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The results of the Articles of Confederation left the United States government weak and in a state of disunity which

was lethal to America’s survival in the Critical Period. To combat this crisis, Congress passed the Constitution, a written document based on all the flaws of the Articles of Confederation. However, the constitution did not solve all the problems. President George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were one of many elected officials that contributed to the United State’s stability. Those Presidents passed many legislatures to improve the economy like Washington’s approving of Hamilton’s financial plan, tried to keep peace between countries like how John Adams tried to keep peace with France which eventually led to the XYZ affair, and stabilized the power between the State and national government like Thomas Jefferson. All of their accomplishments led to stability of the government and the increase of power within the United States. President George Washington faced the largest difficulty in achieving stability for the nation. Not only did he have to unify the government, he had to increase the failing economy because of the Article of Confederation. To help stabilize the government, President Washington implemented the Constitution and the Bill of Rights into the government to appease the government and the people as well as creating a document which unified the country. To increase the economy, Washington supported Hamilton’s financial plan which included a national bank and taxes, especially on alcohol. This plan paid off many of the national and state debts left behind from the weakness of the Articles of the Confederation. The Pickney treaty was between Thomas Pickney from Spain and Washington which gave the United States free trading rights along the Mississippi. This allowed easier trade and travel between the North and South. In an

and the stability of the government all increased drastically. labeled as the XYZ affair. President Jefferson support states rights and limited the national government. This event. Adams served as the vice president two terms where he tried to create stability within the government through financial situations and Adams sought to avoid war with France and increase their relations. was one of the financial decisions made by Adams. Although most improvement on stability of the government and the economy was done by Adams and Washington. the strength of the military. However. During Washington’s presidency. Adams accepted defeat and took part in a peaceful transition of power that occurred after the revolution of 1800. especially the US navy. Adams supported more broad interpretations of the constitution and building up of a strong central government. there were many problems that President Adams had to deal with that weren’t dealt with in Washington’s term. they were asked to pay a substantial amount of money just to see the Prime Minister. Although called a hypocrite for having a flexible . This was reported to Adams and he quickly refused. Adams continued to use Hamilton’s financial policies because the policies were decreasing the national debt and increasing profit.attempt to prevent the United States. To balance the control of power. However. Adams used the funding for military purposes. Washington passed the Neutrality Acts which wanted to keep the United States away from foreign affairs. Jefferson had his own values in addition to what has been decided. the economy. Washington utilized the military to prevent Native American attacks by placing troops on the Old Northwest Frontier to protect attacks on the frontier and suppressing revolts like the Whiskey Rebellion which focused on the taxes on all alcohol products.

These improvements to the United States were vital. President Washington. Jefferson reduced military and government expenses to be more frugal in an attempt to increase the economy which would increase the stability of the government.interpretation of the constitution during his presidency. it gave the federal government more power which balances the states and federalist’s power. Without the introduction of the Constitution. and President Jefferson. and the improvements on the military helped the United State’s stability. President Adams. especially in the Critical Period. Jefferson’s purchase of the Louisiana Purchase not only doubled the size of the Nation. Jefferson continued with most of Hamilton’s financial plans. the United States may have fallen. Jefferson urged strict interpretation of the constitution during the 1790s. The Articles of Confederation crippled the already weak stability of the US government. . Jefferson also accepted ideas from the federalists and implemented them into his presidency. the transitions of power between the states and the federal government. The economic plans. for the United States to remain independent. As with the previous presidents. Jefferson’s truce with the Barbary pirates led to greater economic stability and expanded trade in the Mediterranean.