakashyap. He too craved for gold all 24 hours of the day. he disappeared. He overflowed with divine love and had extreme wrath too. He was of a very compassionate and sensitive nature. One meaning of Sandhya is Gayatri worship. He never compromised with fundamental values of life.D. He is sure of his security in all areas of life. greed etc. for wickedness he was death manifest. People will witness all this amazingly and eulogise it.4. Of course. Today man truly has become a Hiranyakashyap. This belief is being destroyed and spiritual ideals are spreading slowly but surely everywhere. this no doubt is his blind faith. He has so many medicines at his disposal that he is sure he can live till a ripe old age and maybe become immortal also. He has so many weapons that he is not scared of being murdered. THE THREE LEGS OF VAMAN i. This will depict one more scene of destruction of cravings and faith will be established everywhere.

Today this literature is in great demand in the whole world. Others think them to be great devotees and full of hard work. those who should protect their citizens have become looters and all this is going on openly like the slyness of Bali. At that point Bali’s arrogance disappeared. . All these 3 streams put together is Gayatri worship i. Although he was generous hearted yet he harboured cravings for a lot of things in his psyche. This is the story of Lord Vaman. The irony is this that such people think they are very wise. Our Prajnavatar by writing 2700 books placed knowledge in one place in the world and thus gave us wisdom. A cultured society is possible to build only on the basis of a healthy body and clear mind. There was no place to keep his third foot. At that time Lord Vaman who was a child so far manifested his gigantic cosmic form. One day a small child (Vaman) came in his midst and asked for land measuring 3 feet. Girls are being burnt due to Sati. There is bloodshed over differences in ideologies. In the coming days only devotion of a pure heart will gain momentum in the world and not any façade. To attain fame he would do anything. equanimity and affection will gain importance. People who encourage all this are said to be intelligent and are given all honour. Thus Bali surrendered his all to God. Big countries boss over smaller ones. Due to this literature no doubt our revered preceptor spanned the wisdom of the entire world and now what remains is to spread it in all corners of the world. He ruled over the entire earth. Journalists have become mentally jaundiced. The coming era will walk on that path which will harbour welfare of all creatures and bestow well being on them. But the amplification is quite large. In ancient times this worship had universal approval and in future this is exactly what is going to happen. Hence the Parliament breaks up and governments change. they are harassed for dowry. the court of law has no great ideal to live up to. devotion and action. Bali laughed and agreed to do so. the Triveni of wisdom.e. In the same way today’s Bali’s façade of diplomacy will break up and unity. Everywhere it is spoken of yet instead of being ashamed about it people take pride in all unethical tasks. He measured the entire world with 2 feet of his. Gayatri Parivar is becoming synonymous with Vivekanand of Chicago. They act according to their own whims and fancies. Today everyone craves for name and fame. In the same way he gave the true form of holy worship in the midst of religious façade. In the same way he showed us all how one can by becoming a man of Yoga of action by uniting God to our activities one can in one’s body perform activities akin to those of 5 bodies.King Bali was very egoistic about his wealth and pomp.

By rejuvenating the Rishi tradition he gave a new direction to religion. It was in their very nature to harass their subjects and at that time was born Lord Parshuram. sensitive people and by taking one hour of daily work from them along with 10 paise of contribution from them he raised the mission from the ground to the heavens.THE CHOPPING OF THE HEAD OF LORD PARSHURAM VERSUS THE THOUGHT RESOLUTION OF OUR PRAJNAVATAR : It is said that Kings had become very arrogant.the best amongst pious charactered men. King etc. but instead his aides were bears. Bad thoughts in our psyche manifest externally as vile actions. Our revered preceptor gathered ordinary. he scientifically explained the reactions of our actions and thus many vile men were transformed for the better. Lord Ram never took aid from any other Emperor. The 2700 books penned by our revered Gurudeva is like an axe. Our revered preceptor humbly warned people with his powerful writings. He diligently chopped off the heads of all Kings. monkeys. He showed the world the cosmic form. A very gigantic ethical movement took place which was akin to the chopping off the heads of political rulers. . All are witnessing the cosmic form of our revered preceptor. poor and the women class. chimpanzees etc. It is the influence of the ethical movement that has led to seminars of 800 govt. This can be seen clearly in the life of our revered preceptor. whoever reads it is impressed and thus gets transformed for the better. Since Lord Parshuram despite being a Brahmin executed such acts it does seem probable that he gave such intense thinking to Rajasic (active) men that they had to change their very thinking process. Our revered preceptor too cent percent executed these tasks. He respected all Rishis. greed etc. OBSERVANCE OF CHARACTER DIGNITY BY LORD RAM : Lord Ram is called Maryada Purushottam--. officials. Lord Ram uplifted the downtrodden. Our revered preceptor not only established teachings of pious character in all areas of life but himself imbibed it in his life so as to point out to us its utility in day to day transactions of our life. weak. Ram burnt the Lanka of gold and our revered preceptor crushed to pulp all material ideologies.

LIKE LORD BUDHA OUR PRAJNAVATAR’S BUDHI SANGH AND ESTABLISHMENT OF THE DHARMA CHAKRA : If you make a close study then from the viewpoint of programs to give a proper sense of direction to work styles. . His aim was upliftment of women and this is one of the major goals of Yuga Nirman Yojana. Those who joined him were indeed blessed. ideologies and era flow the activities of Lord Budha and Yuga Nirman Yojana is similar. Our revered preceptor gave a direction of well being by encouraging singing. He too established righteousness. That form given to the association by era creation too has been given by the Gayatri Parivar. There are mighty warriors like Arjun and Bheema. Yuga Nirman Yojana established Shaktipithas. All illustrious people are trying to make our nation a super power and the entire world full of peace. acting etc. Those potentials that were immersed in the sense enjoyments of Kings was diverted by Lord Krishna towards devotion and welfare of all. If Shri Krishna gave us the precept of Yoga of action then our revered preceptor taught us how to perform Yoga of action in today’s trying times. In this manner the tenth Nishkalank Avatar is the gist of all incarnations. Thos who strayed away are full of agitation and will remain so in the future. The substratum of the intellect and discrimination is Gayatri worship. This too is the story of our Prajnavatar. He made Sanghas. In this.SHRI KRISHNA OF 16 KALAS AND PRAJNAVATAR OF 24 STREAMS OF ENERGY : Lord Krishna’s life commences on the one hand with struggle and on the other hand he establishes folk art. youths like Abhimanyu are executing gigantic tasks. He converted his home into a hermitage of austerities and also encouraged others to do likewise. Those who will doubt will get destroyed by the blazing fire of suspicion. There is no doubt about this. We never recognized such a great sage. art. Budha opposed killing of all creatures and Gayatri Parivar too followed in his footsteps. It looks as though the tasks of Lord Budha are being executed by our Prajnavatar. That very Mahabharat which he executed is today the last and potent chapter in the form of era creation. prophet in the form of our revered Gurudeva as a Prajnavatar. establishments.

” All of America was amazed at the prophesizing powers of Jean Dixon. One day India’s General Agent Shri Giriraj Shankar threw a lunch party. Once in the year 1994 President Roosevelt invited Jean Dixon to the White House and asked --How long will it take to fulfill my tasks? Dixon seriously replied --. “Madam. Roosevelt could not help laughing and yet he died in a few days. At that time President Truman was the Vice President of America. You will have to go to that part (country) which will predominate with Muslims. ‘On 2nd June 1947 India will be partitioned.WORLD FAMOUS PROPHESIZER AND THE AUTHORITY OF PRAJNAVATAR : Only some gain the power of making prophecies by the Almighty God. Nawabzada Sherali was invited along with Jean Dixon. Over here those prophecies of world famous seers is being elucidated which has influenced the public psyche for a great length of time. said Jean Dixon with a smile and truly in a few days Truman was elected President of America. it can only be called an extraordinary “Yoga” that different prophecies made point out to the different activities of our revered preceptor. On being elected President he accepted.’ . PROPHESIZER JEAN DIXON Jean Dixon had the power to make amazing prophecies and hence she gained fame not only in America but in the entire world. All of these seers agree that the direction of a bright future of the world will be given by India only. Sherali asked her a question. The following lines are a witness to her true prophecies : Jean Dixon was invited to a party in a Solgrave Club.President. He laughingly asked. said Jean Dixon. “We have no other option but to accept that spiritual powers are more potent than material powers. I am very sorry to say that you have very few days to live now. you are a devotee of God. The abovementioned incident was again proved in the court of an official. Col. can you predict my future?” Of course yes. hence can you predict my future? Very soon you shall become President of America. As predicted by Jean Dixon his death was due to the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain. Col.

Later everyone was a witness to the assassination of Kennedy when he was touring Texas and as predicted by Jean Dixon the assassinator’s name was Oswald. “It seems Gandhiji will be assassinated and this will happen within 6 months. Once she tried explaining to Kennedy’s friend Hallow to stop Kennedy from traveling for the following six months. . Eisenhower winning his election campaign. manage and control a great spiritual revolution. While predicting his death Jean Dixon further said that the assassinator’s name will start with the letter “O” and end with “D”. “Sir. Suddenly Jean Dixon said.On the morning of second June 1947 Col. But Jean Dixon very firmly said. China becoming a Communist country. any incident can take place in the flash of a second. downfall of Khruschev. your predictions are wrong. Sherali had to leave for Pakistan.” Truly on 3rd June 1947 in the American newspapers was printed --. “ Truly Gandhiji was assassinated on 30th January 1948. One evening in 1947 when in Jean Dixon’s home there was a talk on political matters. He will be aided by active workers who will transform this distorted world for the better.India and Pakistan have been partitioned. The entire day is left yet. In fact it was this Kennedy for whom she had predicted in 1963 that he would become President of America. Shastriji becoming Prime Minister after Nehru etc. rural family a great soul has taken birth who will direct. which all turned out to be true later. Jean Dixon had predicted many future events like Russia’s first unmanned rocket entering Moon. Please wait.BIRTH OF AN ANGELIC MAN IN A RURAL FAMILY In a very humble. Sherali phoned Jean Dixon saying --Madam. In the same way she was worried about the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. A VERY IMPORTANT PROPHECY WITH REFERENCE TO THE NEW ERA --. the name of New Delhi too was mentioned. Along with it the army was too divided and truly Col.

e. Because such signals are in the offing that God has already . divine powered family away from the chaos of cities was born our revered preceptor as mentioned in the above prophecy i. Because of his spiritual prowess even in his past lives he had shown the true path of spiritual upliftment. Yet there is no need to despair.P. As a result an atmosphere of spirituality is gaining momentum in the entire world. World peace is beyond the power of human endeavour. John Melard while agreeing that this era will be transformed writes : Today the problems of the world are so tortuous that it is not possible to overcome them by a frail human intellect. Even this birth of his commenced with spirituality. Circumstances are changing. Through his divine sight and soul force he found many divinely cultured individuals and by empowering them he led them on the path of era transformation. FUTURIST JOHN MELARD The editor of “Healing Life “. district Agra (U. He showed us the existence of the soul (God) and blew the bugle of a worldwide spiritual revolution. In fact the entire world is on the throes of getting transformed. By making spirituality a very part of his being he wove it in his daily life routine. Today worldly problems have become so intense that they cannot be solved by a human intellect. I have a gut feeling that God is going to manifest on earth and that he will transform this era with the power of his aides.A small village Anvalkheda. India). Like his gross body even today his subtle body is very active. 50 years back. It seems as though Jean Dixon’s prophecy will come true even this time. Some of this power of God incarnated in the person of our revered Gurudeva. He was a storehouse of power. it will change in the future too and thus the future of the 21st century will be very bright. Here in a very small but cultured. Through his thought revolution he gave us such a path as a result of which many souls followed in his footsteps. It is a known fact that God always incarnates with aides of divine power and the rest of the power controls the world. The terms “transformation of this era” and “Yuga Nirman Yojana” of our revered preceptor is a direct proof of the above prophecy..

one world language and one world culture. the divine power takes on the reins and succeeds in making possible that which is impossible for human effort. He was no less great a prophesizer too. I have no fear of getting tarnished. In future Indian culture and philosophy will be established in the entire world as a world religion and culture. philosopher and author of books. Such an uplifter of the world cannot remain incognito for long. from earth to interspace and also know its cause-effects. Apart from this are books on Vedas. In reality every action of the incarnation becomes a memento. A sample of his soul force is the fact that he could see with closed eyes all events taking place in the gross and subtle world i. FUTURIST ANDERSON . When human endevaour fails. Readers have 2700 books of our revered preceptor. Very firmly he believed when talking of a new civilization and world culture ---“I have faith that a big group of white cultured race with its good/ bad qualities will be destroyed and a new civilization will emerge.” On the worldwide scale the intense efforts of “Devasanskriti Digvijay” movement aims at one world nation. A new society will be established. As far as the question of soul power is concerned it cannot be counted like books but it can definitely be understood by the example of working with the gross as well as the subtle body. 800 manuscripts yet remain to be published. The Western world fails to grasp the immortality of the soul but I have strong faith in it. Puranas and Smritis.e. Those taking birth in Western countries are influenced by Western culture and thus will face intense obstacles in their lives.incarnated in our midst and is endeavouring to establish a new era with the help of the power of his aides. FUTURIST ROMMAIN ROLLAND (FRANCE) Rommain Rolland of France was a great thinker. This is what is indicated by the divine seer Rommain Rolland. Never in the history of the world was a man like our preceptor who single-handedly wrote such useful literature. And this is exactly what is going to happen. His intellectual and soul potential will indicate that he is an incarnation of God.

renunciation and generosity. Anderson while predicting that that the world will be something totally different after 1999 A. looting. ethics. In 1947 A. Due to the influence of this endeavour man will abound in self control. By surrendering on 18th August the war came to an end. dacoity. He alone will have so much organizational power which will not be had by any govt. Murders. And on 18th August the war will end. on supreme world judiciary and one world flag. one govt.D. good behaviour. illegal activities will come to a total halt. Eisenhower who was the American General of the Allied Army later was elected President of America. Reading all this people’s sensitive nature will manifest.” . Lakhs of people died. On the lines of all the constitutions of the world he will create such a human constitution wherein in the entire world there will be one language. an important nation of Asia shall come out of the clutches of British rule.From his very childhood Anderson had the potential to predict the future. As a result Japan was shattered. crime. On 8th August 1945 such a terrible event will occur as a result of which a situation regarding the war with Japan will change drastically.. In 1947 India gained political freedom. This person will be the greatest prophet in entire world history. Till 1999 the whole face of the world will change and then for thousands of years people will live a life of holy peace. In newspaper front pages such news will be printed as headlines which will encourage human service. It was on 8th August that Hiroshima was bombed. renunciation. daring and generosity. of any nation of the world. has written ---- An individual taking birth in a very small rural family of India will not only influence his own country spiritually but other countries of the world too.D. justice. Many of his prophecies have come true ---- One American General fighting in the second world war shall later become President of America.

cooperation and other human values in a big way. This religion and culture will be that of India and the prophet too will be an Indian. Slowly in today’s world a relative transformation is being witnessed. famines. Natural calamities will be on the rise. people are imbibing renunciation. In a very short time political upliftment is being witnessed. In this manner these similar prophecies of great futurists of the world emphasizes that world transformation is the holy desire of God and that under no circumstances will it stop. At that time habits will be sinful. The above prophecy is very much similar to that of Jean Dixon’s. floods. was born in a small village of India called Anvalkheda in Uttar Pradesh. Revelation 24. There is no doubt that this era will definitely transform.” . Vector writes while elucidating Chapt. People are now looking upon love as God. FUTURIST FATHER VECTOR The world famous futurist. He. By renouncing vanity. arrogance etc.He further elaborated that that religion will spread far and wide which today we cannot even envisage. Behind this reality is the work of the divine power of that prophet. Our revered preceptor’s prophecy of the 21st century being very bright is proof of the abovementioned predictions. epidemics etc. officials. Mathew in the Bible that : “The meaning of a man with a sword seated on a horse is the birth of such an individual who will revolutionize the world by giving religious ideologies to all humans of the world. The extraordinary fact is that wars are very much on the decline. He is at present laying down the first foundation stones of a worldwide revolution. He gathered so much spiritual power that on its basis he changed the very thinking of leading personalities and senior govt. the body will be weak and Lord of death will induce wars. 6. service. In reality this extraordinary thought revolution program of our revered preceptor has spread in the entire world. facades. The movements of stars and planets will be very detrimental for mankind and at that time this divine power will incarnate on earth. He will induce holy peace and lead all on the path of human values. according to these predictions. saint and revered Father Mr.

From the characteristics it is very clear that just as a sword cuts up objects so too the flag of culture cuts up all our sins. He saw that --- The year 2000 A. he will overcome all hardships of the world. When Sukarno’s stars were at their peak Prof. A divinely embodied person has taken birth. A week before Gandhiji passed away Prof. D. Now the scientific analysis of spirituality is changing all outdated beliefs of spirituality. Uptil now majority of Prof. Hararey’s predictions have come true. Hararey said : Today people are not seeing any taints but in a very short time they will see the downfall of Sukarno. HARAREY Prof. and the year before that. Truly after 1 year Sukarno experienced a downfall. . He has taken up the massive task of transformation of the entire world with his spiritual prowess and put forth such precepts of peace which forced people to do a great deal of re-thinking. he will fill the minds of all with bliss. FUTURIST PROF. When one analyzes today’s circumstances it will be least amazing if his predictions of a bright future come true. Our revered preceptor is not merely an individual but has truly incarnated as a gigantic divine power. Hararey had predicted his death. He will straighten inethical and unjust people. Hararey witnessed prophetic events in his dreams.For the Devasanskriti Digvijay Movement the horse of Ashwamedha Yajna is on the run not with a sword but with the flag of culture.

The first quarter of the night when I am in deep sleep I see a divine person in my dream. Between the eyebrows of this yogi, seated near a waterway, I see a half moon. His hair are white like his clothes, his skin is fair and his feet has leatherless sandals. Around him is a crowd of saintly people. In the center burns a fire. These people chant something and then throw something in the fire. Smoke fills up the sky. All the people of the world are running towards this place. Amongst them are handicapped, poverty stricken people. That divine person is instructing them and thus filling their hearts with bliss. People’s hardships are being warded off, people are mixing with each other devoid of likes/ dislikes. There is a downpour of heavenly bliss. Light is slowly augmenting and on a divine mountain it is shedding light like the sun. From there the rays of light like water of scores of years rises up and covers the atmosphere of the entire earth.

The above prophecy is that of the world famous seer Prof. Hararey which he had spoken of in “The New Era Will Manifest” and it was further elaborated upon in the magazine “West Mirror”. Prof. Hararey was born in a religious Jewish family of Israel. Due to his apt and correct predictions he became as famous in Europe and Africa just as Anderson and Dixon in America, Prof. Cheiro in England and Varah Mihir in India. When people questioned Prof. Hararey regarding the above dreams he said that those dreams that I get in the early morning hours come true in a very short time span; those dreams that I get at midnight come true after 1 year and those seen in the first quarter of the night come true after a few years. Regarding these dreams I get thoughts in my mind that a divine person has taken birth in India who until the year 1970 will work at the subtle level for a world spiritual revolution without any external name or fame but later his leadership will spread everywhere in Asia and then in the entire world. His thoughts will be so full of human values and farsightedness that the world will perforce follow in his footsteps. When science will destroy religion and culture then this divine saint will induce a spiritual revolution and people, like before the birth of Christ, will start understanding the deep import of worship of natural elements like fire, water, wind, space, sun etc.

One can see many people with white hair, white skin, white clothes and leatherless sandals on the feet but it is indeed rare to see a half moon on the forehead. Yes, truly on the forehead of our revered preceptor shines a circular white light which had been caught by the camera lens. This prophecy is a pointer to it and proves the prediction of Prof. Hararey. In the year 1958 A.D. our revered preceptor made a program of 1008 Yajnas in which about 4 lakh people from all over India participated. At that time there was a continuous program of Yajna and holy discourses. Over and above this 5 more programs of 1008 Yajnas was conducted in Tatanagar, Mahasamund, Porbunder, Baharaich, and Jhalavad. Also 108 Yajna

programs were conducted all over India. Our revered preceptor always gave away the fruits of his austerities for solving problems and warding off hardships. Regarding this there are incidences where he has almost given up his very life. In reality he always played the powerful role of a great benefactor like Lord Shiva. He performed intense penances in the holy Himalayan mountains. All the divine light and power are from there as indicated by our revered preceptor.

All the spiritual endeavour of our revered preceptor revolved around “manifestation of divinity in mankind”. He wanted to usher in a world full of spiritual values and every pore of his being proclaimed “the world as one single family.” He conjoined all theists and atheists to human values and said that this was true religion. Many such people are walking on the path laid down by him and this is what is indicated by the great futurist.

The changing times of the world shows that it will be least amazing if Prof. Hararey’s dreams come true cent percent.


Nostradamus, a Frenchman, was a very wise astrologer and supersensory seer. All his prophecies regarding Hitler and Napoleon have come true. All his predictions have been elucidated in his book “Centuries and True Prophecies of Michael D. Nostradamus.”

A world famous individual will be born in a very religious country. He will revolutionize the entire world with a few of his spiritual aides. This historical great sage will give rise to such great turbulence that in every family, district etc. there will be inner turmoil. This inner transformation phase will be in the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st century. But later high human values will rule over the entire world. People will shed vile thinking and the world will become heavenly.

A moon will be found on the head of this great sage of history. His clothing will be simple, he will marry twice, he will have 2 sons, he will have 2 daughters and twice he will change his residence. Both times he will move Northwards.

The proof of this above prophecy is that Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya born in a small village Anvalkheda (Agra), India induced such a spiritual revolution that truly an inner turmoil between the demons and demi-gods took place in the minds of all. The small time social workers of Gayatri Parivar and Yuga Nirman Yojana organizations by going to far off countries induced so much goodwill that people started shedding their vile activities. Through the medium of Ashwamedha Yajnas the attraction for pious activities is spreading from our country to far off nations. Our revered preceptor changed residences only twice and both times he traveled northwards.

It seems that the great futurist actually saw the family of our revered preceptor while making this prophecy. And amazingly this prophecy was made in the 16th century. It is worth noting the proof of this prophecy……

The great saint Shriram Sharma Acharya married twice. The first wife was Shrimati Saraswati Devi, daughter of Shri Roopram Sharma, Barsauli, Agra. The second wife was Shrimati Bhagwati Devi Sharma, daughter of Shri Jaswantji Bihaur, Agra.

Sons ---- Shri Omprakash Sharma. Shri Mrityunjay Sharma.

Daughters – Shrimati Dayawati Upadhyay Shrimati Shailbala Pandya


FUTURIST MRS. In reality it is only spiritual power that will aid it in its endeavour so that the entire world will be tied unitedly. radiance and all powers that man yearns to attain from God. Friendship between China and Pakistan.Even as a small boy Charles Clark had the power to predict the future due to an unusual extrasensory perception. VORISKASILVIGAR (HUNGARY) . War between Russia and China have come true. This divine energy gathered by him was showered on the entire world and as per the predictions of this great seer the movement of the thought revolution spread in all countries in these 10 years. After 10 years it will spread in the entire world. In a few days in the country of Asia (indicating India) a great intense thought revolution will commence in 1971. In order to intensify this thought churning. All his prophecies of Independence of India. Of course the timing may not have been exact yet one should not doubt his prophecy of the rare thought revolution and era transformation before 2000 A. He kept saying that man is not merely this gross body but is a storehouse of divine power. These spiritual values and energies will be the silken cord that will tie all nations of the world together. This gave a new positive direction to all. But this power is latent in man and it has to be awakened. Because today’s circumstances are already leaning in that direction. Those energies that man is totally unaware of today will be a subject of study and attainment for all in the world. The amazing correlation of Arthur Clark’s prophecy is this that our revered preceptor had churned entire India mentally till the year 1971 like the proverbial ocean and the jewels that emerged as a result were great soul powers. It is because of this that the scientific world is researching into spiritual laws just as it does material laws. D. This is the prediction in that prophecy. Science will take a new turn and will be totally influenced by spiritual values. And thus man’s latent psyche will be forced to awaken to divinity. in order to awaken divinity in mankind and in order to manifest heaven on earth our revered preceptor performed intense penances in the Himalayan mountains. This power has light.

This is definitely a prophet who without the differences of caste. After the year 1944 India became politically independent as witnessed by one and all. language. The other truth of this prophecy is as follows : “India will gain glory as a great power in the world but it will have to struggle a lot before becoming a super power. People of the world are witnessing ---. compassion. Today strife is at its peak. religion. Superficially the times will be hard yet a great prophet will be born in this country who by gathering thousands of lesser powered individuals will induce so much fearlessness that these very small people will challenge the so-called materialistic people and will prove the latter’s ideology as illusory. sense of others’ well-being and universal brotherhood.the declaration of the resolve of lakhs of people renouncing vile habits. People proclaim that all their hopes now rest on the mighty shoulders of Gayatri Parivar. This is the pointer of our revered preceptor towards that divine hindsight and which is elaborated in this prophecy. She in turn replied --.An English officer had laid a bet with Hungary’s great futurist Mrs. honesty.No power in the world can continue to make India a political slave after the year 1944.” The dreadful circumstances of today are a proof of this prophecy. Varna.D. After that righteous and straightforward people will prevail and peace will spread everywhere. It is this world family that is truly spreading brotherhood everywhere. For correlating philosophy with action a bright future was being woven through the medium of Japa (Mantra chanting) and Yajna (fire sacrifices). Yet after a dint of hard struggle human values will augment on a permanent basis. high-low etc. Our revered preceptor in the year 1958 itself had spread the brotherhood of Gayatri Parivar all over the world and later had also declared that the 21st century will be a radiant one. the era will change. Its fate will shine and it is the religious people of India that will usher in peace in the entire world. has induced many people in the world to imbibe the precept of “We will change. Its characteristics will be very clear by the year 2000 A. Definitely pious people are on the rise and the ethics of Gayatri Parivar is being proved true. and thus later the world will overflow with love. This is an influential aspect of the indication of a new bright era and rejuvenation of a civilized society. sex. Voriskasilvigar that India would never attain political freedom from British rule. addictions etc.” The proof of this is the scores of Ashwamedha Yajnas being carried out in far off nations and the first Purnahuti of .

The proof of this prophecy is found in the end of the 20th century and later the entire world will be tied together in oneness. He not only correctly predicted the future but also spoke correctly about one’s past life. water etc. at that time the potency of Gayatri Parivar set off to perform Yajnas for the welfare of all creatures and this was witnessed by the futurist with eyes closed. FUTURSIST GERARD CHRISEY (HOLLAND) In this century the great seer Gerard Chrisey of Holland has proved to be a great futurist not only in Holland but in entire Europe. In reality our revered preceptor activated Gayatri Parivar which people say was accomplished subtly. The smoke coming out of it will purify the atmosphere. Those who are vile. . All political leaders will be forced to sit on one dias.Yuga Sandhi Mahapurashcharan in our preceptor’s birth place Anvalkheda in Agra. Today’s world conditions are a proof of his prophecy made as follows : I am seeing that in a very ancient country of the East. Beauty of nature will bloom everywhere. By asking people to imbibe the precept of “I will behave with others in a way that I expect others to reciprocate”. such a great man has taken birth who will usher in welfare of the entire world. wicked and show disrespect to women will be penalized severely. They will conduct fire rituals (Yajnas) and offer fragrant materials to the fire. Almost all his prophecies have come true. crime. When our revered preceptor through the medium of Yajna taught renunciation and spiritual goals to be achieved. This was pre-envisaged by the above futurist. Everywhere there will be well being and prosperity. There will be no violence. This can be said to be the supreme revolution of this century. The number of flowers. The result of allowing women to chant the Gayatri mantra is this that the power of motherhood understood her potency and came forward to carry the red flame. illegal activity etc. He will be aided by lakhs of people with women predominating. In reality Ashwamedha Yajnas have proved useful in purification of natural elements like air. India. People will drink more milk. trees etc will augment. All the people of the world will gaze in their direction and listen to this great saint. along with good health as shown by research conducted on Yajnas.

A decade before man landed on moon he had predicted this event. His prophecy of France being defeated by Hitler also came true. On the one hand there will be class strifes and on the other a very new spiritual revolution will take place which will unfold the new mysteries of God and our soul. There was terrible bombing. As proof of contemporary times the following prophecy of Dr.” This is exactly what happened because Russia withdrew. the world’s population will touch 600 crores and majority of the people will reside in Asia and America. The switch for war was about to be pressed and at that time French political leaders asked Jules Berne. Without doubt there will be no nuclear wars yet class based struggles will augment. It is very much like the flame flickers more . In the year 1962 once the armies of Russia and America challenged one another.FUTURIST JULES BERNE (FRANCE). All these changes will be the foundation stones of a worldwide revolution. Thus many prophecies of Jules Berne have come true. “No one. ethics.D. trust. Jules Berne was a prolific writer and a great futurist. Jules Berne is proving to be true : Upto the year 2000 A. justice. In its place will augment faith. atom bomb usage along with missiles. Because there will be no war. Russia will withdraw. The way Russia and America are taking political decisions it seems that Jules Berne’s predictions that there will be no nuclear warfare will come true and yet he has predicted strife taking place. discipline and a sense of righteous duty. Science will emphasize it as a result of which atheism and the left path (Vaam Marg) will be destroyed. “Who will win this war?” Jules Berne replied.

But the soul is immortal hence even greater than its curiosity of the past is that towards future transformations. This divine person will have also participated in India’s freedom movement and his followers are many. The opinion of scientists that man is a mass of chemicals only has been proved totally incorrect. If man unites his intellect. When untouchability was at its peak in India he at the tender age of 15 years washed the wounds of his maid servant despite severe opposition from his family and village folks. The proof of this prophecy is that great scientists have agreed upon our revered preceptor’s religion since it is very scientific. And with their soul force they will easily and successfully bring about those transformations of this world which at present seem impossible. I strongly apprehend that this spiritual revolution will commence in India. And to understand this deeply a lot of research has been undertaken all over the world. Scientists now agree that a divine power is behind creation and maintenance of our cosmos. God is directly connected to our soul principle. This unseen divine power is none other than God.radiantly before it gets extinguished. He would tie up the wound. Regarding its mode of execution I differ with Jean Dixon over the fact that this person has already taken birth before the year 1962 A. serve her in all ways and thus vociferously . From the very beginning he took part in activities of social and national welfare. And that at this moment he is involved in a major endeavour in India itself. Jules Berne believes that in the near future history will repeat itself and that none can obstruct this transformation. The body never believes that it will remain forever because by nature it is perishable. discriminating understanding and effort to these transformations then the future of not only an individual but the entire human race can be changed into radiance. When this task cannot be executed by mankind then great sages alongwith awakened souls (aides) manifest on earth and as per the Lord’s wish a new era is created. His followers will form a powerful organization and in a short time span will influence the entire world. Upto the year 1962 our revered preceptor had completed 50 years. It is apt that Jules Bernes looks upon our yearnings to know the future as proof of the imperishable nature of our soul. Here because world turmoils are definitely going to end these strifes will not be accidental. D. Mr. Our revered preceptor by writing the book “Where is God and what is His Nature” has given us a path of realizing God and conducting spiritual research.

Cheiro : The planet Sun is very powerful for India and it is in Aquarius.opposed all undesirable practices. He went to jail thrice. His spiritual power will be more potent than all the material energies of the world put together. He actively participated in India’s struggle for political independence. The proof of Jules Berne’s prophecy is the character and behaviour of our revered preceptor.Prof. In order to follow in the footsteps of our revered preceptor there is no bondage of caste or religion. He executed many programs for social welfare. ------. death of Victoria. and the correct year of the German war. downfall of the Russian Czar. Vegilatin based on a carving of a stone in Egypt. He is the first Rishi of the world whose followers are crores in number and are spread out in 90 countries. Cheiro was called the magician of astrology. is the prophecy of Prof. FUTURIST CHEIRO Prof. Despite looking ordinary externally yet his divine power will be so intense that in his own life time he will convert ¾ of the world atheists into believers of . Because of Jupiter’s influence there is a possibility of a wisdom revolution taking place and its sacred effect will be seen all over the world. He amazed people by predicting the war in South Africa. death date of Edward Saham. A very powerful person full of sacred spiritual ethics will be born in India.D. No power of the world can stop India from radiating with glory. Cheiro of England predicted future events based on astrological calculations. Cheiro (England). The years 1930 to 2000 A. Prof. will be the time span of the work of a great world uplifter. People were wonderstruck on hearing his prophecies. Foll. This person will spiritually awaken all people of the world. A very similar prophecy has been made by G.

God. The arrogance of the intellect is bowing down to the sacred emotions of the heart. SEER-SAINT SHRI AUROBINDO India’s glorious times are very near. The philosophy of our revered preceptor is churning the minds of all. He had the extraordinary capacity to dive deep into future events. Like foreign futurists those prophecies made by Indian seers with reference to the new era seems to correlate totally with all the tasks executed by our revered preceptor. It will again get the credit of spreading the flow of righteousness and culture in the entire world. THE AGREEMENT OF INDIAN SEERS REGARDING THAT PROPHET OF GOD. Mahayogi Shri Aurobindo was a great seer-saint. We present his experience in his own words regarding a glimpse of the Prajnavatar. whatever he experienced in his heart came to be true. The most educated people of the world will become wonderstruck on witnessing his thought revolution. The world is heading towards that possibility wherein the entire world will dwell in peace and a sense of well being for one another. It is inducing faith in spirituality. All his words came true at the appropriate time. . All that he saw with closed eyes. The changing circumstances of the world gives us an indication that the time has come for re-installation of a new civilization and a new society.

character. form.e. The great poetry of Maharshi Aurobindo called “Savitri” is well-known in the world.” FUTURIST SWAMI ANANDACHARYA Anandacharya who was born in the year 1983 in Bengal was an Indian.D. prophecy there is a true depiction of true facts : True religion will take the form of an organization first in my own country. some people will try to force it to follow Western traditions but I am sure that a movement will commence in India which by destroying our vile tendencies will give our psyche a new spiritual direction. all of the name. Martin Luther. Also his prophecies of the death of Kennedy. He was a spiritual sage. activity perfectly fit our revered preceptor. Later he was a resident of Norway. philosopher. Mussolini and leadership of Eisenhower and Krushchev came true. On the one hand . In the foll. This movement will once again bring in the joys of the Golden Age in the entire world. it will illuminate entire India in the form of a powerful organization. In 1910 he had declared that people should get ready for a first world war within 4 years. And this will augment the glory of India. Both these prophecies were proved to be true. In canto 4 (pages 335-336) by pointing to a powerful leading messenger of God he forces us to delve deeply into its deep import. It will be born along with the freedom movement of India but after 24 years in 1971 A. thinker and an expounder of human religion.In my psyche manifests divine inspirations and they say that India’s glory is very near. All his words give us a feeling that he actually “saw” all that he wrote i. He was full of extrasensory perceptions. On being questioned by a British News Agency he said that be prepared for one more world war later. It looks as though he has written all this keeping in mind our preceptor’s “manifestation of Yuga Shakti.

In reality his intuition was awakened. Revered Mother by joining her soul force to that of our revered preceptor proved the saying of 1 + 1 = 11. in 1971 A. That man will chart out a behavioural ethics of responsibilities of every individual towards society and how all nations will cooperatively coexist in a peaceful environment. He looked upon good behaviour and self control as the foundation stones of spiritual and material progress and hence he was very vociferous about it while putting it down on paper. Thus with his subtle eyes he saw all creatures. The leader. righteousness will prevail in the world and for thousands of years there will be world peace.there will be widespread turmoil in world politics and in that Indian politics will be most active. Yet his poetry is an example of live depictions. a religious institution will build up into a huge organization.D. And because of it the world will radiate with peace. In reality our revered preceptor’s writings weigh more than his bodily weight. Thus the goal of world well-being will definitely be realized. This is that very time. It was the true resolve charted out by our revered preceptor that became the behavioural ethics of all and is today being imbibed in all corners of the world. In one verse Surdasji writes with his intuitive eyes : After the year 1900 the world will transform. That organization which will appear for spiritual upliftment will make a new map of world welfare. PROPHECY OF SAINT SURDAS The great poet-saint Surdas was blind since birth. The basis of a bright world future will be this very behavioural ethics. The great seer has said that 24 years after India’s Independence i. This is being pointed out by the futurist. . director of this organization will be a householder and will gain fame as the greatest thinker in the annals of world history. The proof of this prophecy is that the intense austerities of our revered preceptor which commenced in the year 1971 shook the psyche of one and all as a result of which scores of people joined the Gayatri Parivar. According to him time is marching ahead in that direction. It will chart out a map of world peace.e. the world and Brahman (God). After this great transformation. He never saw the world with open eyes. If all his thoughts that he has put down on paper are published in book form then the book will weigh more than 100 pounds.

drugs etc. yet it will spread in the entire country. With ease people from North to South and East to West are being tied together by the cord of sacred culture.FUTURIST SAINT VISHWARANJAN BRAHMACHARI When the saint Vishwaranjan Brahmachari predicted that Shri Lalbahadur Shastri will become the Prime Minister of India he also sorrowfully declared that Shastriji would remain as Prime Minister for a very short time span only because of his impeding death outside India. But that also a major event of a spiritual revolution in the country will also take place. Although this revolution will commence in Central India. will vie with one another to become more honest. He gained victory over terrible demons like Kansa and Jarasandh and then lifted the Govardhan hill on his little finger so as to protect the Vrajvasis. In a short time India will reinstate new ideals which will be followed by people of the entire world. In every small and gigantic Yajna one can see that people are voluntarily renouncing vile habits. vile ethics etc. This is exactly what happened. This very act is being re-enacted by our . He elaborated further by saying that in the coming days India will face lots of ups and downs. Later India will have a female Prime Minister. alcohol. He along with small cowherd boys opposed injustice. FUTURIST PARAMHANS RAJNARAYAN PATASHASTRI Mathura is that divine abode in India where Lord Krishna was born. In future people instead of competing with one another over money. The divine character of our revered preceptor is churning the minds of all. of a more charitable disposition. People will voluntarily give up vile activities and imbibe pious behaviour. hardworking and more cooperative. People are heading towards the goal of pious actions. and addictions like gambling. status. The credit of uniting North and South India in one cord will go to the propounder of this revolution. material comforts etc. Thus the prophecy has been proved true.

” PROPHECIES THAT HAVE COME TRUE . To ward off all this we wrote a lot of sacred literature which of course did not kill demons but definitely warded off demonic activities and vile character. The prophecy definitely points out to the spiritual and mighty endeavour of our revered preceptor.revered preceptor Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya with his character and various activities. and private institutions solved their otherwise unsolvable problems. Whatever she said was absolutely correct. The only amazing thing is that despite seeing the future so vividly why did she not name our revered preceptor. This is proving that the 21st century will definitely be radiant. Maybe the answer has been given by our revered preceptor when he says that ---- “My personality will come out in the open only at the appropriate time. For world welfare he raised the Govardhan hill of cultural victory aided by small cowherd boys along with their extraordinary powers. Regarding problems of regions and places she answered only if she was questioned. All her predictions regarding the new era are in agreement with that of our revered preceptor. Whenever she spoke of era transformation that would be executed by a great saint it is very clear that she had the picture of our revered preceptor in the canvas of her mind’s eye. LADY FLORENCE IMBUED WITH A GREAT SENSE OF EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION (If she foresaw so much then why did she not take the name of our revered preceptor?) Truly the lady of New Jersey (America) called Florence was strange. By taking along with him ordinary folks he opposed social activities which were vile and distorted. By putting faith in this extraordinary power of Florence many govt. Yet she voluntarily spoke about the future of the world. When she either touched a person or any article used by that person she could correctly describe events of that person’s life.

Czechoslovakia is on the rise. In Central Asia the Arabs will not gain victory over Israel. In 1964 A. Yet the danger was warded off. “the mother of all vile behaviour is narrow-minded selfishness and that the solution rests in awakening sensitivity to others problems via spiritual endeavour. his thought and his movement. China. there would be a downfall of Western materialistic ideology and that Mother Nature’s balance too would get distorted. His precepts are so powerful that it induces people to firmly accept that only on its basis can a bright world future manifest. This is because they are involved in their own nations’ advancement. she had said that the researches of those believing in a divine power will augment. Yet a new sacred thought wave originating in India will totally dispel the gloom of the world. Even communist countries that are atheists will be influenced by the above people. This prophecy of Florence has come true.: People will be full of wrath.D.” . She warned of tensions between various nations but that ultimately it will not lead to a world war. There is no need to give the avid reader an example to prove Florence’s prophecy.g.D. There will be an atmosphere of utter strife everywhere. Vile behaviour will reach its peak. Research of the stature of Ashwamedha Yajnas has already commenced. For e. The solution to the problems of all people leaning towards sense merriment can be clearly seen in our revered preceptor’s life. Desires will augment and thus there will be hatred amongst people. anguish and sorrow. The poor will loot the rich. Saddam Hussein the President of Iraq went for a war with America. Everywhere there will be violence and destruction. Very clearly he declared that. It looked as thought the world war would break out. Scientists are now researching into a super divine power. Tension between communist countries like Russia. In her book “Fall of the Sensational Culture” she had written that before the year 2000 A. The Arabs have virtually stopped attacking Israel. There will be tension amongst communist countries. Those in countries who lead a life of sense merriment will become full of despair. yet we will place before the readers world problems and events predicted by Florence which have come true.Regarding this it would be out of place to talk about certain prophecies on regions or individuals since they are many.

Thus this class will create a new radiant society. Those people influenced by this great saint’s philosophy will head for the West for world welfare. He further emphasized that there is no contradiction as far as religion and modern science is concerned. will not hesitate to join forces with him. The pinnacles of spirituality will illumine the void of materialism. All around there will be an atmosphere of spirituality. Europe and America. WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT Through my 6th sense I intuit that the expounder of this great thought flow will be a revered saint of India who has already taken birth. the Muslims as their Prophet and Asians as an incarnation of God. The West will look upon him as Lord Jesus. People of all sects. This will be more clear in the coming days. communities etc. It is the coexistence of these 3 scientific streams that is manifesting a creative miracle. Today’s low spiritual influence will be rejuvenated by his thinking. thought sciences that augments ethical values and spiritual sciences that augmented one’s soul force. The influence of that radiant saint will create miracles everywhere. The middle class will be greatly influenced by this kind of thinking. The miracle of our revered preceptor’s movement is that although it is rooted in religion yet it has a secular outlook.SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUALITY Very clearly he writes that this thought flow will explain to all very scientifically the importance of selfless service and brotherhood. People of the world influenced by the thinking of this great saint will follow in his footsteps. And ultimately the entire world will radiate with glory. Later they will spread out in entire Asia. The more his message is entering Western . Our revered preceptor re-instated materialistic science that augmented material comforts.

Florence replied. AWAKENING DIVINE POWERS Some journalists had once asked Florence as to how she foresaw the future. They will be full of faith and reverence for God. the world famous Dr. This light will inform everybody about all divine powers of the world which have so far been hidden from our understanding. Psychologists and mesmerism specialists i. At the end of the 20th century a light will be emitted from India. His spiritual light is working day and night to awaken the latent divinity in man so as to manifest heaven on earth. This thought wave will originate in India. In every country organizations of pious people will destroy all vile activities prevalent in society.countries the more people “drink” these thoughts with thirst. I will tell you an important fact about the future. that moment is coming very near in which people of the world instead of following power hungry politicians will walk in the footsteps of pious social workers as yourself. Morey Berstein was a great friend of Florence who had once told him : Dr. In . “Even I do not know how this has been possible.. DIVINITY IN MAN. In that sacred country I see a great radiant saint. This fact has been proved while conducting Ashwamedha Yajnas in the West. How did she know the whereabouts of lost people and materials. INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTION There will be an intellectual revolution as a result of the thinking of this great saint.e. He will inspire all to walk on the path of truth. The ideologies of intellectual men will transform. From there it will spread in the entire world. Through a divine saint of India this divine light will spread in the entire world. In the 21st century a sacred spiritual thought wave will spread all over the world. HEAVEN ON EARTH.

In all world human beings there will be new divine energy. On the forehead of this fair-skinned saint is light of the stars of space. She also clarified that he is present in a Northern state of India. Whenever I am in deep meditation I frequently see this great saint. REGARDING THAT SAINT She writes in another book of hers called “Golden Light of the New Era” that whenever I meditate I often see a great saint. A new form of layman power will ensue and will stop the arrogant behaviour of all power hungry politicians. He will execute his tasks in a scientific manner. I clearly see that this saint is spreading the light of divine wisdom in the entire world with his pious thinking and power of the sacred character of his followers. This saint is continuously augmenting his divine powers so that a material transformation too ensues.” Again and again Florence mentioned this great saint. With his grace and endeavour human civilization will be awakened.the entire world will spread the light of a new thought wave. CHAPTER ONE THE DIVINE SERPENT POWER OF A UNIVERSAL NATION .

But despite strong efforts such a golden opportunity did not come my way. A long time lapsed by in trying to find them. Yet I do not despair. But being alone was futile. one has to use cannons. A workable arrangement can be made if it is found in a divine man. How much ever of my life span remains that too will be devoted to it. monkeys and some appeared as Hanuman. Hence only one option remained according to the direction given by the path giver that he himself come forward to generate and distribute this power and if the need arises change the path too. Three years back this change was brought in. It has to be overcome. No doubt there are spiritual powers in the world but they exist in subtle bodies. In order to destroy a fort. An elephant cannot die with a small pistol. In the epic Mahabharat 5 demigods manifested as the Pandavas. Hand bombs are needed to overcome terrible demons who create strife and bloodshed everywhere. That preceptor who guided me towards Gayatri worship himself gave me the method of Savitri worship so that through me other divine . This is also called subtilization and 5 fold break up in Vedanta. If it had not been given a proper sense of direction then that energy would have been involved in destructive activities. Some took the form of bears. If the entire storehouse of power is not there at least a part manifestation should be there. Lone Savitri worship was undergone. If the demons of danger who are bent on destroying human civilization are nourished then the world will be destroyed. It was Chandi’s intense wrath that overcame the demon Mahisasura. To the extent they are dire to that extent we need strong resources to overcome them. Savitri worship involves activation of the 5 sheaths of divine serpent power of the body (called Kundalini Shakti in Yogic scriptures). I have found Rishi centers in the form of Prajna family who manifest energy in its seed form. My life has been oriented along the lines of Gayatri.These days there is such a rain of worldwide destructive danger which will be very difficult for human existence and the entire world to face. If I had found a Vivekanand. Seeing the situation it was necessary that there is a need of not only creative power but weapons like Brahmastra too are needed to overcome dire conditions. Vritrasura could be killed only by a thunderbolt. Hanuman’s vigour helped him uproot a mountain. For perceivable tasks material bodies are required. It is not easy to live alone after leading an active busy life. Shivaji or Chandragupta to fight against dire situations of today then I would never veer from my path. a shower of arrows won’t do. Angad etc. Dynamite is used to blast mountains. For that other type of weapons are needed. A grossly embodied individual is required for material efforts.

Mahachandi or Mahadurga. Whatever they have written is just a prologue of Hatha Yoga which does not constitute even 1%of Divine Serpent Power activation. Whenever it has been used to overcome demons and their foul play it is used like a sword to slash things. My subtle preceptorial center which has been present for centuries has equally experienced the field of Gayatri. Savitri and Divine Serpent Power. They by looking upon me as a thoroughly examined coin have used me for the past 3 years for Savitri worship and activation of Divine Serpent Power of glorious India so that an almost forgotten but immensely potent science does not wither away to nought. Savitri is soul material. But the potential of Divine Serpent Power is cosmic and can be used to join up that which is broken up. It is seen that the dangers are not light which can be overcome easily. It was found necessary that this power which was to be utilized properly by those people had to be given necessary information. Through both one can gain benefit for oneself and others too. This was not the play that was facile hence one had to make more intense efforts. I have humbly tried to put forth the true principles by first saving myself from all illusions regarding this. In the past few days a lot of study. Only one conclusion can be made after reading all the descriptions of Divine Serpent Power that this topic being alluring and full of a mysterious science. If there is Chandi’s wrath it can be utilized for correcting unholy activities. Hence going one step forward from Savitri worship the divine power had to be activated for overcoming dire times. Very shrewdly such experimenters proclaim that their goal has been attained. Gayatri is spiritual knowledge and pertains to the soul. Its chains have to be untied firmly so that in future they do not break up. Today let alone having books or teachings of authenticity there is no literature that gives a correct description of its basic precepts. It comes under soul science but one can gain material benefits and ward off worldly dangers. analysis and research of Divine Serpent Power (Kundalini Shakti) has taken place. It can be . many have worked on it but none have tried to gain their own experience. With reference to this a strange description is given in old/new books and re-editing all this has led to the publication of books by many writers. Hence it is called conqueror of’s power can be awakened in order that they understand their true nature and through their soul power work for the welfare of all. In other words this is Mahakali. In this type of copying a lot of rubbish has entered into this field.

Then this becomes merely a topic of conversation. The being is rotated around like a mud pot on a wheel and like a potter it makes many names and forms of various beings. might and valour that they are capable of enduring the regressing jerks at the time of attack. Mahakali mesmerized Shumbha-Nishumbha. sorrow and old age so as to attain liberation. It is predominantly used to draw the mind away. It is necessary that a preceptor after ascertaining the capability of a spiritual aspirant gives him an appropriate mode of worship. Else the experiments conducted for benefits can prove to be very destructive. Possibly keeping all these reasons in mind scriptural seers have stopped us from just talking about such subtle sciences.All worldly activities go on like a gigantic prelude through this power. Only after correct examination can a patient and doctor benefit. When the nerve centers are activated power emerges and gives a momentary identity. Madhukaitaba and overcome them in a battle. all pervasive level the process of activation of Divine Serpent Power is going on there one should understand that it will ward off that which is unwanted and manifest a bright future. It is the science of mesmerism. She even killed Bhasmasura. egoistic people start finding faults. When there is dry logic and needless argument put forward. Not only the aspirant’s character but even his needs and circumstances have to be kept in mind. But Divine Serpent Power is permanent and is a conscious power which after manifesting energy in an individual transforms him. Kansa. But for such dangerous ventures there should be pious souls. This is one aspect of Shakti (divine power). Hence it is looked upon as a secret knowledge and never broadcasted openly. . When this very power is used for creative purposes then it becomes the cosmic creative power. In reality the Divine Serpent Power generates power in totality with reference to the world and individual with reference to a being. Mahakal’s task of transformation too works through this power. Those who work with this great power should be endowed with so much zeal. Through Ram and Seeta she gained victory over Ravan and through Krishna-Balram she overcame Putana. Sund-Upsund and Mahisasura. under such circumstances the basis of worship which is faith starts faltering and hence even the most intense worship fails. When a gun is fired the gun moves backwards. In the Kathopanishad wherein one finds the Yama-Nachiketa dialogue there the same vital force is spoken of in Panchagni Science which takes one beyond diseases. In a certain sense Divine Serpent Power is cosmic electricity which activates the fire of Yoga and makes an individual a powerful witness having vital force. In the Jnanarnava Tantra it is said ----.used to forcefully lead anarchaic elements on the right path. Jarasandha and other demonic powers. Where at a cosmic level.

wood and the mason. fire. There is a need for readers to go into its details. If activation of vital fire. Thus when Shiva-Shakti merge one gets divine powers (Sidhis). without a proper teacher. But at such times one has to be alert as feeding a snake. imbalance of nature. This source of energy is another name for life force. pollution of inner/ outer world. In conclusion this experiment has been conducted through the activation of the Divine Serpent Power of India. No doubt there is pain in trying to gain victory over these problems but its results are so grand that it cannot be compared to anything. all the energy got by passing through the 6 Chakras (Yogic Wheels) is not only used to overcome hardships but by joining with Savitri worship of a high order a new atmosphere is generated. raw food and a cook. epidemics. people’s heartbeats stop and there is danger of death. terrorism etc. No doubt this is partly Hatha Yoga. . If a poisonous snake comes his way then even its hiss stops the show. Hence when one does not find true specialists of Divine Serpent Power studies how can one find students interested in it? Divine Serpent Power activation is the igniting of bodily vital fire and the tradition so far has been for personal benefits. They only have to see its results and thus surmise as to what role they can play in it. star wars. vessels. shows off his art but yet he is playing a dangerous game. The body is created by Panchratna and the energy with the 5 vital forces.Because Savitri and Divine Serpent Power worship is difficult like walking on a razor’s edge people ignore it. iron. The sexual energy of the Mooladhar (genitals) is passed through the Merudand (spine) to converge in the Brahmarandhra (scalp) which has divine energy. Snakes coil around the necks of Shiva-Shakti. A snake charmer no doubt feeds his family via snake shows. To cook food one needs fuel. In order to build a house there is need of bricks. artist etc. Along with the transcendence of the 6 Yogic Chakras when the 5 sheaths too are activated then it becomes useful for many creative activities. plaster. Later too it will be made more clear as to how an individual not only progresses within himself but also how to inspire other on this path too. In this section we are describing only those schemes as a result of divine inspiration which are useful for energy activation of the human community at large. All the dire circumstances of the world have never been seen before. Also how to change this era and usher in a bright golden age. Symbolically this is Divine Serpent Power (Kundalini). 5 sheath activation and Savitri work in unison then its influence is widespread. Divine Serpent Power activation. Dark clouds of atomic weapons. are looming large and hence it is necessary that this experiment be conducted on a large scale. None can become a good engineer. Panchratna (5 jewels) are famous.

Gayatri’s Brahmi-shakti (divine power) is also called Brahmarandhra. The 5 elements. In it selfresearch is given chief importance and by generating devotion through meditation/ concentration the Brahmic consciousness is brought closer and one’s psyche gets interwoven in it. by undergoing Advait (union with God) one quickly sees miraculous results. Power evolves with the help of energy.e. The area that it influences is wisdom consciousness. SAVITRI AND KUNDALINI The investigation of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) commences with the discussion of the philosophy of Gayatri Mahaprajna. Whether you throw a lighted matchstick on a pile of wood or you throw burning wood on petrol. Instead of total self-surrender even if there is some desire involved then no doubt the car will slow down yet it will ultimately give us benefits. Fundamentally Gayatri worship is an experiment of religious ideology and divine sentiments. In a very elevated status this center is the fount of extrasensory potential and it is over here that the blissful activity of uniting a creature with Brahman (God) i. Over and above Gayatri worship there is worship of Savitri.CHAPTER TWO THE SUPER DIVINE POWERS CALLED GAYATRI. spiritual aspirants succeed in their own way. In the spiritual field its form has taken the shape of Brahmavarchas. A swimmer may himself swim yet he is incapable of helping others cross the river like a boatman. This is the difference between desire-based Gayatri worship and desireless Gayatri worship. If we dive deep into the philosophy of Gayatri worship then we realize that our entire consciousness is influenced by the “seed of knowledge of the brain”. the 5 vital forces of our body work as fuel and with its aid the inner fire is . Its role is a major one with reference to bodily sustenance and social behaviour. both actions are identical. Brahmasansthan or Brahmaloka. In a symbolic manner Gayatri is also called Brahmani or the wife of Brahma. Yet one fails to become capable of benefiting others in the world. Through both type of effort. Savitri worship is very much the material aspect of Gayatri. Its power can be seen as Brahmadand (punishment) that overcomes the wicked and destroys pain and poverty in the material world. attainment of the true human goal is achieved. The only difference is that via self-surrender.

materials in the brain are activated. On analyzing scriptural injunctions we understand that at certain places Savitri and Kundalini are said to be synonymous and wherever they are thought to be different their spiritual practice and goal is also thought to be different. But when spiritual practices of both Savitri and Kundalini are combined then the method of both becomes an admixture and the results too change accordingly. The Brahmarandhra looks after the inner brain area and the external area is looked after by the third eye called the Ajna Chakra. Trinaadi Parimarjan (washing of the 3 nerves). Hence we have discussed stepwise the principles and use of Gayatri. Sidhis (divine powers) and boons are attained via this power of Savitri. Despite there being a difference in Savitri and Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) worship they have equal stature. long life. enthusiasm. It is this power that directs Sattva. ego. intellect. But in pure Savitri worship one is limited to the periphery of the head region. electricity. Yet one fact is eternal that the subtle creation of the body and the mode of awakening will always remain permanent. beauty and other infinite special qualities are dependent on it. heat.activated. Thus we can generate energy. Rajas. The Apara Prakriti of Savitri is responsible for the body functioning of all creatures and thus the world evolves. Savitri and Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). Kriya Yoga is superior. The second wife Savitri is Apara Prakriti. According to Indian mythology Brahmaji had 2 wives. and all areas of knowledge. magnetism. Tanmatras etc. All spiritual practices like Naadi Shodhan (nerve purification). The spiritual practice which we are about to present here is of this variety. ether etc. All goals are attained by activating this power. Material science by using all these apparatus comes out with infinite inventions so as to give us material comforts. Actually within Kundalini Yoga. This Apara Prakriti is Savitri. Health. psyche. On the one hand it is widespread yet its main focal point is on the poles of earth and the Mooladhar Chakra of the human spine. Symbolically they are wisdom consciousness and material wealth. While performing spiritual practices this is also called Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power). Brahmarandhra(center on the inner scalp region). Tamas. 5 elements. Sahasrar Kamal (1000-petalled lotus). are such that along with meditation/concentration bodily exercises are also given importance. Shatkarma Chakravedhan (traveling up the 6 chakras or plexuses). daring. One is Para Prakriti and the other is Apara Prakriti. material consciousness and inert nature. are under its jurisdiction. might. While activating the Kundalini power Bandha. Para Prakriti encompasses mind. This fire activation is Savitri worship. Mudra. All movements of matter are dependent on it. The revolution of molecules. Aasan (posture) are given due importance. One has to imbibe the strange cycle of the vital force exercises in Pranayam. . The difference ensues only when the reasons of usage of the power are varied. Ritambhara Prajna etc. The first was Gayatri and the second was Savitri. light. influence of chemicals.

evolution of our character. material power is Savitri. This is what is seen in the scriptures.e. high thinking and endeavour for attaining liberation while yet living (Jeevanmukti). In the same way when Gayatri and Savitri worship are carried out together it is said to be of the level of cooperation between the demi-gods and demons. Everyone knows that as a result of churning of the ocean they got 14 jewels. How can the family of a conscious power be like that of human beings? If anyone so wishes he can give the 2 special characteristics of the element fire viz.Whenever in the scriptures Brahma’s wife is described as one of these spiritual practices then know for sure that it has to be taken symbolically. At certain places Saraswati is called Brahma’s consort and at other places his daughter. Hatha Yog etc. But when both parties together churned the ocean. Agam. Kartikeya has 6 faces. In fact reading it really agitates us. Ved Marg etc. One was Sidhivinayak Ganesh and the other was Kartikeya. One establishes righteousness and the other destroys unrighteousness. All obstacles in its way are destructive. their loneliness was warded off. Soul power is Gayatri. distorted state of vital force in the body via its activation. This is the primary form of Kundalini worship. The path of action is called the Vaam Marg. Through their union 2 sons were born. Hence instead of looking at it as a worldly fact it should be accepted in a symbolic manner. the destroyer of demons. Ganesh blesses us with a divine intellect and Kartikeya with power. Only when both unite is there a flow of energy. As a result there is chaos and destruction. The fruits of Gayatri worship involves advancement of soul consciousness. If this is unpalatable then they can be called daughters. working for great tasks. heat and light as the name of these wives. With Savitri worship one benefits not only materially but that with its merging with Gayatri worship one’s soul power evolves. positive and negative. There are two streams of electricity i. Only when Gayatri and Savitri conjoin can all the requirements of spiritual practices be realized. . It is also called Nigam Rajyog. Tantra. None are happy to hear or read about the fights between demi-gods and demons. In the field of spirituality the path of wisdom is called the Dakshin Marg. These are also called 6 Chakras (Plexuses). When Shiva married Parvati. This Skand manifestation should be looked upon as the influence of the 6 Chakras related to Kundalini power (Divine Serpent Power). If it is hazy in our psyche then all efforts in this direction are futile. Whereas Savitri worship involves awakening of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) so as to overcome the latent. all the latent wealth of the ocean was attained by them.

Even a dead body is burnt quickly on electronic pyres whereas rice. Brihaspati has been the preceptor of the demi-gods. Kartikeya with 6 faces nourished by the 6 Kritikas should be looked upon symbolically as the influential result of the 6 Chakras. Even my own spiritual penance was for this very reason and because I walked on the right path I tasted success.Kundalini is nothing but the fire power dwelling in our genitals. When Shakti (energy) worship unites with divinity only then does it succeed. The initial success of the demons was witnessed by all was like the proverbial illusory mustard seed on the palm. It was he who taught this science to his demon disciples. Here we are delving into that Kundalini which is for those people who through the medium of material endeavour wish to attain higher states of soul consciousness. The nature of its utility and scientific analysis will be detailed later. Those knowers of the soul who had materialistic problems to overcome were asked to follow Savitri worship over and above primary education. When Gayatri. What exactly are these 6 Chakras? Where and why do they exist? In which state do they exist? What is its utility? We will not go into great detail of all these questions. Electricity works wonders in one flash of a second. By asking Yogis. rites etc. The fire power of Kundalini imbibed it. Such people are worshippers of divine energy and think that energy is more important. take a longer time to cook on wooden fire. This path is best suited for one who does not want a spiritual downfall and yet quickly attains his goal due to a pious character. In the battle between demi-gods and demons that energy attained by the demons was wasted by them in lowly activities and then by experimenting on Lord Vishnu or another higher soul power it was subjugated. Shukracharya was an expert of Kundalini science. Shiva in the form of Sahasrar Chakra (1000-petalled lotus at the top of our head) when activated results in the outpouring of pollen honey which is Shiva’s “Retas”(semen). lentils etc. Even the likes of Arjun. Pure Kundalini worship comes under the flagship of Tantra and Vaam Marg. Such attainments are eternal and from the long term point of view it proves beneficial for all living beings. When Savitri and Kundalini worship are followed in unison then the results are miraculous. . No doubt the ultimate goal was spirituality yet the path. Six Kritikas (Pleiades stars) ripened it. Savitri and Kundalini are combined then this Yoga Marg is predominantly the Dakshin Marg. Shringi. Bhagirath. of the spiritual practise was changed as per needs. Vishwamitra etc. Hanuman etc. men of penance and knowers of Brahman to worship Gayatri he made them pious in character which was akin to that of demi-gods. could solve material problems. had to quieten wordly strifes. He too taught them Kundalini science yet his only intention was to augment piousness. Lomharsh. These 6 Kritikas are the 6 Chakras. Even they had to follow Savitri-Kundalini worship which was a materialistic endeavour under the aegis of spiritual science. It was by taking recourse to Savitri worship that Dadhichi.

One can ask for divine power from one who has attained it from austerities and thus use it for a higher purpose. Vishwamitra taught Ram and Lakshman all skills of a true soldier and thus protected his Yajna with their help. Samarth Ramdas and Chanakya asked Shivaji and Chandragupt respectively to perform those tasks which could have been executed by themselves. Like other 2 divine powers it can be transmitted to others too. Just as a wealthy man always donates a part of his wealth to the needy so too a Yogi gives apart of his divine power to apt people who in turn overcome trying worldly circumstances and thus establish world peace. While activating Kundalini if there is lack of proper guidance or capacity then we have seen people turning mad too. Shiva is called Shiva Bholey Baba (innocent God) or Aughaddani (easy to please) but he too created Veerbhadra out of ire against Daksha Prajapati and thus destroyed Daksha’s arrogance. It is like playing with lighting.Predominantly the Lord as Varah. Under specific circumstances incarnations of Goad and other highly advanced souls propel others to do this task so that their own power is not depleted. This is a fact. Even a person who has learnt car driving will be very careful while driving a car and thus help co-passengers reach their proper . Vishwamitra was capable of protecting his own Yajna but in order that his own soul force does not get destroyed while manifesting anger he chose to ask the Kshatriya boys Ram and Lakshman to combat demons like Tadka. This is a very dire event and hence activities of calming and even killing are carried out. Thus with the aid of a combined Savitri and Kundalini worship one’s own and alien strifes can be overcome and within limits of aptness one’s wealth power too can be augmented. Other members keep performing small tasks in the house but it is not necessary that they must earn their own wealth to take care of their requirements. Nrisinh. The question here is that Brahman radiance is more valuable. This is like taking interest from banks. In a family the breadwinner is one. With the aid of the power generated by a man following the path of austerities one can change not only others but also churn the atmosphere so as to transform it for the better. Parshuram etc. has had to face troubled circumstances. This divine power should be protected for higher endeavours and not wasted in warding off strifes. Many were afflicted with palsy and many died too. As a result there are chances of losing one’s life too. Subahu. Awakening of Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) is very complicated. If a person tries to learn car driving merely by reading books then definitely he will land in deep trouble. Mareech etc.

There has to be a basic spiritual penance which has to be undergone and as far as its application is concerned. The reason why a very cautious discussion is made on the combined spiritual worship of Gayatri. One should never awaken the Kundalini without the help of a true spiritual guide. Because the flow has to be obstructed. Savitri and Kundalini is that today people are very much attracted to it. Because when such sciences disappear an intelligent person attaining the rings of aphorism-directions will construct a chain according to his limited understanding. Hence there is no problem in imbibing important aspects of this science. By not accepting Kundalini worship as mere superficial rites one should understand that one should have proper credentials. One feels carefree and joyous when there is no discipline. Over and above gaining knowledge of Kundalini awakening. CHAPTER THREE LIGHTING UP THE FIRE OF VITAL FORCE THROUGH KUNDALINI WORSHIP The activation and movement of Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) is extremely difficult. The tastebuds are in ecstasy when allowed to eat anything and everything. It is apt and very necessary to understand the principle.destination. one should not become hasty and think this endeavour to be very easy to follow. But if there is no clue at all then rejuvenating such a science is very complicated. As a result of habit our tongue wants both tasty food and . leave it in the hands of capable specialists. attainment of Ridhi-Sidhi etc. The problem lies in experimentation. One may think himself to be very industrious in jumping the queue and marching ahead but know for sure that such an act is full of danger. If an arrow of words reverses and makes your own voice its target then the result is going to be death only. nature and social aspect of Kundalini Science. Because it’s a secret science there is a veil covering it. Guru or preceptor.

When the bodily electricity is awakened it works like a fire weapon and has the capacity to overcome all obstacles. Mahatma Jadbharat was an incarnation of King Bharat. Not only education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Hence obstructing this fall is as difficult as building a strong dam. attachment and the ego. Even Sutikshnaji who was satiated by having Lord Ram’s vision gave up his body in the fire of Yoga. Lusty people keep touching mental highs and lows and they go to extremes in all their activities. One’s soul force has intense. thoughts. Cranes are needed to pull and raise them. The same holds true for all the sense organs. etc. yet the mind keeps desiring more and more. Jadbharat was made to stand in front of Mahakali’s image so as to get his head chopped off. activation and raising of Kundalini power is increasingly difficult in that order. A man of lust never gets mental satiation.excess in quantity. but one has to become steadfast in it like the reins of horses. It has 3 tastebuds i. When Damayanti . Not only does one have to imbibe control of senses. The mind is the eleventh sense organ. chains of a wild elephant and noose of a camel. Due to his soul radiance the image of Bhadrakali was activated. unlimited power. If one desires to stop a waterfall flowing downwards and instead change its flow in the upward direction a powerful pump is needed. She snatched the knife from the priest’s hand and killed all the wicked men. But Jadbharat stood calmly. A very qualified engineer is needed for proper maintenance of machines. Very powerful technology is required to dig wells or oil wells so as to get water and oil respectively. his body tires fast. mind. It needs extraordinary power. And more difficult is vaporizing the salty water of the ocean so as to make it potable. The evolved soul force of a spiritual aspirant who activates his vital force fire with self control can manifest divine powers (Sidhis) and utilize the same for required tasks. wealth. Ordinary lives flow in this direction. The priest who was to chop the head approached Jadbharat. When Shiva’s wife Sati was insulted in her father Daksha’s Yajna she activated her Yoga fire and burnt her own body to ashes. He gave divine wisdom to the Sindhu King Rahugan while plying Rahugan’s palanquin. The control. The entire body is full of lethargy. With reference to this some examples are noteworthy. Also it is a gigantic task to maintain and repair these machines. This task cannot be fulfilled with an ordinary capability. All this is done to stop it acting according to its own whims and fancies and that forcefully it is made use of for achieving desired goals.e. The same holds true for our genitals. Vile activities that are beastly and ghostly in nature drop downwards. time. greed. Once a Dasyu soldier caught him as a sacrificial offering.

All these are examples of activation of latent soul power. But when it awakens its fate and the entire world open up. Many elephants walked on the sleeping Kumbhakarna’s chest so as to wake him up. . Dry leaves and mounds of dust rise miles up in the sky. As long as Kundalini power is asleep a creature remains animalistic in nature. When it is latent (sleeping) daily routine works on and moves like a cart with damaged wheels. Only a few years back was witnessed the explosion of Mexico and Columbia. The volcanic eruption of Helena converted day into night for more than a week. Eddy currents in rivers capsize boats and such eddies in seas are known to overturn gigantic ships too. When a power generator bursts then the surrounding areas are shattered. The same holds true for Kundalini awakening. If one’s substratum force is asleep then the external world too is asleep. If it is attacked and broken such a terrible explosion takes place that one witnesses destruction miles around. It is even more dangerous to wake up a sleeping snake. Its black dust had covered the skies for a long time. The nuclear power in an atom is latent. Special movements make the invisible visible. But when an engine is placed in a railway train and one presses the accelerator it helps all other carriages joined to it to march ahead speedily. homes etc. When there are cyclonic winds operating they uproot. But later very miraculously the movement is not like normal air but is like a cyclonic wind. Those who are unaware of atomic explosions are reminded of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bomb explosion wherein lakhs of people died and huge mountains had melted due to the intense heat. Thus an aspirant of Kundalini worship too has to face dire situations when commencing spiritual practices. The Rishis say in “Mahayoga Vijnana” that---- “The soul force Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) like a female snake is sleeping on the Mooladhar Chakra (plexus) with twining of 3 and a ½ rounds. trees. are forcefully woken up they get angry because they feel they are forced to give up the joy of sleeping. Even with a lot of endeavour a creature does not attain divine wisdom. Its speed is that of typhoons and cyclones. When children.” There is a lot of rise and fall when the vital force fire within us is lit up. How terrible are volcanos that erupt. grownup adults etc. When lighting touches any part of earth it burns that area to ashes. Even ordinarily it is difficult to wake up those who are in deep sleep.the wife of King Nala had to save her self respect she killed the lustful hunter with the fire of her eyes. This is exactly the case with latent Kundalini awakening.

Because new shoots and flowers start sprouting on it. Whenever Kundalini awakens scriptural scholars say that she drinks the blood of the spiritual aspirant and eats up his flesh. He becomes like a skeleton. While trimming and cutting the plant it looks as though its size has diminished and that its body is depleted. Thus they start eating the mother’s stomach itself and after consuming all her flesh the eggs come out. Hence one not only needs daring but a lot of alertness. It is not easy at all since there are a lot of problems she faces and thus she has to become very responsible. When there is a mistake there is fear of a downfall. If there is even an iota of indolence the dangers to be faced are dire and many. birth of her baby and later upbringing of her child. Lethargy has no place over here. The gloom of autumn disappears and the beautiful flowers of spring are witnessed by one and all. Later new shoots sprout forth and flowers in large numbers grow on it. cleanliness and protects it from weather changes. He trims the flower plant from all sides. Thus the roundness and splendour of the plant augments. And later the mother makes arrangements for the baby’s food. All this requires a lot of mental alertness. flies etc. The opening of the genital organ is so tiny that it is virtually impossible for the tiny eggs to come out of it. The eggs in the womb while growing up are full of hunger. Flies and mosquitos lay countless eggs all day long. . but as far as Kundalini awakening is concerned it can only be compared to a human mother’s pregnancy. In her womb many eggs are nourished and raised at one and the same time. In the meantime the mother scorpio dies since her stomach has been ripped open by the eggs. A shrewd gardener follows this technique. so too a person activating his Kundalini power has to be very cautious and should have high spiritual capability. Even fish lay eggs in large numbers at one single shot but all of them are not worried about looking after their eggs. This is one type of Kaya-Kalp(bodily transformation) in which the old dirt is thrown away and new seeds bloom forth. But this state does not last for long. The procreation of Sidhis (divine powers) conjoined to Kundalini is exactly like this. bad habits and other mental dirt. But as far as human embryos are concerned the mother is very careful not only during pregnancy but at the time of the birth of the baby too. Just as rope walkers in a circus maintain their balance.While awakening the Kundalini one has to face such dire situations. In Kundalini awakening a spiritual aspirant himself has to destroy all his vile psychic imprints. W hen the eggs grow up a bit they wish to come out of the womb. Worldly activities can be compared to eggs laid by mosquitos. The method of a female scorpio’s procreation is very strange.

baker etc. But Shukdevji was firm and refused to listen to anyone. With the help of fire. light up their furnaces and make useful articles. Mud vessels can be heated by a potter while making mud vessels. But if someone’s psychic imprints are burnt to ashes from the very roots itself there is no question of getting entangled in the material world. But if Kundalini power is conjoined to it then steadiness is maintained. These are individual benefits. When gold is heated all the dross gets burnt to ashes. In the same way bad psychic imprints of a person which seem to have dried up under certain circumstances. Yajnas etc. Thus fire can execute many chores. Sometimes devotional sentiments lead to the manifestation of very intense heat in the psyche. With it muck. Vedavyas agreed to the proposal of his elder brother’s wives to sire their children whereas Shukdevji ran away to the forest as soon as he was born so as to meditate on God. Green grass dries up in hot summer and turns green again in monsoons. Many tasks can be executed when fire is lit. Wet and smelly clothes are dried up. No doubt the external shape of his body remains the same but within him such an electricity is awakened that it achieves mental awakening and changes the external environment. Nothing happens to the pure gold and in fact the more it is heated the more it shines brilliantly. By associating with divine powers one benefits a lot. The state of Shukdev Paramhans was totally different from that of his father Vedavyas. potter. In divine meditation there is an ebb and flow of emotional waves. Fire is utilized in incense. He married her and begetted children. yet he was attracted to Menaka. Vishwamitra was a Rishi of great penance. The doubt of inethics vanishes and every customer makes proper valuation of pure gold. Whenever welding is carried out there is no danger of vessels breaking apart even if it breaks elsewhere. Pyres can be lit. Everyone including his father was against his going away thus and everyone tried to dissuade him from going to the forest.Awakening of the Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) is like a fiery test. With Kundalini awakening many worldly problems are solved and utility articles are made. food is cooked which wards off our hunger. To test him Indra . Fire is used for worshipping God too. In the external world too many benefits accrue. lamps. Not only this. An ironsmith. the problem of feeling cold vanishes. Sometimes in the form of foam of milk or bubbles of water it settles at the base. the Kundalini is awakened. dirt and rotten stuff can be dried up. with the help of fire you can do welding. Stored bad psychic imprints too overflow. the heavenly damsel. Food can be cooked. Ores can be smelted. When within one’s body. A spiritual aspirant who has himself awakened his Kundalini power becomes very powerful. bloom forth later again.

Thus the use of this energy is such that it can only amaze one and all. Kundalini is called Yoga of fire. Kundalini power burns up Sanchit (stored). But via Kundalini awakening when all this energy is gathered and focused at the Mooladhar Chakra (base of the spine) it is like concentrating material energy in a limited area. An old female full of austerities lived in the forest. This is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints. ashes and Sanjeevani. This is like lighting up the fire of vital force Yajna. Gajaputi. Here a ripe aspirant who is thoroughly heated up by the furnace of penance becomes firm as a brick. A mendicant came there. One night a female woodcutter having lost her way reached the hut of the mendicant and she begged for grace.sent the heavenly dancer Rambha but in a few words he sent her back. Kriyamaan (future). Prarabhdha (present) actions to ashes. Ayurved doctors make Rasa (juice) or Bhasma (ashes). . Hence one cannot see its might. It is compared to Sanjeevani (medicine that brings dead souls back to life). The old lady built a hut nearby and took the responsibility of feeding him. Thus an aspirant heated in the fire of Kundalini becomes extraordinary and his powers are rare and limitless. If you cut the branches of a tree a new tree can emerge from it but if you remove the roots totally or burn them up a new tree can never emerge from it. Sahasraputi. There is a mighty storehouse of electricity in the human body but it lies scattered. In the same way when the latent. scattered energy of your body is concentrated via Kundalini awakening we obtain material Sidhis and soul Ridhis and these many useful tasks even at the world level can be executed. This is a fire ritual. In a few minutes you can pressure cook your food. They are made from sacrificial fires like Shataputi. Here a “baked” aspirant is akin to the properties of juice. If steam gets scattered everywhere it is of no use but if it is concentrated in a limited area then with its energy the train can run speedily for miles together.

In this manner within a human body. She refused to give him food and said : Here you lived for 24 years and only gained victory over your desires. Thus one embryo is formed and which starts the creation of its separate body and bodily . She heard voices. The old lady had heard the harsh words of the mendicant. The smallest unit of matter is an atom yet although the atom appears single it is not so in actuality. She hence broke the hut that she had built for him. She took the lady woodcutter with her and gave her food and shelter. Within the second peel is a third one. Amongst them only one of them has a chance to enter the mother’s womb during sexual union.The mendicant thought she was begging for sexual intercourse and hence sent her away without food or shelter. protons and revolving electrons. millions of creatures dwell in it. There are millions of living cells in our body and the genes that are hidden in every cell have a prototype of one single creature. The atom too is like a solar system. Because within it there is a nucleus and there are neutrons. CHAPTER FOUR THE SECRET PHILOSOPHY OF THE WORSHIP METHOD OF SOUL SCIENCE Within the peel of an onion is another peel. like the cosmic world. In the same way if banana leaves are removed they come out one after another. the more powerful they become. The solar system is a circumference but within its limits revolve 9 planets and 43 satellites around their axis. The old lady seated under a tree was watching intently. So it is clear that the more gross substances are made subtle. If a pile of mud is attacked then a little bit of mud gets scattered but if the nucleus of an atom is attacked then the energy that it emits can bury one huge mountain. At dawn the old woman showed the right path to the woodcutter. Within it is activity akin to the solar system. Since you have not sown the seeds of compassion in your heart it’s a shame that you call yourself a mendicant.

is concerned but when the seeds are sown major differences are perceived right from the shoots. Hence all these can be classified There is such a big prelude of the subtle in the subtle that the example of the onion peel within an onion peel and the leaves of banana appear to be very ironic. There is so much difference as far as the shape of flowers. fruits etc. Its differences are veiled in the seed stage and hence cannot be seen in that stage. branches. flowers. grandparents and scores of ancestors. The anatomists to some extent have studied the eugenics of the different movements of bodily sheaths and how they carry out their different functions. And they also measure the potential and possibilities of the life force of a human being. By only analyzing the child we cannot know its ancestral nature. In 9 months the embryo matures and roams in the world after coming out of its mother’s womb. These special qualities in the form of Vibhutis (divine glories) are so subtle that despite the subtle-most disintegration of genes and the life vital force. On its basis they carry out medical investigations and surgery. Within this newborn babe one finds bodily and mental qualities of its parents. weight. This difference is extraordinary. This means that those special qualities known when the child grows up is not known in its immature state. leaves. . Subtility for a long time is maintained in the immature stage and when it starts maturing it gives us an introduction of its state and existence. The ordinary shapes of the sheaths of the human body are virtually identical but within there are so many mysteries that one is amazed on getting corresponding information about them. The situation manifests when the child grows up and gives us a clear introduction to its special qualities. There is an obvious difference between mature full grown trees. the taste of fruits is concerned. If a pile of seeds are gathered then a very minor difference is perceived as far as its colour. its fragrance. form etc. Only on its face and skin is there some perceived idea. one cannot understand contemporary circumstances. The material scientist is researching into only the gross aspect of this analysis.

Through the genitals it tastes sexual passion and thus procreates. If we can fathom its subtle mysterious depth we can only be amazed on understanding and seeing that where. In order to experience these powers man needs to undergo intense austerities. If these penances are not carried out these powers will always remain latent and this he will be incapable of carrying out any higher activity apart from those carried out by beasts. Thus you are introduced to the grandeur. habit. hope. By activating these divine potentialities one can obtain divine powers (Sidhis).e. Both power and wisdom are interwoven in it. In the subtle body the 6 Chakras are well-known. After knowing and understanding the inert and conscious form of the body one concludes that just as the entire tree is potentially found in the seed so too the entire cosmic principle i. the macro is inherent in the body i. In reality the small body of a human being is filled up with so many things that one can only say that in comparison to all divine powers put together he alone is most powerful. But the only problem is that this storehouse of divine energy is in a latent state.e. They are 1) Mooladhar 2) Svadhishthan 3) Manipur 4)Anahat 5) Vishudhi 6) Ajna. The only requirement is the activation of these . taste. We may be able to see only the present form of the cosmos and the body yet the past and future are firmly conjoined to it.But one should deeply look into the fact that the human embryo is not made up of matter only. 7 pilgrim spots for pious endeavour in the subtle world. By itself the vital force is one yet because it targets various organs it is named variedly. Hence in order to excel spiritually one should follow the path of spiritual penance. touch and sound. Its management and analysis is made in the form of mind. intellect and psyche. In other organs of the body it works digestion. emission. Within the scalp is the Sahasrar (1000-petalled lotus) Kamal. the micro. In the head it functions as faith. All these are within our body but at a subtle level. thought etc.e. On subtly analyzing bodily sciences one finds all divine glories embedded in every human being. Over here the head region is overlooked. bodily might etc. Because one important aspect of it is consciousness is called human electricity. i. This very principle in the organs of knowledge take the form of shape. If you add this then there are 7 Chakras. smell. The body is like a mirror. how and to what extent this cosmic pervasive matter and conscious principle is conjoined to the human body. In spiritual parlance it is called Prana or vital force. The fibres and tendons of every muscle has its own specific function and nature. It is not merely an admixture of chemicals.

The Chakras are also said to be the 4 walls of the palace in the form of material attachments. rest is a must. The 7 Lokas in between God and the individual soul are spots of rest. But those pious actions that give all these activities tend to be used up too. Symbolically this incident can be taken as an individual soul being trapped in the 7 Chakras of the body. Hence on the way there are rest-houses. Because he did not know how to come out of it he died. In spiritual practices the individual has no power of his own. sun. Thus the balance is maintained and a Yogi / spiritual aspirant leads a pious Sattvic life. Here one’s own energy is very little and if the austerities are very ordinary it cannot achieve much. It flowers on the foundation stone of devotional sensitivity. In the Mahabharat is the story of a Chakravyuh (an array of soldiers in a square or a circle). water etc. An animal instructor of a circus takes only those animals in his troupe whom he thinks are shrewd. without much effort attains great spiritual benefits. To cover large number of miles during one’s journey. Symbolically this is the journey from one Chakra to the next one. Because it depends on each individual’s mental state. saving those who are drowning and helping all to climb up the ladder of life. Hence a method is given so as to overcome it. Also he has to purify his thinking and character. All spiritual practices are artistic. There is a story in the Bhagwat Mahatmya of Dhundhukari’s ghost tearing the 7 knots of a bamboo within 7 days so as to become a divinely embodied being. His attitude is heavenly and behaviour is like one who is spiritually liberated in this . This divine power is used fro raising the fallen ones. If the personality of any individual overflows with soul force he very quickly.subtle Chakras. delusions and distortions. The only special thing is that he is working hard to awaken his latent divine powers. Hence a man entering the path of spirituality has to master the viewpoint of his devotional emotions. fertile ground will it grow into a tree that first bears flowers and then luscious fruits. Within this journey are 7 Lokas (Worlds). In a Chakravyuh there are 7 ramparts of a fort. A train stops at many stations on the way to get coal. If a seed is locked up in a room it will not sprout. Only when it is given water. These resting spots of the bodily energy are the 6 Chakras. Instead of austerities one’s pious deeds increase. decreasing sorrow. one as obstructions and the other as benefactors. The Chakras are depicted in 2 ways. It is also called the Devyaan Marg that takes us to heaven from earth. The Merudand (spinal cord) is called the royal pathway. When the embryo is nourished in the mother’s womb it grows up as a baby and is born later. Which spiritual practise should be carried out for what time span? The answer is not the same for everyone. This is the primary condition which must be fulfilled. Abhimanyu was trapped in it.

Kansa. Kapaliks etc. When grapes deteriorate they are converted to wine. If wealth. Vile actioned Tantric Aghoris. might. Hiranyaksha. Their family members like Khar-Dooshan. Raktabeej too behaved demonically. The attacking demons show off their daring and the black magic demons praise their art of deception. Mohan Vashikaran (conjuration) and Ucchatan (distracting a person’s mind by incantation). Such people could not only fail to ward off a downfall but that they would drown deeper into the quagmire of lowly deeds. Examples of such demons are Vritrasur. if there is vileness in it then if such a person obtains divine powers. They only harassed their subjects and for a little bit of selfish gain they performed many vile actions. attacking and of the terrorist type. In it there is no fear of being defamed due to terrorist activities and under the pretext of being saintly externally one escapes defamation for a certain span of time. In the same way even if you attain divine powers and if the same is not utilized for pious activities then the only alternative remains is that it will be utilized for destructive purposes. Although he was a family member of Ravan he never attacked anybody externally. But if one’s thoughts and character are not pure. Hiranyakashipu. he becomes demonic and arrogant. The demons harassed the demi-gods.very life (Jeevan Mukti). This is the very state as a result of which a person is called best amongst men and thus becomes God himself. illusory black magic power etc. The other class uses deception. Jarasandh. cunningness. In fact the shrewd demons behave like saints externally. He carries out such vile actions that he can only be labeled a demon. Ravan etc. Demons generally are the attacking types and kidnap innocent people. Kumbhkaran. The soul is realized as soul glory and continuously with the help of divine insight he beholds the Lord in every particle of the cosmos. . grandeur. Mahisasur. There are 2 classes of demons. become demonic and execute vile actions like Maran (killing people with Mantra chanting). If spirituality does not follow the Dakshin Marg (pious path) it will lead to one’s downfall. power are not utilized properly it can lead to a person’s downfall. The attacking demons are looked down upon openly but the black magic demons are hidden behind the veil of facades. One may gather divine powers but if it is not used for pious deeds then like Kalnemi one will carry out subtle demonic activities. Instead he would induce the intellect of others via black magic to perform vile actions. Meghnad. Hence modern demonic behaviour in the field of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) is available in the bazaar under the trademark of Kalnemi and is sold as basketfuls within minutes. For eg. Kalnemi. They looted the wealth of the demi-gods and drank the blood of the Rishis. One class is unruly.

Hence people would listen to his talks only and gave him costly presents. People who saw the latter sage thought him to be a realized saint. Thus the herbal paste on the so called great saint was wiped off.True soul power can only be generated if one is on the sacred path of righteousness. The shrewd devotees insisted that they would wash the feet on the 4 sages with hot water. How can it be activated? How can it be empowered? And how can it be utilized for various tasks? This is called soul science. Slowly the secret was divulged. CHAPTER FIVE THE MYSTERY OF YOGA AND THE BOUQUET OF SIDHIS . In it lies the well-being of all individuals and thus the entire world. We are influenced by all that takes place in the external world. Regarding this it can definitely be understood that one can cast the equipments related to the inner and outer areas according to one’s psyche. But the ideology of spiritual science has delved more deep into this and it says that the individual consciousness influences nearby and far off worldly situations. One among the 4 sages was very shrewd. He had learnt how to walk on water by pasting his feet with some potent herbs. In a forest near Lakshadweep dwelt 4 sages. The true philosophy of soul science is that one carries out spiritual austerities but that whatever divine power manifests in the form of Sidhis must be used only for righteous purposes and world welfare. It is also called Brahmavidya. In a very advanced spiritual state such a person can even direct cosmic movements. This is called extrasensory power. Grossly one should understand that circumstances influence the state of our devotional sentiments. Man is the author of his own destiny. He did not know how to swim. but the fact is this that in an advanced spiritual state he is the director of cosmic activities too. The other 3 sages swam in water but this shrewd sage would walk on it. This is the super mind state which is ordinarily present in all beings but in a latent inactive state. Facades never last long. Kundalini practise is executed so as to activate our soul force. Hence out of shame he left he group of sages and ran away. For begging alms they crossed the ocean waters and gave spiritual discourses to the householders.

chanting of Mantras. Emphasis is laid on its mode and rules. In a certain manner even man follows the culture of Adam’s era. cold rain etc. External Yoga is that in which bodily exercises are given importance. The males/females are stark naked. Mudras. Hence greatness of Yogic practise is eulogized and those understanding the importance of soul upliftment walk on this path. Yoga is classified in 2 ways. All of them come under the flagship of internal Yoga. In the Adam Age he was like this only. This external Yoga encompasses posture. Here external bodily activities are emphasized upon. worship of God. When numbers are added up its value increases manifold. pilgrimages. He is well versed in eating. Vile psychic imprints have to be purified and our thinking has to be made high. But from the bodily viewpoint they are more powerful because they can tolerate intense heat. For food they depend on animal flesh. Here the scattered mind and vital force are concentrated and focused.Yoga means the union of the individual soul with the cosmic soul who is otherwise called God. breathing exercises. attachment etc. Some control of the mind also takes place. procreating and manifesting greed. Its results depend on how aptly it was made use of. singing God’s name etc. Kriya Yoga influences our health. One of its branches is called Hatha Yoga. They can utter only a few words and they mainly communicate by sign language and gestures. The second class is internal Yoga. Just as when husband-wife cooperate with one another so as to make their home heavenly in the same way when man unites with God he becomes divine. They run miles away from so called civilized men and hence their language too is not evolved. Another name for this external Yoga is Kriya Yoga. Bandha. He detests imbibing human values that augment the glory of all mankind. . In New Guinea even today there are some Adivasis (Aborigines) who have the culture of Adam’s era. intellectual sharpness etc. There are many types of meditations. The glories of greatness and ethics is always conjoined to God. When man unites with God via faith he definitely rises above the culture of Adam’s era. Yajna. fruits etc. roots. The first is external Yoga and the second internal Yoga. Man is a descendent of apes. radiance.

Generally in meditation one pours one’s loving devotion towards an imaginary image of God and one tries to experience it as very close to oneself. Further experiences involve Naad Yoga (sound), Soham (that I am) spiritual practise, drinking of Soma juice via Khechri Mudra etc. Internal Yoga also involves Chakravedhan (journey through the 6 Chakras), Kundalini awakening, Granthi Vedhan etc. because over here one’s thought waves are given a proper focused direction. In it there is no need of Kriya Yoga which involves bodily exercises.

Kriya Yoga is limited to the energy and ordinary extrasensory potential of the gross body. The sense organs are gross in nature. It is counted as a bodily part. Its power too is gross only. The subtilization of sensory potentials does only this much that without any other paraphernalia and with the help of any other sense organ the intellectual nerves of the brain solve certain gross problems. For eg. If one is blind one can utilize the sense organ of touch and with the fingers know of the presence of objects, letters etc. (i.e. in Braille). Within Suprapsycho Sciences, hearing distant sounds, seeing distant objects, telepathy are looked upon as extrasensory perception (ESP). All this is a play of the intellect. The difference only is this that in comparison to direct mediums one attains the potential of identifying and catching waves of heat, sound and light. This can come under material benefit and success. Although this is looked upon as spiritual yet it is not true. The activities of God are very extraordinary and mysterious. God cannot be understood by our material apparatus. According to the great scientist Albert Einstein, Particle Physics is yet very crippled and lame. It cannot give us information of the cosmic divine power i.e. God. There is a cosmic consciousness that rules over our entire cosmos. This consciousness can be called God, Brahman, all pervasive cosmic soul etc. The entire family of Ridhi-Sidhi (divine powers) is a mere glimpse of God.

According to the materialistic scholar and philosopher Sir Jams Jeans all materialistic events in the world are apt. That which we call an accident is actually the above mentioned. Its creator is definitely a great calculator, very powerful and an invisible power. It should be called God. This world cannot be an inert machine because every object, creature, living being etc. of the world has consciousness inherent in them and that they are always active. When the individual consciousness works in tandem with the cosmic consciousness (God) it is called Yoga.

There is a description in the Ashwamedha Parva of Mahabharat that there are divine saints (Sidhas) who with their divine eye can see the giving up of the body, its taking up a fresh new body and entering the body of another species. People with strong will power are capable of establishing goodwill and cooperation of subtle

bodied souls with human beings. One of the characteristics of realized-seer saints is that they can contact the subtle world.

It is a divine power to “tie up” time which is a result of Kundalini awakening. Yogi Changdev during the times of Saint Janneshwar was 400 years old due to the power of Yogic penance. Later as per the advice of Saint Jnaneshwar he gave up his mortal coil. Our subtle bodied revered preceptor who lives in the tough terrain of the lofty Himalayas is beyond the limits of time and space.

The great saint Tailang Swami at the age of 280 years had given up his mortal coil in Varanasi according to the Indian calendar on Paush Shukla Ekadashi Vikram Samvat 1944. He was born in Vikram Samvat 1644 in the household of a Brahmin landlord. In the Pushkar region he had taken Sanyas initiation from Bhagirath Swami. His preceptor had named him Ganapati Swami but he was well known as Tailang Swami. He was a great spiritual aspirant, Yogi and server of all beings. Many miraculous events are associated with him. Even Swami Vivekanand had mentioned his name and he was alive during Swami Dayanandji’s life too. By attaining the highest spiritual goal of Yoga he attained many divine powers too. Once Tailang Swami performed austerities in the jungles of Nepal. The King of Nepal had come hunting there along with his army. A tiger saved its life when attacked by the King. But the army chief followed the tiger. The tiger entered the hermitage of Tailang Swami. It placed its head at the feet of the Swamiji and sat down quietly. Swamiji started fondling the tiger. When the army chief and the King saw this scene they were wonderstruck.

This incidence is related not for idle curiosity but for the fact that via spiritual powers generated from austerities one can actually change the direction of the flow of the subtle world. Also one can to a an extent ward off one’s ill fate and become a medium for letting those events occur which were otherwise not destined to take place. It is said that the demi-gods have the power to bless and cure. But in fact a Yogi, saint etc. of high spiritual stature too can accomplish this. If you connect an inactive wire to another wire in which electric current flows the former too will become active. Hence if one conjoins to the divine power of demi-gods then that person too attains those powers and thus enters the storehouse of divine powers that belongs to God. This entrance into the region of divine powers is not superficial but is a kind of partnership. If there is a shop with many business partners each one can take goods from it. Definitely partnership gives you this right but if you are just a lay devotee and have not merged deeply into God, he only has the right to beg for things from God.

External Yoga or Kriya Yoga involves only the external world that is visible. It can grow, shift, raise or decrease things. It can also sometimes hide or manifest things but does not have the power to enter the recesses of another’s psyche. It is easy to lead anyone to his downfall. This is easily accomplished by criminals, gamblers, looters etc. But it is a totally different story when it involves materially and spiritually uplifting others. It is the word arrows that reach the target on dot. If you throw a pile of mud it can go anywhere and that too at a long distance. There is no control over it. Only apt hands can measure true control of things. It is entirely their decision as to in what direction and how high someone is to be uplifted. Such a person knows exactly how to dive deep into an oil well and measure it according to their capability. A small jump can be executed by anybody but it is possible only for gigantic rockets to rise high into the sky and even cross over the atmospheric covering of the earth so as to enter interstellar space. The relationship of the individual soul uniting with God via Yoga is proof of all the divine powers that manifest (like Ridhi-Sidhi). Great Sidhas are no doubt divine men. Their grace full of discrimination (Viveka) can either spiritually uplift someone or even bestow the blessing of material well being. Only such divine saints can reach great heights of divine powers.

Like the visible world there is a hidden subtle world and we sometimes get a glimpse of it in the dream state or in Nirvikalpa Samadhi (thought free trance). Scriptural scholars call it the other world. They are subtle in nature. They are invisible. There is no world of this sort in our stars and galaxies. That means that there is no Shiv Loka, heaven, hell, Brhama Loka over there as described in our scriptures. Because all the 7 worlds are invisible in the cosmos. They cannot be seen by our gross eyes. In these subtle invisible worlds one finds demi-gods, Pitrus, Sidhas, spiritually liberated ones etc. These worlds are not materialistic but are at the divine emotional level. Those living in these worlds are full of bliss, enthusiasm, peace, vigour etc. Those divine aides (Parshads) of God dwell in these subtle worlds. At an appropriate time these aides manifest on earth when God himself incarnates as a great saint, prophet, uplifter of all etc. Their invisible body remains only as long as their specific task is to be executed and they later become invisible and subtle as before. This group of aides is not small. In comparison to the number of creatures living in this gross material world, the number of beings residing in these subtle, invisible worlds is not less. Just as amongst worldly men there are very capable and radiant people so too in the subtle, invisible world there are classes of souls with divine glories. These divine glories are not just stored by these great souls but that they generously donate it to other souls who are imbued with apt credentials.

The above description shows us that a spiritual aspirant of internal Yoga makes his soul so light. As per their needs they contact divine powers. A divine power kept protecting him and thus the fire could not burn the child. Chapman a medium performed eye operations and thus many blind people had regained their eyesight. In Dwarka Lord Krishna disguised as a businessman accepted the bill of exchange and gave the mendicants Rs. Narsinh thinking that this was some sort of help from God accepted the cash. He always gave credit to the Dayman for all the tasks carried out by him. When water becomes steam it can move freely in the . He had lost his eyesight and the doctors could not help him. Hutton had heard that Dr. In 1901 the soul of Paramhans Ramkrishna inspired him to perform spiritual practices for cosmic welfare. As a result very easily such a person gets the blessings of Sidhas which further helps him to uplift himself and work for cosmic welfare. Lang by entering the psyche of Chapman operated Hutton and thus Hutton regained his eyesight.Narsinh Mehta wanted wealth for spiritual purposes. Socrates always maintained that a Dayman dwelt in his psyche and inspired him to carry out various tasks. He said that ancestral souls protected innocent children and pious souls and bestows many beneficial blessings on them. In reality it is God who propels great spiritual aspirants via their pure hearts to overcome the sorrow of those in need. We are going to Dwarka. clean and penetrative that he easily enters the invisible world. He wrote the bill of exchange in the name of his beloved friend Lord Shri Krishna. Lang’s departing soul making Mr. The Divine Mother too had come to reside in Pondicherry with him due to a divine inspiration of God. So Hutton went there. Hence the room got totally burnt. In 1959 a well known journalist and writer called Bernard Hutton wrote about a particular incident in his book called “Holding Hands”. Leadbeater always researched into the movements of the invisible world. Dr.W. Yogiraj Maharshi Aurobindo said that the departed soul of Swami Vivekanand gave him many inspiring thoughts. Please keep Rs. The first leg of Yoga practise is purification of the soul. Once there was a great inferno in a room. The great Theosophist C. They make this contact very deep and easily imbibe those divine blessings. 700/00 with you and give us a bill of exchange so that we do not face danger of getting looted on the way and that in the city of Dwarka we can get back our cash. But one particular child continually slept in it and yet was saved. Despite having a gross body a master of internal Yoga can keep in touch with the invisible world via his subtle and casual bodies. Some mendicants approached him and said that some village folks had asked them (mendicants) to approach Narsinh. 700/00.

speaking tree. Radiance includes understanding.E. They say life is a body which is an admixture of chemicals plus 5 elements. responsibility and valiant character. The vital force is different from it. The vital force spoken of over here is actually the spirit. They are seated in that boat which helps them cross the river called this world and help innumerous other souls too to follow in their footsteps. THE FIVE STREAMS OF DIVINE ENERGY Colloquially all creatures are called living beings. Similarly Yogis never stray away from God. People follow and praise only those who possess this glory. But the above ideology does not pass the test of spiritual science. But they can never be called valiant. In spiritual terms these qualities of glory are called vital force fire. Because they have Prana (vital force) they are called Pranis too. Later it can condense as clouds and pour down as rain in any area of earth. When the 5 elements dissociate from one another that creature becomes extinct. . Such men are called saints who not only uplift themselves spiritually but help others raise their spiritual stature. Thus it is not that they themselves only become self fulfilled but that they can bestow this extraordinary experience to others too. He who has internal fortitude and external bravery is called one imbued with vital force. Material scientists do not accept that a creature has life force. honesty. The fruits of Kundalini awakening has its basis in this. But it is not so simple. No doubt vile and wicked men too have daring and bravery. CHAPTER SIX THE FIVE FACES OF KUNDALINI I. moving. They walk in the footsteps of great saints who have experienced Yoga (union with God). Vital force or Prana is the life force. At the most they can be called vile and wicked. To be imbued with vital force is to gain the highest benefits of human life. Spirit means radiance. They look upon the individual soul as a part manifestation of God. Instead of divine powers (Ridhi-Sidhi) just activating our idle curiousity it should inspire us to fulfil the supreme goal of human life. They opine that there is nothing like a soul principle in this world. Man is just a walking.atmosphere.

Many become theistic followers of theirs. The city blinks with light and with its energy many material comforts are produced. Such people harbour extraordinary thoughts and they attain extraordinary success on the basis of their own spiritual power by making extraordinary schemes. air and sea. united with our lives and in the other pan you place divine radiance. They are called crown jewels amongst men. muscles.e. imagination and thinking process which manifest intense electrical power of a very high grade. family. definitely the latter pan will go down because of its greater weightage. Only he can jump high enough who possesses such nerves. In fertile lands there are very tiny creatures. Who will count their total number? Because its number is beyond our imagination. In the annals of history one finds description of gigantic tasks carried out by such holy men full of intense vital force. Because there are innumerable creatures living on land. Such people experience self glory and in the eyes of others they abound in divine powers. Gandhiji who imbibed truth and non violence truly became another stalwart like King Harishchandra. With electrical power many factories are at work. Maybe not a royal path but at least they leave behind a footpath so that those walking on it can reach their spiritual goal. In one drop of water there are innumerable bacteria etc. this vital force electricity can carry out impossible tasks. One can say that all these are living beings. It can be called live electricity. Amongst living creatures only those with intense vital force are special and great. They are called human gods because for ideals and ethics they are willing to lay down their lives for it. One is amazed to note that with the help of ordinary bodies. Only such people experience self fulfilment. It is difficult to count the total number of living beings dwelling on earth. brain. They are seen very rarely and whenever they are seen they mesmerize the eyes of all with their spiritual light. . If in one pan of a weighing scale you place the body.Vital force is a conscious power. wealth etc i. The young boy Gandhi on seeing the drama of King Harishchandra vowed that he would become as great as this King. The number of people who follow in their footsteps are by no means less. Amongst great men they are given the title of Supermen. But here we will discuss those living beings who manifest intense spiritual lustre and it is not found even in ordinary laymen. Those who see and hear about them call them exalted. And in the end everyone saw that Gandhiji’s vow was fulfilled. Their actions are ideals for the laymen to follow.

Because at the soul level it is also synonymous with God and by not looking upon it as merely a ball of fire that gives us heat we should realize that it can imbue us with intense vital force in our psyche. It is sunlight that gives light to trees. It is because of sunlight that buds bloom into flowers. austerities. In reality this is a fact. If the radiance of God Savita can be imbibed through spiritual practise. reflect deeply on spiritual truths so as to imbibe soul force and create an apt mental state. In the same way the vital force aspect and energy aspect of Gayatri super power is Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). associate with great saints. Also in order to create spiritual power and radiance there is the Yogic breathing exercise of Pranayam. The principle of electricity is only one. Because the sun with its own light energy makes others radiant. faith and intense power of yearning then the spiritual aspirant shall never lose hope. This light is not like that of a bulb. There is a lot of water in all rivers. This conscious electricity of our vital force is present in every pore of the cosmos. It is not enough to look upon the sun merely as a source of material energy. The moon too shines because of sunlight. If there is no vessel then we cannot take even a drop of water despite the fact that we intensely desire to take water from the river. The life force is one but the body and vital force are its 2 aspects. None can stop us from taking as much water as we want. It can also be awakened by meditating on the sun. Via a strong resolve man can imbibe it in as much measure as he is capable of imbibing. But above all these modes is Kundalini awakening. plants etc. It is just that –ve and +ve are its two aspects. We are able to see other stars and planets in the universe because of sunlight. In Prashnopanishad Nachiketa was given a detailed version of the importance of the vital force and he was also taught the 5 sciences of vital forces fire related to it. Fundamentally both are one.In order to attain such an intense vital force one should study holy scriptures. It is Gayatri that is the great science of vital force. Amongst all galaxies and planets the sun is the most brilliant. Only those who know this science are said to be true knowers of the Vedas. Gayatri and Kundalini are not separate because both these streams mutually complement one another. Because one can imbibe only that much according to one’s spiritual credentials (Paatrata). Yet we can take only that much water according to the size of the vessel we possess. It is said that : Kundalini is the mouth source of vital force empowered Gayatri. .

In the Tantraniv it is said that : This living being has 5 demi-gods. As a result a living being becomes weak and impoverished. He will get an opportunity to uplift his demeaned state and live a life of radiant glory.- Yogachudamani Upanishad Five powerful demi-gods are united to the life force so as to fulfill all its tasks. if its power is aptly utilized then man instead of remaining ordinary will become extraordinary. This Kundalini aide possesses divine energy. Frederic Pearls says that if the 5 coverings of our personality are examined and opened up in a scientific way. Because it has vital force it is Shiva too. Its admixture constitutes one’s personality. In this manner the 5 gods are chieftain powers of the 5 elements of our body. In the subtle body of a human being these 5 Pranas (vital forces) are in the form of : 1) Prana 2) Udaan 3) Apan 4) Vyan 5) Samaan. But if these powerful aides are activated. These are 5 covering layers of our consciousness. the immaturity of . Its form is like radiant lightning. Psychiatrist Dr. The chief of fire is Maheshwari power. Sun is the chief of wind. It has 5 aides called 1) Devadatta 2) Vrikal 3) Kurma 4) Naag 5) Dhananjay. According to the modern Gestalt psychology the personality of an individual is classified in 5 ways. Because they are latent they appear to be dead ad thus cannot be utilized. The 5 Pranas (vital forces) are said to be the 5 demi-gods too. Based on the high-low nature of its stature and balance a person’s maturity and special characteristics radiate. Shiva is the chief of earth and Ganesh is the chief of water. In the Kapil Tantra the description of the 5 elements has been symbolized as the 5 demi-gods : Vishnu is the chief of space.

The Pancheekaran of Vedant Philosophy is very famous. In Kundalini awakening the 5 sheaths are dealt with and these are food. In the same way regarding the 5-fold activities of Savitri power it cannot be said as to what is its direct nature and result. The 5 vital forces found in the cosmos are present in the human body too. But the tree cannot be seen clearly in the seed. Hanuman. on incarnating in this body of divine power. The 5 glories are 1) might 2) wealth 3) knowledge 4) wisdom and 5) dexterity. on attaining maturity takes the form of an explosive energy. The cliché layer which commences in an immature manner.our character can be overcome and instead it can be purified. The sperm of a man and the ovum of a female unites to form a human body. It is present in a latent seed state. Yet if you even use a microscope and examine the sperm and ovum you can never visualize a human baby in it. This cosmos is made up of the 5 conscious powers. 5 cow materials. The human body too is its micro aspect. “When the Kundalini is awakened the 5 sheaths radiate with spiritual light. That which is in the macro(cosmos) is found in the micro (human body). There are 5 organs of knowledge. 5-fold almanac of Hindus etc. Nal. 5 jewels. A seed harbours an entire tree. active and apt life. Many such 5 fold aspects are the 5 organs of action. The 5 chief warriors of Mahabharat war were the 5 Pandavas. In Mahayog Vijnana Kundalini awakening is synonymous with the awakening of the above 5 sheaths. Neel and Jambavant. Just as the visible objects of our cosmos are made up of the 5 elements in the same way the all pervasive consciousness harbours the vital force. knowledge and bliss sheaths.” . mind. In this manner there are other types of 5 contexts. In Ram’s army the 5 chiefs were Angad. faithful. the results that accrue can give us an understanding of its power and authority. vital force. 5 nectars. The 5 coverings are : 1) cliché layer 2) synthetic layer 3) impulse layer 4) impulsive or death layer 5) explosive or life layer. As a result such an individual starts leading an independent. The 5 energy coverings described by Gestalt are none other than the 5 sheaths (Pancha Koshas) of our subtle body. Despite this.

thalamus. The 5 special organs of action are also a product of the above mentioned Tamas principle. The 5 Pranas which are also called vital force emerge from the Rajas principle of the 5 elements. neuronal electricity. 1) sonic 2) ultrasonic 3) infrasonic 4) hypersonic and 5) supersonic. ceratonin. Thus . Even material science talks of 5 chief powers. and spinal cord. The juices that keep the brain active are 5 in number and they are called neuro-humoral secretions. the brain function gets distorted. Brahmavarchas and Manas. There are 5 chief organs that oversee the brain muscle center and these are cortical nuclei. endorphin. adrenal. Tejas. Over these is the ionosphere that goes as far as 1600 miles. 1) great power 2) lesser power 3) gravitational force 4) electromagnetic force and 5) anti matter. The 5 powers are such that they are active in the material life area. plexus electricity. 1) mind 2) intellect 3) will power 4) psyche and 5) ego. The 5 hormonal glands which correspond to the 5 sheaths are pineal. reproduction and immunity. These are bioelectricity. 1) neutrino 2) quarks 3) pulsars 4) photons 5) laptons. conduction electricity and facio-occular electricity. It can be seen as 1) juices 2) blood 3) flesh 4) bones 5) marrow. The cosmic particles are of 5 types. Ojas. Based on them the 5 organs of knowledge take responsibility of their corresponding 5 objects. When the balance of these is broken. According to the Quantum Wave Theory all forces move as waves. creation. There are 5 covering layers of earth 1) lithosphere 2) hydrosphere 3) biosphere 4) pedosphere 5) atmosphere. gonads and pituitary. cellular electricity. medulla. encephalin and GABA. These are dopamine. it is obvious that their chief representatives pervade the microcosm and the macrocosm. 1) endosphere 2) troposphere 3) stratosphere 4) ozonosphere and 5)exosphere. thyroid. When we will talk of the 6 Chakras we will also talk of the thymus gland. biomagnetism. Bioelectricity is further of 5 types viz. Its Satvik consciousness manifests in 5 ways. radiation. All these in the spiritual arena are called Varchas. That too has 5 more coverings viz. hypothalamus. There are 5 cosmic rays viz. When in scientific parlance we talk of the 5 vital forces and the 5 sheaths.The body is made up of 5 elements. From the Tamas principle of the 5 elements the human gross body is created.

The result of Kundalini awakening is full of such special benefits. CHAPTER SEVEN THE BODY OF VITAL FORCE POWER IS THIS HUMAN BODY SKELETON It is not less amazing that the Kundalini power (Divine Serpent Power) with 3 ½ rounds dwells in the human body in the form of total vital force fire. By activating them man can become God i.e. of our heart.000 calories. The blood flow is not like that of a river but is very much like that of a water pump which moves in jerks. One can never fully imagine the infinite powerhouse present in a human body with an average weight of 60 kgs. subtle and casual bodies one finds activity.e. Hence the Rishis command us all to activate this human body and utilize it for world welfare. emotions. And the human body is created from gross. In it an infinite storehouse of power is found albeit in a latent state. subtle and invisible particles that span the entire cosmos. (which is visible to the gross eyes) and the divine subtle and casual body. From that heartbeat manifest infinite electrical waves which can be measured by an Electrocardiogram or a Bundle Cardiogram. . This body is made up of 5 elements is the most extraordinary powerful storehouse of energy in the entire cosmos. Take the eg. While elaborating on his equation E=-mc2 Einstein says that one atom gives you energy of the value of 3. The heart rests for a very short span of 0.there are many cosmic and individual bodily classifications which bring about subtle movements. The heartbeats number 72/min. God.50. thoughts. and in a second it is 5 to 6 times. In the gross. from a lowly being to a superman status. Because the human body is an infinite storehouse of divine power it is called “Jyotisham Jyotihi”. This human skeleton can be called the incomparable artistic skill of its creator i.83 secs. One can only be wonderstruck when we see various bodily organs carrying out various tasks. These 5 chief energy groups can be called the 5 faces of Savitri and the 5 sheaths of Kundalini. If even a few of them are balanced properly via apt control then it is like the 5 demi-gods of the 5 worlds showering flowers on such a person who is full of divine powers. divine intellect and faith.

It has more than 10 lakhs of tubelets. Each kidney is 4 inch long. This small bag (stomach) can be called a room of juices. They inhale and exhale 20 to 30 density inch of air. The breathing per minute is approx 18 to 20 times. Just as lungs clean up our bodily air so too the kidneys clear up the water content in our body. yellow etc. If the skin of a human being is spread out. In our skin there are infinite hair follicles whose number is 3 crores on the basis of the number of hair. Through the urine they throw away unwanted elements from our body. On the basis of anatomy the human skin has 6 coverings and its functions are varied. they will measure 55 times the height of mankind.3 to 3 mms but based on function. One can only call it a juggler’s act because it has so many digestive juices and these correspondingly execute many tasks of digestion. The skin is like a protective covering of our body and it acts as a shield. If they are arranged in a straight line. They inhale oxygen and exhale unwanted gases. In 1 square inch of skin there is 72 foot long nerve cells and 12 foot long blood vessels. The thinnest is on the eyes of the measure of 0. If all these are arranged in one single row then like an equinox line one can circumambulate it. In the same way the eye like a camera and a transducer or sound filter in the form of ears only be called amazing.5mm and thickest is in our mouth measuring 6mm. The air bags are thousands in number. The kidneys which are tobacco brown in colour are of the shape of bean seeds and they weigh 150 grams. it takes up 250 square foot of area. its length will be 450 miles. dark. . If the nerves of our skin are placed in a straight line. The broad duty of the stomach is to digest food but this function is very intricate and special. Man inhales air not only from the lungs but also from skin pores. The melanin pigment of our skin gives skin colours like fair. activity and utility its thickness is different in different parts of the body. 2 ½ inch wide and 2 inch thick. The skin pores throw out 1 pound of sweat and also takes responsibility of the function of respiration.Like the heart the lungs too do not get time to rest for one’s entire life. Ordinarily the thickness of the skin is 0. In 1 hour the kidneys purify so much blood that it is twice the weight of the entire body.

All this has been proved by scientists. this thin covering has such special functions that if it is unravelled and evolved then it can perform the functions of taste. Every cell has . Logan Clandering has called it an exciting and mysterious creation. If one notes minutely. taste. When the function and formation of both endocrine and exocrine glands were found out scientists called them miraculous boxes. nitrogen. seeing etc.00. the present birth and imprints of previous births. In it lies the seed form of all divine powers. Apart from this the great ocean of form. Time and again we get examples of the special quality of the skin in which the skin smells. Apart from this. In the box called the brain one finds new and old thoughts. According to human anatomists our body has 6. hears sounds and tastes food. gathered knowledge wealth. oxygen. our body constitutes a mighty ocean of these living cells. Enclosed in a box of 26 sq-inches with a weight of 3 pounds the brain harbours knowledge of the past. classifies all this and then it gives its decision. Sixty-five percent of it is water and the cell contains cytoplasm.00. The creation of the human brain is even more extraordinary. According to scientists it is impossible to measure with material apparatus the admixture of energy of these cells and the elements that take part in the production of these cells. This brain is the director of bodily functions like breathing. digestion.00.00. The brain understands. touch and sound always flows around mankind and the turbulences in it hits the brain. The human brain has 14 crore cells and 14 arab. sees objects. He says that the skin is just not an inactive covering of our body but is definitely an active organ. phosphorus etc. In the center of the cytoplasm of the cell is a nucleus. hydrogen. protoplasm and the nucleus. In their creation is utilized carbon. muscular movement etc. The skin of blind people becomes so sensitive that they do not bother about their lack of eyesight. These glands not only help in the formation of the human body but that it mysteriously influences the conscious and unconscious part of the brain. happy/ sad experiences etc. In every nucleus there are 24 pairs of chromosomes and they are made up of units called genes.The famous scientist Dr. smell. The chief function of the skin is touch. 000 cells. present and future albeit in a latent state. and can give us an introduction to its extrasensory potential. hearing. smell. 5 lakh nerves which swims in yellow and white fluid in the form of grey and white matter. recognizes. The living cells of our body are looked upon as the smallest unit of our body.

“Whosoever gives importance to the study of anatomy can never remain an atheist. then to a plant and later into a gigantic tree in the same way a living being has to make even more intense an endeavour during its infancy. extrasensory potential. During copulation there is so much electricity generated in the genital organs that due to its instigation a sperm sets off to find its partner i. Just as it is amazing that a seed is converted to a shoot. The special qualities of innumerable generations is found in these genes and at appropriate times it manifests these qualities.” Such a person by accepting fully the Lord’s power as a skillful painter full of creativity will aptly utilize the gross and subtle body to attain one’s spiritual goal. The cast and mould of a lineage is found in these genes. These genes are made up of RNA and DNA. sub conscious mind. . What are the functions of hormones. A sperm while in search of an ovum has to run such a long distance due to the imbalance of its shape that it can be compared to one man circumambulating our entire earth. By saying that the subtle body directs all these functions we remain silent. But on what basis is it created? Man knows nothing about this. influential divine light. Visibly it seems as though a father and mother procreates a child and hence the child should resemble them only.000 to 1.e. living cells and their amazing capability. This is the peak of subtility. For this the sperm has to move so fast that a Cheetah’s run seems slower in comparison to it. Regarding the human body Lord Herbert says that. the ovum. But this widespread belief gets a jolt many a times because the genes of a baby are made up of many qualities of not only his parents but innumerable generation of ancestors before them and thus the baby manifests some peculiar qualities.000 pairs of genes. chromosomes. The sperm is so tiny that 1000 brothers of it can sit on the tip of a needle. chemical matter and divine power storehouse in the form of fire of life force? We know only a little bit about all this. One can only be amazed when one realizes the life force that makes up a human being. self propelled life style.20. There are so many mysteries in our body that a majority of them are yet hidden from our understanding. emotional sensitivity.5.

the former accepts energy from it and contributes to it in its own capacity. When there is an imbalance of vital force energy in these sensitive areas. This is the gross aspect of our body. After making a pathological analysis surgeons operate the broken organs. These 7 centers are called Chakras or plexuses. It is so gross that as soon as the life force departs the gross body falls flat and that body which just a moment before was walking and talking is now rotting away.CHAPTER EIGHT THE OCEAN OF CONSCIOUSNESS ENSNARED IN THE BAG OF SIX CHAKRAS That aspect of human anatomy discussed previously is of the ordinary type and it has been studied and understood using technical apparatus. Because the individual soul is a part of the cosmic soul. The famous scientist K. These are sensitive spots and their total number is 700. health too deteriorates and thus such a person falls prey to many diseases. In the medical field these sensitive spots are given a lot of importance. Whenever there is a discussion of Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) there is also a description of this very subtle conscious center. And simultaneously the body is so subtle that all its small /big units are joined to the cosmic consciousness. Apart from sensitive spots there are 7 other chief centers in our body in which the infinite wealth of vital force energy and extrasensory potential are found albeit in a latent state. Over and above this when we talk of the conscious aspect of the human body then it definitely is both gross and subtle. In fact the basis of Acupuncture and Acupressure methods to cure various diseases in China and Japan are these sensitive spots. In these Chakras the knowledge fibres . There are innumerable centers in the human body which abound in life force and vital force energy. Carlfried in his book “The Vital Centres of Man” writes that nerve fibres are more concentrated in these sensitive spots and not only are they related to one another but are also related to their center. There is something present in this cosmos which they imbibe as per their capability and throw it away too.

Mahanirvan Tantra. can be elucidated in a scientific language in a very limited manner. Its lower part called cada equina is full of –ve electricity and the upper half called cerebrum has +ve electricity. Kundalini’s Ida and Pingala. Dhyan Bindu Upanishad. Paracelsus. “Yang and Yin”. Only man has been blessed by God with the power of raising his soul force which has fallen in the pit of downfall. Bense. In Chinese Tao philosophy the Chakras are the union of cosmic male and female energy i. Scientists term Sushumna as an electric dipole. Scientists tell us that on an average there is an electric pressure of 1 lakh volt/cm in our body. According to him through the medium of these centers energy of galaxies and other parts of the cosmos enter our body. Yogic scholars call Chakras as lotus too for eg. and breath in that order and thus gets destroyed. Vol. Like other creatures this leaks from the genitals. has called these bodily subtle centers as “astrum” (stars) and says that these are storehouses of power. Sushumna. In the English language this lotus is called plexus and according to Japanese Zen Budhism they are called “Cusos”. it is said to journey from the seed of passion to that of Brahman and it is fulfilled in the Devyaan Marg of the Merudand. The description of the make up of that subtle body given by Sir John Woodroffe in “Power as Reality” and in “Shakti evam Shaakta”. skin. The Chakras are present at the region where our gross and subtle bodies unite.e. is in reality that which was put forward by Tantra and Yoga by Indian Rishis and philosophers. navel lotus. “Tibetan Book of Great Liberation” by Evans Vantage and “Mythology of the Soul” by H. 2of “History of Indian Philosophy by Shri Dasgupta. Yogarnav Tantra. Shatchakra Nirupanam. scalp lotus etc. Rele in “The Mysterious Kundalini”. Sharada Tilak etc. V. The state of cada equina and Mooladhar Chakra is one only. The famous psychologist of Europe. Symbolically these parts are given various names but in reality they are present as subtle electromagnetic waves. Merudand and the 2 centres Mooladhar-Sahasrar described in scriptures like Yoga Kundalyupanishad. Kularnav Tantra.(nerves) are agitated in great measure. G. The leakage can be stopped by man and via Yogic practices of journeying from one Chakra (plexus) to .G. In the same way the “ascending reticular activating system” present in the cerebrum is equivalent to the Sahasrar Chakra of Yoga. heart lotus. In a rare situation when the flow is from the bottom to the top.

natural bliss. Here there is a vibration of Shabda Brahman (sound) and the word that emanates from it is “Lum”. Mooladhar Chakra is situated in the lower half of the Sushumna (the central canal of the spinal chord) in the carksijial area of the Merudand corresponding to the central area of the anus and genital organ of the perineum. This flow is experienced by Yogis as a lotus of 4 petals and these 4 are symbols of ultimate bliss. As mentioned before there are totally 6 Chakras. Over here the bunch of sacral nerve roots that emerge from cada equina create the sacral and perineal plexus. indiscipline etc. When this Chakra is activated one’s vigour and will power . the Sahasrar Kamal can be activated in the head region and thus can augment one’s divine light. The seventh which is Sahasrar is called a 1000-petalled lotus. in the hypogastrium. The Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) sleeps here with a 3 ½ round twining. This very subtle electrical flow is called Mooladhar Shakti and its main function is reproduction and procreation. Over here there is a lotus with 6 petals. the lumbar region of the Merudand. When this adrenalin is active it has the capacity to overcome mental turmoil and other obstacles. Over here we will give a brief outline of the connection of the anatomy of the human body to its corresponding Chakras. The third Chakra is Manipur. But when it is activated it increases vigour and vim. are destroyed. The electrical flow in these nerve bunches make eddies that manifest energy like cyclones. The Tanmatra of this Chakra is Rasa (juice) and its element is water. It is situated 4 fingers above Mooladhar i. From the anatomical viewpoint it is found in the navel region i. When you travel upwards on the spinal chord (Merudand) the next Chakra is Svadishthan. Its main function is excretion and emission. The Tanmatra of this Chakra is smell and the element is earth. indolence. Its seed mantra is “Vum”. Over here is the solar plexus which is formed due to the union of sympathetic ganglion and a bunch of vagus nerve bundles. distrust.another.e. The internal organ conjoined to it is the adrenal gland and it secretes the adrenal hormone. The gland conjoined to this is the pancreas which makes enzymes apart from hormones. All mental distortions like lethargy. Mooladhar and Svadhishthan Chakras come under one group and its union (focal point) is called Rudragranthi. The plexus over here is made up of the nerve bunches of Sushumna and the sympathetic ganglion that are situated on either side of the Sushumna.e. Yogic bliss and various valour.

spirituality. This is also called the center of sensitive emotions. Our mental distortions decrease and one is inclined to follow the spiritual path.e. Its main function is to harbour the vital force (Prana) and utilize it aptly. At the focal point between the eyebrows are situated these glands and it controls all bodily functions. It is also called Brahmalok and Brahmarandhra. This Chakra is the source of artistic skills. Sushumna nerve which rises from the base called Mooladhar Chakra takes along with it the Ida (Ganga) and Pingala (Yamuna) nerves i. In the throat is the Vishudhi Chakra. This is the focal point of Shabda Brahman or Anaahat Naad (divine sound). Ida which is . This lotus has 12 petals. The root source of pacemaker’s energy is over here. On activating this Chakra seeds of extrasensory potential sprout forth. all the brain coverings are opened up. steadfastness and a sense of “world is a single united family” abounds. the 3 fires of the body are ignited and it thus helps in the upward journey. The thymus gland is conjoined to it. Its Tanmantra is sound and element is air. On activating it our divine sight is opened up. Its Tanmantra is touch and space is its element. This lotus situated in the navel has 10 petals. If you activate it. Thousands of sparks get emitted from it and hence it is called Sahasrar. The thyroid gland and the pharyngeal and laryngeal glands situated behind it are conjoined to the Vishudhi Chakra. The extraordinary energy of this Chakra was measured by Japan’s Dr. Sahasrar is the final station of the great journey of Kundalini awakening which is present in the central region of the brain i. Sahasrar is the Northern Pole which on uniting with the cosmic soul attains bliss of Brahman. The fourth Chakra is Anahat which is situated behind the heart in the cardiac plexus. left to right and then from right to left. Sushumna and vagus nerve unite to form a mesh and thus supplies energy to the entire heart region. Its seed mantra is “Aum” and its element is mind. The Ajna Chakra is united to it in the form of a creative center. Thus the individual soul becomes capable of uniting with the cosmic soul (God). This Chakra by influencing the sub conscious mind and psychic center activates the right half of the brain called “Silent Area”. Hiroshima Motoyama with his Chakra machine and he plotted a graph on its basis. ecstatic experiences and delicate emotions. Its Tanmantra is form (visible) and its element is fire.augments. Tibetans call it Manipadma. in the internal capsule and reticular activating system. Its seed mantra is “Rum”. emotions like generous hearted service. It has 2 petals and is the union of pituitary and pineal glands. The lotus over here has 16 petals and its seed mantra is “Hum”. Over here the sympathetic ganglion chain.e. Its main function is to help digestion. The last Chakra is called Ajna which by uniting with the Vishudhi Chakra makes up the Chandra Group and Brahma Granthi. When the limbic system and hypothalamus are activated. When it is activated. The seed mantra of this Chakra is “Yum”. Anaahat and Manipur Chakras put together form the Soorya Khand and Vishnu Granthi. Activating Sahasrar means activating the centers of Grey Matter in the brain.

Mahaha. Tapaha. Divine energy attained from Kundalini awakening and activation of the 6 Chakras gives man divine powers. water. CHAPTER NINE THIS DIVINE BODY IS THE VAULT OF STOREHOUSE OF SEVEN JEWELS Generally while discussing Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) we talk of 6 Chakras but in reality they are 7 in number. Because it is in the brain it is considered a chief. Janaha. Since ancient times a similar description is given in the Christian religion too. Their names are Bhooha. Because the macrocosm . They are neither there up in the sky nor below our planet Earth. minerals. Svaha. It has 2 points of union which by uniting to Sushumna as Sarawati makes a 3-fold union at the Mooladhar and Ajna Chakras. Even in the Islamic scriptures it is said that God resides in the 7th heaven. Bhuvaha. Pingala is on the right side and is called Surya Naadi which has a +ve electrical impulse. herbs. What we have given above is the experience of great thinkers (Maneeshis). life force. It is labeled extraordinary because there are 5 Chakras in the Merudanad (spinal chord). Kundalini Shakti has many names like Divine Serpent Power. Sahasrar or the 1000-petalled lotus is the pinnacle of all Chakras. sand. In reality they are present in human consciousness.on the left side is called Chandra Naadi and has –ve electrical impulses. The planet Earth is one yet 7 classes of creatures reside on it viz. Satyam. fire of life etc. In reality it is impossible to describe Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) in anatomical terms. Ida and Pingala nerves represent the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves system. The 7 Lokas (worlds) are described. stone. One should note that the 7 worlds can never be found in the inter stellar space of our material universe. trees. the Ajna Chakra between the eyebrows and then the Sahasrar in the head region.

Before killing Vali Lord Ram displayed his divine prowess to Sugreeva by uprooting 7 trees simultaneously with one arrow only. These 6 Chakras can be said to be both separately situated and also as related to one another just as seasons of a single year are related to one another. Because Abhimanyu had not awakened these 7 Chakras in an apt manner he could not come out of the Chakravyuha net laid down by the Kauravas despite the fact that he had attained divine wisdom while yet in his mother Uttara’s womb. special orientation (time-space) and the fifth is anti matter.(universe) is present in the microcosm (human psyche). juices. Divine . flesh. According to Ayurvedic medicine the body has 7 minerals and they are blood. Svadhishthan 3. in our consciousness. They are also called stones of 6 miles and that the 7 th one instead of being a stone is a sacred temple. Physical body 2. Cosmic body 7. Spiritual body 6. 1. Thus one can contact these worlds. Thus Sahasrar (Brahmarandhra) is considered the ultimate station in the form of a 1000-petalled lotus or the 1000-headed serpent. The sixth aspect is the thinking process and the seventh is divine sentiments. When we talk of the 7 Chakras (plexuses) they are situated in this order from the base of the spine viz. Vishudhi 6. marrow and semen. holography). When the 7-fold aspects of the individual is discussed. bones. A certain sect of Yogis call these Chakras as 7 bodies i. Anaahat 5. Astral body 4. Mental body 5.e. Manipoor 4.e. Etheric body 3. Sahasrar. Along with the Ajna Chakra at certain places they mention a Bindu Chakra too. Hence instead of straying away in the external world these 7 Lokas should be looked for within i. it includes length. Although these are visibly separate. In reality together with this there are only 7 Chakras wherein the Sahasrar rules over the lower 6 Chakras. Ajna 7. 1. yet they are tightly interwoven within. The first 4 aspects are inert and the remaining three are aspects of consciousness.e. height (the 3-fold aspect i. In reality these 7 trees correspond to the 7 Chakras of our subtle body. It is the fifth aspect which corresponds to the subtle body that harbours extrasensory potential. breadth. All these 7 put together constitutes our gross body. Mooladhar 2. It is very much similar to the pituitary gland being the chief of all endocrine glands. Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) is so valuable that it has been locked in the 7 Chakras of our subtle body which are the locks of a divine vault. skin.

The physical body can be seen with our gross eyes. one’s own / aliens. Lord Shiva felt that he needed to beget a valiant son who would overcome the demons and establish the reign of demi-gods.body. Shivaji’s semen manifested as fire. Hence this task was taken up by the 6 Kritikas (Pleiades Stars). intellect. The sub conscious mind is within its jurisdiction. Here one experiences one’s soul and the body of Brahman. The second body is that in which thoughts are born. respect/ insult. Thus he accepted the prayer of the demi-gods. In the sixth body are created Rishis. They think it is synonymous with the Prana Kosha or the vital sheath. Skand manifested 6 mouths so as to drink milk from the 6 Kritikas. This is seen and measured as ‘Biofluxes’. In this body resides compassion. This is the etheric body which the Theosophists label as etheric double. logic. If it is aptly utilized man reaches the pinnacle of his life and if its distorted. civilized behaviour. But in actuality it has a more widespread boundary. The fourth body is the mental body in which glory manifests and our daring and valour matures over here. In the seventh body the difference based on “mine and yours” is overcome. ideology. was unable to bear this fire and hence Vaishwanar took the form of a female and imbibed this semen in the form of fire in her womb. it leads to his downfall. The fifth body is the spiritual body and is a storehouse of extrasensory potential. Leadbeater had discussed this through “Man-Visible-Invisible”. contentment / discontentment. In the Shiva Purana there is a strange legend about Shiva’s son Skand or Kartikeya’s birth. union / separation and other such sweet/ bitter experiences. Hence Kartikeya is . and divine intellect. liking. It is on this basis that man authors his future. The third body is related to thoughts. culture etc. Over here is awakened the sentiment of “world as one single family” and that “all beings are a part of my very soul”. Yogis. Here one experiences likes/ dislikes. ideals etc. They reared and nourished Skand. This is the area of heaven and spiritual liberation. This is the world of sensitivity. men of austerities. his consort. It is related to social behaviour. The organs within the body can be perceived by touching them or via other means. It is also called the Ideosphere. generosity. Parvati. When Skand was born he manifested so much divine brilliance that there was a problem as to who would rear and nourish him. Parvatiji did not have any experience. In the mental body there is ecstatic experience of artistic skills and in it manifest delicate emotions. men of self-control etc.

This Skand incarnation should be looked upon as the group of the 6 Chakras (plexuses) related to Kundalini Shakti along with its influence. In spiritual science one finds a description of 7 worlds. mountains. The union of all these are called “Grand Unification of Farsus” and material research is being conducted in this field. These 7 are the vault of jewels and in it one finds all that which man requires in his gross and subtle life. Kriyashakti. It cannot be correlated to Geography.also called Shadanan (6-headed). a realized spiritual aspirant who has activated his Kundalini power utilizes it for pious spiritual goals. AN APPEAL TO RESPECTED READERS . The 6 Chakras as the 6 Kritikas give milk and by becoming a valiant soul in the intense arena of the soul. oceans. Because in reality it is a description of the spiritual arena along with its creation and potential. Matrishakti and Guhyashakti. continents etc. Shiva’s Retas (semen) is nothing but Kundalini fire power and in order to imbibe it the inner Vaishwanar is invoked. Jnanshakti. According to Tantra Science the chief powers of the world are classified in 7 ways: Parashakti. Its function is to attract energy in the subtle world and thus nourish the gross. Kundalinishakti. These 6 Chakras present in the subtle part of the Merudand can be compared to powerhouses of electricity and also transformers. Icchashakti. As soon as he gained might he attacked the demons and by gaining victory over them he asked the demi-gods to take over the reins. subtle and casual bodies.


One is wonderstruck to see the endeavour and activities of these great souls. discrimination is the result of the impulse of these cells. According to the famous thinker-scientist Albert Einstein the human memory storehouse has the power to store 1000 arab impulses (messages) which amounts to 5 times the information given in 30 Vols. According to Sweden’s Biologist. In it every neuron is joined by 60. it is due to this electrical impulse that thought cells become sensitive to nerves.000 synapses. The human brain made up of 10 arab neurons and 10 arab synapses is a storehouse of extraordinary qualities and is a magic box. of Encyclopedia Britannica.TEL NO : + 91-02762-251160 E-MAIL : ashokrawal@shriramsharma. valour. All these impulses come from the brain electrical energy. Many scientists and brain specialists like Dr. The activation of radiance. on being amazed with the special characteristic of the brain say that it is beyond the reach of man to build such a super computer like the brain. The transfer of an impulse (message) from one neuron to another is of the speed of 360 miles/hour. Sneider. Because of previous habit only a small part is utilized. D. THE ACTIVITIES OF BRAHMIC CONSCIOUSNESS UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF KUNDALINI SHAKTI In the human body one finds an abounding storehouse of divinely conscious light. Only a very minute part of this light is used for eating. Then they return to their original position. sleeping and other daily routine activities. Dr. C. One can become spiritually as much powerful as one awakens this latent Kundalini power present within us all. Ordinarily only 7% of electrical energy that pervades the body and head is utilized by the most busy laymen in their daily routine. But for daily life usage very little of it is utilized. Dr. If it is activated so as to utilize it for apt purposes then one can only be amazed at the tasks which one can carry out under its aegis. Scientists firmly opine that the anatomy of the human brain is very complicated. Holder Hayden. Martin W. No doubt there is a lot of power present but it is in a latent state. Reef. H. William Horvij. . The remaining part can be activated by awakening the Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) present in every individual. Bar etc.

One can read many such descriptions which give us a glimpse of results of awakened unknown divine wealth. engrossment and understanding can . Victor Hugo by the age of 14 years had written 3000 poems. Flemish etc. bravery. vigour. one sees amazing special radiance from childhood itself. enthusiasm. He memorized legends in Puranas etc. alertness. Acharya Shankar at the tender age of 3 years had mastered his mother tongue Malayalam. In a very short time he became a Sidha Yogi. Hebrew. Ely Whitey at the age of 29 years invented the machine that separates cotton from their seeds and Blaise Pascal invented the calculator at the age of 32 years. At the age of 8 years he was initiated into Sanyas. All these people have secured a place in the “Guinness Book of World Records. It is possible that some readers may find the above descriptions a mere exaggeration. But one should note that there are many recent examples too. Saint Jnaneshwar wrote the “Jnaneshwari Geeta” at the age of 15 years.” The famous poet Gatey at the tender age of 14 years wrote the famous poem “Thoughts in the Disteto of Jesus Christ into Hell”. James Christen at the age of 12 years had mastered various languages like Arab. Ancient history of Indian culture is a witness of this truth that in the area of soul advancement the Rishis were way ahead from the very commencement of their life. Vedic Texts etc. Alexandra Graham Bell invented the telephone at the age of 20 years and Bilver Right invented the airplane at the age of 32 years. daring. Sikandar left on a world campaign at the age of 20 years. The levels of valour. If such a spiritual Yogic practise is possible via remedy then one can extraordinarily augment bodily might and psychic radiance. This is the miracle of an awakened Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). By the age of 7 years he had mastered Vedant. The analysis and discussion of Kundalini science is in reality awakening of divine latent powers. by hearing the same from his parents. Emperor Akbar at the age of 20 years and Shivaji at the age of 19 years ascended the royal throne. By the age of 16 years he had completed his writings of commentaries on all major Vedic Texts.In those rare ones. The Mughal King Akbar ascended the royal throne at the age of 19 years and became very famous. Greek. He was bestowed the thread ceremony at the age of 5 years and immediately sent for higher studies.

become so extraordinary that activities carried out through this medium can perforce attract great success. but within them there is an invisible covering just as within the body is the vital force. all our bodily activities slacken. The forms of human beings are very similar but their character is so varied that one is simply amazed. Everyone utilizes hands. delusion. reach extraordinary heights in all spheres of life. On the other hand there are people with such similar circumstances who by their strong psychic power create such situations that they attain mountains of success. man can become radiant and a leader amongst men. If the mind overcomes greed. This is the miracle of awakened divine power. This is the result of his inner activated vital force. They crush all obstacles that come in their way and triumphantly reach their destination. This results in illnesses and diseases and in order to overcome it we take medicines. So many people despite having a normal anatomy are yet living a life of abject despair and live a life of sheer burden. Their great will power gives them such a path of success that they easily reach their goal. The illnesses just changes form but does not disappear in toto. In the same way over and above the ordinary functions of . thoughts. Under circumstances when the supply of vital force electricity is not apt. desires etc. The body is influenced by the mind in an extraordinary manner.. Such radiant men advance in life on their own spiritual strength and by making an assembly like the bamboo shrub. This in fact is the Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power). eyes. Although their lives are full of obstacles yet they convert them into foundation stones of success. one can get great results. Even if we do not directly experience the vital force yet we accept its existence. Everyone knows what is the power of sense organs. But it is seen that because the root cause of illnesses are not tackled properly what happens that when we take medicines the first illness disappears and a new illness takes over. hardships in such a way as though he is showing his professional skills in a sports stadium. Even under ordinary circumstances when there are no other means or human aids yet such people with their individual magnetism attract towards themselves all that they require form the cosmos. ears. legs. In order to come out of this trap one should augment one’s bodily electric storehouse and if this is experimented on diseased bodily parts. tongue etc. When it is activated man becomes burden free and fearless and he combats obstacles.

the sense organs there is an intense potential of understanding and execution of high leveled tasks that are subtle in nature. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had seen the Lilabhumi (place where divine sports were carried out) of Lord Shri Krishna. you will find enough raw materials to set up your factory. it is possible to understand the mysteries of the universe just like Sidhas who have followed the path of Yoga. Extrasensory potential includes the thought imprints of past lives. Swamiji with his divine hindsight asked Tata to set up his factory in the Sinha Bhumi district of Bihar on the banks of Sakchi river. The divine centers of extrasensory potential by giving up their unconscious state become active and they start seeing. knowing events taking place in distant lands without the help of any technical apparatus. knowing one’s own and others’ future. When Swami Vivekanand was in England he met Jamshedji Tata who had gone there to get permission to set up an iron factory. Sanjay seated in the royal palace gave a running commentary to King Dhritarashtra of what was taking place in the Mahabharat war. hearing. its sounds and its lights. . In that area. But if one’s extrasensory potential is activated. understanding others thoughts and intentions etc. This is called extrasensory potential. These gross sense organs can only imbibe gross knowledge of the world. Our gross sense organs can never see /understand the innumerable movements of inter-stellar space. said Swamiji. coal and water. knowing things which ordinarily would have been impossible. Tata met Swamiji and asked Swamiji where he could get enough quantities of iron ore. He walked from Bengal to Vrindavan and established it as a pilgrim spot. According to Yogic Sciences there is an extraordinary reaction on the Sahasrar Chakra as a result of Kundalini awakening. In Indian Religion History one can find innumerable examples of people having attained extrasensory potential via Kundalini activation. It is called Supramental Science and there are infinite examples of these in the entire world. This is not seen in all humans ordinarily but if a person’s psyche is activated spiritually then in them extrasensory potential too is at work. sending one’s own thoughts to others. In those rare ones this extrasensory potential has already been activated in past births and some others with intense efforts activate it in this life.

If these are evolved spiritually then one attains extraordinary success in Kundalini worship (Divine Serpent Power). In order to empower them the waves of soul electricity are of great help. plexuses. Scriptural scholars call it Maya (illusory power of God). This should not be termed ordinary. It is possible that this discovery cannot be made with technical apparatus and machines. But whatever has been attained by modern science can be compared to the size of a mustard seed since a mountain-full of secret sciences yet remain to be discovered. No doubt one can see the parent’s skin colour. In order to activate these 3 bodies one has to perform austerities and Yogic practices of various levels. Ordinarily like other birds and beasts even man begets children but man does not have the ability to create high leveled special qualities in their children. But if these spiritual practices are taken up on one’s own power then it takes up a lot of time and is also full of hardships. subtle and causal bodies then instead of undergoing long intricate austerities. Its movements direct and properly manage the activities of the world. In Indian Mythology (Puranas) there are innumerous examples of a mother becoming pregnant without sexual intercourse and this was possible by attracting subtle divine powers on the basis of intense spiritual practices .In the gross body and psychic area there are many Chakras. shape of eyes etc. Apart from this there are 2 other areas called cosmic consciousness and Brahman consciousness. This stage can be attained by creating radiance in the area of Kundalini. In the above lines only those facts have been discussed which come under the jurisdiction of the body and mind. But if one gets someone’s help to activate the gross. glands. This branch of science is called Genetics. Naadis and their divine flow of energy. one can in a relatively short time span benefit spiritually. in the body but what should be the inner character of a newborn child? What special qualities should shine in the inner personality of the child? An ordinary layman can never judge all this aptly but an awakened Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) can satisfy your mind’s desire. There is so much yet remaining that needs to be unfolded. Hence the level of man’s awakened consciousness should be so subtle that it can see the deep recesses of mother nature (Prakriti) like a very transparent piece of glass. Scientists by opening the superficial coverings of cosmic consciousness (nature) have made many inventions and discoveries. Prakriti (Mother Nature) is cosmic consciousness. The branch of child procreation is such that instead of it being limited to sexual intercourse it covers the area of genes and chromosomes. Amongst these some are in the grossphysical body and the others are in the subtle and casual bodies.

On this basis were born Luv-Kush in Rishi Valmiki’s hermitage. In this manner if man so desires he can bring about necessary and useful changes in the Geography of the cosmos with the help of his spiritual powers. Draupadi possessed extraordinary beauty. It was only the thunderbolt made from Rishi Dadeechi’s bones (that were spiritually activated) which could kill Vritasur. Lord Ram and his 3 brothers were born as a result of Putreshti Yajna. Bhima from Vayu.undertaken by that person. Kunti gave birth to Karna with Surya’s (Sun’s) power. Dhrupad begetted Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumna via a Yajna. Not only this but in ancient times through spiritual experimentation extraordinary children with activated extrasensory potential have taken birth. Madri her co-wife was also taught this secret science and as a result through Ashwini Kumar’s power gave birth to Nakul and Sahadeva. Due to the touch of cosmic consciousness one can bring about limited or widespread changes. There is a traditional system with reference to cosmic consciousness (nature). Arjun from Indra without any sexual union. One devotee said that due to the general characteristic of Mother Nature one plant can give only one type of flower but could the influence of consciousness give more than one variety of flowers on one single plant? Paramhans replied : At the level of consciousness it is possible to bring about almost all kinds of changes. Such a newborn babe was always full of radiance and divine glory. Vritrasur too was born due to execution of a Yajna. In Dakshineshwar there was a discussion of the influence of consciousness on nature. Thus those experiments of Genetic Engineering in the modern science of the 21st century seem very dwarfish in comparison to the above mythological examples. In the same way Anjani gave birth to Hanuman with Vayu’s power. Yudhisthir from Dharmaraj. To a great extent cosmic consciousness gets influenced by it. Vatsaraj Udayan in Maharshi Jamadagni’s hermitage etc with extraordinary radiance. In an atmosphere of activated vital force intense life force electricity generated through intense penance could activate special radiance in newborn babes. Dhrishtadyumna was the Army Chief of the Pandava Army during the Mahabharat war. No weapon could kill him. . Bharat in Maharshi Kanva’s hermitage. discrimination and enterprise.

This electricity is present just about everywhere and can be utilized for beneficial goals. Some of these are of very ordinary stature and the rest are full of divine powers. Electricity travels amongst all intricate wires and thus gets scattered. subtle and casual bodies are conjoined to Him. For great saints who are full of divine power all this is very ordinary. This is a gigantic achievement. All these events are enumerated over here to show how important these examples are which ordinarily are ignored by those who believe in tangible proof only. Because behind it there are important causes and with this relationship these goals are realized. But none of them are independent. One was red in colour and the other was white. In this manner Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) is not only related to every area of cosmic consciousness (Para Prakriti) but based on specific requirements it can conjoin to the soul of all statures that are united to God. Atri’s wife Anasuya via her austerity power aided one stream of Manasarovar to flow in the Chitrakoot region in the form of Mandakini. In amazement when they came to Paramhansji. . yet in order to instill faith about soul consciousness (God) in the hearts of laymen they perform such amazing feats. All this is not exhibitionism and never should it be done to flaunt one’s divine powers. They are united to Brahman (God) just as many pearls are threaded in a single thread. the latter merely smiled. Not only this but it has imbued man’s body with Mother Nature’s and its own cast. Whatever is in the macrocosm (cosmos) is there in the microcosm (individual). This establishment of a relationship is not without a goal. It is the Lord of the cosmos. Whatever is there in the all-pervasive soul (God) is there in the individual soul (man). The famous legend of Bhagirath who via austerities brought the Ganges river to earth from heaven tells us how he became one with cosmic consciousness and how human consciousness can rule over it. Because innumerable gross. God is not like one single entity.When the next day some devotees arrived they saw the same rose plant with 2 different colours of roses. If an aspirant establishes a relationship with every unit of nature (Prakriti) and God as a result of this executes useful tasks then it can only be compared to the utility of fire which is the result of a spark uniting with fuel. All these natural transformations are possible even today. Brahman consciousness is synonymous with God consciousness.

In one scriptural aphorism it is said to be as brilliant as the line of lightning. Cosmic consciousness (Prakriti Chetana) is present in the Mooladhar Chakra (plexus) of our body. It is our life force in the form of radiance and is the vital force. achieving the impossible through spiritual austerities and describe the human capacity to control human consciousness. INDWELLER IN THE MOOLADHAR CHAKRA Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) has been compared to electrical energy. commands to any individual of the entire world and based on his potential and desire he can get an answer too. Pingala and Sushumna. In the same way when you conjoin to soul consciousness (God). In another aphorism it is said that Kundalini is akin to divine Vaishwanar fire and an intense fire flame. power and aura.Through an exchange one can get a telephone connection in any city and to any individual. This is the root source of electricity transfer. you can send messages. It is also the Triveni Sangam (3-fold focal point) of the 6 Chakras (plexuses). directions. It is also called the North Pole. Ida. It is also the Brahmadand. All this discussion of Kundalini Science was aimed at unfolding the mysteries of the importance of this ancient science. The Mooladhar Chakra is joined to the Sahasrar Kamal via the Merudand’s Devyaan Marg. Brahman center is the Brahmarandhra (scalp region). CHAPTER ELEVEN GODDESS KUNDALINI. It is here that one finds the Sahasrar Kamal (1000-petalled lotus). . requests. In the Yogakundalyopanishad it is said that : That Kundalini dwells in the center of the Mooladhar Chakra in the form of soul radiance and Brahman radiance.

on the basis of scientific research and proof one can call Kundalini as an intense part of human electricity. The Yadav clan could get destroyed due to Durvasa’s curse. The fire of sentiments (Bhavagni) in the heart manifests as compassion. Men and women agitated by the fire of sexual passion (Kaamagni) burn themselves like a moth in a flame. A man of penance performs austerities on this very Yoga fire. Amongst them the vital force fire is Kundalini which abounds in life force. It is believed that this latent source of energy is locked in the vault of 6 locks present in man’s subtle body. Due to the closeness of two individuals the ordinary energy of long vital force influences the small vital force. This is the human electrical Kundalini that can take up a terrible form. Thousands of unruly sons of King Sagar could be burnt to ashes. friendship. In the Bhroo Chakra it is like the flame of the shape of our thumb. There are innumerable fires of this type in the human body. In the Manipur Chakra it shines like electricity. In the Svadhishthan Chakra it appears as a shoot of coral. These 6 locks are the 6 Chakras (plexuses) . in the Vishudhi Chakra as white in colour and in the Taalu Chakra there is an experience of oneness and formlessness. Of course. The radiance of Ojas. The fire of the stomach (Jatharagni) digests food and takes it to the stage of semen formation. A lighter form of electricity can be seen on the face or as an aura of the body and its more intense form can be seen by opening the 3rd eye of Shiva which had burnt up Kaam Dev(Cupid) to ashes. Today’s modern material science describes 13 such fires. Dakshinagni and Gahrpatyagni. In the Ajna Chakra it is like a flame of smoke and in the Sahasrar like a shining axe. The above symbolic description is a glimpse of the electrical power of Kundalini Mahashakti. Tejas and Varchas includes brilliance in all humans. Fire of Brahman (Brahmagni) dwells in the Sahasrar Kamal (1000-petalled lotus) and gives the individual soul a vision of God. Due to the holy or vile association the influence is good or bad. sense of service etc. This is also Mahakali. The fire of lethargy (Mandaagni) induces lethargy and diseases in man. heart and genitals (Mooladhar Chakra). It can also be called a “Spiritual Dynamite. Gun powder can either help in burning harmless crackers or like dynamite blow off huge mountains. Kaalagni or the fire of time induces death. Mahachandi and Mahadurga (the 3 Goddesses). But it is more concentrated in the brain.” Ordinary energy is present in every pore of a person. The fire of speech (Vaani Agni) makes friends or foes with good/ bad speech.In the same way in the Mahayog Vijnan it is said that : In the Mooladhar Chakra the soul light appears as fire. Vyaadh could be burnt to ashes as a result of Damayanti’s curse. Indra and Moon can experience a downfall due to Gautam’s curse. In the Anahat Chakra it is like the shape of a phallus. All of them have their own special qualities. In Vedic parlance these 3 fires are called Ahitagni. The union of a male and a female is the divine sport of this energy. In the Nabhi Chakra it is like the light of lightning. daring and vigour in mankind.

water in Manipur.12 vertebrae 3) lumbar – 5 vertebrae 4) sacral – 5 vertebrae 5) carksegial – 4 vertebrae. Therefore it is elastic in nature and on its axis it can rotate in any direction. Over and above this you sport with God in the Sahasrar Kamal. wind in Anahat. Following is his description : O Kundalini. It can be divided into 5 parts 1) cervical – 7 vertebrae 2) thorax. eddy or plexuses. by activating earth in Mooladhar. on the left/right side there are holes of the shape of rings from which emerge big nerves which are . Brahmalok and how she “swims” in God.which are present in the body as an electrical flow. At the backside of every vertebrae i. In the Samadhi Paad of Yoga Darshan aphorism 36 it is said: When the divine light Kundalini blazes brilliantly men overcome all sorrows. space in Vishudhi you give light to the mind in the Ajna Chakra. No doubt the Merudand is hollow (porous) but it is not shallow like a drum. In the Taitereya Aryank. The capacity embedded in these 33 parts is compared to divinity. Between every 2 vertebrae there is a bed of flesh which supports the vertebrae. Scriptural scholars have talked of the Chakras and Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) in a very symbolic manner. Chakras are called Devlok. These are called vertebrae. Shambhavi Tantra believes that just as you can enter your own home using a lock and key in the same way man can enter Brahmalok via the Sushumna path over and above Kundalini awakening. The Merudand is of the shape of a snake. Adi Shankaracharya while describing this Kundalini Shakti in Soundarya Lahiri has said that the Ajna Chakra and Sahasrar represent Brahman. In it one finds brain marrow. The Hindu religion talks of 33 crores or 33 Koti demi-gods.e. These correspond to the 33 components or bead-like structures found on the Merudand (spine). fire in Svadhishthan.

1) Mooladhar 2) Svadhishthan 3) Manipur) 4)Anahat 5) Vishudhi. The symbolic marks of the invisible are present in the gross body. Never should any gross organ be correlated to the subtle body. The lower part of the Merudand is of the shape of a cone and is called phylum terminal. For example the divine sight of Ajna Chakra is seen to work in the gross body as 2 eyes called pituitary and pineal glands. The more the vertebrae are small in certain regions the more wide they are. behaviour and distribution function is possible only through the medium of Merudand. When we use the terms Chakra activation. . From the gross body you can only get a faint glimpse of those subtle powers. Here one should understand deeply that in the scriptural arena bodily science (anatomy) is looked upon as a form of subtle sciences. The gross body is merely a shadow of the subtle body. This ball is called “Kand” in Kundalini Yoga and is also called Svayambhoo Linga. The Merudand ends at this point.nothing but a bunch of smaller nerves. None of the organs of the gross body has any of the divine powers described in the spiritual body science. Because it is in the subtle world it is invisible. At the area of Brahma Chakra our heart is at work. purification. From the regional viewpoint Chakras are named as follows. Mooladhar is seen in the sacral plexus of the Merudand (spine). Mool means root. Because it is the basic support of life force that region is called Mooladhar. Mool-Adhar. The word Mooladhar is made up of 2 parts. The Ajna Chakra is between the eyebrows and the Sahasrar is at the center of the scalp. They are not hollow inside and are united to one another. These are called carcix. it only means that the potential energy of these secret centers are being manifested. Because of its spiritual quality it is apt that it attains that status and glory. awakening etc. Mooladhar is the source of Prana (vital force) but its widespread nature. But it should only be looked upon as an image and a representative. These 4 vertebrae unite to form an egg shape or the bud of a flower. base and Adhar means support.

It is from this region that medical problems of excess urination. According to them in men and women one sees an evolved form of flowing electricity in these Chakras. This is the area of all useful inspirations of life and is also called Kand. excess sexual urge originates. It is the representative of Kurma Avatar i. In such a state he loses all awareness and consciousness. The following are the 6 hormone glands : 1) Pineal (hormones – ceratonin and melatonin) 2) Pituitary (growth hormone) 3) Thyroid (thyroxine) 4) Thymus (reproductive hormones) 5) Adrenals (adrenalin. In the legend of ocean churning the churning rod was the Mandarachal mountain. But when he wakes up he becomes fully aware of his might and his losses too. Ordinarily the snake-like Kundalini and Chakras like Ajna. Here lies the semen center. Lord Kurma as the tortoise sat under this mountain and took its weight on his shoulders. The shape of Kand region is like that of an egg. The womb of women too lies in this region.e. Sahasrar etc. If there is an agitation in this region. either one or both function are hampered. It is compared to the withdrawn state of the hands and legs of an tortoise. The waves emanating from this induces area sexual passion. The ordinary flow of the bodily electrical energy is in a latent state but if it is incited and activated via spiritual practices then there is a great transformation. This is a symbolic description for the churning and power of the inner world of the Kand region or tortoise. Kurd or Kaam Beej (seed of sexual passion). Great thinkers have correlated the hormonal centers (glands) as the gross aspect of the 6 Chakras. In deep sleep or unconsciousness man too appears as though he is dead. The hormones emitted by it are responsible for sperm production.According to anatomists just above the Mooladhar and slightly below the Svadhishthan Chakra is the prostrate gland. Also it is a mere glimpse of ordinary activities of a living being. In males it is in the form of steadfastness and in women as tenderness. It is not an overstatement to call these endocrine glands that secrete hormones as magic boxes. Kand also has another name called Kurma (tortoise). tortoise incarnation of God. Even if his clothes are removed he is not aware of it. . Even if someone robs him he is not aware. These 2 plexuses control urine emission and sexual passion of the genitals. ACTH) 6) Gonads (testosterone and oestrogen). are generally in a latent state. In the lower area of the Sushumna lies the lumbar and sacral plexus. Because of its activity of withdrawing and stretching its legs it is said to be the symbol of divine powers.

dust etc. But if a person’s Kundalini Shakti awakens then his destiny too will bloom. Typhoons. a forest fire can ensue. cars etc. sense objects and salvation. In the Yogini Tantra it is said : . electricity is generated.e. When the wings of a water-wheel rotate then one can even grind wheat grains to get wheat flour. the gross. subtle and casual bodies simmer and thus give us an introduction of its power. a sound emanates from it. In various spiritual texts it is said : Those demi-gods who give us sense objects can never give salvation. all the 3 bodies i. Thus when Chakras are incited and activated. Those who give spiritual salvation cannot give sense objects.e. Such a person’s speech always comes true. Paraa and Pashyanti Vani (speech) too awakens. cyclones give us a taste of their extraordinary might. Madhyama. When technical apparatus is attached to a waterfall that comes down from a great height. storms. One can see dry leaves. When water bangs against huge rocks in a river then it rises high. If the Mahatantra it is said : If the person’s Kundalini Shakti is awakened then his Vaikhari.When strong wind hits the holes of a flute. But Kundalini Shakti gives us both i. In the Mahayog Vijnan it is said : If a person’s Mooladhar Shakti is sleeping then his entire world is asleep. running after fast moving trains. grass. Similarly if strong winds hit a large group of bamboo trees.

might. vigour overflow in me. O fire. valour.As soon as the Kundalini awakens that person’s inner grandeur and glory can be clearly perceived. There is a famous incident in the Mahabharat wherein Bhishma Pitamaha was unwilling to give up his mortal frame when the sun was in Dakshinayan. In the Yajurved it is said : O divine fire. good children. may your 33 departments bless me. Hence he chose the Devyan Marg to reach the other world. wealth. When his goal was fulfilled he left his mortal body. The Kundalini awakening practise of Bhishma was half complete. Dakshinayan is fire of Kundalini and Uttarayan is energy of Brahmarandhra in the head region. Chinese and Japanese followers of Yoga call it Chi. The character radiates and those potentials of the hidden brain manifest which are otherwise in a latent state. sharp intellect. Devyan is the path of Merudand. by becoming age. love. daring. power. Modern psychologist say that the Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) is the latent energy of the unconscious mind. perseverance may you bless us. . Ki. Due to your grace light. Lee Senelia in his book “Kundalini Psychosis and Transcendence” while writing about the importance of Kundalini says if Kundalini is awakened man will become more active. The American author Dr. He wished to die in Uttarayan. In Atharva Veda (19/37/1) it is said : O fire of the soul. radiance. Even here there is an incident of Kundalini. In order to complete it he endevaoured in this direction while lying on a bed of arrows.

When the fire rose high in the sky the latter caught fire. When the central fire of land erupts. As a result an intense fire manifested. Hence Brahmaji gave fire all his bodily parts one by one to eat. it can shatter a human being. man becomes weak both physically and mentally. Man’s basic power principle is Kundalini which is joined to cosmic consciousness and based on desires and needs it imbibes energy from the cosmic storehouse. it caught fire. Fire ate up innumerable males/ females who were full of desires. Kundalini is compared to a forest fire which burns up a huge forest to ashes. Fire drank this nectar and was hence satisfied. It is also like a submarine fire which rises up in the ocean as fire and renders the ocean totally devoid of water. You should enter the bodies of very desire oriented people and eat up all their minerals. Kundalini travels downwards. From that Tejas sparks set fire to all the 10 directions. Fire told Brahmaji : I am burning with hunger. At the beginning of creation Brahmaji performed penances for a long time span. Hence fire while shouting “hunger-hunger” started crying too. Fire did exactly this. Give me food. Because Brahmaji had no solution to offer he said : O fire. There is an interesting story in the Skand Puran.e. Thus fire started dwelling there. But when Kundalini is used for spiritual endeavours then not only is itself happy but that it gives joy to the person harbouring it. But when it rises above it gives that person divine powers (Sidhis) and leads him to Brahmalok. Yet fire was not satiated. The conclusion of the above story is that if Kundalini enters the arena of desires. Hence Prajapati asked fire to enter the psyche of Rishis and demi-gods where there was nectar. The latent serpent fire present in the Mooladhar Chakra keeps . there is an earthquake and hot flames erupt.Vrihajabalopanishad says that : When this fire of time i. Yet the hunger of fire was not satiated. When it touched earth.

Shaktichalini Mudra. By terming the Mooladhar Chakra as the female genital organ and the Sahasrar as the male genital organ no doubt only a symbolic analysis has been made but it is not so as far as actions are concerned. This principle is also applicable to the body especially as far as the vital force of the genital organs is concerned. If thus the conscious energy flow of the Sushumna can be used for higher sacred goals then the bliss of Brahman that one experiences in n-fold more than the joy of sense pleasures. It evolves further in the blooming 1000 – petalled lotus called the Sahasradal Kamal. Pranayam. The sleeping Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) wound around the Shivaling dwells there like a sleeping female snake. Yogic exercises like Bandah. Via Sidhasan. But when it evolves and rises up towards the head region she dwells in the grey matter of the brain i. But this venom can be converted to nectar. Asan etc. Vajrasan. are carried out for this very purpose. . After a rise the small Shivling takes the form of a gigantic mount Kailash. the energy of Mooladhar is activated /awakened and raised upwards so as to unite it with self fulfilled centers. Prana Yoga etc. CHAPTER TWELVE KUNDALINI --.e. This is the magnification of the microcosm to the macrocosm. Instead of not wasting the Mooladhar energy in sexual passion it should be raised to the head region so that via proper meditation the eye of divine wisdom can be opened up.spitting venom while lying in the Kund. Thus one by one all the latent centers of the brain get activated. in the subtle nerve network of Sahasrar Kamal. Bandhas. In this sort of a control it is very much required that support of the Merudand be taken. Never should these be taken as the ultimate step in Kundalini activation and in fact it can be compared to merely the choke action of heating up a cold motor engine. Kundalini awakening involves raising it to higher Chakras for “drinking” nectar and Soma Rasa (juice). But all these Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga practices are but the first step in Kundalini activation.AN INTENSE FORM OF VITAL FORCE ENERGY Generally a downfall connotes a bad meaning and to rise up means good. Mudra.

As a symbol the Shivling is reinstated. absurd and devoid of a proper sense of direction. By keeping it holy one should try and observe celibacy and thus raise it for higher goals. Kundalini Yoga is that spiritual practise which helps in attaining spiritual ideals. Mooladhar Chakra is also called the seed of sexual passion and Sahasrar Kamal is the seed of divine wisdom. . Instead the Shiva energy of the Mooladhar Chakra present near the genital organs should be utilized for higher spiritual goals. This symbolic description tells us that Kundalini’s Lord is the powerful Lord Shiva.” They correlate it to the male’s phallus and the female’s vagina. This divine power aids us in all round advancement of life. This nectar is called Soma Rasa. In the woman’s genitals there is sexual passion. In the lower half of the male genitals is the female genital. The bathing of a Shivling symbolizes Kundalini awakening. The reason is this that energy enters these latent areas. In reality such lewd. The male becomes a female and vice versa. vulgar observations should never touch such sacred areas like the head and the heart.This topic definitely needs clarification because Kundalini is also called Kaamabeej (seed of all desires and sexual passion). Certain people full of lewd imagination regarding the spiritual practise of Hatha Yoga discuss about “From sexual union to trance”. In he Soham spiritual practise of Khechri Mudra one gets to sip this Soma Rasa. When a tripod stand is sued to bathe the Shivling then its 3 legs represent the Ida. Its place of residence should be looked upon as pure as the Kailash mountain and the Manasarovar. But its meaning is not sexual lust and in fact it means manifestation of vim and vigour in the body. That is from “Sambhog say Samadhi Ki Ore. It should not be lewdly looked upon as the genital organs of males and females. purification of one’s character and high idealistic thinking. When both these opposites are activated then there are incidence of sex conversion. The purification-coordination of both results in discriminative activities. The scriptural authors while discussing the nature of Kundalini have correlated it to artistic sexual skills. In fact by harbouring sacred sentiments of its importance and purity one should perform spiritual practices so as to utilize it for higher spiritual goals. In order that this undesirable act does not manifest nectar needs to be dripped in these regions from the head area. This should be observed both by males and females. The endeavour of enterprise and artistic skills and actions and sentiments of beauty should not be dried up only in protection. Pingala and Sushumna Naadis (subtle nerves). When the Shivling is bathed then the water vessel is placed on the tripod stand and one by one drops of water bathe the Shivling. This is just not correct and is in fact very vulgar. Sexual passion too manifests because of the above reasons.

The great scholar of the Western School of Yoga. Dr. Madam Blavatsky calls it “cosmic electricity” and says that its speed is 3. The root source of .120 miles /sec.000 miles /sec. The Western scientist Hudson who is also a scholar of Hathayoga says in his famous book “Science of Seership” that the magical power Kundalini should be activated only under the guidance of a great saintly preceptor and that the mind should be pure i. Jain Yogic teachers have named Kundalini as “Tejoleshya” and have given 2 ways of attaining it.e. According to great scientists the speed of thought waves is 7 times more than electrical waves i. The second mode is to heat up one’s body with rays of the sun i. According to him where Rele correlates Kundalini with the right vagus nerve there he himself calls it a greater force. According to Vasant Rele Kundalini in a steady state is ordinary but when it takes up the kinetic form it becomes the vital force. The electrical waves have a speed of 2. It is a latent energy which by evolving (raising higher) instead of the usual involution of matter one can radiate one’s character with divine glory. According to him texts like Hathayoga Pradeepika.65. it will lead to lust and attachment to sense objects.e. The founder of Theosophical Society. Else if the Kundalini moves downwards. Despite being a spiritual power Kundalini definitely gets correlated to bodily electricity. Lohen has called it as “spirit fire” and ahs correlated it to the blazing fire of the soul. Shiva Samhita and Shatchakra Niroopan say that Kundalini is an individualistic form of cosmos in which pervade great conscious power. The introduction of this book has been written by Sir John Woodroffe. there the body is diseaseless and the mind is absolutely serene. According to him Kundalini is a dynamic reality.45.95.e. Sir John Woodroffe has called it “serpent fire”.000 miles/sec. it is 22.In the Shwetashwatar Upanishad Kundalini is called “Fire of Yoga” or “Nachiketa’s Fire” and it is synonymous with the pure fire of a Yajna. imbibing solar energy while meditating on the sun. In “Chainik Yoga Pradeepika” I. It is said that in whosoever’s body this fire of divinity is lit.99. The first method is to perform penance while taking very limited quantities of food and water. In the flash moment of a thought one can circumambulate the earth 40 times. devoid of any desire. And then this power will be misused in activities like satisfying lowly desires and selfish needs. Vasantji Rele in his book “The Mysterious Kundalini” calls it a nerve force. Whereas the speed of light is 1.000 miles/ sec.

The reason why scientists have conducted a detailed research study on this center of sexual passion is because Kundalini is an important area of life’s movements. All round the earth present in the cosmos is spread the net of electromagnetic waves and this positive electricity has a force of 3 lakh volts. Yogic scientists say it is the “Voice of silence. Hiroshi Motoyama with the help of his AMI machine has found a dense proportion of this electricity in this point of focus. battery. Dr. Dr. Scott says that this is a crystal with whose aid the transistor of our life functions. The micro part of this cosmic electricity dwells in the human body as Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power).” It is compared to a generator. Anatomists describe it in their own way and they call the spinal cord and Mooladhar Chakra as “Ganglion Impar.” . C. A bigger part of this electricity is found in the southern pole which is also the center of sexual passion. Every living being bears a pressure of 5 volts/metre. In the brain grey matter i. its power and importance in comparison to all organs is most sensitive and very potent. The brain grey matter situated at the top of the Merudand and the lower half of the Sushumna that corresponds to cada equina. the reticular activating system there is a continuous overflow of electrical flames.e. dynamo. Lindal has said that in the activities of human cells and nerves a great amount of electrical energy gets utilized. But this source is not unilateral. magnet etc. Dr. Naranjo – R. Its source is the brain and not the heart.Tejoleshya is said to be the subtle body. It is the basis of commencement and end of our life. Lee Sanela in his book “Kundalini – Psychosis and Transcedence”. Arnsteer in “Psychology of Meditation. The make up of sacral plexus and cada equina is very intricate and important from the physiological viewpoint just like the brain. While discussing Kundalini Shakti.” People know the influence of fire and electricity and make apt use of it. produces vital force electricity. Everyone accepts that it is a blazing pyre of the arena of sexual passion and that if it is raised higher. Dr. This fact has been presented variedly by Mr. Tejoleshya can also be said to be a form of Savitri worship. If they truly understand the use of spiritual and metaphysical fire then one can attain innumerable Sidhis (divine powers) of the region of the soul. Because a new living being is full of means of producing new material. Henry Lindal along with a description of the root source of cosmic conscious electricity and the electricity of the material world has also elucidated the electricity working in the human body. it gives that person extraordinary powers. That center also belongs to Kundalini. Dr.

Scientists opine that its appearance is akin to the net of a wasp and the smell of ozone. No doubt both coexist side by side but sometimes the vital body gets separated so as to dwell elsewhere and that a new vital body comes into existence. After the study and depiction (Kirlean photography of the “Biological Plasma Body” by the Russian scientist Semian Kirlean) this research activity with reference to the vital force of the subtle body – Kundalini has attained a great deal of fame. Some years back an article on this topic was published in the magazine “Theosophist” under the title of “Anatomy of Tantras”. The Theosophist scientist C. burning. Despite being united to its body the authority center of the vital force units remain intact in that area. This vital body can be seen with divine eyes. Its proof of existence has been elucidated by Lyell Watson in his book “Super Nature” wherein even if a part of a person’s body is cut off yet this person experiences its presence in the form of pain. Seel and J.Dr. tips of the fingers. W. lips. scratching etc.” He opines that the vital body is created out of a special type of electrical force and is present in the body just as a bird cuddles in its nest. Scientists opine that it keeps getting emitted from the body in a steam state and it is most found in the scalp area. Naadi Chakra and around the genital organs. Many other scientists call the Prana (vital force) as “Fire of Life”. Its density increases/ decreases due to corresponding increase /decrease of the life force. Emanueal Swedenborg calls it the visible cloud of ether wherein after usage of special filters it can be photographed with the aid of high voltage projection. Correlated to this find there is another discovery of Yogis wherein there is an emergence of ideoplasm or psychoplasm when the Yogi is in the highest states of mediation called Samadhi or trance. According to the books “Tibetan Book of the Dead” and “Chinese Book of the Soul” the gross body and vital body exist separately. face. In this incidence called “Phantom Limb Effect” it is proved that the subtle body exists as ectoplasm and it is this that gives a person the experience of sensation despite the gross nerves being absent. Hence many a time man’s existence is experienced doubly. Leadbeater has elaborated furthers on the 6 Chakras situated on the Merudand in his book “The Chakras. Carrington in his book “Modern Psychology and Indian Philosophy” has written that there are so many examples wherein it is witnessed that whether the body made up of vital force and molecules remains or nor yet its subtle existence continues. Dr. The more this fire is present in a person’s body the more . Taylor in their book “The Positive Sciences of Ancient Hindus” write that the rituals and spiritual practices of the Hindu religion utilizes the vital body a great deal and hence are very potent. Sentiments can also increase/decrease its influence.

concentration. Hence one has to undergo special spiritual practices. But when there is a lack of it then even if the body is very well built yet this person will be a scare booby. lethargic and full of despair. This electrical force can be augmented with effort too. Thus the so called preacher also falls like his so called “disciples.that person is conscious. If one only does this one can become capable enough of imbibing spirituality. Kundalini Yoga is based on vital force science. enthusiastic. discipline are the Yogic practices of an ordinary life and can be advanced through any medium. By correlating it to our daily routine activities we can stop our minds from scattering away. Yet this is not enough. In order to utilize this inspiring power on others one has to attain special credentials. Because when such incapable people learn about Kundalini science they “preach” it to others like blind men leading other blind men. This is the reason why Yogic practices are encouraged. The book “Theosophist Practica” authored by his German disciple George Michel advises that Kundalini awakening and the 6 Chakras should be kept a closely guarded secret. The gist of Kundalini awakening involves attracting vital consciousness from the entire cosmos so as to unite this great consciousness with one’s own vital force and thus attain higher divine powers. daring and radiant. .” CHAPTER THIRTEEN IT IS EASY TO TAKE BUT DIFFICULT TO GIVE Will power. Because if it gets into wrong hands then it can lead to the downfall of such a person. Hence Yogic practices are encouraged so as to utilize these divine powers for higher sacred goals. It is the perseverance of the mind wherein instead of allowing our thoughts to scatter away we focus and concentrate them at one point. This capacity increases in proportion to one’s mental control and with wastage of this force this capacity decreases and ultimately gets destroyed. Jacob Boham is very well known amongst European Tantriks.

If some incident takes place somewhere and if those news need to be sent to another place then only that much of the battery is used up as much as the imbiber catches it. To gain mediocre grade benefits it is alright to combine will power. All this can be accomplished via spiritual practices. But if you want to hear a sound of a far off region then a telephone with powerful batteries is required. do something else and thus scatter their thoughts. One has to use one’s brains while earning wealth and has to make intense effort but if this money is to be loaned to someone or handed over as donation then a lot of wealth can be used up easily in a very short time. One can remove one’s bodily part to donate it to another patient in need. With ordinary speed even our legs can walk but if you want to travel at high speed then a car or a bike is needed and that too which has sufficient petrol/diesel. The same holds true for spiritual events. . But this too can happen that if you conjoin extra enthusiasm and responsibility to those daily actions done with concentration then the scattered mind can get concentrated and focused in a small area. It is easy to imbibe but difficult to transmit. It is very difficult to awaken Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power).) For eg. acting. playing games. There are many problems to be faced while making steam from ocean waters so as to convert them to clouds but when these clouds shower rain the action is very facile. (like a kidney etc. It is easy to get benefits and use up money but difficult to earn money and store it safely. all their effort goes in waste. But wherever transmitting machines are kept they are full of excess power and very expensive. a television that first imbibes and transmits pictures is required. magician shows etc. But if you want to hear and see things in far off places. depends on mental focusing and concentration. There is not much difficulty in imbibing power from someone who has transmitted it to us. eyes. keeping accounts like clerks. kidneys. Because here a concentrated mind can do the needful. heart. blood are generally donated to others. If they think something. This principle is at work right since ancient times.In order to catch radio waves a transistor is required. All activities like those in a circus. Those objects nearby can be very easily seen with our own eyes. Austerities are to be performed by those who desire to give divine powers to others. The ears can easily hear any conversation that is close by. If one imbibes someone’s transmitted sensitivity and spiritual potential with concentration. one gains all round benefits. desire power and concentration. Here there is no need of self control and undergoing spiritual practices but suppose someone has already collected this divine power in his body then there is no problem in distributing some part of it to another person.

Many people have the power to prophesize the future.Vital force collection no doubt becomes one’s own wealth yet a generous donor can donate some part of this vital force to others. Hence Yogis in order to protect their power. Over here strong will powered men donate a bit of their spiritual power to weak minded beings. Money can be either loaned or donated to others. Kularnav Tantra. In the same way these spiritual powers go to other capable beings in a natural manner when in the presence of a man of great spiritual powers or that it can be transmitted too using one’s potent will power. Gherand Samhita. know the thoughts and activities of others. Hence it is a great spiritual loss for a person to be in the company of vile people. Yog Kundalyupanishad. In our daily lives just as a wealthy person donates a part of his wealth to the poor in the same way those imbued with a great deal of vital force donate a part of their spiritual powers (divine wealth) to weak minded beings. For this to happen the one getting messages (inspirations) has to have a concentrated and focused mind. Tejabindoo Upanishad. But even here one has to be cautious that the one who is given this power as donation does not misuse it for vile activities. In spiritual terms this is called “Shaktipaat”. know another person’s past and that they also receive messages and directions of invisible beings. It is seen that so many people receive messages sent by others. But it is a totally different story if willingly one donates one’s power to another person so as to raise him spiritually or induce his spiritual advancement. Sharada Tilak etc. Under such conditions what is given has to be taken back. There is a detailed description of Shaktipaat in texts like Yogachoodamani. stay away from the attraction of women. Thus these poor beings overcome many hardships and also fulfil their needs. telepathy etc. Jnana Sankalini Tattva. Rudra Yamal Tantra. Even an intense friendship augments this flow. Hathyog Samhita. One gets messages in dreams. This attraction/ repulsion between man and woman is natural. Amongst so many thought waves in space he takes only those that he requires and such a skill can only be called amazing. They can either describe or cure another person’s . In the same way there is a need of close proximity of this power. When we sit near a burning stove we get heat.

he can benefit greatly like any other Yogi. By imbibing powers of Shaktipaat due to apt psychic credentials a person can become very powerful even if he was very ordinary in the past. CHAPTER FOURTEEN DIVINE POWERS HAVE THEIR ROOTS IN THE CHAKRA FAMILY OF KUNDALINI SHAKTI Life is a Yajna. Without an apt cause none can possess divine powers. Apart from this it can so happen that such a person gets these powers from a spiritually powerful saint. By utilizing these powers for higher goals that are sacred in nature. They also know where wealth is buried and what is stored in someone’s locked vault. Scriptural scholars have correlated all this. While giving a special description of Kundalini Yajna the Mundakopanishad says (2/1/9) : . Even if someone does not perform Yogic practices even then he possesses miraculous power. demi-god and other paraphernalia. But justice and ethics ordain that do not take anything without “paying” for it. It is absolutely true that via Shaktipaat (transmission of divine powers) one can gain highest benefits. first offer loving devotional service to saints who have realized God. Before accepting divine powers.disease. The cause for this is that in previous births they have performed a lot of penance and the resultant powers are seen in this birth. One more cause is that concentration should be such that with its aid our extrasensory perception starts working and that such imaginary pictures are seen which turn out to be true. Amongst these there are those who have not performed any special austerities. Life also has a priest. Under such circumstances know for sure that one of the above causes is at play.

In this manner everything is included in Kundalini Yoga (i. The South Pole (Antarctica) has a diameter of 30. Janaha – people of all the worlds. Only when the earth imbibes heat /light of the sun can it create and store material spiritual wealth. The human body has been compared to Bhulok (earth). Bhuvaha – wind.Great souls have emerged from it. Chakras) that is required for material and spiritual tasks. The connecting rod between the 2 is called Merudand. The Eskimo men of North Pole are by nature very adventurous. Due to distortions in the Aurora Borealis sunlight it is seen strangely as though like a searchlight which lights up and keeps blinking. Mahaha . Svaha .greatness. The 7 flames of fire are emitted from it.000 miles. In it the Mooladhar is called earth and Sahasrar in the head as the sun. Because the Brahmarandhra is also called the North Pole in which major energies of the sun and other important planets keep pouring down. This light called Aurora Borealis shines in such a strange manner on the Polar regions that one can only be wonderstruck. The Brahmarandhra symbolizes the cosmos. A traveler of the North Pole called John Bayard had once seen the sun there of varied . In it one finds Bhuha—earth. In the South Pole one can find penguins which are full of love. In the same way the Sahasrar Loka is the manifestation center of cosmic consciousness and continuously the Mooladhar imbibes that much energy that it requires for whichever purpose of whatever quality from this powerhouse. One can get a glimpse of how this grace pours down by going to the Polar regions of earth. The 7 Lokas have been described differently in the Devi Bhagwat. These are the 7 Samidhas (wood of Yajna) and these are the 7 Havees (Yajna offerings).000 miles. Tapaha – austerities and Satyaha – speech that always comes true.divine light. bears. There are many strange events regarding the sunlight on the Polar regions. fish etc. reindeers. The sun’s heat is a blessing for earth. It depends on the spiritual aspirant as to how much he imbibes this energy.e. In the North Pole reside Eskimos. Its energy enters all the 7 Lokas (world) which were created by God for higher sacred purposes. The North Pole of our planet earth is called Arctic Zone and it has a diameter of 50. In the North Pole the Dhruva Prabha comes as Meru light and can be visualized as strange pictures.

Sometimes it runs like the length of the torchlight. When there are agitations in these areas. air and the sky. The head of our body is the North Pole and the genital organs on the Mooladhar Chakra are the South Pole. This is the description of the Brahmarandhra. Lord Vishnoo sleeps on the Shesha serpent. Many a times far off sounds are heard closely and at other times sounds very nearby are not heard. over there the super serpent in Sahasrar connotes a male. The light changes hues and blinks continuously. special qualities and influence of both these. one can correlate it to the special qualities of the genital organs and the head region.hues. Where the latent super serpentess of Mooladhar connotes the female principle. In the same way the moon was also seen variedly in ice. The moon sometimes shines so brightly that it can be compared to the brilliance of the sun. man becomes weak. The night in the North Pole lasts for 6 months. Over there he saw far off objects hanging in the air. This energy flow jumps up and lands on the South Pole. The pollution and atomic dust of the North Pole are emissions of the South Pole. Because this energy is conjoined to Vishnoo and Shiva it is said to be present in them in a symbolic manner. The heights of hills appeared higher than what they actually were. Magnetic storms come and go continuously. This world is balanced on the head of Shesha serpent and the body on the snake called the Mooladhar Chakra. All these snakes cooperate with one another and give the benefits of this energy to the activator of Kundalini. handicapped and eunuch like. Both have their own special aspects and the Merudand via Kundalini Yoga fulfils the infinite yearning of both to unite. There are snakes that coil around the neck of Lord Shiva. Many times one could see many suns rising simultaneously in the sky. When we analyze the circumstances. All this description given above can be compared to the Mooladhar Chakra and the Sahasrar Kamal of the human body. One Pole is like a crater and the other is like a hill. There is a long path between the 2 called the Merudand (spine) so that the give and take can be balanced. So many stories of the Puranas (Indian Mythology) can be correlated to Kundalini Yoga (Divine Serpent Power). The sun barely shines for 16 days totally. . On this Merudand there are 6 obstructions called Chakras (plexuses). The flow of sexual passion starts from the head and attacks the genital organs lying below.

good will. Chakras in reality are symbolic centers of electrical flow of the body. urge to live a long life. Because it cannot influence wood. If one’s psyche overflows with lust. nerves. idealism. Its more serious form is found in the subtle body. The following divine flow cannot be known as blood flow. Whereas vital consciousness affects both inert matter and conscious energy. When the body is dissected you will not find Chakras but definitely you will see clusters of nerves over there. life force. Those who accept these beliefs do not understand the underlying reality and can just talk about them theoretically. nerve plexuses. faith. Yoga Choodamani. daring etc. thinking process. enthusiasm. one attains extraordinary benefits. . hard working nature etc. Ordinarily both regions are in a latent state and only when enthusiasm manifests do they get incited. The Mooladhar energy of Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) is seen to manifest as vital flow. self control. Muktikopanishad. rubber etc. love. devotion. In the upper world of the Sahasrar Kamal of Kundalini dwell the intellect. discrimination. One becomes weak both bodily and mentally. It has already been said that Kundalini energy is used only for procreation and sexual play by the gross physical body. humor play. Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) has been detailed in Yoga Vasishtha. This is a subject of conscious vital flow which cannot be called material electricity. Devi Bhagwat. creative inspirations. sheath flow etc. The anatomical correlation has already been elucidated in the previous chapter.The material bliss of conjugal union is said to be a glimpse of bliss of Brahman resulting due to incitement of brain energy. But if these centers are used only for limited sexual passion and more for sacred higher spiritual goals. both the upper and lower centers get distorted. Shandilyopanishad. man too becomes weak and full of despair. Sharada Tilak. If this region lies latent.

Hathyoga Samhita. Kularnav Tantra. Yogini Tantra. Give me energy so that divine powers come running to me. Manifest as dawn in my life. Even then it is not as though one can understand with ease the rise/fall of spiritual practices. Pashyanti. . Omar Garrison’s “Tantra Yawn Yoga”. Ukhil Haus’ “Commentary on Hathyoga Pradeepika”. All the connections of body and speech line up in a single file and with a sweet sound they echo in our bosom. In Ajit Mukherjee’s “The Tantri Way”. Neither can one by understanding the various rules of spiritual practices successfully attain the true goal. There is a description in Mahatantra : An activated Kundalini gives birth to infinite energy. There is an overflow of desire power. and Sir John Woodroffe’s “Serpentine Power” a detailed description regarding the modern psychology. Ward off my darkness. Philip Rakhen’s “Tantrik Kala”. Whoever is asleep awakens henceforth and whoever wakes up starts running. This divine power (Sidhi) of Shabda Brahman makes one a Jeevanmukta (liberated while yet alive). parapsychology and scripture of spiritual practise of Kundalini Yoga has been given. It is hence that in the Rigveda the Rishis say : O Vital fire. Madhyama and Vaikhari manifest automatically. They further say that these rules are based on such definite precepts that those who aptly utilize them will be greatly benefited. The author of Trishikhibrahmopanishad writes : Kundalini activated by Yogic practices shines and palpitates like lightning. Bindu and Kala. In it one automatically gets the fruits of spiritual practices like Naad. John Bright’s “Chetana ka Seemant”. Swami Agehanand’s “Tantrik Parampara” and “Yawn Urja”. The 4 speeches called Para. Hans Jackson’s “Western Psychology and Indian Sadhana”. knowledge power and action power. Hans Rigjimar’s “Bhartiya Dharma Kay Upakhyan Aur Prateek”. Bindupanishad. Soundarya Lahiri etc. Rudrayamal Tantra.

words. Samadhan means overcoming greed. Sham means serenity. These Sidhis are 1) Janma Sidhi …. having a glimpse of past births 2) Shabda Jnana Sidhi … knowing the hidden meaning behind words heard by the gross ears. the power to . By warding off the separate nature of the gigantic cosmos and one’s individual body via activation of the 6 Chakras and Kundalini it has to be correlated and by overcoming its unconscious nature there is a method of activating it in totality. Titiksha means calmly enduring all obstacles that come in the way of attaining higher goals of life. wickedness etc of the mind. Shradha (faith). Sahasrar and the inner soul. Samadhan (concentration). cones. actions and qualities. In deep meditation one can see such forms and perceive such special qualities. eddies in rivers etc. With this power one can induce movements in the subtle world on a large scale and one can reach the highest step of the ladder of soul advancement. But if true precepts are made the basis then one can compare them to cyclones. Meaning destruction of agitation. UPLIFTING DIVINE POWER The 6 Chakras are also called the 6-fold wealth. 3) Shastra Sidhi … true knowledge of scriptures 4) Sahan Sakti … the power to endure hardships and obstacles in life 5) Tapah Shakti …. vehicles etc. delusion and arrogance. In reality awakening the 6 Chakras automatically leads to the purification of one’s character. Dama (sense organ control). Uparati means fighting against vileness. In spiritual science it is called Sham (mental control). lava of volcanos.Those who make the emotional aspect of Chakras as the basis tend to superimpose colours. Titiksha (forbearance).. CHAPTER FIFTEEN AWAKENING THE FEMALE SERPENT …. tension. anguish and anger. Shradha means deep faith in all sacred activities. in people of extraordinary powers. Those 8 Sidhis (divine powers) mentioned by Adi Shankaracharya in his poem “Soundarya Lahiri”are attained by activating the 6 Chakras. Uparati (dispassion). Dama means mastery of the sense organs and stopping them from straying towards their respective objects.

described in Yogic texts as Chakras and Kamals. throat. qualities. They are also called Sahasrar. the genitals). pierces the 6 worlds and reaches the 7th world of Brahmaloka. heart. endocrine glands and other autonomic ganglia.endure worldly heat and calamities. A scholar called Al Brooni had translated Yoga Sootras and Sankhya Sootras in Arabic language in the 11th century. Vishnugranthi and Rudragranthi. There its form becomes that of fire of Brahman. actions. Darashikoh (elder son of Shah Jehan) despite being a Sufi was also a scholar of Upanishads. Anahat and Mooladhar Chakras.e. Kundalini Shakti has been described even by other religious leaders. In reality Lord Sankaracharya in his eulogy of the Kundalini has very emotionally said : Whatever I am today is because of your grace on an illiterate person like myself. nature and personality of mankind. solar plexus and center of the genital organs. 8) Vijnan Shakti … the power to know the secrets and mysteries of the cosmos. Dil-ENilophari. He had also studied Yoga and Tantra texts and has given a commentary in the Persian language. Amongst them the Sufi school of thought is very close to Indian philosophy. That spot and shape named “Cusos”in Japan can be correlated to glands and Chakras. These correspond to the Brahmagranthi. Great anatomists have correlated the secret energy centers. Kundalini is the vital force fire which when ignited like a latent spark in the pyre of vital force (i. The famous psychologist Benjamin Walker in his book “Encyclopedia of Esosteric Man” says that the endocrine glands with their hormones and energy of the 6 Chakras play a major role in rise/fall. Even in Greek philosophy 6 energy centers have been elucidated. 6) Shaap Shakti … the power to curse others or give a boon. The vital force fire radiates the special qualities of the body and mind. He has commented on the Kundalini Shakti in his book “Risala-AiHukmanama” and describes 3 centers as Dil-E-Muddavar. to the electrical flow. Dil-E-Sarovari. The Brahmarshis by sacrificing the soul in God establish the important Advaita State (non-duality) wherein the individual soul merges in God . The demi-gods and Rishis drink this very Soma Juice. According to Tibetan texts the chief energy centers of the human body lie in the head. Sheikh Mohamed Iqbal in his book “The Development of Metaphysics in Persia” writes how Hindu philosophy is food for deep thought for followers of other religious sects. 7) Vidya Shakti … knowing the thoughts of the minds of others.

Ucchatan. One major part of it is called “Silent or Dark Area” which constitutes 87% to 93%of the head region. Due to the union of ShivaShakti.) takes up much more space than both the conscious and unconscious parts of the brain put together. When Robert Fabian a Secret Agent of Scotland Yard was in Africa he saw so many Tantrik acts being executed which led to the death of many people. The spiritual aspirant sees his body overflowing with Vaishwanar Mahamaya and in the Brahmarandhra one can visibly notice divine consciousness manifesting just like the manifestation of the Ganges river. Hatha Yoga is closer to Tantra Science. And they are Ganesha the Lord of a wise intellect and Kartikeya the Lord of all energies.e. Where the human brain is said to be situated on the Sahasrar there a sort of pulpy material is seen in the bones of the skull. corpus callojum and limbic system etc. This description of spiritual Yajna has been detailed elaborately but also with a little control and it is also called soul Yajna. Kundalini is Shakti (Parvati)and Sahasrar is Shiva. 2 boons are obtained. The centers of divine powers are within these areas. Vashikaran etc with which one can attack someone and cause his downfall. Its cause is many practices like Mohan. All this is equivalent to Soma Juice for earth denizens and for heavenly denizens it is nectar. This superconscious mind is totally beyond their ken and reach. . The vital force fire attracts and pulls towards itself the material potentials of the bodily power in the form of divine glories (Vibhutis) in the innermost core of the soul. He has delved deep into these incidences in a book written by him. right parietal cortex.and thus becomes God. In spiritual science both Soma and nectar are 2 entities of one stature. Psychological sciences can only research into the conscious and unconscious mind. The Silent Area (i. Kundalini Yoga is very much a part of Hatha Yoga. But its true greatness is very widespread. It gives one a chance to drink the nectar like Soma Juice and thus transform lowliness into greatness.

Hence Yogic texts ordain that this region should be made powerful via Yogic exercises like Mooladhar Bandh. The sleeping serpentess first attacks that very person who tries to wake her up and harasses that person. In Henry Oslo’s book called “Notes on Spiritual Physiology” it is written that the sexual passion in men and women commences from the sacrocarxial region of the lower half of the Merudand.Hence only a serene aspect of these practices is seen in direct cures. Vajrasan and Padmasan. it can only result in disaster. The reason why certain spiritual practices are kept a secret is that it should not lead to someone’s downfall. If by misusing these secret sciences like in Vamachar Tantrik practices one destroys another person then this means that poison has manifested and if it is aptly utilized for cosmic welfare. This is its front part. Misuse and causing harassment inciting the serpentess. The churning rod which was called the Mandarachal mountain is in reality the Merudand. When this area gets distorted anyone can become full of lust with sex or become a eunuch. That bomb which aids in shattering huge mountains so as to create roadways can also be misused to shatter schools. The serpent was used as a rope to churn the ocean. If this is not adhered to. the flow falls down and thus the spiritual aspirant at a very young age feels the weakness of aged people. it definitely is nectar. Through these methods of Kundalini awakening the flow has to be raised upwards. A dross pit has been spoken of in the cave of the vagina of Kundalini. The word Kundalini means “to sit in an enclosure”. The sexual passion also augments and can become lewd in that onrush. so as to cause the downfall of others. hospitals etc. Hence there is a policy of hiding it / covering it like one hides one’s genital organs. The rest is kept a top secret because if it gets into the hands of a vile charactered person. That is the Ida and Pingala of 3 ½ snakelike rounds. This is Kurma (tortoise). The laxness and onrush in this area depends on sexual passion. Due to churning and rotation a lot of energy manifested. In order to show off miracles and cause others’ downfall many foolish men misuse it. She . The female serpent makes an enclosure and sits in it but yet its hood is higher up. From it both nectar as well as poison can manifest. Pious folks make apt use of it and vile men misuse it. In sexual play too there is a lot of churning and in Kundalini Yoga there is churning of the vital force (Pranas). Shakti Chalini Mudra. There is a story of the churning of the ocean in Indian Mythology (Puranas) wherein the demi-gods and demons together churned the ocean so as to obtain 14 jewels.

It is set up in the middle of a water pot. He should awaken himself and carry out such pious deeds wherein other people bound by the walls of selfishness too awaken. In order to gain the power of creating a new universe he performed intense solar austerities. goes to the Sahasrar Kamal of the Brahmarandhra. Thus the spiritual practices of a spiritual aspirant can touch the highest peaks of spirituality. He only shoulders the burden of sins and pious deeds along with its atonements. Shiva’s form is like that of the Kailash Mountain and round like a crystal Shivling. This spiritual practise is described in Shiva temples via various pictures and images. But as soon as he tried creating a new universe the demi-gods prayed to Vishwamitra to stop his activities of creation because a lot of problems would have to be faced after neo-creation of a new universe. Kundalini is that in which one finds water. He succeeded in his task. The living being too sits down by enclosing Kundalini. He should not continue sleeping. Then she goes to the grey matter and ultimately sticks to the reticular activating system.commences running from here on and after waking up. They should induce others to walk on the path wherein the awakened Kundalini goes to the Sahasrar so as to unite with Lord Shiva dwelling there. One fails to gauge as to how many things it has control over. CHAPTER SIXTEEN SPIRITUAL PRACTISES FOR A NEW CREATION There is a description in the Puranas (Indian Mythology) that when Vishwamitra was agitated on seeing the condition of the universe he decided to create a new universe. But the reality is this that it cannot even subdue its own body. . The demi-gods succeeded in stopping Vishwamitra going ahead in his endeavour. One of the conclusions of Kundalini awakening is not to make the periphery of “Iness” very short.

Whenever we see eddies in water. It is beyond the visible and day to day experience. even there the water gyrates like an eddy current. Else if the flow was straight. In inter stellar space black holes like Bermuda render air vehicles. that of matter is anti-matter and that of the world is anti-universe. one understands that some opposing power by obstructing the ordinary flow induces such amazing scenes. these 2 forces manifest which not only rotates the earth but creates a protective covering on it so that radiations from inter stellar space do not pierce and enter the earth’s atmosphere. But it definitely does exist. But the latest belief is that when objects like anti-world (a parallel of the world) rotates. Boats capsize in river eddies and in eddies of great oceans ships capsize and get buried under water. water vehicles to nought. Material objects will be new. It is because of this that objects rotate on their own axis and latch on to their individual status. shatter boulders. creatures will be . black holes in the cosmos. the situation will be such that everything will be new. One can gauge the intense energy in storms when they topple high rise buildings. The world arrangement continues as before wherein smaller units circumambulate greater powers. It is balanced like the 2 pans of a weighing scale and like the 2 wheels of a cycle and thus the form of the visible universe has remained the same since time immemorial. islands etc. cyclones in winds. As of now this anti-force is like a shadow but assuming that this anti-universe comes forward and that our present universe turns into a shadow.It is nothing new as far as creation of a new universe is concerned. Thus there are innumerous incidences that make the straight tortuous. the entire map of the world will change. there was no need of chaos. Its state is already present beforehand. Its existence has been accepted by material scientists. The gravitational force of earth along with its magnetic force is not due to its daring or rotational movement. It walks alongside us like the shadow of our body. When in waterfalls water flows downwards and bangs on to the ground. The challenger of an atom is anti-atom. Its power has been understood but none are brave enough to execute it because if one tampers with it.

(one day is of 24 hours). One has to accept that man is the Prince of God as per Vyasji’s observation : I will tell you one secret that no one is greater than man in the entire cosmos. But if one gauges it aptly and some human being goes there so as to attack it with his fist. If one’s gross bodily energy can achieve so much. will not remain as it is and will become more or less. Not only this but even the temperature will increase/decrease and the situation will become very chaotic. humans will be new and one’s character and general trend of life too will be new. Many a times our planet earth changes its axis. Thus the mind is the root cause that creates external situations in the world. The mind is influenced by desires. one cannot say what a terrific transformation will ensue. How do these situations come into play and how will they change? While deeply reflecting on this question it is futile to analyse material events. Apart from human beings no other creature accepts the existence of God. Only man understood God and thus created God’s name and form according to the capacity of his imagination. Is this at all possible? The truth is that none is greater than man. the earth will change its orbit and just as today wherein one year constitutes 365 days. Desires force us to act in the external world and all these actions put together create circumstances in the external world. On diving deep into this question one realizes that external circumstances are a result and reflection of our mental state. It is true that God made man but even this precept is not wrong that man made God. . In fact it only desires a transformation in contemporary circumstances. if its conscious power which is infinitely more intense than the bodily power makes a special attack with all its power. This is absolutely It is not as though today’s trying times desires a transformation in the creation of the material universe.

Because the center that transforms a person is something else and that is the psyche (mind) which is also called the inner soul. Thus how difficult is the churning and transformation of the inner soul along with it being very intricate. He shatters the arrogance of demons like Ravan. is very difficult to gauge. sense of duty etc. In true terms it can be called the foundation stone of era transformation. When circumstances could no be controlled by the harsh dictatorship of superficial solutions etc.Hence it is proper to think that if today’s circumstances are trying then in order to change it for the better the psyche of the entire human civilization will have to be transformed for the better. In it there is also a covering layer that creates the true stature of one’s personality. The bodies or other paraphernalia of great saints are not great by themselves but because of the greatness of their psyche they stand higher than others in stature. advice and diplomacy. they could have been transformed via enticements. He drowns the defeated demi-gods in the cave of Pralaya (destruction of the world) and from the all pervasive water he creates a new world. If it was a question of one or two individuals. Vibheeshan and Sugreev to overcome their hardships. different circumstances. One can only be wonderstruck on seeing his artistic skills inducing planets. For such a great task one needs divine powers instead of limited human endeavour. It is not difficult to gauge all this. Under the pressure of human power man can at the most keep saying yes but it is rare to change his inner soul for the better. He transforms Kaliyug to Satyug and establishes an ethical rule in Tretayug. When those who boast of imprisoning criminals themselves are criminals. stars etc to hang in inter stellar space and also rotate/revolve in it. religion. themselves behave untowardly in their own lives then it is obvious that psychic education is half complete. it is obvious that only theoretical knowledge cannot transform a person. Its worldly solution is broadcasting apt education but this is a very hollow solution. Vritrasur etc. of different mental character of different traditions. Hence never think it impossible for God’s grace to help a man of faith bring in desirable transformations. patriotism. . He helps impoverished people like Sudama. But it is apt to remember that nothing is difficult or impossible for God to achieve. even they accepted defeat in front of man’s own psychic imprints and thus had to compromise with them. how difficult it becomes to induce high mental qualities in their psyche and also encourage them to imbibe high ideals in life. When those who eulogize ethics. Whichever is the means by which they are held in such high esteem is also the basic means of era transformation. What is impossible if he induces turbulence in the psyche of human beings so as to augment the glory of their thinking and brilliant personality. pressure. where there is a question of transformation of people of different mother-tongues. But where there is the question of transforming the destiny of 500 crores individuals of the world..

How can it be activated and gathered? How can it be appropriately used for human civilization welfare? This is a gigantic task. when they see through binoculars it is not difficult to visualize how the dark clouds of terror have gathered around world humanity. If the potential of these people are directed to high peaks from the present demeaned state. work for the whole day. How can one lock up big factories? How can the pollution which is on the rise on a daily basis be overcome? Who will stop the blasts of atomic weapons.In these days there are no problems for ordinary men. They talk superficially about service to all but yet they are only involved in selfish endeavours. laugh when the situation is favourable and lament when circumstances are dire. But those who are farsighted. kidnapping and a materialistic attitude? How will people coexist with love and share each others’ belongings? In order to straighten that which is upside down a gigantic power is required which is divine and not human. each one of them are such that one tries to cure them via image worship yet there is no beginning or end for its true solution. shelter shortage? Where can one find teachers who by asking children to give up other topics encourage them to learn the art of living and have a sense of righteous duty towards society and the entire world? How can such medical centers open which follow Mother Nature and that by giving the teaching of mind control encourage patients to cure their diseases and also prevent them? How can such a social arrangement come into existence so that one is liberated from oppression. Whether it is the wealthy or those in power. the dire trend of atomic reactors and how can rising levels of radiations be warded off? How can you make arrangements for men to live on one island and women on another island so as to stop population explosion? How can men/ women who live together be convinced that it is very dangerous to continue begetting children? How can our earth be pulled like a rubber band so as to augment its size and thus solve problems of food. . whether they are authors or spiritual leaders. They sleep the whole night. if they are encouraged to work for spiritual goals instead of selfish endeavours then the atmosphere can be definitely purified. suppression. The biggest problem lies in positively changing the direction of lives of powerful personages. circumstances. Take for eg. clothing. Right from birth to death they dwell in the same house and with those very relatives either develop friendship or enmity. who are better off than frogs in wells. all are on the wrong path.

It dwells in the genital region of Mooladhar Chakra and helps in augmenting one’s lineage. In Tretayug all the monkeys of Rishyanuk region by giving up their beastly tendencies imbibed great ethics and skills of great men.According to spiritual sciences there is only one cure and i. It can transform an era and like Vishwamitra create a new universe. In all such incidences it is the activation of vital force that is at work. All the grand children of Rishi Pulastya had become demons of the Ravan family. Kundalini Shakti is supreme. harsh austerities. genes too can be mutated. But this is limited only to the bodily boundary. When this power via spiritual practices is made all pervasive in the cosmos then it topsy turvys the mental state of all beings so as to make it something great. Thus he was nourished by this milk and became a Rishi. This power awakening can also induce an era transformation. Rishi Balkhilya was a child of demonic parents but as soon as he was born he strayed away from that atmosphere and drank the milk of a banyan tree. The Lord has created living beings but along with it such a powerhouse of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) Shakti exists in the Prince called man that such a person not only becomes esteemed but that he has the necessary ability to transform the character of all living beings. it will only be on the basis of austerity power. For the Kundalini awakening of Devatma India the instrument could be only one person in the beginning yet all are partners in it. The great Parshuram full of intense austerities had again and again defeated vile men on earth. It is these examples that kindle a hope in us regarding era transformation. If at present any gigantic transformation has to take place. The cosmic will power. Amongst all human powers. Maharshi Dayanand and other great saints had strongly opposed vile traditions. desire power and action power that empowers one’s personality with might can attract desired success very easily. History says that due to the attack of this vital electricity. When the demi-gods were harassed by the demon Vitrasur they had to take recourse to Dadhichi’s generous help in overcoming their hardships. It was with this power that Brahmaji had created a new universe. . It was with this power of penance that Bhageerath succeeded in bringing the holy Ganges river of heaven to earth.e. It is definitely a wonder that with the help of a mere drop of semen a new living being comes into existence.

daring and fame. 7 Jihvas. A coordinated Kundalini awakening is a high levelled experiment of the soul. Its extraordinary usage is in creation of life. 7 Bhuvans. According to well known news through the medium of various spiritual practices only a special individual’s Kundalini is awakened and with his will power. propagated and transformed. Ordinarily selfishness in man always overflows. They perform such gigantic tasks that they can only be executed by a divine human being. The seed principle of Savitri Shakti of the cosmos is present in the human body too. Like the 7 Chakras.CHAPTER SEVENTEEN THE MODE OF TRANSFORMATION OF THE KUNDALINI OF A NATION Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) is a subtle power of Savitri which despite being all pervasive does not manifest so that one can worship it. Whatever he does or thinks can only lead to world welfare. They are counted as Sidhas. 7 Gargs. merriment. He only thinks of his own egoistic glory. powerhouse of radiance and the very root basis of curse/boons. Over here the spiritual aspirant’s ego (I) does not remain narrow and limited but becomes all pervasively infinite. He also has ripened his attitude of “world is my soul” and “world is my family” and thus will utilize all his desires for world welfare only. All this was regarding individual success. has converted desires into sensitivity and will . 7 Dhatus. vital force can perform such tasks which can never be easily accomplished via bodily power and religious rites. One gross and ordinary use of Savitri Mahashakti is made in the form of heat and light. In the human body there are so many infinite seed principles which when evolved can make man extraordinary. He who has merged duality into Advait (non-duality) has merged the lowly into the high. With its aid the world is created. By giving curses/ boons one only augments and satisfies one’s ego. He has nothing left with him to call his own. In this manner Kundalini awakening amongst well known experiments comes under the banner of individual advancement only. Supermen. 7 Ashwas. Heaven and salvation too comes under this category. 7 Shakti flows is also understood as the 7 coloured 7 horses of the sun. Within tasks of creation and destruction he acts in such a way that it can only be called amazing.

think and act for world well being only. He has only one desire and that is to see blooming flowers and luscious fruits of peace and brotherhood in this garden called the world.

Whenever Devarshi Narad approached Lord Vishnu he asked only one question and that was when would the worldly trying circumstances turn peaceful. The Rishis desire is “kama ya dukha taptanam praninam artanashanam”. The austerities of generous hearted saints is only for others’ (world’s) well being. Lowliness is ancient. It is because of the past gloomy era that man has become selfish. It was during these times that the soul spiritual practices and attainments were for satisfying individual selfish desires. Today in the area of Sidhis desires take the form of narrow mind selfishness. But one should never think that as the be all and end of all life. Maybe as an exception spirituality and cosmic welfare activities are alive today and even now it gives us a glimpse of its eternal existence.

In the past 3 years while taking note of the present circumstances, all the special spiritual practices executed in Shantikunj, Haridwar (India) can be called activation of national and world Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). The radiance of fire is greatest near its vicinity. Over and above this greater the distance lesser is its heat experienced. In the same way the re-awakening of the ancient Rishi energy is taking place at Haridwar (India) near the Saptadhara area. Its influence on the nation from the viewpoint of proximity will be seen greatly and rapidly. But as the distance augments so will the influence be perceived slowly but surely. The first rays of sunrise are seen in water. In the beginning its glimpse is first seen on the peaks of mountains and upper branches of trees. Then slowly its light radiates everywhere. It spreads in the entire sky and from mountain peaks it spreads to the flat plains below. In the same way that Kundalini Mahaprajna which has been activated in these 3 years will be first seen in India. And slowly but surely it will later spread in the entire world. The transformation that will take place because of its influence will be seen in various fields in various ways. This is just not a possibility but is a definite fact. In ancient times the awakening of the world’s and country’s Kundalini had been achieved by Vishwamitra. Even at that time there was a total transformation of the universe. All circumstances too had transformed for the better. And henceforth this is exactly what is going to happen. The Ganges water is today being cleaned by the Govt. of India using a lot of money. Even the dirt at the base of the Manasi Ganges of Govardhan is being removed and it is being refilled with new, clean water. In the same way now is the time for us to overcome all undesirable elements in the world so as to thoroughly purify it. Our aim of Kundalini activation is for making the world live an idealistic life and is not limited to just a few individuals. The world needs to be liberated from the shackles of inethics, blind beliefs, blind traditions and undesirable elements.

How will this transformation take place? The answer is that first we shall have to uproot all the dirt of the world. In fact let any discomfort come in our way yet we will march ahead in our endeavour.

Before playing with the baby on her lap a mother has to undergo birth pains while delivering her baby and at that time the blood gets heated. While cleaning a dirty gutter a foul smell spreads in all directions. When a boil is operated upon, poisonous matter is emitted. About Homeopathy medicines it is said that it first induces inner distortions of the disease to come out of the body and then it starts curing the disease from the very roots. Before constructing a building one has to lay a firm foundation base deep down in the ground. Before dyeing cloth into various hues it has first to be cleaned thoroughly. This very activity is seen in the beginning days before the nationwide and worldwide Kundalini is activated. Without uprooting distortions, hatred, materialism, arrogance, vile ethics, bad thoughts one can never establish new thinking. Hence if in the beginning days there is some destruction witnessed, understand that a potter is first wetting the mud, battering it with a stick and with his legs is trampling it. And over and above, giving the mud a shape of a pot on a rotating wheel. Later he also bakes the pots in hot furnaces. In neo creation of this era this very method is being utilized so as to bring about a worldwide transformation. None should despair when they see destructions and calamities in the world.

Whenever a Vaidyaraj makes priceless medicines he over and above crushing the herbs with a mortar and pestle also heats them in blazing fire. This activity seems as though the herbs are being pounded to pulp yet its results are extremely beneficial. This is the first leg of a bright future. Before a seed becomes a tree it has to rot in the ground, after that it becomes a sapling and then turns into a blooming tree bearing flowers and fruits. By removing past undesirable traditions of today’s world one will have to remould it in such a way that one will get a direct vision of human glory.

Due to the onset of monsoons one sees dirt everywhere. Due to wind and rain hutments are shattered and huge buildings are razed to the ground. But in a very short time dry river beds are filled with rain water. The fields of farmers bloom with greenery everywhere. That time will correspond to the 21st century wherein one will see culture, advancement and glory of the entire world. The last 13 years of the 20th century will be full of strife and calamities. During monsoons the walls of fields break up and there is flooding of rivers, streams etc. One should understand

that the last 13 years of the 20th century were of this sort in which dark clouds gathered in the sky, where lightning terrorized one and all and undesirable events occurred. But ultimately the dark gloomy clouds only result in good future times. Every dire situation can only give good results later.

Man works in the world. And its reaction has to be faced always. But the divine law is totally different. In it first an atmosphere is created. And thus creatures, individuals and objects are influenced by it. At their own apt time cold, heat, monsoons create their own atmosphere. One can easily see the influence of autumn and spring season. Era transformation too can be understood as a divine activity akin to seasonal changes. Here the invisible subtle atmosphere plays a major role. In it both the inert and conscious principles get affected.

The influence of the awakening of the national and world Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) will be seen when it influences inert matter, creatures, men and circumstances. Soil will become more fertile, mineral ores will augment along with the proportion of its excavation. Mineral ores will be much more in weight than what man actually requires. There will never be a lack of crude oil. Chemicals will be available in huge amounts. Human beings will not have to toil hard to grow trees, herbs etc. Due to movements in Mother Nature they will grow on their own. There will be no dearth of waterways. The herbs of forests like ancient time will again be so priceless that it will help in cures of various illness. Useful creatures will be on the rise and will live for a long while. Those creatures that are dangerous will not proliferate greatly and they will barely be able to save their lives. Minerals will augment in water and thus will overcome pollution. Dirt will decrease and purity will be on the rise. Natural calamities will be very rare. Due to Mother Nature becoming conducive, natural calamities like floods, famines, cyclones, typhoons etc will decrease.

Of course, man’s form will remain the same as is seen today. Yet in the 21st century his inner personality at the level of the soul and psyche will be greatly transformed. Everyone will detest vile habits and the layman will never get influenced by it. They will never side with looting, crime, illegal activities, smuggling, harshness etc. When in the majority there will be an overflow of pious character, action, good nature and gentlemanliness, vile people will never misbehave and thus will fail to succeed in wicked activities. Mosquitos, flies proliferate in dirt and muck. Illegal activities and crime rates increase only when they are not firmly obstructed. When at every step it will face obstructions, objections, opposition etc., how can it ever succeed? When gentlemanly behaviour will be on the rise, vile behaviour can never raise its hood nor even dare misbehave.

When this earth will abound with individuals treading on the path of ethics. . Its foundation stone is being laid down by that means which is called awakening of the worldwide Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) and in the past 3 years it has been achieved via intense austerities. With its usage man can attain the bliss. one realizes that it was nothing but suicide. When discrimination dawns in our minds we realize that difference of opinions could be solved via dialogue or through judicial commissions. colonialism. along with other vile activities. As a result wars ensue and infinite number of people die. harassment etc. independence and hard work. oppression. why would he face a lack in any field of life? If generosity proliferates. In reality individual egoism leads to mass destruction. It will be very appropriate to call it “Return of the Golden Age i. Satyug”. When individual selfishness and harshness proliferate it leads to imperialism. When this realization shall dawn in the psyche of all humans then never will there be small battles or gigantic wars.e. only then will we see glory and comforts akin to heaven. Hence there is no reason why situations like poverty. so may material comforts can be produced.People will be full of trust. culture and all round beauty of demi-gods. There is so much power in human hard work along with wisdom that if it is used for creative purposes. Maybe the final result could mean a loss for one party yet it is definitely more beneficial than war trauma. In the coming days we will definitely see such an atmosphere. At the time of transformation heavenly circumstances will persist like Ram’s rule (or Ram Rajya). people will take another’s sorrow on their own shoulders and share their joy with others. Thus none will take revenge in anger nor will hurt anyone. lack of materials etc can prevail. But when the war fury dies down. If man’s hardworking nature and wisdom augments. As long as the fury of wars exist till then it seems as though we are invincible. In war both parties get defeated and they get into such a shattered state that they can only feebly manage to exist.

It helps in making a weak body very strong. Steam is more powerful than water. the ashes of these ores manifest great qualities. Steam can help run a train. These special characteristics are there in other ores too. When mud unites with earth it comes out as ore. In comparison to a pile of mud atomic energy can execute gigantic tasks. In the same way. The subtle part of a sand particle helps in creating atomic energy. The same holds true for the results of spiritual practices and austerities. The soul is invisible yet when it advances further it manifests as saints. This is the subtilization of that which is gross. Thus man can live a longer life. A man of penance awakens his bodily divine potential. But on purifying this ore it is sold at high prices in the market. A tap can give water only as long as the tank to which it is connected remains filled with water. It is very clear that the tank of divine energy is never empty and the tap united to it gives water as . Ordinarily people use it to make certain articles. Gold is a very valueable ore. This is a well known fact that the subtle form of any object has infinitely more power than its gross aspect. In comparison to the body our minds are more energetic. From this one gets electricity. subtlization of human existence too can take place via Yoga and spiritual austerities. divine men and incarnations. radiations and weapons. But when they are chemically treated. it manifests amazing qualities. When on a glass lens scattered solar rays are focused at one single point. a forest fire is seen to manifest. This very influence manifests via spiritual practices of austerities.CHAPTER EIGHTEEN THE DEEP IMPORT OF KUNDALINI AUSTERITIES AND REQUIRED GUIDANCE Every object has its own visible and invisible form. Rishis. Via Yoga man’s demeaned state merges into the greatness of divine worlds and this unification leads to merging of the high with the low. When bamboo trees rub against one another. But when via chemical treatment it is converted into gold ash. sparks of fire are seen. When wires contact electricity they become powerful and thus carry our desired tasks. various rays. And with this gold beautiful ornaments are made.

When these potentials evolve the spiritual aspirant starts contacting the . work in a very wide arena. vital sheath. object control. The widespread nature of the body along with augmenting itself increases its potential too. In it are found the 5 elements and the 5 Pranas. knowledge sheath. In comparison to a lion not only is the body of an elephant gigantic but its might too is much more powerful. Its attainment makes man powerful. On this basis a spiritual aspirant becomes infinitely more powerful than a layman. bliss sheath are covering layers over our consciousness. mental sheath. When human consciousness imbibes the divine energy of God. On the basis of the 5 sheaths one can awaken the Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) of the subtle body. There are 14 ways of activating the above. The 6 Chakras along the Merudand i. They are also called 5 worlds or 5 extensions. The 5 sheaths called food sheath.long as no obstruction comes in its way. water etc. Those scenes that cannot be seen by our gross eyes are clearly visible to our divine sight. hearing far off sounds. Austerities do not generally succeed when not conjoined to self control. very soon he becomes God from man. It can be accomplished in various ways for various purposes in all the 3 bodies. starting from the Mooladhar upto the Sahasrar Kamal can be called a powerful medium that aids in overcoming obstacles in the production of glories of the material arena. can be imbibed on activating the Kundalini of the gross body. In comparison to a child not only is the body of an adult more strong but his capacity to work too is much greater. Shaktipaat. The austerities of a spiritual aspirant makes him a Sidha (realized saint). Attainments related to the gross world like television.e. Through this medium one can also manifest Ojas. How can a seed become a tree if it is not looked after properly and supplied with fertile soil. a radiating character and a sense of service to other beings. knowing the future etc. telepathy. Our sense organs are no longer externalized and instead by becoming introverted. vital force flow. This precept very much applies to Kundalini awakening methods too. Tejas and Varchas. Purushottam from Purusha and great from being lowly. These 14 glories can be compared to the 14 jewels that emerged while the ocean was churned. The same holds true for other sense organs. wealthy and full of enterprise. Its classification can be carried out thus. Kundalini awakening means intensifying and activating divine powers hidden in our consciousness.

In real terms the body is a demon and the mind is a demi-god. description and worship methods have been given in the earlier pages of this edition. But when the Kundalini of the subtle body of a spiritual aspirant is awakened. objects. Over here one gets satisfaction. There is no need to stray away in the external world so as to attain desired objects. Amongst them 7 are of the higher worlds (Lokas) and 7 of the nether worlds. The third is Rudragranthi. He now understands the hidden mysteries of Mother Nature. It can be called the cave of consciousness. The long time resting place of Kundalini Shakti is in this region. raised high and taken to the portals of Brahmalok. Apart from making our psyche high statured one should mould the understanding of others in a positive way with the help of the power of Vishnugranthi. The human body made up of the 5 elements and 5 vital forces is believed to be as deep and wide as the ocean. Experiments are conducted so as to raise the 7 and the remaining 7 are experimented upon so as to stop them from a downfall. demi-gods etc. power. brilliance. 5 sheaths of the subtle body and 3 Granthis (knots) of the casual body add up to 14 in number. When both perform austerities of Yoga. In the mythological churning of the ocean its description has been given in a symbolic manner. In this area one finds the Mooladhar Chakra. and there is a give and take relationship between them. In short this is the outline of Kundalini worship where an introduction. man contacts the invisible world. . Based on this wisdom by making apt arrangements one can benefit from conducive circumstances and obstructions can be warded off. radiance. they obtain the 14 jewels mentioned above. daring. The 6 Chakras of the gross body. He gets attached to Pitrus. In the psyche of laymen one can induce pious thinking and thus human civilization can be aptly moulded.e. There are 3 applications of the casual body and it is called Granthi Bheda. But deliberately details have not been given regarding the 14 spiritual practices. It is called the Polar Centre that is always involved in give and take with cosmic energies. It is found in the Naabhi (navel) Chakra. Human existence can be looked upon as an ocean and via the 3-fold Kundalini worship it can be churned. Ordinarily people understand only the gross visible world of names and forms i.invisible world. The second is the Vishnu Chakra in the heart region. Whatever you desire is present within you. He can foresee future events. contentment and peace. This is the center of sensitive emotions. In the middle of the head is the Brahmagranthi and is also called Kailash Mountain or Ksheersagar. Why search outside? Like the musk of a deer it should be looked for within the body. With the attack of vital force it can be awakened. In this region one finds bodily health. creativity and augmentation.

for what aim do you want to awaken the Kundalini. that because there was no one to teach him/her this method of Kundalini awakening. action and divine intellect activation. Before entering its methods we should know in what state. it is more than enough. At least for one century I will take up the responsibility of teaching people this great application according to their individual capacity. If they do this much. I will continue educating them in this direction. None should be too restless to learn Kundalini awakening and none should harbour the desire of attaining self fulfillment by hook or by crook.Because this is like the experiments on atomic explosions. For new entrants and less alert people there are paths of wisdom. devotion. No appropriate spiritual aspirant will ever experience. Just as the all pervasive divine power induced me to carry out Mahapurashcharan in 24 years and not only showed me the method of activating the Kundalini Shakti of my country (India) via intense austerities of 3 years. they could not reach their desired goal. Even if my gross physical body no longer remains in this world yet with my subtle existence I shall continue serving people in this direction. for which individual. LET US ALL PRAY FOR WORLD PEACE AND BROTHERHOOD . To commence Kundalini activation without knowing all these details is like a child tampering with a bomb. Misuse of Kundalini power can lead to the terrible downfall of that person. along with it gave me whatever was needed to achieve the goal. In the same way I too will make efforts for those amongst Prajna Parivar who wish to take recourse to Kundalini Science for gathering special powers for a special goal and give them all that is required to achieve their sacred goal.