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The Minnedosa

Since 1883
Volume 137 Issue 44 Friday, February 7, 2020 90 cents plus tax

this week
Restoring The Wheel

T he wooden waterwheel
located at the north
end of the Trout Pond at
the Minnedosa Heritage
Village has been a popu-
lar attraction for a number
of years. The handsome,
Gold Medal hand-crafted waterwheel
was installed at the local

for Peewees museum grounds almost

20 years ago.
Constructed of tama-
rack wood by Gallus Ober-
holzer of Erickson, the
waterwheel was donated
as a tourist attraction for
the community by the now
defunct Minnedosa Heri-
tage Foundation in August
Over the years, local
museum volunteers have
done basic minor repairs
to the water wheel and

Bethany regular maintenance in-

cluding covering the wheel

during the winter months
and applying new protec-
tive coating. Even with this
Burn regular maintenance, time
took its toll on the unique
Photo by Karen Mitchell

wooden structure. Minnedosa District Museum and Heritage Village volunteers (L-R): Tony Mullie, Vern Philips
Last season, the cen- and Bruce Firby re-assemble the recently restored wooden waterwheel which has been
tre hub of the waterwheel an attraction at the north end of the trout pond since 2001.
had rotted and degraded
major overhaul and spend tions to strengthen the wa- volunteers, at the Town of furbishment has come in
so bad that the snug fit be-
up to $2,000, in order to get terwheel. The centre hub Minnedosa Public Works at under $1,000.
tween the centre hub and
more years of enjoyment has also been rebuilt with Shop in the Industrial The newly refurbished
the steel shaft had loos-
out of the waterwheel. metal work repairs under- Park, Rebuilding the intri- waterwheel will be back
ened resulting in the wa-
Since that time, the taken by Kingdon Machine cate waterwheel from the on display at the Heritage
terwheel no longer being
Rapid City able to turn. At the close of
the busy summer season,
waterwheel has been re-
moved and disassembled
Works of Minnedosa. Once
the needed repairs were
centre out. Throughout the
process, volunteers have
Village for the 2020 tourist
season and as a result of

Dragons Win
piece-by-piece. A great completed, new wood been in close contact with this recent work, the mu-
the local museum board
deal of wear and rot was preservative was applied the waterwheel’s original seum committee hopes to

discussed the deteriora-
found throughout the ag- to the wood with new rust builder, Gallus for guid- get at least ten more years
Gold tion of the waterwheel and
rather than lose this hand-
ing wheel and museum
volunteers have been re-
coating to being applied
to the metal. The pieces
ance and suggestions. To
date, thanks to volunteer
out of the wooden water-
wheel as a community
some Heritage Village at-
building new wooden sec- were then reassembled by labour, the waterwheel re- tourist attraction.
traction, voted to approve a

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