Financial sowing and reaping

While the earth remainth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and night and day shall not cease (Genesis 8:22). A law that God has set in the earth is seedtime and harvest. This law is a fixed law just as the law of gravity is, and as long as the earth remains it will be in effect. another way that we can view this is by asking the we still have night and day? do we still have summer and winter? do we still have heat and cold? well we still have seedtime and harvest.

Seed after its own kind
God has designed that every living creature bare seed after its own kind. Elephants bare elephant seed not another type of animal and so on. When a farmer plants corn seed he does not reap beans at harvest time, so the law of the seed is that every seed bares after its own kind.

5 Facts about the seed
1. Seedtime and harvest remains as long as the earth remains 2. Every seed bares after its own kind 3. Sowing and reaping is a persons respon sibility but God gives increase to the seed 4. The seed must be placed in good ground in order to produce 5. The seed must be harvested

Seedtime and harvest as it relates to money
Seedtime and harvest as it relates to money is a bible term found in 2 Corinthia ns 6:9-11 where Paul addresses the Corinthian church as relating to giving and receiving. Many people may wonder why there is no answer to financial prayers, but one reason could be because no seed has been sown. If a farmer does not plant seed he cannot expect to receive a harvest because one can only reap what has been sown. Paul says if one sows sparingly they will reap sparingly, but if they sow bountifully they will reap also bountifully. I n other words we should not expect to receive a thousand dollar harvest from a three dollar seed unless one is down to their last. If we sow generously we will reap generously because God knows what

This principle would not be fair if God did not look at what is left over because the rich have the means to give in abundance while the poor only have a little to give. men will give back into out bosom with the same measure that we have given 5. Refusal to sow anything . One must do something productive because it will prosper (Psalm 1). But on the other hand a ministry with integrity and doing things for God would be considered good ground. The widow who gave the two mites gave more than those who gave out of their abundance according to Jesus becaus e she cast in all her living. Many people may want to give but just cannot because they do not have it. and for one to plant in it is like trying to plant seedon cement. But when the fruit is brought forth. The bible says God gives seed to the sower .we have left over after giving. This principle is more than putting money in good ground. A farmer would not plant seed and keep the weeds out only to let his harvest rot in the field. This starts the process of sowing and reaping. giving and receiving so one can sow and reap. Planting wrong seed for a desired harvest 2. A ministry or person who does not have any integrity is not considered good ground to God. Since seed bares after its own kind. it does not work. money must be sown or planted if one wants a money harvest. One must reap the harvest. give and receive. Also Luke 6:38 says if we give. after that a full corn in the ear. 4. in other words Jesus looked at what was left over. For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself. because the harvest is come (Mark 4:28 -29). 5 things that can hinder a harvest 1. first the blade then the ear. but to that individual God will give seed to sow. Not planting in good ground 3. but God looks at the heart also because he loves a cheerful giver. immediately he putteth in the sickle.

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