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Export of agriculture & agri based products-

Objectives of the Unit

 Global Perspective on Agriculture Products

 India’s Contribution in the Agri Export

 Governments Policy & Incentives

 Marketing Strategies & Competitors

Global Perspective on Agriculture Products
 Agriculture plays a multifunctional role with every 1% rise in agricultural
productivity cutting poverty by an estimated 0.6%.

 Although world agricultural exports picked up in 2005 growing by 8.1% in

value terms, they totaled only US$ 852 bn.
 United States is the largest exporter of agricultural products with exports
totaling US$ 83 billion in 2005.

 Other major agro exporters included The Netherlands, Germany, France

and Canada.

 The top five agriculture exporters accounted for more than one third of
global agro exports.

India’s Contribution in Agri Export

 $ 7347.07 million (till march 2010)
 It is the single largest private sector occupation.

 India was ranked the 22nd largest exporter of agro products with exports.
 Agriculture contributing more than one-fifth to the GDP and providing
livelihood support to about two-thirds of country’s population
What do we Export?
 India’s major agro exports (apart from marine products) include rice, oil
meals, cashew, spices, tea, and wheat.
 The non-traditional exports include horticulture and floriculture products
such as vegetables, fruits and their processed products.
 Star performers have in fact been the traditional agro exports like basmati
rice, oil meals and castor oil.
 Major Product Groups:
Floriculture; Fresh Fruits; Poultry Products; Non-Basmati & Basmati;
Vegetables & Dried & Preserved Vegetable; Seeds; Dairy Products;
Confectionary; Wheat; Animal Casing; Cocoa Products; Cereals; Processed Meat;
Milled Products; Walnut Pulses; Natural Honey; Alcoholic Beverages; Fresh
Mangoes; Goat/Sheep/Buffalo Meat; Groundnuts; Miscellaneous Preparations;
Fresh Grapes
 India is the largest producer of pulses in the world. Pulses are 20 to 25
percent protein by weight which is double the protein content of wheat and
three times that of rice.

 The total Pulses export from India during the year 2009- 10 was 100130.94
tonnes worth Rs.408.32 Crores
Who do we Export?
 United Kingdom is one of the largest importer of Agri products from India,
amounting to Rs. 891.74 Crores in year (2009-10).

 Major APEDA products imported by United Kingdom are Basmati Rice,

Cereal preparations, other processed fruits & vegetable, Fresh Grapes etc.
Foreign Trade Policy (2004-09

 To double the percentage share of global merchandise trade.

 To expand employment opportunities, especially in semi urban & rural

Special Focus Initiatives:
 Agriculture

 Handlooms

 Gems & Jewelry

 Leather Sectors
Package for Agriculture:
 Vishesh Krashi and Gram Udyog Yojana (VKGUY) has been introduced
for promoting the export of fruits, vegetables, flowers and minor forest

 Duty free import of capital goods has been permitted under Export
Promoting Capital Goods (EPCG) Scheme.
 Capital goods imported under EPCG scheme have been permitted to be
installed anywhere in the AEZ.

 Import of inputs such as have been permitted under the Advance License.
 Units in Agriculture Export Zone of India (AEZ) have been exempted from
Bank Guarantee under the EPCG Scheme.
Foreign Trade Policy (2009-2014)
Special Focus Initiatives:
 Market Diversification , Technological Upgradation,
 Support to status holders, Agriculture,
 Handlooms, Handicraft, Gems & Jewelry
 Leather, Marine, Electronics
 IT Hardware Manufacturing Industries,
 Green products, Exports of products from North-East,
 Sports Goods and Toys sectors.
 Vishesh Krishi and Gram Udyog Yojana.

 Capital goods imported under EPCG will be permitted to be installed

anywhere in AEZ.

 Import of restricted items, such as panels, are allowed under various export
promotion schemes.
 Import of inputs such as pesticides are permitted under Advance
Authorisation for agro exports.

 New towns of export excellence with a threshold limit of Rs 150 crore shall
be notified.

 Additional flexibility for agri-infra scrip by way of limited transferability to

other status holders and the units in Food Parks allowed.
 Instant Tea and CSNL Cardinol included for benefits under VKGUY @ 5%
of FOB value of exports.

 Oil Meals (Cotton, rape seed, groundnut), Castor Oil derivatives, Packed
Coconut Water and Coconut Shell worked items shall be entitled for
benefits @ 2% of FOB value of exports to all markets under FPS.

 Rs 150 Crores is the limit for Town of Export Excellence (TEE) in