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Interest Groups/
Money/ Lobbyists
Campaign Contributions

Your Target Here


Business Voters

Move target on ______________________________ issue.

Clearly, there are other power influences not on this map. Please add them to get a full
picture of the power in your community.

Questions to ask as you fill out Power Map:

Individual Power influences:

1. Are there voters who have more power than others?
2. If not, which voters have more power?
3. Who votes? Who does not?
4. Does each business have an equal amount of power?
5. If not, which types of business have more power? Big? Small?
6. Do all forms of media have the same type of influence?
7. Which is more influential: TV, Newspaper or Radio?
Interest Groups
8. Do all interest groups have the same amount of power?
9. Who has more power, the local affiliate of Citizen Action, or Labor?
Money/Campaign Contributors
10. Do all campaign donors have an equal amount of power and influence?
11. Does the $5 donor matter as much as the $500 donor?
12. What about a $500 donor that gives to every candidate running?

Power between Influences:

13. When you look at the map, do these power sources only influence the target?
14. Which power sources influence each other?
15. Is there business in media?
16. Are there allied interest groups that build relationships?
17. Does business create interest groups?
18. Does the media influence voters?
19. Do business influence voters?
20. Do interest groups influence voters?

Now that you have asked the questions, it is time to move into action. The power
map is a chance to see where the power is in any given area. The next step is the
change the power. Ask these questions:

1. How can we work within this power structure to move the target on our issue?
2. What tactics can we use?
3. Given this Power Map, can we determine who is going to vote for us, and why?

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