Society of Conceivia

By Tony Bondhus

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Chapter 1

Ever imagine what it would be like if some super intelligent being came to Earth and boosted our technology by 100 years? Well, that is not exactly, but pretty close to what our future holds. That super intelligent being is already here, but we haven't become aware of it yet. We are just starting to wake up. Imagine a world without poverty. Not for humanitarian reasons, but rather, think of the technology. Just imagine the technology we could develop in a world without poverty. If all nations on Earth were able to produce new innovation as fast as the wealthy nations do now, just imagine. Without poverty, technology would grow ten times as fast as it does now. All nations on Earth have the resources needed to become wealthy. They all have an abundant supply of workers, all that is needed is a society that will get those workers working efficiently. All that is needed to create such a society is knowledge. We now have this knowledge. This is nothing, compared to the world you are about to learn about. Nothing! We live in a world where the power to make decisions is in the hands of a small select few. The power to create new innovation is limited to a very small fraction of the population. That select few people are very rarely innovative. At the moment the power to make innovative decisions is in the hands of the people who have talents in sales. People who can sell. Now imagine if all people on Earth, had the freedom to use their minds to their full potential. Imagine if everyone had the free time and resources to accomplish their dreams. There would be a gush of technology, the likes of which the world has never seen! New technology will soon be developed a hundred times faster than the current rate. Like a giant dam being destroyed, and the new technology flowing unimpeded. We now have new understanding that will enable us to create such a society. What you are about to learn will seem more fantastic than fantasy. Beyond your wildest imagination, and yet, it is about to come true. We are about to enter the next phase in human evolution.

All that is needed is a way to get the people to work together in harmony. Now obviously, we can't simply tell people to work together and expect them to do it. We can't simply tell people to join hands and love, and expect it to happen. What is needed is a new design for society, that will bring out this natural harmony, this natural symbiotic behavior that is so extremely common in nature. One that removes the opposing forces that prevent people from harmonious behavior. Can you imagine how fast our technology would grow, if we were all began to work together in symbiotic harmony with one another. If we all quit hiding every little idea, quit wasting precious development money and time on patents. How many good ideas are you hiding away in your head, 'cause you haven't the money or time for patents or development. I'm probably a fairly typical inventor, and I can say that I have probably forgotten over a thousand good ideas, and have a hundred or so that I remembered to write down. That is typical of inventors. Whether they are good ideas or not doesn't matter. Bad ideas sell almost as well as good ideas, often better. The problem is very few of the really good inventors have the money needed to develop and market any of their ideas. Very simple inventions cost $50,000 or more to bring to market, and very few inventors can afford that. This means only a very small percentage of the good ideas out there are ever put in service. Just imagine what could be accomplished if things were to change. If it were to become a hundred times easier for inventors to develop and market their ideas. Just imagine an atmosphere of synergy, of people working together in harmony, each working for the common good. We are about to embark on an incredible journey of understanding. We are about to examine the possibility of life on Earth. Not just any life, but the most amazing life form of them all. A whole new type of life form, not yet known, but suspected by many to exist. This is not your typical organic life form, but a life form existing more as the pure essence of life. You will learn about a super intelligent super organism. Knowledge of this life form is what will enable us to create this new society, and will save us from our own worse enemy, ourselves. This knowledge gives us the understanding that society acts as a single living organism. Society not only acts as a single organism, it also effects the way we as individuals behave. This knowledge will allow us to create a new society, which will bring out the best in all of us. A society that will stimulate the growth of technology which will protect our environment. Here's where people have a huge problem understanding. They look around, and they see bad people all around, and they think we are doomed. Here's the thing though. We are all born good. It is our society which brings out the bad in all of us. It is our society that teaches us greed and makes us hate.


but all have some intelligence. Only by helping and allowing the individual to achieve their full potential.It is our society that is destroying the environment. For now. which is self aware and has emotions. It will increase our own individual control. it has intelligence. 4 . We will soon have much more control over our own lives as we do now. so we will leave that for later. This new knowledge will enable us to create a society which will effect our individual behavior in a way that is beneficial to all mankind and our planet. what we as individuals feel most inspired to do. We now know that society is a living thing. Some have more than others. It will enhance self control. and as all living things. we will always have control over our own lives. The key to all of this. It may be difficult for you to accept the idea of society being a living thing. The new society will not lessen our own control. It is really not necessary for you to understand that. Our learned greed. in fact. Now we can fix it. This is also true of societies. can the full potential of society can be achieved. We will all be able to do what we as individuals want to do. we will learn about some different management system designs. over our own choices. is in the intelligence of the society. quite the opposite. which makes us plunder for profit. Don't get me wrong. It is in fact increased personal freedom and increased individuality that will allow us to achieve our full potential.

few care. and so it naturally tends to affect the people at the top. and so on. while people at the top are considered highly valuable. When a President dies the entire country morns. They tend to become what we call power crazed. The chances of that happening are just about non existent.000. New ideas must come from the top. and if the person at the top is not innovative.000. Now. Always in one direction. This form of central control creates an entire society that acts on the whims of that one individual or group of individuals on top. This means when an inventor or an idea person comes up with an idea. People very rarely ever believe a new idea will work. innovation will not happen. add two zeros. This is the system where there is one person or group of people on top. just imagine if that person's superior is convinced. now for that person's superior to convince his or her superior. in any system. from the top to the bottom. who give commands to more people below them who give commands to more people below them. New ideas are never easily accepted. Such power is not healthy for any human being. New ideas which come from the bottom have almost no chance of making it to the top. It creates a feeling where people at the bottom are considered disposable.000. It is a very simple system that allows the command flow to spread out. For each step up on the pyramid.Chapter 2 ________ The Pyramid System The most common and probably the first management style in human society is the pyramid system. for that person to convince his or her superior that it is a good idea. The odds of getting to that point. and so on. and somehow pass from one person to that person's superior. the day to day communication needed to do one's job also can't come from the bottom. are 1 in 10. for a new idea to come from the bottom. originating at one source and spreading to all below. New ideas are not the only thing that can't come from the bottom. but when an individual at the bottom dies. again there is only a one percent chance. to that person's superior. to that person's superior. The odds of getting to the next superior are 1 in 1. Protect the President at all costs. there is maybe a one percent chance. 5 . The flow in this type of system is one direction. and therefore are almost never implemented. As you can see. An inventor must deal with the fact that for a very good idea only 1 in 100 people will like the idea.

the end result being that the question would arrive distorted and then the answer to that distorted question would again be distorted. This sort of top down system works very poorly for these problems. making it act to a fair degree on whims of individuals with money. We are also talking about companies. due to lack of authority. and even then it is not enough. Dealing with problems has the same problems as new ideas. what use does a government have with new ideas. Those officials are continually confronted with the task of trying to deal with their superiors. but not all. In this system. even after those minor problems are fixed. how would that affect one's personality. Obviously. Imagine dealing with red tape day after day. Governments need to find solutions to problems such as poverty. creation of laws is often done by a fairly large group of individuals. It works by simply averaging out the whims of the individuals. so they get frustrated as well. This is part of what red tape is all about. but it does happen with more complicated things. It still has very little ability to create innovation. It is only the average. and sugar or milk to put in the tea. which has the same problems. it is a mute point. have very little ability to solve them. not to mention the time involved. The lowly secretary has never seen the head of the company so she has no way of communicating directly. There are many modifications of this government style. but there are ten different kinds of tea in the cabinet. just to name a few. After all. The executive assistant then asks his department head. In our society. We are not talking about just governments though. The only reason it creates any innovation at all is because 6 . Some simple minor modifications could probably fix most of those problems. in the case of a government. because the head of the company never drinks tea. transportation problems. and then back from person to person. in hopes that they will reduce the tendency of acting on the whims of an individual. who then asks his secretary for the cup of tea. a choice of three sizes of cups. to ask would mean sending a message from person to person. is there any real headway made. which helps to stabilize the whims of the individuals. This would never happen with something as simple as a beverage. Only on the very rare occasions when an innovative leader is found. It still places more importance on some and less on others. because an individual can pay a lot of money. That lowly secretary then goes to get the tea. who also have the same problem.Say for example. This interferes with the averaging. Anyway. The people at the bottom are still considered disposable. Probably the most common use of the word Bureaucracy is in frustration over government's inability to deal with problems. to achieve the desires of an individual. One might think that it is not big problem when new ideas can only come from the top. The end result is not better or worse than one person can do. the system still has some major problems. There's still the problem that new ideas can only come from the top. there's a very large incentive to those who can find ways of manipulating the system. One is to split the various tasks of governing among three groups. racism. The officials we must bring our problems to. The same top down structure is also used in companies. the head of a company gets thirsty and makes a request of his executive assistant. and over crowding. The problem is.

blame the system.there are a whole bunch of companies. to make these decisions for us? Leaders who very often receive money or special favors. Not all succumb to these influences of course. It creates depression. That they are incapable of thinking objectively. as if they are gods. criminal behavior. We haven't yet discussed the problem of people at the top considered highly valuable and the people at the bottom being disposable. Don't blame the person. This creates a very poor work ethic among the people at the bottom. it creates power craze. to want special privileges. and rampant destruction of the environment. This is not a good thing. sluggish and careless work. It is human nature from someone who is treated as if a hundred times more important than everyone else. 7 . We set these leaders up above us. and all of its associated problem. Some of those people are somewhat innovative. who all have their own selfish motivation. increased drug use. How can we rely on leaders. to bend their opinion. Decisions made by these types of organizations are always biased. For the people at the top. and then complain if they complain if they get sexual favors from women. which means a whole bunch of people at the top. such as greed. To say someone is close minded is like saying they are stupid. They are always what we call close minded decisions. carelessness for mankind. One never compliments someone saying they are very close minded. You can not prevent leaders from finding a way to make money or get some special benefits for choosing one way over another. but it is not a healthy environment for anyone.

yet it has on several occasions came very close to using nuclear weapons. creating world war and if left unchecked. it's government by THE people. People seem to worship democracy. Usually it's the stock holders who have all the decision has a little more vague definition "Government by the people". not counting the time when it actually did use them. USA. The central government is only a small part of it though. of course. Democracy is not one group governing another group. only averages the intelligence of all the people in the group. usually do not allow the workers any decision power at all. They don't even pretend. but notice the use of the word "the" in that sentence.Chapter 3 ________ Electing Leaders As I said earlier. has some very bad side effects. Not allowing the people who are doing the fighting to have a say is what allows the powerful people to attempt world domination. Democracy. The people who do the fighting don't have any say. as if we can't have freedom without it. and another is that we always find ourselves choosing between "the lessor of two evils". The form of Democracy that is used by so called democratic governments. The armed forces have always been dictatorships. or government by people. democracy is a good system. and even those that pretend to be democracies. that black men and all women had to live by. WordWeb 2. yet we have so little democracy. While we are on the subject of democracy. democracy is a group governing itself. Most are forms of dictatorships. and what type of systems do we have. Every company in existence has a government system. white men were making all the decisions. You are about to find out why that is. Only about 50 years ago in America. The only difference being that there's a group of people doing 8 . It does not improve intelligence of the society. We called it a democracy back then. In other words. None the less. and has its uses." Dictionary. so as to prevent nuclear war. One is it creates severe hatred that leads to wars. but that wasn't really a democracy.2 dictionary says "The doctrine that the numerical majority of an organized group can make decisions binding on the whole group. nor does it solve the other major problems. claims to have the best government in the world. let's take a look at just what exactly democracy is. We need to make certain improvements to it. so it's not really a democracy. often enormously. Even the decision to go to war is usually made by a small group of people who will profit by it. nuclear war. it's actually a form of a dictatorship. It's not government by other people. We can no longer rely solely on democracy. so as to reduce the chance of radical behavior. government by the people being governed.

Now. What we call Democracy. Consider the measurement of the human eyes. That is not to say there are not honest politicians. so if you want a nice guy. As they say. so it is a little better than a dictatorship. The trick to meeting nice people. creates another problem. you throw out a huge part of democracy. some have it worse than others. where the honest and fair candidates are ruled out or ignored. The majority is in fact only as intelligent as the average individual. the system of electing a group to govern us. as if they don't exist. They say no one likes a nice guy. A large group of individuals acting as a unit will still treat another group of individuals badly. A person will meet both nice people and bad people. This is not a problem with Democracy though. that ye be not judged. Democracy works on two basic ideas. it tends to eliminate the honest and fair candidates. but typically the good ones do not do so well in politics.the dictating. As a great philosopher once said "Judge not. There are good ones. There is no intelligence gain. if you throw out the part about the group governing themselves. This creates a situation where the really corrupt candidates can use trickery to get in office. They usually aren't so popular or well liked. We hear people say that a lot. so it is no where near as good as democracy. democracy is a group governing itself. We choose who we consider the best candidate by judging. Democracy is not one group governing another group. simply find a guy who no one likes. In the dating world we see what happens when we judge. Look back at that definition of democracy. That saying tends to be used more in the dating world. Voting is judging." The problem is the system requires us to judge. You can't hardly call it a democracy when the workers have no voting power. To understand the problem more clearly. Those individuals do occasionally act in our best interest though. we still don't quite have a Democracy. and the other that they govern themselves. I'm not saying that Democracy is bad. that person will think that there are no nice people of the opposite sex. we all know that our eyes will adjust their 9 . Even when we elect a group of individuals to govern us. so it doesn't have this problem to such an extreme. but it also can be greatly improved. For the most part. the majority is no more intelligent than an individual. Perhaps you've noticed how we always seem to end up choosing between "the lesser of two evils". is to not judge or rule out the nice people. one that you average out the weirdness of the individuals. The dating world is also a world of judgment. There is a form of democracy that does not elect leaders. and read it carefully. we can use a similar example in a more simplified form. while the corrupt rule. Obviously then. It therefore is not much different from a dictatorship. and we know that logically those people are meeting nice people. no one likes a nice guy. We still have one group making decisions for another group. Not all Democracies will have this problem. We see the same thing happening. only with the election process. All systems that elect leaders have the problem. but if that person rules out all the nice people at first glance. rather than one person. only that electing leaders is bad.

to find the range that the eyes can adjust to. So how do you measure something like that. your eye will adjust for it. Very often judging is done in situations where it is totally unnecessary. When we judge people. If they did. The idea of proving one's worth doesn't do so well in the real world as it does in theory. it is still possible to measure them. might find himself taken from the line and placed in a room full of black people who are waiting to be searched for drugs. to see if it gets better or worse. 10 . is not such a simple system as eyes are. and therefore there is no good way of judging them. In other words. Eye doctors don't do this. they will react and learn to trick us. The same happens in the work place. The people who are better salesmen do better. This is a huge problem which affects us in many many ways. they'd write down two numbers for each measurement. A guy with long hair and rock 'n' roll tee shirt on. This is basically the same thing that happens when we try to judge people. however. The end result is a lot of rock 'n' rollers and black people being searched and the drug smugglers passing through undetected. Eye doctors write only one number. With political candidates. no matter what system we use to judge them. The solution is simple. The real drug smugglers are dressed up like business men. indicating they believe they have measured the part that can not be measured.focus for objects that are near and far away. Drug smugglers would then be guaranteed to be caught within a few passings over the border. A room with even harmless little old grandmas. With political candidates there are many variables. They judge people based on appearance to determine whether or not to search them for drugs. Choosing a political candidate. The result of this sort of measurement is that a person's eyes get worse each time they go to the eye doctor for a new pair of glasses. something which the very act of attempting to measure it. Take for example. It is not something where you can measure a range between the nearest and farthest focusing ability. We also know that when you put a lens in front of your eye. no matter how clean cut businessman like they look. We don't end up with the best one. we end up with the best salesman and the best at trickery and deceit. Search completely at random. the people react and modify their behavior so as to bypass our judgment technique. who just happen to be black. the results will be misleading. On eyes. going through a line at an airport where there is no black people in sight. Drug smugglers react to that and dress up like business men. where an alternative solution exists. so they don't worry about being searched. It is simply not possible to judge people accurately. the border patrols. Than drug smugglers will be searched as often as anyone else. results in modifying it? Obviously if you simply put a lens in front of the eye. The end result is very often worse than if we didn't judge at all. The nearest and the farthest. but rather we end up with the one who is best at tricking us into believing he or she is the best.

the more criminals are made. The problem is that the mud slinging process often creates hatred. and any other sources of judgment processes in society. This type of system will fairly quickly evolve into one with two major political parties. nor can you expect to train them well enough so as to prevent the problem. When people can use trickery and deceit to get ahead in the world. The more you train people in the arts of trickery and deceit. The problem is far worse than that. A young person who is often harassed by the police. It creates large scale hatred. like finding a job for example. Another problem comes when we use the most basic voting system. means that the large amounts of advertising dollars spent. will act at peak efficiency. and treated like a criminal will often become a criminal. they learn to do it more and more. Luckily. due to emotional distress. mud slinging becomes a very effective technique. and often even creates racism where once was none. It will almost always end up in a situation where you have two major candidates running against each other. The more criminals we have. the "winner take all" type of voting system. Police are only human. You can't completely tell the police not to judge. People who might otherwise do it very rarely are taught to do it more and become good at it. Employment is probably the single most important area. like the kind that creates riots and wars. Mud slinging will reduce the popularity of the slinger as well as the victim. Since there are only two candidates with any chance of winning. The more the police harass our youth. becoming more like what people wrongfully accuse them of. is to prevent judging all through out society. Large scale hatred. however. is to hold to careful controls on the police.The problem with judging is not strictly that the resulting choice is not what is intended. and the only people without work would be the police. Only way of breaking that loop. creating the most hatred possible. If the police were the only source of judging. The kind which maintains and promotes racism. the problem would likely dissipate on its own. This built in targeting mechanism. the more police we need. Others respond to how they are judged. but also the people who are being judged will be changed by the judgment process. but annoyance is not something that would be worthy of our attention. The more police we have. it is necessary to publicize as much as possible. 11 . because in order to win an election. with all other candidates having no chance at all. the more police you need. They wouldn't do it if it didn't work. It is also necessary that the attempt to create hatred targets some area in which the people will respond to. but the victim almost always looses more popularity. Watching mud slinging in action is annoying. If we could eliminate unemployment. and all other parties are basically ignored. What needs to be done. you might be able to see a loop developing here. If you think about that. Especially in areas such as employment. The problem is that it becomes advantageous in such a system to use mud slinging tactics. the more the police harass our youth. the problem is not so critical.

It was only the United States who didn't like him. in 1945. represents a serious problem with the system of elected officials. is the perpetration of a gross violent act. the United States looked up to and respected the Communist. many would say that George Bush wasn't smart enough to think of that. 12 . There are many people who believe that we could have World Peace if we can get all the people in the world to love. would not do such a thing. as long as you choose what the US wants you to. What I am saying is. George Bush was an underdog and became the favorite after the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed. The United States was trained. if you are teaching them to hate! I slight variation on the mud slinging or hatred creation tactic. If the leader wasn't being judged. According to the United States. I'm not saying that he was involved. Originally. regardless of who would win. Ho Chi Minh. by politicians who were seeking election. the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings. one should always suspect the person who gains most from it. who needs to gain public support. for the sake of gaining power. Now. What did the United States object to? The United States objected to Vietnam having a free election to determine who its leader would be. I'm not going to say that US President George Bush was involved in the planning of it. This may be true. when Vietnam was finally to have peace. if the leader didn't need to seek our approval. If the United States was truly on the side of freedom and democracy. Again. and thus approximately 2 million people were killed for that stupidity in Vietnam alone. that is then blamed on some other person or group. The United States is anti-democracy. by such leaders as Hitler. The people were taught to hate by politicians who were seeking election. This lead the United States to change sides in the Vietnam War. which indicates that the people of Vietnam liked Ho Chi Minh. Only a leader who is an underdog. That was the United States. to hate Communism. you are free to choose. It shows yet another example of a problem with judging. one country stood in its way. does such things. That is an example of how much power can be gained by a gross violent act. to actually cause the World Trade Center destruction. Now. there'd be no need to seek power using such tactics. The fact that such a tactic exists and has been used very successfully in the past. This technique has been used successfully on many occasions. Only eleven years later. only the fact that everyone is aware of it makes it perfect to use as an example of what could be done as a highly effective political strategy. would there? A leader who is loved by everyone.One example of this. you can't get all the people to love. Whether or not he was involved is irrelevant to what I have to say. is the creation of hatred for Communism. the United States would have supported the election. the leader reacting to our judgment that causes these gross violent acts in the first place. It is in fact. who is to say. Say for example. look how much power that event provided George Bush. Well. There was little hatred of Communism at first. but some world leaders have used this technique very successfully to gain power. causing in the vast majority of the deaths in the war. Whenever a gross violent act is committed. It was widely believed that Ho Chi Minh would have won the election.

even though he was too old at the time. not entirely. All these are problems with judging. Ho Chi Minh. Only 6 years later. with intent on making the hunter more popular. a Roman Catholic priest. McCarthy just barely won the election and became senator. It was Edmund Walsh. Perhaps Hitler became obsessed or addicted to the boost in popularity he gained by his gross violent acts that he blamed on others. only purely irrational reactionary behavior. Whether or not communism is worthy of such hatred is irrelevant. McCarthy didn't expect to be reelected. that the hunter becomes obsessed with the accusations. Recall that 5 years earlier. not 73. His opponent was 66. McCarthy later went on to attack another opponent. If it wasn't for McCarthy's nasty witch hunt tactic to gain public support. however. Witch hunts are also used in politics. which further suggests his loyalties were to himself and his own power. Perhaps it was a craving for attention that spurred him on. and Americans would not have developed such strong irrational hatred for communism. who was deeply hurt by the attacks. McCarthy put this plan into action. so he held meeting with his closest advisers to plan how to retain his seat. He also did other dirty campaigning. quit politics and later committed suicide. Britain. 1950. There was no thinking involved. resulting in the deaths of about 2 million people.Hitler was also an underdog when he began to use this strategy. The strategy he used was so effective. Here again we see it is the underdog (one expected to lose) who uses this strategy to gain popularity. All may seem inherently attached to Democracy. so it is irrational hatred. This doesn't make a good example though. and also falsely claimed he was guilty of war profiteering. when the DRV. The word rational means thinking is involved. was when US Senator Joseph McCarthy went after so called Communists. in Vietnam. but rather it was the direct result of a power hungry politician trying to gain public support. So in speech on February 9. for not joining the army. McCarthy was a new dealer Democrat who switched parties to become a Republican. it created anticommunist hysteria which would later become known as McCarthyism. Witch hunts are a classic example of the effects of judging getting way out of control. Robert La Follette. because few people are very familiar with the events back then. to make up for his low popularity. and the Soviet Union were all in agreement that Vietnam was to become a unified country and a national election was to held to determine who would be leader. The word irrational means no thinking is involved. falsely claiming his opponent was 73 and senile and was guilty of financial corruption. for example. Perhaps the most famous example of a witch hunt used in politics. China. to the Republican Women's Club of Wheeling. the United States looked up to and respected the communist. America blocked it. it is quite possible those 2 million people might still be alive today. in July of 1956. McCarthy was an underdog. and La Follette. who came up with the idea of campaigning against communist subversives in the Democratic administration. I say irrational. In this case there was no thinking. West Virginia. in 1945. because their hatred was not based on facts. France. 13 . Another slight variation is the witch hunt. Witch hunts often create so much attention for the hunter.

In McCarthy's first speech on the subject. In true Democracy.000 federal employees. One could write a whole book about them and I'm sure people have. This was not actually not a list of communists at all. It was all about electing leaders. Even true Democracy has some problems. These help reduce the problems. fascists. I know this seems difficult to grasp. sexual deviants. 14 . which was a preliminary screening of 3. 4 years earlier. No matter what the voting system. McCarthy was an alcoholic and a homosexual. we get the most successful trickster or salesman. but eventually you'll get the picture. We must know the problems before we can fix them. but don't eliminate the problems entirely. McCarthy claimed to have a list of 57 people in the State Department. I hope it doesn't sound like I dislike Democracy. so he would also have been included on the list. but rather a list of alcoholics. it should always be done with one of the more thought out voting systems. which is what Representative Democracy does. we don't get the best person for the job. in situations where a vote is necessary. Usually this is the exact opposite of what we want. The list was not a list of communists. there are no elected leaders. None the less. just like everything else. claiming some of them were giving secret information to the Soviet Union. In fact. nothing I said here is against Democracy. and a few communists. There are better voting systems out there. if he was among those being screened. I hope I have given you a little bit of an idea of why a society needs to be properly thought out. We really don't need to judge people. They are easy to find on the Internet. Interestingly. Tricksters will always be able to trick us. and not just thrown together by people who know little or nothing about it. who were members of the American Communist Party. That is not the case. The list was actually a list published by the Secretary of State. some of which are already in place in many countries throughout the world.

science is their god. It makes it impossible for a person to think in certain ways. They won't consider anything that disproves that. and impossible to explain something to them. That side insists that Intelligent Design Theory is not science at all. that pushes it in some direction. it is these people who claim that Intelligent Design Theory was made up by the Creationists to support Creationism. there's the Creation and Intelligent Design debate. is blocked by this road block or bias. For example. I've thought about what makes a person intelligent. we mean they are biased or influenced by something that controls their thought process. Evolution. Bias creates what we call closed mindedness. Bias is a pressure applied to the thinking process. and that the Creationists made it up to support Creationism. is in improving the intelligence of that living thing. who simply refuse to believe what science tells them. or bias. They won't consider anything that disproves that. will make you feel like you are talking to a robot or "a brick wall". Yet in spite of this fact. a bias would be a closed door. can have road blocks. the less intelligent they seem. exactly as it says it in the Bible. talking to a highly biased person. One bias can stop an awful lot of thinking. and therefore has little ability to think. which seems like a far away realm of thought. On one side. On the other side there are people who refuse to believe that God exists. They believe only what it says in the Bible. I believe the key to this. This is easier than it sounds. I've noticed that the path of logic that our minds take in arriving at a conclusion. A closed minded person is someone who has a lot of closed doors. If you imagine thinking as having pathways. The more biased a person is. one starts to wonder how this information can be used to improve society and get rid of some of the problems in the world today. When we say a person is prejudice. Their bias is that God does not exist. They have also closed their minds to science and to God. Why would creationists create a theory which doesn't support creationism? 15 . They have closed their minds to science and to the Bible. Nothing in Intelligent Design Theory supports the idea of the Earth being created in 7 days. Their bias is their belief that the Earth was created in 7 days. Nothing. Often. external influence. You see. To them.Chapter 4 ________ Motivation and Greed Once one accepts that society is a living thing. there are some people who believe in Biblical Creationism. one road block can stop an awful lot of traffic.

and the other side feels they'll be forced to admit the existence of God. but look how little progress has been made. that is not the case. It is an idea that has been around for 150 years. but rather their ideas are very often stolen from them or purchased for next to nothing. Both sides feel like they are talking to a brick wall. as is preconception and predetermination. but are extremely vital to mankind. It prevents thinking. That is how computers think. It means judging before. you are prejudice. could allow us to just about eliminate the pollution produced by automobiles. This is about bias or closed mindedness. is the bias that applies to the whole of society. The word prejudice comes from adding the prefix pre~ to judge. Even thinkers in profitable areas are rarely given any real compensation for their efforts. Money has a tremendous impact on our decision making processes. like a robot. There's been very little research done on alternative energy sources. There's also a third side in this case. one might think that if something has profit potential. 'cause there is too much at stake. Neither side is willing to give in. that they don't even understand what the debate is about. In theory. it is probably something needed by mankind. Areas of technology that are unlikely to be profitable. but in the real world. If you make a judgment about someone. One side feels like they'll lose their God. It is the same thing. To say someone is close minded is like saying they are stupid.The debate is not about Creationism at all. which is being left out. One never compliments someone saying they are very prejudice or biased. There is really no real system to pay for thinking work. It is about a new understanding of Evolution. One never compliments someone saying they are very close minded. An enhancement to our understanding. 16 . We've known for 30 years that we need to stop using fossil fuels. yes. The hydrogen fuel cells for example. Very little development money goes into what is good for mankind or the environment. before you even meet that person or have information. Not very intelligent is it? The bias we are concerned with. It blocks the thinking process. Both these two groups of people are so closed minded. but even now is at a shameful state of development. leaving them with insufficient money for further research and development work. That they are incapable of thinking objectively. Perhaps the most important form of bias is money. This is what bias does. but this is not about them. Sometimes. The thinking process pretty much winds down and stops due to the closed mindedness on both sides. which is equally painful. Only work that has profit potential has any income potential. There is massive amounts of highly vital technology that needs to be developed. your decision was made completely without thought. It allows for only certain ideas to be developed. every decision a computer will make is predetermined by what the programmer wrote into the program. but not often. Bias which exerts a force on the thinking of all of us individually as well as the whole group. who just want to make people consider some new information. The word prejudice is a synonym of bias. It means you didn't think about that person. instead we put development money only into things that have profit potential.

When greed is rewarded. resulting in products that often are only fit for filling landfills. which increases the money made on the maintenance of products.500 per sale. they went to caffeine and the use of caffeine is still very widespread for its addictive effects. it is of course an opportunity they jump at. These are all examples of how the thinking process in our society is distorted by the monetary system. but results in no additional manufacturing costs. product designers cut corners all over the place. not even by curing them. thereby preventing any further development on it. Remember. Do you think cigarette companies do anything to reduce the addictiveness of their drugs? Or would you sooner believe that they would do everything they can get away with in increase the addictiveness of their drugs. unless of course one gets carried away with it. which leaves the profit margin low. Companies respond to the fact that some people are willing to pay more money than others. Often. If a drug company has a choice between producing a product that will cure a specific illness. One could in fact define Capitalism as a system of using greed to motivate people. Is this an idea that an oil company would want to see developed? Companies compete heavily to produce a product at the lowest initial cost. by producing multiple versions of the same product. Which makes more money? Obviously. One doesn't want to eliminate one's customers. After cocaine was made illegal. if you charge too much. of course. We are not done yet though. This bends the thinking toward reduced reliability. so you can only charge maybe $250 or so.Often ideas are purchased for the soul purpose of suppressing any further development on them. they'd lose about $3. to create that addictive effect. 17 . When they can make up the difference by sales of parts and maintenance after the sale. it trains the people to become much more greedy. It is not good for mankind to produce deliberately inferior products. It is done because of the influence of money on the thinking process. This distortion actually affects our behavior. and the sales of parts. such as cars and machinery. they used to put cocaine in soft drinks. and producing a product that will prolong it and make it appear to be better temporarily. people will buy illegal copies. the only difference is a software change which gives the higher price version increased features. but rather for the desire to make money. This is not done for the good of mankind. It appears to be a very common technique for larger items. think how much money would people pay for a carburetor that allowed their car to get 100 miles per gallon. It is nothing for a big powerful corporation to buy a patent and then sit on it. which do you think the company will choose? The addictive technique. 'cause it will sell a whole lot better. For example. This means if a large oil company was to make carburetors like that. Lower reliability results increased profits. Don't forget. This distortion of the thinking process goes much farther. promoting addictive behavior is not good for mankind. actually training us as individuals to be selfish and greedy. Another problem is that due to the people's desire to spend less money for more stuff. How it obstructs the path of innovation and thinking in our society.

If it pushes the greed button. Greed is wanting for the good of oneself. so that we end up with motivation and love. Well. I will explain this system for you. 50 percent goes equally to all other members of the group that person belongs to. I came up with an idea for a new type of money. 18 . I'm open to trying that. The banana motivates the monkey to push the button. Not good for that one person. We might be able to create a limited capitalism system. it doesn't go to that person. there is no limit to how much greed a person can develop. we will soon be in big trouble. Most people are strongly in support of the monetary system. Theoretically. This would be all handled electronically and instantly. That's not love. If I didn't come across information that the world was soon to enter nuclear war. With money though.Like having a monkey in a cage. This may or may not be true. where they think that all we need to do is teach everyone in the world to love. or empathy. because they believe it is necessary to motivate the people. This is important to prevent us from destroying the world in nuclear war. but also I'd like to try to see if we can change the equation even farther. I see so many world peace sites out there. it gets a banana. while love is wanting for the good of others. or the disposition to do good. but rather is divided as follows. We'll just assume that it does for now. It works something like this. and I can see that unless we all start to care for the planet. selected by free choice. The monkey can only eat a certain amount of food. also known as Capitalism. such as not providing for the needs of unprofitable innovation. but not all. and we'll have World Peace. I'm an environmentalist. The remaining 20 percent goes to everyone in the world. Research is needed. 20 percent goes to that person. we can't teach them to love. but rather will encourage people to want for the good of the community. None the less. however I don't think it is the approach to use. If we are to avoid nuclear war. when you make money. I call it Collaborative Money. It still has the other problems that all monetary systems have. If you think about what we do now. during the transaction. I figured out a system that would come close to creating motivation and love. and also good for the planet. When someone makes money. We do not know for sure yet. Of course the monkey example is not exactly the same situation. maybe those problems will be solved in the future. about 50 percent goes to the government after the end of the year. Collaborative Money will not create greed or wanting for oneself. but rather it is love as in benevolence. which might change the equation so that limited capitalism creates motivation and selfishness. as in sex. That would be a group of 20 people. I might have overlooked the greed factor. so what we have is this: Capitalism creates motivation and greed. in a system that teaches them to be greedy. Greed is therefore the opposite of love. but good for all. we have to prevent greed. that would solve some of these problems.

due to its self balancing or distributing effect. All members of Person A's group have Person A in common. only half of the people in any group can belong to the same company or receive money from any single contract. 19 . I'm not saying we need to scrap the idea.The idea being that in order for a person to make money. The problem is at the very core of the concept of motivating is in using selfishness to get people to work. No matter what. Each person's group differs from everyone else's group. probably. just that we need to consider this. who have to agree to the selection. The problem is it lacks a system to pay for thinking work. That doesn't sound very possible. he or she shares it with the group. So. that would be great. when people find work that inspires them. when we try to motivate people we encourage selfish behavior. Not as bad. if we could figure out how to distribute that money to the actual people doing the actual thinking. Now. People want to be part of a team. but that might be the only person they have in common. These groups are only electronic entities. there are up to 19 additional groups that each have one person in them. and work together on something. perhaps we can find solutions to these problems. we really don't know if it is even necessary to motivate the people. This however is a myth. Work and play are the same thing. Even the people belonging to one person's group do not necessarily have the same group members as that person's group. suppose Person A comes up with an idea that will improve the efficiency of all members of Person A's group. and it is an additional 5 percent increase. will only benefit that person by 2 percent if that person keeps it to himself or herself. We are not talking about a union environment. You can not entirely remove selfishness from motivation. one is encouraged to help others become more effective workers. for a total of 7 percent. In that small group of 20 people. People do have a natural tendency to want to be part of something. New innovation is created solely determined by what makes money. An idea that improves a person's work efficiency by 10 percent. If Capitalism was truly self regulating. Almost no research has ever been done in that area. The thing is. We know only that people don't work well in a union environment. Each person picks his or her own group members. with this new idea. or you will not have motivation anymore. Each of those 19 people would benefit by telling the other members of their groups this new idea. I've heard it said that Capitalism is so wonderful because it is a self regulating system. If we could simply take 20 percent or so off the top to pay for thinking work. Share it with the group. but that tells us nothing. if one of those people comes up with an idea on how to make the others work faster. there would be no need for laws to keep it from spinning wildly out of control. To further spread things. Collaborative Money is still money. It still will act like Capitalism in this respect. thus improving the productiveness of that group.

20 . All societies are living things.What people are confusing for "self regulation" is actually the life of society. The problem is that a capitalist society is living thing with very low intelligence.

There was no command given. I was reading about a billionaire the other day. and the bridge is built. We've learned of such societies existing in nature.Chapter 5 ________ A Glimpse We have recently learned that it is possible for a society to be many times more intelligent than an individual. The geology of the construction site varies. ants are able to engineer and construct a bridge at amazing speed. is that even though this person is a billionaire and will not do any of the actual work involved. yet the whole group is second only to man in intelligence. 'cause it can use tools. he was able to" do whatever. What the person is saying. In other words. can you imagine how much time it'd take. use tools. Not very intelligent right? Yet ants grow crops. etc. as well as countless other factors which would give an engineer nightmares. as if from nowhere. where the individuals are of typical insect intelligence. That is how that type of management system works. Ants have limits to their strength. the billionaire is the one doing the thinking. The size and shape varies. the problems are no less daunting. That is how all pyramid management systems work. Consider the lowly ant. 21 . For ants. This ought to give you some idea of how efficient a system of society can be. and if the billionaire doesn't know how to do it. Now imagine if those ants had a government system such as any of the government systems used by man. telling each ant what to do. raise live stock. No one ant carries authority over the others. There may be slippery or unstable foundation locations. build bridges. The idea appears. Would this bridge be built if ants had a dictatorship government? Certainly not! Where are you going to find one ant with the creative vision to create a bridge? Even if you do find such an ant. and gusting winds. This is a daunting task. one that in the human world requires an expert. his knowledge of construction is crucial. Just as an example. saying that "using his knowledge of construction. communicate. it won't get done. We marvel at the intelligence of a chimpanzee. We see that sort of statement a lot. but ants do agriculture and build complex structures like bridges with amazing speed. in spite of this countless technical problems. This ought to give you some idea of the possibilities. Yet. Consider the quantity of technical problems associated with building a bridge.

etc. look across the water and decide if it is too far or whatever. The current system by nature eventually erodes into a dictatorship. which is leading us in this direction. Big brother is already doing this. and if that were to happen. Even so. but they don't individually know how a bridge is built. giving accurate explanations to words that the others don't even come close to. which one human can't understand every intricate detail. Obviously. The Wiki movement is creating amazingly high quality information. 22 . by allowing collaboration. All this is done by allowing the individual to provide input. This open collaboration is more powerful than Big Brother. That discussion could last a hundred years! Individual ants can probably picture the basic idea of a bridge in their heads. Strangely. on the Internet. It would be extremely difficult for individuals to resist. where big brother is watching. every intricate detail. Maybe after long and careful study of how the ants do it. It is happening all around us. One of ultimate freedom. it works and it works very well. Only one thing can prevent this from happening. Soon. That is for us to have a superior society system. We are on an evolutionary course. Humans use computer software to guess at the stresses. which ants will be placed in which locations. The Open Source software movement is growing fast. but nothing made that is beyond the intellectual capability of all humans. It is unlikely that any human being would be able to build a bridge with ant bodies. you need a whole bunch of them. Everything anyone says on the telephone or in e-mail can be scanned by computer. We now have the technology. It will soon eliminate Big Brother's control and can evade Big Brother's attempts to watch us. with Big Brother able to see everything they do. regarding the individual stresses at millions of locations. and soon after words all other competition. do they know how to build a bridge. There is nothing made by humans. There are things that some people don't understand. at the same time as we see our society eroding into an all powerful dictatorship. for certain words or phrases. We humans want to be able to understand how a thing works. It is only as a whole society. not to mention all the debates about what location. we see another society developing in the back ground. the idea of having an encyclopedia where anyone can edit the pages as they see fit. seems contrary to what we think we know about human nature. Open Source or a variant of Open Source will soon push Microsoft out. This is not a coincidence. That is way beyond their individual thinking capability. and only get a general picture.What about a democracy? Now you not only need one ant with the creative vision. A society that is almost the exact opposite. it would be extremely difficult to stop. but even then it'd be doubtful. and can if he so chooses eliminate anyone who is in opposition. The Wikipedia is probably the best encyclopedia in existence. Ants receive massive amounts of information.

Think what could be accomplished. Helping the poor increased the workforce and increased the number of buyers. that's just my $. it was caring for its poor that did it. but regardless. Now people can share files with privacy. only about 50 years of that was America a wealthy nation. quickly engulfing all areas of technology and mass production. Sheer superiority of the system. open collaboration will explode. We need to embrace these movements. Once cut free from the monetary leash. Most people do not do file sharing thinking it is immoral. it will out compete all other systems. The idea that the people in a poor country. to get them to stop file sharing. if workers in poor countries. It was only by straying away from Capitalism was this accomplished. which for a nation results in wealth.02. currently left idle by the system.capnquackenbush Movies are a part of the education process. As one person put it: I believe it was Einstein who said "All originality is undiscovered plagiarism". They forget that most countries in the world are dirt poor. 23 . . but they simply don't feel it is bad. Give it another 20 years or so. In America's 230 years of existence. and only putting spare time into the system. I know this to be true. to prevent poor countries from having movies is putting a road block in their path to success. They forget that only a few years earlier. It comes from a deep seated objection to the idea that the rich have and the poor have not. where the average wage is $50 a month. and since they have money they think Capitalism is wonderful. Music is all about borrowing and mixing. By being the most efficient system. will accomplish this. we could better spend our time thinking of how to make better our ideas and things. Think what it could accomplish if all those people were working full time. Whats the limit to what ideas you can copywrite? How can you own an idea? Anyway. Others. The Open Source software system has accomplished great things with most of its workers working full time jobs elsewhere.Recently there has been a push by the recording industry to try to scare people. were to join the system working full time as well. and see only their one tiny portion of the world at the current time. and it'll be back to the dirt poor stage again. So what turned America into a wealthy nation? Simple. The remaining 180 years of that it was a dirt poor nation full of sweat shops. Some movies are more educational than others. and others like them. As a musician. People look around them. If they did. Many haven't thought about it enough. they wouldn't do it. I draw upon influences in other music. When I create music. Open collaboration responds by redesigning file sharing software. All that is needed is a system of providing for the needs of the thinkers and workers in the collaborative system. almost all people were working in sweat shops. Instead of worrying about citing sources and about royalties. making it impossible to determine the source of files. should pay $15 for a movie or live without. who have thought long and hard about it think it is absolutely the right thing to do.

I am only joking. but they are what brought wealth to America. How long would you be able to stand living in a world of red tape? Where every choice you make has rules and restrictions placed there by Congress. there are people who make much more than a million times more than other people. we'd all be slaves. and war and peace. He was the ultimate trickster. that people are forced to leave their families and go to a wealthy nation to work. minimum wage. Jesus said the meek shall inherit the Earth. Poverty is a result of Capitalism. our society seems to be self adapting. and more laws. living as homeless on the streets. he did for us. No longer do we need to try to hold the old system together with band-aids. but without laws to regulate things. but they just can't hold it back. but continuously fluctuates. I often joke about myself being a super being. This leaves a situation where it gets so bad. They have red tape and rules. The problem is we've got laws.It was Socialist ideas such as welfare. Money goes out. you have no poverty. etc. Socialism has many other problems. but it doesn't come back in. laws. Our society very slowly. The powerful. who brought most of those changes. some choose to do so. What he did. There is a much better system. between states of feast and famine. 24 . In Socialism. until it eventually breaks down into war. Just what did he mean by that? Could the meek inherit the Earth in a Capitalist society? Doesn't it sound like Jesus was thinking of some other system of society? People don't notice how the rich countries put money into getting the poor countries to buy products from them. overtime pay. Many of these changes brought many new problems of their own. They'd be better off living in poverty. without providing any support for the poor companies to sell products back to them. which did it. Here's a question for you. but oddly he was a trickster who actually cared. Even at its best. The greed is out of control! On the surface. When I do though. This further damages the economies of the poor countries. we now have a better system. requirements. It was one of America's most hated presidents. I would never actually believe that. 'cause it's the only thing holding the system together. our society has always been held together by Band-Aid Legislation. continuously grabbing more power. 'cause you have welfare. Do you? Do you believe that any human being is a million times more important than any other human being? So why should any human being make a million times more money than any other human being? That is not an exaggeration. LBJ. People seem to think that Capitalism is a self regulating system. for that very reason. turning us all into slaves. many times more important than the riffraff.. He did so by wheeling and dealing with all kinds of sneaky tricks. We can't stop making laws. I'm not advocating Socialism. Socialism is not an option. and restrictions to live by. but it's not. In fact. The problem is that people on welfare have their pride stripped from them.

We've learned of such societies existing in nature. deceitful. but also it trains us to be greedy. A belt breaks. and you patch them. only averages the intelligence of all the people in the group. We can fix it. Democracy. so as to become many times more intelligent than an individual. You don't get a nuclear war from one person hating another.It's like an old car. It gets some rust holes. we can only prevent that organism from being ruled by emotions. where the individuals are of typical insect intelligence. so as to reduce the chance of radical behavior. and you get out the handy man's secret weapon. It's not just that our current society is stupid. I'm sure you've heard of reward training. You can only fix so much with laws. We can not prevent a society from acting as one living organism. duct tape. It does not improve intelligence of the society. democracy has its uses. You can't just patch these problems with duct tape. A super intelligent society will not be ruled by emotions. a whole bunch of people are going to die. however. same thing. These are some of the core problems in our society. distrustful. that can experience emotions. that did not exist before. allows us to cure it. such as anger. Only by creating an intelligent society. selfish. If we wait for the system to fall apart. This works on people to. and hateful as well. The trick is to get the foundation of the system right. We will do this by creating a society with amplified intelligence. Sooner or later you have to accept that the whole system is bad. None the less. Elements of our society create hatred on a massive scale. You get a nuclear war when a nation as a whole hates and fears another nation. Highlife Theory shows us that it is possible for a society to boost its intelligence. where you reward your pet with some kind of treat every time your pet does what you tell them to do. by working towards developing the new system under the umbrella of the old system. pushy. We can prevent this. At some point you have to realize that there is only so much you can fix with duct tape! Laws are the same way. Often used on pets. Society always has a very strong effect on our individual behavior. 25 . can we hope to avoid nuclear war. a new system is right there to take its place and prevent excessive hardship and deaths. than it will need a whole lot less tweaking later on. so as to prevent nuclear war. and jealousy. Other elements of our society create selfishness and greed also on a massive scale. Hole in the radiator hose. This means when the system collapses. Problems like that need to be fixed at the source. These emotions can lead us to nuclear war. We can not longer rely solely on democracy. hatred. Our societies have always been based on systems where the society as a whole is only about the same intelligence as one person. fear. we need to make certain improvements to it. yet the whole group is second only to man in intelligence. inconsiderate. so whole nations won't hate as one unit. you can make a new belt out of duct tape and keep going. Highlife Theory shows us that society is a living organism. Knowing the root cause of harmful behavior in or society.

and they are rewarded again. if that person has those traits. to one company. The owner of a company. Ok. 26 . The next time they are a little more willing to give in. are there because they help them sell. fair and generous person might become someone who will grab every penny that is not nailed down. Some are down right kind and considerate. greed. and a law abiding person can become a criminal. Basic reward training at work. can get a better job and make more money. it becomes easy. That is a choice. might charge more money for the same service. after doing it over and over. Not all of us are as affected. distrust. he or she will be far less influenced by this reward training. Then later on. but I'm not. That is why there are some kind and considerate sales people. All traits we hate in sales people. while others hardly notice it. they become a criminal through the influences of their environment. Someone who might have been a kind. which makes them give in at first. It might start out of desperation. but we all know that if kindness and consideration helped sales. it would be a whole lot more common than it is. Some choose to immerse themselves more than others. Even those who are throughly immersed in the reward environment don't always respond to it. I'm talking about how a fair person can become unfair. how a caring person can become uncaring. for example. Even a person who is not a sales person. because that company won't question it. If a person gives into the temptation. lack of money or something. not all sales people do that. Some are throughly immersed in the reward environment. deceit and pushiness. 'Course. It may sound like I'm talking about a criminal here.Our society rewards selfishness. If the owner of the company charges equally. they are rewarded. it isn't much different is it? No one is born a criminal.

let us consider the problems with the pyramid system. and so on. suppose a guy who works in a McDonalds Restaurant has an idea for a new burger. 27 . In both of these movements. So for a new idea to miraculously float from the bottom to the top of a pyramid is extremely unlikely.5%. Realistic statistics for new ideas are more in the 0. Innovation and innovative solutions to problems can only come from the top. There now exists many examples of a system where all have equal decision making ability. this guy tells his boss. and so on. and they function quite well. almost all people will think that the new idea is stupid. It is widely believed that without such a system all you have is chaos. and as luck would have it the next person likes the idea as well. First.1%. but we are going to say that 50% of the people like this idea. his boss passes the idea up to the next person in the chain of command. So. The next person brings it to 0. are the open source movement and the wiki movement which includes the Wikipedia. Chances of making it to the next person in the chain of command is 12. the individual is treated as an equal. Chances of this happening at this point are 25%. Some examples of systems where people have equal decision making ability. Next person brings it to 6.25%. there is actually a slight chance of the idea making it up from the bottom of a pyramid. They function surprisingly well and produce surprisingly good quality output. people said "If God intended people to fly. if there was such a thing as an idea in which 50% of the people like. That's a fact of life. when someone comes up with a new idea. the chances of this guys boss liking the idea is 10%.01%. and we'll say he gets lucky and his boss likes the idea. Chances of this happening at this point are 50%. If someone at the bottom comes up with an idea. however we know this is not true. in which statistically 50% of the people like. he would have given us wings.Chapter 6 ________ Innovative Environment Most decisions made in the world today are made in a pyramid system of command." For almost all ideas. Now let us just say that this is an unbelievably popular idea. When people were trying to invent the first airplanes. The next person in the chain of command brings it to 1%. What if only 10% of the people like an idea though. where one person at the top has full control of all decisions. Now. it will not be considered. As you can see.1% range. See. Just to give you an idea. almost all people will think the idea is stupid. The next person brings it to 0. The biggest problem is that this system can only be as intelligent as the person at the top. Now.

the inventor will likely remember to explain only about 70% or so of the pieces of information.For something like a new burger. which means it affects almost all decisions made in the world today.. This person is not able to explain all this information to the next person.125% chance that you will like the idea.5%. When we try to judge ideas and inventors. that ye be not judged. Sure. Time is money. than that inventor will invent nothing. 6. 25%. There is an alternative though. That means. we end up with nothing. The only way for an inventor to get anyone to agree that an idea will work. as we go from idea to idea. and they end up with people who are good at selling themselves and have little or no ability to invent or design. a person needs to have some relaxation time. for each piece of information.1% or less. and when they aren't inventing. 12. you need to already have 30% of the information in your head or you won't understand or agree with it. Our companies try to choose good inventors. If an inventor needs get permission from a superior to invent something. Patents are another problem area. In a typical idea. but what if this person could? Lets say that we have a fairly simple idea. have laid our judgments upon ourselves. A typical person in the USA would need to save for a year or more to save that much money. Inventors like to invent. We. You might have noticed that most of this book is about the effect of judging. except. when a person starts getting close they'll become more and more tempted to buy a new computer or something. So.. there is actually a possibility of 10% or even 50% liking the idea.25%. 3.000. if you need to agree with all 5 to like the idea. This problem affects the pyramid system. we always forget to explain some of these pieces of information to you. This is not work that an inventor likes to do. We can not underestimate the bad brought to the world by judging.125%. we'll say for simplicity that there is a 50% chance that you agree with each piece of information. 28 . it is $5. Then of course." He really summed it up in that one phrase. So it is really about the same thing. How judging creates almost all problems in the world. It just doesn't happen. Even if that inventor can convince his or her superior. 50%. A burger is a very simple idea. either you like the taste of it or you don't. there is a whole bunch of pieces of information that make up the idea. The reason is because when a person comes up with a new idea. the chances drop like this. that involves 5 pieces of information. That would be great. pay someone to file a patent or do it yourself. As I explain these pieces of information to you. is for the inventor to create it and prove that it works. a person can do all the patent work themselves on their own time.000 either way. that you'll learn about later. No new ideas can come from the bottom. So we end up with a 3. that superior will not be able to convince his or her superior. As great philosopher once said "Judge not. but most ideas run closer to 0. as a society. A patent in the USA costs about $5.

but rather for the sake of obtaining the time freedom needed to invent. The people we need to motivate in this world are inventors. we probably have hundreds of millions of good ideas that are forever lost due to fear of theft. it is like seeing a dream come true. It is not uncommon at all for an inventor to work 16 hour days on an invention. and so they either forget them or write them down in a list that grows longer and longer. politicians. We live in a world with fully automatic machines and robots. Get helpful suggestions or maybe learn something that was overlooked that proves it won't work. Time or money spent on patents is time and money not spent on creating new inventions. Other ideas are written down on huge lists. A single full time job is a huge energy drain for an inventor. It can only reduce it. Usually. Just the thought of it brings more excitement than the best movies. perhaps they are less likely to work if they are not living in constant fear of loosing everything they have. Ideas are often forgotten. will often shelf an idea. beyond our wildest imagination. till it is fully developed and patented. an inventor gets a job in something completely unrelated. These are the people who will produce. We could overlook the unfairness of it if there was inventing work being done. When an inventor is hiding an idea. there is little or no collaboration going on. Find out if others have similar ideas and join forces when possible. but others become depressed by it. Inventors are rarely motivated by money. but it tends to be more effective as a motivation for corruption. The invention itself is much more motivation than money could ever bring. and loose all motivation when under the pressure of constant fear of loosing everything. Is it fair to expect an inventor to spend all his or her free time on doing inventing work? Inventors need time for rest and relaxation. and CEOs. An inventor does not require any external motivation system. Some want to start companies. because he or she is doing something that is not even close to matching his or her skills or interests. 29 . This results in the inventor feeling depressed and drained of energy.Most inventors simply can't afford to patent anything. due to lack of time or energy. because a person simply doesn't have the time or money to do anything with them. Right now. For an inventor. just like everyone else. which will eventually be stored in garbage dumps. It feels like a waste of a valuable resource. Is this really the ideal situation though? Constant fear will motivate a lot of people. Anyway. Money may be an effective motivator for lawyers. Almost never does an inventor get a job doing inventing. They feel like they will never see their dreams come true. but that is not for the sake of making money. Most often they are motivated by a desire to do something good. and even often forget to eat or sleep. How can we expect anything to be developed that way? Inventors need to feel free to talk about their ideas and get input on how to improve them. An inventor who works a full time job however. before time is wasted building it. are those really the people we want motivated? For the regular workers. but placing inventors in an unhealthy environment is not going to boost the amount of inventing done.

whether competition is needed or not. For many workers. we must do testing to see what works best. but even educated people very often do not end up doing the work they feel they are interested in. There must be some people out there who are willing to give this a try. that cooperation is also a motivational factor. because they are not doing what they have interests in. By replacing capitalism with a system which encourages cooperation. but through cooperation. It may sound weird. just like everything else. is that once it is over. doesn't seem like the ideal system to me. which makes it seem like humans are selfish greedy creatures which only care about there own interests. that are required. and also has the added bonus of both educating them and increasing the likelihood that undesirable tasks will become automated. We can not assume that we know how to create a society. Having some required tasks helps improve a person's work ethic. Free education could reduce this problem. Do we really want the human race to spend eternity forcing people to work by subjecting them to the fear of loosing everything? Is that what we want for our children? I'm not suggesting a revolution. People need to be free to choose the work they do most of the time. allowing people to feel more free to decide for themselves what they wish to do. We must start the new society under the protective umbrella of the existing society. The problem with a revolution. there is also the problem of feeling depressed and drained of energy. In the confusion. greedy people would quickly take over and we'd end up worse off. now that we have weapons that can destroy the world. 30 . I keep wondering how much people will work in such a society. One is cooperation. Capitalism however. We must do research and development on society. Revolution is a bad thing. we wouldn't know how to create the new society. that only motivates some of the people and removes all motivation from the others. There are other things which motivate people. but not the majority of the person's time. Friendship is contagious. our pollution will likely end it soon. we can become less greedy. How long can we continue on the course we are headed. As one person put it: Oh and I think humans are motivated by both competition and cooperation. we develop friendship bonds. Perhaps cooperation desire is stronger than we think. Even if we don't destroy the world with nuclear weapons.A system of motivating. leaving them in severe poverty and often homeless. One can't tell until one tries it. It doesn't require a lot of commitment. that use a small portion of a person's time. It doesn't hurt if there are some tasks. encourages the competitive side. These people would likely feel more motivated if they were truly able to decide for themselves what work sort of work they do.

the wiki movement. We can only begin to imagine how fast new technology will be developed. But enough about nuclear weapons. Well. and in doing so leave their own city before it is destroyed as well. There are several movements on the Internet. All these movements bring us closer. There is the open source movement. In fact. This is what Highlife Theory is about. the President will not be among the dead. but rather believes that a nuclear war can be won. the general overall trend in society right now is headed in the general direction of creating the new society which I am talking about. in a free society people think and act for themselves. 31 . in a nice cozy and I'm sure very luxurious nuclear fallout shelter. It would be an inventor's paradise. he will be ready and willing to launch nuclear missiles and thereby destroy the world. Besides. I believe it is possible to create this new society by making an online community. In which society would an inventor rather live? Seems to me that in such a society as I am talking about. but rather the power to create. I believe we can begin the formation of the new society right now. in the event of a nuclear war. So the President really doesn't have so much of a deterrent from using nuclear weapons. but a life form existing more as the pure essence of life. From freedom comes great power.Maybe you are one of those people who believe that Mutual Assured Destruction or MAD will save us? The problem with MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) is that it can only save us if everyone on Earth believes in it. they'd still believe it could never happen to their city. if the opportunity presents itself. As one person put it "Rather than mechanically following orders. because freedom gives them the power to create. Imagine what inventors could do with free access to fully automatic machines. Isn't that a comforting thought? That if and when the bombs fall. is when they hop in their cars and drive towards the mushroom cloud out of curiosity. and the file sharing movement. MAD can not save us. Most people would rather believe that it will never happen. Not the power to control and destroy. Perhaps if they saw a mushroom cloud over a nearby city. If the President does not believe in MAD. As one might expect. which is similar to the open source movement. Besides. free unlimited access to the best software. There are many out there who believe that the world will not end if nuclear weapons are used. The President has a nice cozy nuclear fallout shelter. I'm sure with all the comforts of a 5 star hotel. This new society is a society with much greater freedom. if I'm right. Not your typical organic life form. Perhaps the only thing that could save them. as well as expert assistance and advice whenever they want it. The most amazing life form of them all. you need not worry about nuclear weapons anyway. that are closely related. where one is essentially nothing more than the extension of another's will. It is freedom that inventors crave. an inventor would feel like a kid in a candy store." I mentioned earlier a super intelligent super organism. it is time you learn about it. the President will be safe and sound. as you'll soon see.

is so that we become aware that nations act as one unit. it looks like a biological machine with a high-speed rotary motor made up of at least 40 interlocking components. they often refer to something called the bacterial flagellum. What ever higher power you believe in. Highlife Theory shows the existence of a super intelligent super being.” The presence of all these parts. oh. by Bill Tammeus and Alan Bavley. They say such design required thoughtful engineering. rituals. They refer to the tail and its multipart motor as an example of what they call “irreducible complexity. This knowledge will allow us to fix these problems. etc. An article in The Kansas City Star. on Apr. All of those theories are sort of like preludes to Highlife Theory. life results from a guided process. The flagellum. 32 . So we can create a society that will not hate and therefore will not destroy the world in nuclear war. which can be seen only with an electron microscope. that we call God. In fact. these advocates say. much of the scientific world is heading in this direction of understanding. which explains that all live on Earth make up one gigantic living organism. even Pagan and Wiccan Rituals. it doesn't matter whether you read the Bible or not. they conclude. The purpose in Highlife Theory and the purpose for us to understand what God is. There's also Memetics Theory.things even as tiny as that single cell . Such complexity suggests that from its earliest origins. movies. with emotions of hatred. even books. billions of years ago. in fact. Yes. or what religion you are. and don't forget the Gaia Hypothesis. explains Intelligent Design Theory this way: Instead.Course. and scientists can discover this irreducible complexity by looking for patterns in nature that aren't likely to happen by chance. it isn't only Highlife Theory. They are starting to teach Intelligent Design Theory in schools now. which states that many mechanisms of life could not have evolved. or even if you don't believe in one. means the tail couldn't have assembled by accident but must have been designed. To demonstrate this. This higher power can communicate to us through any and all religions. and fairy tales. They also contend these tails won't work unless all parts are present at once. fear. supporters of intelligent design say that some things in the universe . 2005. Upon examination. which basically shows ideas act as living things. There's Intelligent Design Theory. Intelligent design backers believe these tails were present in the very earliest bacteria. 30. The purpose in Highlife Theory is not to make people go out and read the Bible. appears to be a long tail that helps bacteria move about.are far too complex in design to be a result of time and random chance. anger. but rather required a designer.

you'll find that we too are made up of billions of lower life forms. people are almost identical in design and programming of the mind and body. but just missed it. This little piece of information will allow us to perfect our society. with the Gaia Hypothesis. In one fascinating scene the camera looked inside one of them and showed hundreds of microscopic robots each performing the delicate tasks of life. but they were alive. and brings us enormous possibilities for a future that is beyond our wildest dreams. just read on. They were electromechanical like a robot. For those who are unfamiliar with the Gaia Hypothesis (named for Gaia. thereby creating world peace as well as many other wonderful things. The Gaia Hypothesis showed the entire Earth as one large living organism. Greek Goddess of Earth) as well as our knowledge of Evolution. We've gotten close before. In much the same way. but failed to show it as an intelligent organism. This theory explains what God is. This interaction is in fact the very essence of life. Each cell is identical in program yet an individual differing in every way from its neighboring cells. forming their own opinions and doing their own thing. It cuts to the very foundation of our understanding. a Christmas present from Steven Spielberg. The movie. about a hundred years ago. Yet all are individuals. Some ask the question. there is a short introduction to Gaia in this. Greek Goddess of Earth) it was introduced in Russia first. 1991 Written by Tony Bondhus This theory far extends our knowledge of the Gaia Hypothesis (named for Gaia. 33 . This intrigued me because if you look at a higher life form like people for example. Highlife Theory shows it as an extremely intelligent organism. This is a basic principle of life. They were about six inches in diameter and looked like cute little toys. Each time spawning new religions. Each individual cell is capable of surviving and reproducing on its own with the proper environment. which were fairly large considering they were spawned by scientific theories. don't worry. Lower life forms coming together in a group for survival reasons and forming a higher life form.Chapter 7 ________ Highlife Theory Examining the Possibility of Life on Earth Developed by Tony Bondhus on July 4. The reason is that this little piece of information leads us down a path of logic. I remember watching "Batteries not Included" several years ago. was about two little saucer shaped flying robot like life forms. why would God allow us to know what God is. then again about 50 years later in English speaking countries. If you are unfamiliar with the Gaia Hypothesis (named for Greek Goddess of Earth). which will bring world peace.

gets aerated. With life the soil becomes progressively more fertile. In his book. As the temperature increases. etc. however. is one gigantic living organism. This is where Highlife Theory differs from other theories of the past. have had very little success in changing the temperature of Earth. The previous theories. we can explain the atmosphere and climate conditions on a planet as a matter of chemistry. Funny. Each individual is living. James mentioned that many scientists and other people misunderstood his Gaia hypothesis. people were not putting all the pieces together. What James Lovelock discovered was that NASA should look for a planet where the atmosphere and climate conditions don't make sense. and changes in solar radiation. bursts of volcanic activity. just an impact. not necessarily an intentional impact. as does Highlife Theory. but even with this misunderstanding. The Earth has for millions of years maintained temperatures that will support life. this is not the case. On Earth however. I don't use the term "self aware" lightly. James Lovelock sited as an inspiration for Gaia. The idea being that if the atmosphere and climate conditions don't make sense. Normally. Highlife Theory describes a new type of lifeform. Previous theories showed that the earth.Notice how the people of the earth as well as the plants and animals tend to group together in the same way. NASA wanted a way of determining if there truly is life on other planets by examining them with long range telescopes. Millions of years worth of barrages of meteors. thinking that he was saying that life itself had a deliberate and intentional control of the environment. or rather. Highlife Theory explains the mechanism. plants grow faster using up the excess CO2 causing the temperature to decrease. seem to indicate that 34 . One that is self aware. Gaia. He was merely saying that life had an impact on the environment. This misunderstanding of Gaia was actually closer to reality than James had gotten. By controlling the level of CO2 in the atmosphere for example the temperature of the earth is carefully maintained. Each is performing a necessary function just like the cells of our bodies. then dying so that others may live. I read the book after watching an interview. the reason may be that they are being altered or controlled by life on the planet. animals eat up many of the plants. Intro to Gaia (Greek Goddess of Earth) James Lovelock wrote a book called Gaia named after the Greek Goddess of Earth. One which is in deliberate and intentional control of the whole Earth's environment. and the temperature rises again. Life itself is in fact in deliberate and intentional control of the environment. has helped lead us to the discovery of life on Earth. Without life it eventually turns to sand. James Lovelock shows how life controls its own environment. Almost all aspects of our environment are carefully controlled either locally or on the whole planet. that examines the possibility of life itself being in control of its own environment. holds water better. that NASA asked him to figure out what to look for as signs of life on another planet. reproducing. It was a truly fascinating interview. In the interview. how our search for life on other planets. As the temperature of earth decreases. In the interview. all life on the earth.

which I came up with more than 20 years ago. We speak of the network of life as one gigantic living organism. a name. processing and output. and great innovation in the world of science. we wouldn't be able to think. I have given this idea. What if sexual reproduction was actually a thinking process. when I was learning about computers and computer programming. We think of the evolution process as an accidental process of mutation. just as an idea is "conceived" in our heads when we invent some new toy. that idea of evolution evolved further in my mind. is the name we give to the actual merging of the two or more ideas or pieces of data. He is Charles Darwin. This idea. Like a computer. It involves the same three stages: input. came from a man. Thinking involves taking two or more ideas and somehow merging them into another idea." I thought. and then output with our muscles. our brains would have nothing to process and therefore would not be able to think. when it happened. The new life created is the output. I was contemplating the idea of artificial intelligence. "What if this process of mutation was not accidental. We speak not of the rock. our brains take input from our senses. took a new twist in my mind. Notice that it is said to be "conceived". With no ability to output information. You'll understand this better later. Highlife Theory shows that this one gigantic living organism is by far the most intelligent living thing on earth. I have named the idea "Theory of Reproductive Thought". approximately equivalent to a single cell microorganism. Perhaps you have noticed the comparison or merging of the idea of thinking with the idea of human reproduction. The result or output in this case is a new life. Input in this case comes from two sources. The output or result in this case is the idea that reproduction is a thinking process. however. who even today is by many people looked upon as a fool and an ungodly man. but rather the network of life on earth. Without input. thinking that we speak of the rock itself. It was in my mid teens.this gigantic living organism. We all know his famous Theory of Evolution and the saying "survival of the fittest". Far more intelligent than us humans. This is contrary to Highlife Theory. The processing is in the merging of the DNA from the sperm cell with the DNA from the egg. an enhancement on Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. the rejects are then sorted out by survival of the fittest. The process of reproduction involves a similar merging of two ideas. Processing then. We all know that reproduction involves the merging of two sets of DNA. With no ability to process the information. Though the process of thinking is not entirely understood. is of very low intelligence. Another inspiration for Highlife Theory. After mutation. Some people seem to think that evolution is contrary to the idea that God created all living things. We also know that DNA is basically a vast storage of information. Each is providing a vast amount of information in the form of DNA. it wouldn't do us any good to be able to think. Sometimes people get confused when we speak of the earth being a living thing. By merging those two ideas I've come up with a new idea. Evolution does not contradict this. The process is a form of reproduction. one thing is clear. the male and the female. as I will explain. process it. 35 .

Nothing is left behind but an empty shell. Others appear to have validity. to demonstrate how accidental mutations over time result in better adaptations. evolution now becomes a result of a thinking process. nor any ability to think or make decisions.With the creation of the Theory of Reproductive Thought. By the soul. often forgotten. Doesn't a thinking process seem to indicate a living thing? More on that later. I mean the entire consciousness as well as a lifetime's worth of memories. The commonly accepted view is that no virus is a living thing. many thoughts lead to dead ends. would we call that murder. Darwin coined the phrase "survival of the fittest". from their own aging bodies into young healthy bodies of other people. alive? Science may soon be able to separate the soul from the body. We know that thoughts reproduce. but regardless of how feasible or moral the idea is. but when examined more closely turn out to be just as absurd. or is only the body. as if independence has anything to do with life. we need to examine exactly what is the criteria of life. our would we see nothing wrong with it? What then is life? Clearly. a soul would not be considered a living thing because it can not exist on its own. What is it that makes one thing a living thing and another lifeless. If someday rich people began to transfer their souls. The better thoughts survive and evolve further and the rest are discarded. as life does. We now have an enhancement on that idea known as Reproductive Thought. The idea may sound far fetched. Both of these things are similarities between thoughts and living things. Some of the answers suggested are just plain absurd. because no virus can function independently. Just as a virus requires a host cell to reproduce itself. as information that's just sitting on your hard drive can hardly be considered life. Obviously not the only criterion of life though. According to the commonly accepted beliefs of the scientific world. 36 . We now know that thoughts evolve. Could a thought be a living thing? To understand this better. Sound familiar? Sound like anything you know of? Maybe you want to read that again. a soul requires a body to contain it. One huge interconnected thinking process. Ask yourself this. not a single memory. from which the plans for almost all living things originated. from which the plans for almost all living things originated. It requires a host. It also explains what exactly I mean by the soul. or perhaps transferring it into a new body. Is a rabbit truly a living thing or is it just a complex machine running a program? What about a computer or a computer virus? Just what is it that makes one thing alive and not another? The question has baffled scientists for years. This may someday be transferred from one body to another. No longer is evolution a result of accidental mutation. is your soul a living thing. information is a very important criterion of life. suddenly most of the life on the planet becomes the result of a thinking process. as life does. Just like any other thinking processes. which holds the soul. keeping the soul in computer memory. it demonstrates the idea of the soul being a separate entity from the body. or a body. one huge interconnected thinking process.

Maybe a computer is equivalent to a single cell organism. reproducing. The millions of chemical interactions in one cell organisms.Another important criterion of life is interaction. my work. The single cell organism I was describing is called a "lower lifeform". but he (his soul) is not the father of the children (their souls). Imagine the processing power required to do all that. Criteria such as having carbon (as in carbon based life). have we known how true that statement is. People instinctively know this. but non of these are criteria of life. Never before. many having a wide variety of abilities. which actually works. the more sophisticated the life will be. There is a wide variety of single cell lifeforms. Processing power that rivals that of a computer. Since interaction of information is important to life. The soul is reproduced through the child's interaction with the parents. Are there any other criteria of life? Maybe it is our own vanity that makes us believe that there is more to it than that. If a man has a hundred children. to some extent. his soul has not reproduced. and fire projectiles to kill the prey. Organisms made up of more than one cell are called "higher lifeforms". Likewise when old folk teach their trades or crafts to their children and grand children. 37 . His children have little or no soul imprint from him. Take for example. are also requirements. Some people seek to live on through their work. they must find a mate for reproduction. Notice that the word "animal" comes from the root word "anim" which means "to have soul". just as the soul is considered the very essence of life in higher lifeforms. The billions of interactions in multicellular organisms. They are only only specifications of the machines. 'cause we have many cells in our bodies. We do in fact live on in the memories of others. or a higher lifeform such as an insect. The soul is not reproduced and transferred from the parents to the children through reproduction. all from a single cell organism. In addition. in their work. We also seem to think that physical connection. eating. it stands to reason that the more processing power available. they live on in them. As you read this. which is why many people really put their hearts into their work and do a good job. a single cell organism. not criteria of life. Are there any other criteria of life? I've heard many strange replies to that question come from the scientific community. Society makes people feel like they can not accomplish anything. it creates more information. and doesn't spend time with any of them. being able to survive on its own. propel themselves self closer. but current society makes a person feel like there's no point. So important is this interaction of information. crapping. People naturally strive to accomplish something in their lives. None of those things are necessary in order for a thing to be a living thing. nor do they have anything to do with life. We often speak so of a loved one living on in our hearts. Some single cell organisms can sense prey. therefore his body is the father of the children's bodies. that it may even be the very essence of life. and finally eat the prey. People instinctively know this. When information interacts with information. and only one set of DNA. the information that is my soul connects with you and begins to grow in strength. Their souls are actually reproduced in this way. which naturally depresses them. A human being is a higher lifeform.

Killer bees are especially dangerous in this area. A name. a bee is nothing. Anyway. to name just a few of the many. but are connected through communication. It can't even reproduce by itself. to maintain the hive's temperature.We have much more processing power than single cell organisms. but it doesn't have to be. As I said earlier. Highlife Theory is about a whole new type of lifeforms. The definition. If then more processing power means more sophisticated life. Also companies. If you look closer. a bee colony is a living thing. since we need a definition at this point. it tells the rest of the colony. Does it eat? Yes. I'll ask them to hold hands. you'll see that a company is also a living thing. They don't fan as an individual. as is a family. let's have a look at them. A colony of bees has a communication connection. Does it expel waste? Yes. They are nothing without that larger living organism. because they are one unit. Individually. Can a bee colony survive on its own? Yes. The cells in this case. Face it. shall be as 38 . The hive itself is kept at a constant temperature. that we often call Gaia is only one of many in this new type. not just bee colonies. as we have in our bodies. This communication connection can be an electrochemical connection. Other forms of life of this new type. but if it'll make you feel better. even human families. to create or sustain life. that is already integrated into our language. are individual bees. They are part of a larger living organism. but out of respect. I don't consider these to be criteria. like we do with computers? Logically. The entire bee colony will also act as a unit to protect itself. but as a part of the whole colony. when stinging will kill the bee? They are willing to sting and die to protect the colony. and even thoughts. organizations. so the entire colony will act as a unit to collect the pollen. but all families. Bees do this by fanning air through the hive. what happens if we connect many humans together. and even an idea. We are therefore far more sophisticated life. Ever wonder why a bee would sting. they do physically connect when they swarm. The gigantic super organism. an association. I call them gods. They are not physically connected. wouldn't we? In order for information to interact. The individual bees are not physically connected of course. because they understand their place. When a bee finds pollen. even if it had a mate. Lets examine a bee colony from a viewpoint of what others consider to be the criteria of life. but all bees act as one unit. Highlife Theory is not only about the entire fabric of life on earth forming one gigantic super organism. we'd have even more sophisticated life. rather I consider these to be only specifications of machines. Is it carbon based? Yes. just like our bodies. There is constant information interaction in a bee colony. They act as one unit. ideas. It can be something completely different. Can it reproduce? Yes. only a communication connection is needed. Not a physical connection. there must be a connection. and philosophies. The entire colony is one living organism. are families. just not as viciously. I've thought of a name for lifeforms of this type.

This is somewhat more difficult for us to grasp. our subconscious minds do already know this. In order to show that Gaia is extremely intelligent. Some words. Light means knowledge. Pet owners are quite familiar with the abilities of their pets to express their feelings and understand human feelings. I've noticed long ago. To see the light. The bee colony is a god to the bees. By the way. capable of such intelligence. This is just one example of Gaia knowing something that we don't know. and gain incredible knowledge. An example of interspecies communication. as they say. however. far more so than us humans. To see. We often speak of an idea. unless our minds are open to it. is to understand. as does the moon. Even something like breaking a branch is an interaction. What could be better suited for such a task. that a person can study the true meanings of words. is where you find a communication link that allows a super intelligent lifeform to exist. The whole is a god to its parts. one needs to show a communication connection. I believe however that there is a much stronger interaction than that. and found out they are the same words. or story. In this area of multiple meanings of words. but they actually have only one meaning. or perhaps our complex 39 . A star also gives light or knowledge. with our complex language. Therefore. and a whole lot more. is to understand the knowledge. Communication does not mean words. means the light of the world. such as hunger or affection. you'll see that many words have multiple meanings. or Jesus Christ. is a god to us. Could it be that we subconsciously already know that these things are living things? Yes. as we lack the intelligence needed to understand the one true meaning for each word. The moon is a woman. must accept it as multiple meanings.follows. use our communication more for communicating our feelings than anything else. simply by opening our minds to it. Just a matter of reading between the lines. where people do not understand. would be a dog or cat coming up to someone and expressing a feeling. The sun. sun=son. we need a communication link between all species. It's all there. Any lifeform that is made up of us. The actual efficiency of the communication link does not need to be very strong. a great wealth of knowledge. just below the surface. There is in fact. That is only one form of communication. Where our subconscious minds can communicate with each other. We may not be as good at it as animals. than human verbal communication? If you look in a dictionary. We need not only communication link between people though. project. This creates an opening for communication to be carried out under the surface. People have studied words that are spelled different but pronounced the same. as in the star of a movie. like red and light have several pages of meanings. We think of these words as having multiple meanings. We humans. We humans. taking on a life of its own. A star is any person. I call this Human Instinctive Language. where we aren't aware of it. The words are far more intelligent than the people who use them. which we can tap into. from the monthly cycle.

Like all life. it is quite possible that there is not a species on earth that doesn't exhibit some sort of cooperative. In time that single cell lifeform. Wind is diffused by all the other trees in the forest. there are many lifeforms that are forever interlinked. Life is much easier for the tree in the forest. the tree in the forest obviously has a lot of competition to contend with. and one tree living in the middle of a forest. the original form of life was a single cell. What's truly amazing about this fish. Some say that plants can also react to feelings. but tree on the island has hundred mile an hour winds. Kind of a puzzler isn't it. We know that in nature. It wasn't either the chicken or the egg. and sometimes destructive. Usually when a tree does survive on an island by itself. and with insects and animals through chemicals. and a ready supply of beneficial micro organisms. Let me remind you of the old saying. There's almost no chance of the wind knocking it down. 40 . Now. the communication link doesn't need to communicate large amounts of information. it doesn't look very healthy. the interspecies communication that caused this was in fact part of God's existence. learned to form colonies to make life a little easier. For example. While God may or may not have intentionally taught fish to not eat the cleaner fish. we were originally single cell organisms. whether or not this is true. Our neurons don't communicate large amounts of information either. Random chance could explain many of these relationships. In fact. Consider the difference between one tree living on an island. One example is a small ocean fish that cleans harmful organisms off of larger fish. Which do you think would have a better chance of life. The light is not too bright that it would evaporate too much of its water. and the larger fish doesn't swallow it or anything. Remember. It was an individual cell that came first. both resulting from other trees that have lived and died. Interspecies collaboration is actually more common that you can imagine. We now know that God is a living thing. We do know however. is that it will actually swim inside the mouth of the larger fish to clean out the inside of its mouth. that plants interact with each other. I've always wondered how so many different mutually beneficial relationships have formed in nature. existing in the communication connection of the fabric of life. In other words. How does this collaboration get started? How did fish learn not to eat the cleaner fish? Some would say that God made it happen. The soil is so much more fertile. a clown fish is linked to a sea anemone.language makes it more difficult. as if it was told to. The larger fish opens its mouth. mutually beneficial behavior with another species. A lichen is formed from a fungus and an algae. we don't know. the chicken or the egg. and holds its mouth open until the little fish finishes cleaning and swims out. which we use for communicating our feelings. A plant might help a neighbor plant or hurt it through chemistry. but our main use is small talk. what came first. We make up for it by having 100 billion of them. This interaction is sometimes mutually beneficial. A colony of cells is able to withstand much harsher environments than a single cell. This is actually in fact true. but some seem to show that there is at least some communication between different species.

from which the plans for almost all living things originated. Why does a flower produce pollen? Why does a fruit tree produce fruit? Surely you don't think the tree is thinking as an individual. single cell organisms have learned long ago that it is easier to live in a colony. One huge interconnected thinking process. team work. No longer is a cell alone in the world. insects. I like that sentence! You see. just blobs of cells. salinity. They started by forming simple colonies. and then dying. and single cell organisms are all acting in unity for the greater good.In the same way. The fruit is a result of a whole different way of thinking. previously uninhabitable. often vital tasks all their lives. Each life performs a necessary function for the larger community. Then they started getting more and more complex. and enhancing its moisture holding capability. family bond. is God. Recall that I was talking earlier about thoughts or ideas being living things. which is. from which the plans for almost all living things originated. One of the very first ideas was that life can survive much better if it works together. etc. reproducing. and that individually speaking it is necessary for the tree to produce fruit. it is very difficult for a single cell to exist alone. a long time ago. The idea grew and developed into the most intelligent of all gods. that is communal thinking. The ideas and philosophies of communal living were established. oneness. when life had just begun. temperature. This community spirit. Like those clear blobs you see on rocks in the water. I use Gaia and God interchangeably. See. Dry land. Every living thing suddenly became part of a larger community. It is especially difficult where there are fluctuations in any factor of its environment. The enemy is not high winds. Even in death. light levels. equivalent to us humans being able to control individual cells in our bodies. All life in the entire world acting as part of one vast community. To me the name Gaia (after Greek Goddess of Earth) seems more descriptive and reduces the confusion between 41 . soon became covered with life. do you? For reproduction. Multicellular lifeforms sprung up by the billions.. unity. This idea. This god is even able to control individual humans to some degree. as if we are all part of one body. what ever you want to call it. and the only living things on Earth were single cell organisms. just like the cells of our body. one huge interconnected thinking process. Pollen is also a result of communal thinking. God is an idea. Environments that were previously uninhabitable soon became habitable. A single cell has little defense against its environment. it was one of the very first ideas in existence. Recall that I described earlier. Selfish attitudes were dropped in favor of the more successful communal thinking. becoming food for others. as I believe they are one and the same. If you can remember back that far. communal living. Plants. For this reason. animals. performing beneficial. The fruit tree considers bees and people as part of its community. the tree only needs to produce seeds. if you think about it. and enriching the soil. the individual benefits the community.. Each individual living. or whatever you want to call it.. even able to predict and plan a few thousand years into the future simply by thinking. but instead it is other factors like pH. this interconnecting of living things. which I just described.. Individual cells started performing specific tasks. fungi. The only chance is to adapt to some of the environments where it is possible to adapt.

This is extremely important. greed. Just like individual people will fight over nothing. and on the 7th day God rested. So I think. It was the ants that inspired this idea. There are many other gods. our societies are ruled by emotions. which explains just that. God or Gaia knows that access to this new information opens up a whole new field of study for us. I also mentioned that Gaia can plan a few thousand years into the future.000 years from the first page of the Bible. and the fact that we now have the ability to destroy the world. Their society is extremely intelligent compared to any 42 . Current human societies are about the same intelligence as the average individual person. if we create a highly intelligent society. Their society is extremely intelligent. and fear. I'm not heavily into quoting scriptures. Just like individual people. it's obviously relevant in this case. as it allows us to understand and therefore fix all the problems with our society. It stands to reason therefore. just maybe this is what the whole plan was. whole societies will often go to war over nothing. and we shall live in his sight. That. A lot of people believe that this is actually a plan to create a perfect world. That is the study of gods or group psychology. It says that God finished His work on the 6th day. Most biblical authorities agree that this started about 6. you are now reading Highlife Theory. rather than a story about the past. A highly intelligent society does not hate. we can end all wars. The first page of the Bible has the 7 day creation thing. Sight is understanding. Christ is "the greater light to rule the day". all along. Some societies even act like bullies. you know that I am talking about the one God. It stands to reason then. So. be not ignorant of this one thing. This is right about now. These are all signs of low intelligence. which could very well save the world and create a sort of paradise. but seeing how this is a theory showing the existence of God and other gods. and has no interest in war. In 2 Peter 3:8 it says "But beloved.000 years. before we destroy ourselves in nuclear war. The study of the behavior of a group. means that it would make sense that this is in fact a plan for the future. my mind would continue to process it until it reached the logical unavoidable result. and coincidentally. These are things you never see highly intelligent people doing. and not gods in general. so what is this work that God has finished? Coincidentally. that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years." In Hosea 6:2 it says "After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up. and is foretold on the fourth day. and a thousand years as one day. and put an end to the threat of nuclear war forever. Gaia knew that once this information was in my head. continually trying to pick a fight. that Gaia is able to plan for the future." "After two days" means after 2. We say "I see" meaning. compared to the individual ants. which puts us right about now. or 6 biblical days ago. this saying "we shall live in his sight" to me implies that we'll actually understand what God is. This is an example of Gaia planing the future. we now we have the Ant Power plan.the one God and the other gods. Gaia knew what that result would be.000 years ago. I understand. The birth of Christ is exactly 4. If I say Gaia. The ants have such a society. such as hatred. I mentioned that Gaia is self aware and more far intelligent than people.

such that the whole group becomes as intelligent as the average individual multiplied times the number of individuals in the group. Gaia for example. we will have real freedom. Who is more qualified to plan such a living thing. The ants have a system that amplifies intelligence. what then? All these things require decisions to be made. can get a better job and make more money. That landscape is different each time. and distorts the whole bridge. Man sees one thing that he thinks won't work. where you reward your pet with some kind of treat every time your pet does what you tell them to do. 'cause an ant can get tired! 43 . but it's not. the entire swarm crossed over. Within a few minutes. We can create this amplification of intelligence in a human society. Suddenly. Even a person who is not working as a sales person. This works on people to. ants scurrying about. because freedom is the key to Gaia's power. deceit and pushiness. except for humans. Often used on pets. in our minds. Instantly. they join in. and throws out the whole idea. utilize work animals. Gaia or Man? Who are we to doubt Gaia's judgment? Man with very little thinking says to himself that "people are different. our society seems to be self adapting. There's a moment of confusion. Each bridge has millions of tiny variations. and war and peace. There are variations in grip. just as a few examples. Our society very slowly. strength of individual ants. since I really haven't explained it yet. greed. if that person has those traits or can learn them. one ant gets the idea to build a bridge and positions itself to begin the construction. Gaia thought it through. and the bridge disassembled. distrust. this could never work with people". Imagine a swarm of army ants approaching a small creek. Soon. We can unleash the power of God in our human society. the bridge was built. more and more ants join it. most humans don't think this can be done with a human society. Gaia even ran simulations throughly testing the idea. etc. I believe this is what Gaia had in mind 6. continuously grabbing more power. and uses it with human brains. All these traits that we hate in sales people. enlarging and extending the bridge. are there because they help them sell. until it eventually breaks down into war. On the surface. They do agriculture. We will unleash the power of freedom. from which the plans for almost all living things originated".other creature on earth. Our society rewards selfishness. uses this amplification system. like all highly intelligent thinkers do. see a society is a living thing. other ants nearby see what this ant has done. between states of feast and famine. Basic reward training at work.000 years ago. and quickly. I'm sure you've heard of reward training. wondering what to do. wind. and agreeing that it's a good idea. Let's get back to the concept of amplified intelligence. It's not just that human society is stupid. and Gaia plans all living things. Then God figured out when exactly will be our opportunity to make it happen. but continuously fluctuates. The idea spreads. Naturally. Let's take a moment to reflect on what just happened. turning us all into slaves. but also it trains us to be stupid as well. geographical strength. Sometimes an ant looses its grip. Recall that I mentioned earlier "One huge interconnected thinking process. build bridges. Human societies are only as intelligent as the average individual. The powerful.

Most companies are run this way. either by thinking or by instinct. but their society displays unbelievable intelligence. one neuron firing. They understand only a minute portion. The person making the decisions has little or no knowledge of the specifics of the situation. build a bridge. and like a chain reaction it spreads through out the entire brain. Where do you position yourself? It's a mind boggling task!!! Let's face it. an ant doesn't have the intelligence to make the bridge.Could you build a bridge. Human management systems often use the philosophy of one individual making all the decisions. Individually ants are quite stupid. This makes us more intelligent than the individual neurons. without temporary braces or supports. which ant gives the command to build the bridge? How is it determined which ants shall take part in the bridge building or where each ant should be? Is any single ant more qualified to make these decisions than any other? Of course not. As the ants approach the small stream. if I gave you a pile of ant bodies? Remember. Individual neurons also lack the intelligence to create or even understand the whole idea. They resent this overall lack of respect for their intelligence. 44 . It's like each ant is acting like a neuron in a large brain. we would never survive. It is well known that allowing each individual to make their own decisions is far more efficient and promotes much better morale. The system used in ant societies. There just isn't enough processing power there. Other neurons begin to fire. and also by the neurons in our brains. With out this amplification. What if you were looking at this bridge through the eyes of an ant? Imagine what the view of this bridge under construction would look like to the individual ant. It is well known that this system doesn't work very well. amplifies intelligence. and yet that person's decision overrides the person who does know the specifics. initiating an idea. to the other. it has to be built from one end. People resent being treated this way. Billions of times more intelligent. like they are nothing more than machines.

to show that this is actually what God intended it to mean. would prefer not to hear those philosophies. If you are pagan. 45 . Even so. and hast revealed them unto babes. as well as the money system. Churches are usually built on the idea of having a leader. of having the whole pyramid structure. is all the result of some greedy person seeking power and control. with the Pope being at the top. who you call Father. or whatever. A minister. often blaming God for what the churches do. merely a friend you can talk to and learn from. I've heard people say that a day could be any period of time. If you feel you need to skip over this chapter. however. so if you don't believe in God. because those ideas are contrary to the idea of a church being leaders and giving the church money." Yet. on the other hand. There is a certain conflict of interest between the churches and the teachings of Jesus. First of all. Jesus said "thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent. You are supposed to read it and think for yourself. one would suspect that this particular verse has some sort of purpose. but here you'll find a lot of new information which you'll likely find very interesting. A lot of people have difficulty with religion. it is important to know what a day is. or wiccan. you will find this is basically a different language. Much of this is quite a bit different that you'd hear from a minister. so in this chapter is for that purpose and to show the existence of God's plan. such as a person's life is his or her day. of some native religion. You will not understand and agree with everything I have to say in this book. people continue to go to seek understanding from the wise and prudent ministers. The churches. The Catholic Church goes even further. You are supposed to think of your minister as your equal. The pyramid structure in the Catholic Church and the mixed up philosophy that resulted from it. It is still possible for you to understand about the new society. since a lot of the plan related stuff uses the word day. See. who is supposedly closer to God.Chapter 8 ________ Biblical Data Some of you might want to see if I actually know anything about what God is. I tried to put everything approached from two or more different directions. not what I want it to mean. that is only one small part of it. Boredom comes from not learning. This is true. reading this can only help improve your understanding of your own religion. Gaia speaks to us in many languages. who you should be calling brother or friend. Don't expect this to be boring. feel free. Jesus was opposed to the pyramid management system of having a leader and underlings. Now.

2Pe 3:8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. Now, on the first page of the Bible, it talks about seven days, with God resting on the sixth day. That begins in 4,004 BC, which is just over 6,000 years ago, or 6 biblical days. We are now therefore in the morning of the seventh day. Gen 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: Now, remember Jesus said "thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes." Well, babes can't read, so we have to assume someone is reading it to them, therefore we get 4 signs, 4 seasons, 4 days, and years. So starting from 4,004 BC, moving forward 4,000 years (4 days), and in the fourth season, we get the birth of Christ. There's no number on the years, so it must be zero. Also note, that Gen 1:14 starts the fourth day text, 'cause this stuff takes place on the fourth day, so we know it is 4 that was meant instead of for. So, continuing on with the fourth day activities. Gen 1:16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. These two great lights would be as follows: The greater light is Jesus Christ, and the lesser light is Israel. The stars are the twelve stars in a dream that Joseph, Israel's son, had. Here is Joseph's dream: Gen 37:9 And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it his brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me. Sun is same as son or a man, so in this dream the sun was his father Israel or Jakob. The moon symbolizes woman, for the monthly cycles, so in this dream the moon is his mother. Stars, are people, as in stars in a movie. In this dream they are his brothers. The problem with this dream, is that due to the death of Joseph's mother Rachel, the dreams can only be fulfilled by another Joseph, a substitute. That Joseph was the father of Jesus. So here is the fulfillment of that dream: Mat 2:18 In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not. That was the short form of that story, like I said, this isn't a Bible book. I'm just going to squeeze things a bit. Mat 12:40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. We know though, that the time from the crucifixion of Jesus until his resurrection was only one day and two nights. It was from Friday until Sunday before daybreak. That would be about 1500 years from the crucifixion and from the time when God said this to Moses: Num 14:12 I will smite them with the pestilence, and disinherit them, and will make of thee a greater nation and mightier than they.

That was said in BC. 1490, so 3,000 years later would be 1513 on Easter morning, because we know that Jesus rose on Easter morning. The year 1513, was the year that Juan Ponce de Leon discovered America on Easter Sunday. Moses, by the way, means drawn from the water. We are all drawn from the water. So what is the significants of America, you might ask. We'll get to that in a bit. Juan Ponce de Leon came to America looking for the fountain of youth. Fountain of Youth being another name for Jesus Christ. The Fountain of Youth is simply a part of your body from which new young life springs forth. Jesus Christ goes by many names and many symbols. The Fountain of Youth or elixir vitæ brings eternal life, or as Jesus puts it: Joh 6:53 Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you. Joh 6:54 Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. As you can see, Jesus is speaking of himself as the Fountain of Youth here. Ponce de Leon did in fact find the Fountain of Youth. He found America, placing it as the symbol for Jesus Christ, who is the symbol for the Fountain of Youth. This is as God intended, so that we'd place America as the new symbol for Jesus Christ. This, however does not mean America is a wonderful place, as you'll soon see. These things are hidden from the wise and prudent and revealed onto babes. To a baby, the Bible is just another book full of stories. A baby will receive information from all books. God provides us with this information in all religions. Even the Indians who told Ponce de Leon about the Fountain of Youth, and where he could find it, were receiving information from God. Remember, Ponce de Leon did not simply set out exploring when he found America, the Fountain of Youth. No, he was told by the Indians what it was and where to find it. As you can see, we arrive here from two separate routes. One, from the dates matching up and the other being the Fountain of Youth. There's more routes to this information though. Jesus speaks of one called Abraham. We know however that he is not speaking of an Abraham in the Bible, as the following proves. Joh 8:56 Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad. Joh 8:57 Then said the Jews unto him, Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham? Joh 8:58 Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am. Just a few verses earlier, we can only assume Jesus is talking about the same father Abraham, only here using just the term father, Jesus says: Joh 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. There is only two men I know of who were called father Abraham. One was in the Bible, and he was an honest man. Kind of a scumbag, yes, but he didn't lie. The other was President of the

United States. President Abraham Lincoln, was commonly called father Abraham, and he fit that description perfectly. He was the father of the lie, as in a lie serious enough for Jesus to speak of it. This lie that Jesus speaks of is a major deception. A really big one, in this case. It is the military draft. It is a lie, because we are told it is to protect our freedom, but instead it sets up a dictatorship and takes away our freedom. Jesus also speaks of a penny. This is both a penny which existed in Jesus' time as well as the USA penny. They are asking Jesus if it is legal to give the penny to Caesar. Why? Well, what is not so obvious here, is the penny is to get out of the military draft. The US President called Father Abraham had a draft where people could get out of the draft by paying $300, which at that time only the rich could afford. That was a misunderstanding. It was supposed to be a penny, but then maybe it was a deliberate misunderstanding. Obviously, Jesus would not support a system that was prejudicial against the poor, nor would God. Mat 22:17 Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not? Mat 22:18 But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? Mat 22:19 Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny. As you can see, they are asking Jesus if it is legal to give Caesar a penny. The purpose of the penny you'll see later. Mat 22:20 And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? Mat 22:21 They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's. On the USA penny, both the image and motto (superscription) are both Father Abraham's. Basically, Jesus is saying give the penny to Caesar and yourself to God. The word Caesar can apply to any emperor or dictator. The military draft made Father Abraham worthy of the title Caesar. God gave us a military draft system, that allows people to go free for a penny. In other words, it forces them to make the decision, either go or stay, without procrastination. If they believe in the cause, they'll go. If not, they'll pay the penny and stay. In Genesis 22, God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son. So Abraham takes wood and his son, and on the third day, his son asks where is the lamb for the offering. Abraham said "God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering". The lamb that God will provide is the lamb of God or Jesus Christ. That sacrifice has not yet been made, but will be soon. This is a sacrifice that takes place on the third day, and Jesus wasn't born until the fourth day or 4,000 years. It would appear that such a sacrifice is however scheduled for what Christian Society would call the third day, which has just begun. Christian Society didn't exist before Christ was born, so the third day for Christian Society begins at the end of 2,000 years after Christ was born, and ends 3,000 years after Christ was born. We are in that third day now. It appears that another sacrifice is to be made here. So what is this other sacrifice? There was a song, that spoke of a babe with the power of voodoo. Remember voodoo? Believe it or not, voodoo is part of a Christian religion. Voodoo is where you take a doll or something, which

What is the morning star? Lucifer. Nor man nor fiend hath fallen so far. Well. Venus. the Root of David. isn't it? Why would Christ call himself Lucifer? I believe our instinctive feeling that Lucifer is evil. hath prevailed to open the book. From dict. Jesus is saying two things here. We have God providing himself a sacrifice approach. You're probably wondering where this voodoo thing came from. it is the natural final result of the military draft. we come at this America thing from multiple angles. and since Jesus is a symbol for America. here's the thing. See Lucifer. Many governments are trying to base their system on the American system. Not to worry though. "God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering". Mars. and what you do to the doll happens to the person or whatever. but I don't think the nukes will kill many people. What would change that? What would make the world think that we must do better? What would make the world think that America is so evil? I can only think of one thing. That is nuclear war. 'cause the world won't be destroyed. Cf. As. Rev 22:16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. Weep not: behold. either attached to a staff or suspended from one by a chain. is not about Jesus. and to loose the seven seals thereof. Isa 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven. esp.die. the Lion of the tribe of Juda. --Byron. Jesus Christ is the babe with the power of Morning star. Evening star. I think Jesus is telling us that soon America will be considered the ultimate evil. The EU for example. So here again. he is the bright and morning star. Hence we get as Abraham put it.symbolizes a person or something. Jesus puts it: Joh 3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world. is almost a copy of the US. Evening. O Lucifer. which didst weaken the nations! People of the world pretty much think that America has a wonderful government system. (b) Satan. Interesting. One. I am the root and the offspring of David. I think it'll probably be fairly peaceful. but that the world through him might be saved. (c) A weapon consisting of a heavy ball set with spikes. but rather about America. This doesn't necessarily mean that people will die. and the bright and morning star. 49 . Jesus Christ was the voodoo doll that was sacrificed. Since he miscalled the morning star. son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground. (a) Any one of the planets (Venus. There may be a lot of people that die before the war gets that far. Rev 5:5 And one of the elders saith unto me. and coincidentally. or Saturn) when it precedes the sun in rising. this means that America will also be sacrificed. Jupiter. and we have the Lucifer approach.

Thou art my Son. and as an old lion. only his mother (the moon) was already dead. in some form. nor a lawgiver from between his feet. contrary to what the churches want us to believe. II Th 3:16. my son. where Joseph says "the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me". Force only creates rebellion. which means his reproductive organs. Gen 49:9 Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey. and he uses the name Shiloh for Jesus. and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. who shall rouse him up? Gen 49:10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah. in Gen 37:9. We have found him. which also means a light of the world. that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham. If Joseph was not Jesus' father. being the symbol of liberty. People want to believe that Joseph was not Jesus' father. until Shiloh come. so much so that you might even say they are married to each other." Peace and liberty go hand in hand. one could say that the Statue of Liberty. why is Joseph's lineage important? Here is what Jesus says about it: Mat 3:9 And think not to say within yourselves. which I mentioned earlier. which is the symbol of Christ. came before David. did write. is the bride of America. People actually talked that way back then. Rev 22:16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. he is called "The Prince of Peace. yet the beginning of Matthew traces the lineage of Joseph all the way back to Adam.Here it talks about Jesus being the Lion of the tribe of Juda (spelled Judah in the old testament). Here Jesus calls himself "the root and the offspring of David". Christ is the light of the world. and the bright and morning star. David says: Psa 2:7 I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me. Jesus of Nazareth. which means peace. he couched as a lion. Here Jesus is called the son of Joseph. We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you. they'd have Abraham's genes. Psa 2:8 Ask of me. and saith unto him. So liberty is the bride of Christ. You can't have peace without liberty. The Statue of Liberty. meaning that Jesus. Joh 1:45 Philip findeth Nathanael. So. like all the rest of us. The key here is "of these stones". This means that if Jesus had kids. and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance. and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. the son of Joseph. This connects Jesus as a symbol of peace. 50 . and the prophets. and also in Isa 9:6. thou art gone up: he stooped down. this day have I begotten thee. Jesus was a man. Israel is telling us of the fulfillment of Joseph's dream. which means that Jesus also has Abraham's genes. I am the root and the offspring of David. Israel is telling us about the coming of Jesus Christ. or a man. has Jesus called the "Lord of peace". Here. is actually officially titled "Liberty Enlightening the World". of whom Moses in the law.

These were represented by different amulets called "Sigilla Solis. sextuplets. These pictures are from the Unfolding the Revelation (Revised) by Roy Allan Anderson. thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel. Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. Adam = David = Christ.Psa 2:9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. The number 6 is sex in some languages. a day of the lord is a thousand years. would make a person believe that God has 3 sons. So we have here. sex is used for six in some words. David is the son of God. Remember. We all know that Jesus is often called the son of God. as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. This tells us that the three are the same. Add another 3. Ancient astrology divided the starry heavens into 36 constellations. thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. Notice that it says that "it is the number of a man". So here we have David is the son of God. and we get to Christ's birthday. so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. In English.000 years for being in the heart of the earth. so we'll try from another angle. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man. The first man Adam was made a living soul. These amulets were worn by the pagan priests. which becomes a man or a woman. 1 Cor 15:45 And so it is written.000 years in the earth. like sextant. Of course you probably don't believe that. who writes: The ancients claimed that God works by mathematics. physical and mental science. The result of sex is a baby. Remember what God said about eating the forbidden fruit? Gen 2:17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. that God gave his "only begotten Son". the last Adam was made a quickening spirit." or the sun seal. Mat 12:40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly. Also note the "rod of iron" thing applies to Jesus as well. so you add 930 + 70 = 1000 years. so the number of a man is 6. Rev 2:27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron. Their religion was a conglomeration of religion. except Jesus says in John 3:16. So now we have man = 6. could be a man who was produced by sex three times. astrology. etc. the result is displayed with an equals sign. So a man with the number 666. 'cause these things are hidden from the wise and prudent and revealed onto babes. and mathematics. In math. and they contained all the numbers from 1 to 36. not the name of a man. Adam lived 930 years. and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. By these figures they claimed to be able to 51 . So. but did he die? Yep. alchemy. Adam is called the son of God in Luke 3:38. as promised. Adam did eat. so the result of sex can be a man. like this man = sex. David lived another 70 years. Adam and David together living a total of 1.

foretell future events. While being carried. which was the diminutive form of the Greek basileus (king). and one of those is the Sun. This is how the Pagan Sun Worshipers in ancient Babylon believed. computed either horizontally or vertically. Now. and also the two diagonals crossing the square. the total is the same. as it was thought that the bearer would thus receive the beneficial powers believed to emanate from the jewel. Regulus is the only first-magnitude star in the constellation of Leo. is 6 x 111. but it honors the star Basilisco. Therefore number 666 was given to the Sun God.1 we see the god of the sun standing on the lion. They reveal the veneration the ancients had for the sun-god. On the front side of No. On the back is inscribed "Nachyel.111." meaning "intelligence of the sun. not a god. The sun and the moon are again clearly seen on this amulet. The sum of the six columns. The Sun God was the most important of all. show actual amulets then in the Berlin Museum. Christ said that "it is the number of a man". These amulets were usually made of gold. thus meaning the same as the Latin regulus. Christ goes by many names. and on the reverse side is the same arrangement of numerals. Interesting isn't it. yellow being the sun color. and considered to be the ruler over all 36 constellations." and in 36 squares are arranged the numerals 1 to 36 (see table 1) in such a way that adding the numbers of any column either horizontally or vertically. 52 . These drawings from photographs taken in 1910. or 666. This indicated the sun's position in the constellation of Leo during the hot days of August. these amulets were wrapped in yellow silk. The second illustration is also a solar seal. with the actual figure given of the total 666.

and hast revealed them unto babes. as the pagan priests believed. the occult is all about the hidden truth. Only the pure can understand. Notice they both have a lion or leo. adding to it. Remember. Jesus said "thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent. Of course. or any thing of the occult. but is hidden from our conscious minds. sun means son. So we have the Jesus calling himself Lucifer angle. Jesus was called "the light of the world". The word occult means simply hidden from understanding. That resulted from greedy people in the church grabbing power. which further indicate that Jesus is the Sun God. "the day star". Jesus was never against alternative religions or beliefs. In fact. it might help you to understand. etc. Perhaps you think that is a typo. and ye shall go forth. so since sun and son sound the same. the part about Jesus being America might seem a little thin. 53 . The amulets." Babes don't read. Quite interesting symbolism. which is the sacrifice that is soon to come. than maybe everyone would move out of the USA and then God's plan wouldn't be fulfilled. maybe to get you to talk about it or maybe because if everyone believed. This table shows the numbers as laid out on the second amulet. even with the stuff showing that Father Abraham is President Abraham Lincoln. in all religions and beliefs. Since people tend to think of Jesus as a god. but almost nobody understands it. God's truth is not evil. Jesus would never tell us that these religions or beliefs or anything of the occult is evil. if you look at the meaning of the word occult. Perhaps God wants to leave just that little bit of doubt in your minds. which I mentioned earlier. One event in particular. and we have the Jesus is 666 angle. for the lion of God. The Babylonian religion was no exception. that would make Jesus the Sun God. These things are hidden not by God.. Barriers we create in ourselves to our understanding. and grow up as calves of the stall.Mal 4:2 But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings. foretell of future events. The truth is there. but rather by our own mental blockages. The wisdom that our subconscious minds know. "the greater light to rule the day". See. because it is hidden. because God's truth is there for us to understand. Jesus did not intend for us to think the Babylonians had was evil.

at end of this book. Only a short sample. this isn't a Bible book. so this is not everything. If you would like to see more biblical info. there'll be info on where to get another book and a URL where you can find the information on the Internet. 54 .Like I said.

Chapter 9 ________ War is Coming My parents were highly involved in fighting the military draft in court. Obviously. I wasn't angry or anything. In the year 1970. and then it was as if the inspiration went away.000 bombings and 50. they dropped the charges. It was in the papers. In spite of that. there was an estimated 3. They accomplished some amazing things. and using what little force is available. If all that information in the Bible was not to end the draft. simply curious. that would have had little effect. released on appeal. for example. He was given 18 months in prison. It was about targeting their weakest point. They kept trying. My father declared war on the United States of America. I also always knew that the draft would soon return. My dad and mom kept up the draft fight. but accomplished little. Compare that to Muhammad Ali. but rather than send the President to court. and was not drafted. they did a successful subpoena of US President Nixon. which isn't bad. I believe I see the bigger picture. what was it for? Now. MN. One of my brothers.000 bomb threats in the United States. I thought about how there seemed like such an enormous amount of information in the Bible that applied only to that battle against the draft. it was about stalling for time. and had his conviction overturned three years later. 55 . to accomplish what much greater force was not accomplishing by itself. but he was never arrested. All my life. and then when it seemed to me that we could have ended the draft once and for all.100 bombings. God backed away and let it continue. only in temporarily remission. but to me it seemed that God had inspired them for a while. It was never about the draft. if my parents were to make that 3. They continued to work on writing a book and trying to inform people. considering he could have spend at least that or more for just refusing to be drafted. but to me it seemed their work was done. with himself as a one man army. dumped two buckets of human manure into the draft board files in Elk River. The subpoena was upheld.001 or 3. It was about providing just a tiny little boost. who was sentenced to five years in prison. when they were trying to draft him. We were told that the FBI couldn't find an agent willing to arrest him. the US continued the war. to the fight for peace in Vietnam. according to the FBI. long after the draft "ended" in the USA. The peace movement was in full force during the Vietnam War. I wondered why. They knew that it wasn't over.

As you'll soon see. in spite their concerns. This was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. but obviously that would not work forever. the prosecution wrote in their Memorandum in Support of Motion to Quash Subpoena. for instance.Exactly what effect my parents had. by simply dropping the charges. if it wasn't for what they found in the Bible. something could be extracted to defendant's advantage. My parents would probably never have gotten involved in the bombing part of the peace movement. and might have even sat it out on the sidelines. When my father subpoenaed President Nixon to appear to testify in court in a military draft case. K56 . that was a joint effort. God needed that war to end. I'm sure God was inspiring the whole protest much farther than it would have been on its own. is impossible to say. the war must end. the following: The cogent reasoning of the District Judge in United States v. None the less. Ever watch the movie K-19? It's about a Soviet sub which had extremely bad luck. so it was a very dangerous time. but also a court had ruled that in an earlier case. that not only did these lawyers believe that what my father did. feeding in the paper control tape and putting new typing paper in. the court is aware of the announced intention of various other persons through the country to so multiply the amount of selective service litigation and so harass and impede the Selective Service System itself that it will collapse. newspapers and other people of importance. it was of utmost importance though. 1967) is applicable here. My parents had several automatic typing machines. Did my parents end the war? No. God wanted that war to end.D. but surely they helped inspire additional people into the antiwar effort. In Camp the Court quashed a subpoena duces tecum issued against the Director of the Selective Service. and got some replies. which the whole peace movement did. You can't sustain a war long without new soldiers. and the draft would in fact collapse. would be subpoenaed to appear at every selective service trial throughout the United States in the hope that. Here's a little history lesson. The Court stated on pages 402 and 403: "However. Why? To stall for time. to show Congress and the President that the draft was on shaky ground and would not hold up in court much longer. Without the draft. General Hershey. Sooner or later the draft would collapse. 400 (N. opening the door to bringing in any Selective Service official who may have dealt with defendant's case on so little showing as exists: there of the materiality or relevance of his evidence. Georgia. in spite their fear that the military draft would collapse. Perhaps though. somehow. forcing President Nixon to testify in court. 285 F. The undesirability of the precedent that would be established here weighs heavily in favor of the Government's motion. Considering the number of Selective Service cases on this court's docket alone. Selective Service officials and board members (most of them unpaid volunteers) would become professional witnesses. so the war therefore had to end. They weaseled out of it though. I can remember when I was a child." This shows clearly. it was extremely important to stall for time. Supp. which they used for writing letters to congressmen. Their involvement might not seem like much. Camp. it requires little imagination to see the consequences of. they wrote many letters to all the congressmen. by subpoenaing the President. the Judge upheld the subpoena. I'd often be running 4 or 5 of these typing machines by myself. would end the draft.

for the entire world. could have been just a coincidence. Kennedy responded by an outright act of war. Then there was Kennedy's assassination. I don't know what in the hell . they'd impeach a President though.. but there was also the Vietnam War going on at that time. they may just chase you right into your own kitchen. LBJ hated the Vietnam War from the beginning. and America had 10 times that many. the Soviet Union had enough weapons to destroy the world. Kennedy's death made LBJ President of the United States.. During the time of Cuban Missile Crisis. and rightfully so. It's an awful mess.. I believe that the Chinese Communists are coming into it.outside of Morse .selective-service. Or perhaps God was influencing its luck as well. that would run out. against the Soviet Union. The people were afraid. Obviously. And I don't know how in the hell you're gonna get out unless they tell you to. they may just chase you right into your own kitchen. 57 . with his National Security Adviser. creating massive hatred for Communism. Kennedy wanted to invade Cuba...I was looking at this sergeant of mine this It just worries the hell out of me. Later that day in another taped phone conversation. McGeorge Bundy: Johnson: I'll tell you the more that I stayed awake last night thinking of this thing. It was Kennedy who was the aggressor. LBJ said in a taped telephone conversation he had with Senator Richard Russell on 27 May. America placed a nuclear missile base on Turkey first. once we're committed. Kennedy was extremely dangerous when it comes to having nuclear weapons in his control. when Kennedy was President of the United States. K-19's luck. 1964.. only after that did the Soviet Union try to balance the power by placing a base on Cuba. that was sent to position itself off the east coast of America.htm Well. placing a military blockade. everybody else's got a treaty out there and they're not doing anything about it.. if McCarthy hadn't used his witch hunt tactic 14 years earlier. I don't think it's worth fighting for and I don't think we can get out. Of course if you start running from the Communists. I don't think we can fight them ten thousand miles from home. I don't see what we can ever hope to get out of there with. Extremely risky. Johnson: And we just got to think about . the more I think of it. LBJ would likely have dropped out of the war as soon as he became looks like to me we're getting into another Korea. http://www. The Soviet Union was quite peaceful in all this. It was America that was continually the aggressor. but they should never have been afraid of the Soviet Union." This shows LBJ was both against the war and for it. Notice how LBJ says "Of course if you start running from the Communists. hell. during the Cuban Missile Crisis. and I just thought about ordering his kids in there and what in the hell am I ordering him out there for? What the hell is Vietnam worth to me? What is Laos worth to me? What is it worth to this country? Now we've got a treaty but. wouldn't they? I just don't believe that .19 was a Soviet Nuclear sub. It's just the biggest damned mess that I ever saw. Bundy: It is..everybody I talk to says you got to go in. including Hickenlooper including all the Republicans.

Hey. The fact of the matter is that the military draft is illegal in the United States. in case you are wondering. We stopped the military draft before. we probably won't be able to stop it. So. Not a very stable situation to begin with. If God wanted to inspire someone to kill. which makes sense. So here's the thing. it appears that under Kennedy's command. Sound kinda like a gray area. doesn't it. but almost never do they get prison terms. but easy to find 3rd verse: No refuge could save the hireling and slave 58 . See. as he didn't show fear of the Soviet Union. How many kids you kill today?" day and night. As the US National Anthem clearly states in the "missing". by preventing them fair access to education and some other things.By the way. where they require every man to register for Selective Service. Slavery is not the same as involuntary servitude. is because they were going to take away their own children. but rather God was stalling for time. The fact that it is a gray area. the Vietnam War would have escalated. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude. which we didn't have back then. The next time. the death of Kennedy seems sort of like a "gift from God" so to speak. bringing China into it and creating a world war. They try to create economical hardship on those who don't register. They have already started drafting people who will not put up much of a fight. "Hey. LBJ got heavy persuasion from the people chanting. Parents will fight and fight hard to protect their children. but the enemy learns from its mistakes. Next time. it would be far easier for God to inspire a murderer. however. long enough to set up the new society that will bring World Peace. One might also note that it seems like Kennedy was killed by his own cohorts. Korea was a split country before the war. We needed the Internet. People signed up for the US National Guard. From Kennedy's handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis. the reason my parents were so motivated to stop the draft. God was preventing us from destroying the world. they will draft only those who would not put up a fight. It wasn't about the draft at all. the Korean War was started four and a half months after McCarthy's first speech promoting hatred for Communism. were basically drafted into a strictly offensive war. LBJ on the other hand was extremely careful to prevent escalating the war into a world war. People who are somewhat accustomed to being in the military. The United States has a new type of draft system. means they can get away with it. LBJ continually tried to keep the Vietnam War from escalating. LBJ didn't use nukes though. it'll likely be different. He continually tried to keep the Chinese out of it. thinking that it is strictly for defense and disaster assistance. we really don't know what Kennedy would have done. so yes. 'cause it probably prevented a nuclear war. It seems to me that God believed that stopping the military draft was crucial in stopping that madness from destroying the world. with half ruled by the US and half ruled by the USSR. They try to scare people claiming they'll go to prison if they don't register. as soon as they turn 18 years old. McCarthy's witch hunt might have been a major factor there as well. Next time. LBJ. Kennedy wouldn't have been so afraid of China.

and doesn't respond to the threat of jail time. Abraham Lincoln pulled a sneaky little stunt releasing the "slaves" in the Confederate States. the servant becomes a slave. people are not likely to go pick a fight with the draft board. thereby effectively eliminating the freedom of speech. their flesh becomes stronger and they become much more difficult to bring down with bullets. as it is with farm animals. Slay or kill have a sexual meaning as well. They might go after a few who speak out. Even if someone does. Only a dictator had such authority. not the missing fourth verse which is sometimes called the missing third verse. they'll simply let it slide. is from the missing third verse. The fourth verse has the original motto "In God is our trust". Legally. Parents put up a bigger fight for their children than they do even for their own lives. They've done that before. not seek out those who speak out against the oppression and prosecute only those. A slave is one who is forced to slay. This time. That by the way. Confusing is it? Well. See. by going after the young. and the slaves who were drafted and forced to fight. When a servant is forced to have sex. The meaning of the word slavery comes from slay as in to kill. My parents were fighting to protect the lives and souls of their children. Any hunter knows that as an animal gets older. on the other hand. regardless of the color of her skin. which is where slave gets the meaning we think of today. which requires that "nor [shall any state] deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. as he had no authority to give an order like that to civilians. This proves that Lincoln knew what the word slave meant. Men ages 30 to 50 years old are far stronger and better soldiers. They call it Selective Prosecution. This is why Lincoln claimed for his authority. claiming for his authority "by virtue of the power in me vested as Commander-in-Chief. In the US. The entire US National Anthem is at the end of this book. Young men are far easier to force against their will. the government must prosecute all people equally. So this time they go a little further. The military draft has always sought after the weaker. The slaves or drafted soldiers in the Army and Navy." 59 . The new system of drafting appears to be that if someone resists. were a different story. They are under the authority of the Commander-in-Chief as well as generals and other military leadership. whether it be to produce more servants or just for sex. that authority of Commander-in-Chief. who signed up and get paid to fight. The same is true of men. The hirelings. White from a certain sexual disease associated with it that produces a white secretion. This makes the draft much more difficult to stop. this defense is from the 14th Amendment. to hide the truth from you. they'll simply leave them alone. but they are also far more resistive to force. A white slave is a woman sold into prostitution. and it is occasionally used as a defense in court cases. strictly military authority. being that Francis Scott Key is referring to the two types of soldiers in the British Army. Being the politician that he was. that was the whole idea. A common practice. of the Army and Navy of the United States". Middle aged men are much better soldiers. they won't be as motivated as someone is when they are fighting for their own children. The key point here. Sure.From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave. if someone doesn't register for Selective Service. they might go after a few here and there. doesn't give in to the threats and stuff.

Remember. As you can see. and again. Who's going to go up against a giant. they can't lose the battle in court. the three judge panel choose to twist a few laws to suit their purposes. the judge said something like "This is my courtroom. no matter what it says.000 bombs in America in 1970. even if someone does decide to fight it. On September 9. but they don't. It isn't legal of course. They fight when the fight comes to them. 2005. For example. to get the people used to the idea. till anyone who they don't like can be arrested and held indefinitely without trail. The US Constitution overrides all laws. no law passed by Congress is relevant. Someone with a very nasty record. during the Vietnam War. Our only option is to peacefully start a new society. I showed you that Jesus tells us that America will do something that will make it considered the ultimate evil. Cuba. If they don't take people to court. each time getting easier. in the Jose Padilla case. Logically. there's also the possibility of holding people who give them difficulty indefinitely without trial. Of course this doesn't need to be a planned conspiracy. they can do it again with someone a little less objectionable.S. This sort of thing often happens when the people in power do it once and get away with it. power is addictive. the American People set off 3. a three-judge panel of the 4th U. if the people don't object to that. the hatred and greed is running a downward spiral. that would be accomplished in stages. They don't go to the fight. if they don't have to? A person could find all sorts of battles like that. I'll make the laws here". In the last chapter. often violently. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that President Bush does indeed have the authority to detain US Citizen Jose Padilla without charges indefinitely. if they didn't try to draft one of his sons? Probably not. the people react. In order to win a case against the military draft in court. in case you don't believe Jesus. as the US is doing in the US facility at Guantanamo Bay. Sort of like taking drugs. It eventually breaks down into a dictatorship. Then. The next stage would be finding a citizen who the people would not object to being held without trial. no trial. This is the natural path for that type of system. No charges. so they do it again and again. Besides. and set a legal precedence. Yet in spite of this. One can expect the courts to modify or rewrite the laws to suit their own purposes. First holding non-citizens without trial. I remember a case my father was involved in long ago where my father pointed out that they were piecing together parts of three different laws.This time they'll only go after the easy prey. As the people in power grab more power. as an online community. 60 . Would my father have fought the draft. Obviously violence and protesting is not the answer. Violence only helps the enemy. The people in power responded to the protesters by open firing with machine guns into the crowd of unarmed protesters. but that is irrelevant. In this chapter. which means that this time we won't be able to stop it. I showed how America is headed in that direction. if they really wanted to. one needs to have a whole lot more proof than one would think. to totally change what the law said. no evidence needed.

now that man has the ability to destroy the world. and can die. 61 . if God is a living entity. than logic dictates that God wants to continue to live. so naturally God would have a direct interest in it. but God believes it is enough. God lives in all of us. We now have the beginnings of a plan. 'cause the world won't be destroyed. As far as I can tell. than that plan must take effect real soon. This means that the next big war will result the launching of nuclear weapons. One can not deny the fact that God would have a strong direct interest in this. God's power comes from freedom. At this point. therefore God won't hurt us. This is in fact God's life essence. or at least extremely intelligent. Let's try a little simple logic. All that is left is to place the plan into action. I've shown evidence that God is extremely intelligent and has ability to predict the future. We now have the Internet. it makes logical sense that it is extremely important to God that we fix our society. and we have a little bit of time before the nukes are launched. So what more do you need to see? So as you can see. If God exists. Not much time. 4. God dies with us. There may be a lot of people that die before the war gets that far. than God must have a plan to prevent man from destroying all life on Earth. God lives. in our society. God is society. We are about to unleash the Power of God! Don't be afraid. to create a new society and thereby create World Peace. Wars grow until one side surrenders or is destroyed. If God is all knowing. in our interactions. God lives in all of us. so the next big war will simply run its full course. nuclear war is inevitable. God won't take away our freedom either. I've shown evidence that God exists and is a living entity that lives in all of us. I've shown some evidence that the plan is to take effect soon. God's stalling for time strategy is over. I've shown evidence that God has a plan. than if all life dies. 5. As our society improves. If God is in all life. If God has a plan. 3. Not to worry though. as it is in fact the Power of God that we are talking about here. but the nukes won't kill anyone. 2. If we die. God also dies. God's power also improves. If we live. If God knows. than God knows how close we are to destroying the world.We can't stop the military draft. 1.

As you probably know. effective government. as this government can grow inside an existing government without conflict. A company is therefore a tiny version of a nation or society. but most are not quite right. but by the time they realize it. every seed has a tiny version of a plant inside.Chapter 10 ________ Bringing Change There's a lot of people out there who think that the way to change is to have one massive violent revolution. Those who oppose us might become violent. is that these people have never done any testing of their ideas. thinking that it is not authoritarian. At least our part will be peaceful. and this government does not make the people happy. and shrink it down into a microscopic scale. Most use Direct Democracy. how to create a new society.. Perhaps we can help them to fix their problem. but are too small and poor to reach the point of being an efficient working system. Every company on earth has its own government. to learn to grant direct decision authority to their people. With this tiny plant is a tiny amount of food. and they really don't know what it is they want. politics. what do you get? You get a company or a community.. If I am wrong. We can therefore learn from nature. The problem with this. it'll simply vanish on its own. laws. it will be to late for them to stop it. There may even be some communities or collectives which have the exact system we are looking for. This can all be accomplished peacefully. The whole process is entirely legal and entirely peaceful. Now if you take a society or a nation. We can not make such a jump without at least some testing being done to see if it will function in the real world the same as it functions in our minds. There is no need for war. None the less. If it will make the people happy and productive. We don't need a violent revolution anyway. and fight against our oppressors in all nations simultaneously. Nature starts small. As I explained earlier. I expect the whole process of change to be unusually peaceful. and if it will be an efficient. Those that would fear change. fear not! Fore there is no cause for alarm. a society is a living thing. but it is authoritarian. Perhaps all 62 . it will grow to become a great nation. we start a company or a community using this system. Simply speaking. We are talking changing into a system which we have only a vague idea of what it will be like. other than the fact that it'll never happen. because they are at least trying. with a tiny seed. these communities are our allies. There are many communities existing which come close to having this system of government. for example. and law enforcement. etc.

as they do with money. Forms that are less subject to greed. in which a slight modification would produce the system we are looking for. and give it to all the people. To put it simply.. They want time. Power right now. will have the power to make those ideas into realities. There are other forms as well. Poverty will be a thing of the past. and the inventor will invent. we can also look at movements on the Internet that are similar in makeup. There are news sites which work this way as well. The people with money. obviously they can't use their greed to get more time. Sure. giving people the help needed to create. these are only a few examples. Power in the form of access to expensive equipment. you'd know that I intend to bring the money to all the people in the world. There is also Wiki websites. massive discrimination against them isn't helping matters. what we need to do is simply take the power from the powerful. These forms of power also have the added bonus of being far less expensive than simply providing money. will allow the world to produce about 10 times what we currently produce. rather than money. These are three forms of power. we could attempt to provide power by giving money.. It is time. People don't often waste these forms of power. People with 63 . This power will automatically go to where it is needed. giving the knowledge needed to create. This means that the people who come up with the ideas. There already is a general trend in that direction. Power in the form of access to information and expert assistance. I should point out. and when they get the time.that is needed is a little networking and other help from the world community to give them just a little boost. The power that I speak of. So one might wonder. providing food and shelter. Also. The most a greedy person can get is 100 percent free time. What motivates the highly creative and productive people is not money. We will provide this power in other forms. giving people the tools needed to create. that providing the work to anyone who is willing to work. Give a greedy person time and. but it lacks a system of supporting its workers. That we will create. It would be fairly easy for me. Greed will not be much of a problem. One such movement is the open source software movement. and eventually they'll get bored and want to do something. Obviously. they use it to create or produce. is not money. These movements have the basic foundations similar to what we need. well. but greed would takeover and there would be nothing left. Also. that we will provide. usually believe in the system that made them rich. if I had a few million dollars or so. I have several plans for how to start this thing. About 1/100th the cost. This means the standard of living though out the world will increase by 10 times. as I said earlier. so their greed has little or no effect on the system. It is a win-win situation. We can do this by harnessing the power of the Internet. which allow readers to edit the content. Give an inventor time. that can easily be kept out of the hands of greed. the reward system will be more based on time. is money. why wouldn't people who have that kind of money be able to do this. we will have a far more powerful society than anything existing today. at which point they will do very little damage to the system. Once we figure out exactly how to do that. Power in the form of education. So if you understood what I just said.

Electing leaders. is not something that all forms of Democracy do. We are talking something just a little more difficult to comprehend. that the powers that be would do everything they can to stop it. but it is a possibility none the less. The human race has reached a point where we can now destroy ourselves and the world. They have all have an abundant workforce. as well as the lies and cheating are leading us to a nuclear war. How often do you hear of a person in control of a company turning over control to the workers of the company? It is extremely rare. I suspect many people think this could never happen. than simply turning over control to the people. That is all that is needed to become wealthy. If there is a God out there. As you will tend to think the poor are just lazy. True faith comes from understanding. Direct Democracy does not elect leaders. and the massive hatred created by electing leaders. in other words. However. it will lack efficiency in many areas. than there is no stopping it!!! Think about this. however. Representative Democracy elects leaders. We can simplify political theory into four basic types of society systems. Our new society will have much more freedom than any existing society. The system you are about to learn about does not use Capitalism. The whole idea of Capitalism is a technique of using greed to motivate. rather the people vote directly. Our new society must not have those elements. Not for the select few. but freedom and equality for all. Good paying work. We are talking a huge leap of faith. and of course a system of society that will allow the people to work. which requires a lot of understanding and intelligence. don't you think that God would choose this time to do something to prevent the possibility of nuclear war? If God had a plan to stop the world from being destroyed. The greed created by Capitalism. It selects the best of the liars and cheats. rather than through representatives. it is an extreme simplification of the various forms of society. electing leaders creates massive hatred and almost always selects people who are very good at tricking the people. The system of government you are about to learn about uses Direct Democracy. That results in teaching the people to become many times more greedy than they are naturally. if this is God's plan. On a small scale though. that will pay for training more people. Worship the god the gives the best gifts. 64 . someone would have this plan? Every nation on Earth has everything needed to become a wealthy nation. It is very important to consider the effect on society. You provide them with work. There are no elected leaders in this system. is we can get the money from the poor. Even the rich who inherited their money tend to think that way. One thing we can do. How do you get money from the poor? Simple. pay close attention to the effect on society of each of the four basic types of society. That. isn't it just possible that somewhere. When you look at the chart below. Each type has a specific effect on society. so we can do more work. As I mentioned earlier. As I mentioned earlier that Capitalism creates greed.

and right. More on that later. Tactics that create mass scale hatred and start wars. Most current societies are in the top right corner. where the people vote directly. Anarchism uses some Direct Democracy. which means without rulers. they are so widely misunderstood.The chart divides up the four main types of society systems. there is a state. down. On the other hand. It is two dimensional. even Direct Democracy has its problems. actual societies can only be in one of the four unnamed corners. 65 . but that is a myth. and Anarchism avoids all voting as much as possible. as in Representative Democracy. there are police. You recall earlier what happens with we elect leaders. Anarchism is a broad term though. so it applies to the whole bottom. When all people are free to do what they want. left. More on that later. There's a whole lot less laws and police though. The term Anarchism tends to make people think of no government or no state. but there is still some laws and police. rather than through representatives. which the so called democratic governments of the world today use. Anarchism seeks to use individual decision making as much as possible. it goes both left and right. in Anarchism. How the election process results in our electing almost the worst possible candidates. seem to believe that Anarchism is the lower left corner. which is Authoritarian and Capitalism. Like all government system words. While names are given to the up. that one is usually better to explain what they mean than use these words. The word actually comes from the Greek αναρχία. one who is uninformed might think that Anarchism would be in the lower right corner. Direct Democracy might not have that problem. Most people who call themselves anarchists. people are also free to police the people. there is infrastructure. there are laws. but even so. and up and down. These are problems with Representative Democracy. how people will use all sorts of nasty tactics to get elected. Contrary to what many believe.

as I do. if I asked you. In AnarchoCommunism. as is Anarchism. but that is not always the case. One would suspect that Anarchism and Communism are the same thing. implies that it is also without leaders. It can be. and not be overly restrictive. In fact. but likely there'd be far fewer laws. Anything in the lower right corner will become a dictatorship in time. that the lower right corner can't actually exist in the real world. which is also a myth. Most people seem to automatically equate certain things with a "right" or "left" government system. Even with that. Or perhaps you'd consider that maybe since I believe in God. Sometimes the idea of making huge amounts of money turns someone to crime. but it is different than what we are familiar with. but only to some people. Sometimes it is severe poverty and desperation that turns someone to crime. There are laws and police. that the answer would be no. it was pretty much a capitalist country by the time the Soviet Union fell. Well. and I'm writing this. As far as I can tell. The term Communism tends to make people think of a dictatorship. This may be what destroyed the Soviet Union. Both of these situations only exist in a Capitalist society. but not as often as they have in the past. in spite of all our efforts to avoid it. 'cause the leaders always want special privileges. In fact. most anarchists believe. so the term must apply to what those people believe as well. In the past. would abortion be legal in an anarcho-communist society. Just because we have all of society deciding something. Power is very addictive. Society is not always right. It had rich and poor just like any Capitalist country. even anything in the upper right corner. because money creates greed. Communism represents the left side of the chart. It performs all the necessary functions. the common use of the term "classless society" in describing Communism. Society as a whole could decide either way. however there are some who do believe it would work. does not mean that society will make the right decision. With no incentive for wrong doing. but in the past these decisions were always influenced by money and power. to reduce confusion and make the meaning as clear as possible. you'd be wrong on both of those. which they get from Capitalism. you'd probably say yes.From what I've seen. but it can also be a Representative Democracy or even Direct Democracy or Anarchism. I'm sure society will always make some bad decisions. 66 . the upper left corner is unstable and would also in time become a dictatorship. there is a government. Likewise. The answer is that nobody knows. One would hope that the majority of the people in society would understand that. For example. Those two meet in the bottom left corner of the chart. and the influence of greed would quickly overpower and destroy any Anarcho-Capitalist society. but rather by the few people in power. Society as a whole would make those decisions. and that area is best described as AnarchoCommunism. and Anarchism represents the bottom. will also become a dictatorship in time. society has done badly on making these decisions. The decisions were not made by society. people are still very confused as to what that really means. criminal activity will be very low. Almost all criminal activity is a result of money in one way or another.

the community has an electronic engineer. have to be made by the individual people. The change would be that each person would get an additional expense account allowance that they can spend on things for the community. but if not could come from his expense account. The money for those parts should come from the community. Obviously. Anytime someone needs to get authorization for something. any community or company which uses Direct Democracy. which requires a whole lot more understanding and thought. He choose to buy an oscilloscope (a tool) with his expense account. Direct Democracy. it doesn't bother anyone. This can easily be changed. it is Authoritarian. 67 . Most of the problems come from the fact that the people are highly trained by current society to be greedy. a person wants to buy a pool table. like it or not. It actually comes down to basically a slightly different sort of voting system. Typically people in shared income communities get a weekly salary or allowance which they can spend on personal stuff. A person could buy it as an individual and keep it to him or her self. and then the pool table is community property. allows some direct decision making. or whatever. It can be implemented in two different ways. because that entertainment stuff is available for all to use. That is. This part doesn't change. or what chair to sit on. Notice how the words authoritarian and authorization have the same base word. to allow greater individual decision power. they have full decision power over that expense account. it is authoritarian. Decisions like where to put a nail. If one person in the community spends all of his or her expense account money on entertainment stuff. how far can we allow people the freedom to make decisions. When a direct democracy based community seeks to control the actions of its people. The rest of the people then would likely spend a little less on entertainment stuff and more on other things which the community needs. Most communities which use the shared income model. If the community money is used. We are not talking simple democratic decision making. So it is simply a question of how far can we go. Only then will we be truly free. most of our limitations to individual decision making freedom will be in the area of spending money. available for all to use. and maybe even talk a few others into pitching in money from their expense accounts. We must prevent ourselves from seeking to control other's lives. and build some prototypes. the other is by changing the money structure. others believe society should make more. This is where we run into problems. depending on how the community wants to do that sort of thing. but anything it is used on becomes community property shared by all. One is by changing the voting system. Say for example. have the spending of money decisions made by the community. we are talking direct individual decision making. it must then be shared with the community. We seek to be as far from Authoritarian as possible. Therefore. He buys some electronic parts to do R&D work with. is Authoritarian. It is simply not possible for the community to make all decisions. or the person can use his or her expense account. Say for example.Some believe that society should make less rules.

he or she doesn't vote. much more difficult to get the majority to agree with them. People would naturally want to concentrate their decision power into areas which affect them. and yet. and 2 people spend 50 vote credits in a no vote. and the majority averages it. they'd decide not to vote. the system will not work efficiently. Many of those people. which requires running simulations in one's mind. than no voting credits are lost. Only enough vote credits would be taken from each person to cover the opposition's vote credits. or sold to the outside world. We all need that. The exact details need to be worked out. the people will not produce. which a person spends each time a vote is taken. when the community sees that this is an important industry for the community. The idea being that the more compromising is done. the 5 yes voters each lose 20 credits. Remember. If the people are not happy. if a compromise leads to a consensus. one might adopt a rule like this. and the people will not be happy. We can't just use a simple voting system. a person is given vote credits. he or she can spend more credits. spend almost no time in the computer room. however. or members of the community might help buy equipment with their expense accounts. I don't know. Without individual freedom of choice. This is an area which we call systems design. and testing and development in the the real world. The change can also be made in the voting system. It is a very complicated dynamic area. To encourage compromising. yet an inventor needs decision making ability to be allowed to choose what to work on. without considering the effects. If a person feels strongly about something. till we find a solution. They would decide for themselves what affects them. Never the less. to see what the effects will be. I'm still thinking about it. when the product is being produced for the community. How exactly that would work. The majority will make bad decisions just as often as an individual. you can't allow the majority to have authority over the individual in all decisions that are made. If a person doesn't care one way or another. Individuals need freedom. the community might choose to buy equipment with community money. This creates a situation where people do not vote on things which don't affect them. If they are voting on playing rock and roll in the computer room. We are just a tiny little step away from having a solution. This leaves all parties with more voting power left over for other things. if 5 people each spend 100 vote credits in a yes vote.Later. Some ideas are much more important. To do this. We must keep trying. Of course. The only difference is that individuals vary a lot from person to person. and the system will collapse. the fate of the world is at stake. These things all need to be properly thought out and tested. the community pays for all the parts. The ideal system. the less vote credits are spent to make a decision. Those ideas need to be included as well. Inventors are not alone in needing the freedom of choice. They are helping the cause. and the 2 no voters each lose 50 votes. This means. an inventor's ideas are very rarely accepted by the people. That is no reason to give up on the existing communities though. should be very simple and easy. some people might vote against it. so if it came down to spending vote credits on it. Later. because they don't like rock and roll. Just maybe some of these existing communities might take that 68 .

This increases our self reliance. We can all help with this. If one relies on one's self. is the flow of products. communes. and dealing with his or her own every need. and services inside the community. it is possible that some of these existing communities might modify their system to try some of these ideas. It is not necessary to start or join a community to help. It should be fairly obvious really. is in having something in common. As you see in the picture. An individual can become self reliant. it is much easier. In fact. The picture is showing that the key to bringing about change. If one relies on capitalism. one is reliant or dependent. Simply a group of people with something in common. the more self reliant our community becomes. and people. The more we trade or share amongst ourselves. and therefore has independence from capitalism. Simply a group of people who share a common philosophy. We must increase the amount of communities. one needs to become self reliant. work. One. one is independent. 69 . Think of all people who believe in anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist society. producing his or her own electricity. is in working together and helping each other. there are two important areas which we need to deal with. but that is very difficult and isn't necessary. We can use the word community for that. We need to trade or share amongst our selves. We must increase the amount of research being done in this area. For a large group of people however. People who's only connection. organizations. collectives. Just like the way we use the term community when referring to "the Black Community" or "the Hispanic Community". in our one large community. That is what I mean by community in the picture coming up.step. Think of all these people. we'll make a search engine. which will search the entire world community of anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist communities. organizations. Anyone who is interested that is. If one does not rely on capitalism. Think of them as one large community. communities. or whatever. To boost this. one is self reliant. groups. in this case is a shared philosophy. I'm not talking a community connected by contracts or any other ties. and other groups which are working on this problem. that to gain independence from capitalism. growing his or her own food.

That will allow technology to be developed at incredible speed. if they could find their products.The second important area. That is just Argentina. but also self employed people who share our common philosophy. violence. in about 200 factories. We can't do that if we can't find each other. See. and the income verses outgoing. is money not given back to the Capitalists. Don't worry about that. It doesn't create hatred. These two things are good for any economy. assuming there is trading inside the community. All we really need is a search engine. We can't work with each other if we can't find each other. There is also a very severe problem that most of the people who believe in this philosophy are so turned off by what they 70 . Whether someone makes a profit on something or not. Direct Democracy is good. It all comes down to two things. and the more self reliant it becomes. Conceivia will use individual decision making as much as possible. Conceivia will make that happen. Hey. The more self employed people we have in our world community. We need to help our people to succeed. is from within. is we need to reduce outflow of money. Self reliance. Not a lot. someone will be able to buy tools or something needed to help further our cause. We need to help each other in our world community. Part of that goal is as a technology development center. let everyone know about this. and just imagine. and that means for now making a profit on work or sales. Conceivia. Making a search engine requires time and money. is available for some other member to spend. We can't trade or share products with each other if we can't find each other. from buying products or services from the Capitalist World. the next thing you know. This means that somewhere in our world community. Combine that with the rest of the world. To make it happen. is mostly is being set up with the primary goal of boosting the economy of the World's AntiAuthoritarian Anti-Capitalist Community.000 people are working in factories with little or no management or hierarchy. Self employed people are like mini communities. Only by allowing individual decision making. because there is existing software. we need a search engine. If we help our people or communities by supplying contract work or buying their products. We need to help not just communities. and when not possible it will use direct democracy. if we start acting like a community. A search engine is what allows us to find each other. That is. Most of our people really don't care about the money. we'll be a community. We can make this happen. but Direct Democracy is still an authorization based system. for an individual's economy as well as a community's economy. Another problem these types of communities face. thereby bringing in more money in to improve our economy. There are lots of people out there who would prefer to buy from like minded companies. that will help keep them afloat so they can sell that contract work or products to the Capitalists. but some. will we succeed. over 10. Our search engine will also help with this. What ever one member of the community doesn't spend. and power craze like Representative Democracy. the more capabilities our community has. People need to survive until the change comes. All we really need is a way to find each other. but it is still authoritarian. Our one large community is no exception. Any products you receive from our people. In Argentina. they just want to survive. Spread the word.

An intelligent person becomes extremely knowledgeable. An intelligent person is an open minded person. but an intelligent person. but we'd still have a problem. but that isn't much of a help. which means we are authorizing. In Anarcho-Communism. See. Sort of like the way our brains work. due to the extreme efficiency of the system of sharing. They want to just live their lives. In Anarcho-Communism we seek to avoid joint decision making as much as we can. If we had a direct democracy. where everyone is voting on everything. We need to produce all the products which real world people use. as improves the intelligence of a person.have seen in capitalism. and perhaps learn something from that person. This is something our system can give them. low stress environment. Real world people don't want to think about why we need this type of society. what would you get? If we had a dictatorship or a representative democracy in our brains. we are making a joint decision. That is ok though. only a very intelligent person would know how to do this. We just need to lead the way. and only someone with an open mind can benefit from that high school dropout's wisdom. if all we produce is arts and crafts. we'd have more stabilized thinking. We need to produce real products. Not an educated person. An intelligent person will talk casually with a person who believes in Communism. rather than joint decision making. there are existing successful communities. because even with society being the same intelligence. The same thing improves the intelligence of society. We can not become a society which will be attractive all the people of the world. but few of them understand how. Authorization is an Authoritarian process. Therefore. with plenty of luxuries. I'm sure most people won't grasp the idea of society becoming more intelligent. we have the same situation. because an intelligent person gathers knowledge from all people. A high school dropout might spend a lifetime thinking about a particular subject. all brain cells are considered equals. Jesus said "Thou shalt not judge". If you were to imagine our brains organized with some sort of government system. which typically have a very low income potential. We try to be as far from Authoritarian as possible. Society must accept the wisdom of all its people. the Global Brain crowd. The rest of us call it being "open minded". This is the basic goal. that they are only willing to work in areas like arts and crafts. they want more luxuries. 71 . Individual decision making. An intelligent person will talk casually with a skin head or a fascist without anger or disrespect. They don't want to give up luxuries. as much as possible without a vote or authorization needed. we'd have only one thought process taking place at a time. They want a nice peaceful. and perhaps learn something from that person. Each brain cell is able to create a new thought on its own. Jesus knew. this type of system would still be a major improvement. we'd have only one brain cell doing the thinking. When we vote on something. We try to provide as much individual freedom as possible. In a society. Sure there'd be cells submitting ideas for thoughts. There are people who do understand the concept of improving the intelligence of society. Even so. Very slow and lacking intelligence.

that allows for society to become extremely intelligent. not the individual words. the result is very slow technology development. we don't vote on new ideas. Each one of us is capable of coming up with an idea that no one else could think of. It is this fact that we are all unique. that would make the leader understand and agree with the idea. we have leaders who decide whether or not an inventor's idea will be developed. Almost no one likes a new idea. There are many forums on the Internet where people go to talk and discuss ideas. we allow and encourage this diversity. There are many hypocrites in the world. We must allow people the ability to follow their dreams. We also create websites in which anyone passing by can add or edit content. We empower inventors to invent. not all people who call themselves Anarchists believe in allowing for individualism. There is still some thought control. Naturally. This does not mean they don't believe in the type of individualism I am talking about. because no one else has the same information. This will result in technology growth beyond our wildest dreams. but only if society chooses to benefit from this diversity. If we as a society need to vote on every idea an inventor comes up with. The leader controlling the thoughts of the forum. and since the boss doesn't have the information. but still is very bad. If society allows us all to act as brain cells. rather we provide the freedom and resources that inventors need to allow them to invent. that created the idea. allowing for massive information exchange. This type of website is called a Wiki. On most of these forums. All ideas need to have the boss' ok. can any inventing get done. There is always a small chance the leader might have compatible information in his or her head. and help them to achieve their goals. In a capitalist society. Only the inventor has the information. there will be no inventing done. this incredible diversity in society. That is slightly better than the whole society voting on the idea. but they are 72 . and even then it is usually tightly controlled and limited. There is always a small chance of convincing one person. So where ever possible. and treats us all as equals. which is true. if you say one thing that the forum administer/dictator doesn't like. it seriously impedes the process. It still uses a site administrator/dictator. Always try to understand the person. saying that is bad. True anarchists and anarcho-communists allow free conversation. and you can be banned or your post deleted. It is better. preventing any real thinking from happening. This is thought control. except the inventor.Each and every one of us has different information in our heads. Of course. Some use the term individualism in a different way. It is a powerful system. less than one percent of the inventors in the world have the time or money needed to invent. In a Anarcho-Communist society however. not deleting posts that they themselves disagree with. Only on the very rare occasions when an inventor is hired to invent. The technology is still in its infancy. In current society. who don't believe in freedom at all. 'cause it is necessary for the inventor to convince only one person. that is what Anarcho-Communism is about. Individual decision making. We avoid forums lead by those who do not allow free thinking. referring to selfishness resulting from capitalism. capable of solving all the World's problems. We expect them to work full time jobs and do their inventing work in their spare time and with their own money. Some others are just hypocrites.

who are policing the people. If a guilty person goes free. allowed to share our information freely. Education would be required for children of course. We give tests in school. but we won't complain. but in books and movies as well. Make it too easy for the guilty to go free. not just in schools. by not allowing them to advance without it. so what? Maybe that person will commit another crime. We still have police. which is a free online encyclopedia where everyone is allowed to edit or add content. Instead. Each individual is inspired by different things. Sort of a form of review.improving. We must allow them to follow their inspiration. It provides amazingly good quality information on many subjects. obviously there would be police. others learn best on the computer. and we allow free access to education. Communism and others. So. everyone is free to do anything they want and there are no laws. We watch the police carefully. and there is just as much chance of creating a new criminal. with or without education. each of us would choose on our own what we wish to learn and how to learn it. must be careful to act in the public's interest. We still have laws. We won't elect people to make the laws. We still have people getting off on "technicalities". Those people. but they have no permanent effect. we allow all people to advance. On some highly biased topics. rather they are more of an educational tool. but we will still have laws. where we will all be equals. up to a certain basic level. Long ago. 'cause we won't have much crime. and it becomes too easy to get witch hunts going completely out of control. such as Anarchism. Many people think that in Anarchism. 73 . maybe not. people are also free to police the people. and some with books. creates more oppression. They were able to get jobs easily. But beyond that basic level. we will make administratorless websites. people were not discriminated against if they dropped out of school. and we don't put them above us. More police. It starts with the people wanting more police. and so a new area of discrimination was born. There may be a ten percent chance of it. which creates more crime. All forms of education will be free. The idea being that most black people at the time didn't finish high school. and some with magazines. companies began to discriminate against people who didn't finish high school. We still have courts to decide what is true. One example of a wiki website is the Wikipedia. In response to that. Education provides all people the same information. Some learn best in school. and others learn best by watching movies. Anyone can define a word or phrase or whatever. the Wikipedia is often the only source of intelligent and helpful information. because people are also free to police the police. We are much better off to stay a good safe distance from the side where it tends to spin wildly out of control. which is not diversity. Soon. Here's the thing though. We don't limit the people with education. and all you get is a few guilty going free. Totalitarian police states are an example of it spinning wildly out of control. In a society where everyone is free to do anything they want. Then Congress made it illegal to discriminate against black people. Make it too easy to convict innocent people. Convict an innocent person.

I explained that Capitalism trains people to be greedy. including leadership of companies. etc. you'll find ants are quite a weak by comparison. Many simply use the term Anarchism. Sure. The process of building a bridge. You don't need to believe in God to agree with that. You can say that people aren't ants all you want. The chart is not strictly about government leadership. Wouldn't it have been ironic if the Vietnam War had began as a war on terrorism? Maybe the Iraq war will get there too. and allow such a stupid creature to grow crops. The bridge has to support its entire weight from each end individually. Only if hiring employees was not permitted. lets examine what I said. the bridge is far more complicated. but do you really think you know better than God? So what if there is no God? Well. requires millions of decisions a second. The design requirements are much more difficult. like the US had in 1970. not a purely government chart. I showed that our only hope 74 . doesn't it. I explained how electing leaders creates hatred and gives us really bad leaders. Shouldn't we at least try it with human society. ants can lift 50 times their own weight. Anarcho-Capitalism would fall on the chart in the top right corner. from being oppressive. if this system of Anarcho-Communism can accomplish so much with the ants. or Communism. This requires very fast decision making. Still others use Libertarianism. but an army ant colony can have a million ants in it. or an estimated 3. It is a society chart. but only if the design is perfect. I got the idea from ants. Which would you prefer? An occasional criminal going free. steel wire for example. you can just look around. I got the idea of Anarcho-Communism from the insect world. because ants have the ultimate society. in time. and see what happens? The fact is that no one can know without testing. It wouldn't be unusual. If you compare that to the materials that we humans use for bridge building. You don't need to believe in God to agree with that. would it fall in the lower right. raise live stock. use tools. and even when the design is done.and causes the people to ask for more police. but all leadership. there are still many thousands of decisions to be made.000 bombings a year! Makes you think. as an Authoritarian and Capitalist society. To make them dominate the insect world so.000 bombings a year. I said that I expect a third world war soon. Anarcho-Communism is also known by many other names. however. The only way to prevent it is to carefully watch the police. today most people who call themselves Libertarians are Anarcho-Capitalists. 'cause an ant can get tired! Basically the goal is to try to create the same type of society as Ants have. Others use Anarchist Communism or Communo-Anarchism. 3. to prevent them as much as possible. The construction materials are barely strong enough to do the job. We humans put some engineers on the job. This is unlike most Anarchists. Hey. done by your own countrymen. who are usually Anarcho-Communists. and the design process can take weeks. Libertarian Communism. They make decisions far to quickly to be controlled by a leader. and it will go nuclear. and likewise. The term Libertarianism came to use when the French outlawed Anarchism. build bridges. you don't need to believe in God to believe that. For the ants though. They must make up for their weakness by distributing the forces accurately between many ants.

If you would like to be a part of this new society. If I'm There is nothing to fear by this. Conceivia products will be tested by Conceivia people. The Open Source idea needs only some slight modifications to create a fully operational anarchocommunist society. Conceivia will simply vanish. 'cause we produce for ourselves. This online community is called Conceivia. We have several movements that are bringing us closer to this type of society. that are purely to make them sell better and don't work at all like the advertisements claim. out of understanding that we are all part of the interconnectivity of life. so that the workers do not need to work full time in a capitalist society. all of whom have the authority to make changes if there is something wrong. I am setting up an online community. Conceivia will produce products that are exactly as the people want preventing nuclear war is in creating a new society. peaceful and wonderful. We will also have better design. The biggest problem. and soon will buy only Conceivia products. Wiki. and to do that. To accomplish this. There is Open Source. We can't simply stand by and wait for the end. which adapts it to the existing society. Peer to Peer. our products won't have stupid gimmicks. can this Conceivia succeed. and Anarcho-Communism doesn't work. the people see only an anarcho-communist society. which also makes our products cheaper and far better quality. Life in these types of communities is very pleasant. and I'm sure other movements as well. 75 . The process of creating this society has already begun on the Internet. On the inside. that will on the outside act like a company or and is also listed at the end of this book. the Internet address is at the end of this book or here: conceivia. Only if it provides real freedom. not what makes money. Only if Anarcho-Communism works. Conceivia will also help other like minded communities. Unlike capitalist company produced products. because of the high quality. our products will also be cheaper. The people in the world will soon realize this. Since Conceivia doesn't have people at the top bleeding off the funds. collaborative design. and proving that it can be done. It will be some form of legal organization. what we want. however. can it succeed. There is no reason to hate. Global Brain. The web address is conceivia. we need to start small and test it. There is no reason for any violence of any kind. is that it needs to supply for the needs of the workers. or products from other anarcho-communist companies. That is pure common sense. or it should be anyway. The products produced by Conceivia will be much higher quality.

This is about a near future fantasy city. This city. 76 . No waste! No extra work or inconvenience. A city designed to be practical. That's right! Micro mass transit. and it's in every home in the city. in a matter if minutes. This city makes this easy. There's no milk in the refrigerator. and returns it to the bottler. You ask for a bottle of milk. if you could order anything you want and have it delivered right to your home in a matter of minutes. Reduced waste means increased efficiency. everyone will do it. and it's carried from your home back to the bottler where it's washed and ready for use again. refining materials.Chapter 11 ________ City of the Future It's funny sometimes. and comfortable. We can even eliminate air pollution. could only be created by a society like Conceivia. No problem. It's that easy! When it's that easy to reuse or recycle. 'cause we don't make the bottle every time. and it then knows that it's empty. say you're thirsty for milk. You simply push the return button. You put the bottle back. A bottle of milk is delivered fresh from the bottler to your home. The whole process can easily be automated. so you drink the whole bottle. manufacturing bottles and caps. The only man-hours involved is in collecting the milk. Although it is fun to think of such elaborate concepts and visions. Less man-hours involved in your bottle of milk. The micro mass transit recognizes the milk bottle from the little microchip on the bottle. but rather they go which ever way the money leads them. or even more drastic are the paranoid ideas of what the future world's climate would allow. For example. No wasted time mining materials. and then afterwards no wasted time dealing with the waste. Say you're really thirsty and the milk's really good and fresh. Often they are based on fantasy. This is not a city that a capitalist society could ever create. when we think of what a city might look like in the future. it is not what this is about. A city that will bring out the natural beauty and style brought on by functionality. We often think of wild and fantastic ideas. via micro mass transit. Not because they have to. Capitalist societies don't create well planed out dream cities. Imagine what it'd be like. Because it's just plain inconvenient to actually carry something to the trash bin. efficient. but because it's that easy. Waste will be all but eliminated.

and never go where they aren't wanted. go ahead. For example. and other things. Robotic grounds keepers collect their droppings so we never have to worry about stepping in it. Not everywhere of course. Ok. Mass transit is far too expensive for houses spaced far apart. 'Course. I imagine that a lot of the park land will take on sort of a natural look. with all these gardens and animals. it could hold the entire population of the world. When we connect them to a joint well. but many zoo type animals as well. If you feel like a snack. and worked in the opposite corner. We might even lighten that a little. but in a densely populated city. Doesn't sound very crowded does it? Ok. It's a place to really live! It is a place that is comfortable. It is a city with an incredible amount of city park space. there are animals in many places. It's there for the eating. creating a sort of farm zoo. Conceivia doesn't seek to charge you for every little thing. There would be many different kinds of animals. That's absolute maximum! There is never ever any transportation bottleneck! If the city was the size of the state of Kansas. assuming the mass transit traveled at 50 miles per hour. Automatic invisible fencing keeps them to specific areas. we save enormous amounts of money. Yet with all this park space. Which is nice.900 people per square mile. and safe. but rather a factor of efficiency. but that includes gardens that the people are allowed to use. That's enough space that if everyone in the entire city went outside at the same time. For the children. the city maintains a quite respectable population density of 103. but who cares? It's designed to be comfortable. They stay off the sidewalks. everyone in the city won't be outside at the same time. maybe that sounds like an excessive amount of park space. it becomes cheaper than roads and cars. the cost of connecting them to everything that needs connecting is greatly reduced. Comfort level is not a factor of population density. sure maybe it's not the highest population density in the world. you don't want all park land to be well groomed. When a city's transportation system and other systems are pushed to the limits of their capacity. Nothing dangerous of course. There's plenty of space on earth.It is not just a place to live. and shrubs. a well for one house can cost $20. 'Course it is only the gentle animals in the city. Some areas would be strictly city type atmosphere. The parks would be full of fruit and nut bearing trees. If you lived in one corner. There would be vegetable and flower gardens everywhere. it would take a maximum of 30 minutes to get to work. As you can imagine. More than 200 square feet of park space per person.000 or so. vines. Still. they could stand 14 feet apart in both directions. Those that are not so gentle are shipped out to regular farms. Why is population density important? With people's homes close together. Not strictly farm type. the whole 77 . A clean and safe place that is efficient and doesn't cost a lot. If the city were 12 miles by 12 miles in size. it would have an almost wild or country atmosphere to it. yet offers much more. it would have 14.9 million people in it. with this much park space. with low environmental impact. make more space for gardens and relaxing.

I highly recommend it. by eliminating two things. but rarely any cars. that means very few roads and very few parking areas. It is actually fairly similar. It could have areas of additional park land and garden space. Not needing to drive long distances to get to things. Both of which are more of a hassle than they are worth. inefficient. Let's do away with individual housing. if needed or wanted. This means that a person doesn't need to wait long. or if someone in the van requests them to stop. It's a very comfortable system. They have a lot of vans. which would equate to 700. I've lived in both kinds of cities. They like to be close to the action. there are a lot more of them on each route. The system they use here works this way.000 people in about 6 square miles. Individual Mass Transit No fantasy city would really be complete without some form of mass transit system. The cost to ride is 20 cents. and fruit bearing trees and shrubs. and don't stop unless someone shows a simple hand gesture.500 people in a city block area. These things aren't set in stone. so it feels very peaceful. it feels like living in a park. the local population density is similar. it's very easy to come up with 200 square feet of park space per person. Most are more tried and true. I currently live in a city with about 2. and it works quite well. They all follow specific routes. Cheaper and more fuel efficient. there's a huge difference! The comfort level is amazing when there's very little traffic on the roads and no individual housing. There is usually about 10 people in visible range walking. This incredible level of comfort can be accomplished easily. The advantages of mass transit just can not be ignored. as it has animals in many places. Only some of these ideas are theoretical. and uncomfortable. We don't need to bring that part of rural life to the cities! We'd be much better off enhancing city life. So let's do away with those two annoyances. Without individual housing and individual cars. The whole city I live in now has 200. but it makes a suitable alternative. No air pollution. and I can tell you. yet it doesn't feel crowded at all. A simple act of crossing the street becomes a nerve wracking experience. In spite of this population density. Since they are so much smaller than buses. Where I'm living right now. No need to look at a map. often with somebody herding them. the idea that the city won't feel crowded is a tried and true. need wait only a few seconds. only it's a far less expensive. No traffic jams. each capable of carrying up to about 14 passengers. It has a cheap but very effective mass transit system as well.000 people in a square mile if the whole city was this density. Without them. Why? Because there are very few cars. they have a mass transit system. Many delivery jobs could be eliminated making life simpler and safer.system becomes uncomfortable and stressful. but much of that area is individual homes. They're both gaudy. which is less than turning the key to start a car. It's like living in a park. while people traveling across town might wait 5 minutes or so for a van that follows exactly the right route. 78 . People traveling short distances. People live in the cities because the like city life. This dream city could easily end up with that population density as well. That is a population density of a third of what I'm talking about. Little or no accidents. No traffic police. Where I'm living right now. For example. and let's do away with roads. No looking for parking spaces. we can make the ultimate city.

The powerful people in current society have little interest in the environment. using far less energy than other cities. As for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. they would very quickly make use of existing technology to just about eliminate a city's negative impact on the environment. further isolating the already quiet electric car noise. For example. No need to walk to the bus stop or train station. Obviously. 79 . It would be much more expensive and impractical for each house to have its own power plant. No chance of getting raped or mugged in the cars or in the station. We need fuel efficient single passenger (and multiple passenger) cars. however. leaving the only potential for green house gas emissions being what is chosen to produce the electricity. Cars that are computer controlled. Even buses work better than those. Where it can benefit society and the environment. they go right to your building. Perhaps 100 years from now. it is a good investment. If these individuals had the power. as they are individual cars. current societies might evolve that far. thereby completely eliminating traffic jams. would likely take this idea a bit farther. Multi-passenger cars are available for families. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages. It's not like we got a few multi-lane freeways running through the city. if they don't kill us all in nuclear war. to remove pollution. they all hook up to a common well with pipes. Sort of like having several 100 lane freeways running through the city. Not the polluting. and no system works best for everything. we got two lane freeways on every block. such as a society like Conceivia would give them. Of course. and computer control could almost virtually eliminate accidents. and travel on indoor railways. When it comes to commuting to work it is obvious that individual cars is best. and the computer can make full use of all of them. than simply dumping the pollutants in the air. expensive. Each is useful in one way or another. our larger cities will likely use a different form of mass transit. Electricity is another example. There are many ways of moving large numbers of people. while capitalist societies pinch every penny. Conceivia however. For large cities. intelligent design. Ever! They're all indoor. have a great interest in protecting it. There won't be any traffic jams. Women can feel completely safe. Even so. with all electric personal mass transit. instead of all houses having their own wells.With our new society though. from the pedestrians in the park areas. and therefore make little or no attempt to protect it. Many individuals. means that the cars will automatically make best use of all available railways. this is a city that would only come to life in a society like Conceivia. and potentially everything else could be electric. The combination of indoor railways. Conceivia wouldn't be concerned with such a small added cost. They actually go inside your building. Computer control. Cities use shared resources to save money. inefficient cars that we have on our roads today. Not that they need to. Conceivia places the power in the hands of the people where it belongs. it would cost slightly more to connect every factory to scrubbers that remove 99% of the pollutants from exhaust gases. but rather because people will probably want it. the city would be far more efficient.

and homes and small factories could never afford them on their own. Therefore the cost is only in piping. Toxic materials will dealt with extremely efficiently. that even something as small as a mercury containing watch battery. The cost is quite low. Waste costs money. homes really shouldn't make exhaust gases. In a typical modern society. The new society gives the freedom for people to follow their dreams. by utilizing the fully automated Micro Mass Transit System. This system will make it so easy. soon we will actually preserve the Environment out of laziness! 80 . thereby greatly reducing damage to the environment.Just as a city connects every home to water. In a city. In this new city. Micro Mass Transit System. but in the new society it is a very likely future city. cities will very likely achieve that potential and have almost no impact on the environment. makes recycling dirt cheap and so easy! No longer will we destroy the Environment out of laziness. these are both completely free of pollution and green house gases. Scrubbers are very expensive. Cities always had the potential of being extremely low impact on the environment. nor should transportation. it could connect every home and factory to Scrubbers. 'cause one scrubber can be shared by hundreds or even thousands of small factories. however in a society like Conceivia. The city as a whole can very easily afford it though. will be properly recycled almost 100% of the time. if desired. cities like this are a dream that could never exist.

or call them names or something to irritate them. that we can place into effect purely by publicizing them. The First Key to World Peace The First Key to World Peace is to end poverty and desperation. which causes crime. when they stand in front of someone and repetitively push them. but over and over again. it is more than just ending poverty and desperation. Actually though. once they understand them and the need for them. and terrorism. The problem with Mutually Assured Destruction. violence. 1983. This of course theoretically can only be done by creating a society like Conceivia. happened on September 26. Or perhaps a malfunction in the satellite early warning network data. at which point the bully has an excuse to fight back. I'm sure we've all seen the tactic used by bullies. is that it can only work if everyone believes it. but that is not the case. The people are the law.Chapter 12 ________ The Five Keys to World Peace I have narrowed it down to five basic principles or keys of World Peace. They are pure logic. 1983. 4 of them are sort of like laws. They believe that no one will launch nuclear weapons. hoping that person will lash out at them. All it takes is one leader who thinks a nuclear war can be won. Not once. Of them. we're all dead. saying "he hit me first". for several minutes. One such malfunction of satellite early warning network data. in 1983. responding to continual attempts at irritate them. the people will support them. the Soviet Union lashed out and shot down a plane that had over and over again flown into Soviet airspace in a sensitive area. We have come close many times. Some think that the Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest we ever got to nuclear war. A lot of people in the world think that we will never have nuclear war. The closest we ever got to nuclear war. On September 1. It is a feeling of brotherhood and caring for each other. because if they do the whole world will be destroyed. because of Mutually Assured Destruction. The US 707 based military plane did this many times in the past and turned around at the 81 . and poof. would have to be when commands were given to launch nuclear weapons.

It did this over and over again. the timing of these two incidents is pure coincidence. with 269 people on board. Coincidentally. shot down by the USS Vincennes. or a 100% chance where only you die. out of Anchorage Alaska. on September 26. Let us compare it with Iran Air Flight 655. because they had already learned to hate. We can not be sure though. With this. One would surely hope that it was in fact a malfunction and not a tampering. 1983. Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov was given the order direct from Moscow. Hatred is a powerful sickness. which would you pick? 82 . I don't care what the facts are. we can clearly see how much Reagan and Bush truly cared about human lives. They chose to. Which is easier? Risk death with the world. the US jumped at the opportunity to bad mouth the Soviets as well as placing economic sanctions on them. over the Persian Gulf. but when the Soviets did the shooting. rather than the Soviet Union. the reaction from US President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George Bush was not one of feeling over the loss of human lives. ever. Hopefully. If you had a choice between a 50% chance of death of the whole world. 1983. We know that people hate enough to sacrifice their own lives. if they truly cared for the lives of the passengers. USA. the Soviets shot down the wrong plane. Could a person hate enough to risk the whole world? For people trained by Capitalism to be extremely selfish. that made them think that the US had already launched nuclear missiles at the Soviet Union. but rather it was one of hatred for the Soviet Union. Something which also took place during Reagan's presidency. The same strategy used by bullies. Here. but this time it did not turn around. Only problem was that on September 1. when the US did the shooting." As you can see. W. 'Course we all know that Stanislav Petrov disobeyed that order. but the US chose to make it a big issue. where a large commercial airliner was shot down. The order was due to a malfunction of satellite early warning network data.last minute. Vice President George H. What was the US reaction. risking the whole world would be easier than sacrificing their own lives. rather than the Soviet Union. the men of the USS Vincennes were awarded combat-action ribbons. 'cause we are still alive. which is in fact an act of war. Bush declared a month later. If that was true. Both incidences involved almost identical loss of human lives. "I will never apologize for the United States of America. Three and a half weeks after the Soviet incident. to launch nuclear missiles. One would surely hope that the US military leaders would not hate enough to deliberately attempt to provoke a nuclear war. who were all killed. The question is how much do they hate? Now some of you out there might think that US President Ronald Reagan or US Vice President George Bush made an issue out of it because they cared for the lives of the passengers. in a deliberate attempt at aggravation. Now see where this hatred and bullying done by the USA is leading. Economic sanctions against a nation are always an act of war. they would react the same if the US did the shooting. This clearly shows a hatred reaction. This really should have almost no effect on US and Soviet relations. where 290 people were killed. or die for sure by yourself. This time it was a commercial airliner. don't kid yourself. 'cause the people in charge knew the facts. when the US did the shooting. we have a very similar incident to compare with. they knew it was understandable to mistake the 747 for a military 707.

Everyone has the right to a nationality. Anarcho-Communism recognize the experience of collective identity. You must be willing to die for the Earth. He wanted Cuba. It is part of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. and with all thy soul. A society like Conceivia would never trust the fate of the world in the hands of one person. but it is a lot to expect that every country in the world to obey it. Caring for all of mankind and the planet are greatly enhanced. and was willing to risk killing us all for it. 2. all is for the individual. This is very much anarchocommunist philosophy. That being in harmony with all life. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. Mat 22:39 And the second is like unto it. We'll stick with the more important parts of it. Mat 22:37 Jesus said unto him. and all your soul. Individuality is suppressed. You already have some of that natural oneness which we seek to enhance. The Second Key to World Peace The Second Key to World Peace. or extreme hate. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality. The Second Key to World Peace is the part about free migration for all. than you have some feeling of being one with humanity. is already a UN mandate. by mental illness. If you are not willing to risk the world's death as easily as your own death. and dictators create war. and with all thy mind. Anarcho-Communism is wanting for the good of all. 83 . and in fact individuality is greatly enhanced. as in equality. Selfishness is enhanced to the extreme. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 15 states the following: 1. but it is not confused for selfishness and greed. Dictators rule by fear. We still have our individuality. creating intense greed. till all act as robots serving a master. but is ignored in all the countries of the world. because they have been trained to hate and fear. where US President Kennedy showed that he really didn't care much about the danger of nuclear war. so what Jesus is saying here. God is all life on Earth. You are a part of the family. Love your neighbor as yourself. Not that the whole Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not important. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart. That is what Anarcho-Communism is all about. In Capitalism. Mat 22:38 This is the first and great commandment. and all your mind. is that we must put the Earth above our own life. Anarcho-Communism is almost the opposite. or even just a few people.The Cuban Missile Crisis is a more believable example. Capitalism is wanting for one's self. Love the Earth with all your heart. Mat 22:40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. The people don't understand this now. One person even a few people can easily be tricked by malfunction. by tampering. The resulting intense greed makes it necessary to create law after law to try to control the bad behavior that results. where anyone can go to any country and get citizenship without any restrictions.

People are used to the fact that if you are not a citizen. We can't simply grant the right to leave. but there is no country that will allow them freedom to enter. We must have both freedom to leave and enter and get citizenship instantly with no questions asked. We have a situation now. One such labor camp was discovered operating in the USA recently. How do you feel if when the government takes away your freedoms? How can you expect people in other countries to be treated as underlings. around 13 years old. if you take away their freedoms. it has to be free. without any restrictions or background checks or anything. The people must understand they have this right. for example. All denying citizenship does is increase the hatred that causes terrorism. You can't expect your neighbors to love you. so that they might never be able to work off those expenses. than they are in effect asking for terrorism on US soil. almost any country will let you in. but they were paid very little and charged rent. and not expect those people to lash out violently against that violation of their basic human rights? The only way to stop terrorism is to grant human rights. where young girls. without restrictions. education must be free. and does not limit it to US citizens. Contrary to what they want you to believe. is extremely important. and used as slave labor. If US citizens truly believe in taking away the freedom of people who are not US citizens. but if you are poor. no better education for the wealthy. It applies to both citizens and non-citizens equally. because that means if you don't like your country you can move. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not perfect. they have the right to privacy. where people were told they had to work off the travel expenses. You can't require people to pay money for something and call 84 . The right to decide your own citizenship. They do not know that they can go to the police in that country and get help. so whether a person is a citizen or not. because they are not citizens.This means that anyone can go to any nation and become a citizen of that nation. without granting the right to enter a country. What we call "terrorism" is in reality usually a direct retaliation for some sort of wrong doing. the United States Bill of Rights also gives the right to privacy. Furthermore. where they become sex slaves. The same is true for all countries. Older people are also tricked into going to another country. such as taking away freedoms. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written by capitalists. so one would have to accept that there are some problems with it. nobody wants you. are tricked into going to another country. totally free. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights also provides the right to privacy. the US Bill of Rights is about Human Rights. There are a few minor problems. If you are rich. Now a lot of people would say "what is to stop people from terrorism?" The fact is that denying citizenship does nothing to prevent terrorism. you are treated like dirt. not strictly Citizen's Rights. Only then. Most people are free to leave their home country now. Capitalists don't understand that in order to call something a right. will these problems be stopped. unimportant trash with no rights.

Appendix B is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. but additional soldiers can be gotten from captured nations. is not infringement on Human Rights. The reason is because the military draft makes it possible for a leader to force an unpopular war on the people. with little or no hope of survival. and that does no one any good. Why should the leader of a country be able to have slaves and no one else? Now. adding more freedoms. It allows a dictator to grab more and more. slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. No matter how you look at it. Each time a nation is captured. but that is not the case. or perhaps just change citizenship without leaving the country. and 10. and 15. but Conceivia will abide by it. with those minor edits. The military draft actually hurts the defensive capabilities of a nation. Does that sound like an intelligent system? The person in command never has all the information. which allows a war to escalate. but also Articles 13. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights also makes the military draft illegal. The problem we are talking about here though. you have another conflict. You really can't have World Peace and the military draft. The dictatorship army attacks and looses soldiers at a 10 to 1 ratio. No one can deny that the military draft is a form of slavery. which disobey a whole bunch of other parts of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Consider how the two different types of armies fight for a fort. a whole new batch of soldiers is gotten. If the poor are not permitted access to education. The Third Key to World Peace The Third Key to World Peace is the elimination of the military draft in all countries in the world. 14. it must not only disobey Article 4." Notice the part "in all their forms". People being allowed to freely migrate from one country to another and get citizenship. That is ok though. but also a dictatorship. often much of the information is false. obviously if you make an exception for the military draft. It is ignored by all capitalist countries. Let us look at the difference between the traditional dictatorship army and a free army. they'll remain poor.000 people run straight into a barrier of flying lead. and is likely to continue to be ignored by capitalist countries. You can't draft citizens of another country. Some people seem to think that the military requires not only the military draft. because the poor have no money to pay. The problem we are talking about here is that the military draft is a huge road block to World Peace. which army do you think would be more successful? The traditional dictatorship army. the fort is far more important than the soldiers' 85 . So if a country is to have a military draft. Well. Soon you have the 15 minute draft trials. gives a command over the radio. it is forced labor. they are more additions really. it doesn't end there. with a few minor edits marked on it. that should be made. Some people think that the military draft is needed for a right. Included at the end of this book. Of course. in article 4 (as well as other parts) "No one shall be held in slavery or servitude. which almost all nations in the world have now. Not only can an unpopular war be forced on the people. which permit a person to leave the country and become a citizen of another country. Actually.

In defensive or necessary wars. or become leaders themselves. all other countries and even their own people would band together to remove and replace the leadership of that country. This is not easily accomplished of course. An all volunteer army can defeat a drafted army several times its size. so it can't be sown back on. What would happen if in ransom for a US soldier's life. if any country tried to do a military draft. the President just might find himself making such a choice. only in quick little surprise attacks. What do you think the President would find more important. maybe the only effect would be to let the US people know how much their President cares. At that point. he'd still have that constant reminder that war hurts people. when it is outside the fort. There are leaders in these free armies. and then quickly disappearing into the woods. the military draft. Anyway. You can't force people to fight in this way. who might otherwise be ransomed for something stupid and unrealistic. they have. That is. Therefore The Third Key to World Peace is to eliminate the military draft in all countries and never allow it in the future. It doesn't work when the people disagree with the war. this type of army doesn't work for wars that are not popular by the people. It isn't into sacrifice. and the person is then killed needlessly. Course. Or maybe not. his little finger or a US soldier's life. to save his career. Speaking of how dictatorship armies consider their leader so much more important. every once in a while we hear about a soldier or someone captured by the "enemy" in the war in Iraq or something. and that person held ransom for some unrealistic demand. if enough people spread the word. It attacks the army of the fort. A free army fights around the fort. or seek other leaders. If the President did actually cut off his finger. This is accomplished. because a drafted army has 86 . It attacks supplies to the fort. but they have no legal authority. as if they are a dime a dozen.lives. Their authority is purely by the will of the soldiers who follow them. Sound familiar? Does it sound like these types of armies have existed before? Well. but its soldier easily sacrificed for a fort. This type of army is only good for peace loving countries. it is much more effective to have an all volunteer army. Maybe that would save more lives. all acting as a team. we must not allow anyone to take over the world by force. This type of army often defeats armies that are several times larger. Maybe this could save a soldier's life. Their soldiers are free to fight for them. and it mourns the loss of any soldier. To have World Peace. they were to ask for the President of the US to cut off one of his fingers and destroy it. by removing what makes that possible. The military draft is only effective in forcing an unpopular war. but soon we will have an international law preventing the military draft in all countries. consider this. back to The Third Key to World Peace. that only fight when the cause is good. because they have a strong will to fight. right? A dictatorship army will gladly sacrifice hundreds of forts to protect the President. and they have always been extremely successful. Would the President be willing to sacrifice one of his fingers to save an American Soldier? Would the Vice President? Perhaps if word of this gets around enough. There might even be several leaders in one group of soldiers. which is to eliminate the military draft in all countries and never allow it in the future.

rather that they were forced to "volunteer". We need to see to it that these sources are kept funded as well. A drafted soldier often looses his soul to the military draft. 87 . if the poor don't have equal access to it. It is therefore possible to use that as a sign. than how can we say that we have freedom of speech? The problem is propaganda is spread by the governments and by the wealthy companies. but each of us needs to do our part. One example is the government lobbyists. where it has been a long time since there was a major war. Therefore. to tell the people of the world when it is necessary to band together to eliminate and replace the leadership of any country that might attempt to conquer the world. it is not possible for a greedy dictator to take over the world. but freedom without amplification from money. some men have more emotional strength than others. Remember. A drafted soldier is a slave. and then use the people of that newly gained country to get more drafted soldiers to take over more countries. it is like a contagious disease. We each need to start seeking news sources that are truly free. Some are strong enough to break free from the sickness. The problem. however. It is not a coincidence that the word "free" means you don't have to pay for it. They need to accept that it wasn't their fault. you can't call it free. It is either all volunteer or all drafted. This is another problem with the military draft. Sources such as the Wikipedia. This is something that we are working toward.much less will to fight. A greedy dictator can take over a country. The only use of a military draft is to force an unpopular war on the people. There is such a bad logic to it. and becomes a slave to it. Not simply so called "freedom of speech". tend to want others to suffer the same as they suffered. If the rich are allowed to drown out everyone else's voice. so we will soon have a rare opportunity to break free forever. than it must be free. The Fourth Key to World Peace The Fourth Key to World Peace is in equality of freedom of speech. 'cause the "volunteers" do not feel like they volunteered. This would be easily done. There is no such thing as a part drafted and part volunteer army. but they won't believe it in their hearts. uncontrolled media. They continually alter people's thinking to fit their own greedy agendas. and other public generated. You can tell the soldiers all you want that they are fighting for freedom. if the people were in agreement on it. is that those who have been drafted in the past. Those people need to forgive themselves and let go of the past. Drafted soldier knows this in their hearts. and they have no motivation. You can't be fighting for freedom. We have an opportunity now. due to feelings of guilt. there are far less people subject to the disease of the military draft. Infoshop. pure and simple. If it is your right. and the people in their hearts know it. Without this source of fresh new soldiers. Not always of course. if you were not free to choose to fight. and those often become enemies of the military draft.

including the killing of that person. because the people don't really know what they want. for any purpose offensive or defensive. 88 .People will soon learn to do this on their own. or nor can anyone disagree with it. for any reason. The Fifth Key to World Peace This one places a ban on the use of nuclear weapons. No one can argue the need for this law. Remember. I call on all people of the world. It is simply a matter of time. It is the responsibility of all people of the world to see to it that this law is enforced. and tell no one about your decision. I hereby declare the use of weapons of mass destruction. what exactly you will do if you are ever given such an order. or follows orders to use such weapons shall be removed from power by any means necessary. You can help with that. now all that is needed to put this law into effect is to publicize it. not constantly on the verge of war. You are our protection. It'll come sooner than you think. we will have them all. but in this specific instance no official title is needed to declare this law. Simply tell everyone you know about it. There. The power is ours. Many people are confused about what this type of society will be like. here I invoke the power of the people. offensive or defensive. So. It is the responsibility of all people of the world to make it known that no one shall use weapons of mass destruction. The idea is not to eliminate police or things of that sort. and all nations. as they start to see the quality of the news generated by these new sources. such as nuclear weapons or biological weapons. No one knows exactly what this type of society will be like. That decision must remain your secret until you receive such orders. Upholding this law shall be considered justified as defense of the world. Any person who gives orders to use such weapons. that the power of laws are in the power of the people. including killing of a person who gave or followed an order to use weapons of mass destruction. or giving an order to use nuclear weapons or even following any order that involves the use of nuclear weapons. and therefore self defense. it shall always be considered mass murder. I call on all people who are in a position where they might receive orders to use weapons of mass destruction. Government systems are supposed to be according to the will of the people. By the will of the people. and then we will have World Peace. to make that decision right now. It may sound scary. but rather will result in immediate termination of that leader's life or authority. and that anyone who enforces this law is protected. to see to it that this law is enforced. No war shall justify the use of such weapons. The Five Keys to World Peace. So there you have it. and that any order given by any leader to use weapons of mass destruction will not be followed. as it will be what the people want. These weapons shall not be used for any military purpose. Soon. hereby defined as any weapon capable of killing or harming more than a million people. Less than 10 years. to be illegal. It may seem odd. and no harm or legal action of any kind comes to anyone who does anything to enforce this law. The idea is to create a system that is actually stable. but that is the best we can hope for. if the people agree with it. We the people have the power to make this law.

It'll go through a process of discussion. we create our laws ourselves. The other people involved are to give advice and creative criticism. Only a few people at first. everyone in the country has to vote on it. with the idea's creator in control of the discussion. only a few laws are needed. many laws are needed to try to prevent chaos. That doesn't mean that every time one person writes a law.The biggest difference in this type of society is that rather than electing leaders to create our laws. If they like it. 89 . If the system is wrong. a few more. if the system is right.

'Tis the star-spangled banner. O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets' red glare. What is that which the breeze o'er the towering steep. As it fitfully blows. No refuge could save the hireling and slave From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave. And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! Oh! thus be it ever when freemen shall stand Between their loved. Oh! long may it wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! And where is that band who so vauntingly swore That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion A home and a country should leave us no more? Their blood has washed out their foul footstep's pollution. when our cause it is just And this be our motto: "In God is our trust!" And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! 90 . What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars. does the star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave! On the shore. Then conquer we must. can you see. Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes. the bombs bursting in air. by the dawn's early light. In full glory reflected. Oh! say. dimly seen thro' the mist of the deep. Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there. may the heaven-rescued land Praise the power that hath made and preserved us a nation. half conceals. Blest with victory and peace. home and the war's desolation. half discloses? Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam. through the perilous fight.Appendix A The United States National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner By Francis Scott Key Oh! say. now shines on the stream.

4. 17. 7. 13. 20. without distinction of any kind. What is necessary to delete is shown with a line through it. As an example. The fact is that under current societies. 12. on the other hand. disobeying with 20 out of 29 articles is pretty bad. 10. and 29.Appendix B The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Since The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written by capitalists. and what is necessary to add is in italics and underlined. If you have to pay for it. 27. Only with a society like Conceivia is real freedom possible. Conceivia on the other hand. Actually. but they don't understand that these concepts are actually contrary to the nature of capitalist society. which is why current society ignores it. which means free (no cost). Equality means equal access. 11. it must be free. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is ignored and will always be ignored. such as (deleted words) property". 16. doesn't really disobey with any. are changes where the current wording disobeys with Article 2. as you'll see. 26. Conceivia. I figured I'd put it here with some minor corrections for Conceivia and similar societies. 3. 91 . Article 2 says this "Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration. the only changes I made. Obviously. it is not freedom. That is just the ones I can see examples of the USA disobeying. but there could be others as well. There are many things in here which are contrary to current society. 9. 15. here is a list of the articles which the USA disobeys: 2. If it is your right. 6. I'm sure other countries are pretty similar. 19. 14. 21. My comments are in parenthesis and italics. You will notice equality is something people want and agree with. is very much equality based.

ch/udhr/lang/eng. in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom. to rebellion against tyranny and oppression. Now. Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have in the Charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights. Whereas it is essential. and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people. national and international. shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures. 92 . They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. to secure their universal and effective recognition and observance. if man is not to be compelled to have recourse.unhchr. keeping this Declaration constantly in mind. to the end that every individual and every organ of society. Whereas a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the greatest importance for the full realization of this pledge. both among the peoples of Member States themselves and among the peoples of territories under their jurisdiction.htm Universal Declaration of Human Rights (corrected for Conceivia) Preamble Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom. the promotion of universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. in cooperation with the United Nations. Proclaims this Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations. Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind. that human rights should be protected by the rule of law. Article 1 All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.From: http://www. The General Assembly. justice and peace in the world. therefore. Whereas Member States have pledged themselves to achieve. Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between nations. as a last resort.

such as race. national or social origin. whether it be independent. Article 8 Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law. Furthermore. religion. sex. birth or other status. in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him. Article 3 Everyone has the right to life. inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Article 6 Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law. colour. trust. Article 7 All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. without distinction of any kind. Article 11 93 . detention or exile. language. non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. liberty and security of person. property. Article 10 Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal. no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political. slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. political or other opinion.Article 2 Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination. Article 4 No one shall be held in slavery or servitude. Article 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel. jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs. Article 9 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest.

1. Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence. 2. No one shall be held guilty of any penal offence on account of any act or omission which did not constitute a penal offence, under national or international law, at the time when it was committed. Nor shall a heavier penalty be imposed than the one that was applicable at the time the penal offence was committed. Article 12 No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. Article 13 1. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State. 2. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country. Article 14 1. Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. 2. This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from nonpolitical crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations. Article 15 1. Everyone has the right to a nationality. 2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality. Article 16 1. Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution. 2. Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses. 3. The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State. Article 17 1. Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others. 2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property. (Conceivia doesn't actually disobey with this, however it is so obviously vague, out of place, and discriminatory, that it needs to be deleted. There is no definition of property here, a person might own half the Earth for example, which takes away others rights to own property, this one therefore conflicts with itself, as well as this whole document. A human being might be considered property, or the thoughts or ideas of other people might also be considered property. This particular article doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the document at all, and was probably placed

here out of hatred for Communism. In Capitalism, laws often arbitrarily deprive people of property. In the US for example, peoples homes can be taken to build an office building (recent US supreme court ruling) or a freeway, or a monopoly can be split up.) Article 18 Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. Article 19 Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers, with the requirement that the media or frontiers is equally accessible to all. (The addition made above, is to allow all people equal access. If it is a right, than it is a right to the poor as well as the rich. The rich must not be permitted to flood all media and thereby prevent the poor from any ability to express their opinions or to even find work.) Article 20 1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. 2. No one may be compelled to belong to an association. Article 21 1. Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives. 2. Everyone has the right to equal access to public service in his country. 3. The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures. Article 22 Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality. Article 23 1. Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. 2. Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work. 3. Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection. 4. Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

Article 24 Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay. Article 25 1. Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control. 2. Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection. Article 26 1. Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit. 2. Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace. 3. Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children. (The crossed out areas, conflict with themselves. If education is a right, than it must be free so that the poor have equal access to it. Likewise, the stupid need equal access to become smarter.) Article 27 1. Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits. 2. Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author. Article 28 Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.

Article 29 1. Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible. 2. In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for

3. These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations. group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality. Article 30 Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State. public order and the general welfare in a democratic society. 97 .

and follow the links.wikipedia. More theories can be found in the science area.. 98 . will also be kept there. it can be found here.htm Joseph McCarthy (or other web sources) http://www. you can go to the Conceivia Vietnam War History Also additional information about the book. or info about opposing the military draft. sources. If you are interested in more similar religious © Copyright October 2005.Links and Other Info The new society is being formed at Appendix C http://www.selective-service.selective-service. Tony etc. links.selective-service. All rights reserved. Come join us! If you would like to purchase additional copies.htm Other information can be in the Wikipedia http://en.

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