THE LIIFE SAVER THE L FE SAVER It was seven o¶clock in the morning when I was woken up by the sun

, my dad was also yelling ³John get up and get ready for school.´ I hated that yelling it was like an alarm clock that went off but three times louder. I slowly walked down with nausea, my dad was once again getting noodles, I walked to the dull looking fridge and grasped an Up-Go (Chocolate flavour). I swallowed all of the liquid in one go and I packed ready for school. Beep beep! My friend Nick was always waiting for me outside my house except for weekdays. He accelerated, Nick and mewere very quiet during the way to school and I knew Kate was the first person to arrive at our classroom. Kate was my girlfriend, she has blondish hair, tanned skin, glorious sapphire eyes and cherry lips. I sprinted to my classroom to meet Kate, Kate was reading a book called ³Fork Lift.´ I took my chances and sat next to Kate, I was blushing a little then Kate laughed. I took off my school (Junior Fox School) jumper and started to write a fiction book, I usually write books at my leisure time. My parents think my books are excellent and my parents said that you should get one of your books published. When I was about to start writing, Kate nudged me in the shoulder and asked for one of my books. I could not say no, so I gave my favourite book to her, somehow I was scared of rejection. The bell rang, school startedand the teacher came in with a chuckle. Everyone was silent now, an hour later the school bell rang for interval. Everyone rushed to the door, then I heard screaming from the right side of the door. No !! It was Kate who had a bleeding nose and her hand was stuck at the side of the door. Kate was crying and screaming really loud, her friends were trying to help but they were making her hand worse. I was the first boy to help Kate and I tried to calm her down. The teacher got some tissues to block her nose, the teacher (Mr Bokre) yelled to the students to get the caretaker and get more tissue boxes. Few minutes later, the caretaker quickly got the door out. The ambulance came to take Kate because she had a broken finger. Everyone was now talking about Kate¶s hand being stuck in the door way, I was pretty pissed off because they were kind of spreading a rumor involving my girlfriend. I couldn¶t stop thinking about my girlfriend that was in the hospitable and was worried. The bell rang to go inside, Mr Bokre was waiting for the class to arrive so we can go out to P.E. After the whole class came we went to play soccer, I was the best soccer player in my class. Mr Bokre was dividing the teams for soccer. Then I saw a plane dropping a nuclear bomb, I knew I had to run. The class then knew why I was running, I was running for my life but then a black object picked me up and ran to the forrest.

Kate had escaped from the hospitable. it was the first kiss in my life and the happiest moment in my life. she had all the things I said in her right hand. In one second. I could see the bomb falling and I knew how to deactivate the bomb. light the gunpowder and throw it up in space. Then I heard a faint sound coming from the sky and saw pieces of my bag falling from the sky. We landed softly in the ground and I heard everybody cheering ³John. she laughed.´ Suddenly Kate kissed me in the lips. Kate suddenly went and came back about five seconds later. I said to Kate ³watch and learn´ in a cheesy voice. I toke the gunpowder and poured it all over my bag. She out a jet pack from her bag. a second later we were flying. the bomb was still falling and Kate knew the bomb was going to land at Junior Koolse School (our school) at noon today. Kate then threw me in to the air and caught me. I had about twenty minutes to deactivate the bomb. Kate you rule. I told Kate to get a lighter. . I told Kate to put the bomb in to my bag. She explained to me how she was really fast and that she is a vampire.The black object was actually Kate. We didn¶t have time to waste. I could see there was no bomb. gunpowder and lastly a knife.