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How to Master The Universe

How To Master The Universe

The Book Of Spheres

Abridged Version

Robert Zedros

How to Master The Universe

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How to Master The Universe

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Perception Of Your Environment....................................5

Everyday Conversation........................................................10
Summary Of The Bodies.......................................................21
Making Decisions.................................................................25
Chapter 2 The Extremes Of The Whole..........................................29
Chapter 3 Balance, Harmony, Equilibrium and Synthesis.................37
Example Of Synthesis..........................................................40
The Present........................................................................41
Chapter 4 The 4 Fold Cycle Of Created Things...............................45
Rhythm, Timing Movement and Emanation............................46
Centripetal Entropic Decay...................................................51
Harness The Change Caused By CED.....................................52
Chapter 5 Returning To Stillness..................................................57
Being Still..........................................................................58
Chapter 6 Patterns Of The Whole.................................................71
Chapter 7 Eternal Unified Whole..................................................79
Mental Powers Of A Balanced Person.....................................86

How to Master The Universe

The capacity of human potentials are limitless, mysterious and

unknown. Unmasking and unlocking the doorway to a portion of these

potentials are the goals of this book.

How to Master The Universe

Chapter 1

Perception Of Your Environment

How to Master The Universe

Knowledge of yourself or specifically knowledge of what you are, is the first of

many steps in learning to master the universe. Without first knowing who and what

you are, you will not be able to gain solid footing and a bearing of the fluid reality

that surrounds you. Once you have this understanding, then you are ready to take

the first step towards maximizing your potential.

You will need a basic understanding of history as a starting point of your

journey to understanding the reality around you. Finding out who and what you are

takes research, and this book does not cover that aspect of learning. When you

have a clear or basic understanding of the history of objects, machines and the

places around you. Then you will have a clear understanding of how these things

came to be as they are today.

The understanding of your past is important, it will help you understand

certain concepts alluded to in this book. Once you have come to the realization of

how things came to be as they are today, who, where and what you are. You can

then begin taking the steps towards training yourself to reach your full potential.

Shakespeare wrote, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This concept can

be applied in many different ways. We will apply this concept with the understanding

that, “Perception is in the mind of the observer”.

How to Master The Universe

Your perception of the world around you is interpreted through your past

experience, your wants, your desires, your biases and your knowledge of the world

around you.

As an example of this previous statement, picture a baby that has never

experienced fire and an adult that has been cooking with fire for many years.

Perhaps the baby would see the fire and think, “What a neat and wonderful toy to

play with”. While the adult would think, “That fire is potentially dangerous”. So

based on these two persons experiences with fire they actually “see” fire in a

different way. The baby sees the fire as a potential play thing, while the adult sees

fire as the potential to cause harm.

Can you imagine how different your view of the world would be with an

understanding of how this type of flawed perception works? It would be like staring

into an alternate reality or dimension if you will. If you could recognize when you are

observing the world through your experiences, knowledge, biases wants and desires,

then you could correct your perception and actually see reality for what it is.

It takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it. It really becomes

quite simple. Once you learn to rid your perception of the noise of experience,

knowledge, biases, wants and desires. Then refocus your perception on the world

around you, things will appear a bit different to you.

How to Master The Universe

With willful intent, your mind, and through meditation it is possible to

separate yourselves from your trappings and experience reality from an objective

view. It will take an open mind for you to consider this alternate perspective of


I will provide a brief overview using nature and your surrounding environment

to construct an alternate view of being and of consciousness.

This book attempts to eliminate these trappings so that you can observe

reality from an alternate vantage point. This book does not make a claim that it is

possible to rid yourself of all distortions, because then you probably would not be

human. Though there are accounts of persons throughout history that have

achieved a certain oneness with the world around them by ridding themselves of

most of their baggage, trappings and illusions.

This book ends with a few exercises on the practical applications of this

knowledge towards your well being. Various cultures around the world are currently

aware of the knowledge and techniques described in this book and apply them to

various ends. Though in our opinion these techniques, when combined, understood

properly and refocused can help us achieve our goal of Mastering The Universe.

Let us begin. We use words to communicate with each other. When we wish

to convey our thoughts to others, we use words and we use body language. Words

relay to others our personal ideas, wants and meanings. Though we use words, their

How to Master The Universe

ability to convey meaning is limited. Conversation does not and cannot fully convey

our ideas, thoughts, wants or meanings to other people. We use words anyway, as

they are the most convenient and readily available form of communication.

Here is an example of an everyday conversation as stated above:

 An idea will manifest itself in Person A's creative thought process.

 Person A will then assign a word, sentence or phrase to this idea or thought.

 Person A vocalizes these thoughts and ideas to the people around them using


 These words, sentences or phrases are heard by person B.

 Person B's mind interprets these words as images in their creative thought


That was easy, now for the interesting part. When you are communicating

with other people, there are many discrepancies that can creep into their

interpretation of your meaning. In the example above, can you see any

opportunities for misunderstanding and miscommunication? What was actually

happening when Person B was interpreting Person A words?

When the people around you are interpreting your words, sentences or

phrases. They will listen and interpret the words that you have spoken and create

their own mental image of the meaning of your words. Their comprehension of your

words or conversation is formed from the totality of their experiences. People create

their own personal mental imagery of your ideas and thoughts. The imagery that

they create to understand you will be based on their own experiences, biases, wants,

How to Master The Universe

and desires. Because they create their own mental imagery from the words you

have spoken, it allows misinterpretation to creep into their minds concerning your

intention and meaning.

Here is what I mean.

Suppose I wanted to tell someone a story about my friend's car. So I say to

them, “My friend drove his car to his house”. Stop reading right here for a minute

and visualize with your mind, my friend driving his car to his house. Have you

finished visualizing the car and the house yet? If not please do so.

If I told you that my friends car was a shiny gold school bus with the top

painted emerald green, and that his house was a giant fifty square foot red

birdhouse atop a giant baobab tree. Then you would probably be surprised, and

rightly so. I could probably assume that you have pictured a completely different car

and house. Well, the car and the house that you may have visualized was based on

your past knowledge and experiences of cars and houses. Most likely they will be

cars and houses that you have seen before.

Combine that with the possibility that your biases will determine your

assumptions about the type of friends you may think I have and you will even

attempt to deduce what my friend may look like. What about the color of the house

and car? Did you picture a green school bus with a gold top? Did you picture a red

birdhouse or something else?

How to Master The Universe

This is just one example of how flawed our communication process is. It is

also an example of how we interpret the same exact reality in different ways. Since

we interpret reality based on our own unique personal thoughts, experiences, biases,

totality of knowledge and experience. This is also one of the main hindrances to the

correct perception of the unified reality around us.

Now if being able to see reality without the distortions created by our own

flaws sounds interesting then read on. The ideas that are presented in this book will

discuss the differing axes of perception, reality, experience and mind. Now how do I

go about explaining reality, when the words that I will have to use to communicate

my opinion to you cannot fully convey my thoughts, intentions and meanings. How

do I go about expressing ideas and concepts that have no equivalent in words?

I would like you to have an open mind when you read this book, as it is only

an opinion. Hopefully you will find something useful that you can apply to your

everyday life. I aim to present an alternate view on what we are, where we are and

the surrounding reality that we perceive through our senses. As stated earlier this is

an attempt using nature (Neter – the Kemetian word for Nature) to help us.

Perceiving is the action of focusing ones attention on either objects, events

and concepts that take place on the interior or the exterior of self. You perceive

these objects, events and concepts inside your imagination and mind.

How to Master The Universe

At this time, your perception and focus are right HERE, on this line you are

currently reading. Stop reading for a moment and look around you. Were you

aware of what was going on around you? Perhaps to a certain degree, but most of

your focused conscience was concentrating on reading this sentence. Your

perception or attention can focus on only one event occurring in reality at a time.

Wait stop again for a moment, this is important! Though you may be able to multi

task, you can usually only focus on one thing at a time. It is important that you

ponder this later when you have the time.

Have you ever had someone interrupt you with a question while you were

intently focused on some extremely interesting event that was taking place? Were

you able to concentrate on their conversation while attempting to absorb the

interesting events that were taking place?

You perceive the world around you through your body’s senses, which are

sight, hearing, touch, thought and inference. In fact to see, hear or feel and object

in reality or the exterior material reality you must direct your attention or focus on

this object. This action is performed with the use of your Independent Will. We

all have an independent will, though most of us are not fully conscience of it.

Whenever you desire it or will it, your attention will focus itself on whatever object,

thing or person you choose.

An Example Of This Is:

You desire a certain possession; all of your thoughts and actions are

influenced by this desire. This desire is calculated and factored into all of your daily

How to Master The Universe

activities and choices so that you may obtain this possession. (Addiction, cravings,

wants, etc...)

Look at the ceiling. You just used your independent will to purposely focus on

an external object! You can also use your will to refocus your attention internally

and contemplate or imagine concepts using your creative thought process. Think

about a round blue ball. You just used your independent will to focus on your


You use your imagination when you are reviewing thoughts and ideas in your

mind (your creative universe). The thoughts and ideas created within your mind

manifest themselves as quickly as you can think of them. Though you can only

imagine them ONE at a time. Now if a family member or acquaintance were to walk

up to you while you were intensely focused on reading this book. Then you would

hear the sound of their voice, but may have not picked up on what they were saying

until you refocused your attention on their speech. Your attention was focused on

one thing while another event within your perceptual world was trying to draw away

your ATTENTION. Your attention was not receptive to this outside stimulus and

therefore, you could not understand what your family member was saying. After all

we can only focus on one thing at a time. But once you refocus your attention on

what this person is saying, then at that instant you began to understand what they

were saying to you. All this at the expense of losing focus on this book. Sad isn't it?

How to Master The Universe

Your independent will directs your attention based upon your desire and

external stimuli. Though your will and your desire make up only a small portion of

your active perception.

Your perception or being is always aware, even when you are asleep! You

perceives changes around you even if your attention is not focused on them.

Here's and example. While you are asleep your being perceives changes

around it. If this were not true, then hearing a loud noise while you were asleep

would not cause you to awaken. While sleeping you are not actively paying

attention to what is going on around you. It's when your perception or being

becomes aware of a change around it that you wake up to see what is going on.

During sleep, your perception or attention focuses itself inwardly, usually towards

your imagination. If you hear a loud noise while sleeping, your attention focuses

itself externally. The loud noise causes your attention to be shifted from internal to

the external noise and makes you wake up(forces your senses to activate) to see

what is going on.

We all have desires/emotions/preferences and biases. They determine what

we like and dislike. Think about this for a second. Our desires, emotions,

preferences and biases determine the acts we perform, what foods to try, what we

like to look at, what we like to listen to and so on and so forth. So these things in a

sense, define who and what we are. What we choose to see, hear, feel or believe is

a reaction to these motivating causes in our lives. Let’s think for a minute about

where desires, emotions, preferences and biases come from. All of our desires,

How to Master The Universe

emotions, preferences and biases are connected to our ignorance and knowledge of

our world, our surroundings and ourselves.

Limited knowledge of who you are and what you are and ignorance of your

surroundings (environment) gives you a limited understanding and limited perception

of reality. (Remembers the baby, the adult and the fire we discussed earlier?)

Below you will see an image of two people. Both of these people, from their

own perspective, think they are correct. With the limited amount of information

that they have accumulated they have arrived at a set conclusion and are sure of it.

Numbers are infinite - so both have a distorted vision of reality. This is an example

of distorted limited perception.

Knowledge is infinite; there is always something new to learn about. So ask

yourself, How has your lack of knowledge limited your perception? Now let's move

on to a bit of science, whee!!

How to Master The Universe

Sight | Reflex | Coordination

Whenever light is reflected off of a surface or object, and into your eyes you perceive
this light with your eyes. You only can actually see an object when a light's energy
has reflected away from it.

Hearing | Balance | Pressure

Sound (which is a lower wavelength of energy than light) is perceived through the
ears. It also reflects and bounces off of surfaces and enters the receptors in your
ears . This electromagnetic energy is a lower frequency than light but is made of the
same stuff.

Touch | Taste | Smell

Your skin perceives the changes around your environment. Taste and smell are also a
form of touch but much more sensitive. Food and odors have to come into contact
with your tongue or receptors in your nose for you to identify the taste or odor of

How to Master The Universe


All matter in the universe, including your environment is made of very small

particles called molecules. These molecules are in turn made up of smaller particles

called atoms. These atoms are in turn are made up by nucleons, protons and

electrons. The nucleons are made up of even smaller particles called quarks and so

on and so on. Interesting and strange isn't it! Though we tend to refer to these

small bits as particles, they can also be energy waves. The even stranger part is the

fact that, if you look at this fundamental energy and expect to see particles, you will

see particles. If you look at this energy and expect to see waves, you will see

waves. This fundamental building block actually becomes whatever you expect to

see; another perfect example of how perception is in the mind of the observer.

These particles or energy waves make up our physical world. All of the input

you perceive from the physical universe that surrounds you, is at its most basic level

simply energy. A big pool of moving energy surrounds you and makes up your

body. You perceive different things around you because you are observing energy

moving at differing vibratory frequencies. All of these different vibratory frequencies

are the same fundamental energy moving at different rates. All physical matter in

our universe in its simpler more basic form of organization, are just charges of

positive, negative or neutral energy moving at differing frequencies.

How to Master The Universe

Your Body And Your Senses Are A Tool Your Being Uses To Perceive

And Act In Reality.

How to Master The Universe

The input or stimuli that your body perceives in reality (all of the different

energy waves moving through and bouncing off of you) can overwhelm your being

(or awareness) and sometimes dominate who or what you are.

Positive Negative

1. Soul seeking unseeking

Perception of Masc./Fem: Subconscious

2. Spirit strong weak

Motivation; purpose; determination goals

3. Will conscious unconscious

Self Discipline; fortitude; responsibility, choice

4. Intelligence Analytical Creative

Ego Reasoning Imagination

5. Emotions Desires Biases

Love, Hate, Happiness, Sadness,etc..

6. Body Male Female

Able-Bodied, Disabled, Large, Small, Strong, Thin

7. Environment Abundant Limited

Economic, Social Status, Resources

How to Master The Universe

Summary of The Bodies (Tools for Perception)

Your awareness perceives the world (Physical Reality) around it, using

different sensory tools that are built into your body to gage stimuli.(Sight, hearing,

touch, imagination) These sensory tools each perceive a set range of vibrations.

You could say these sensory tools each exist on their own sensory plane. Your eyes

perceive light frequencies. Your ears perceive sound frequencies. Your skin perceive

solid frequencies. They each capture a set range of frequencies. Your imagination

can theorize about frequencies that exist which your senses cannot pick up, but exist

none the less. Each of these points of perception can be considered bodies that are

part of you. They are intertwined and make up your complete range of perception.

Your conscious is in a sense, separate from these “bodies” and uses these lower

bodies to retrieve information about the world around you and act in reality. Your

conscience makes choices and decisions based on the input received from the

sensory input that you have received.

Your Body Is Made Up Of:

1. Soul: One with everything and is merged with eternal existence or eternity.

Your soul is also used to perceive truth. (Likened to an eye, it is a section of the

lord within you so he may perceive himself while you are in awe of his

creations) The super soul exists everywhere and forever. It has existed in the

farthest reaches of the past present and future. It exist in an eternal NOW.

This is the created organized part of your being. Your soul defines where you

and the stimuli that surround you are differentiated. The sensory stimuli that

you perceive with your senses, is done so with interaction and complete

How to Master The Universe

submersion of your lower bodies in the lower plane (you bathe in this stimuli

and it interpenetrates you). There is a part of you that “stands apart” from the

stimuli around you and that part is your soul. The soul cannot be perceived

directly except through meditation. The soul is the center of perception and it

does all of the perceiving. This is where “CHOICE” takes place.

(For imagination sake, let's say that it is a transparent sphere that lets

differing vibratory frequencies(stimuli) from everywhere inside of it. These

different vibrations of various intensities pass through the surface of

the sphere (consciousness), where it is regulated. The excess energy that

cannot be absorbed seeps out in a continual regulated flow.

2. Spirit: The strength or velocity of your energy. The frequency you tend

to dwell in the majority of the time. Your spirit actually modulates between a

high frequency and a low frequency, but the average of the two can be

considered your consistent velocity or radiance. The velocity of your spirit will

also define your determination. Which will be your resistance to loss of

movement or negative vibrations. It is your resistance to inertia. This is your

highest frequency of energy. Selfless choices make this energy stronger.

3. Will: This is your conscious awareness, control and power over your lower

bodies (bodies 4 through bodies 7). Your will gives you the power to act in

reality. The will is in harmony with the physical laws of your environment or


How to Master The Universe

4. Intelligence: Your reason or your mind. This is your capacity to process

information. We can also include memory in this section, as it is the

repository of all conscience and sub conscience knowledge. All of the

information you have learned and assimilated in your conscious to date,

and how you consciously use and process this mental information. Your

intelligence creates choices that are presented to the upper bodies for a

final resolution if you will. (He he, gotcha! “Will”, get it?)

5. Emotions: This part of your body perceives interaction related to

your own body. It calculates desires, wants and needs. It is a

psychological and a self-satisfying sensor. Relay all they feel and sense

directly to your being. Its interest lie in your own self-preservation and your

own interests. The emotions are said to lie in the heart and the heart is said

to be the to be the seat of the soul. Your motivation and ego are part of this

body. Through practice or maturity your will comes to govern your lower

bodies. Be aware that our emotions are able to control us to our advantage

or to our detriment. An example of this would be children, whose actions are

governed mostly by their emotions. (Wants and Desires)

6. Body: Relays all it perceives to the upper bodies. Sensor for the

upper faculties and senses the physical world around it. It does this through

sight, hearing and touch (taste/smell). It is the seat or chariot for all

higher bodies. Temple, resting place or abode for higher bodies. Image of the

cosmos and the physical world. The cosmos and the physical world

are subject to the laws of physics. The laws of physics are also the laws that

How to Master The Universe

govern reality. Since the lower frequency of energy known as matter

is subject to the laws of the environment that surround it. Then it would

come to follow that your body, being made of matter also adheres to

these laws. This is the lowest vessel that you control directly.

7. Environment: The physical reality of opposites in infinite variety. Slowest

moving energy within reality that can be perceived by our senses. This is

the physical plane. The densest or slowest part of the cosmos or

universe. The slowest frequency of energy that manifest itself to us as

solids, liquids, gases, sound, and light. The feminine aspect of reality. This is

creation or the vessels. The opposite of zero which is infinity. Subject to

a beginning and end or created cycles, which are discussed later. The infinite

shapes that matter takes on the slowest of many frequencies of energy.

NOTE: The entire spectrum of energy frequencies cannot be perceived by

our senses. What we see, touch and hear as our physical universe are but

the slower moving frequencies. While faster moving frequencies exist, they

cannot be perceived directly through our senses. We have to use our

intelligence and reasoning to theorize about faster moving frequencies that

we know exist. We can also use specialized tools to observe the faster

moving frequency's behavior.

How to Master The Universe

How through bias and preference we make our decisions and

choices about the things around us.

A situation develops in your immediate presence and is registered by your

sensory input. Once your body's senses have absorbed what is happening around

you, it is passed to the “higher bodies” for processing. This new input is an

opportunity to make a choice. The input causes your mind to consider the stimuli.

Your intelligence creates visual imagery about the different courses of actions you

can take. These options have their foundations in your desires, emotion and

knowledge of the stimuli. The more extensive and broad your past experiences and

intelligence are, the more options will be presented to your higher bodies. You

consider all of your choices and decide a suitable course of action. Choices may be

affected by the situation you currently are in, the states of mind you are in, whether

you are male or female and also by which of the 6 bodies you perceived the stimuli

with. The environment your being circumstantially finds itself in, is also a factor.

Your soul registers the option you choose with your mind. Then the soul

adjusts your frequency or wavelength accordingly. Your spirit radiates its velocity

energy to the will for action. The will uses your body to act in the physical world.

You can gain, maintain or lose energy velocity at the numbers 2, 6 or 7. Effective

choices will lead to greater velocity of your spirit energy.

How to Master The Universe

The Stages Of Interpreting Stimuli From Your Environment

4. Your INTELLIGENCE creates options…

5. Your being reviews and considers which option appears to be the best at the

present time, but these options are influenced by your EMOTIONS,..

6. your BODY(masc/fem) and...


1. Your SOUL.

2. makes the final choice and your SPIRIT…

3. channels this energy to the WILL for action through the body.

Your biases and your preferences formulate your behavior or in a sense they

create your personality. These two factors have a big influence over what you

personally – sense, perceive or feel as being reality. (One or more of our own bodies

is usually affecting us when we make a choice.)

Types Of People:

1. Material Type: Concerned with the physical; worldly; sensations

2. Thinking Type: Calculating, Unsympathetic; reason

3. Emotional Type: Desires; Feeling

4. Intuition Type: Perception beyond normal without conscious reasoning.

You don't actually have to fall into one of these four categories. Most people

are a combination of the previous categories.

How to Master The Universe

Your motivation, decisions, concerns and knowledge about the reality around

you is directly affected by these bodies. Your consciousness can best be described as

a continuous interaction between these bodies.

Your bodies or sensory tools react or respond to inner and outer stimuli in the

world around you. Now to introduce another concept, Which takes us into our next

chapter, The Extremes Of The Whole.

How to Master The Universe

Chapter 2

The Extremes Of The Whole


How to Master The Universe

This chapter addresses the illusion of duality within the whole of creation.

What you see and perceive as differences, are in fact varying magnitudes of a

greater whole. This chapter puts the opposing aspects of reality into perspective. It

deals with the masculine and feminine aspect of being. Understanding the illusion of

duality within reality is very important. This understanding will allow you to

comprehend concepts without any additional aid from this book. Please keep in

mind that duality is an illusion, but an illusion that will have to be discussed to

understand the greater whole. So even though this chapter is very short, you may

want to contemplate it after you have finished this book.

Currently we cannot observe the totality of reality as a whole. Let me

explain. Imagine you could see the big picture. Everything happening everywhere

at any time. Ask yourself, what would it take for you to be able perceive everything

at once. First off, you would need the ability to be everywhere at once. This is so

you could see what is going on everywhere. Also you would have to be there all the

time. Then you would need the ability to comprehend what it is that you are

perceiving. Being everywhere - at all times with the ability to comprehend what you

are perceiving accurately is the only way to understand and comprehend the whole

of reality, creation or the universe in its totally.

How to Master The Universe

Since we are human and can only focus our attentions on a single event

occurring at a single time. We only perceive a slice of what is going on in our reality.

Our limited vision can only fathom small portions of the whole. These small portions

appear to us as a myriad of colors, sound, touch, and experiences. We experience

these things as masculine, feminine or neutral events.

These opposing extremes are in a constant motion and flux, either attracted,

repelled or interacting with each other. These extremes, or opposing forces, are the

masculine and feminine aspects of the world. They could be summed up as positive

forces and negative forces. These forces explain much of what takes place in reality

around us.

When a object in creation or reality comes into being, it is the product of, and

will take the form of either masculinity or femininity. When the masculine and

feminine opposing extremes interact and come together it is called a union. The

union is the actual interaction between these extremes and we will discuss this in

subsequent chapters. (Masc./Fem) For now I will continue to discuss the Extremes

of the Whole. Also known as masculine and feminine or positive and negative.

We could quote many facts, data, saying and historical material about the

extremes, but the purpose of this book is to give a brief opinion and keep it short

and simple.

How to Master The Universe

Let’s use some quotes from The Bible as an example:

|Whole| |Masc| |Fem|

“In the beginning the lord created the heavens and the earth.”

(Genesis 1,1)

|Masc| |Fem| |Whole|

“Male and Female he created them.”

|Whole| |Masc| |Fem| |Masc| |Fem|

“ I am the alpha and omega the beginning and the end.”

The Whole

How to Master The Universe

I-Ching Chinese Symbol Of Yin And Yang

The Bible, ancient scriptures and many other books are filled with phrases

that allude to the nature of duality. Just pick up any good classic work of non-fiction

or fiction for that matter and you will find these concepts.

If we look at the world around us then it is obvious that to our perception,

creation is the complete and total manifestation of extremes and all of the infinite

possible combinations, which exist between these extremes.

Since ancient times the knowledge of opposites has been displayed for us. If

you look over a lot of the material that was etched, written, carved, drawn or

How to Master The Universe

glyphed throughout history and across the globe. You will begin to see and

understand that the wisest portions of society in ancient cultures understood this

concept clearly.

Opposites seem very different. In fact, just taking a look at some common

objects. It would stand to reason that these things were very distinct, But that is

not necessarily the case. In most cases, an object that has masculine properties is

similar to an object that has feminine properties. It usually the same object at a

greater or lesser degree on the scale of magnitude.

Due to our limited capacity of focus on singular events occurring at one

specific period in time. Our day-to-day experiences seem to be distinct events, but

they are not. Our senses register these extremes or opposites - and to our

perception they appear to be very unique. With a slight shift of perception you will

begin recognizing that there are commonalities in almost everything you perceive.

Variations only arise because we interpret stimuli with our bodies (our desires,

biases, emotions, etc..) Musical notes are a perfect example of this. Have you

ever heard a high note and a low note on a piano? The person playing the piano

simply struck a key further down on the keyboard. An octave up or an octave down

on the musical scale. All of the piano keys sound distinctly different but are the

same string notes on a piano. (A differing degree of one concept)

As stated earlier in this chapter, the whole consist of a fundamental energy,

which we perceive as extremes or opposites. You may ask, “How can these

extremes be of the same energy?” as they appear so different. These extremes are

How to Master The Universe

simply differing in proportion or frequency (Like the musical notes we described


Extremes appear unique, different and non-related, but this is a effect of

perception or the interpretation through our senses. If our senses did not perceive

using masculine or feminine characteristics, then our bodies would have adapted to

use an alternate method of interpreting stimuli in reality.


Positive Negative


Hot Cold


Left Right


Love Hate


Man Woman


Black White


Pleasure Pain


summer winter

and so on and so on.

How to Master The Universe

Can you think of some things that are opposites? Try it and you will

see that almost everything has a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect to it.

Contemplating and studying the opposing extremes make them easier to


How to Master The Universe

Chapter 3

Balance Harmony Equilibrium And


How to Master The Universe

Balance, Harmony, Equilibrium and Synthesis

(An interaction of the two Extremes, which produces and is harmony)

All created things are in synthesis with their opposites. The masculine and

feminine aspects of reality are in constant interaction with each other. This

interaction can produce a neutral aspect. If the interaction is between two unequal

extremes of unbalanced magnitude, then the interaction will lean towards the

extreme that has the greater magnitude.

Since your body was created in this universe its make up adheres to the laws

of the physical universe. Your body is influenced by the laws of physics (gravity,

change, velocity...) these are the common easily perceived laws of physics. But what

about the laws that are not so readily perceived? Laws like eternity, infinity, entropy

and many others. Before I get into this particular subject, which is discussed, in

later chapters, let's get back to synthesis.

When in equal magnitude opposite complimentary forces create an

interaction. The interaction between equal positive and negative forces creates

equilibrium and synthesis. The new force that is formed can be considered balance,

equilibrium or harmony. To make it a little easier to comprehend, think of Love as an

example of balance, equilibrium and harmony. Two lovers in a union with each other

held together with the force of love.

How to Master The Universe

Here is another quote from the Bible:

“For this reason a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife and the

two become one flesh.” (Genesis 2.24)

That was an nice example of harmony, synthesis and equilibrium.

Within the whole of reality, the extremes are attracted, repelled and interact

with each other. This interaction between the two extremes produces equilibrium,

harmony and synthesis. Synthesis between the opposites forms an infinite number

of variations within creation.

It would stand to reason that the extremes that life, existence or complex

order are based on, are in harmony, balance and equilibrium or this reality could not


The unconditional understanding love between a man and a woman is an

example of emotional bond that is created through synthesis. They join to create

one. Their love for each other creates an emotional bond that can culminate in the

creation of a child. The result of this masculine and a feminine interaction, the child,

contains the qualities of both masculine and feminine. When this child is born, it will

also become subject to the laws of reality and will either be a masculine or a

feminine aspect of reality.

Father Mother


How to Master The Universe

Here Is Another Example Of Synthesis

Man Woman

Male Hetero-Sex Bi-Sex Home-Sex

Mental + +- -

Physical + + +

Female Hetero-Sex Bi-Sex Home-Sex

Mental + +- -

Physical - - -

Hermaphrodite Hetero-Sex Bi-Sex Home-Sex

Mental +- +- +-

Physical +- +- +-

When we feel a temperature, it is the synthesis of the hot and cold extremes.

How could this be? Well take a look below.

Hot Cold



Scorcher burn hot warm lukewarm cool freezing frozen

How to Master The Universe

If I were to choose a temp say 150 degrees, which is considered hot. Then

we could still say that 150 degrees is much colder than 400 degrees. Perception is

relative to the observer.

Music is a synthesis. It is a combination of highs and lows of quick rhythms

and slow rhythms of intensities and subtleties. When all of the complexity of these

sounds come interact if forms what we know as music.

The Present

I will give another example of synthesis before I move on. Let us talk about

the PRESENT for a moment (ha ha pardon the pun). The present is a good example

of balance, harmony, equilibrium or synthesis. Here why.

The present is actually a combination of the past and the future. How could

this be you ask? Well, the past has been experienced, seen and written. It has been

set, it is unchangeable and it is definite in its concrete oneness. There is no way to

change what has already taken place. Events can be specified and people can

remember where they were at a particular time in the past.

The future on the other hand is quite different; it is the exact opposite of the

past. It has yet to be experienced, seen or to be written. No one knows what will

actually occur in the future and they do not know where they will be in the future.

It is infinite in its possibilities and undefined, the outcome is unknown.

How to Master The Universe

The past and the future are opposites of each other in every way. The future

has many possibilities, while the past has been defined, it cannot go this way or that

way. You know where you were in the past while you do not yet know where you will

be in the future. The synthesis of these two extremes is the present.

The present is the manifested interaction between these two concepts. The

present has the qualities of both the past and the future, sort of like the child of a

mother and father. The present, like the future is not defined, you never know what

the result of your current actions will be. The present is also like the past, since you

are actively and knowingly forming what will be your past at this very instant. The

present can be molded and changed to a certain degree if you plan ahead and even

then the results can be unpredictable. The unknown part of the present is much like

the future and the known part of the present is very much like the past. It is a


What is even more interesting is that the unknown part of the present is

under the control of the external environment, while the known part of the present

is under your control.(Internal & External, opposites at work again) You see, you

perform an action and your external environment dictates the reaction. The known

part of the present is completely under your direct control, your make your internal

choices concerning what is going on in the present. Though after all is said is done,

there is no way to really know for certain what will take place (qualities of the

future). Once you make a choice then the defined result is determined by your

surrounding environment (qualities of the past). The myriad possibilities of choice

(future) become a defined past within reality.

How to Master The Universe

It occurs now and now is where you are shaping and molding the unknown

future into a concrete past. When you are able to master the moment and seize the

present opportunity, you can use the synthesis of Past and Future to your advantage.

By seizing the moment you create the past from an unknown future. The Present is

the moment that you create the Past, the past that you will reflect on later in life.

The present or now, is where you harness the many possibilities of the unknown

future and make that elusive undefined future into a reality.

The love of the Lord, which is a person realizing that they are an image of the

lord and respecting this knowledge, is a synthesis with the lord. If you are in

synthesis or union with the lord, then you can perceive and understand the balance

and equilibrium within the infinite.

As stated earlier our physical bodies share the characteristics of the laws that

govern it or the universe around us. Like the world around you, you have a positive

and a negative side that you must bring to balance. In all areas and aspects of your

spiritual, mental and physical body there is this dualism.

How to Master The Universe


I am aware,

To focus your being in eyes to glare,

Fear and animosity are lost in dark stare.

Your verdict follows me in my nightly visit to try and merge with my being,

Ha, What can I say? I’m only human,

Return then grasp the fluid sound of deep universe,

I am from the abyss.

Try and forget, it is dawn – a new day!

Preconceived the barriers present themselves like begging peasants.

What did you expect human, the easy road?

One step back, the frustration is the breath of Life,

The Pleasure? The glory of death, that bitter sweet.

Listen. Be still. The I Am Approaches…

Jealousy and Fear so absorbing,

I am drawn.

It pours forth as blinding light from head and hand. Mouth and action.

But please not in my Pi brethren,

For ye will be judged and balanced.

How to Master The Universe

Chapter 4

The Four-Fold Cycle of Created Things

How to Master The Universe

Rhythm, Timing Movement and Emanation

(The Four-Fold Cycle Of Created Things)

All things that are manifested from within eternity, that has no beginning or

end, are subjected to its laws - the laws of eternity. All things emanate from the

void that is the abyss or what we will refer to as eternity from now on. Eternity is

the vessel or container of all that was, all that is and all that will be. All things that

exist will exist within the container that is eternity. Eternity has no beginning or end,

thus anything that is created or manifested anywhere at anytime will be created

within this everlasting eternity.

All created matter is in order; order is a non-disorganized entity or form. (Non-


All objects have a rhythm and rhythm is also an ordered pattern. Rhythm is

a force, this force waxes and wanes or flows back and forth between the two

extremes. When moving between the scales of two extremes, rhythm embodies

either the whole, a portion of or a section of the two extremes. Rhythm is the

manifestation or projection of the changing aspects or possibilities between the two

extremes. Rhythm is what your perception senses as stimuli. It is change. This

force is in constant motion between the extremes.

How to Master The Universe

There are four basic stages in all motion within eternity:

1. Creation from the void begins and all created things from move away from

their origin. Objects that emanate from eternity are usually accelerating

towards attaining their maximum velocity. The velocity is enough to

temporarily escape the effect of C.E.D. (The only way that objects exceed

their predetermined velocity is through interaction with other power


2. Created objects eventually attain their peak velocity and this is considered

their peak maturity. These object basically wax to their peak maturity,

balance, or velocity. This is their peak-sustained velocity, which embodies

what this object will be.

3. Created objects begin to lose velocity due to C.E.D and this causes them

to wane towards an ending. The loss of velocity or energy, which is the

basic foundation of objects retaining their mass or being, causes the

object to move towards dissolution.

4. Created object return to their ending. Without the energy needed to

break free from C.E.D the object basically decomposes. This is the zero

velocity point or the dissolution within the void. The created object is

basically re-absorbed back into the eternal void that it had emanated


How to Master The Universe

The spirit force (infinitely fast vibrating energy) that energized the object to wax to

maximum velocity has reached its apex and now loses velocity. Without the

interaction from external power sources the object will continue to lose energy until

it ceases to exist. All complex ordered combinations of energy wane back into the

original elements, which made these complex, ordered combinations in the first


Zero and Five are the void or the beginning and ending of a cycle.

How to Master The Universe

All things created in the depths of eternity including thought, follow the four-fold

cycle of eternity. See Chapter 4

[1/2/3/4] Are the Parts of the Whole (Order/Pattern)

[0/5] The whole (Eternity)

Spring Summer Fall Winter

0 Nothing 0 No Concept E-M

1 Start from a point 1 Concept Beginning Air

2 Waxing 2 Concept Growing Fire

3 Waning 3 Concept Declining Water

4 Return to Nothing 4 Concept Dissolution Earth

5 Complete Cycle 5 Balance E-M

How to Master The Universe

Centripetal Entropic Decay

There is a wave motion of energy within the darkness that we call eternity. This

motion has a direct effect on what we consider matter. This motion is felt across the

surface and expanse of reality and can be best described as Centripetal Entropic

Decay or change. Centripetal Entropic Decay is often confused as being time, but is

actually change. What happens in Centripetal Entropic Decay? Eternity reduces the

velocity of created things, by absorbing this energy back into itself. These waves of

centripetal entropic decay reduce the velocity of infinite energy, which in turn slow

energy until it becomes perceivable matter. The effect of CED happens as a gradual

absorption of energy. Particles or waves lose velocity until they can be perceived by

our senses. Centripetal Entropic Decay continues to affect all matter until matter

dissolutes into the void. This CHANGE in matter our senses perceive as time within

eternity. The waves of radiant energy, which permeate the universe, are slowed by

Centripetal Entropic Decay's gripping force, which in turn slows energy to the point

that we perceive it as light, sound, gases and matter. This force is a fundamental

force of eternity and is also the cause of inertia. Centripetal as in affecting all points

at once. Entropic as in the tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to

evolve toward a state of inert uniformity and Decay as in reducing the overall

constitution of said energy.

How to Master The Universe

In this example infinite velocity progresses outward from all points in reality. Sound

light water; galaxies all emanate energy in a spherical wake. Imagine throwing a

stone into a calm lake, when the stone breaks the water, a beautiful circular pattern

is created. This circular pattern is the pattern energy takes in reality and it can be

identified almost everywhere in the fabric of reality.

How to Master The Universe

Harness The Change Caused By CED

The effects of change can be harnessed. Change is a creation and change will begin,

then wax to maturity, then reach an apex, then wane towards its ending and finally

dissolute from our perception.

If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day during a set number of cycles of change, the result

will be that you accumulate lots of tar in your lungs. Now If you were to smoke one

cigarette a day during the same set number of cycles of change, your lungs would be

a little less coated. This was an example using a negative effect of change, but it

would work this well if you applied to positive actions such as jogging for instance.

Your will gives you complete control over your actions during the cycles of change.

Depending on your specified ACTION, and the INTENSITY in which you perform this

action during a cycle of change within eternity. You can ADVANCE, DELAY or

PREVENT certain outcomes of time.

If you take positive action during a cycle of change you can achieve a higher state of

perfection. Some refer to the change that effect all things as evolution.

The effect we perceive when infinite velocity creation spirit and infinite inertia

(Eternity) interact is change. The eternal cold gripping darkness receives the

projected quickened rays of hot spirited matter and causes these rays to slow. This

How to Master The Universe

slowing of higher energies is perceived as change by our senses. C.E.D.s slowing of

infinite energy into subatomic particles are the foundation of matter.

The combination of elementary particles (Mesons, Hadrons, Atoms, Molecules,

etc) combine to form matter. This matter is set into motion by the bombardment of

energy from every direction. The energy of infinite velocity also penetrates said

matter from all angles. Infinite vibratory energy (spirit) effects all matter in reality

by coming into contact with and inter penetrating this matter from all angles.

The multi dimensional pressure caused by infinite velocity's effect on mass is

gravity. Infinite velocity exerts force on a particle level, meaning the force is felt and

inter penetrating all matter from all angles. The greater the mass of an object, the

more mass is exposed to the force of infinite velocity at all angles resulting in more

pressure and a greater the gravitational force.

Mass that is in contact with infinite velocity causes pressure on the mass, this

creates the force of gravity within objects of mass. The more mass exposed to

infinite velocity the greater the pressure and the greater the gravity.

Consider when objects of mass come into contact with the force of infinite

velocity. Then the object of mass should be set into motion. But the object of mass

will not move in just any random direction. Since the force of infinite velocity exerts

and acts in all points in space and all directions at once. It causes the mass to move

in a 4 dimensional field of motion, which is gravity. The greater the mass the greater

the exposure to infinite velocity and in return the greater the gravity.

How to Master The Universe

Change exists in our surroundings and awareness as a perceivable effect. We

observe change, by the after effects we discern when we perceive it with our minds,

hear with our ears, see with our eyes or touch with our skin. The balance between

the spirited high motion of energy and centripetal entropic decay can be likened to a

wheel spinning forward so fast that the actual wheel cannot be seen. All that

appears is the illusion of the wheel moving backwards. An example of C.E.D is the

strange illusion you see on a hot road on a summer day. The rising hot air creates a

bizarre mirage when it is set into motion by intense heat of the road. Another

example of C.E.D are the stars that you see in the sky at night. The light from these

stars takes millions of years to reach us. So what you see in the sky at night, are

the stars and the universe the way it looked millions of years ago in the far past.

Even though you are looking at the starry night in the present, you are actually

staring directly into the way the stars appeared millions of years ago.

This infinite rate of vibration is moving so fast that we only experience and are aware

of it through its past illusion, image or reflection. The fabric of our material reality is

this illusion.

Moving on lets take a look at a linear infinite cycle. This is just what happens to the

body. The mind has its own cycle but its something a bit different that we might

cover in another book.

How to Master The Universe

This is one of the many different cycles

How to Master The Universe

Can you think of any examples of change and rhythm?

How to Master The Universe

Chapter 5

Returning To Stillness

How to Master The Universe

Perfection through Change-Action & Reaction

Everything that is in motion (ENERGY) has a state of perfection this state is

equilibrium (Chapter 3) Equilibrium is the apex of all creations and its opposite

reflection is eternity or perfect stillness.

Being Still To Perceive Eternity Through Meditation

Movement is everywhere. Consider for a moment trees, planets, stars, ants,

molecules and thoughts, it is all in motion. All of this motion is energy, and energy

is the basic building block of matter. All of this matter or energy has a frequency or

vibration. Attracting and reacting to create complex forms. These forms are created

within cycles and these cycles change and revolve forever and ever.

But what if, using our wills, we were to do the exact opposite of what appears to be a

natural force within reality? Using our will to be still.

How to Master The Universe

You probably have heard and considered the benefits to meditation, so I will

not cover this to great extent. Though it is our opinion that meditation is one of the

greatest actions or movements. It is willing yourself to be purposely still in a fluid

moving universe. We considered earlier how all of creation is in motion, including

yourself. What if we were to purposely and willfully attempt to stop our thoughts

and movements? This is where meditation comes in.

In some forms of meditation, one must be perfectly still. You must stop all

physical and mental activity. When you do this as an action that you have thought

through completely, you are controlling and willing this action of stillness to take

place. It becomes a special movement. It is the willful activity of not moving your

body and mind.

In meditation you should attempt to still your mind of all motion, stopping all

thoughts until you cannot perceive anything at all with your mind. You must attempt

to remove opinions, concerns, hopes, attitudes. It is difficult at first, but it’s an act

one must practice a few minutes each day to begin to master it. Kind of like riding a

bike. In this state with a clear and open mind we are a direct channel to the

infinite. Consider for a moment the times when you are concentrating, thinking or

contemplating a particular subject and this causes you to hold your breath and

become still.

How to Master The Universe

Here are a few examples of times when we open our minds:

When we attempt to comprehend something – we tend to become still.

When in thought – we tend to become still.

Before reacting to an event – we tend to become still.

It is that moment of clarity you should be attempting to recreate through meditation.

It has been said, “Sleep is the brother of death”. Sleep is also a natural form

of meditation (dreams occur in this state) While you meditate you become relaxed

and when in this state the dual aspects of your being (The Body and The Mind) are in

harmony and balance. This balance (Love) produces a union. The Interaction

between masculine and feminine aspects of your being creates a synthesis (Chapter

3). The synthesis that occurs with your body and mind can be said to produce a

child. This would be consciousness or your spirit. Your spirit, through meditation

becomes the dominant aspect of your being. It becomes the masculine aspect of

your being. While the synthesis of your Mind/Body takes the position of the feminine

aspect of your being.

Through focused effort of meditation (Willfully stopping activity in your body

and mind). You can bring your Spirit (Masculine) and your Mind/Body (feminine) into

harmony. When you are able to bring these parts of your being into harmony you

can channel the energy that is within yourself. You will then form a new relationship

when bringing the Spirit (masculine) and Mind/Body (feminine) aspect of your body

into a new union. When bringing the spirit and mind/body into synthesis, this

relegates the spirit/mind/body as the feminine aspect of being. While the soul

becomes the masculine part of the being.

How to Master The Universe

The soul being the masculine aspect and the Spirit/Mind/Body becoming the

feminine. It is our opinion that these four aspects of your being are the four faces of

man, the four gospels of Yoshua our lord, what is known as the four forces of nature,

The Tetragramaton, The letters of the lords name YHWH, etc… Finally by balancing

opposites once more we become one step closer to a state of oneness with the


The relaxation is not merely of the body but also of the mind. (Opinions, concerns,

hopes, attitudes)

Key Point About Meditation:

Kundalini: Spiritual energy that is believed to start in the genital area and travel up

the spine to the top of the head.

Prana: Dormant Life Force

Mantra: It is believed that these sounds if intoned repeatedly create a sonic

vibration that resonates and excites chakras causing them to become active.


There are seven main chakras (possibly 3 to 5 more), which influence your other

bodies. Six are located parallel to your spinal cord and one is located in the middle

of the brain slightly above the two eyes. First task is to control then regulate or

harmonize the various life currents in the body. The second task is to guide the life

force along central axis.

How to Master The Universe

1. Crown Chakra: Visualized as the 1000 petal lotus flower (The petals of

this flower are said to correspond to the number of etheric channels

meeting at this point (Top of the Head) “Cosmic Consciousness”

2. Third Eye Chakra: Pineal and pituitary activation producing psychic

awareness. Visualize a white flower with two petals.

3. Throat Chakra: See Blue. Lotus sixteen petals its element is Ether.

4. Heart Chakra: Middle of chest center of the spiritual awakening. Smoke

colored flower twelve petals. Its element is AIR.

5. Solar Plexus Chakra: Above the diaphragm digestion emotions/Storehouse

of Prana/ Red flower ten petals. Its element is FIRE.

6. Sacral Chakra: Beneath navel governs reproduction. Its element is Water.

7. Root Chakra: Found at perineum and is the domain of Kundalini. Yellow

lotus flower four petals. Its element is the Earth.


I will not go into a detailed explanation of breath and all that it encompasses.

I will quickly state some facts for you to think about. All created things in reality

have a frequency including the spirit and the body. After all the spirit and the body

exist in this reality and all things in this reality have a frequency since it is made of

energy. We are a reflection of the things around us. The vibration mechanism of the

human body is breathing. (Breath of body = Vibration of spirit)

 When you breathe, breathe from your stomach and squeeze your teeth together.

How to Master The Universe

 The average person breathes a total of 18 breaths a minute during normal


 Lower rates of breathing tune into higher states of mind and being. The breath

controls the function of the higher bodies. Breath Control = Mind Control (Will

Emotions Mind)

 7.5 breaths a minute tunes into a different state of being.

 6 breaths a minute tunes into a different state of being.

 4.5 breaths a minute tunes into a different state of being.

 3 breaths a minute tunes into a different state of being.

 The breath is the external aspect of the universal force, whose root is life or

reality itself.

 Exercising the physical body requires more oxygen while exercise is being


 Exercising the ethereal spirit requires less oxygen while mediation is being


 We breathe 25920 times a day (normal healthy human) It just so happens that it

takes our sun roughly 25920 years to complete one processional movement

around its native galaxy.

 Our blood pulses 72 times during this cycle and that is a 4 to 1 ratio.

 Given that we breathe a total of 25920 times a day on average. It would stand to

reason that we can calculate the average amount of breaths a person will take in

an average life time. (25920 x 365 = 9460800 breaths in a year and 9460800 x

75 = 709560000 breaths in a lifetime) A person's breathing regulates their

metabolism. Your metabolism determines how quickly you will age. So does

How to Master The Universe

slowing down your breathing as you would through meditation increase the

number of years you can experience?

Through meditation you become the center of your universe. All stimuli and

perception become external or tools that you use to act and manipulate reality. The

five points of a pyramid are a good example to represent the concept we are trying

to explain.

A pyramid has 5 points in its structure. Four of these points are at the base

of a pyramid and one point is at the apex of the pyramid. Our being functions in a

manner similar to the shape of a pyramid. Our senses interpret reality in the same

way that the apex of a pyramid is at the top of this structure. The four points at the

base of the pyramid represent the four faces of man, the four forces of creation, the

four letters that make the lords name, etc... The four points at the base could

represent the lower slower moving reality. These four lower states are constantly

involved in a rhythmic cycle and interaction with one another. The fifth point at the

apex or top of the pyramid could represent the governing part of your being that

rules over the lower bodies. The fifth point can be said to be separate and does all of

the perceiving through your lower bodies and controls the lower bodies. The four

points at the base represent the bodies, while the fifth point at the apex represents

the point of perception. It is the highest and part of the structure it represents the

higher unified reality that is one whole point (See Chapter 6 number chart) This point

at the top represents the unchanging unity that is behind the creative an temporary

cycles represented by the four base points of the pyramid.

How to Master The Universe

Here are a few examples of the concept stated above.

1. Earth 2. Water
3. Air 4. Fire

Human Body
1. Right Leg 2. Left Leg
3. Right Arm 4. Left Arm
5. Head
1. Touch 2 Taste
3. Smell 4. Sight
5. Hearing

1. Economic 2. Defense
3. Education 4. Culture
5. Spirituality

How to Master The Universe

Forces of reality

1. Matter 2. Energy
3. Change 4. Space
5. Gravity

Human creative organizations of rhythm, proportion, balance, and harmony

in action.
1. Dance 2. Art
3. Music 4. Philosophy
5. Physics

The Hand
1. Little 2. Ring
3. Middle 4. Fore

This theme can also be applied to the universe around us. Consider for a moment

the various frequencies of energy. All higher rates of energy inter penetrate the

lower rates of energy. This was considered when we discussed C.E.D.

1. Our universe or gross matter and molecules.

2. Atoms or protons, electrons, and neutrons.
3. Smaller and faster particles or Leptons Neutrinos and Quarks
4. The basic energy that moves at infinite velocity and forms all things.
Possibly tachyons.
5. The void and source of all energy. Eternity.

How to Master The Universe

How to Master The Universe

The chart below represent the four lower aspects of reality under your control. The
Human at the center represents you, the fifth point at the apex.

How to Master The Universe

How to Master The Universe

Chapter 6

Patterns of The Whole

How to Master The Universe

Adaptation is how many animals, fish and plants have survived in their

respective environments. We as humans have also adapted to our environment,

which is space, the cosmos, or the universe. In fact we are still adapting and

changing to meet the requirements of living in outer space.(Lookit we're aliens!

chuckle) Taking a bigger look at our surroundings we come to realize that we share

many similarities with the environment and reality around us. Each of our own

physical bodies shares the characteristics of the cosmos around us. This chapter

focuses on a few of the similarities we share. Each of the following numbers used to

explain these characteristics are symbolic in nature. It makes it easier to explain the

meaning of certain concepts and ideas. As a game try and contemplate each

number in our decimal system separately, then compare these geometric shapes to

Fig 6 in Chapter 2. You will find that each number has some information above it

and a graphic accompanying it.

Since we exist in the universe, it follows that our bodies and mind are also

patterned in the same way the universe is. As we are part of our environment.

How to Master The Universe

ZERO: Nothing, Absolute Unknown, The potential of being, Void, Vacuum,

Symbolizes the incomprehensible mystery of the Lord. No beginning no End.

Color is Translucent(clear) – Cypher

ONE: The preceding number Zero represents a total lack of numerical value. Yet

zero is still a concept or one concept. We can give this concept a number and this

number is ONE. Point or origin. To Project. The totality of all things, Unity.

Masculine. The whole. abstract concept of god become a concept once you have

reflected on the concept of nothing.

Color is BLACK – Knowledge

How to Master The Universe

TWO: Separation of one whole into two distinct equal parts using perception,

Masculine and Feminine, Dual aspect or qualities of one whole. To receive. You are

quantifying the whole into two equal parts. Feminine. The illusion of duality.



THREE: The Masculine and Feminine aspects in union within one organized creation.

Harmony and or Equilibrium. The Creator is at the head and his son the embodiment

of Good is at his right. The spirit of the lord inside of you complete this ternary at

the left.


How to Master The Universe

FOUR: The four fold cycle of Creation. The vessel or container of all creations and

energy from the abyss. With four points you are now able to graph the first three-

dimensional shapes.


FIVE: Opposite creative image of zero. The 5th stage of creation and the completion

of all cycles. Core of the material universe. Control of the lower vessels described in

chapter 4. Dissolution. Crossroad.

Color is GREEN – POWER REFINEMENT – Dissolution

How to Master The Universe

SIX: Union of two ternaries. Opposition. Creation.

Color can be YELLOW – EQUALITY

SEVEN: Infinity. With seven points you can now graph a sphere. Perfection. Pi or


Color is ORANGE – REFLECTION – Truth - Glory

How to Master The Universe

EIGHT: Action. Thesis. The dual aspects of creation (masc. and fem). Wax and

Wane. Union of opposite vessels.

Color is Red – BUILD and Destroy

NINE: Reaction. Creative image of perfection in action.

Color is WHITE – BORN – Control – Self discipline

How to Master The Universe

TEN: crystallization, Manifestation, feminine completion of cycle,


Note: There is only one number and that number is zero. Meaning the concept of

zero alludes to a lack of value. The concept of a lack of value can be considered

interestingly enough, a value. What is even more bizarre is that this is one concept.

Add another zero, and you have two concepts without value. Add another zero and

you have three concept without value and so on and so on...

How to Master The Universe

Chapter 7

Eternal Unified Absolute

How to Master The Universe

The Eternal Unified Absolute

There are many things that cause our surrounding environment (reality) to

change everyday. This change attempts to bring the opposing extremes of eternity

and creation into balance. (see chapter 5) Opposing extremes at various magnitudes

wax and wane in rhythmic cycles before returning to a void that is incomprehensible.

Finite creation or reality exists in a medium that can best be described as being

timeless, formless, and border less. The qualities of our reality cannot be defined or

quantified with our units of measurement. Reality cannot be bound within

measurement, reality is “bigger” than that. Measurements are an attempt by man to

quantify his surroundings. We use time to measure change and distance to measure

space. Yet these measurements are perceptions that emanate from self and not true

descriptions of the totality of existence. The surrounding reality that man exists in,

is not limited by time or by the effect of change.

To conceptualize the vessel or container that houses creation and reality. You

must conceptualize the opposite attributes of the four-fold cycle of creation and


The temporary manifested cycles of Creation or reality exist within this

“container”. These temporary cycles exist in an eternal and infinite container or

How to Master The Universe

vessel. Take the attributes of creation and reality and conceptualize their opposite

attributes and you will grasp the attributes of infinity, eternity and void.

The opposite attributes of Infinity, eternity and void can be quantified as a sphere or


Why are the opposite attributes of infinity, eternity and void a sphere? Well

creations are defined, limited, temporary, subject to change, exist at a specific point

in space, and have mass. Now what is the opposite of this? Something that is

undefined, unlimited, eternal, unchanging, is everywhere at once, and

interpenetrates everything. What is said to have all of these attributes? Well The

supreme consciousness is said to have these attributes.

Creations have their source in the infinite (Creator) See chapter 6 number

chart for description zero. Because we all exist at a point in space and time. It

takes our bodies’ time to move from one point to another point in space. During

these moments that we are moving from point to point, we can deduce that all other

points everywhere are also moving to their next respective points. We sense this

movement effect as change. Whether it is from the cyclical motions of reality or the

aging of our physical bodies it is what our perception interprets as change.

How to Master The Universe

The act of sensing these changes gives us vertigo and then tends to dominate

and overwhelm our perception. Our perception can be trapped by this illusion and

then we quantify the illusion as being real. The way we view and interpret time is an

illusionary concept that man created due to his finite mortality. Since man is a finite

mortal being with the capacity to fathom and record temporary cycles in the universe

as a tool for measurement. Man was able to deduce the average number of cycles

that would pass before his death. Man has used these cycles to chronologically order

things within his space of perception. Man has made the limited number of cycles a

key rule in interpreting his own reality. Even going as far as including it in formulas

to describe an eternal universe. This has trapped our minds in an illusion that time

is an actual force of nature. When in reality we are just incorrectly interpreting

change through our perception. Cycles will go on fore ever and ever with us or

without us. There is no time; we simply experience the changing cycles of created

things within reality. (Four Fold Cycle Of Reality)

Before our finite mortality and after our finite mortality, reality will continue to

exist. It may not exist as the universe we know today, but it will still be. Reality

existed before we existed, and it existed in many different forms. The fact that we

may not be here to experience it with our senses does not detract from this fact.

Reality existed long before any ancient time period that we can imagine and will

continue to exist long after anything we have come to know in existence.

The eternal vessel that our changing reality exists in, is not subject to time

because it is infinite. It has no beginning and it has no end, it will continue forever, it

is eternal and everlasting.

How to Master The Universe

If we consider the size and expanse of known space, it would still be

surrounded by even more space. Any point imaginable, in any direction at an infinite

distance, would still be within this eternal and infinite vessel or container. If we had

futuristic technology and used it to go in one set direction fore ever we would still be

within the confines of our reality or our space. Reality goes on forever, which brings

us to another point.

Distance is also perceptual illusion that was used to quantify, the reality we

exist in. We use distance to measure the space within reality. But we exist in a

single “location” it is a large location, but it is still a singular location. Since our

bodies are only a small portion of reality. We tend to interpret people, places and

things as being over there or over here or far or near. All of the space in the

universe may seem to be different points in reality, but this perspective is only

relevant to man's own perceived small size. The entire expanse of reality is one

unified organization.

Why do I make this point? Because our bodies take on many of the characteristics of

this reality, just study yourself.

The expanse of reality has existed prior to our having existed and will exist

long after we have ceased to exist. Our existence is rooted in the expanse and not

the other way around. We are a product of our environment and our environment is


How to Master The Universe

We are all connected since we all exist within one huge space. The whole of

changing reality exist and takes its substance from this eternal and infinite medium

(Dimensions, Concepts, Particles, ETC) this and all universes are a reflection

(Manifestation) of an unnameable and imperceivable supreme conscience. This

supreme consciousness has:

1. An existence that cannot be measured or perceived in totality by our

limited senses as one unified construct.

2. Cannot be categorized as being a single point in reality or whole by the

observer. (We are a part of the whole and a reflection of this being)

3. Cannot be given a name by man since man has to quantify creations

before giving them names. Etc, etc...

Have you ever heard the story of the Ant and the Elephant? An ant was

traveling along his usual trail for a morning walk. When he came across a large

boulder. The Ant stopped for a minute to take in this new juncture in his usual path.

The Ant thought to himself, “This wasn't here yesterday! When it's time to return

home, I will have to remember to add this boulder to my nests landmarks.” He took

in the color of the boulder, Grey. He took in the size of the boulder, as large as the

eye could see. Then the Ant continued on his morning walk. The Elephant also

continued on his journey for water, leaving the Ant trail. When the Ant returned, the

huge boulder was gone, and he spent the rest of his life wondering about the magical

disappearing boulder. Mind you, when he told the other ants about the giant

disappearing boulder, they all laughed and thought that he had been in the sun a bit

too long.

How to Master The Universe

The moral of the story is size is relative to the perceiver. Opposing extremes are of

differing magnitudes of the same energy. When a person perceives this energy the

degree of energy which one perceives is based of the actual person doing the


Let’s compare some opposing attributes that will help us define this consciousness:

Unnameable Man / Woman

Uncreated or Self Created Created

No Beginning and no End Beginning and End

Not subject to time or cycles Subject to time and cycles

Undefined Specific Volume and mass

The Whole of reality A part of reality

Existed for Eternity and is all of Reality Exist in one point at one time

All knowing and is all Knowledge through experience

What separates Animals, Men and The Lord?

ANIMALS: Do not have discipline, limited self-awareness and limited


MEN: Can achieve discipline, self-awareness and comprehension through practice.

LORD: Complete Discipline, awareness and understanding in all things.

How to Master The Universe

Mental Powers Of A Balanced Person

Patience: Waiting for the right moment.

Timing: Knowing that waiting can bring about an advantage or opportunity and

seizing that opportunity in a given cycle to maximize a potential.

Silence: Use action to speak for you.

Choice: A sacrifice made to change the direction of your path. (Good Choices/Bad


Imagination: Visualized goals, desires and actions. Creative thought process.

Reflection: Calculating and trying to foresee with the use of imagination the

advantages and disadvantages of a given situation.

Awareness: To recognize Rest or Change, Stillness or Motion, Darkness or Light that

is cycling within your presence.

Focus: Harnessing your useless and erratic thought or acts that have no effect in

reality and redirecting into thought out purposeful thought acts that are not wasted.

Self Discipline: Avoiding the obstacles and paths that lead to your destruction or

the destruction of your visualized goal (Follow your plan). Training and control of

oneself and one's conduct, usually for personal improvement.

Self Esteem: Not letting someone else's opinion of you determine how you feel.

Believing in yourself. Being comfortable with who you are. Pride in oneself. Self-


Humbleness: Knowing that you are not the center of the universe. Not arrogant.

Modesty in behavior, attitude, or spirit

How to Master The Universe

The Glory Of The Lord

In one way or another we all seek attention. Attention is glory. Most of the

things we do throughout our lives are for attention and glory. We cater to the

desires of our ego that wants attention and says, “I should be glorified”. Do not

underestimate the power of your ego, it overwhelms most people. When we were

children we tried everything we could to get our parents attention. If we had no

parents, or our parents did not care enough to give us the attention we needed, then

we grew up emotionally deficient and lacking of attention. Some persons who do not

get the attention they needed as children grow up with a serious penchant for

seeking attention. These children seek fantastic amounts of attention and glory

usually at the expense of society. Glory is very important, it is being in awe of

someone or something. It is giving it your complete focused attention. It is millions

of viewers wrapped in a television program about sports, a movie, a news event,

etc... We give glory to expensive cars, fine clothes, powerful and beautiful people.

Have you stopped to consider for a moment that maybe your attention has a higher

purpose? Maybe your attention is there to focus on temporary material objects that

are all illusions, returning from whence they came. These temporary material

objects are illusions since their form or body materializes in reality then dissolutes

into the void. Or maybe your attention and your search for glory is a distant drive to

observe the only thing in our reality that is permanent. The unchanging infinite

eternal absolute that exists veiled behind reality. (The Lord) The most beautiful

thing within reality cannot be seen with the eyes, touched with the skin or heard with

the ears. It must be seen with an imaginative mind that contains knowldedge of the

How to Master The Universe

world around it and experience in life. No form can contain its beauty or mystery.

Which is why to our eyes it is hidden and unseen. Everything in reality that we tend

to glorify is but a substandard reflection of it. The most magnificent wondrous thing

in reality to grasp cannot be comprehended directly with our senses. All tools for

perception must be in harmony for us to view it. I am referring to your senses, your

intelligence, your creative imagination, your emotions like compassion and love, and

your faith. All created manifestations within reality are only temporary images of the

Infinite, Eternal, Absolute Lord and Creator of our universe and reality.

How to Master The Universe


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How to Master The Universe

How to Master The Universe

How To Master The Universe

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How to Master The Universe

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