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November 2010 Newsletter

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One month to go!

As you might have read, I December Dates for your diary
was in Sweden on a 3rd: Xmas Cards arrive for collection
European project a couple of 8th: Normal School Day (Children who
weeks ago. I was staying wish to attend Mass should notify the
school to avoid being marked absent)
near a town called Sundsvall 10th: Cake & Craft Sale in School
and temperatures were about 16th: 80s Table Quiz – Teach Dolmen
-7ºC. I never guessed I'd be (Date to be confirmed)
bringing temperatures like 16th: Carol Singing in Superquinn
17th: Staff Meeting 12pm collection
this home with me! All I can 23rd: Christmas Carol Concert 11am
say is roll on December and th
November 29 : Staff 23rd: Winter holidays 12pm collection
let's hope for slightly warmer outside the school in
weather. I want to take this -6ºC when the School reopens for a full day on January
opportunity to thank all the 10th 2011
electricity went
parents who have been so
busy organising brilliant fundraising ideas in December. It's great to see so many parents
involved in our school and it was lovely meeting so many of you last week. I'm looking forward
to seeing you all throughout December and I hope to see as many of you and your family and
friends at our events.

Christmas Fundraising in Carlow Eduate

As part of a major fundraising drive, our school
community have put their heads together to raise
money for our school this year and there's lots of
things happening over the next few weeks. Last
week we started selling Christmas cards, CDs and
Gift Cards. We will have a very limited number of
stock left in December and they will be sold on a Selling Christmas Cards to raise money
first come, first served basis. As well as that, we'll for our school
be hosting an 80's Table Quiz, a cake and craft sale
and carol singing throughout December. Please keep an eye out on our web site for further
information over the coming days.

Thanksgiving Assembly
November 29, 2010
This week’s assembly was all about Thanksgiving. Led by Adrian, the children learned a
little bit about the history of America and the very first Thanksgiving. After that, some of
Emer’s class read out some letters to say thank you to people they care about. Finally, we
Thanksgiving Assembly watched a video that Adrian made with Ciara and Eimear’s classes about Thanksgiving
with Adrian which you can see on our web site.
Fun with Clay!
By Eimear November 21, 2010

In Eiméar’s class we are having great fun with porcelain clay! Melissa showed us how to
roll, squeeze, flatten and pinch the clay before we made pinch pots. Watch this space for
the finished products! Next week, we are making clay relief tiles.

Aliens have landed!!

by Ciara November 17, 2010

It appears that aliens have landed in Carlow Educate Together

NS. This week in Ciara’s class we were learning about
adjectives. Adjectives are describing words. We thought up
some really good adjectives to describe aliens and then
everyone drew their own alien in their copy, gave it a name
and added adjectives to describe it. Some children then
presented their alien to the class. In Art, we painted aliens and
cut out around them. They look great on our noticeboard in the

Green School’s Committee Students of the Week:

November 2010
By Michael November 17, 2010

I am delighted to reveal our first Green School’s Committee. We are currently

working on the first green flag – Litter and Waste. The lucky children on the
committee are Niamh in 6th class, Sarah in 5th class, Aaron in 4th class, Natasha
in 3rd class and Rebecca in 2nd class. Michael is the Green School’s Co-
ordinator while Eimear, Lisa and Sinead Tynan are all on the committee too! The
children have been working hard on the seven steps of the Green Flag process.
The current committee will be in place until Term 2 in 2011. Keep an eye out
around the school to see what we have been up to….

Sounds Fun
By Claire November 16, 2010

Claire’s class were learning about sounds for science week. We learned that sounds are all
around us and there are many ways we can make sounds. We touched our throats and we
could feel our fingertips tingle as we made happy sounds, sad sounds, angry sounds and scary
sounds. We played an animal sounds guessing game. As you can see, we also made musical
glasses and a telephone. We live in a world of sounds!

Ethos Evaluation
By Simon November 13, 2010

Yesterday three members of the Educate Together Head Office came down to
Carlow to take part in workshops as part of our ethos evaluation. All members of the
schopart of the evaluation – parents, children, Board of Management and staff. On
Thursday night, Molly met with our Board of Management to evaluate their role in the
school. Below is a photograph of the parents’ session. We were absolutely
delighted that we had such a great attendance with 25 parents working with Amy.
While Molly got to grips with the staff in their sessions, Fionnuala took on the children for two great sessions. Below is
a photo of Fionnuala going through the Learn Together posters with Ciara and Eimear’s classes. Results of the
evaluation will be published on our web site soon. Overall, the day was really beneficial and we’d recommend it to
any Educate Together school. We all got a chance to be honest with each other and have lots of interesting things to
focus on in our future. Thanks to Molly, Fionnuala and Amy for coming for the evaluation.

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