Andrew Burgert Professor Jan Rieman ENGL 1103-001 November 11, 2010 Inquiry Paper - Pre-Workshop Draft

/Outline/Brainstorming 1. Why people read. a. For Pleasure b. To Escape stimulate the imagination add excitement to the readers lives c. For Information / To Learn participate well in civil society research and keep up-to-date access shared knowledge d. To Hear Other s Opinions agree/disagree be empathetic e. To Understand Myself and Others develop more knowledge about myself develop as a whole person have something to talk about connect with like-minded people gain knowledge beyond our face-to-face interactions engage in spiritual exploration(s) try out diverse and myriad situations f. To Teach g. Others 2. How people will read. a. Intro: Traditional Media i.physical Books (bought, loaned) ii.Newspapers iii.Magazines (paper) b. New Media i.e-Books / e-Book Readers? ii.audiobooks iii.electronically delivered magazines iv.electronically delivered newspapers v.blogs vi.the Internet