The green building field stated to rise in popularity in the nineties and one of the first milestones for the green movement in the United States was in 1989 when the American Association of Architects (AIA) formed the Committee on the Environment. This organization released a book in 1992; this was the Environmental Resource Guide, which was paid for by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Also in 1992 the EPA and the Department of Energy launched the Energy Star program, which is more popular now than ever before. 1992 also saw the first US city, Austin, TX; release a local green housing program. The following year, 1993 saw many more advancements in the Green Revolution and the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) was founded. The White House also had many green renovation projects done during the Clinton administration in 1993. More and more people started realizing the benefits and started making small changes in their homes by going energy star with appliances. In 1998 the USGBC launched their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program and they helped contribute to the future of green building. These different programs have helped make many changes when it comes to environmentally friendly construction and they are a big part of the history of building green.

Green Building Movement in India
Globally the Green Movement started in 1990 with the establishment of the first Green Building rating system, BREEAM in the U.K., followed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in 1993. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) was instituted in 2001. IGBC which is a part of the CIIGodrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad, is actively involved in promoting the green building concept in India.

Definition of Green Building
"A green building is one which uses less water, optimizes energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building."

Number of Green Buildings in India
There 125 Certified Buildings in India, 13 Green Buildings in Karnataka And one Green Building In Gulbarga. (I.e. IGP Office Complex)
The Following are the certified green building in INDIA

Project Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited Mahindra Splendour Aliens Developers - Aliens Space Station -1 Shree Ram Infrastructure Ltd. - Palais Royale Mahindra Chloris Mahindra Royale Green Grace Kalpataru Riverside Srishti Megapolis Avani Residence Raisina Residency Kalpataru Pinnacle Aquila Heigths BCIL T ZED Homes Viswa Syamalam Kalpataru Hills Park Infinia Aqua Lily August Park NOEL Greenature La Residency Camelot Location Mumbai Hyderabad Mumbai Faridabad Pune Hyderabad Mumbai Mumbai Pune Hyderabad Gurgaon Mumbai Bangalore Bangalore Chennai Thane Pune Chengulpet Banglore Kochi, Kerala Mumbai Rating Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Platinum Pre-Certified, Gold Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre-Certified, Gold Platinum Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre - Certified, Platinum Pre-Certified, Gold Pre-Certified, Gold Pre-Certified, Gold

Kansal-Mohali - Punjab Pre-Certified, Gold

Nitesh Columbus Springs Shem Park

Bangalore Chennai Chennai

Pre-Certified, Gold Pre-Certified, Gold Gold

IGBC Green Factory Building Projects
Project PEBS Pennar Location Sadasivapet, Hyderabad Rating Gold

LEED Rated Green Buildings in India
Project CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre ITC Green Centre Wipro Technologies Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd NEG Micon India Pvt Limited, (Vestas India) Technopolis L & T EDRC 1 Location Hyderabad Gurgaon Gurgaon Chennai Chennai Kolkata Chennai Rating Platinum Platinum Platinum Gold Gold Gold Silver

Olympia Technology Park Hiranandani BG Building IGP Office

Chennai Mumbai Gulbarga

Gold Platinum Gold Silver Gold Platinum Gold Silver Silver Gold Gold Platinum Silver Certified Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Certified Silver Silver Gold

Hyderabad Institute of Technology & Hyderabad Management ABN Amro Bank - Central Enterprises Spectral Services Consultants Pvt Ltd ETL BPO Park World Bank Building Rane Institute Development for Employee Chennai Noida Chennai Chennai Chennai Kochi Pune Ahmedabad Hyderabad Hyderabad Mumbai Bangalore Mumbai Hyderabad Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai Gujarat

Wipro Technologies SDB1 Haworth Pune India Regional Office ABN Amro Bank N.V. HSBC GSC Hyderabad 1 HUDA - Annexe II Building K Raheja Corp C 30 BKC InterfaceFLOR Enercon India Pvt Ltd Microsoft Building 3 RMZ Millenia Business Park IMTMA's Banglore International Center Rajiv Gandhi International Airport TECCI PARK Minestone Green Diamonds

Patni Knowledge Center Motorola Manufacturing Facility Turbo Energy Technology Block, L&T Kalpataru Square Ashok Leyland Corporate Office TCS Technopark FLSmidth House Infinity Benchmark Spectral Services Consultants Pvt Ltd Green Boulevard Modine Thermal Systems Pvt. Ltd. Office Modine Thermal Systems Pvt. Ltd. Factory Odyssey Building - GE Technology Centre Pvt. Ltd

Noida Sriperumbudur, Chennai Chennai Hazira Mumbai Chennai Chennai Chennai Kolkata Hyderbad Noida Sriperumbudhur Sriperumbudhur

Platinum Silver Platinum Platinum Platinum Gold Gold Gold Platinum Gold Platinum Gold Silver Gold Gold Gold Silver Gold Gold Silver Silver Gold

India Bangalore Noida Pune Chennai Mumbai Bangalore Pune LAVASA City Coimbatore

Fast Track Building 1 & 2, Wipro Technologies Software Development Block 3 Wipro Chennai Development CenterSEZ 247 Park Bagmane World Technology Center Thermax Corporate House Hotel Fortune Select Dasve Cognizant Green Campus

Kohinoor Hospital Yamuna - Corporate office Kirloskar Brothers Limited Cisco VTV CII - Suresh Neotia Centre of excellence for leadership ITC Royal Gardenia Xylem

Mumbai Pune Banglore Kolkatta Bangalore Bangalore

Platinum Platinum Platinum Silver Platinum Gold Silver Gold Gold

Wipro Special Economic Zone (EC) Bangalore Tower "S2" Wipro Special Economic Gopannapally,S1 & S2 Zone, Hyderabad Ahmednagar

Electrical Systems & Equipment, Electrical & Automation Operating Company, Larsen & Toubro Limited ABN AMRO - KRM Towers Burt Hill India Office Interiors DBAG Nirlon Deutsche Bank Frontier Business Systems Pvt. Ltd. IT Park, TCS Ltd. Leadership Development Institute, TCS M Moser Nothern Operating Services Pvt Ltd Nokia India Private Limited Sabarmati Gas Limited Shell Business Service Center - Phase 1 Space Matrix Office Pre-Clinical R & D Laboratory

Chennai Ahmedabad Mumbai Bangalore Bhubaneshwar Thiruvananthapuram Delhi Bangalore Gurgaon Gujarat Chennai New Delhi

Gold Platinum Gold Gold Platinum Silver Certified Gold Gold Gold Platinum Platinum

VIMTA Life Sciences Campus,Gold Genome Valley, Hyderabad

Wipro Special Economic Zone (SR) Tower S3 SNQS Internationals Mindspace Airoli, Building No 8 Aquamall Water Solutions Limited Wipro Special Economic Zone Suzlon One Earth Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly DuPont Knowledge Center Wipro Technologies Max Super Speciality Hospital Cement House Wipro Technologies, BHDC Technology Centre II, L&T HSBC House - Finance COE, Phase-1 Cognizant Green Campus Cisco B4 Logix Cyber Park YCH DistriPark India Chennai Nirlon Knowledge Park (Phase I) Anna Centenary Library Building Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Phase 3 Building PS Srijan Tech Park Unitech Commercial Tower Wipro Technologies (Tower - 4)

Banglore Avinashi Mumbai Dehradun Pune Pune Chennai Hyderabad Vizag New Delhi Mumbai Bhubaneshwar Chennai Gurgaon Kolkata Bangalore Noida Chennai Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Gurgaon Kolkata

Silver Silver Gold Gold Gold Platinum Gold Silver Gold Gold Gold Silver Certified Platinum Silver Platinum Silver Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold

Wipro Limited (Infotech Division) Infosys Technologies Shriram The Gateway Godrej Waterside IT Park American Embassy School HSBC Baroda Great Lakes Institute of Management CDPL Corporate Office Commerzone Building No.4 Dabur Corporate Office Nokia Siemens Networks, Phase II Net Magic Chennai Data Centre Chennai Development Center 5 K Raheja Corp.- Novartis Building, Mindspace CA Technologies Building 2 India Hyderabad,

Kotdwar Jaipur Chennai Kolkata New Delhi Vadodara Manamai Hyderabad Pune Gurgaon Noida Chennai Chennai Hyderabad Hyderabad Chennai Mumbai Chennai Mumbai Mumbai Chennai

Silver Platinum Gold Gold Gold Platinum Platinum Silver Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Platinum Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold

Cognizant MEPZ Campus ING Vysya Bank IDFC Bank Mudra House Kohinoor City Mall Express Avenue Mall

Facts of Police Bhavan
Project Title Building Use Location Size Cost Police Bhavan (IGP Office Complex) Government Office. Gulbarga, Karnataka State, India. 33,000.00 SF Rs.975.00 per SF

Project Team Profile
Owner Team Leader Architect Engineer Contractor Certification Agent Karnataka Police Department Mr. R. Sri Kumar I.P.S. Kembhavi Architects,Hubli Karnataka State Police Housing Corp., Dn, Gulbarga. V.P. Karikal, Class-I Contractor, Gagabvathi, Koppal dist., CII-Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad.

Police Bhavan Details
Estimated Cost Actual Cost Plinth Area Rs.280 lakhs Rs. 322 lakhs a) Ground Floor 1151.00 Sqm or 12390.00 Sft b) First Floor 1404.06 Sqm or 15114.00 Sft c) Second Floor 511.54 Sqm or 5506.00 Sft Rs. 975.00 Per Sft 3.70 m Clear each floor 0.90 M 6.90 M From Roof top 1.05x 1.05M 1.05x 1.05 M 2525.00 Sft 2185.00 Sft 40000.00 Ltrs.

Cost Per Sft Height Of Building Plinth Height Height Of Wind Tower Inside Size Outside Size Roof Top Garden High Albido Paint Rain Water Harvesting


This is an Evaporative cooling technique, in which outdoor hot air is cooled by cold water. The latent heat of air is used to evaporate water, thus cooling the air, which in turns cools the living space of the building. Cold water is circulated through nozzles and charcoal trays for filtering hot air. Very inexpensive when compared to conventional cooling systems.


Large size windows are designed for maximum sunlight inside the building. There by minimizing the use of electrical energy during the day. Use of Special glass panes reduces heat radiation from coming in. Solar lights are provided all around the building for illumination during the night.


Composite stone and brick masonry sandwiched with rat traps insulate the building against heat from solar radiation. Terrace green grass, china mosaic over covered vaults too helps reduce the effects of heat radiation. While Pseudo triangular pillars enhance architectural beauty of the building.

Roof top Gardening

Roof top garden is developed on the 2nd floor by making water proofing and drainage layer to drain off the garden water. On account of this, there is significant reduction in the heat inside the building.

High Albido Paint (Thermo Shield)

On the roof over conference hall, high Albido paint (thermo Shield) is applied to reflect the solar heat due to sunlight. The paint also acts as water proofing agent and keeps the building cool.

Root Zone Treatment System (RTZS)

The plants which are planted in filter bed consisting of sand/ gravel/ Soil/ RTZS use a natural way to effectively treat domestic and industrial effluents. The waste water flows through the root zone in horizontal way, where the organic pollutants are decomposed bio-chemically by the bacteria p-resent in the rhizosphere of root plants. There by reducing pollution as well as protecting the environment.

Rain Water Harvesting

The building harvest rain water by collecting water from the roof- Top surface. The collected water in the sump tank is used for circulation in wind towers by pumping through solar pumps. Extra water collected in the sump tank flows to percolation pits to recharge the bore-well.


Solar power pack Solar water pumps (Used for cooling towers) Hybrid Power Generation, Solar streets lights. Solar Energy is the most readily

available natural source of energy , which is free. The most important non convectional energy source which is non polluting, there by reducing the green house effect and by reducing consumption of energy from state electric grid or KPTCL. Solar Energy is used for domestic, Street lighting

and water pumping. KSPHC had

installed 2 solar powered pumps for pumping continuous water required for operation of Wind Tower. KSPHC has also installed 13 solar streetlights for continuous lighting.

Construction Type Of Walls
The rat-trap bond is laid by placing the bricks on their sides having a cavity of 4? (100 mm), with alternate course of stretchers and headers. The headers and stretchers are staggered in subsequent layers to give more strength to the walls.

Credit Rating System
A whole-building approach to sustainability and is recognized by the performance in the following five key areas:  Sustainable site development: It Involves, whenever possible, the reuse of existing buildings and preservation of surrounding environment.

 Water savings: Depending upon the conservation of water and usage of water.  Energy efficiency: On the basis of efforts to made to reduce energy.  Materials selection: Types of material used in construction and interior.  Indoor environmental quality. IGBC Green Homes ratings are awarded according to the following scale: Projects with Interior
Certification Levels Certified Silver Gold Platinum Points 32-39 40-47 48-59 60-80

Projects without Interiors
Certification Levels Certified Silver Gold Platinum Points 30-36 37-44 45-55 56-75

Registration and Certification
The first step toward earning LEED-INDIA certification is project registration. Registering during the early phases of project design will

ensure maximum potential for achieving certification. Registration is an important step that establishes contact with the IGBC and provides access to essential information, software tools and communications. Upon registration, project contacts receive LEED India templates and a Reference guide. Once a project is registered, the project team begins to prepare documentation and calculations to satisfy the prerequisite and credit submittal requirements. It is helpful to have a IGBC Accredited Professional as the project contact and team member responsible for coordinating the LEED-INDIA process and requirements.

LEED India certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest performance standards. The LEED India plaque awarded by the IGBC is a recognition of the project achievement. Certification process       Registration Credit Interpretations Certification and Documentation Certification Award Appeal Fee Summary

Address for Certification
CII - Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre Survey No 64, Kothaguda Post Near Kothaguda Cross Roads Ranga Reddy Dist Hyderabad - 500 032 Tel: 040 - 23112971 - 73

Fax: 040 - 23112837 Email:

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