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At North Fremantle Primary we acknowledge that regular attendance at school is critical to the success of all students and there is a direct link between attendance and performance Schools have a great influence on student attendance. They are responsible for building strong relationships, ensuring the curriculum is accessible for all students, and providing safe and welcoming learning environments.

POLICY The Principal is responsible for the accurate recording and rigorous monitoring of the attendance of all students and for implementing appropriate strategies to restore attendance if there are attendance issues. RECORDING ATTENDANCE North Fremantle Primary School ensures that accurate attendance records are kept for each student enrolled at the school. Each teacher will record attendance electronically both morning and afternoon sessions for all kindergarten, pre-primary and primary students. Attendance records will be kept for a period of seven years. Absentee notes that are separate from the student’s records are to be kept for two years from the date of receipt and then destroyed. This includes details when a parent provides the school with verbal reasons. MONITORING ATTENDANCE North Fremantle Primary will monitor that the recording requirements are met on a weekly basis. At the end of each month the Deputy Principal will print out a Form Attendance Record for each class. Any student who has been absent from school and an acceptable explanation has not been forthcoming, NFPS will send a written request for an explanation to the student's family to establish the reasons for nonattendance. If it is established that the student was absent from school for a legitimate reason, the school need not do anything further unless the frequency and or number of absences gives the school cause for concern.

If a student's attendance rate falls below 90% over a ten-week period, NFPS will investigate the reasons why the student is not attending school. The Administration will contact the parent by phone or mail to address the concerns. NFPS will use a use a case management approach for attendance issues being mindful of consulting with all stakeholders, and accessing support from other community groups and agencies if required. The Admin will make informal contact with the school attendance officer if the teacher is having difficulty or little success with restoring a student’s attendance. NFPS will keep detailed records of all contact, or attempts to make contact, with the student's family and the intervention strategies implemented to restore a student's attendance. This documentation will need to be made available to the school attendance officer. REFERRALS TO SCHOOL ATTENDANCE OFFICER If a student is identified as a regular or chronic non-attender, and the intervention has not been successful, the student is to be referred to the school attendance officer by the Principal. DATA COLLECTIONS NFPS will comply with all requests from district and central office to provide information on attendance.

Please see attachment: Absentee Note