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The casino industry is a global gaming industry generating a large volume of revenues, and one that has been growing strongly, particularly as affluence grows in Asia. It offers a large variety of employment opportunities. Casinos are entirely illegal in some countries such as India and most of the arab world, while they are being partially legalised in countries such as

Industry Card Rooms Commercial Casinos Charitable Games and Bingo Indian Casinos Legal Bookmaking Lotteries Pari-mutuel Wagering

Gross Revenue $1.10 billion $34.11 billion $2.24 billion $25.08 billion $191.0 million $24.63 billion $3.58 billion

Casino industry employment:
Casino industry employs workers for conduction of table games like following. 1.Craps 2.Roulette 3.Red dog 4.Blackjack 5.Baccarat Some casino employees are employed for keeping a tab on patrons and for detection of cheating of house rules. Starting from gambling dealers, gambling cashiers, slot machine attendants, slot machine technicians, keno writers, gambling monitors, pit managers to casino managers a whole lot posts (to name a few) are available in casino industry. Apart from these, casino industry generates various types of support jobs in local hotel industry. These employ professionals in field of food and beverage preparation, building and maintenance, housekeeping, sales and marketing, purchasing agent and public relations to name a few.

which offer different kinds of wagering options like sports betting.Chips and tokens 6.Hand tools 5.Cards 2.Markers 7. online gambling or internet gambling has gained immense popularity throughout the world.Electrical test instruments 3. Out of an estimated 23 million online gamblers nearly 8 million belonged to US in 2005.Gaming table 4.Tickets 9.Dice Internet gambling Since the dawn of the internet era. online casino games and lotteries. the casino industry leads to employment creation and helps local population to move to a higher welfare level via creation of many positive externalities. . In 2005 US earned $5.Equipments used in casino industry include following. From a purely economic point of view. bingo.000 online gambling websites. As per estimation there exists over 2. 1.9 billion in revenues from internet gambling.Spinning wheels 8.