Cultural At Johnson & Johnson Organization’s Culture shapes the face and future of the Organization. An organization’s culture is established by its dominant values, philosophy towards their customers and employees, and the basic assumptions and belief that are shared by members of an organization. Primarily, Organizational culture refers to a system of shared meaning. A strong culture not only increases the organizational effectiveness but also it decreases the need of formalization. Johnson & Johnson has sustained a strong culture in it’s over 100 years of tenure. Johnson & Johnson have maintained this by the exemplary actions of top management, by selection of right people, by socialization process and by many others means. To establish my point I would like to give following two examples as to how by commendable actions of top management Johnson & Johnson has propagated and infused strong culture in the organization:  1982 Chicago Tylenol Recall : In 1982 in Chicago 7 people died after consuming Extra Strength Tylenol produced by Johnson & Johnson. As a mischievous act someone (no one was caught) mixed cyanide in Tylenol. Johnson & Johnson immediately within a week pulled out 31 million Tylenol bottles of capsules from its retailers and this pull out remains the major recall of drug in American History. Johnson & Johnson quick response and the recall got worldwide appreciation.

2010 Children’s Product Recall: In 2010 McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson pulled out 43 over the counter children’s medicines when in the routine inspection it was found that those products were not meeting manufacturing specification. Johnson & Johnson not only recalled the products but also created a dedicated website to inform their customers about the faulty products.

Above-mentioned examples ascertain the fact that Johnson & Johnson has by action maintained their strong value system and hence their culture over the years. Apart from the examples provided above Johnson and Johnson also maintains their culture by including the values and beliefs of their employees in Johnson and Johnson’s value system. That is to say that they believe in the “shared value” not in the “value shared”. As the Johnson and Johnson mentions: “People and values are our greatest assets. We know that every invention, every product, and every breakthrough we’ve brought to human health and well-being has been powered by people. Not ordinary people, though, but people whose personal values drive them to make a difference in the world.”


employ driven groups that focus on a shared interest. Johnson and Johnson as a company believes in the fact that “diverse. community outreach. In company’s words: “Diversity University is a dynamic online resource designed to help employees understand and value differences and the benefits of working collaboratively to meet our Credo commitments and business goal. inclusive culture is essential to business success. It facilitates mentoring.” Office of Diversity and Inclusion: It is a separate department to develop strategies to achieve global diversity vision. they have plethora of programs running in their business:  Affinity Groups: It is a voluntary.”    For their Cultural Practices Johnson and Johnson has received many reorganizations:  “A member company of FTSE4Good Index (responsible investment index calculated by global index provider FTSE Group. career development and cultural awareness activities. It gives its employees enough liberty to innovate and it can be noted that it was 1920 when industries were more mechanized then open to new ideas. helps our operating companies share and leverage their best diversity practices. Mentoring Programs: Johnson and Johnson offers both formal and informal mentoring program to develop their diverse workforce. and reports to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee on diversity within our companies.” For that. talents and abilities as an important competitive advantage within Johnson & Johnson companies……………. This shows how the free the culture at Johnson & Johnson is.Organizational Theory Johnson & Johnson Following example establishes above-mentioned point:  Invention of Band-Aid: In 1920 Earle Dickson an Employee of Johnson and Johnson made a medicated band to help her accident-prone wife and soon (In 1924) that medicated band was manufactured in full scale in the name of Band-Aid at Johnson & Johnson.)” 2 . Diversity has always been an integral part of all organization and Johnson and Johnson is no exception. Company says: “Our Office of Diversity & Inclusion was established to foster recognition of our unique backgrounds. Diversity University: It is an online resource to propagate organizational values to their employees. This program matches up new members of to work community with experienced leaders who serve as mentors..

” Moreover.Organizational Theory    Johnson & Johnson “Ranked #2 by DiversityInc magazine on its “2010 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity®” “One of the “Top 100 Companies for Working Mothers” since the list was initiated 25 years ago. even before the inception of the word Corporate Social Responsibility Johnson and Johnson has followed the CSR spirit in their Credo. ranked Johnson & Johnson #2 in the World's Most Respected Companies. in 2010. 3 .” “Barron’s magazine. formally called as “Our Credo” at Johnson and Johnson.

Organizational Theory Johnson & Johnson 4 .

Organizational Theory Johnson & Johnson 5 .

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