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Project Proposal

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Bachelor of Information Technology
ITC306 Project preparation &
Professional Practice

Project Title: Pinnacle’s E-Library Solutions

Client Details: Stafford International College
Name : Dr. Peter Bone
Position : Director
Address : 600, Burke Street, Melbourne, vic3000
E mail :

The Team
Name Student I.D Skills Qualification
Asanka Ranaweera 11402543 Programming (C Dip. of Information
#.NET ) , Database Technology Software
( Access, MySQL, Development, ACS.
SQL Server) &
Microsoft SharePoint

Chamila Roshani Perera 114010807 Programming (Java, Dip. of Information And Web Technology (Software
Development. Development)
Database ( Access,
MySQL, SQL Server)
Ho Dang 11408402 Programming (Java, Dip. of Information And Web Technology (Software
Development. Development).
Database ( Access,
MySQL, SQL Server)
Jasjit Kaur 11400540 Programming (Java, Dip. of Information, C, C++) And Technology (Software
Web Development. Development),
Database ( Access, DOEACC ‘O’ LEVEL
Kunalkumar Lamba 11408056 Programming (Java, Dip. of Information, C language) Technology (Software
And Web Development),
Development. DOEACC ‘O’
Database ( Access, LEVEL
MySQL, SQL Server)
Shivangi Kulkarni 11408697 Programming (Java, Dip. of Information And Web Technology (Software
Development. Development).
Database ( Access,
MySQL, SQL Server)

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Project Description

Stafford international college’s library maintains every record of the books and the
student details manually. They need a computerized system to maintain their daily
transactions more efficiently and accurately.

The proposed system allows library staff to register, inactive and delete students when
needed and thereafter active students can reserve books online with their password
and student id. The period which a student can borrow a book will be decided by the
library staff in accordance with the library regulations. Return date will be
automatically captured by the system and fines will be applied to students who do not
return books on time. System will not allow students to reserve books if they have any
pending fines. System maintains the records of the books in a database with Author,
Title, ISBN No and Category. The proposed system will have the feature of searching
a book by author, title, ISBN no and category. In addition to this, the new system will
give various reports including books in demand, out standing book list, student
history, missing books, etc. Only super administrator will have the authority to reverse
a transaction where as every library staff can enter the students, books and other day
to day transactions.

By implementing the proposed system, Student will have the option of reserving a
book on line. This feature will help to reduce unnecessary work load of the library
staff. Apart from that, this helps library staff and the management to make further
decisions based on the information provided by the system.
Administration phase:

• Scheduling back ups.

• Update and maintaining web site.
• Reverse transactions

Library Staff Phase

• Maintain Student database
• Maintain database of books
• Maintain library catalogues
• Maintain details of books (Missing books, Long outstanding)
• Maintain Fine details

Students Phase:

• Online reservation of books.

• Search books.

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Why we should be given this project,

Pinnacle Solutions Ltd. is a dynamic system development firm in the Melbourne

city. Our vision is to deliver best solutions to the customers using the latest software
technologies. With six group members we are always ready to face new challenges in
the given time frame. Our major strengths are well developed skills with vast
knowledge of project management, troubleshooting and system maintenance along
with on-time delivery. This makes Pinnacle Solutions to be one of the best in the

Our biggest concern is customer satisfaction. Therefore we are very careful to make
user friendly and simple system to meet our client expectations. We are confident that
we can deliver the best product to our customers with our technical and business

By working for this project we will gain other expertise which will be invaluable
when working in the real world situation as well as its contribution to the Stafford
College and community. In addition to this we will have the luxury of gaining new
business knowledge and project management skills which will help in our future

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