TENTATIVE DATES: MID MAY 2010 TERAS 2 PIPP Pembangunan modal insan di bawah PIPP memberi tumpuan kepada sistem nilai, aspek disiplin, sahsiah, akhlak dan jati diri pelajar bagi melahirkan tenaga kerja yang kompeten dalam sains dan teknologi, inovatif, kreatif serta boleh dipasarkan. TERAS 6 PIPP Melonjakkan kecemerlangan institusi pendidikan dengan membentuk bahagian kecemerlangan sekolah berasaskan akademik, kokurikulum dan sukan atau bidang-bidang khusus yang lain. Sekolah yang terpilih akan dirangkaikan dengan institusi ternama tempatan dan luar negara dengan menawarkan pelbagai peperiksaan peringkat antarabangsa seperti International Baccalaureate serta dijadikan sekolah contoh.

1. INTRODUCTION Language camp is a programme that involves all PPISMP TESL (semester 2) students of Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Kota Bharu. The outcomes of these activities are that we can communicate, interact, collaborate and participate better using the English Language in order to be good English teachers. Besides, we can also demonstrate leadership qualities and gain confidence and also reveal talents through participation in these activities. For the purpose of this Language Camp, activities that will be organized by the students themselves. TESL students will be divided into groups that will be in charge of different schools. With the help of lecturers from the Language Department from IPG, these activities are going to be an unforgettable experience for all participants.


RATIONAL The rational of having this camp is to enhance the level of creativity that TESL

student should possess. Through this camp, students will be able to communicate, interact, collaborate and participate in activities using the English Language. Besides, TESL students will be exposed to the skill of planning, organizing and implementing the camp.


OBJECTIVES There are some expected objectives from this camp:

3.1 3.2

To fulfil the syllabus requirement of PPISMP TESL To encourage students to communicate, interact, collaborate and participate in activities using English Language


To acquire positive values through active participation in activities and to develop value added qualities of human capital in teacher training.


To improve the relationship and cooperation among TESL students and lecturers.


To improve students¶ self-confidence and demonstrate talent through participation in the field of language, art and sports.


To encourage TESL students to have more experience in organizing activity.


DATE, TIME, VENUE Date Suggested school :Late April/ Mid May 2010 :SK Pengkalan Chepa :SK Dato¶ Hashim 1 :SK Dato¶ Hashim 2 :SK KEM :SK Parang Puting :SMK Tiang Chandi


PARTICIPANTS 111 PPISMP TESL students of IPG KKB 60 students from each school



. Prepared by. SHARIFUDDIN B. IPG KKB «««««««««««. we hope our Language Camp will cultivate a balance among trainee teachers in terms of academic excellence and co-curricular achievements. Language Camp. Checked by. We are very optimistic that all the trainee teachers will give their full commitment and earnest effort to see that this programme will run smoothly. «««««««««««««. SULAIMAN) Student Coordinator. we will certainly gain a precious experience that we may apply when we are posted to schools later. ACTIVITIES Appendix B 8. COSTING Appendix C 9. (EN MUHAIMI SAIFUDDIN ) Coordinator of TESL Programme IPG KKB . CLOSING By means of an efficient plan and the watchful supervision by our lecturers. (MOHD. Besides.7.

(EN HASHIM B. IPG KKB . DERAMAN) Director. (EN ADNAN BIN YUSOFF) Head of department. Language Department.Supported by. «««««««««««. IPG KKB «««««««««««. Verified by.

Adnan Bin Yusoff :En. Muhaimi Saifuddin Bin Hj Mohd Salleh :En Mohd Iskandar Bin Daud WORKING COMMITTEE President Secretary Committee :En Adnan Bin Yusoff :En Muhaimi Saifuddin Bin Hj Mohd Salleh :En Mohd Iskandar Bin Daud :En Shukri Bin Ismail :En Rosli Bin Abd Ghani :Cik Emi Sharina Bt Ismail :Cik Rohaida Bt A.APPENDIX A COMMITTEE MAIN COMMITTEE Patrons Advisors Secretaries Committees :En.Hashim Bin Deraman :En. Rahmat .

Student¶s Coordinator Units¶ leader :Mohd Sharifuddin B Sulaiman :Lukman B Mustafa(TESL 1) :Izzat Syafiq B Bahrulazman(TESL 2) :Mohd Sharifuddin B Sulaiman(TESL 3) :Faizun Nisaq Bt Sulman(TESL 4) :Siti Khadijah Bt Rasyid(TESL 5) :Mohd Zubair B Muslim(TESL SM) 2.TENTATIVE STUDENTS¶ WORKING COMMITTEE 1. Secretary Units¶ Secretary :Wan Nur Syaqirah Bt Wan Yusoh :Noor Aisyah Bt Abdullah(TESL 1) :Siti Khairunnisa Bt Asmuni(TESL 2) :Nur Ayuni Akma(TESL 3) :Nur Syafiqah Bt Azimi(TESL 4) :Nur Hayriesya Bt Yusri(TESL 5) :Wan Nur Syaqirah Bt Wan Yusoh(TESL SM) .

Treasurer Units¶ Treasurer :Keshturi A/P Sivam :Nora Hanim Bt Jusoh(TESL 1) :Siti Khadijah Bt Che Yaacob(TESL 2) :Keshturi A/P Sivam(TESL 3) :Nik Nur Izzati Bt Che Yaacob(TESL 4) :Fahima Bt Fuazi(TESL 5) :Siti Raidah Bt Razali(TESL SM) 4. Outdoor Games Committee Manager Units¶ Manager :Mohd Aminuddin B Hassan :Ammar B Shafie(TESL 1) :Aizatil Hanafi B Jailani(TESL 2) :Mohd Aminuddin B Hassan(TESL 3) :Mohammad Hanif B Mohd Khair(TESL 4) :Muhammad Fazli B Mohd Diah(TESL 5) :Dzul Arief B Azhar(TESL SM) .3.

Indoor Activities Committee Manager Units¶ Manager :Nur Saniyah Bt Hamdi :Mohd Azma Hakimi B Mohd Rosli(TESL 1) :Firdaus B Mohammad(TESL 2) :Nur Hidayah Bt Sabaruddin(TESL 3) :Nur Muhammad B Muhammad Khalid(TESL 4) :Nur Saniyah Bt Hamdi(TESL 5) :Muhammad Ali B Zulkifli(TESL SM) 6.5. Traditional and Cultural Performance Committee Manager Units¶ Manager :Ng Min Chiu :Nur Syafika Nabila Bt Azmi(TESL 1) :Mohd Naqiyuddin B Mohd Lotfi(TESL 2) :Ng Min Chiu(TESL 3) :Chee Chiew Pei(TESL 4) :Aswini A/P Ramachandran(TESL 5) :Nurul Syamira Bt Md Teni(TESL SM) .

Reporter Committee Manager Units¶ Manager :Nur Farah Ain B Mohd Taman :Mohamad Rizal B Abdullah(TESL 1) :Nur Farah Ain B Mohd Taman(TESL 2) :Mohd Faisal B Hil Juhari(TESL 3) :Mardhiyah Bt Maidin@Shamsuddin(TESL 4) :Wan Atiqah Bt Wan Mohd Ishak(TESL 5) :Chew Chern Tee(TESL SM) 8.7. Souvenir Committee Manager Units¶ Manager :Nesha A/P Siva Shan :Nur Syahidah Bt Ramli(TESL 1) :Maizatul Amirah Bt Adimunir(TESL 2) :Nesha A/P Siva Shan(TESL 3) :Nur Auliya Bt Mohd Azmi(TESL 4) :Tengku Nurulizzati Bt Tengku Khalid(TESL 5) :Nurul Aimie Amira Bt Azman(TESL SM) .

Food And Refreshment Committee Manager Units¶ Manager :Mohamad Syazwan B Mohd Suhelmi :Muhammad Tarmizi B Mohd Jaafar(TESL 1) :Mohamad Syazwan B Mohd Suhelmi(TESL 2) :Fatin Aishah Bt Harun(TESL 3) :Nur Azua Bt Alias(TESL 4) :Nur Fazwani(TESL 5) :Goh Jun Wei(TESL SM) . Security Committee Manager Units¶ Manager :Mohd Hafiq B Sariffin :Suhairunnisa Bt Sekeri(TESL 1) :Norraihan Bt Mohd Shah(TESL 2) :Mohd Hafiq B Sariffin(TESL 3) :Mohd Kamal Husni B Khairi(TESL 4) :Ahmad Elias B Ismail(TESL 5) :Ahmad Syakirin B Ismail(TESL SM) 10.9.

11. Accommodation Committee Manager Units¶ Manager :Mohd Izzat Firdaus :Mohd Hafiz B Zamri(TESL 1) :Nor Aishah Bt Johari(TESL 2) :Mohd Izzat Firdaus(TESL 3) :Muhammad Rohaizi Azri B Romaiha(TESL 4) :Nik(TESL 5) :Nur Farihah Bt Juhari(TESL SM) .

Venue: 1. 4. it also a part of our activity where we will divide them into small groups. 3. To make a friendly environment between the school students and facilitators. Introduction of the committee members 2. 3. To introduce facilitators to the school students. Each group will be given a flag which is their group¶s identification. Divide them into small groups. 5. School hall Procedures: 1. Apart from that. This program to make them feel confident to involve in the activities that we prepare. A small game will be played among the students and the committee. 2.ACTIVITY AND PROCEDURE Ice Breaking Objective: 1. Costing ITEMS A4 Coloured paper A4 paper Marker pen Double sided tape QUANTITY 1 rim x 6 = 6 rim 1 rim x 6 = 6 rim 1 box x 6 = 6 box 3 roles x 6 = 18 roles . 4. Each group will be asked to name their group.

Flap your wings four times. 3. in imitation of an aeroplane. then repeat until the bridge ends) 8. All dancers spun around the room in "flight" until the bridge ends. turn right eight steps. 2. 2. progressively getting faster and faster. 6. At the bridge. 5. during the next four beats of the music. Material: PA System Procedure : 1. Make chicken wings with your arms. switch arms and turn left eight steps. The dance repeats. Repeat this process four times. 4. . 7. shape a chicken beak with your hands. hold your arms straight. This activity is carry to give fun and build self confidence among the students. This activity also to train the students to focus on instruction given. Wiggle downwards during the next four beats of the music.CHICKEN DANCE Objective : 1. At the start of the music. Clap four times during the next four beats of the music. during the first four beats of the music. Open and close it four times. link arms with the nearest person. Make a chicken's tail feathers with your arms and hands. until the music stops. (Alternately: At the bridge.

Interpret instruction from hearing to acting. 5. 2. 4. Finally. Materials ‡ PA System Procedure 1. One facilitator will be on stage and gives instruction. Focus when listening to an order. 3. . 3. Students must listen to the instruction and act as what is being instructed. one student who left after all the students being disqualified except him will be considered as a winner for the game. Understand English language better. Another facilitator will be on the floor and observe students who do not follow the instruction. Students gather together in the hall. 2. That student will be disqualified from the game.SIMON SAYS OBJECTIVES To enable students to: 1. Nature ‡ In the school hall.

: the word: dance = vocabulary item: verb). Give the signal to begin. The first team finished the race will win. 9. if he/she brought the word to the wrong station (the staff will check their words). he/she will have to find the correct station. Each team lines up behind one laundry basket filled with vocabulary items. Repeat the steps until the last person finishes. Place another empty laundry basket at a far place (different stations. Costing ITEMS Manila Cards Marker pen QUANTITY 10 units x 6 = 60 units 1 box x 6 = 60 units . 3. there will be one staff on duty). After that. Divide the group into 5-10 teams (one staff is on duty for each group). The first person takes a cloth from the basket and indentify which vocabulary objects does it belong to (e. 8. 7.Laundry basket race Objectives: y y To check the participant¶s understandings of the vocabulary items To test the participant¶s listening skills and ability to remember information How to play: 1. And one staff will explain the stations (this will test their listening skills) 2.g. However. 5. different location and for each location. 4.he/she cannot bring the word to the teammates to ask which vocabulary objects it belongs to. 6. He/she will have to take the word to the station and put it inside another basket. he/she will return to the starting point and the second person will repeat steps 5-7.

Procedure to carry out the games: 1) Students are divided in three groups 2) In the first 20 minutes. . In one hour. iv) v) These three games will be played simultaneously.INDOOR GAMES i) Indoor games that will be conducted during the language camp are:  Poison box  Pop quiz  Tongue twister  Spelling bee  Word building  Riddle ii) iii) These games will be conducted for one hour in two days. 4) Marks will be given for every games they have played. each group will play a game at a station. whistle will be blown and all groups will move to another station to play another game. 3) After 20 minutes. three games will be played in three stations for 20 minutes each game.

6. A box which contains a variety of punishments will be passed around whie music are play. After that. That particular student will have to do the punishment stated. 3. This activity will be held in 20 minutes. the student who last held the box will have to take out one of the paper which contains a punishment from the box. 5. To help students build their confidence. 2. MATERIALS y y A box Coloured papers PROCEDURES 1. Once the music is stop. 2.POISON BOX OBJECTIVES To enable students to: 1. To enhance student¶s bravery. All students will form a big circle. music will be played again and box will be passed around again. NATURE y This event will be held in an open hall. . 4.

ITEMS A4 paper Small Square Box Scissors Wrapping Paper Marker Pen Stopwatch A4 Colour Paper QUANTITY 1 rim x 6 = 6 rims 3 units x 6 = 18 units 6 pairs x 6 = 36 pairs 2 units x 6 = 12 units 1 box x 6 = 6 boxes 2 units x 6 = 12 boxes 1 rim x 6 = 6 rims .

If they do not manage to answer. To train students to be more confident in front of audience 2. 5 manila cards 2. the question will be opened to another group.POP QUIZ Objective 1. To test students¶ IQ about English knowledge 3. 4 tables 3. 5 marker pens 3. 5 bells 5. 1 tape Procedures 1. This event will be held in an open hall. 2. To improve students¶ ability in speaking Nature 1. 1 board Materials 1. 3. 4. The question will be given by the pop quiz questioner. 2. To improve grammar among students 4. The contestant have to ring the bell first to answer the question. 3 second will be given to answer the question. Group that manages to collect the highest mark will be the winner. 10 chairs 4. . the fastest who rings the bell can answer the question.

ITEMS Manila Card Tape Marker pen QUANTITY 5 units x 6 = 30 units 1 Role x 6 = 6 units 1 box x 6 = 6 units .

The students are only allowed to pronounce it thrice. 3. The student with the most fluency and fastest pronunciation wins the competition. To generate interest among students in learning English Language Nature: 1. To boost students¶ self confidence in pronouncing any particular English word. . To develop students¶ ability in speaking 4. 5.Tongue Twister Objective: 1. Students will be given three minutes each to memorize the tongue twisters given. the observers will test only the representative of each group on pronouncing the tongue twisters. 6. After the fixed time. All the sixty students will be divided into twelve groups. The activity will be held at the open hall. 4. Each and every member in the groups must take part in this activity. Procedures: 1. To enhance students¶ fluency in English 2. 3. which mean each group will have five members. 2.

4. .SPELLING BEE Objectives: 1. The activity will be held at the open hall. 3. The student should listen carefully to the judge when spelling the words given. The students will be judge right after the bell ring when time reach limit. Give opportunity for participants to learn new words. To spell words correctly. 2. All the students must be well prepared with vocabularies. Only one student will be tested at one time. Nature: 1. 2. Procedures: 1.

ITEMS Manila Card Marker Pen Scissors Rulers QUANTITY 7 units x 6 = 42 units 1 Box x 6 = 6 boxes 2 pairs x 6 = 12 units 3 units x 6 = 18 units . Nature: 1. To improve and enrich English vocabulary. The activity will be held at the open hall. Markers Procedure: 1. Material: 1.WORD BUILDING Objective: 1. 2. 8 manila cards 2. The facilitator will show a manila card which fills with randomly letters and the students will have to create different words as many as possible. All the members are divided accordingly to their groups.

The question will be shown using manila card. Costing ITEM Manila card QUANTITY 5 units x 6 = 30 units . Nature: 1.RIDDLE Objective: 1. The answer will be given after each student sends their answer for each question. The activity will be held at the open hall. 4. Material: 1. To test participant knowledge. 5 manila cards Procedure: 1. 5. 2. 2. 3. To improve thinking skills. Each student will be given 2 minutes to answer the questions. All the members are divided accordingly to their groups. The answer from each student must be written on a piece of paper and send it to the facilitators.

CHECKPOINT 1 Game: Test Your Emotion  The students must read a poem with correct emotion. They will get different colours of envelopes. the penalty will be given. they will have to find the envelope of the same colours as the first clue in the flour.TREASURE HUNT Objectives: 1. To tighten the relationship between the students. Every group will be given a clue in an envelope. One group must have 10 members. For the next clues. NATURE: At the field PROCEDURES y y y y y y : We need 6 groups of participants for this game. . 3. Penalty: They will have to spell 5 correct English words. they will be given a clue about the place they should go. 2. To learn English in fun and different way. Inside the envelopes. If they failed to complete the task. y y They must complete the tasks given in every checkpoint. To make sure the proficient use of English.

Paddy Penalty: They have to build 3 words from some letters given  E. . He/ she have to think of a word clue that related to the word given. They must sing the song with the most elegant way. Penalty: They must wait at the checkpoint for 5 minutes. Others must guess the word.g.g. The time provided is 1 minute. They must complete at least 2 rows. : Word given ± Rice Clue. : P U E G K L I R Girl Pile CHECKPOINT 4 Game: Rubik Cube   The participants will be given a set of Rubik cube containing 6 different colours. CHECKPOINT 3 Game: Innocent Clue     One of the members will be given a word. He/she must use sign languages and make others guess the word. E.CHECKPOINT 2 Game: Silent Words    One of the participants in a group will be given a word. Penalty: They will be given a song called Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song.

Penalty: They must play 5 Stones (batu seremban) until they get µ1 bowl¶. Penalty: They must say a tongue twister as fast as they could. First group that reach the last checkpoint earliest will be the winner. there will be different colours. they will hand over all the collected items in a good shape.: Hi. they must find the word CAMP. They must continue their conversation in a minute. CHECKPOINT 6 Game: Compound Game  The group will be asked to give 10 compound words in a minute. E. CHECKPOINT 8 Game: Language Camp Challenge      The participants have to find out the word LANGUAGE first.CHECKPOINT 5 Game: 5 Words    The participants are required to make simple conversation. Bangau Oh Bangau into English. Lastly. After that. . how are you today? I feel bad. The group who get the same colour of these 2 words must find person in charge at last checkpoint.g. Penalty: They must solve a grammar questions. For every word. CHECKPOINT 7 Game: Sing the Song  The participants have to translate a song.

Costing ITEMS A4 colour paper Envelopes Cellophane Tape Marker pen QUANTITY 1 rim x 6 = 6 rims 50 pieces x 6 = 300 pieces 5 roles x 6 = 30 roles 1 box x 6 = 6 boxes 3 packets x 6 = 18 packets Flour Egg .

PERFORMANCE Objectives 1. which 2 groups consist of 25 pupils and another group consists of 10. To build confidence 2. They are given time to practice their performance. 4. 3. Papers Procedures 1. 2 groups will perform choral reading and drama. On the last day. School¶s hall Materials 1. Divide the students into 3 groups. the entire group will perform their performances. To train the students to use English in daily lives 3. and another group will perform story telling. To expose the students about the importance of English Nature 1. . 2.

: Disperse Costing ITEMS Cellophane tape Wrapping paper Stapler Staple Brush Ribbon Cutter Cloth (2 meters) Pelaka Tray Goody Bag QUANTITY 4 roles x 6 =24 roles 10 units x 6 = 60 roles 5 units x 6 = 30 units 3 boxes x 6 =18 boxes 4 units x 6 = 24 units 5 roles x 6 = 30 roles 3 units x 6 =18 units 2 meters x 6 = 12 meters 4 units x 6 = 24 1 unit x 6 = 6 units 10 units x 6 = 60 units .00 p.: Arrival of the Headmaster and HOD/Lecturer in Charge : Negaraku and School Song : Du¶a : Speech by project coordinator : Speech by HOD/Lecturer in Charge : Performances -Facilitators Performances -Students Performances : Speech by Headmaster : Souvenir Presentation : Refreshment 1.: Arrival of students / teachers 11.m.m.00 p.Closing 11.m.15 p.

and cardiovascular fitness). 2) To teach the students the importance of aerobic activity 3) To encourage the student to exercise consistently 4) To build the student ability to understand the instruction during the exercise in English language MATERIALS REQUIRED 1) A set of PA system NATURE OF THE ACTIVITY 1) Open area occupied with a stage for the aerobics instructors COSTING PA system will be supplied by the school administrator PROCEDURE 1) The students will be gathered at the open area under the supervision of the facilitator 2) The instructor will give a brief common instruction about the aerobics activity 3) The instructor will start the activity by showing the students the standard warm up activities 4) Next. muscular strength. the aerobic activity will start .Plastic Wrapper Thumbtack 3 roles 2 boxes x 6 = 12 boxes AEROBIC PROPOSAL OBJECTIVE 1) To improve all elements of fitness (flexibility.

4) then. 3) Able the students to make a story in English. Materials PA system Procedure 1) gather the students in one big circle.EXTRA ACTIVITY FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL CONTINUE STORY Objectives 1) to increase the creativeness of students. find a simple sentence that the students can understand and easy to make a story 3) next. . 2) To increase the thinking skill of the students. 2) then. 4) Improve the language of the students. first student will continue the story based on his own creativity. the second student will continue the story until the last person.

CLIP FLASH OBJECTIVE 1. Ten minutes will be given for the respective group to discuss and jot down their notes and information. Test out the students¶ team work 4. Paper 4. Each respective group will be asked to share and present their findings COSTING NO 1 2 3 4 ITEMS Paper Pen PA System LCD QUANTITY 1rim 10units . LCD 2. Allow the students to have a firsthand experience on presentation MATERIAL 1. 4. The second to fifth stimulus will be shown following the 2nd and 3rd procedure 5. Pen NATURE In the hall PROCEDURE 1. PA System 3. Test out the students¶ sensitivity and focus towards the message given by the stimulus 3. Students will be gathered around in their respective groups 2. To test the ability of the students to interpret the stimulus material given 2. The first stimulus will be shown through the provided LCD 3.

To make sure the proficient use of english . 2. They will guard the participants so that other participants cannot continue their journey easily. 4. We need 4 groups of participants for this game. Challenge 1 Game : no entry please 1.To learn english in fun and different ways . they will face a few challenges.RUSH HOUR Objectives . 1 packet) -Marker (4) -Rope. 3. Before that. The objective of this game is to construct a sentence based on 10 words. tali rafia (4) -Boxes (4) -Hula hoops (8) -Baskets (4) Procedures : 1. 2. One group must have 15 participants. . They will guard a couple in a time. 3. Five participants of each group are required to go to another group.To tighten the relationship between the participants Material -Paper (30 sheets.

Final When all the participants have reached this session. After that. On each card is written a word. the couple will take a card each. If there are two participants take the wrong cards. he/she must go to µdisposal¶ session. At this session. The fastest group with right sentence will be considered as the winner. If one of the participants still cannot escape from µno entry please¶ session. After that. 2. Disposal Only one participant can go to this session in one time. They must walk with that condition until they reach another session. one of them must wait until the first participant finished his/her job. the participants must dispose the wrong card using scissors.Challenge 2 Game : intimate walk 1. they will go to another session using hula hoop. Challenge 3 Game : good luck charm During this session. they will discuss to construct a sentence using 10 words that they have taken at µgood luck charm¶ session. the other participant must wait for his/her partner. If one of the participants has taken a wrong card. . After that. their legs will be tied. 3. they must go to starting point and run as fast as he/she could to µgood luck charm¶ session.

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