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a very important issue: foreign investment in Vietnam, which now play an important and growing role in Vietnam's economy by shaping many new business sectors with modern technologies and also helping to build forces of managers, engineers and skilled workers. My presentation will be divided into 2 parts: First is Vietnam's "strong points" and "weak points" in attracting FDI Second is how to attract foreign investment into Vietnam If you have any question, please keep it until I finish my presentation. ^^ 1. Vietnam's "strong points" and "weak points" in attracting FDI According to a report, Vietnam is still one of the most attractive destinations for FDI capital flows in 2010. Vietnam's political stability, abundant labour force, rich natural resources, and the open-door investment policy… help Vietnam to achieve remarkable FDI attraction. Political stability is a major advantage of Vietnam in comparison with neighbor countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. This makes Vietnam become an attractive destination to FDI. But, despite broadened opportunities in foreign investment attraction, Viet Nam is facing a number of difficulties and challenges. 1. First is the the shortage of skilled workers, especially, qualified managers. Vietnam's management capacity is still weak. Ex:Recently, Vinashin's bad debts led the group nearly to bankruptcy. The problems are due to the inefficient and poor management of Vinashin and relevant State agencies. The troubles are worrying foreign banks and investors, who hold hundred millions dollars of that debt and also create difficulties in attracting foreign investors to the sector in particular, and to Vietnam market in general. 2. Second, Vietnam's Infrastructure is still poor. Ex: the supply of water and electricity in some areas is insufficient, creating difficulties for production and business, cost for transportation and storage is high. 3. Third, the administrative procedures are complicated and time consuming Moreover, a number of FDI projects also cause environmental pollution or the import of out of date technology into Vietnam. Ex: Vedan and Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard were caught trying to dump tons of toxic waste to Vietnam's environment.. 2. Solution and recommendation to improve foreign investment in VN To overcome such limitations, we need to create a more attractive investment environment. 1. First, the Government is focusing all resources on investing and developing the infrastructure, industrial zone and also reforming education and training system for high quality human resources to meet the development requirements. It's important for Vietnam to improve management capacity in order to ensure the sustainable development. 2. Vietnam has advanced administrative reform, consider changing to a more simple registration system and issue preferential policies on investment and business. It's necessary to build and complete the legal systems, including Law on Investment, Enterprises Law, Bankruptcy law and Tax Law 3. Vietnam need to build a master FDI attraction plan to direct FDI flows, and strategies through FDI projects to improve the national technological capacity All these actions are aimed at building an attractive, effective investment environment, creating all the best conditions for foreign investors to do long-term business in Vietnam.

keep a close watch on projects that have received investment certificates. while withdraw ineffective investment projects. Vietnam also needs to take strict action against some FDI projects that use out of date technology . The central and local authorities need to work closely together in licensing and managing FDI projects. . It’s time to check FDI companies to support good ones which have big contributions to the economy. or cause bad impacts on environment. and at the same time.However. while warmly welcoming foreign investors. The important thing is how to get and use the investment capital in a sustainable and effective way.