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Hicksville High School Newsletter

Hicksville, New York

U Around Hicksville U

Robert Edward Gleason Wesley

Ten years ago, February of 2010, was when the music stopped for Bob Wesley. An accomplished

Bob had a radio show in Dannemora, New York that aired weekly.

Along with a co-host, Frank, the duo made music that the community really enjoyed.
He loved music and travelled to local hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities and
performed for the residents free of charge.

His passing saddened many. Bob “partied hard” over the years and realized his activities would tell its
toll eventually. He survived open heart surgery only to find himself spending time in the hospital for a
string of illnesses that did eventually cut his life short, too short.
I remember fondly the time he travelled from Dannemora to Long Island to visit me. What would be the
last time, this visit included us making a trip to New Jersey to visit with Linda Piccerelli who along with
Pat Koziuk were the original editors of HixNews. Bob was instrumental in taking the Hicksville High
Newsletter from ancient times into the new world. The website he established exists today and many
can thank Bob for his vision of what future issues of the newsletter should be.
His daughter, Heather and granddaughter, Rebecca remembers Bob as a warm, wonderful person who
they miss every day.

Buffalo Bob Casale

I attended the Hicksville school board meeting last night (January 22, 2020), at which
they officially voted to rename the newly renovated High School auditorium as the
Charles "Chuck" Arnold Theatre for the Performing Arts. They are planning an April
event TO BE coordinated with Billy Joel's schedule (I wonder why?)! As soon as a date
and time are decided, I hope I can call upon you to help get the word out to Chuck's
former students! Thanks.

Steve Goldstein 1966

Hi there Are you still doing the newsletter for the high school alumni?

Myra Giansante Grist1960 old friend from high school. Are you still dancing? I remember seeing you in a
photo dressed to the nines and dancing with Bill (see attached). Was that taken in
Hawaii? If so, where and when? If you mean the Hicksville High School Newsletter, yes
we are still doing it. The most recent issue was posted at the beginning of January and
can be accessed by going to to view. In the menu at the top of the
Home Page is an area called Archives. If you have not seen any issue for a while, go
there and click on any issue you might want to view. Also, each issue has a Photo
Gallery, Memory Lane, Casale's Corner, and a humor page. You can go crazy for days
looking at back issues. Why don't you write something that we can post in the next issue
(February) that your classmates would like to see where you've been all these years?
Does it seem like we graduated 60 years ago??? If you'd like to see some of the videos
I've done for many different graduating classes, go to which is my

website and scroll down to the listing of videos. I did one that is an In Memoriam for the
class of 1961 that is depressing but does bring back memories of growing up with great
people. I'm still in touch with some of our classmates...John Wright...Dave Laney...Tom
Steedman...Tom Dackow...and several others. I hope you are well and still active, both
dancing and otherwise. Warmest Regards...Buffalo Bob Casale
p.s. give me a shout back when you can...thanks
Where are you living? I'm out of Hicksville and now living in Augusta, Georgia since

Hi Bob,

So good to hear from you! I am in Santa Rosa CA and wish I was back full-time in
Hawaii. But sold my home back there this past year and will visit as often as I can. I have
ongoing sciatic nerve pain and have limited my dancing but I did go back in November
and danced again in a showcase with my partner in that same dress. Sad to say a bit
tighter fit for the dress. I have been through Georgia on and off as I travel. My husband
was from Marietta and friends and family have lived up around north of Atlanta and west.
I know Augusta is further south but I will call you if I ever get that way again. Blessings
to you! Thanks for doing all this nostalgia stuff for us. Aloha

I was in the navy for nine years and the last 3-1/2 years I was stationed in Sonoma as a
navy instructor. There was a 7.0 earthquake that was centered in Santa Rosa and that was
in 1969. We were far from the epicenter but felt the effects of the initial quake and the
aftershocks. Sorry about the sciatic nerve pain. I went through that back in the '70s when
I was driving a truck and delivering carpeting. It was really bad but the problem ceased
within several months. My family moved from Hicksville to Hawaii in 1965, mom, pop
and my 3 sisters, Eileen, Diane and Patti. Eileen got married and her husband, Jim
Mahan, went to Vanderbilt law school following his discharge from the navy on the same
day I was discharged, December 1, 1969. They moved to Las Vegas and Jim worked for
a law firm, then started his own business, was appointed a District Court Judge in 1994
and then was appointed a Federal Judge by George Bush in 2002. Mom and Pop, Diane
and Patti stayed on Oahu until they left at different times, mom and dad to Las Vegas,
Diane with her husband to San Diego and Patti and her husband went to Maui. My sister
Patti left Maui in 2018 and moved to Colbert, Georgia about a two hour drive from me
here in Augusta. Diane is now living in Oklahoma City and Eileen and Jim are still in
Vegas. When mom and pop were living in Foster Village, not far from Nimitz Gate
entrance at Pearl Harbor, I had a chance to visit. It was great because mom and pop had 7
varieties of fruits growing in their yard. What I liked were the banana bushes...cereal in
the morning with fresh banana is to die for…Buffalo Bob

Flushing Bank Opens New Branch in Hicksville

Flushing Bank held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday to celebrate the grand opening of
its newest branch in Hicksville. Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino, Nassau
County Legislator Rose Marie Walker, and Jericho School District Superintendent Hank
Grishman were among the dignitaries on hand for the celebration.
Do we really need another bank in this Town? Hicksville-the new Queens?
Joanne Kuhl Moeller 1974 Trinity Lutheran High School

Businesses pay taxes.

Bobby Senn 1986

Better a bank than another apartment complex like the ones going up where Sears was
and the one going in on Duffy Ave. Just keep on adding more people to this already
crowded town.

Christine Bacchi Hoitt 1987

I used to live off Duffy Ave. Where is an apartment building being built?

Carolyn Dunne Grace 1971

I think somewhere across from where that farm was/is.

What should have gone there? At least it’s not vacant.

Diane Wagda Defranza 1983

Complaining for no reason.

Jennifer Mary Mierzejewski 1986

WHY was Jericho School District Superintendent Hank Grishman there?

John Georgiano 1975

Gary Palmese 1971

I asked that twenty banks ago. Guess they are needed.

John Agnoli 1974

My daughter worked in a bank a while back. They don’t consider themselves what I did
as a bank. They see themselves as retail stores. Just like having 20 drugstores in a town.

Chris Kollmeier, Islip High School, Islip, New York 1989

Yup...good old Hicksville. A new business opens providing jobs and people gotta eat, so
local eateries benefit etc. But yet that seems to be a problem.

Hicksville of the ‘50s, ‘60s and, ‘70s has been gone for quite some time.

Greg Navoy 1972

Hicksville had a really nice bank once. The state took it away.

Jay Weber 1970

U Thank you for the birthday card… U

Milton Philip Shoob 1937

Editor Note…anyone have a yearbook from 1937???

Thank you for the card. 2020! Hard to believe it's been 60 years since graduating from
HHS. Have heard nothing of a 60 year reunion. I made the 10 & 20 but was unable to
make the 50 year. Tried to think of a birthday memory I could share - this one makes me
laugh. Weeks before my 21st birthday, I suspected a surprise party was in the works.
Friends and co-workers had a slip here and there. I got a number of invitations to spend
the day with different people. Sure there would be a party but not knowing where - I
accepted them all. Each place I went - NOTHING! Maybe I had it wrong - maybe just
wishful thinking. Much later that night, my cousin called to invite me to her apartment. I
had given up on the party idea. I parked my car and put on one of those plastic rain hats
because now it was starting to snow. She opened the door as I pulled the plastic rain hood
off. Instead of "surprise", they yelled "she knows!" That was 56 years ago but I still laugh
at how they ran me all over that day looking for the party. I wonder, too, how family,
friends and co-workers were able to coordinate so well.

Rosemary Olivari 1960

Alice McIntosh Rigdon 1961

Frank Schwartz 1961

Joe Posillico 1961

Rob McCotter 1962

Richard Keliher 1964

James Fischer 1965

Donna Schrimpe 1966

Judy Pugliese Alfano 1970

Walt Weller 1971

Mike Levins 1975

Chris Composto 1979

Thank you for the anniversary card…

Brenda & Jeff Feierstein 1969

U Some Thoughts About Birthdays & Anniversaries… U

Bob…thanks for the Anniversary card. It has been a wonderful 53 years since Joe and I
married at Holy Family Church in Hicksville. He was home on leave from Camp
Pendleton and we decided to get married. We spent one year in California before his was
discharged from the Marine Corp, then moved back to Long Island. In 1969 we moved
to Maryland and have lived here ever since except for a 2 year period from 2006-2008
that we lived in Over Stratton, UK. A wonderful experience for both of us. At the time
Joe was working on the Presidential Helicopter. We have been blessed with 2 wonderful
children, a great daughter-in-law, a great son-in-law and 2 beautiful grand children.

Life has been good to us.

Best regards

Joe Germain 1960 & Diane Cuti Germain 1962

Thanks for always remembering our wedding anniversary, Bob! We enjoyed the cute
ecard very much! Yes, 52 years is a lot, but we know there are other couples who have
us beat! Our most memorable anniversary would have to be our 50th. We celebrated it
on our January wedding day with a dinner out with nearby Florida relatives, but reserved
the bonanza, a Viking Rhine River Cruise for August when the weather there would be
good. Joining us for that were two relatives, also celebrating their 50th, plus my brother
and his wife, celebrating their 48th; both couples actually had their anniversary dates
while on the cruise, plus my sister and her husband, who were coming up on their 42nd in
October of that year (2018). I've attached a photo of Sharon and me outside a number of
windmills in The Netherlands on one of our disembarkations.
All the best,

Joe Carfora 1962

Thank you for the card, and for thinking of us. We are going to enjoy our special day (33
years) by lunching at one of our favorite restaurants on the Indian River in Jensen Beach
Florida. Once again thank you Bob and your entire staff. I thoroughly enjoy HixNews
and look forward to reading about classmates and friends each month.

Elizabeth Coney & Charlie Coney 1965

Thanks for the birthday card and for thinking of me. It was much appreciated. I hope for
a great 2020.

Karen Krautsack Armstrong 1969

To all of HixNews and fellow alumnus. Thank you for the entertaining birthday card. It
did give me a chuckle. All the best.

James Carpinone 1972

Loved the birthday card from the “Blazing Saddle” collection. Thanks.

Jack Bellan 1973

Thank you Buffalo Bob and the HixNews editors for my Birthday greetings. Last year something special
occurred. I played Football for the Levittown Red Devils, back in the day, since Hicksville did not have
a league. That day I found out they are doing an ESPN 30 for 30 program on the 1971-1972 Red Devils
you knew! Kinda cool- It will be airing sometime in 2021. It may have lead to my football career at
Ohio State playing Football for Woody Hayes. That was quite an honor for kid from Hicksville High

Michael Nestor Palahnuk 1978

E-Mail Address Changes
It's practically been a week since we arrived here in Rotonda West located on the west
coast of Florida. All we’ve been doing is unpacking boxes and wondering how we
accumulated so much stuff in that tiny apartment on West 4th Street in beautiful New
York City. Below is updated contact information for Sandy and me at the new digs. If
you need a break from the cold, let us know. And we mean that.
Sandy Crosby and David Teitel
100 Edgevale Place
Rotonda West, FL 33947
Phone is the same...917 376 6701
Happy New Year to all. We miss you already.
U Flashback U

Just in time for New Year's Eve, The Financial Times asks Ray to suggest the

perfect martini. Above is the published article.

Art Lembke 1949
p.s. Ray is my Nephew!

On January 6, 1919, Theodore Roosevelt died of a pulmonary embolism at the age of

60. He passed away in the Gate Room at Sagamore Hill
which had been a gated nursery when the Roosevelt children were small. This room was
chosen for TR's recovery from a recent surgery because of south-facing windows, which
meant abundant light and warmth. In the days that followed his passing, Roosevelt was
given a simple funeral service at Christ Church in Oyster Bay and was buried
overlooking the water at Young's Cemetery, about a mile from his Sagamore Hill home.
Photo: Bright light streams into a bedroom with a wooden sleigh bed and blue and white
striped curtains.

Cheryl Gries Brown 1972

Hicksville is one of many communities on Long Island that has a long history.
Hicksville is not unique but the changes over the years have been dramatic but none as
dramatic as the destruction of our downtown back in 1967/1968. Understandably, there
was a tremendous growth that forced changes in the infrastructure but did they have to
take the quaintness away from Hicksvillians who loved their town. I did a video that is
“Hicksville New York Then & Now”. Take a look when you have a little time to just sit
down and enjoy seeing change. Thanks.
Hicksville New York Then and Now (31,743 Views)

Buffalo Bob Casale 1961

A look back at the history of Hicksville, Long Island, New York in pictures. Starts way
back when Indians roamed the territory that eventually became Hicksville

I grew up in Hicksville from 4th grade on and I graduated in 1965 from HHS. My wife
grew up in Syosset.

Mark Israel 1965

This was a terrible decision back then and the town has never really recovered from it.
David Gaudio 1977

I agree!!!

Kathryn Monnia Wolff 1964

It was so sad to see Hicksville’s charm destroyed.

Helen Bock Citrano, Howitt High School, Farmingdale 1956

Yes Helen, most sad to see this and the loss of so many young men in wars. Thank you,
Buffalo Bob, for posting this exceptional documentary.
David Brandt, Howitt High School, Farmingdale 1956

Thank you for posting. Just a few questions: how far north of Levittown into south
Hicksville was the original Levitt development; one pix indicated the Post Office
demolished in the 1990s, is the one by the LIRR the replacement? It looks much older
than that. I thought the Farmers Market was in Bethpage? Do you know the latest on the
taking down of Sears? When the LIRR tracks were elevated, was a lot of personal
property taken over for the elevation? Thanks.

Renie McCarthy

Spindle Road was the dividing line between Levittown and Hicksville. Levit homes went
as far north as Walnut Lane on the west side of Jerusalem Avenue. A little further north
was Fox Lane and a huge amount of split level homes. The newest post office (it's not
that new) was off West John Street I think On Barclay St. The dividing line between
Hicksville and Bethpage is strange. The old Farmers Market was near Lauman Lane and
Lauman Lane seems to be the dividing line between those two towns. Farmers Market
was a little further north of Lauman Lane and that was Hicksville. The Sears dilemma is
ongoing. Seritage Growth Properties has signed iPic Entertainment to a lease at its
proposed mixed-use redevelopment in Hicksville. Seritage, the real estate investment
trust spun off by Sears Holdings in 2015, has pitched a project called Heritage Village
that would bring 596 apartments and about 200,000 square feet of retail space to the 26.4-
acre property at 195 North Broadway. The property used to be home to a 156,000-square-
foot Sears department store and adjacent Sears Auto Center. The new iPic Theater at the
proposed Hicksville development will include a bar and restaurant and have a total of 348
seats divided into eight individual auditoriums with from 32 to 60 seats each, according
to a company statement. The venue will also feature live magic and comedy shows, as
well as gaming competitions and other events. When the tracks were elevated it did not
affect much personal property mainly because the elevation followed the same path as
when the tracks were on ground level. Hope this helps and if there are other questions,
give me a shout. You can email me at

Thank you so much for the quick reply!


Along Levittown Parkway, there are Levitt homes all the way to Old Country Road.

Lynne Lombardi 1971

I had a lot of friends who lived on Acre Lane, Ballpark, Hemp, and other Lanes. I tried to
get a map that would show all the areas but I couldn't fit it all onto one map. Levit homes
were over 17,000 I think. The first house I lived in was 2 Berry lane near Spindle was a basic ranch.

Look at it now.
Buffalo Bob
Bob Casale this was great. Thank you.

Susan Nichols

I was never in Hicksville before the trains were elevated and Broadway widened. Seeing
what it was like before was a treat but also a source of sadness to see such a beautiful
town, essentially destroyed by "progress". I don’t know the area all that well (just the
main roads) learning all this history was incredible. Thanks, Bob; this is a treasure!!

Marie Daly Neil

Great job on the video and history! Robert Williams was my 8th great-grandfather.

Linda Pearsall Harvey

Thank you Bob that was a great video

Robert Bergstrom 1980

Very interesting, but not one mention of Trinity Lutheran church built in 1850 (40 West
Nicholai Street) or the elementary school built in 1950. How about the addition of “The
gates of Paradise” doors that was installed in 1971 and created by Lorenzo Ghilberti
(1378-1453). The original doors hang in Florence.

Candace Stammel Anderson

The majority of the presentation was based on photos that were available to me. I met and
knew Pastor Stammel as both my wife, Joyce Gabrielsen, her brother Otto and Mom and
Pop Gabrielsen attended Trinity. I did not mean to slight any place. There were other
places that were not mentioned.
Buffalo Bob

I didn’t want to offend and I really enjoyed the flashback. Loved seeing the old school
across the street from the church, were I almost killed myself on those giant monkey bars.
I just kept waiting to see the church. Especially after the Catholic Church and the
Methodist church were shown. And like everyone, when the Railroad station was
elevated, it ruined our sweet little town. Being Pastor Stammel’s daughter, it’s hard for
me to think of Hicksville and not that church and school. Thanks so much.
I worked at Trinity Lutheran for 19 years in the school office and knew Pastor Stammel. I
remember watching the workers installing the doors. Three of my daughters attended
Trinity school. I also visited your Mom and Dad after they moved to Florida.

Joyce Rivoire
p.s. Thanks Buffalo Bob for such thorough information. I do miss Hicksville.
p.p.s. I also knew Otto Gabrielsen.

It was nice “meeting” you, Joyce.


Otto passed away a year after his sister, my wife, Joyce in 2014. Joyce had Alzheimer's
and went to heaven in 2013.
Buffao Bob

You can see some remnants of an old small town center (area where the sign place is)
some of the old buildings still stand near the train elevation.
Larry Jankowski

So excited to see my Great-Great Grandfather Henry Puvogel!!!

Vicki deVaul

I like your name; loved Howdy Doody & Buffalo Bob!!!

Margaret Anderson
Was Leo Kanawana, Dr K? That taught at East Street?
Laura Dadich
Leo was Dr. Kanawada who taught at the high school. Dr. K, by the way, is Paul Korman
who graduated in 1969 and is a musician, a bass guitarist who formed Dr. K's Motown
Review below is Leo Kanawada when he graduated

Hicksville High in 1959

Buffalo Bob

I just saw your posting about Hicksville at Facebook. I really enjoyed seeing the old
photos. I thought you might be interested in this - there is a street, Kuhl Avenue that
ends at West John Street. Years back, the builder was going to build stores at the
corner facing onto West John. The builder was trying to entice my dad, Walter Kuhl, to
open a store there. As an enticement, he named the street after him! Didn't work though -
my dad opened a delicatessen in Mineola. Thank you so much for sharing those photos!
Diane Kuhl Rebori

Dear Bob…Hi, I hope this note finds you well & happy. I must tell you how much I
enjoyed your YouTube video about Hicksville's history. It hit home, especially the
Vietnam years. I knew the Stolz family very many of them took lessons from
my parents' dance & music school. I loved seeing names of other people that I am
familiar with from years' past. To see the beautiful old streets, the antique buildings that
housed the wonderful businesses back then is thrilling to me. And your house turned out
so pretty!! I loved seeing your proud mom with your dad!! I just wish to say thank you so
much for taking such pride in our historic town!!! It’s a breath of fresh air for me, as I've
witnessed so many changes in my life, and some have not been up to my
expectations. So, thank you so much for taking the time out from your days to put this
together. It’s wonderful!!! It brought tears to my eyes.
Miss Marjorie Joanne Telasco (your friend on Facebook)
Marjorie…I'm getting older and I have issues just like many others who are getting on in
years. You learn to live with the aches and pains and say "thank you, God" for letting me
survive this long. Please give me more years on earth. I'm delighted that you enjoyed the
video. It's been around a long time and there have been many nice comments from friends
like you who enjoyed the look back at a wonderful town. I knew only one of the 16
former classmates who died in Vietnam, Bill Chomyk who was in my class of 1961. You
mention your parents' dance and music school. What was the name of the school and
where was the studio? I didn't know what year you graduated but went to classmates and
you're shown as having graduated from Daycroft High School in Greenwich, CT. Is that
correct? I'm thinking that maybe you moved away before graduation in Hicksville. That
would explain knowing the names of people that you knew in years past. It is sad that
they destroyed the town that was not only quaint but a safe and secure place to grow up.
My old house changed dramatically and when bought originally, it cost $6,900. Check
out the bottom of this note for the current assessment. I loved Hicksville and after
spending nine years in the navy, starting a trucking business that I was involved in for
seven years, a friend of mine from the class of 1964, Ted Swedalla and me, we opened a
Plumbing & Heating Supply business on West John Street in Hicksville. Opening day
was October 22, 1977, and the business is still going strong. Both Ted and I retired in
I was born in Brooklyn in 1942 though Mom, Dad, and sister, Eileen were living in
Philadelphia. My mom wanted to be in Brooklyn where Eileen was born and also wanted
to be near her mom for my birth. We moved from Philly to Pittsburgh in 1950 and then 8
months later moved back and lived in Bayside. The family moved from Bayside in 1955
to Hicksville and the first house we lived in was 2 Berry Lane (the house in the picture).
We moved into the Glenbrook Homes near the high school in 1957 and lived at 14
Edgewood Drive. I went into the navy in 1961 and my family moved to Honolulu in
1965. I enjoy doing videos and have many up on YouTube. Go to my website and scroll down to see the list of videos. You might be interested
in two stories I have on the website, one about Cyprus and the other about my ship, the
USS Liberty.
My ship was attacked during the Six-Day war back in 1967 by Israel and I lost 34 of my
shipmates who were killed and there were 174 wounded during the video will
provide some background

Don't know if you are aware of the Hicksville High School Newsletter? We've been
doing it for almost 20 years. Go to and it'll take you to the current

issue. In the menu at the top of the page is a section called "Archives" and you can see
almost every issue posted since 2000. Just click on Archives and when the new window
opens, click on any month and year to view. We also have other menu items; The
Newsletter (this is where the main news is located), Photo Gallery, Ancient HiXtory (a
look back at the history of Hicksville; notice the HiX a play on words highlighting HiX
for Hicksville), Alumni Bios (for students from all years who submitted a sketch),
Memory Lane, In Memoriam (a listing by class of all who have passed that we are aware
of), Casale's Corner and a Humor Page (jokes to keep you laughing for days). Hope you
are well. Where are you living? Regards Buffalo Bob

Values Used for 2022 - School ('21-22) and 2021 - School ('20-21) and
This Class 1 Property County/Town '22' County/Town '21'
Fair Market Values $605,814 $583,000
Effective Market Value $605,814 $583,000
Level of Assessment (%
.1% .1%
of Market Value)
Assessed Value 606 583
Tax Roll Status Tentative as of 1/2/20 Tentative as of 1/2/19
Taxable Status Date January 2, 2020 January 2, 2019
The Assessed Value for Class I residential properties (excluding new construction and
renovations) cannot be increased by more than 6% per year or 20% over 5 years.

Hi Bob,
My parents sent me away to ballet theatrical school in NYC when I was in 10th grade.
However, that private school was closed down the following May & my parents didn't
want me to go back to Hicksville Public School system as I had cut school soooo much
back in Jr, High that they gave up on me. That is how I ended up in Daycroft for 11th &
12th grades. It was a college prep school. But my parents, again, wouldn't allow me to go
to Skidmore College because of the drug culture. Skidmore had accepted me. Anyway
long story short I ended up taking a job at Burger N Shake in the early morning hours
every day & hiked to the train station into NYC for dance classes the rest of every day for
6 months straight. I auditioned for Radio City Music Hall's Ballet Corp (of 21 girls) for
the then upcoming Easter Show in 1975 & received 2 solos besides. My parents were
finally proud of me. But after a year of professional nightclub work since Radio City
almost closed up & nearly was sold, tragedy happened to father suddenly passed
away. Mom & I were devastated so I moved back home from my new apartment on 55th
Street in New York City to be with her. That ended my career, I'm afraid I put on too
much weight from sadness & I didn't smile for years. My parents’ school was The
Woodbury Studios of Music & Dance Arts, Inc. It is now D/B/A/ Woodbury Studio of
Dance Arts now that I own. It’s very small and in the same location on Woodbury Road
in Hicksville. I live in the back on the main floor. I have to say that all my friends from
Hicksville forgot about me once I was sent to private school. Anyway, Thanks for all
your info. What was the name of your business on West John Street? I'm sure I've seen

U In The News U

There are 330,849,429 people in the United States of America. If everyone in the U.S.
lined up single file, the line would stretch around the Earth almost 7 times. That's a lot of
The U.S. Census Bureau statistics tell us that there are at least 151,671 different last
names and 5,163 different first names in common use in the United States. Some names
are more common than others.
There are 47,838 people named John Smith in the United States. There are 1,040 people
named James Bond, 109 people named Harry Potter, 466 people named George Bush,
and 33 people named Emily Dickinson. However, Johnny Cash (35 people) songs aside
there are, statistically speaking, very few boys named Sue.
To all my classmates from the class of 1966 and other classmates, Happy New
Year and I hope this note finds you healthy, happy and prospering.
I've not followed the news in a long while, but was overwhelmed by the list of deceased,
especially those who were my close friends at HHS. Whew, when we celebrated my 75th
b-day last September, I realized I've made it to the 3/4 century mark. THAT finally got
through to me that I'm older than a lot of people and have made it to another bench mark
in life!
Interestingly, of my purpose/work in this life for the past 20+ years is to help people
maintain their optimum state of health and resist/prevent the crappy diseases that grab us
when we don't take good care of our bodies, brains, and souls (Promoting conscious
So reading the list really gave me a wake-up call. Whew. I'm sitting here thinking how
the hell can I help others from our class and beyond, to live a healthy life and reach more
people? I'm on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and have a new website in progress that
promotes my Life/Dream Builder Coaching and Nutrition mission.
How can I reach more of our classmates and open the door to true health and wellness -
Life without pain, aches, and chronic diseases that we have accepted as the norm, and
"usual" plethora of drugs and garbage that plague us?
It would be great if, Just ONCE, to be greeted in a doctor's office with a hello and
welcome instead of "what's your Insurance and what drugs are you taking?" This has
become the norm, and I think it sucks!
Ok I'll get off my soapbox and just ask you to add my name to the list of 1966 classmates
and I promise to follow more closely the newsletter and more.
I've enclose a photo of me speaking at a senior residence.

If you want a copy of my newest flyer to show you I'm real and available to assist
however I can, send a note to me at my email address shown below. Thank you,
HixNews. I appreciate all your work to keep us informed. To your well-being,
“I cannot do all the good the world needs but the world needs all the good I can do”. (a
quote by J. Stanfield)

Ricki Lee Pollak McKenna, C.N., 1962

Functional Certified Nutritionist
Dream Builder Life Coach, Health Consultant & Speaker
Cell: 970-618-7607

U New Readers U

Hi…thanks for your efforts to connect Hicksville classmates. Please add my name to the
HixNews master mailing list. Thank you.

Tara Seeley Brantle Brewitt 1969

My name is

Cheryle Greco from the Class of 1971 and I currently reside in Blue Ridge, Georgia.
Please add my name to the master mailing list.
U Passages U

Tim Farrell, 62, Co-Founder of 9/11 Charity

This is a note to Joe Carfora…
I found this on Facebook and wanted to forward it so

Michael Capelli, my classmate, could be added to the In Memoriam section of the

Hicksville High newsletter.

Joe Varecha 1973 Mike Capelli 1973

Hi Joe…I'm copying Bob Casale, Chief Editor of HixNews, for this so that Mike's
Memorial Service can be published in HixNews. At the same time, I'm sure Bob would
like any more information you might have on Mike Capelli, HHS 1973. He may also
have a copy of the 1973 Yearbook to use as a reference, but I'm not sure of that.
Please send any information you might have, in addition to the Facebook Memorial post,
directly to Bob Casale at and also copy me.
Joe Carfora 1962

Joe & Bob,

I’m sorry to say that I really don’t have a lot of additional information other than this pic
with the announcement of his passing posted by his brother-Matthew.
Joe V.

I have some sad news to report. My brother Michael Capelli passed away late Tuesday
evening on October 15, 2019. He had been hospitalized for a little over 4 weeks and spent
2 days in a Hospice in Atlanta, Georgia where he had lived for many years. Michael was
only 64, too young to be summoned to heaven. I’m attaching a photo that was taken in
2018 when we shared lunch one day and it really says a lot about who he was…he loved
his food, his beer and his technology. Michael switched professions back in the early
1980s. He went back to school for computer programming and began a career in IT. At
that time, he was a systems programmer, one of those super techies that worked on
mainframe computers.
Michael had a really tough life characterized and impacted by alcoholism. Regardless of
his past, he will always be one of my big brothers (and me, his little brother).
A Memorial service is planned for some time in the future. His wish was to have his
cremated remains spread over our parents’ grave in New York. RIP brother. I want to
send many thanks to all who kept our entire family in your thoughts and prayers and a big
thank you for your support.
Matthew Capelli 1977

I just saw a note posted in "You Know You're From Hicksville, If" Facebook page
about the passing of Irwin Botto who graduated from Hicksville High School in 1947. I
knew Irwin and many other Botto family members who were customers of Liberty
Plumbing & Heating Supply in Hicksville over the years. Irwin’s Botto Mechanical had
their offices a street over from Liberty when we were on Burns Avenue. I remember Bill
Fitz, their office manager who would wander over to Liberty to pick up some materials
for a specific job they were on. Irwin was a really nice man who was dedicated to family
and provided for them over the years through hard work and perseverance.
Irv’s family (his dad Giacinto, mother Josephine, and sister Irma) moved to a farmhouse
off Jerusalem Avenue in Hicksville shortly thereafter, and he lived there his entire life.
He attended Nicholai Street School and the Junior-Senior High School on Jerusalem
Avenue. He played football and baseball and served as editor of the school newspaper –
The Comet in 1947. Irv played fast-pitch softball against the likes of Grumman, Republic
Aviation, Mineola Bike,, and Musicaros in the Jones Beach, Rockville Centre, and
Huntington leagues.
Young Irv worked 6 days per week doing laborious work at the Kelly and Fippinger
Farms in Hicksville, earning $6 per week. On his day off, he’d ride his bicycle to the
Hicksville Aviation Country Club – located between Hempstead Turnpike and Spindle
Road – and earn nickels and dimes polishing the planes of Charles Lindbergh, Leroy
Grumman, Billy Mitchell and Amelia Earhart.
He served in the Air Force during the Korean War but was spared service overseas. He
was conveniently stationed at Mitchell Field in Garden City, and later assigned to a base
in Vermont. Irv was a plumber by trade and his motto was, “Pilots keep them flying, and
Irv keeps ‘em flowing!”
When he returned from the service, Irv joined his uncles at Botto Brothers Plumbing on
Broadway in Hicksville. In 1965, he formed Botto Mechanical Corporation and focused
on heating, ventilation and air conditioning. He worked tirelessly with his beloved wife,
Cissie to establish a business and to improve the image of plumbers everywhere.
Irv served as president of multiple plumbing, contractor, heating and cooling unions and
associations. In 2015, on the 125th anniversary of the New York State Plumbing, Heating
and Cooling Association, he was honored with the group’s first-lifetime achievement
Cissie and Irv raised five children (Jimmy, Frannie, Joanne, John and Michael) in the
Hicksville house where he was raised. When his eldest was on the freshman football team
in 1972 at the newly opened Holy Trinity High School, he came home one day and
explained he needed a pair of shoelaces to hold his shoulder pads together.
Incredulous that the school had neither the funds nor inclination, to provide players with
shoelaces, Irv did something about it. He gathered a group of dads together and they
formed The Titan Club. This group of engaged parents met in Irv’s living room and
raised money to support the school’s athletic programs. Not only did they supply
shoelaces, but they also purchased (and installed!) a sprinkler system for the football
field, a concession stand, electricity to the Press Box and the scoreboard that stands on
the south end of the field.
In 1996, Irv was recognized for his efforts in the inaugural class of the Holy Trinity High
School Hall of Fame. Following the death of his beloved Cissie, in 2007, Irv and his
family endowed a scholarship in her memory. It is awarded each year to a deserving
student during Holy Trinity’s Junior Ring Ceremony.
Mr. Botto is survived by his five children, fifteen grandchildren and six great-
grandchildren. A wake will be held at Dalton Funeral Home in Hicksville on Thursday
and Friday (Jan. 2 and 3) from 2-4 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. A Funeral Mass will be offered in
celebration of his remarkable life at Holy Family Church in Hicksville on Saturday at
9:45 p.m.
In lieu of flowers a donation to the Holy Trinity Diocesan H.S. Scholarship Fund, 98
Cherry Lane, Hicksville in his memory would be greatly appreciated.
To the Botto family, we are so sorry for your loss. RIP Irwin. I have the 1947 yearbook
that Ethel Kunz Lehmann sent to me years ago. Looking back over the pages, I noticed a
lot of names of 1947 graduates who had their children also attend Hicksville schools.
Look over the photos below and you, too, will see names that you recognize. In addition
to Irwin, there is a Gries who graduated in 1947. There are many familiar names as I
scroll through the pages; Eichler; Froehlich; Hnatuk; Horn; Jung; Kaczmarek; Kellner;
Kerbs; Kunz; McCabe; Madden; Oliveri; Pakaluk; Rusch; Sadowski; Schaeffler; Staehle;
Wesnofske and Wulfkin.
Buffalo Bob Casale
RIP…everyone knew the Botto Brothers plumbing business if you grew up in Hicksville.

Joe DiMora 1970

What a wonderful life story! Rest peacefully Mr. Botto.

Linda Scholler 1978

A beautiful tribute to a man who lived a wonderful and caring life...RIP Mr. Botto.

Vera Hoke Capes 1959

RIP Mister Botto. His legacy and life, outstanding! Very glad I got to meet him. Sorry
Frannie! Sorry Jimmy!

Walter Relling 1977

Awesome story and legacy.

Dale Mentnech Baker 1971

What a beautiful tribute! I lived right there, played with Frannie and never knew all this
wonderful man did! My sincere sympathy to the Botto Family. We know Mr. Botto will
rest peacefully with his lovely wife. God speed.
Peggy Block Prokopek 1973

Our sincere condolences on the loss of a wonderful Hicksville legend.

Cheryl Gries Brown 1972

Great Guy I remember Irwin…a great guy. We went all through school together; only 3
years apart. I really got to know him when I was put into Algebra class along with Vinnie
Schrupski. We were disrupters in the classroom, only there to have fun. Vinnie and I
never passed the Algebra Regents, but Irwin did. We double dated to go into New York,
went to football games, parties, sat together in the Greeks Sweet Shop. He even took a
ride one Friday night with Joe Gries where they wound up in Montreal, Canada. The ‘40s
were a great time to grow up in Hicksville and Irwin and the rest of our school friends all
made many happy memories there. Rest In Peace, Irwin. I will see you in heaven!

Flo Caruso Gries 1944

I’m so very sorry to hear this. My Dad worked for his Dad and his Uncle Bob at Botto
Brothers Hardware for 25 years. I’m praying for his children and grandchildren.

Marilyn Mazzie Furey 1972

My condolences to the Botto Family. I remember the Botto's well.

Kathleen Reinhardt Padmanabhan, Holy Trinity 1975

He did much for many.

Kevin Silva, Holy Trinity High School 1971

One of Hicksville’s great ones.

Ted Swedalla 1964

Condolences to the family. In addition to all of the above, the Botto family sponsored a
team in Hicksville little league that I played on.

Bob Fulgham 1974

As a 1973 graduate of Holy Trinity, I appreciate all he did for our school as well as how
much he did for Hicksville and the community. Such a wonderful man and what a legacy
he has left. The world is a better place because he was here. He surely rests in the peace
he so well deserves.

Kathleen Gallagher Fuchs, Holy Trinity High School 1973

He was such a great man, a living legend and larger than life with a big smile to greet

Michael A. Romano 1970

Botto Bros. Always the best!!

Christina Tucker Cleary 1987

Sending condolences to Jimmy Botto and the entire Botto family.

Carolyn Quinn Mendez, Holy Trinity High School 1976

Sorry for your loss Frannie and the entire Botto family.

Ellen Schneider Maron 1982

To a life well lived. RIP. Condolences to the Botto family.

Cathy Dolan Mazzola 1970 (shown above with Diane Loffredo)

Tom Thogode, HHS 1966

Brother of Maureen Thogode Klingenberg, HHS 1961, passed this November in Houston,
Texas where he had lived for the past 4+ decades.
1948 – November 23, 2019
Tom was a veteran who served in Vietnam in the late 1960s. His friend Allen Frawley
(below) also served in Vietnam at approximately the same time.
Tom’s brothers younger brothers Christopher and Stephen both graduated in from HHS
in the early ‘70s.
Shown below is a somewhat recent photo of Tom with Allen Frawley and Marilyn
Nejman Bowles both friends and classmates of Tom at the 2015 50th anniversary of
Austin and Eileen Frawley Bowles (both HHS 1961) in Malvern, PA.
I’m sad to announce that my sister

Phyllis Quigley Greiner class of 1978

passed on January 11th. She had a long battle with cancer and will be missed by her family and friends.
RIP my sister.

Virginia Quigley Brintz 1972

So sorry Ginny.

John Meisner 1971

So very sorry; sending prayers.

Laura Cohen Bowen 1982

So sorry for your loss. Sending prayers and condolences.

Nancy Zimpelman Rosen 1980

Sorry to hear that Ginny May she Rest In Peace as she is in God’s Hands.

Doug Quinn 1970

So sorry Ginny for you and your family. Keep the memories alive.

Lynn Owens Calo 1972

I’m so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful sister.

Diane Gould Rogers 1974

Kathie Takush 1972

Oh, Ginny. I’m so sorry! You and your family are in my prayers.

Kathleen Quinn Gorlitz 1972

So sorry for your loss all our prayers going out to you and your family.

Regina Gargano Bonner 1967 (shown above with Anamaria Cadenas)

Sorry for your loss.

Debbie Mensing Kruer 1986

Condolences to you and your family.

Suzanne Kellner Watson 1963

Sorry for your loss.


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U Vietnam Memorial Update

Bill Walden in front of the Memorial on Veterans Day this year; 11/11/19
Bill showing the Memorial after this year's Veterans Day ceremonies to state, county &
local dignitaries that were present. From left to right, with Bill, are NY State Senator Jim
Gaughran, Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joe Salandino & Nassau County Legislator
Arnold Drucker. Not pictured is Nassau County Legislator Rose Walker, to whom Bill
showed the Memorial later that day.