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The health of a community does not depend on its health services

PURPOSE alone, but on levels of nutrition, education, employment, income
and housing, general standards of hygiene, environmental safety
For millennia the New England high country has been a meeting and the availability of cultural and recreational amenities
place to exchange knowledge & sustain culture for Aboriginal (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 1994).
people for more than 50,000 years, with 5 custodian Aboriginal
Nations inhabiting the area, particularly in the warm season. In this sense, social inclusion, health & well-being are interwoven
holistic aspirations that encompass communities which truly
Coming forward to modern history, Aboriginal populations are include their full diversity of members ~ across age & generations,
forecast to grow markedly over the coming two decades (NSW culture & belief, profession & livelihood, colour & origins ~ and they
Government forecasts). are free to fulfil their wellness across physical, mental, emotional,
spiritual, economic and other domains of wellbeing.
The New England's multi cultural origins have continued into the
modern era, with the UNE bringing students & staff from all over Health was overwhelmingly identified as the electorate's major
the world, significantly complementing the cultural diversity that issue with 51.89% of survey respondents raking it the number one
has been part of Australia's post European history. For example priority ~ 2010 Northern Tablelands Electorate Survey – ‘The shape
Armidale has the only non-metropolitan mosque in Australia. of the future’.

In the early 1900’s Armidale was a health resort. It has been a

centre for health ever since, including professional development &
learning and providing a wide range of health services, • What other current initiatives aren't represented?
mainstream, Aboriginal and complimentary. Increasingly nature- • How do we better integrate, collaborate & support across
based activities are also being identified for health-related various initiatives & strategies?
benefits and opportunities. • What else do we need to do now? NESS is an initiative of

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CURRENT INITIATIVES Upgrading Health Services nursing,
visiting GP (Bundarra), Youth & disabled
Harness Community Enthusiasm & drive,
build social capacity, trust & safety
housing (Uralla), services for ageing through participatory decision-making,
Greater Personal Responsibility for Master Plans for open space &
population, eHealth (especially for development with local decision-
health, education & wood heater recreational areas ensuring shade &
specialists), service models to avoid making, participation in decision-
replacement program to address water fountains, Develop an Aboriginal
forced travel for treatment, more making, recognise community
wood smoke pollution, increasing Health Plan in partnership with local
visiting specialists, surgeons, bus engagement - expand awards,
access to & knowledge about services, Aboriginal people, including
transport for elderly to visit Inverell Address community disengagement,
provide information regarding partnerships & communication
medical services, (Bundarra), increase empower community in decision-
community health & well-being agreement, develop service plans to
outreach for specialist services close to making, allowing people to have their
services, healthy lifestyles & increase access to services according
where people live, improve availability say, reflecting, considering, testing with
preventative actions, community to identified priority needs, Public
of maternal & child health care, more stakeholders how they will be affected
education campaign about noise Health Plan which includes an extreme
dental services, upgrade & increase by decisions, develop a forum for
impacts of air conditioners & heat heat strategy, Public Health Plan
aged care services, ensure HACC ongoing community involvement in
pumps on neighbours, encourage including education regarding risks
services can meet climate changes, climate change adaptation,
developers to design buildings to avoid associated with storms & hail &
maintain emergency services to meet Community-based Consultative Group,
the need for heat pumps & air preventative actions, develop local
future needs, establish programs to Arts Advisory Group, engage
conditioners, health advocacy training holistic models of health services
address mental & psychological health, productively with surrounding areas &
for community members, educate
build capacity of services to ensure alumni
patients to enhance their capacity to
capability for increased demand in
self manage & make decisions about Policy & action geared to address
extreme weather events, water security
their own health, increase focus on social determinants of health, returning
strategy to address increased potential
disease prevention & health promotion hospitals to local control, address
for water borne disease, advocate for
poverty, gender equity, fair trade &
Available & Appropriate Housing for all Source Healthcare Benchmarks & mental health/ counselling services,
corruption, linked regional & inter-
social groups, affordable & sustainable compare with town audits, regularly upgrade hospital, attract & retain
agency approaches for child
housing, more affordable public update audit of services, air quality doctors, appointment senior manager
protection, homelessness, domestic &
housing ~ rent, retain government monitoring, consolidate research on for Council Healthy Community Team,
family violence
incentives for low income earners & first Doctor & Specialist service shortages, Multi-purpose health centre to cater
home buyers, housing sub-division research successful Aboriginal projects for ageing population (Walcha),
infrastructure (Guyra) (including business) for replication Female Doctor (Walcha), aged care, NESS is an initiative of

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family day & childcare (Uralla), multi- and Health and Community Services, isolation (new residents morning tea),
purpose community precinct for retain skill base by stabilising Quality Educational opportunities - life
medical, childcare, library & Aboriginal population flows long learning, foster educational
Lands Council (Guyra) excellence

Enterprise Opportunities, specialist Outdoor urban spaces conducive to Agreement & Cooperation, statement Policing for night & weekends (to
health units – Brain, Injury Care, Aged human well-being, parks, gardens that between stakeholders, improve visibility address antisocial behaviour), safe
Services, Wellness health centres, encourage people to meet, healing & accessibility of health & community inclusive supportive community
complimentary medicine, fresh air journeys & walks along bush tracks for services (eg. Co-location, booklet, environment, implement community
climate, develop a clear vision, emotional wellbeing, annual website, posters), establish Aboriginal safety plan, street lighting, 24hr
personal & corporate wellness & de- community cycling event, Get Active reference group, link Aboriginal policing, more more police powers to
stress programs, packages & health Calendar Promotion as part of the community, AMS, GPs & health enforce law & be more proactive,
tourism, promotion as a healthy place walking track to east coast, Widening professionals to increase number of visible & 'on the beat' plus freed up
for retirement Men's Shed activities (Guyra), Health chronic disease management care from administrative duties, licensed
Complex building onto & integrating plans, create linkages between premises close earlier, crime prevention
with gym, men's shed (Walcha) scientists, politicians & community, through agreements with Local
promote partnership approach to Councils, support Liquor Accords
Develop jobs for students, their families Respect & Cultural Inclusion, Aboriginal
integrated health, aged, home &
& refugees with ESL, employment, community, sense of place &
community care, hold health
education & training for Aboriginal community prominence of Aboriginal &
stakeholder forums, health well-being
people, prison & community service minority groups, in curriculum, training
programs (in-kind track works), provide in cultural heritage, target areas where
employment opportunities for knowledge can powerfully impact on
unemployed & indigenous people, social inclusion, recognition of different
position Land Councils to take learning styles in curriculum, library
advantage of opportunities for value stocks climate change resources for
adding, diversification & creation of self help & local action, promote grass
satellite industry across the region in all roots awareness of climate change to
sectors including Forestry, Fishing and create & facilitate community
diversify into projected growth sectors discussion, programs to improve
such as Construction, Manufacturing community cohesion & reduce social NESS is an initiative of

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KEY PERFORMANCE & PROGRESS INDICATORS Climate Change Consensus ~ Waterfall Way Eco-Tourism Initiative
Health & Wellbeing – chronic diseases, minimum life expectancy, Uralla, Guyra & Armidale Councils

immunization rates, obesity, drug abuse, mental illness, mental, 2010 Northern Tablelands Climate Change Adaptation
physical & emotional & spiritual wellbeing Electorate Survey ~ ‘The shape of Action Plan ~ Uralla, Guyra, Walcha
the future’ & Armidale Councils
Education & Employment – participation rates, school, VET &
University of New England Strategic Uralla Creative Village
tertiary graduates, literacy / numeracy, early childhood access,
Plan (2007 - 2010)
workforce participation, wage parity
Northern Inland Regional Healthy People ~ Living and
Housing – numbers in government and community housing,
Development Plan (2010‐2015) Learning in a Health Environment
waiting lists, evictions, permanency, homelessness, housing
Local Government Plans – Walcha Southern New England State of the
affordability & ownership rates
Social Plan, Armidale Strategic Environment Report (2008-2009)
Access to resources, participation in decision-making Community Plan, Guyra
NSW State Government North West
Respect cultural inclusion in curriculum, recognition of different Management Plan & Uralla
Regional Cluster
learning styles, arrest and incarceration rates, Indigenous & minority Community Management Plan
group representation on Council Data sources include: NSW Catchment Management Action Rural and Regional Taskforce
Housing, Health, Community Services, NEDGP, Local Govt. Northern Plans ~ Namoi, Border-Rivers Report (2008)
Region Aboriginal Lands council & Community Housing bodies
Hunter New England Health Service NSW Aboriginal Land Council
Strategic Plan & New England Northern Region Regional
Other measures identified but not defined included development
Divisions of General Practice Economic Development Strategy &
& adoption of new technologies (innovation). Implementation Plan


In addition to the 2½ years of work on NESS, the following existing
plans, priorities and strategies have been integrated: NESS is an initiative of

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