_________________________Grade 4 Term I Assessment

Test duration: 1 hour 1. How are numbers being used here? a. 3rd President of Kenya __________________________________________ b. Seat 4E __________________________________________ c. 2Kg of potatoes __________________________________________ d. 4pm __________________________________________

2. 102,009 a. Write the above number in short word form

b. in expanded form

c. What is the value of the underlined digit?

3. Round the following numbers to the nearest 1000: a. 23,4501 b. 1,419 c. 89,912 4. Use the symbols <,>, and =, to make the statements true. a. 1263 b. 4000+300+20=6 c. 5 thousand 119 1236 4236 5,000,119

Page 1

5. Find the sum of the numbers. Show your working in the space below. 2,086 and 12, 666

6. Find the difference between the numbers. Show your working in the space below. 4,009 and 904

7. Maria read a 210-page book in 7 days. She read the same number of page pages each day. How many pages did she read each day?

8. There are 40 teachers at a school. Each teacher is provided with 2500 sheets of paper. How many sheets of paper is this in all?

9. 458 ÷4 =

Show your working

Page 2


7 n =56. What is the value of n?


Find the area and perimeter of the following Football field: 45 cm


Area =

Perimeter = 12. The sum of X plus Y equals 26. If X=17, which equation can be used to find the value of Y? Circle the correct answer. A. Y−17 =26 B. 17 +Y=26 C. X- Y = 26 D. X+17=26

Page 3

13. a. b. c. d. e. f.

Convert the following: 2000cm = 40 dm = 30L = 3000ml = 4000gm = 4.5kg = M mm mL L kg gm

54 students are going on a trip. A school van can carry 8 students 14. at a time. How many trips does the van have to make? Show your working below.

in a basket. There are 3 in a box. 15. There are 5 What is the least amount of baskets and boxes needed to have the same amount of bananas and pineapples?


Write the answer and state what property is being used.

a. 13+25= ______ + 13 ___________________________________ b. 11 x _______ = 11 ___________________________________ __________________________ c. (4+6)+ 3 = ________+ (6+3)____________________________________ Page 4

17. Mary reads for 10 minutes during DEAR time. Hamad reads 3 times longer during DEAR. How many more minutes does Hamad read than Mary during DEAR?

18. A dentist visited the AKA, M to give information about dental health. Last year she made 11 visits a month. This year she plans to make 18 visits a month. About how many more visits will she make this year than last year?

4 children stand in line to see ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Potter 19. Hallows.’ Elizabeth is second in line. Brian is not last. John is directly in front of Elizabeth. Chris is not second or third in line. List the children in order of fourth to first.


Write the names of these shapes below:


___________________ __________________ STOP page 5

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