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tall buildings a strategic design guide

BRITISH COUNCIL FOR OFFICES . With ever more proposals for tall buildings being made every year.“When we think about the world's major cities. we increasingly think of tall buildings like London's Gherkin: such buildings can develop an iconic status before they are even finished. this strategic guide is very timely and does a superb job in presenting an overview of the technical aspects of tall buildings in urban environments.” Richard Kauntze CHIEF EXECUTIVE.

understanding and evaluating tall buildings proposals. It is aimed at clients who are considering commissioning tall buildings.Tall Buildings: A Strategic Design Guide provides a ‘road map’ of the key aspects that anyone concerned with the commissioning. architects and built environment professionals who seek and need to understand the distinct strategic issues relating to tall buildings. and at statutory authorities and other agencies. tall buildings a strategic design guide . design and construction of tall buildings needs to consider in generating.

ZZA Faith Wainwright Director. Lerch. Davis Langdon Mohsen Zikri Director. Arup . Arup Steve Watts Partner. emphasises the need for contextual relevance and high quality design and considers the complexity of the local. and edited by Ziona Strelitz from ZZA. are defined and punctuated by tall buildings. and of those cities contending for such recognition. high real estate values. the guide covers the whole spectrum of issues concerning the design of tall buildings and will quickly establish itself as an invaluable tool for anyone hoping to understand fully these technically distinct and potentially beautiful structures. Tall Buildings: A Strategic Design Guide is a valuable reference tool for anyone contemplating a tall building or seeking confirmation of the essential criteria for sustainable design. market economics and building occupancy – all of which are. With attention to tall buildings gathering pace across the UK. Tall Buildings: A Strategic Design Guide. engineering. The drivers for such dominant skylines range from land scarcity. urban design. functional. KPF Ziona Strelitz Director. Written by a team of highly respected practitioners with detailed specialist knowledge in their respective fields.The skylines of many world cities. led by the British Council for Offices. London Bridge and Minerva towers. national and international agendas for tall buildings. aesthetic and planning terms by reference to case studies such as the Heron. 122 Leadenhall Street. Canary Wharf. Tower 42 and Centrepoint. It describes the features that distinguish a tall building from those of conventional height in technical. the guide’s geographical context is primarily the UK. fundamental to the commercial viability and sustainability of tall buildings in an urban habitat. It discusses architecture. social needs. individually and collectively. Bates & Associates Fred Pilbrow Director. Illustrated throughout in full colour. construction. with a focus on London. Columbus. life safety. CONTRIBUTORS Harry Bridges Adrian Godwin Director. Arup Chairman. commercial opportunity and corporate demand through to metropolitan signposting.

cultural and policy context Aim What defines a tall building? Cultural perspective London’s circumstance The occupants’ perspective Why occupy tall buildings? Contemporary work modes Design aims: urban focus Tall building design Context Built form Architectural quality Public realm Energy Building performance: design development Integrated design Arranging the building Vertical transportation Structural systems The envelope Services Safety PUBLICATION DETAILS ISBN 1 85946 168 9 CODE 39213 PRICE £25.CONTENTS Technical.00 EXTENT 140 pages FORMAT Paperback Cost Primary cost drivers Procuring tall buildings The sustainability agenda .

undertaken in the city.00. focusing on the outstanding range of architecture in the last twenty years and examining the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven so many successful projects.95 each Postage & packing* Total Payment details I enclose a cheque/postal order for £ Please make cheques payable to RIBA Bookshops (payment in £s sterling only) Please debit my Visa/Delta/Eurocard/Mastercard/Switch/Solo Card no Issue date Issue no for Switch/Solo Cards Expiry Date *Postage and packing charges UK Add 10% to the total value of your order up to a maximum charge of £10. It includes interviews with key city leaders and detailed case studies of more than 40 developments . you can order online at: www. PUBLICATION DETAILS December 2004 Hardback 272 pages ISBN 1-85946-157-3 CODE 36181 PRICE £19. Postage and packing is free of charge on all orders over £200. 15 Bonhill Street London EC2P 2EA Customer account and credit/debit card holders can phone. simply complete the form and return it to: RIBA Bookshops Mail Order. the book is the most up-to-date and thorough analysis of emerging 21st century Alternatively.00 each all Manchester: Shaping the City (36181) @ £19. fax or email their orders to: Tel: 020 7256 7222 Fax: 020 7374 2737 E-mail: sales@ribabooks. Please debit my RIBA Bookshops Account Number Delivery address Name (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms) Company Address Overseas Add 20% total value of order Postcode Daytime telephone Signature Date Cardholder's name and address if different from above Name Address Postcode Daytime telephone TB A B C D .com T Buildings (39213) @ £25.such as Urbis.95 How to order Order form Qty Title Price To order. Hulme Arch and the new Civil Justice Centre. City of Manchester Stadium.Manchester: Shaping the City covers the development of Manchester as the original modern city.. and continues to be. Councillor Richard Leese Manchester: Shaping the City is a highly-illustrated book which celebrates the major redevelopment and regeneration work that has.