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A Brief Historical Background Globalization is sourcing and supplying from and to the board less world.

Few words in the language of business have been more overused – and perhaps misused in recent times than “globalization”. Much has been written and said on the topic, but it is a phenomenon that is rather simply described: Globalization is the process by which an activity or undertaking becomes worldwide in scope. This chapter describes the consequences and the determinants of the process by which firms activities become worldwide in scope – why a firm becomes an MNE. We shall also attempt to understand how a firm pursues its entry into markets abroad. Globalizations via the development and spread of the MNE through direct foreign investment are a more recent phenomenon. The earliest MNEs were mainly European firms, setting up manufacturing facilities in colonies to extract primary resources for conversation to finish goods back home. However, by the mid-nineteenth century, many US firms began to globalized – for example Singer Sewing Machines, which set-up a joint venture in France in 1855, Westinghouse, which set up a plant in Paris in 1873, and Kodak, which set up a plant in London in 1889. The expansion of US firms was further after World War II when both European and Japanese industrial infrastructure was largely destroyed by the war. Resources transferred for rebuilding these economies through programs such as the “Martial Plan” gave US firms the ability to consolidate their position even more firmly. Introduction International Marketing is a very broad field and it encompasses many different types of professionals working at vastly different types of occupations. Some of the International Marketing executives work in the world of business, some others in finance, and others in advertising, and the rest in human resources. It is the International Marketing executives who research business opportunities in foreign markets and make contacts with the appropriate figures to get the business deals started. It is the International Marketing executives who find sources of raw materials and goods in distant countries and prepare all the import and export documentation needed for shipping and transport. Most of the International Marketing executives are aware of cultural nuances that might effect how a company goes about doing its business in a foreign land.

Profitable use of natural resources. Increase in employment opportunities.International marketing usually help companies define and transmit a consistent message about a product across all markets. Marketing may be understood as the human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange process. According to Hess and Cateora it is ‘The performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services to consumers or uses in more than one nation. This is especially the case in a country like India. Marketing activities carried out by marketer in more than one nation may be termed as international marketing. As the world continues to shrink. Survival: . . Facing competition successfully. With the oncoming dismantling of the quota system in the retail sector. They also take care to retool advertising campaigns and brand names to fit the tastes of each culture. Benefits of International Marketing. resources and opportunities.Most countries are not as fortunate as the US in terms of market size. Debt servicing. they must trade with others to survive. which had only just started exploring the international markets through exports. International competition may not be a matter of choice when survival is at state. Rapid economic growth. Increase in standard of living. Meaning and Definition of International Marketing International marketing is a part of the total marketing process. the role of those involved in international marketing and business will only continue to become increasingly important. the demand for International Marketing executives in India is only set to rise. Role of exports in national income.’ Importance of international marketing To meets the imports of industrial needs.

In Europe when prices of orange juice were driven upward consumers shifted to apple juice and other fruit drinks.Developing countries inspite of economic and marketing problems are excellent markets. The world market is more than four times larger than the US market. One way to diversify a company’s risk is to consider foreign markets as a solution for variable demand. Imports can also be highly beneficial to a country because they constitute reserve capacity for the local economy. Sales and Profits: .Growth of Overseas Market: . . there is no incentive for domestic firms to moderate their prices and excessive profits for local firms.Foreign markets constitute a large share of total business of many firms that have wisely cultivated markets abroad.the benefits of exports are readily self evident. Diversification: -. Such markets even out fluctuations by providing outlets for access production capacity. Many large companies have done very well because of their overseas customers. Latin America and Asia / Pacific are experiencing the strongest economic growth. Inflation and price moderation: . Without imports.

Exploit competitive Advantage through Entry abroad Product at Home and Export Produce Abroad Licensing or Management Contact Maintain control over assets abroad Joint venture Majority or wholly owned affiliate Build from scratch Acquire or merge .

competition has been rapidly increasing in today’s economy. There is a set of factors both internal to the firm and industry. The main internal organizational and industry reasons for going abroad are those of: Exploiting worldwide market imperfections (including matching a rival’s move). Exploiting the opportunities that arise along the life cycle of a firm’s product. that makes it necessary to consider globalizing. It aims at developing modern economy of the country. as well as external to the firm.Artistics have kept an aim to enter into a global market. . Exploiting the competitive advantage of nations: . the choice typically comes down to one of three approaches: Produce at home and export abroad. the mode of entry abroad once they decide to globalize – still remains to be addressed. To face that competition has really become very difficult today.Why the firm should go abroad? Firms go abroad for both organizational and Environmental reasons. however the issue of “How” they globalize – that is. Artistics exploits the competitive advantage of the nation. The main environmental or external reasons for going abroad are: Responding to the macro economic imperatives for globalization: . We have discussed why firms decide to globalize and what factors propel them to go abroad. Globalization has been an important objective to be achieved by the Artistics. In any decision to go abroad.

without actually owing significant amount of assets abroad. . Own and control assets abroad. Artistics have decided to launch an art gallery abroad. 30% of the customers of Artistics are those who come on visit to India. such as licensing a technology or enter into a management contract. These choices are summarized in the above figure. Assuming the same response in those countries Artistics have decided to go abroad.Though the standard of living of India is lower as compared to America. or acquiring a foreign asset. Every 7th person of the world is an Indian.) The third choice is also sometimes referred to as: Direct Foreign Investment” (DFI). Why artistic go abroad? The Artistics have decided to go abroad because of good response from India. by having a joint venture.India has a very rich culture which needs no introduction. Indian culture is very well known by most of the foreigners.Enter into a contractual agreement. There are two sets of ideas that provide guidelines for firms in making their foreign entry decision: The theory of internalization based on the economics of transactions costs of activities undertaken by the firm. Taking into consideration the good response from foreign customers. Great Britain and Australia then to it has a great response in India. who are considered as foreigners. or through majority ownership (where the entry mode may involve either building de novo. Factors considered launching an art gallery abroad? Cultural factors: . The impact of the two environmental variables that is unique to the MNE. MA and MV. He knows very well what Indian culture is? Standard of living: .

Husain. was called for. the fact of their coming together in the year of Independence being purely coincidental. What these artists were more exercised about was the fact that art as practised in India till then had to change. one may discern three emphases common to artistic practice in most countries with a colonial past: an interrogation of Western influences on artistic expression. N. The decade also saw many more women artists come forward on the artistic scene. Throughout these phases. S. the majority of them delineating a point of view that combined the feminist and the subjective.Due to less government interference. too. The obsessions of their male counterparts (modernism. F. Their work does contain the latter two elements in ample degree. seems apolitical. Souza. H. Nalini Malani.Less government interference: . S. As may be expected. H. . both cultural and artistic. Navjot and others address the central issues of subjectivity and victimhood. Raza.) seem relatively peripheral concerns. and an engagement with the role and function of the artist in a country like India. Ira Roy. a total break with the past and its stultifying constraints.F. Ara. Gade and S. Overview of Indian Art Contemporary Indian Painting A glance over the terrain traced by modern and contemporary Indian painting shows a diverse range of artistic responses to reality. Arpita Singh. The response of the Progressive Artists Group in Bombay. procedure formalities for export of paintings abroad are less and can be completed in short span of time. Suruchi Chand. Bakre were determined to fashion an art that was 'entirely Indian but also modern'. While in the early years of the past century Indian painters seem to concern themselves primarily with the societal. Veena Bhargava. though the modernism relies a great deal on Parisian abstract Expressionism and post-Impressionism. the overpowering need to establish a distinct identity and idiom for Indian art. Madhvi Parekh. H. K. M. but the introspective and the apparently apolitical also find a voice in their work. indigenism etc.

Art Lovers and collectors in India and abroad. During these two decades. Artistics provides a platform for talented artists to project their wide collection of contemporary art in variety of styles and media. through the obsessions of its painters. The hard fact of the globalised economy makes a post-modernised utterance seem de rigeur now. and digital representations insinuate their way into public awareness. at times.This trend would. the preoccupations of the earlier part of the century get considerably attenuated and. Artistics has been a major proponent of contemporary art by providing artists with greater opportunities to engage Indian audience as well as providing individual corporate and institutions with access to a substantial range of art. with some younger artists. in keeping with the tenor of the times. Indian art seems to yield a picture of a vital and vigorous creative practice. About Artistics Artistics has been acclaimed as one of the most comprehensive and definitive sources for modern and contemporary Indian art today. installation art. Artistics is proud to have a long list of clients in the Corporate Sector. But alongside these highly personalized and contemporary gestures. India has a rich tradition and culture which is hundreds of years old. which. also seems a bit bewildering and confusing. honour of Indian arts and offer magnificent paintings which denote Indian culture to the deserving customers across the boundaries of India. But let the poet phrase the matter. In short. of course. mixed media. Our effort is to maintain such old culture and tradition abroad through our paintings and sculptures. become a non-issue. the thematic concerns of the past still continue to haunt the artist: the search for that elusive Indian voice. . Artistics also provides services such as art Consultation and Conservation of Art. The Artistics team works closely with artist of India. information and advice. the anxiety over the looming shoulder. Artistics is looking forward to launch its renowned gallery in international market which means it will now provide fame. Thus. and the guilt over an activity which seems like so much fiddling while the country burns. be a prefiguration of the tone of artistic practice in the eighties and nineties.

It insists on playing a latest claim to Avant-Grade status. which achieves in a seague. while downplaying the century-deep view of the modern people. Such a distinction crumbles when we reflect on the history of Indian art. that touches your heart. more will be determined the value and quality of the product. Product plays a role of bread and butter into the entrepreneur Artistic deals in that kind of product which gives customers a chance to recognize their culture and tradition which lies behind the art of the various artists. It not only mentions the monetary term of the product but also explains the value and the quality of the product. Paintings of various such painters are silent speakers which means without uttering a word. It is used as a decorative item. The pricing strategy adopted by the Artistics –the art of artist is. rather than buy violent rapture. standard of living. Our products like paintings. frames and sculptures are not the products like other MNCs like any food items or garments etc or any service which can be useful to the consumers. But are products can be used by the consumers just to make their house. Art Care in Artistics Care and conservation . modernists to post modernists positions and conventional to heterodox strategies. The prices in the countries which we are going will vary according to their currencies. The prices will vary according to the demand. it explains what it means to say. and income level of people residing in that particular country. Price:Price is a very broad concept.The concept of launching Artistics in international market is a brittle one. Higher the price. its transitions from colonial to post-colonial idioms. a home – a sweet home. Product Product is an important facet of company life.

are all essential to forestall deterioration. The differences lie in the fact that conservators shy away from using unnecessary and often detrimental chemicals. which will not be hazardous to the object. and therefore. storage. Water color on paper: . using reversible materials. etc. preservation and often restoration. in painting. regular maintenance and care should be taken to prevent damage to the painting. and prefer using natural materials and methods. Two important areas under conservation are: Preventive conservation in which regular maintenance and care are taken to prevent the onset of damage or future problems to the object. Flaking is common in thick layered oil paintings. which comprises the processes of stabilization. mending tears. which will contribute to the longevity. in other words. a careful approach. Painting should be properly framed. Proper environment. Conservation is.The terms. This depends on methods used for painting and proportion of linseed oil and turpentine used. are very different. Interceptive conservation in which any treatment to an object in the form of cleaning. Wall should be dry and free from fungus. Frames certainly increase life of paintings. removing old and improper restorations. "restoration" and "conservation" although used interchangeably. preservation of the object. etc. Damp walls can spoil paintings. is carried out Basic care for paintings and Sculptures. Frames are very important for protection of the paintings. display. Oil paintings on canvas: Avoid scratches and tears.

Handle with great care to avoid chipping. made of a single or multiple strips. The color of the frame should be such that it does not detract from the work of art and also one that blends with the décor of the room where the painting is hung. Treatment is advisable. crayon. there are multiple options. Cleaning with water is advisable. Frames The frame of a painting is as important as the painting itself. Charcoal on paper: These drawings require the fixers to protect original drawings or the colors will smudge. It is not merely functional but serves to enhance the artwork.Water color paintings should be kept away from direct sun light. frames too can be categorized. Oil pastel. Like art. The heat of the spot light is likely to fade water color paintings. Sculptures: Wood sculptures need careful cleaning. Damp wall can spoil water color paintings. complement the surroundings in which the painting is hung and also subtly reflect the tastes of the owner. Do not let dust accumulate on paintings. and cone all this media require fixing avoiding smudging. If the work of art is small. Today. Metal sculptures can be washed with water or cleaned with damp cloth as required. Ceramic sculptures are all weather sculptures. Keep away from white ants and termite. one could mount it on a silk or patterned ground that serves to lift up the art object or a painting. . The frames could be simple.

It will be from youngsters to old people except. And in the eye of Artistic. The three essential marketing strategy factors are as listed and explained below: Increase the number of customers: Increasing the total number of customers is usually the very first step that our business owners and managers resort to in order to grow our business. children each and every people who have some knowledge of art. Our target audience will be people of upper middle class and royal class people. this strategy can backfire because losses can occur when inexperienced sales personnel are put in charge of designing and implementing a marketing program. However increasing all three factors will ensure a geometric business growth. However. the land in which the products are sold.Place In the 4 P’s of marketing mix. Marketing strategies Every marketing strategy that is implemented by a company should be analyzed and measured by its ability to directly impact and improve upon each of the above listed three factors. place refers to the nations. Increasing only one of the above listed factors will produce linear business growth. . There are only three essential factors that marketing strategies should satisfy in order to reach the end of growing our business. our place will be America. Great Britain and Australia.

Promotional marketing . It is through systematically offering customers more value via additional products or services at the point of sale that business owners can take to increase their average transaction amount. The main purpose of any marketing strategy is to generate new prospects that the sales personnel can convert into paying customers. the repeat business is earned less frequently. Most of them often overlook their own existing customers. Increase the average transaction amount: A large number of owners and managers spend most of their time operating their business and searching for new customers. willing and able to buy products or services. basic marketing strategies always produce new prospects that are ready. These repeat customers are usually taken for granted and left to conduct entire transactions without ever being asked if they would like to buy more product or service. Increase the frequency of repurchase: A customer’s repeat business is usually only earned by the business that gives the customers what they want. Without putting in place basic marketing strategies or processes for consistently offering customers more of what they want.If executed efficiently and cost effectively. These are the customers who can be tapped further through cross selling and up selling.

and the right timing. Promotion Promotion refers to all the forms of communication used by enterprises to inform. The price wars started out between the two FMCG giants HLL and P&G.Our products will be displayed on the walls of the lobby of the hotels so that visitors may put a glance on it and they will be attracted towards it. persuade and to influence the attitudes and buying behavior of customers and other persons. A prospect might just pick up an item of promotion at a tradeshow.Our product will be exhibited to the people of America. explain. Great Britain and Australia in the trade fairs and exhibitions conducted on various occasions. . Promotional Marketing includes branded gifts that usually tend to increase response rates and the overall effectiveness of your other marketing programs. The goal of promotional marketing is to increase your company awareness in the marketplace. These price wars have further led to promotions that have almost become a norm in the industry. there are a few important factors to be considered when defining the promotional marketing item to go with your promotional campaign. Therefore. Communication tool are of critical importance in international marketing. Promotional Marketing is gaining a lot of popularity in India recently. view it on a co-workers desk. remind. Hotels: . Knowing how the target customer spends the time during the day can greatly influence the type of promotion item that you consider and how well the promotion performs in the promotional marketing activity. or might he/she enjoy something that can be used on a daily basis like a pen. The very first and most important step to choosing the right promotional marketing strategy requires understanding your target audience. It is important to find out whether our target customer will enjoy a stuffed toy. The promotional methods adopted by the Artistics are:Exhibitions: . This has been noticed especially in the case of the fast moving consumer goods segment.Promotional marketing is a balanced combination of strategic activities. giveaways. or receive it in the mail. presentation.

Also posters will be used as a communicating tool as it will be put up or placed on the buses. trade fairs and markets. Vans: . .Free paper bags printed with the brand name of Artistics will be distributed in crowded areas like funfairs. Advertisement through Paper Bags: .Hoardings: .Hoardings will be displayed in various places of these countries for effective advertising.Artistics will be having its own transport van for delivery of its products and it will contain its name on it.