TYBMS Project Guidelines (200 marks


Posted on02 June 2010.


*Topics 1. Take 1 area from the following- eg. Marketing, HR, Strategic Management. 2. Take 1 small part in the whole area- eg. HRM- Latest recruitment methods. 3. Application of the selection into the organization. Eg. Recruitment methods in XYZ.

*Types of projects 1. Case study 2. Survey

you will get secondary data. -advantages and disadvantages. Survey: -asking questions to individuals or authorities in the organization.? *Data in Ur Project : Types primary data and secondary data. -eg. then it becomes a comparative study 2. -it did not exist before. . Primary data -it is the original data directly about the product and market.how they are implementing the method -problems overcome by them. Case study : Eg. -it contains tables and graphs. 1. Exploratory Project.3. How strategic marketers -questionnaire -conclusion should be based on questions. Exploratory project : -areas are economics and law.recruitment method in XYZ organization -studying a case . -it should be of only 1 organisation. 2 or more organization is not a case study. 3. -more than primary data. 1. .

3)questionnaires with options.Journals. . It should be in passive voice. we .-it is designed to answer specific questions of interest to the business.researcher has done There should be no usage of I . -getting data by questionnaire from various people. . . Eg. .1)Face-to-face interviewInterviewers ask people on the street or on their doorstep a series of questions. 2)Telephone interviewSimilar questions of face-to-face interview although often shorter. .Magazines. -it is already written data. This kind is preferred to be avoided. The data should not be downloaded from websites or copied from the reference books directly.Reference books.Government reports. The data should be related to the research. Secondary data Sources. Eg. . 4) online surveys.Websites.Newspapers. Convert the data into ur own words. .Reports collected by institutions. *How to use data? -analyse primary data (if it is survey) and draw conclusions. 2.

-analysis will lead to one s conclusion of the project. *Use of computers for analysis : 1. Microsoft Excel 2..A CASE STUDY. -primary data can be converted into graphs and tables. Microsoft Access 3. SPSS (Statistical Package and Social Science) [not necessary to be used] *Presentation of the Project : 1st page PROJECT REPORT ON TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT IN BPO . A PROJECT REPORT SUBMITTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI FOR THE AWARD OF THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (V SEMESTER) BY [NAME] ABC COLLEGE MUMBAI .-conclusion maximum people whom I had asked say they .

-journals. graphs. In a secondary data project. INDEX -details included in the project -tables.OCTOBER 2010 Other documents-certificate by college -declaration by student -acknowledgement -letters obtained from the institution.i. abbreviations -list of chapters -end : annexure (questionnaire) -annual report of the company -bibliography: -details of reference books. -chapters should be 4 to 5. -websites. may be 4. chapters will be less.Introduction of topic . -magazines. *CHAPTER 1 .e.

. *CHAPTER 3 THEROTICAL VIEW Secondary data from various sources *CHAPTER 4 PRACTICAL VIEW It should be more than Findings.. Conclusion Suggestions. *CHAPTER 2 -company profile -important information of the company. This company is using this method . -objectives of the study (benefits of that topic) -methodology(how will u collect) -presentation of the study. It contains analysed primary data collected and interpretation of the data.Introduction of project -it shud be written as third person. -title of the project. Suggestions/recommendations are based on the conclusion. -highlights of the company -no information of products or long history.

Secondary data annexure required. author. edited by SM Hamberger. -to add annexure is not compulsory. LOMIN. Cyclotron waves in Plasma. CD.*ANNEXURE Bibliography Eg. .soft copy. Dellis. 1981. 206p. Oxford : Pergamon Press. Fonts arial. The total project should be of minimum 100 pages and not more than 120 pages. 1st ed. -name of the book. DG. edition. publisher. Chapter names can be in different font sizes.5 for the whole project. Survey method should be done on 150-200 people and there should be proof of many people s address. Project should be in 2 copies. name and phone no. space 1. 14. Translated by AN. MAT finish.

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