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Issue 16 22nd October 2010

John Street, North Fremantle WA 6159 Ph: 9335 2743 Fax: 9335 6575

Dear Parents, Welcome back for Term Four. The children are all enthusiastically engaged in their learning programs and seem happy and healthy following their holiday break. It’s wonderful to see our chickens survived the holidays, a big thank you to the children and parents who took care of them for us.

Weeks 3 & 4 In-term swimming lessons 25th Oct - 5th Nov Thursday 28 October Cricket Clinic Friday 29 October Kite Man Incursion North Fremantle Cup P&C Fundraiser 7pm Gil Fraser Hall Monday 1 November 11am Play & Learn 2pm Assembly Wednesday 17 November 9:30am Kindy Orientation Thursday 18 November Kindy Assembly at Gil Fraser Hall Tuesday 23 November Camping Day Incursion P/1 & 2/3 Thursday 25 & Friday 26 November Room 5 Zoo Camp Wednesday 15 December 5:30pm School Concert Thursday 16 December Last day of school

It has been a very busy start to the term with the most important thing on the agenda for the leadership team, with the help of school council member Melinda Townsend, being the review of the applicants for our Early Childhood teaching position (2011) and subsequent interviews. We had an amazing response to this advertised position with a highly competitive pool of potential teachers and we are looking forward to sharing with you who the successful applicant is in the near future. In planning our class structure for 2011 the staffing formula under which we operate is based directly upon the number of students in each year group (different allocations for different ages); it takes into consideration the required DOTT (Duties Other than Teaching Time) agreed for teachers in the various year levels (Kindergarten, Pre Primary and years 1 -7 all receiving different allocations). We receive an allocation for the provision of LOTE (Languages other than English) in years 3 – 7 (and top this up from our school budget to cater for our younger students) and various other factors such as graduate teacher allowances and level 3 teacher time (depending on who the staff are at our school). It is a complex formula and does not necessarily provide flexibility for local area issues. We have however been successful in being allocated some additional staffing resources to address the recommendations of the school review for the 2011 school year. Further details of our planned structure for 2011 can be found on page two of this Newsletter. In 2011, one afternoon per week, we will be running special interest groups for students in years 1 – 7. These groups will be multi-aged with students electing a program they are keen to participate in. The North Fremantle Cup is the P&C’s big fund raising event for 2010. This year the P&C has supported our students by injecting $4000 worth of resources into our reading and mathematics budgets. The have contributed several hundred dollars into new Science equipment and approximately $2000 toward our garden enhancement program. They have contributed money toward excursions and incursions and regular requests from teachers for materials to support their learning programs. Without their support we would struggle to provide the rich array of activities and quality materials that we have in 2010. Please support their ongoing success by coming to this fantastic event. Tickets can be purchased through the school office. The event is NEXT FRIDAY so purchase your tickets now! I look forward to seeing you on the night.

VISION For all students at North Fremantle Primary School to experience learning that is purposeful, engaging and empowers them to become life long learners. MISSION Through partnerships with parents and the local community, we will provide an inclusive environment in which the students of North Fremantle Primary School can develop the knowledge, skills,

SCHOOL STRUCTURE 2011 – some background information Having received our staffing allocation it is our role to best manage the distribution of this teacher time to cater for our teaching and learning needs. We have discussed with the school council (your representatives for planning and future directions) the class structures for 2011 taking on board information received from various parent representatives and have read your responses to the parent survey. As a staff we have worked through many options and reviewed the pros and cons of each, seeking support and advice from our District Director and Principal consultant. We have considered the short and long term needs of our students and have had the academic and social success of all of our students as the paramount goal in our planning for 2011. For 2011, based on the current projected enrolment information, our class structures and teacher allocations will be: Class K Teacher Mrs Lisa Miller Comment Kindergarten will be two days in Semester 1 and three days in Semester 2 in response to the Federal governments required increase in Kindergarten hours. Kindergarten days in semester 1 will be Tuesday and Thursday and in Semester 2 Wednesday will be added to the children's timetable. This class will receive an additional support 5 mornings per week from our Numeracy specialist Leanne Vinci; Literacy specialist Monica Parkes; and early childhood support teacher Margie Campbell. A full time education assistant will be allocated to this class. Bev will continue as our year 2/3 teacher Rosie is keen to return to North Fremantle as our year 4/5 teacher. This is a fixed term position and if successful Rosie will be appointed for the year 2011. There are a very small number of students in these year groups. These students will have individual programs for their core subject areas. They will work collaboratively with students in years 4 and 5 for subjects such as French, Music and Art with the support of additional teacher or education assistant time. Links to local primary and secondary schools will be explored for integrated programs.

PP/ Year 1

Newly appointed teacher (permanent at NFPS)

Year 2/3 Year 4/5

Mrs Bev Lane To be appointed. Recommended applicant: Rosie Russell Prepared by Rosie Russell Leanne Vinci Monica Parkes

Year 6/7 Individual Education Programs

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (SpIGs) One afternoon per week students will break into mulit-aged special interest groups to participate in a series of lessons. Some ideas for these groups are: Sustainability (starting with regenerating our vegetable garden); Art (special projects such as clay modeling, screen printing, and jewelry making); Creative Writing and Sport. More information on this program will be shared with you as it develops, based of the special skills and talents hidden in our teaching and parent group. Do you have a special talent you would like to share through a series of Lessons? Please complete the form below if you would be available to conduct (with teacher support) a series of lessons in a special interest area. If you have any questions or concerns please discuss these with your current classroom teacher or call the office on 9335 2743 to make a time to come and see myself or Leanne. Fiona Kelly I would be happy to conduct a series of special interest lessons in 2011. My talent is:_____________________________ I would prefer to help during: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, Term 4, Any, All (please circle).

I can be contacted to discuss details on: Email:__________________________ And/or Phone: _________________________ Name: (my child is ___________ in year ______ 2010)

Each class at North Fremantle has been discussing what our school rules mean to them. Their ideas are expressed below.

Be Caring and Compassionate
Room Five believes that being caring and compassionate at North Fremantle Primary School: Looks Like – Playing together; Being nice to each other; Lots of people connecting. Feels Like – Good when you help and care for someone; Feels positive; A place where you can join in and make friends; nice, great, warm and calm. Sounds Like – Joyful; People chatting; People trying to understand each other; “Hello” “You’re welcome” “Are you alright?”.

Be Respectful
Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity. Respect is valuing ourselves and others. We decided that you are practicing Respect when you: • • • • • • Treat others as you want to be treated Speak courteously to everyone Take special care of other people’s belongings Expect respect for your body and your rights Honour the rules of your family, school and country Listen to the advice of our elders

Room 2

Be Honest and Responsible
Room 3 Being honest and responsible -doing the right thing even when no-one else is around -telling the truth even if it might get you into trouble Making sure you have all the stuff you need for school (without your Mum having to do it for you) -make sure you take notes home and bring them back -remember to do your homework and bring it back on time.

Be Cooperative
Looks like: Doing things together Sounds like: Talking nicely Feels like: Happy Kindy Working together Happy

Listening to each other




Do Your Best

CLASS REPORTS Room 1—Ms Lisa Miller After 2 weeks of relaxing holidays we have returned to school ready for our last term at Kindy (Can you believe it!). This term we are taking advantage of the lovely weather and will be exploring the Outdoors. We will be looking at the theme of the Sea and Summer. This week we started on another mural for our room. After discussing our favourite underwater things we made some sparkly fish to go on the mural and did some paintings using paint mixed with sand. It made our pictures very bumpy and rough. We have also been doing lots of practise for our assembly which is in Week 6. We are looking forward to singing and dancing. Room Two—Mrs Jillian Pierce We have been working very hard this term in mathematics. Mrs Vinci has been coming to help us and we have been learning about number lines and completing many activities relating to this concept. We attended Art Blast yesterday and had great fun catching the train and looking at all the wonderful art. Our chickens are REALLY big now and will soon be going into their new pen up the back. Come and have a look and you will marvel at the size of these birds when you compare them to the fluffy little bundles of a few weeks ago. Room Three - Ms Bev Lane Artblast, by Phoebe On Wednesday Room 3 went to Artblast. At 11am we walked to the train station and got on the train and went to Freo. We got off and walked to the town hall. Our artwork looked great. I saw 2 people looking at our work. They said that North Freo was the best. Mrs Kelly took photos of us and our umbrellas (because it was raining). We walked back to the train station and got on the train and came back to school. We had a great time. Room Five – Rosie Russell It has been a great start for Term Four in Room Five. We enjoyed our visit to Art Blast with Mrs Campbell and got to see many wonderful pieces of work on display. In class we are learning about Natural Disasters and have already looked at the structure of the Earth and Volcanoes. Next week is swimming and we look forward to getting into the water. Art—Margie Campbell What a Blast!! Well what fun we have had all marching down to the Fremantle Town Hall for Artblast. At the hall we were able to view the awesome artwork of our famous North Fremantle Artists, along with hundreds of other fantastic pieces of work from other schools in the region. There was an incredible amount of high quality work and congratulations to everyone who had a piece on show. Some had a large item and some a small. At the end of the year we are planning a North Fremantle Primary Exhibition which will showcase a much larger display of our students work. A special thank-you to Lowana, Francine and Dave who helped me pull it all together and persisted to get my fishtank dream a reality! Congratulations to all the students who were so brave walking to the Town Hall in the rain and making it an exciting adventure! Thanks to the staff who miraculously pulled together an enormous collection of umbrellas to keep us dry.

SWIMMING REMINDER Swimming starts first thing Monday morning with the bus leaving at 8:45. All students need to be organised in their classrooms as quickly as possible each morning. Students please remember to wear your bathers under your uniform, bring your towel and underwear to change into at school after swimming. Looks like we are going to have great weather!

EMAILED NEWSLETTER If you would like your newsletter emailed to you rather than in hard copy, please send an email to Tiffany Pinkerton and include your name, your child’s name and class. Please include ALL email addresses you would like it sent to.

In the North Fremantle Primary Kindy Room

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A guest speaker from: PARENTING WA on the subject of: INTRODUCTION TO 1,2,3 MAGIC (positive Behaviours Strategy) For the children: Supervised outdoor play, mat activities and craft activities Contributions to morning tea are gratefully welcomed. RSVP and further details: Margie Campbell Or to the school on 9335 2743

Even if you can’t come to the North Fremantle Cup, why not help out by making a bottle donation for prizes on the night? If they are wrapped this is preferred, but not essential. Can you please leave your donations in the box under the whiteboard by next Thursday 28th October. Thank you!

Suggestions: ♦ Wine ♦ Non-Alcoholic Drinks ♦ Oils ♦ Vinegars ♦ Sauces ♦ Lotions