DRUG CLASS Antituberculotic

DOSAGE 250mg/5ml OD AC X 2MOS

MECHANISM OF ACTION Bacteriastatic/bacteri cidal against Mycobacterium TB Converted to pyrazinoic acid susceptible to strains of Mycobacterium which lowers the pH level of the environment.

INDICATIONS Initial treatment of active TB in adults and children with other anti TB drugs after the primary treatment has failed.

C/I Hypersensitivity to PZA Acute hepatic disease Lactation Acute gout

ADVERSE REACTIONS MILD  Allergic reactions  Loss of appetite  Nauseavomiting  Increased uric acid  Joint pain SERIOUS  Sideroblast ic anemia  Pellagra  Seizures  Low platelet count  Nephritis  Gouty arthritis  Druginduced hepatitis

NURSING CONSIDERATION Monitor periodic liver function tests  SGPT  SOPT Monitor serum uric acid level