2 LYNCHBURG. VIRGINA TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 IN THE BEGINNING ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 THE ORIGINAL IMAGE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 GOD’S IMAGE IN WOMAN-------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 CONCLUSION---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 BIBLIOGRAPHY--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

how did humans evolve and did humans evolve from apes? If enough research is given to these questions. Man and animals have the same properties and are subject to the same biological functions. and ultimately man destiny. David says that man was made a little lower than the heavenly beings and have been made rulers over everything under his feet. did we come from apes. and genetic drift.1 So in simple terms. humans are the only living creature that has the capacity to control the rationally the course of their lives and to determine their destinies. Yet still today man has been asking this same question. and the answer is yes. then you think we would have some resemblance to apes.3 INTRODUCTION What is man? David asked this question in the book of Psalms as he was reflecting on the majesty of God and contemplating the infinite vastness of the Evolution. However. www. what is man? Man has been searching for an answer to this fundamental question concerning the why and how of his existence.dictionary. In Psalms chapter 8. the journey and purpose for life. Well. still remains to be at hand. natural selection. Lexico Publishing Group. what is man. How we are defined can make a lot of difference on how we behave and treat each other. Man and animals were both part of the creation order. When this theory is applied to man. Two of the many theories are evolution and creation. Random House Unabridged Dictionary. as defined from a biology stand point. then 1 Evolution. Different theories have been put forward in an attempt to answer the question of mans origin. Random House. evolution is the something changing into something else over time. is the change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation. The question. 2007 . LLC . questions such as.

much like a race. If this is true then the image of man is from apes. we have no traits from apes. 1 3 R.C. life. from the instant of creation life became linear.” is the dramatic opening to the bible and it lays the foundation for all things to come. Then suddenly like the bang from starting pistol at a race. Thomas Nelson.2 Meaning life has start and a finish. Nashville. As noted by authors. nineteenth-century philosopher Friedrich Nietzche claimed in his “myth of eternal recurrence. and purpose. There was a time when there existed nothing. Yet. this statement is perhaps the most important and controversial sentence in the whole bible. 2000. no life. The word Genesis means “beginning”. What’s in the Bible. Furthermore. The Sun Also Rises. there was action. These questions asked fall under the general question that everyone has been asking for a very long time. Sproul and R.C. Sproul and Robert Wolgemuth.” caught in an endless cyclelike a scratched record. meaning. Wolgemuth. What’s in the Bible. Ernest Hemingway. in his novel. Nashville. not even a universe. C. no creation. “The Story of God through Time and Eternity”. 2000. Where did we come from? IN THE BEGINNING Now the “In the beginning. We are not. with no discernible beginning or end to the orbit of human 2 R. no solar system. pickup up this pagan notion.4 let’s ponder on this thought to really think of what we are talk about. something. not cyclical. a starting point in time. no earth. Thomas Nelson. the sun rises and set and rises and sets. this means life has direction.3 Since human existence is linear and not cyclical. clicking back to the previous groove and playing the same thing over and over again. 25 . What is being said here is that everything has a starting point. God created the heavens and the earth. Sproul and R. R. Wolgemuth. Throughout time this opening line has left many to ponder on creation of man. “The Story of God through Time and Eternity”.

“You Guide to Eight Basic Christian Beliefs”. the original. Zondervan. Sproul and R. since God is the reason for creation and the backdrop of all life. What’s in the Bible. If this pagan notion had any truth to it. and the Word was with God. he noted. the author writes. Thomas Nelson. Wolgemuth. THE ORIGINAL IMAGE From the first line of the bible. nothing ever could”. if being made in God image’s image implies a resemblance or a likeness between humans and God. but the most important truth is that we are made in God’s image and this is critical to our understanding of what makes us human. to whom the image was pulled from.C. “The Story of God through Time and Eternity”. it is evident that a world without God is inconceivable.5 But to know about the image. Even Captain Von Trapp in “The Sound of Music” knew better. and his word would create what he spoke. contemporary theories of evolution affirm that there was beginning.4 There have been many truths revealed in the Scriptures about the humans. Christianity 101. in the beginning was the Word.5 history. and the Word was God. it would eventually lead to the position that there is no specific starting place and no purposeful end to our lives. He crooned this. we must first know about God. 1993. He is the highest and ultimate form of existence beyond which there can be no other. The world begins with God speaking. In John 4:26. God created the 4 R. it tells us that God is spirit. 2000. “nothing comes from nothing. The first chapter of Genesis shows us that everything that he created the created with just his word. Also. In the Gospel of John. we should find each one of those divine traits reflected in his human counterparts. Contrary to this notion. 2 5 Gilbert Bilezikian. Nashville. Grand Rapids. 120 . uses this passage to write that God’s image should not be sought in the human body since God is a spiritual being and does not have a physical form to be copied. Author Gilbert Bilezikian.

the fish. omnipresence is God’s energizing power that permeates this whole 6 Gilbert Bilezikian. I am life original from whom all other life derives. However. omnipotent. rest. think. and omniscience. 26 . Grand Rapids. and play. God is actually present in all places. since they describe the relations of God with his creation of man. Human life cannot exist outside of this time and space. work. 1993. this would be wrong. While the whole bible is an extended commentary about the nature of God. the brilliantly colored vegetation and the earth teeming with creation. “I am the one who is”. Zondervan.6 In the transcendence of God you will find His “omni” qualities. Christianity 101. We discover in scripture God is presented to us a being that has the qualities of transcendence. I am dependant on nothing and no one for my existence. It has been debated among many theologians as to how the image of God should be defined and approached. distinct from. there existed nothing and no one but God. and everything that exists within them. He created time. it is the first two chapters of Genesis that are especially helpful in discovering the image bearer. he was given this mysterious name. However. Simply put. when Moses tried to pierce the mystery of the identity of God. But if we are to say. the birds. space. In the Exodus 3:14. and rise. “You Guide to Eight Basic Christian Beliefs”. If were to say. We need placed where we can move. omnipresence. The bible gives a dramatic intro to the beginning of time as it announces the before time began and all things were created. This quality of God that represents him as prior to. this is not so with God. Humans need time to breathe.6 animals. God was saying. and not dependant on anything or anyone is called transcendence. none of them were made in His image. by omnipresence. when God looked down and saw that none of these creations bore His image and even though He pronounced all of these creations good. dynamism. and absolute goodness.

God cannot be tempted to do evil because. by virtue of Him being that creator of all things. we are biblically correct. God is also defined as a dynamic being. Christianity 101. And then in Genesis 1:3. Here in the first sentence. we are introduced to God as the one who conceives and designs the works of creation. In Genesis 1:2. he cannot deny himself and become untrue to his purity. it teaches something quite differently. But when we realize that God existed before any form of evil ever occurred. He is not just dynamic in himself as a Tri-unity of persons. the quality of God’s absolute goodness which is includes the areas of holiness and his loving nature. it is impossible for God to not be aware of the past. Lastly. he has ultimate power over all that he created. “holiness in not a quality commonly recognizable among humans. God’s omniscience. Simply stated. 1993. and the “word” makes it happen. Zondervan. According to Bilezikian. the bible teaches us that God is perfect in knowledge. Since he created time. It shows that God’s life is an explosion of activity and his person. 32 . Lastly. would correctly suggest that God is all-powerful and that. or the future. God is presented as the Father. “You Guide to Eight Basic Christian Beliefs”. it remains shrouded in mystery. His omnipotence.7 As we know. but he is also dynamic in is activity. we are introduced to the “Word” of God. the creator of the world. present. God spoke. Moses exclamation 7 Gilbert Bilezikian. we get a glimpse of the awesome and radiant splendor of this aspect of the divine being as pure righteousness. In the first three versus of the bible establishes God triune being. Here the spirit took on the role of protector. however. by nature. In Genesis 1:1.7 universe because he makes all things hold together. The idea of God’s transcendence may suggest that he is imprisoned in remote majesty. God’s Spirit is introduced as the one who watches over the works of creation. Grand Rapids. It is through the agency of the “word” that God’s will become activated.

human have a share in the goodness.8 By virtue of God’s goodness. John.” and to every limb and organ as He formed it.”9 This goddess has been seen as “the Mother Goddess of ancient Near Eastern religions… and was honored and worshipped with the title ‘the Mother of All the Living. not from the eye. but “very good”. But after God created man His excitement grew and declared man not just “good”. we are afforded yet more interpretations of the Genesis text. in spite of the great caution used. As He went through every phase of creation He repeatedly declared His works “good”.8 in the Exodus affirms God’s holiness as he asks. and everything that is good reflects his holiness”. He said: “I will not maker her from the head of man. lest she carry her head high in arrogant pride. San Francisco: Harper & Row. 33 9 Phillips. the story of Eve is “the story of the displacing of the Goddess whose name is taken from a form of the Hebrew verb ‘to be’ by the masculine God. Zondervan. others have tried to explain it more deeply: When God was on the point of making Eve. God said. what he created is also good. “God is the author of everything good. Bilezikian puts it. whose name has the same derivation. According to some scholars.10 8 Gilbert Bilezikian. “Who among the gods is like you. lest she wantoneyed. God’s holiness is reflected in His creation. 1993. 1984 . Since God is good. which reflects His nature and made according to His standard of holiness. Eve: The History of an Idea.’ While the creation of Woman in Genesis seems simplistic. God’s goodness is reflected in the relational dimension of God’s image in man and in woman. “Be chaste! Be chaste! Nevertheless. Oh Lord? Who is like you – majestic in holiness”. … I will form her from a chaste portion of the body. Grand Rapids. Yahweh. Christianity 101. woman has all the faults of God tried to obviate. GOD’S IMAGE IN WOMAN What about the Woman? In looking at the second story of creation. “You Guide to Eight Basic Christian Beliefs”.

suddenly awakens to the presence of the spirit hidden deep within…[it] concludes as Eve. Philadelphia: the Jewish Publication Society of America.” 9 This leads to a “spiritual exergesis” of the garden account in which “Adam’s intimate union with Eve symbolizes a state of harmony 10 Ginzberg Louis.’ calls out to Adam… to wake up. The Legends of the Jew: I: Bible Times and Characters from the Creation to Jacob. Boston: Beacon Press. Beyond God the Father: Toward a Philosophy of Women’s Liberation. Tribe. but as a spiritual power: “And when he saw her. Trible continues to say.”11 It can.” 9 Rather. 1979. who sunk into a state of oblivion. however. 1909. “The creation of man first and woman last constitutes a ring composition whereby the two creatures are parallel. for it is she who is my Mother. and so receive spiritual illumination. the ‘perfect primal intelligence.9 In the second creation story. recognize her. be seen that Eve or women as whole is God’s crowning accomplishment. 1937 11 P. Adam does not view Eve as a mere wife. In no way does the order disparage woman. Adam’s experience “as he awakened to Eve’s presence prefigures that of the Gnostic. 1973 . 74-83 12 M. Eve can be seen as “not an afterthought.’ It is she who is the Physician. therefore. Eve And Adam: Genesis 2-3 Reread Woman Spirit Rising. not someone merely to keep Adam company. she is the culmination” and that “Genesis 1 itself supports the interpretation.”12 The assumption that God created woman to be Adam’s help is problematic. “it is maintained that what is being conveyed is her original equality. and the Woman. therefore. and She Who Has Given Birth. male and female are indeed the last and truly the crown of all creatures. Many of the early androcentric interpreters believed this to be evidence that woman was created only so that humanity might be able to procreate.” The Spirit then takes the form of the serpent in order to entice the man and woman to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil so they will longer live in ignorance. ‘It is you how have given me life: you shall be called Mother of the Living [Eve]. he said. Daly. San Francisco: Harper and Row.

Even though man himself has tried to discredit our rule over the creatures by saying that we were the same as these creatures. in need of what Woman provides. came as two in one. when the moment of creation of human arrived. the Woman is the heart of the family. they also came as a plurality of persons. Because Man is incomplete. However. 2001 . Woman comes from Man. plurality of persons. yet Man stands in need of Woman for completion and fulfillment. Woman has been created to be the help and security of the man. the “home man needs. as Adam was before the creation of Eve. God in his infinite power created us in him image. As we have read in the Genesis. God is three in one and mankind. male and female. when God readied himself to create man he said. 13 Grey. The creation story gives an account of this when God gave man dominion of the every living creature. Mary. The theory of Evolution is as the attempt to place like. our image in the form of the ape.”let us (plural) make man (singular) in our (plural) image”.”13 Although God put Man as the head of the family. Because of Gods dynamism. although not mankind is not God. or woman and man. God. what is man? David said that man was made a little lower than the heavenly beings. Cleveland: the Pilgrim Press. to keep him from being lonely. This idea indicates the idea that both Eve and Adam.10 between the soul and the indwelling divine spirit. well in his dynamism of himself he created man. she is the vessel of fulfillment specially designed for him. appears to be characterized by an essential incompleteness with all its consequences.” Only through a reunion can one achieve wholeness. CONCLUSION So we ask again.” Man. Introducing Feminine Images of God. She is to create a placed for Man in the world. as we studied the bible we see that our image come from the Creator himself. need to be present in order to achieve “wholeness.

2001. Eve and Adam: Genesis 2-3 Reread Woman Spirit Rising. 1999. Zondervan. Daly. Pursuing the Spiritual Eve: Imagery and Hermaneutics in the Hypostasis of the Archons and the Gospel of Philip. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. 1988. 1937. 1973. Mary. 2000. 2. Grey. 1979. 120. Philadelphia: Fortune ress. R. Introducing Feminine Images of God. Boston: Beacon Press. Phyllis. G.C. Pagels. San Francisco: Harper & Row. 74-83. San Francisco: Harper and Row. Sproul.11 Bibliography Bilezikian. R. Eve: The History of An Idea. The Legends of the Jews: I: Bible Times and Characters from the Creation to Jacob. Mary. Beyond God the Father: Toward a Philosophy of Women’s Liberation. What’s in the Bible: The Story of God through Time and Eternity. Cleveland: The Pilgrim Press. Christianity 101: Your Guide to Eight Basic Christian Beliefs. Phillips. Ginzberg Louis. John. Trible. 265-275. Grand Rapids. 1993. 1984. Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America. Elaine. . & Wolgemuth.

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