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UNIT 7 :Then and now

I. Aims and objectives Students are given opportunities to:  study the form and use of the regular verbs in the simple past tense, including positive, negative and question forms  know more words used to talk about activities in the past.  practise listening, speaking and reading skills II. Demands After the lesson, students will be able to:    master the rules and use of the regular verbs in the simple past tense in the positive, negative and question forms. improve their amount of vocabulary about activities in the past simple. develop their skills of listening, speaking and reading.

III. Teaching methods Communication, pair-work, group-work IV. Teaching aids Textbook, Board and chalk, Pictures, Power Point and Hand-outs V. Teaching procedures 1. Warm-up ( 1 minute ) 1

Give another sentence. Presentation The Past Simple tense 1.Require a st to make a sentence using the past simple tense. 2 . S + did  No. Past expressions of time: yesterday. power point A.Pay attention to the structure and write down. . . S + didn't Eg: Did she watch TV yesterday?  Yes. U se The past simple tense is used to describe a completed action or situation in the past. 3.2. Check the old lesson ( 4 minutes ) 3. Form (+) Positives S + Ved + (O) Eg: She watched TV yesterday. . . New lesson (35 minutes) Contents Time 20 mins . . . chalk.Introduce the use and form of the past simple.Draw sts’ attention to the structure of the past simple in the negatives and questions from the above example. (-)Negatives S + did not (didn’t) + V(inf) + (O) Eg: She didn’t watch TV yesterday (?) Questions * Yes/No questions Did + S + V(inf) + (O)?  Yes.Take note Teacher’s activities Students’ activities Teaching aids Board. she did  No. she didn’t * Wh_ questions Question word + did + S + V(inf) + (O)? Eg: What did she do yesterday?  She watched TV.Make a sentence as an example. 2.

Take note the rules -Listen to teacher’s explanation about the use of regular verbs in the past simple .Do as teacher requires 3 . Read the text about Mattie Smith’s past life. we double the consonant and add -ed Eg: stop  stopped grab  grabbed . .Give the verbs 5. . Rules of the regular verbs in the past simple. .Let sts read the text within 2 mins.Call a student to find the verbs Students’ activities . Board. two years ago. we add -d Eg: live lived Practise  practised .Ask sts to discuss in pairs to find the verbs.Go round to give any help if needed.When the verb ends in -e. power point and CD player.When the verb ends in a consonant + y. we change the -y to -ied Eg: study  studied Try  tried . last week(month/ year). . chalk.Work in pairs Teaching aids Textbook.Read the text . Time Teacher’s activities .Introduce and explain rules of regular verbs in the past simple .When the verb ends in a short vowel and a single consonant. . … Contents 4.yesterday morning (afternoon/evening).

Work in groups .Divide the class into 2 groups mins . . CD player.Do as asked. . .Deliver the questions and answers . Read and listen to Mattie talking about her past life. What is the past form of these verbs? Listen and practise saying them.Contents Time 10 mins Teacher’s activities Students’ activities B.Play the CD for them to check their answers. . and handout 2. Teaching aid Textbook. . .Listen and discuss the answers . using the Past Simple form of the verbs in exercise 3. 4 .Call a st to come to the board and write them. . . chalk.Ask sts to try to remember what they’ve read and to close the books. 5 .Play the CD for sts to check their answers.Ask sts to complete the questions and then match the questions with the answers.Listen to the tape to check and practise.Discuss together.Complete the text. Board. C.Give sts 2 minutes to discuss what the past form of the verbs in the box is.Do as required . . Complete the text. using the past simple form of the verbs in exercise 3. Practice 1. PRODUCTION Complete the questions and match the question with the answers about Mattie on the page 54. .Put sts into groups of three or four to read and complete the text about Mattie's past life. power point.

S + didn’t. Questions a. Q. 3.questions Question word +did + S + V (inf) + (O)? VII. Wh . Positives S + Ved + (O) 2. Yes/No questions Did + S+ V (inf) + (O)? → Yes.. Homework (2 mins) Do the exercises 1.Negatives S + did (didn’t) + V(inf) + (O) . SUMMARY (3 mins) Form of the simple past tense 1.2 and 3 of Unit 7 in the Workbook. GIÁM ĐỐC NGƯỜI SOẠN Vũ Thị Xuân Oanh Tạ Thị Kim Ngôn 5 . → No. b.Play the CD for them to check the answers. S + did. VI.Listen to the CD to check the answers.

Hanoi college of home affairs Centre of Informatics and Foreign Language -----------------***---------------- Lesson plan Textbook: NEW Headway (Elementary) by Liz and John Soars Unit 7: Then and now Period 1: WHEN I WAS YOUNG Past Simple .regular verbs (on page 53. August 24th 2010 6 .54 and 55) Teacher: Ta Thi Kim Ngon Hanoi.