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2020 All Youth Officials Training ONLY


Junior Official Certification is for anybody that is between the ages of 14 and 18 who wishes to officiate
lacrosse games. It is recommended that junior officials only officiate youth games for players that are at
least​ two age levels below​ their age.

New for 2020:

All youth officials will participate in one of these classes, regardless if you are recertifying or this is your
first time taking this class.

Class Time: 4 Hours

Prior to Arriving at Class:

1. Select & Register for your prefered training site ​Here

2. Create or renew your US Lacrosse membership number and card. Note: prior to arriving on site
acquire US Lacrosse Membership as a player & official: ​Register Here​ ​If you can not register as
both player & official, call the US Lacrosse Support: ​Phone: (410) 235-6882 ex 102
a. Note: if you have previously registered as a player, you will need to call the support
number to add “official” at no extra expense.
b. Complete the Boys’ Lacrosse Online Course. Follow the directions to access:
i. Open up
ii. Sign in with your username and password
iii. Click on My Courses
iv. Click on Officials
v. Click on Mens Game Officials
vi. Click on Rules Courses and Rules Webinars
vii. Click on and complete Boys’ Lacrosse Online Course
3. Contact site instructor via text or email to confirm attendance.

Arrive on Site With:

1. Fully charged computer and power cord

2. MLOA Youth Training Class Payment of $35.00. Checks can be made out to MLOA or Maine
Lacrosse Officials Association.
3. If possible, bring your Youth Rules book.
4. A positive and alert attitude while being ready to audition for a job. Note: unsuitable candidates
will not matriculate to full Jr. Official status.
Class Activities:

Log on to the internet and follow along with the instructor:

1. Activate and update ArbiterSports assigning platform. ​
2. Participate in official’s mechanics station drills:
a. Blowing whistle
b. Conducting face-offs
c. Relaying fouls
d. Throwing flags
3. Activity engage in PPT presentations and video review
4. Successfully complete with 85% or higher the USL ​Annual Online Rules Exam
We will have paper copies of both the NFHS and Youth rules tests to start with the group. If they
are not completed in class, then they need to be completed at home ASAP.

Post Class Requirements:

1. If applicable, complete and submit both NFHS and Youth rules test on
2. Contact Jeff Howes, MLOA Assigner, email:, to confirm that you wish
to be assigned games through MLOA (ArbiterSports assigning platform).
3. Participate in one on-line educational webinar which will be assigned via email invitation post
successful class completion.

Below are the 2020 Class Locations


Sunday March 1st, 8-12:00am
1332 Post Road, Wells, ME 04090
Instructor -Kevin Colley c.207.337.8190  


Sunday March 22nd, 8-12:00pm
Thornton Academy Middle School
438 Main St, Saco, ME 04072, USA
Instructor - Greg Murray. c.207.590.7780 e. 
Assistant Instructor - Alex Stilphen c. 207.749.4041 
Sunday March 29th, 8-12:00pm
Cape Elizabeth High School
345 Ocean House Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107 
Instructor - Steve Delcourt c. 207.749-2898 email. 
Assistant Instructor - Todd Underwood c. 207.751.3237 
Assistant Instructor - John Wolfgram e.


Sunday April 5th, 8-12:00pm
Fairview Elementary School
397 Minot Ave, Auburn, ME 04210, USA
Instructor - Chris Hughes c. 207.310.8782 email.
Assistant Instructor - Alex Pleau c. 207.212.4493 email.


Wednesday, February 26 & March 4, 6:00 – 8:30 PM​ ​Attendance at both is mandatory .
Bangor Parks & Recreation Department
647 Main St, Bangor, ME 04401, USA
Instructor - Kyle Willette c. 207.852.6733 e. ​

For general class information contact:

Josh Blaisdell
MLOA Referee-in-Chief
Cell: 207.660.2616
Email: ​

Chris Hughes
MLOA Youth Liaison
Cell: 207.310.8782
Email: ​

More class sites may possibly be arranged and scheduled, so keep checking in on website
for additional classes and more information.