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Mr. Shenker was my student. I teach college writing, English 112, at UMass Amherst. And he ‘was my student the spring semester. He got an an A. The harassment started outside the classroom, at an academic panel, at the Fine Arts Center, on Tuesday night, November 12, 2019. I hadn't seen him since the spring semester. I wasn't his teacher anymore. But then he started whispering threats in my hear during this panel. He was sitting behind me. He looked scary. He was wearing some kind of vest that appeared to have something hidden underneath it. And he said "I know who you are. I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna make you famous.” He started reording me, nd wien [red to move asvay from him he followed me.I remember inthe class he Waaes about having guns and decapitating small animals and I got really scared. I thought he might have a gun. ‘After that, he started posting things about me online, He put up @ lot of posts on twitter saying that | am a terrorist and a jihadist. and that Pd gone t Lebonaon with Hezbollah. After he identified me as a terrorist who trained in Lebanon, he addressed a tweet to the "Terrorists in ‘Ambherst" and warmed that "you better know you will see your #72vrgns sooner than you were planning." The 72 virgins is a reference to the belief among jihadists that if they die during jihad they will go to heaven and marry 72 virgins, He was threatening to kill the "Amherst Terrorists,” ie. me. applied for a harassment prevention order and got it After I got the order, he posted a new video, and part of it was directed at me. He said, “This bitch thinks that because the administration is not going to ban me from speaking out against Linda Cockroach {a racial slur against the panelist}, Tim Weiss, Cornell West, and a Palestinian jihadi.. (indecipherable audio)... because I'm going to say at the top of my iungs with the power of God behind me that you people.. the day of reckoning is coming.” In that video, he also said, "It's game over. I don't care if you're Beth Peller. I donit care if you're Josh Cohen (indecipherable audio)... you send the cops after me there's no more mercy.. there's no more (indecipherable).. there's no more compassion. It’s fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen. Thank you, God bless America." Treported the violation and he was charged with a violation of the order. He was arraigned and his conditions of release include not contacting me and not talking about me online. ‘Then, last night, December 2, he contacted me. He sent requestsfor access to some old course ‘materials. He is telling people it sent “automatically” or something, But there is no way to send a request for course materials without clicking on the link, agreeing to send a request to a particular named person. 1am terrified for my physical safety. I think he is going to kill me.