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Office of Evangelization and Catechesis -- Northern Area December 2010

Vocations: Priests and Deacons
National Vocation Awareness Week January 9 – 15, 2011
DV 0052 Fishers of Men 18 minutes SA This presentation shows many of the facets of a priest’s daily life in a fast moving and thought provoking approach to the meaning of priesthood in a culture of noise and distractions. DV 0247 The Catholic Priest Today 30 minutes SA Follow three priests through an ordinary week as they share the challenge that a calling to the priesthood presents to young men today and the opportunities that a priest has to make a positive difference in the lives of others. DV 0366 The Priestly Vocation 73 minutes JSA Seven priests of diverse backgrounds and work talk about their vocation: Fr. Mahoney, parish priest and fire department chaplain; Fr. Rippinger, monk, teacher and spiritual director: Fr. Bleem, Franciscan, artist and art professor; Fr. Senior, Passionist, President of Catholic Theological Union and member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission; Fr. Reed, Executive Director of Catholic TV Boston; Fr. Haase, Franciscan missionary in China; and Fr. Anzoategui from Mexico, who helps others and walks with them. DV 0369 The Man Behind the Collar 25 minutes IJS Part one discusses the priesthood and the call to discipleship. The next three sections follow an individual priest in his vocation at the parish or as a teacher in his day to day activity. The final section takes one inside a seminary enabling one to note the challenges and fears related to the call to listen, discern and answer. VC 2054 Gethsemani 60 minutes SA The essence of the monastic life as it was lived by Thomas Merton and is lived today by his Trappist brothers. Witness the beauty and serenity as well as the struggles.

Spiritual Thoughts Series: The Priesthood. Pope Benedict XVI. USCCB Publishing, 2009. Extraordinary Lives: Thirty-four Priests Tell Their Stories. Francis P. Friedl, Rex Reynolds. Ave Maria Press, 1997. Living God’s Call. Archdiocese of Los Angeles Office for Vocations. Benziger, 2001.

VC 1648 Deacons: Ministers of Justice & Charity 22 minutes SA The video captures some of the voices, the faces and mission of the nearly 12,000 Deacons who serve the Catholic Church in the U.S., who have given themselves to the service of the Church as Ministers of Justice and Charity. VC 2051 The Deacon: Who Is He? 29 minutes SA In this video we see a deacon’s ordination and journey through a day of service. Role of the deacon’s wife included. VC 2144 Wives of Deacons 18 minutes A This video presents an informative series of interviews of six deacons’ wives. These diverse interviews address the challenges, questions, joys and concerns of deacons’ wives during the course of a deacons’ formation and ministry.

101 Questions & Answers on Deacons. William T. Ditewig. Paulist Press, 2004. I Like Being IN Parish Ministry: Deacon. Thomas Baker. Twenty-Third Publications, 2002. Deacons and the Church. Owen F. Cummings. Paulist Press, 2004.

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