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ORDER OF PRETRIAL | 00%e oy CONDITIONS OF RELEASE] cars 06 149 | MASSACHUSETTS TRIAL COURT DEFENDANTS NAME &ABDRESS, 97 JPSE Canby tougy sheaber a" | om Distesct str) SS\10S7 Ws o! (eae '¥ ORDERED that you must comply with all PRETRIAL CONDITIONS OF RELEASE that are checked or TO THE DEFENDANT: Itis here filled in below pursuant to: OC cte26,967,92 [oiez7, 558 O ctez76,g420 (Specie Court retin (pete resticsons on gemma (eat ale domeste viene, pring creease eases esocionoronduckorncaues_fasorableretto onthe rel, laos wth etndarés Setnanrtv cocoa steaha coesS vanes) lenin omestcviierea, eure tesocnton cr faretatomnsrhe toners diingartecton Seniaond aanesce) {esate loge vs any Stender ar wilpreventcrtactwih peta pmtaion st End Date: cher ai or commit) he pean alee ssa) ‘Sreitoral poeon) Mi sLezese7 C] ce.276,§87 (petal coneonact (on onan we poser alloca, state, and federal laws and court orders, including abuse and harassment prevention orders and support orders. NOTIFY the probation department immediatly ityou change your residence, mailing address, or contact information, SALMAKE NO FALSE STATEMENTS to any ofcer ofthe cout 4 0100 NOT LEAVE MASSACHUSETTS unless you got the express perm son ofthe aut ond dgnaweveratenton. | 4 basunrenoer au. Mo-thdstonsio CARDS tote MINE welosinbaetotaeckerepacement: | [REFRAIN FROM ABUSE and/or HARASSMENT of. ts ee (HAVE NO CONTACT, direct or indirect, with: Cistay (distance: AWAY FROW d aK — Beth teller [100 NOT OPERATE @ motor vehicle []SURRENDER your driver's license to the court by CUREFRAIN FROM [] ILLEGAL DRUGS [] RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA [] ALCOHOL TD) SuaMiT To RANDOM TESTING or [] TESTING __ times per q CISIGN RELEASES to very your compliance with terms of this order and provide verifcation as directed by probation. TIREPORT To THE PROBATION DEPARTMENT as directed by probation andor as ordered below. C1 byphone [] inperson times perweek CLATTEND and verty to your probation aficer __meetings per week of [] RecoveryiAANA. C] Cicoorerate ina [) MentalHestth [] Substance Use Disorder evaluation and any recommended weabnent comply wih REMOTE ALCOHOL BREATH TESTING. land do not seek a replacement. | | (HOME CONFINEMENT [] CURFEW: Ol oTHeR: Cparmicipare in: ‘program and verify completion to probation by (dale) CiParmicipate in [] Pretial Services 6§ 57, 58, 58A only) or [[] Treatment (with det. consent) atcee CoTHER ConprTions: Ro Ld SIGNATURE OF DEFENDANT: Ihave ead and understood these concons. || have trated the tes of is Ore, ad he sasowdgerant se och | (Wappicabte: | consent to programming a Community Corectons and | hele, tothe defendant por fo hefner spears | condtons imposed under G Le. 276.§ 67) | understand | volte any conton may resin my arrest ad incarceration, andthe reveeabon of ry dou Eiulbs om helo |x = (ASSOCIATE) PROBATION OFFICER'S SIGNATURE AS WITNESS JUDGE'S SIGNATURE ARRAS x Mra pn Qe Cott ome) e he |x Madd owe_u lglg

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