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December 2019 1

MISA Lesotho
Plot 1B, Happy Villa,
Maseru, Lesotho
December 2019 Children in Media special edition

Child Girls, Nothing

marriage not about us
a big brides without
problem us
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Children in Media during a training session at UN House

Tlhekefetso ea bana e ntse e eja setsi Lesotho Leqephe la 6

’Muso oa maholimo ke oa bana Leqephe la 7

2 December 2019

Children can do
wonders with our
Girls, not brides
Mahlohonolo Khesa (13), peer pressure. They feel left out
support Maseru Private Academy as their friends will have been
married and encouraging them to
Between November and December Child marriage is a big issue of do the same.
2019, the Media Institute of Southern
concern by children themselves. Lack of self esteem and self
Africa – Lesotho Chapter (MISA
Lesotho) trained 30 children on Child marriage deserves nothing trust that they can’t do well in their
media, child rights and how the but thumps down by everyone. school work can leave them no
children can use media platforms to Many young girls are thrown choice but to consider getting
discuss their issues of concern. This under pressure of child marriage married and avoid school.
was made possible with support of from different sides. Other young girls simply think
the United Nations Children’s Fund Factors that contribute to child marriage can save them from
(UNICEF) Lesotho. Named Children in marriage include environmental strict control by their parents. They
Media, the programme was initiated behaviour, cultural beliefs and believe marriage can save them
to meaningfully celebrate the World sometimes even religion. from poverty as well. They believe
Children’s Day (November 20) under
In Lesotho, young girls have marriage will help them live by
this year’s theme: For Every Child
Every Right. The celebrations also become source of wealth for their their own rules and be free. They
marked 30 years of the Convention parents through child marriage. fall into trap of getting married
on the Rights of the Child (CRC30). This is encouraged by less to older men (blessers) because
Strategically, MISA Lesotho trained informed parents or guardians they want money, cars and all
30 children to compliment CRC30. who often put pressure on girl that.
MISA Lesotho worked together with child to get married so that the Are young girls supposed to be Whatever the reason may be,
community radio stations, specifically parents themselves will benefit objects of wealth really? child marriage is a bad thing
Mose ho Seaka (Pheshakwe Qqili) of from that by way of mahali Many young girls fall into because it deprives many young
Quthing and Moeling of Botha-Bothe, (payment of cattle or money by this trap simply to impress their girls of their childhood right.
to identify the children in Mafeteng,
family of the groom). parents, family and community. Governments and schools
Mohale’s Hoek, Quthing, Berea,
Leribe and Botha-Bothe. It is important Many times these parents The society speaks less about should come together and
to note that the children are not prefer their girl children to get disadvantages of child marriage, illegalize child marriage from all
only trained to become media married to rich families, and again but more about “gains”. over the world. Children are the
professionals, but the long term the reason is simple, mahali. If girls Also some young girls are future generation, they should not
goal is to unleash their leadership get sold like this, who benefits? forced to child marriage due to be forced to live their future today.
The idea is for them to be

Child marriage a big problem

exemplary and become ideal
leaders in families, villages, schools
and any other groups they are
part of. The idea is to build and
capacitate them over the years
to instill confidence and a sense Leponesa Motšoane (17), of them stop coming to
of responsibility in them. So, things Matlakeng High School school because they fear
going right, we will engage the same being laughed at and
children on the next training level Child marriage is a big mocked by other children.
save for those that will then be plus problem at Matlakeng High Child marriage deprives
18 years. While this may look like it is School in the Butha-Buthe children of their rights to
a monopoly engineered for same district as many girls have childhood and education.
group of children, MISA Lesotho dropped out of school after Young girls become
undertakes to trim the group by getting married. housewives while they are
exempting and causing graduation
Once they are married, still children. This destroys
of those that reach 18 years to make
most girls cannot go back their dreams to achieve
way for new children into the group.
Already there are children who to school because they their goals. This also puts
joined the programme from as far are now pregnant. Most their lives in a risk because
back as in 2012 in the group; today schools do not allow some may die giving birth
we regard them as ambassadors pregnant girls to come because they are very
of Children in Media. The trained back to school. Some young.
children have further committed to
sharing the knowledge with others in

Save the children from violence

the villages and schools.
Children Speak Out is a special
publication meant to showcase part
of what the children are capable of
doing. It is the first, but hopefully no
last, children’s newspaper aimed at Thatihatsi Grace Lephoto (13), young children experience
focusing on issues of concern by the NUL International School violence.
children, authored by the children The United Nations
and tailored for their consumption. Enough attention should be Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
This edition comprises of 17 stories, put on violence against the also estimates that six in
excluding this editorial comment, children. The children should every 10 children, specifically
developed by the children from not be exposed to any form of between two and 10
ideas. MISA Lesotho wishes to pass of violence. Violence is a years, experience “regular
special thanks to UNICEF Lesotho
problem and an illness that physical punishment”
for support of this programme. We
wish to further thank all people that
should far distant from the worldwide.
contributed to the success of the child. Our good leaders in
training. Until next time, for every child, According to World Lesotho must begin to have
every right! Health Organisation (WHO), serious discussions about
Lekhetho Ntsukunyane, it is estimated globally laws that can protect the
Acting National Director that nearly 30 percent of children from violence.
December 2019 3
Children’s rights:
Child violence
and right to
rights are violated, it deprives
them their right to be a child and
to have a bright future. UNICEF’s Thais Santos helps Kabelo Nkhatho during a U-Report training
Parents who abuse their session

Children must be
children are doing something
wrong. There are consequences
for children who are abused
and can cause traumatic effects

such as post-traumatic stress and
disorder (PTSDC) which is caused
by traumatic events occurring in
someone’s life.
Children will always be stressed
after being beaten by their parent Mlungisi Sephoso (11),
and can do further harm to Tiny Tots High School
Child abuse also interferes Children sometimes tend to
with the child’s education. They misuse social media platforms
come to school beaten and they and sometimes become cyber
can’t focus on their studies and at bullies. Social media has both
Tlotliso Masiu (13), the end of the year they fail their negative and positive ways of
American International School class. affecting someone’s life. For
Every child has the right to under-aged people, social media
Children are young people that healthy living and education. mostly has negative effects.
have a promising future ahead of The violence against children Children have rights. They
them. Violence against children must come to an end so that have four main rights related to
should be considered a huge children can have a healthy and the media, which are: freedom
crime, because when children’s promising future. of speech, the right to express
views and must be respected and
the right to give and to receive

Stop child labour, children

need good education
Tamar Matlali (13),
American International School

Most children of today work in the

streets to fend for their families.
Kids at a very young age go out
on the main roads and sell goods
to support their families and some
even start their own tuck shops.
These children have no
experience of school or some do
but were kicked out because of
non-payment of fees and other
A 100 percent of children in the
world need education, without
education, when they grow up
they can’t apply for any job. If
children are not taken to school,
it can also affect their dream of
what they want to be when they
Children in Media during a social media training session at UN House grow up.
4 December 2019

Children participating in a joint training at UN House in Maseru gather around for a group photo

What I The Young Gifted Girl

learned Tšepiso Motsamai (13),
Leqele Primary School
and ignored their calls.
The teachers called her

mother to come and see what
She was just nine years old when her daughter was doing and at
she started to have strange first she did not believe it. When
visions. she finally came to school and
Raised from a poor family by a realized her daughter was going
single parent mother, Pulane* had to become a traditional healer.
four friends and the five of them It was after this event that
were always together at school. Pulane started to travel from one
She used to tell her friends country to another and now she
about what they will be doing the was a perfect doctor known all
next day and they were always over and she was making a lot
surprised. One Friday afternoon, of money to help her mother with
during lunch time at school, it the payments the people were
started raining heavily and all the making to her after getting help.
children started running back to Some ten years later, disaster
their classrooms, but after some struck when she was travelling
time, Pulane went out of class and to Namibia to visit some of her
went straight to the river near the patients and she was involved in are not listened to it is not good.
Ntlhake Ntlhasinye (13), school. a car accident and she died. Children have the right to be
American International School The teachers followed her and The story happened a long heard even if sometimes they
told her it was dangerous but she time ago in 2004, but it teaches speak in strange language or
I attended a workshop at MISA just kept going without hesitation us that sometimes when children gestures.

Nothing about us without us

where they taught us about
children’s rights. We were taught
about freedom of speech, to
voice our views and to be able to
give and receive information. Katleho Malefane (16), they were taught how to give
We also learned about Machabeng College out this information to the public
communication, which in line with good journalism
the teachers said is a two On the 13th of November, 2019, practices. Furthermore a briefing
way process in exchanging a group of thirteen children on how to use a radio station
information between two people gathered at MISA Lesotho as was given to them as part of the
or more. In communication, there children who will serve other media platforms that they as
has to be a sender and receiver children through the media. children can use to tell or report
of a message and there has to be They were gathered to list their issues.
a response. all the concerns of and about The 13 young journalists from
There is a non-verbal form of children and trained to use media Maseru were to be joined by
communication and a verbal as their voice. other children from the north
form. The non-verbal form is when They had more concern on and south of the country on
you communicate without the three rights of children being December 7th 2019 in celebrating
use of words and the verbal form freedom of speech, opinion and children’s rights and to be given
is when you include words in the to give and receive information. more training on their issues at the
communication. With the help of the facilitators United Nations Building in Maseru.
December 2019 5
Tieho ea ho noa litlhare
ea e baka taba
’Malebone Mpholo (16),
St. Paul High School

Bana ba ile ba potlakisetsoa
sepetlele ka lebaka la lefu le
seng le iphile matla la ho oa ka
mabaka a fapaneng sekolong se
seholo sa Qalo.
Sena se bile se entse hore
mookameli oa sekolo a nke khato
ea ho bua le barutoana e le ho
ba khothaletsa ho nka litlhare ka
nepo le ka nako e tšoanelehang.
Mookameli o ile a ema kapel’a na se tlo etsahala ke sefe. A re
bana ba sekolo kamor’a thapelo tsatsing leo, o tlohile hae a ikutloa
ea hoseng ha Laboraro la la 20 a ntse a le hantle, ho fihlela ka
Pulungoana, 2019, pakeng tsa nako ea sekolo ea ho bala. A re
hora ea bosupa le ea borobeli a kaha e ne e le nako ea ho bala,
sithabetse maikutlo ha bohloko. eo morutoana oa habo o ile a
H’a buoa ka thata le bana a monyemotsa feela h’a se a ikutloa
bile a utloahala a oele moea, a fora-fora, ‘me h’a aka hlotse a
mookameli o ile a bolella tseba hore na ho ile hoa etsahala
barutoana hore ba batlile ba joang ho fihlela a iphumana a se

St. Agnes Pre-school

lahleheloa ke e mong oa baithuti a le sepetlele liphateng tsa bakuli.
ka la maobane, e leng ka la 19 “I was too focused on my
Pulungoana, ‘me morutoana eo o studies and I couldn’t understand

children graduate
ile a potlakisetsoa sepetlele Botha- what she meant because she was
Bothe ho ea fumana thuso. fine a few minutes before study,”
O ile a etsa boipiletso ho bohle ho rialo morutoana ea lulang
ba sebelisang litlhare joaloka le lehlasipa setulong kamor’a
tsa phallo e phahameng ea ketsahalo a bile a tšohile.
Thato Ntaopane (17), mali, tsoekere le tse ling hore ba Motsoali oa lehlasipa o ile a
St. Agnes High School li sebelise joalokaha ngaka e bolela hore ke bokuli ba ngoana
boletse ho qoba tse kang sena se ba kamehla ha ngaka eona e
As one of the children from Berea batlileng se hlahela sekolo. boletse hore sesosa ke ho se noe
who attended the MISA workshop E mong oa barutoana, ea litlhare ka nepo.
on Children and the Media etsang foromo ea bohlano H’a ikarabella motsoali, o
in Botha-Bothe, I attended a ea lilemo li leshome le metso boletse hore morali oa hae o ntse
graduation ceremony at St. Agnes e tšeletseng, ho tsoa Makopo, a enoa litlhare ka nepo empa e
primary school on November 28, Botha-Bothe, ke e mong oa ba le hore li ile tsa mofella bekeng
2019. ileng ba kena sepetlele ka lebaka eo ea Mantaha metšeare oa
The sun was shiny. The la ho akheha. Eka o ile o bolella mantsiboea.
graduating children looked ngoana e mong oa sekolo ea Morutoana o ile a tšoaroa
beautiful in their graduation neng a lutes pel’a hae hore h’a sepetlele ‘me a khutle hae ka
gowns. They were enjoying their our families thank you for your ikutloe hantle eaba eo h’a mo labone hoseng ‘me ho tloha
first graduation, taking them to the dedication,” he said adding natse. letsatsing leo litlaleho li supile h’a
next level of education. the thoughtfulness planning A re motho h’a tlo akheha ntse a le hantle le litlhare o li nka
There were about 28 children of the parents to the children’s o’a ikutloa ‘me o’a tseba hore ka nepo.
to graduate from the class of 38. education and future was a well-
They told me about children’s thought investment to their future
rights and responsibilities; the lives.
right to go to school, to eat, to To the children he said the day
play and get educated and they will be the most memorable and
were between the ages 5-6. They a great one not to be forgotten by
also talked about their goals and both the parents and the children.
dreams. They said they wanted to “I am sure this graduation
become nurses, doctors, teachers, ceremony will stay in your child’s
police officers and many other memory as well as yours forever. I
professions when they grow up. love you,” he concluded.
One of the graduates giving Speaking on behalf of the
a speech at the ceremony families attending, one of the
said it was an opportunity to parents said the children are
publicly thank their families for the future of this country. “I wish I
the education at a young age. could give you on this your special MISA Chairperson Boitumelo Koloi, Adv Lineo Tsikoane and
The pupils’ representatives also day a very big congratulations,” Metro Editor Teboho Khatebe arward certificates to children
said it was an opportune time to she said. the children and show them the graduating children.
thank the support they received She said there are many hard work which will in turn give “We couldn’t feel any prouder
from parents, teachers and fellow moments the children will them a better future. “lead the than today, you are all super stars
pupils as well, for them to have remember in their future, way,” she concluded. and we are happy to say it even
achieved the proceed results. especially those they had with On her part, the principal of louder. We wish you love and
“I want to thank the teachers teacher Lerato, adding the the school said the occasion hope the courage stand tall in
today; thank you for you teachers at the school should was meant to bring everyone your lives. May your days be as
dedication to us children and to continue to be an inspiration to together to say “well done” to the happy as ever,” she concluded.
6 December 2019

Tlhekefetso ea bana e ntse e eja setsi Lesotho

Mohlalefi Maieane (16), moo a seng a lula teng Maseru. mo ise teng hob aba ne ba
Linokong High School Eka ke moo ‘M’e oa ngoana utlooile seboko sa ngoana.
le ntate ea seng a lula le eena, Ke moo litlaleho li supang
Moshanyana ea lilemo li hlano eo e seng oa mali ba ileng ba ha baahisane ba ileng ba mo
o ile a nyamela khoeli e fetileng qala ho mo hlekefetsa. Tlaleho nka teng ba mo thobisa ba mo
‘me o fumanoe ke nkhono oa li supa ha ba ne bam o shapa, kenya likoloing tse eang hae ho
hae kamor’a hore a letsetsoe ke bam o tima lijo ba mofa metsi nkhono oa hae.
batho bao a sa ba tsebeng ba feel aba bile bam o notlella ka Sepolesa se boetse sa
Maseru hore a ilo lata setloholo tlung ha ba ea mosebetsing. hlajoa patsana ka litaba tsena
Botha-Bothe. Tlaleho e boetse e tsoela-pele empa ha se fihla hot la tšoara
Litaba li supa ha ‘m’e oa hore ka tsatsi le leng ba ile bam babelaeloa ba fumana feela
ngoana a ile a qabana le o siea bas a mo koala ka tlung ‘M’a ngoana ha eo monna
molekane oa hae eaba o’a eaba moahisane ka qenehelo oa hae e mocha a se a iphile
itsamaela ho ikela Maseru a mo ngoathela eaba kemoo limenyane.
moo a ileng a iphumanela e itseng ha ba fihla ba thola Ho fihleng ha ngoana ho
mohlankana e mong. hore ngoana o ne a ntse a eja nkhono oa hae o ile a mo
O ile a khutla kamor’a lilemo e aba ba ‘motsa bam o shapa phetela tsohle tseo a li entsoeng
tse peli a fihla a nka ngoana ka ka phafa ho fihlela a ilibana a ke ‘m’e oa hae le monna oa
le reng o il’o mo rekela liphahlo tsoha a se a le sepetlele kamor’a hae. Ena ke e ‘ngoe tsa lipale tse
athe o baleha ka eena o ea hore baahisane ba phalle ba bohloko tse hlahelang bana.

Children trainer Mphielo Petlane conducts the training in Mohale’s Hoek

Children’s rights and child labour Children have the right to play
Child labour refers to the Rethabile Mokati (12),
exploitation of children through Botha-Bothe Community School
any form of work that deprives
children of their childhood, Taking part in sports is important
interferes with their ability to attend for children as it reduces stress
regular school and is mentally, and enhances their mood. It
physically, socially or morally builds healthy bones and muscles,
harmful. increases fitness, improves sleep,
’Makhauta* aged 16 from helps them to socialize, improves
Berea who experiences such their cooperation skills, boosts self-
abuse. She is not allowed to play confidence and lowers their risk of
with other children and other getting obese.
children say her mother is against Sports help children to manage
her rights. The children also say weight, controls diabetes,
while it is right for children to help improves blood circulation and
’Matseko Leneha (16), in the house chores, but it should controls stress levels. Sports lead
Lekokoaneng High School not be made their responsibility to to a well balanced mental and
do heady duties like cooking and physical growth and tones up
Child labour in Lesotho is a doing the washing of clothes. muscles and strengthen bones.
big problem especially in the “We know children have rights For growing up children sports
mountain areas with many and also responsibilities, but play a very essential part in
children being failed on their rights parents should not take away the developing their body and mind.
especially the right to play, right to rights of children,” they told this That is why it is the right of every
safety and right to education. reporter. child to play.
December 2019 7
Bontate, lesang bana
ba banana ka lipeto
’Malebone Mpholo (16),
St. Paul’s High School

Ruri Lesotho le ea fetoha

matsatsing ana. Banana ba
banyane ba Basotho ba phela
ka likhapha le mamina ke ho
hlekefetsoa ka motabo, linakong
tse ling ke ba lokelang ho ba
batšireletsi ba bona.
Ngoanana ea lilemo li 16 oa
Butha-Buthe o seboko kamora
hore lekhotla la setereke seo le
lokolle monna ea belaelloang
ka ho mohlekefetsa ka motabo
khoeling e fetileng. ho fapana le ka motabo,” ho
’Melaelloa enoa, eo ho boletse ngoanana puisanong le
bonahalang a le moholo haholo motlalehi enoa haufinyane.
ho ngoanana ka lilemo, ka ha re Liphuphutso tsa sepolesa
so fumane hantle hore na lilemo sa Butha-Buthe li supa ha
tsa hae li kae, ke moamani le matsatsing a ho feta ’melaelloa
eena ngoanana eo, ’me letsoalo a ile a atamela ngoanana le
la ngoanana ke hore enoa ho moqeka ho robala le eena
monna a ka nna a mohlasela ka tšepiso ea ho mo hlakolela
hape kamora ho lokolloa ka beile. mokoloto oa chelete. E ka
’Melaelloa ke moholoane oa ngoanana o na mokolota chelete
ngoanana ka malapa ka ha a e sa hlalosoang hore ke bokae.
tlalehoa a nyetse ausi’ae. Sepolesa se hlalosa ha nyeoe
“Ha kea khotsofala ke ketso ena e tla tsoelapele lekhotleng
ena ea hore e be o lokolotsoe ka haufinyane.
beile. Ha ke ne ke na le matla, ke Pelaelo ke hore ke banana
ne ke tla laela lekhotla ho se mo ba Basotho ba bangata haholo
lokolle hohang ho ba joale a ka ba tsietsing ea ho hlekefetsoa ka
nna a tsoela-pele ho nhleketsa le matabo ke ba haufi le bona ho
ha e se ekaba ka tsela e nngoe latela litlaleho tsa sepolesa. Media trainer Lawrence Keketso facilitates session in Botha-Bothe

’Muso oa maholimo ke oa bana

Leponesa Motšoane (17), ea ho ruta bana ka litaba tsa khothaletsa batsoali ho isa bana
Matlakeng High School Ntate Molimo ba sa le banyane. ba bona kerekeng hobane
E mong oa bana ea lilemo li qaleho ea bohlale ke ho tšaba
Bana ba kereke ea Morena Jesu leshome le metso e mehlano, e Jehova Molimo.
e Botha-Bothe, Ha Shepeseli, leng Moeketsi Rammeleke, a tiisa Ba bontša hape hore Jesu o ile
ba re ba thabile haholo ’me taba ena o re: “…metsoalle eaka a thiba barutuoa ba hae ha ba
ba lehlohonolo hoba ba kena eo re bapalang bolo le bona, ha leka ho khalema batho ba neng
kereke ebile ba holela tšabong le e kene kereke ho hang”. ba tlisa bana ho eena hore a
leratong la Morena Molimo. Bana ba supile hore kerekeng ba hlohonolofatse a re “...lesang
Ba re ba e inka ba le ba rutoa lentsoe la Ntate Molimo, bana ba tle ho ’na hobane ’muso
lehlohonolo kaha ha se batsoali litemana, ho bina le ho hlompha oa maholimo ke oa joaloka
bohle ba fang bana tokelo ena batho bohle. Ba boetse ba bona”. Matheu 19:13-14.

Children in Media had a feel of a radio broadcast studio when they visited Moeling Community Radio Station in Botha-Bothe
8 December 2019

Banana ba tlaase lilemong ba oela

molekong oa lenyalo basa ikelelloe
Relebohile Joele (13), mo nyale ho sa natsoe hore na oa 2010 o supa, hot la qosoa ho
Sebapala High School ba lilemo li kae. tloha ka ea shobelisitseng, ea
E mong oa banana ba Mount mo apesitseng, ea hlabileng nku
Banana ba Basotho ka har’a Moorosi ea ieng a nyaloa a le batsoali ba ngoanana eo ba
setereke sa Quthing ba nyaloa le lilemo li leshome le metso e lumellaneng le lenyalo le joalo.
ka sekhahla se holimo ba sa le supileng, ea sa ratang ho bolela Ha ele mosue-hlooho oa
tlaase lilemong. Ho suptjoa ha mabitso a hae, o boletse a sekolo se phahameng sa
ba kena lenyalong ka mabaka a nyetsoe hobane e ne e se e le Sebapala, Ntate Lineo Maqala,
fapaneng, empa sena se tlisa litla- moimana, ‘me nkhono oa hae eena o hlalositse hore taba ena
morao tse bohloko kaha joale ba a mo isa hab’o mohlanka eo oa e eketsa sekhahla sa banana
tšoanela ho tsoa sekolo ka lehare hae ka lebaka la hore o ne a ba feilang lithutong, hoba ha tsena.
hape ba kopana le liqholotso re a keke a khona ho mo holisa ngata ngoanana h’a se a “Re le batsoali re lebelletse
tse ngata ka ha bophelo ba le ngoana ho latela bofokoli le nyetsoe mosebtsi oa hae oso hore barali ba rona ba kene
lenyalong bo fapane le ha ba bofutsana boo a phelang ka eba mongata ebe o’a theoha sekolo ba be le bokamoso bo
eso ho nyaloe. bona. lithutong kaha joale ka nako e chabileng. Empa, re masoabi
Banana ba bangata ba Litabeng tsena, sepolesa sa ‘ngoe a ntse a inahanela ka tsa kajeno ke tse etsahalang,” ho
nyaloa hobane ba ithoetse, Mt. Moorosi se ile sa re se tla nka lelapa la hae h’a le ka lihlopheng. rialo ba bang ba batsoali bao
‘me ebe motsoali oa ngoanana likhato ha taba e joalo e ntse e Ba bang ba batsoali ha ba barali ba bona ba oetsoeng ke
ea joalo o nka khato ea hore tsoelapele. bua le moqolotsi ba bonahatse leru lena la lenyalo la banana ba
moshanyana ea mo sentseng a Ba supa hore joalokaha Molao bas a ameha hantle ke litaba tlaase lilemong.

Children in Media Ambassadors Morapeli Motsamai (Right) and Mokhali Shale (Centre)
with LTV’s Bahlakoana Lehasa were captured live during Thahameso morning programme.
Here, the children were addressing the nation on child issues during the World Children’s
Day on November 20, 2019. The children’s ambassadors’ message was loud and clear that
children should be engaged in matters that affect; that they have opinion and voice to
speak for themselves.