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Department of Business Administration Shahjalal University of Science and Technology,




(i) Survey on a small business. (ii) A report on local small business administration office.

Survey Topic :

Mushroom Shilpo

Department of Business Administration Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet.

Submitted to:
Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam Associate Professor, Head, Dept. of Business Administration SUST, Sylhet.

Submitted by:
1. Afsar Ahmed 2. Nur-E-Jannath 3. Mohammad Ahsan 5. Farhat Mehjabeen 2005731051 2005731052 2005731053 2005731054 2005731055

4. Sajib Kumar Talukder -

1st year 1st semester
Date of submission: 22 March, 2007

Department of Business Administration Shahjalal University of Science and Technology,

We are given an assignment about selecting a small business that looks attractive as a career possibility and collect information from some people who manage such business. We have selected "Mushroom Shilpo" as a small business for our assignment. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those people who have been instrumental in making our project. We want to convey a special gratitude to Md. Nazrul Islam, Head of the Department of Business Administration, SUST, Sylhet for giving us the assignment. We want to convey a special thanks to Mohammad Mizenur Rahaman, Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, SUST, Sylhet for his valuable suggestion to conduct and complete the assignment. We are very grateful to some other persons for their great help. We want to say thanks to Md. Ruhul Amin, Additional Director, Agricultural University, Sylhet. We also want to convey special thanks to Jotirmoy Roy, Director of Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo, Mr. Surul haque, Md. Fajul Karim Azad, Director of Ashoan Mushroom Shilpo and Meheraj Ahmed, Director of Ayesha Mushroom Shilpo for their great help by giving us different types of information and data. And at last we also like to thanks to our friends for their healthy cooperation.

We are given an Assignment to select a small business which looks attractive as a career Possibility for us. we would like to request you to accept our paper and thereby permit us to present it before the panel of experts. And to collect data and information about small business.March 22. 2007 To. Farhat mehjabeen Registration No. Sajib Kumar Talukder 5. demand and satisfaction of Mushroom and how to operate this business. Shahajalal University of Science & Technology. With due respect and humble submission we beg to state that we are the students of Group-11 on 1st year 1st semester. We have also gone in some Mushroom business And have survey on cultivation of Mushroom. Honorable Sir. Sylhet-3114. May we note here that. Mohammad Nazrul Islam Head Department of Business Administration. Thank you in advance for your assistance and advice in this connection. Afsar Ahmed 2. Yours obediently. However. According for collection of data we have investigated into the ‘Agriculture Office’ in Sylhet. For this we have selected the Mushroom business as a career possible small Business. department of BAN. Name 1. Nur-E-Jannath 3. 2005731051 2005731052 2005731053 2005731054 2005731055 . there has been no dearth of sincerity on our part to bring the issue under study into proper focus. Finally. Mohammad Ahsan 4. Subject: Letter of Submittal assignment. we would like to request you to consider if any error is found in the paper.

In present. Commentary one can cultivate it and can profitable. mushroom seems an employment of many unemployed people in Bangladesh. It is grown in moist place. It is a small business so hared of low in not needed. It has all nutritious quality. In Bangladesh only 4 kinds of mushroom is grown mushroom is a nutrias food. . It can grow in any kind of place. All of them only 20 kinds of mushrooms we can eat. In competitive world and like other country the want of mushroom is augmenting day by day. Natural calamity can not damage this plantation. In this organization the business risk is limited. There are 14000-12000 kinds of Mushroom in the world. Mushroom is meanly a fungus.SUMMERY Mushroom is a business that takes the place in provability business in Bangladesh. Every kind of diseases can cure to eat mushroom. So one can do this business and can country built in National economy.

By observing the public demand. skill ness and plan. .Profiles In Bangladesh small business is a probability sector for us. It creates vast scope for ones to use his business knowledge. It is easy to create a small business. We can easily collect money for starting the business personally or owing money from the Banks or financial institutions. Starting mushroom shilpo is very easy we know it from the survey report. The demand field of mushroom is so vast that we have no risk to start it. By filling the demand of customer and providing service we can easily risk in this sector. usefulness and profit we choose "Mushroom shilpo" as our small business career.

6 Conclusion ----------------------------------------------------------------------Topic – 2 Report on local small business administration office ---------------------34 33 27 15 20 23 13 03 01 01 02 02 02 . Topic .1 Chapter – 1 Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------Background of the business --------------------------------------------------Purpose of the study -----------------------------------------------------------Methodology -------------------------------------------------------------------Limitation of the study --------------------------------------------------------Chapter – 2 Analysis a small business.against "Mushroom Shilpo.TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No." -----------------Chapter – 3 Questionnaire on survey ------------------------------------------------------Chapter – 4 Field work on Mushroom Shilpo (i) Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo --------------------------------------------(ii) Srijon Mushroom Shilpo -----------------------------------------------(iii) Ayesha Mushroom Center --------------------------------------------Chapter – 5 Table & Chart ------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter .

mushroom has started up in our country since 1980.TOPIC . Through this mushroom they fill up their nutritious demand and create the source of employment. the demand of mushroom is increasing day by day in our country. Next time through various developing . small area in prospect of small capital. And for this reason the demand of mushroom business is increase indiscriminately. As it is a sole proprietorship business. another side it is taken an easy source of economy in commercially. According to these. The south-east countries have also taken the mushroom commercially.1 CHAPTER . Besides study. the western country has taken the mushroom business a long time before. student can also conduct the business for easy maintenance. Besides these. To follow their work processing. small area in prospect of small or sole proprietorship business. To establish this kind of business required capital is easily found. the business is continued with the help of some labor and employee. so there is no legal complexity. According to the mass popularity of the mushroom in the world wide. Many people get find the way of self-relies through the mushroom business. Background of the business: To realize the utility and probability. it is well known business organization in respect of easy of earning livelihood. In one side mushroom fill up the nutritious demand of a family. The mushroom business is easily build up through small capital.1 Introduction: Mushroom is the name of that business which has taken its place ordinarily among the all probabilities business. Now-a-days.

(iv) In some cases. (3) Besides study students can operate this business easily. (iii) We got cooperatively limited time to collect data and information to prepare the assignment. (4) It is a better way of self employment. Following these. . (5) Through this business it is possible to contribute in social economy. some enterprises were selected at random there of which belong to the sole proprietorship business group.steps mushroom has gotten popularity in our country since 1992. Methodology: Keeping the above purpose of the study in mind. Sylhet) (iii) Ayesha Mushroom Centre (Choukidighi. We can say turn as small business. (2) It is our social responsibility to inform general people about the nutrition's and usefulness of mushroom. Limitation of the study: (i) It is not available in Sylhet. These are(i) Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo (Akhalia. (ii) Business owners didn't give the accurate amount of capital and profit. So we have to face problem to find out the mushroom business. Purpose of study: (1) It is an attractive business concept to build up our carrier. they didn't explain their managerial secret and that's why we had to fail in collecting resourceful data. Sylhet) (ii) Srijon Mushroom Shilpo (Amborkhana. the mushroom business is now taken a great demandable business. Sylhet) The approach was to identify qualitative information that explained management information system and services.

Almost 3000 species from 31 genera are regarded as prime edible mushroom and 200 of them are experimentally grown. about 2000 are medicinal mushrooms with varieties of health attributes. Shiitake mushroom Wood ear mushroom Button mushroom Tropical Button mushroom. Milky mushroom. The following 8 types of mushrooms are mainly cultivated1. 6. Oyster mushroom. 4. our Classification: Currently about 2-3 million of fungi are known to exist of those about 14000 species are known as mushroom and 7000 species are considered to have varying degrees of edibility. 100 of them are economically cultivated.CHAPTER . It grows in moist environment and it takes oxygen to live. approximately 60 commercially cultivated and about 10 have reached to industrial scale production in many countries. 3. 2. Further more. delicious and medicinal vegetable in the world. 5. Paddy straw mushroom.2 Analysis a small business against "Mushroom Silpo" What is Mushroom: Mushroom is a large reproductive structure of edible fungi which is the most popular nutritious. 7. In country it is found always fresh. Mushroom is now one of the promising concepts for crops diversification in world. . Now it is considered as a money earning crop.

Mushrooms contain biologically active polysaccharide protein complexes having anti-tumar. blood sugar and cholesterol. vegetable. Recently. noodles. calcium. It is rich in folic acid. potassium. . iron and other essential trace element. The interesting fact is that the K: Na ratio in mushroom is very high and it is suitable for people who suffer from hypertension. soup. vitamin Bcomplex. immunomodulating and antioxidant properties. In fact mushroom is rich in highly digestible essential amino acid rich protein. Advantages: Nutrition: It is well recognized that mushroom contains all essential components of a balance food. Mushroom-as like food: Mushroom is used with meat. tea. Ganoderna lucidum nutriceuticals have exhibited promising antiviral effects like anti HIV and anti hepatitis B. vitamins and minerals but low quantity of high quality unsaturated fat and water soluble carbohydrate (Low calorie food). oyster mushroom has been reported to have anti bacterial effect and reduced cholesterol. Reishi mushroom. It is also used with fast food which is very popular and interesting in taste.8. phosphorus. In addition these mushrooms contain other active substances which reduce blood pressure. curry etc. fish. omelet. copper. Medical treatment: Mushrooms are also reported to have high medicinal attributes.

4. It needs low capital. low labor but high return. Ensure to get capital in easy terms and conditions. So to go forward in these probabilities business we need1. 2. item of Bangladesh becausei. 3. And thus way we will be able to build up the mushroom industry in overspreading dimension. Proper sponsorship from governmental and non-governmental organization. The demands of the mushrooms do not get spread in the large wise business sector in our country. Due to its vertical cultivation in selves per unit area of production and economic return in short time is very high. Proper leading to conduct these businesses. Mushroom production is an indoor activity hence does not seed agricultural and thus suited to small and landless farmer. ii. It is an ideal venture to generate mass employment particularly for unemployed and female. vi. v.Prospect of Mushroom in Bangladesh: The future of the mushroom industry in Bangladesh is very bright. . vii. Great inspiration to involve many people with these businesses. Why we choose the business: Mushroom is the most promising Agril. It has potential to generate valuable foreign exchange through export. Mushrooms have high biological efficiency conversion of dry substrate into fresh mushroom (up to 100%) iv. It converts agricultural wastes into nutritious health food and organic manure. iii.

. lease. produce etc. These are given below Production related: . inventory. competition. Nature of service: In the mushroom industry. (v) Mushroom comport. Some of those are. Capital. management. Experience. (ii) Fresh Mushroom.(i) Mushroom seeds. Produc e Competitio n Financi al reword Experienc e Management Capita l Small Business Inventor y Customer demographic s Locatio n Lease All of those are need to start up new business.Start a small business: To start a new small business like mushroom shilpo. it needs some requirement. Labor. (iii) Dry Mushroom (iv) Powder Mushroom. besides to product different types of mushroom they also offer various services. customer demographics. Financial reword.

In the mushroom industry there is also need various raw material in various production sectors. sawdust etc. Required capital: Capital is the backbone of a business. Beside cereal straw. It is estimated that about 30 million tons of crop residue are generated annually and a large amount of which (mainly rice straw) is left unused or used to produce farm yard manure. anybody can build up these business by invested about 2-3 lakh. Every business has a standard amount of capital according to business structure. husk. Sometimes. a large amount of sugarcane bagasse.(i) Training in mushroom seeds production (ii)Training in mushroom firm establishment. Source of capital: To get capital we have to realize the source of capital. Generally. Service related:.staffing cost and . (iii) Training in mushroom processing and marketing. vegetable and fruit wastes coir dust. It is need the long-term capital to conduct the permanent assets of a business similarly short-term capital is also need to maintain the labor. Raw material: To product any kind of goods it is need to have raw material. dried leaves. are available for the recycling. As mushroom industry is established in prospect of sole proprietorship business so this kind of business need small capital according to the ability of business owner. these business is also start-up through 60-80 thousands Taka.

Structure of organization: Different types of business follow different types of organizational structure.  Rate of interest: Financial institutions offer different types of interest rate based on different term. To conduct these types of cost and expenses. (ii) Local money-lender.  Internal: (i) Proprietor's own capital following (ii) Friends and relatives. Generally four types of organizational structure are followed in business institutions.  External:(i) Commercial Bank.daily expenses.  Installment: How much installment will be followed in payment of collective loan. (iii) Co-operative Bank Terms and conditions of financial institutions:  Term-based condition:(i) Short-term (ii) Mid-term (iii) Long-term In the mushroom industry generally have short-term capital. it determines the financial institutions.  Mortgage: Financial institutions offer loan to recipient according to their permanent temporary assets or personalize mortgage. . any business can called their required capital from the sources.

As becoming a small business the mushroom industry conduct their staffing process by personal knowing people or the advertising system. Promotion: In the mushroom industry.They are - (i) Straight-line organization (ii) Functional organization (iii) Line and stuff organization (iv) Committee organization. and educational qualification to appoint employees in this sector. and other qualification. honesty. (i) Fair salary (ii) Bonus. To regard the business maintenance and proper controlling system. the mushroom industries normally follow the straight-line organization. there is also offering promotion based on employee's experiences. skill ness. equipment and other elements can do nothing without staff. (iii) Advance (iv) Financial rewards (v) Advance (vi) Transportation facilities (vii) Medical facilities (viii) Fair treatment (ix) Appreciation of worth while work (x) Training facilities. The mushroom business is not exception from it. Raw material. behavior. This business applies the following topics to motivate their employees. capita. . Motivation: In every institution follow different methods of motivation to increase the skill ness and the speed ness on work of employees. For being productive and marketing institution this business follow the employee's competence. Staffing: Expect and competence employees play an important role in any business organizational improvement.

Expert knowledge: Sometimes mushroom owners have to face some critical problems which do not solve them alone. Lack of associate institution iii. Lack of efficient management iv.Controlling: The success of business mostly depends on the proper controlling system. Communication problem vi. As the mushroom business becoming sole proprietorship business so whole maintenance of this business have to maintain the owner. . These are given bellow:i. Sometimes business owners consult with their subordinates and sometimes they take decisions alone. Political violence. In that situation they take help from the experts. Managerial problems: For being a small business mushroom business's owner has to face different managerial relations vii. Decision Making: As mushroom business is established in sole proprietorship business sector and business owner have to conduct the whole business so business related any decision is taken by the owner. Lack of higher business environment ii. Lack of labors. Absence of modern approaches toward management v.

banners viii) Seminar ii) Poster iii) Leaflet iv) Mieking vii) Television v) Advertise in newspaper vi) Radio ix) Personal communication etc. Accounting process: As mushroom business has small capital and small area so it can preserve its accounting system without any hazard. owners follow or take some marketing policies which are very useful to their business.Price determination: According to other business. Marketing policy: To increase the demand of mushroom to people and to go forward with their business. Buyers of mushroom : Generally mushroom business owner conduct their business through the following buyers i) Mushroom farmer iii) Departmental store ii) Hotel & Restaurants v) General public etc. advertising expenses and other expenses. . The rate of profit verify according to the business organization. Daily expenses and incomes are calculated based on receivable and payable accounts. transport expenses. The policy are I) Publicity ii) Sales extension iii) Advertisement Way of advertisement and publicity : i) Festoon . conservation expenses. mushroom business follows a standard rule of price determination. Generally price determination of the goods products is taking based on production cost. Generally they determine the accounts of profit and loss in monthly.

iv) Banned on using poly bag. Risk: There is a proverb in business that "No risks no gain". ii) Sale fresh mushroom. iii) Spoil of seeds. These are i) Supply mushroom seeds to buyers according to their demand. dry mushroom. The causes of the failure are given below i) Complexity to collect current capital. iv) Failure in preservation of accounts etc. ii) Fail to sell product according to target. powder mushroom based on wholesaler and retail system. iii) Failure in controlling expenses and costs. So every business has some risk which is faced by the owner conducting their business.Selling process: Maintaining mushroom business owners follow normally two types of selling process. Causes of failure : Sometime mushroom business also face some failures. In the mushroom business owner faces the following risk i) Problem in collecting current capital. ii) Employee's neglect on business. v) Political imbalance. .

What is the amount of your current capital? 15.CHAPTER . What is the name of your organization? What type services do you offer? What is the name of entrepreneur? When you start the business? What is your background before starting the business? From where the idea of business has been arrived? What is the amount of starting capital? From where you have collected your capital? Did you face any problem in collecting capital? they offered loan? 11. What is the amount of employee's salary? 19. 3.3 Questionnaire for survey on owners of Mushroom Shilpo 1. What is the method of hiring employees in your business? 17. 6. Have you any facility to train up the employees? 21. 5. What organizational structure is fallowed in your business? 16. 2. 7. Is the loan paid clearly? 14. What are the steps of promotion to employees? 23. 8. What was the amount of bank loan mortgage? 13. What was the duration of bank loan payment? 12. 9. What are the terms and conditions of financial institutions? When . What is the promotion system in your business? 22. What is the amount of labors wages? 20. Do you follow the firing system to employees? 10. 4. How many employees are working in our business? 18.

What is the risk of business? 35. What is the source of raw material in your business? 28. What is the control system of your business? 25. What is the system of packaging and processing Mushroom? 32. What is the selling process? 34. Who are the buyers of your product? 33. What is the future plan of your business? . What are the causes of failure in performing business? 36.24. What is the way of publicity? 31. What is the condition of your business profit? 37. What is the marketing policy? 30. What is the managerial problem in your business? 27. What system is followed when you take a decision? 26. What is the pricing policy in your business? 29.

4 Field work on Mushroom Shilpo i) Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Name of organization Address Services : . Like the others countries of the world the want of diseases. Director. The importance dimension of one can grow mushroom in a by that it not only can mushroom is augmenting day by day. cancer mushroom plantation is that any (iv) Selling (vi) Staffing : Jotirmoy Roy. etc. From this aforementioned idea the enterpriser can understand the necessity of joining with this business. : 6th Annuara Road. Blood pressure. Akhalia.CHAPTER . short place and also in a small capital and solve the nutrition problem of his / her family but also can contribute a lot on the economy of his country. Background of the owner: Student. From where the idea has been arrived: Mushroom is a notorious food. 00. Sources of collecting this capital: i) personal . Like diabetics.40% . Sylhet. : (i) Production of Mushroom (ii) Processing of Mushroom (iii) Marketing (v) Training Entrepreneur Time of staring business:On August 2006.Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo.000 taka. The amount of starting capital: The starting capital of this mushroom business was 3. Mushroom also works as a remedy of many Blood deficiency.

000 taka. (i) Advertise in newspaper Number of employees Number of Labor :3 :2 (ii) Personal Knowing. Bank loan mortgage: Personal property. technician.2 ↓ Labor .60. . ii) Bank mortgage.00. Did you face any problem in collecting capital: i) Yes ii) No Collection of capital : i) the selling of personal properties.000 taka. Is the loan paid clearly? : No.The amount is . Organizational structure: Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo has an organizational structure.2 Method of hiring employees: Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo some methods to hire employees.Short tram Agriculture lone ii) Present of interest . Director. They have labors.1 ↓ Technician . Director .1 ↓ Technical Officer .40. the loan is not paid clearly. Terms and condition of financial institutions : i) Types of lone .8% iii) Instilment . They followed strait line organization. ii) Bank lone .1 The time of payment Bank loan: Within a year.20% The amount of .2. Technical officers. Present/current capital: The current capital at this organization has 5.000 taka.

capacity.manager relations (v) Transport problem (vi) Political clash. capacity. And a technical officer helps them to training.Salary of employees : Technical officer. So the promotion step also limited.500× 2) =5. fallen in doubt in decision making etc.000 taka Training : They training there employees and labor in their own organization.Technician . Way of decision making: Owner makes decision by discussing with the employees of the organization. Does the organization face any managerial problem? : Yes Managerial problems: (i) Lack of higher business environment (ii) Lack of Associate institution (iii) Lack efficient management.6000 taka Technical . method and experience. Problems of regarding decision: Sometimes owner's falls in the problems of making decision. Has there facility to promotion? : i) Yes Basis of promotion : ii) No Promotion is depended on employees working abilities.Technical officer. here has two steps of promotion. Step of promotion : It is a small business. Wage of labor : (2. such as .500× 2) =7000 taka.disagreement with the employees. method and expertness.(3. Way of motivation : (iii) Promotion (i) Fair salary (ii) Bonus iv) Financial rewards (v) Training facilities Control system: Owner controls his business with his own ability. Is there needs expert knowledge: Yes . Labor. (iv) Lack of labor. The time of train is 7 days.

And gives some suggestions for different problems. Source of Row material: The mushroom business organization collects row material from local area. Row materials: Ear-wax. so it calculates its transactions through receivable and payable account. (iii) Personal communication: (a) Telephone (b) Mobile (c) Personal talk / discus / conversation Packing and Processing of mushroom: . Depends on its usefulness and importance the organizations takes steps to make it popularize among people and as well as it takes the marketing policy in order to make sufficient profit. Way of publicity: (i) Public communication: (a) Television (b) Radio (c) Advertisement in newspaper (d) Posturing (e) Leaflet (f) Festoon (g) Banner (ii) Group communication: (a) Seminar (b) Consultation. fresh mushroom. The marketing policies are: (i) Publicity (ii) Sells promotion (iii) Advertisement. Pricing policy: The organization calculates/makes/determined its selling price at the rate of / (a) 30% on it's to the cost. mushroom business is not differing from that. Marketing policy: In competitive market. husk. sawdust. polybag. powder mushroom. the success of any business depends on marketing policy.Source of expert knowledge: Every month one expert (Agriculture officer) comes here. dry mushroom. Nature of produce: Seeds of mushroom. Accounting Process: Though it's a small sole proprietorship business.

Selling process: As the organization is related with the production of mushroom seeds and cultivation. Present of profit: 7. so (i) The organization supplies the seeds according to demand among the buyers. (ii) Supply cultivated mushroom.5% Future plan of the organization: (i) To build in a large wise organization (ii) Increase the amount of buyers. If yes.(i) According to demand packing and supply (ii) Improvement of labeling (iii) Get returned mushroom which is expired dated Buyers of mushroom: Mushroom is bought by (i) The farmer of mushroom (ii) Different organizations which are related with mushroom cultivation (iii) Departmental stores (iv) General people. Other offers: (i) Training in mushroom seeds cultivation (ii) Training in the establishment of mushroom firm. what is the profit on last month: 25000 taka. (v) To involve in national economy. profitable. (iii) Training in processing and marketing of mushroom. Cause of failure: (i) Problems of collecting of current capital (ii) Careless of employees (iii) Failure in preserving accurate accounts. ii) Srijon Mushroom Shilpo . Risk: (i) Spoiling seeds (ii) Unsealing of produced produce (iii) Banding of polybag. (iii) To create brunches in local area. Is the business profitable? : Yes.

000/-.(part time) .1 ↓ Employees . Did he face any problem in collecting capital? : Yes Current capital: 85.1 ↓ Labor . Address: 10 point view shopping center. When start the business: May 2006. Amborkhana. Background: Student (SUST) How you get the concept of the business: (a) To fill in the nutritious demand. (b) The easy way of earning money. Director . The amount of starting capital: The starting capital of this mushroom business was 65. They have director and labors and employees.Name of organization: Srijon Mushroom Shilpo. Nature of organization: Soul proprietorship organization. Sources of collecting this capital: Personal. Number of employee: Number of labor: 1 2 Salary of employees: 2000/. Entrepreneur: Mr. They follow strait line organization. Sylhet.2 Method of hiring employees: Personal knowing. Services: Collecting and selling different types of mushroom.000/Organizational structure: Srijon Mushroom Shilpo has an organizational structure. Nurul Haque.

Motivation : a) Fair salary b) Bonus c) Inspiration d) Medical facility e) Financial reward f) Transport facility Firing of employer's: no need. method and expertness. Steps of promotion: There is no step of promotion. Way of making decision: Owners makes decision by himself. Marketing policy : The way of marketing policy are as followsii) Local productive organization. Control system: Owner controls his business with his own ability.Wages of labor : (500× 2) = 1000/Training: (i) There is no formal training. . Problems of regarding decision: As owner is the boss of his own decision so there is no problem to make decision. quality. Way of calculation: Though it is a small sole proprietorship business so it calculates its transactions through receivable and payable account. (ii) Sometimes they offer oral training according to need. Does the organization face any managerial problem : NO Is there need expert knowledge ? : Yes Row materials i) Seeds of mushroom ii) Nourished mushroom Source of raw material :i) Local farmer Nature of product :i) Fresh mushroom ii) Dry mushroom iii) Powder mushroom Pricing policy : The organization calculates its selling price at the rate of 20% on its total cost.

Consumers : Mushroom is bought byi) Different type of restaurant ii) Departmental store iii) Upper class family. . iii) Fail to sell the target of buying product iv) Political crash.5% Future plan of the organization : i) To build in a large wish organization. Selling process :i) The organization supplies the mushroom according to demand among the buyers.i) Publicity The way of publicity :i) Festoon ii) Leaflet v) Television ii) Sells promotion iii) Billboard iii) Advertisement iv) Advertise on newspaper vi) Banner vii) Oral communication. Other offers : i) Training on mushroom seeds cultivation. ii) Training on the establishment of mushroom firm. iii) To create business in local area. Is the business profitable : Yes\ What is the profit on last month? : 10. ii) Ban of polythene.000/Percent on profit : 12. Risks :i) Problems to collect current capital. ii) Increase the amount of buyers. ii) They sell the mushroom at wholesale and retail price. Cause of failure: Now it is not face.

000 taka. Is the collecting loan fully paid? : Yes.000 taka. One can benefit to cultivated mushroom and contributed in the economy of our country.000 taka.000 taka.40. It is nutritious. 2005 : Student (National University) From where the idea has been arrived: Mushroom is a most popular food. Mushroom is now one of the promising concepts in Bangladesh.iii) Ayesha Mushroom Center Name of the organization Address Nature of organization Type of services : Ayehsa mushroom center.70%. Relatives .30%. : Ma Jubeda Manjil Rongdhonu 21/1. The amount of current capital : 3. 1. The amount at starting capital : 2. Any one can easily participate in cultivation. delicious and medicinal vegetable in the world. 60. Sources of capital Condition of loan : personal . : Sole proprietorship. It is a scope of employment for unemployed people. Sylhet. : Capital from relatives had to pay with in a year without interest. Chaukidighi. .00. : i) Production of mushroom ii) Marketing iii) Selling iv) Training Owner of the business When start the business Background of the owner : Meheraj Ahmad : July.20.

000  2 = 6. capacity.1 ↓ Technical Officer . ability.000/Promotion facility Basis of promotion : Step of promotion : There has a limited promotion facility. .1 ↓ Trainer .2 Manner of hiring employer: The hire employees to personal knowing person. method and experience.000  2 = 4.Organization structure : Strait line organization. ii) Bonus iii) Promotion iv) Financial rewords v) Appreciation facilities Control system : Owner controls his business with his own competence. Managerial problems: i) Lack of higher business environment ii) Lack of associate institution. : 2 steps Labor → Technician Technician → Technical officer Ways of motivation : i) Fair salary Firing of employees : No needed. Salaries of employees : Technical officer .000/Labor .3.000/Trainer . Director . capacity and experience. iii) Lack of efficient management. Promotion is depended on employees working abilities.2. Numbers of employees : There are 5 employees work this organization.2 ↓ Labor .5. method.

bagasse. dry mushroom. Pricing policy: The organization determines the selling price of products at the rate of 25% at its total cost. ii) Hotel and restaurants iii) General people. Is the business profitable? The profit of last month Percent of profit : Yes. Selling process: According to demand sells the mushroom products in retail and whole sale process to the customers.i) Improve the training facilities. iii) Use of modern techniques. Accounting process: Immediately write down the daily transaction on the account book and calculate the profit and losses after the month. Do you need the expert knowledge : Yes Sources of expert knowledge: Take succession from local agricultural officer for different problem. : 8.5% ii) Fail to sale the buying product Customers of mushroom : i) Departmental stores . Ways to overcome the managerial problems . Raw materials: Cereal straw. : 18. dried leaves sawdust etc. powder mushroom.iv) Lack of labor management relation. husk. ii) Apply the modern management approaches. Nature of product: fresh mushroom. Marketing process : i) Publicity ii) Sells promotion iii) Advertisement.000. Risks : i) Spoil of needs iii) Banned of politics. vegetable and fruit waste. Way of publicity : i) Banner ii) Leaflet iv) Mikeing vii) Television iii) Posturing v) Advertisement in news papers vi) Seminar viii) Personal communication. coin dust. sugarcane.

.Future plan : i) to build in a large wish organization. iii) To create brunches in local area. iv) Modernized the laboratory v) To involve in national economy. ii) In crease the amount of buyers.

5 0.2 0.4 Product 0.6 0.CHAPTER .1 0 Shahjalall Mushroom Shilpo Rate of production .3 0.5 Table and Chart Chart (1) Nature of products Name of Institution Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Product Seeds of mushroom Fresh mushroom Dry mushroom Powder mushroom Fresh mushroom Dry mushroom Powder mushroom Fresh mushroom Dry mushroom Powder mushroom Rate of production 45% 20% 18% 17% 50% 30% 20% 60% 25% 15% Srijon Mushroom Shilpo Ayesha Mushroom Center 0.

00.Chart (2) Starting capital Institution Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Srijon Mushroom Shilpo Ayesha Mushroom Center Amount of capital 3.000/= 65.00.000/= 600000 500000 400000 300000 200000 100000 0 Amount of capital Ayesha Mushroom Shilpo Srijon Mushroom Shilpo Shahjalal Musroom Shilpo .000/= 2.

000/= 85.Chart (3) Present capital Institution Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Srijon Mushroom Shilpo Ayesha Mushroom Center Amount of capital 5.20.000/= 1000000 900000 800000 700000 600000 500000 400000 300000 200000 100000 0 Amount of capital Ayesha Mushroom Shilpo Srijion Mushroom Shilpo Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo .000/= 3.00.

000/= 14000 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 AyeshaMushroom Shilpo Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Srijon Mushroom Shilpo 0 Amount Salaries and wages .Chart (4) Current capital Institution Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Srijon Mushroom Shilpo Ayesha Mushroom Center Salaries and wages Salaries Wages Salaries Wages Salaries Wages Amount 13.000/= 6.000/= 2.000/= 1.000/= 11.000/= 5.

8 0.4 0.2 1 0.Chart (5) Nature of customer Rate of Customer 30% 22% 12% 15% 2% 30% 20% 10% 60% 25% 15% Institution Nature of customer Farmer of mushroom Organization related with Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo business of mushroom Departmental store Hotel and restaurant General public Hotel and restaurant Departmental store Upper class family Farmers of mushroom Hotel and restaurant General people Srijon Mushroom Shilpo Ayesha Mushroom Center 1.6 0.2 0 1 2 Srijon Musroom Shilpo Hotel & Restautrne Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo General Public Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Hotel& Restaurent Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Departmental store Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Organization releted with business of mushroom .

00% 10.5% 14.00% 12.Chart (6) Profit rate Institution Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Srijon Mushroom Shilpo Ayesha Mushroom Center Rate of profit (last month) 7.00% 0.5% 8.00% 8.00% 6.00% 2.00% Shahjalal Mushroom Shilpo Srijon Mushroom Shilpo Ayesha Mushroom Shilpo Rate of profit (Last month) .00% 4.5% 12.

can have long term input towards human nutrition.CHAPTER . We have grate opportunity to take benefit of such venture to improve health and economic status of our poor people through diversification in mushroom production. . horticulture. Let us utilize this opportunity to make Bangladesh a leading mushroom producing country in the world and help to create expert opportunities for poverty elevation quickly. forestry and industry in plenty. health and management of environmental of environmental pollution and promoting economic and social status of millions of poor people in our country.6 Conclusion: Mushroom related industry / farming utilizing lignocelluloses wastes available from agriculture.

Agriculture Development Institutions help the farmer financially. has taken various steps to make it eagerful to the various people. The govt. They also help them by supplying mushroom seeds.0 ---------------------------------- . To fill up the nutritious demand it helps.TOPIC . production of seeds etc. They provide training on processing. should include a chapter about mushroom in text book. Our govt. Some one can create employment facility not only for him but also for the society. For future development more and more steps should be taken to make the people aware about it. We can cultivate it easily at staying home. We have to change general concept that mushroom is not "Banger Sata". Any types of natural disaster can't destroy these crops.2 Report on local small business administration office We went to local agricultural office and meet agriculture officer and take his interview: Mushroom is a very profitable business. By advertising and inspection the agriculture officers accommodate training for those are eager to cultivate mushroom. ---------------------------------. They advertise it on TV mass media.